Olivers Curse (Complete)

Oliver’s a 20 year old guy but today is his birthday so he will be 21 years old starting today and he will be able to legally drink. Not that he didn’t before, he did it a lot. He’s a party animal and today was also the day he asked out this hot girl he met at the last party he went to. He didn’t know much about her but today was the day. Oliver was just waking up in only boxers.

He lived in a decent house his parents left him before they passed away. Oliver had a good amount of money where he probably wouldn’t have to get a job till he’s 30 if he plays his cards right. He went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth then took off his clothes to take a shower. Suddenly while in the shower his doorbell rings.

Oliver jumps out of the shower and grabs a towel drying off some then wraps it around his lower half and walks to the door opening it.


Someone jumps in and wraps his arm around Oliver’s neck and gives him a nuggy.

“yo! Oliver!! You ready to go!”

Oliver has to let go of his towel and push him off as the guy laughs.

“damn it Josh…no I’m fucking not ready to go.”

Oliver grabs his towel. Josh was one of Oliver’s best friends or party friends. He wraps it back around himself not being the first time they seen each other naked. There not gay but one time they got a 3 way with a girl and the only way she would have had it is if him and Josh got naked and hugged and gave a small kiss to eatchother.

It was definitely their gayest experience and neither enjoyed it but God the end result was so worth it for them. They don’t talk about that time ever again.

“Well hurry up man, there’s going to be a bunch of sexy girls at this party! I hear a few of them want to congratulate the birthday boy”

Oliver glares.

“Josh you know I hate it when you call me a boy… Give me like 5 mins to dress and do my hair.”

Josh laughs.

“your hair?! God that makes you sound like a girl!”

Oliver blushes slightly.

“oh shut the hell up! You just wish you could look this good!”

Oliver walks to his room and grabs some nice pants boxers and a nice shirt getting dressed. Then he grabs a comb and makes his hair look very nice then starts talking to himself.

“heh see Oliver. You’re a sexy man every girls going to want a hold of your 6 foot tall body.”

Then Josh opens the door quietly and smirks at Oliver. And talks in a girly voice.

“oh Oliver all I want is that big cock of yours.”

He bursts up laughing and Oliver blushes a lot and glares.

“damn it Josh!!!”

He throws his comb at him


But he keeps laughing as Oliver pushes past him to the door and Josh follows.

“God I love embarrassing you so much! Anyways come in man let’s get to that party! We are taking my car!”

Oliver sighs.

“why would I want to ride with your dumb ass?”

Josh smirks.

“because you’re going to be so drunk you won’t be able to get home. I’ll be your driver.”

Oliver looked surprised.

“wait… You’re not going to drink just so you can get me home safely?”

Josh smiles.

“Hell ya man what are friends for. Happy birthday man.”

Oliver sighs and smiles.

“you might be an ass but somehow a good friend I guess.”

Josh laughs.

“alright man shut up with the mushy stuff and just In my car.”

Oliver nods and goes to the passenger seat and Josh gets in then starts his car and heads to the party. The place is packed with people and cars. And there’s a huge sign outside that says happy birthday Oliver. Oliver’s eyes get big. Then glares at Josh who’s smirking big.

“well what do you think.”

Josh parks and Oliver rolls his eyes getting out

“I think we could have kept this quiet…”

Suddenly this very cute girl got out of the back of a car, her butt looked a little big and she wore a long skirt. She had long blond hair. This was the same girl she met at the last party and Oliver ran up to her. And Josh just sighs.

“hoes before bros am I right”

The young lady saw Oliver, she clearly wasn’t old enough for drinking but she was definitely about 19. Oliver walks up to her.

“h-hey Mandy looking good as always”

Mandy blushes and giggles.

“thanks Oliver. And you’re pretty darn cute too”

Oliver smiles and puts his arm around Mandy and she lays against him and the other girls giggles and ohhhh at her making her blush and hide her face some. Oliver only smiles bigger as they make their way into the party. It was packed even though Josh was already in this mess somewhere but Oliver didn’t care he wanted to spend the day with Mandy.

“hey how about we get a few beers and talk?”

Mandy smiles some.

“ok that sounds fun heh”

They grab some beers and alcoholic drinks and take up to an empty bedroom and open one taking a drink.

“So Mandy? You do anything as a job?”

She nods also while taking a drink.

“I’m a babysitter.”

Oliver looks confused.

“you don’t look like a babysitter heh no offense. I expected them to be more… Ugly but damn you’re hot.”

She blushes and shugs drinking some more quickly to help get over the complements.

“well… I Just love kids… I- never mind heh but ya I love kids and stuff I guess”

She looks down. Oliver looked interested and took a few more drinks but not wanting to make her say anything she didn’t want to say.

“what about you Oliver?”

Oliver pulls the drink away from his mouth.

"well… I shouldn’t tell people this but I don’t have a job. I have a decent house and payments aren’t too bad. Before my mom and dad died they left me quite a bit of money but I didn’t want to blow it and I want to save it till I’m at least 30. So I made it my job to live like crazy till I’m 30 then I’ll get a job and just live a normal boring life…. "

Mandy looked surprised.

“whoa… You’re so you’re rich? That’s pretty cool.”

Mandy laid her head against him getting quite drunk from nervously drinking. Oliver smiles.

“your very cute you know that”

She nods and stretches and a weird sound like she was sitting on paper was made. She didn’t react and neither did Oliver; he didn’t want to ruin the moment.

“Mhm people say all the time Mandy’s such a cutie! And I want to hug her and take care of her”

She giggles and he looks confused.

“they do?”

She giggles more, turning into laughing.

“nu uh… I was just being silly”

He laughs.

“You’re already drunk aren’t you?”

She shakes her head and pouts.

“I’m not drink I’m mandy”

They both laughed and Oliver takes a big drink and smirks at her

“so mandy, have you ever been with a man before?”

She blushed and shook her head.

“nope! I’m all vegin!”

Oliver laughs.

“you mean virgin?”

She tilts her head and smiles.

“Y-ya! That!”

Oliver smiles. God she was so drunk he could probably talk her into anything but he was getting there too.

“so Mandy”

Oliver puts his hand on her leg and rubs her bare leg under her skirt making her blush. She stared at Oliver and he stared back before they moved in to kiss but just before someone kicked open the door making them jump.

“mmm hey love birds care if I join!”

Oliver stands up and grabs the lady by the front of her shirt.

“what the fuck! No get the hell out!!”

The lady stares at him then at mandy shaking on the bed and she smirks.

“she cute”

He glares and punches her. Making this lady fall to the floor.

“you will pay… You will pay dearly for that.”

She gets pushed out by Oliver and he slams and locks the door.

“sorry about that Mandy…anyways shall we get back to-”

He turns around and Mandy runs at him and jumps in his arms and begins to make out with him. He felt something weird with her ass but he didn’t care at the time. He was making out with this beautiful woman. He took her over to the bed and laid her down as he pulled off his own pants and pushed up in her shirt where she was willing to let Oliver pull off her shirt leaving her with a bra on. They pull away to do that then look at each other with a bunch of lust. Mandy pulls Oliver in and kisses him again then pulls away.

“I want daddy to show me a good time.”

Oliver was rock hard, he’s never been called daddy. It was definitely a new one but he liked it. He pulled back and took his own shirt off revealing his muscles. She clearly liked that show. Oliver grabs her skirt and tugs like he’s teasing her.

“Oh no is daddy going to make me all nakey?”

Oliver couldn’t take it. He pulled off her skirt and left her in her bra and p-wait the heck she was in a diaper?! Oliver looked awkwardly at it, she blushed like Crazy.

“i-I can explain…”

Oliver reaches out and touches the front to find it warm.

“a-are… You wet…?”

Oliver was a bit weirded out from this.

“look I’m… Ok See I like diapers… And when I drink a lot I can’t hold it down… So I wear these to party’s I never thought I would be so close to sex and they find out I’m sorry I ruined it!”

She closed her eyes starting to cry. Oliver felt bad but wanted to make her feel better.

“o-oh I enjoy them too! I just keep it a secret… And never did anything with them.”

Her eyes light up. Oliver lied big here.

“really… Well I keep extra once with me. Want to try it?”

Oliver blushes and nods as she pulls away grabbing her purse and pulls out a pink diaper.

“lay down!”

She giggled and pulled off Oliver’s boxers leaving him naked it was kinda a turn on. He was never forced to do something by the woman he kinda like that. He did and Mandy began diapering him and powder him rubbing his rock hard dick with her hand.

“daddy’s got a very big guy here huh?”

She giggles making Oliver blushe more as he continued to be diapered this was the strangest experience in his life.


Mandy puts her hand in the front of his diaper.

“now wet…”

Oliver gulps.

“i-I don’t know…”

She smirks

“Maybe you need your friend here.”

She said jokingly and made out with him. Oliver tried as she made out with him he soon found himself able to as he filled this pink diaper with his own urine. Mandy would moan as I did and it made me more horny she soon pushed me on my back again and got on top rubbing her wet diaper against mine. My dick was rubbing against the wetness making me enjoy myself and even Mandy was moaning as we did this weird fetish of hers.

She would make our more and keep going till we both hit our limit and cam in the diapers she lays on me as we finish.

“that was wonderful… Everything I ever dreamed Oliver… I Think I love you…”

Oliver smiles and hugs her.

“you’re welcome… I’m… Going to admit I lied…i’m definitely not into this like you. But it made you happy and that’s what I want to do…”

Her eyes get big looking at me.

“… Y-You put on a diaper for me…”

She hugged me tight.

“you’re the bravest man I know… and the nicest… I hope we can be together… Forever…”

Oliver smiles.

“me too… No matter what strange fetishes your in to”

They both yawned and fell asleep. Neither of them were tired but they just passed out like under a spell. When the lady from before walks in and smirks.

“together forever huh? Well let me just ruin your life kid. From this day forward you will never be remembered by anyone and a child you will be for the rest of your life or until you receive a kiss of true love from someone of your original age!”

Magic goes around Oliver but nothing seems to happen. Yet.

Oliver woke up with a lot of pain in his mouth. He jumps up and runs to the bathroom and pukes mostly from the alcohol. He puked up some blood as well his mouth still hurting for some reason it was like a toothache. He noticed something white in the toilet before he realized what it was: it was a tooth. He shook and put his finger In his mouth finding the missing tooth. It felt like another tooth was growing in and it was still bleeding. Oliver’s hand shook like crazy being scared he also remembered he was still in a diaper from before and quickly removed it by throwing it away.

He didn’t feel any different but he knew something was going on. He walks out and sees Mandy still sleeping in nothing but a diaper. He smiles some but shakes her.


She opens her eyes then they get big and she covers herself up screaming.


He gave a small laugh.

“what do you mean Mandy? It’s me Oliver? We-”

She blushes a lot.

“I don’t know no Oliver!! Now get out before I call the cops! And don’t you dare tell anyone what you saw!”

His eyes get big.

“W-why would you call the cops? I thought you liked me”

She grabs her phone and calls 911.

“there’s a kid at an adult only party! And he won’t leave me alone saying creepy stuff!”

She gives the address and he tears up

“I’m not a kid! I-i got to go!”

He runs out of the house and hears police sirens. At this point I’m still naked he didn’t even get time to dress himself. He used everything to hide behind before he Finally made it to his house forgetting his keys at the party.

“what is going on… I need to call my friend when I get inside. And I’m sure people have called the police on me again reporting a damn naked man running around. I can’t believe Mandy would do this after we had such a strange time…”

I grabbed my secret key and unlocked the door, the door being a lot taller than I remembered. I didn’t care. I suddenly got sick again as I ran to my bathroom to throw up again. This time there were a bunch of white things in it. I Checked my mouth to find all my teeth gone. I fell to the floor starting to cry.

“what the hells going on…”

I cried for a while before I got up and looked at myself in the mirror and I saw what appeared to be a 14 year old naked kid. I looked confused and looked around before I looked back at the mirror and put my hands on it screaming.


My body was so small and my mouth Finally stopped hurting. I found my teeth back but they were different. Did he get back his baby teeth?

“this is so fucked up.”

I just stared in disbelief.

“I swear I can see myself getting younger by the second…this can’t be happening…”

Suddenly I hear sirens and someone knocks on my door. My eyes get big and I gulp.

“Police! Open up!”

I shake

“I don’t have any clothing… I can’t answer that…”

There’s a knock again.


His eyes got big.

“No damn it, Don’t break my door! Coming!!”

His small childish voice yells. He runs to the door opening it.

“h-hello sir…”

The cop smiles down at the young Oliver who appeared to be about 11 now. He kneed down by him and took off his hat.

“I heard about a naked guy running around. I didn’t expect it to be a little kid. Where’s your mommy and daddy little guy?”

Oliver blushed.

“umm gone…?”

The cop looked worried.

“gone? That’s not good, how about we get you some clothing and take you to the police station”

Any kid would be excited like crazy to go to a police station but Oliver didn’t have clothes for a kid his age and he wasn’t really this young he was an adult. But he got an amazing idea. He smiled at the officer.

“oh! Ok! I’ll be right back after I change”

Oliver runs off to his room and the cop stands at the door.

“heh cute kid.”

Oliver opens his window and sighs.

“guess I won’t be coming home anymore… goodbye home… Goodbye money”

He looks down and jumps out the window and grabs his foot

“Oww! Damn it”

He jumped into a bunch of rocks and then ran off through people’s backyards looking for people who hung out clothes maybe in his size but no luck. He sighed and just walked down people’s backyards.

“what am I going to do…? I think I have gotten even younger but I seem to have finally stopped… What am I 9? How can I become 9 years old? Oh! I’ll go see if my buds at home. He can help me!”

He makes it to Josh’s house and knocks.

“Josh!! I need help!”

Josh opens his door and looks around.

“down here idiot!”

He looks down and looks confused.

“uhh hey kid? Why are you naked dude?”

Oliver rolls his eyes.

“it’s me Oliver!”

Josh shrugs.

“I don’t know an Oliver”

Oliver looks down.

“B-but you’re my best friend…”

He sighs and smiles.

“oh Oliver! Ya come in!”

My eyes lit up and I ran inside.

“I knew you would remember me!”

He smiles

“hey dude be right back stay here ok?”

Oliver smiles and nods as Josh walks off. He hears Josh on the phone.

“ya police? There’s a young kid at my house. Ya. He’s claiming I know him and he’s sitting in my house. Ok I’ll keep him here.”

Oliver tears up.

“n-no he doesn’t remember me…”

Oliver runs out of the house going through the park not even knowing where to go and police can be heard not far away. When someone stops Oliver. Oliver just knows it’s a cop. He slowly looks up and sees a giant man looking at him.

“well hello there little guy.”

Oliver was scared to death of this guy then he noticed a young black goat in a diaper. He was blushing a bright red. Then the tall man talks again.

“hmm did you run away from your mommy and daddy all naked like that?”

Oliver blushes he has to lie he won’t believe him if he tells the truth. Oliver just nods. Suddenly the man makes a diaper bag appare out of nowhere. He pulls out some pants and a shirt with underwear. They were all super childish. Oliver looked confused before Amaru smiled.

“here you go little guy. Oh one more thing.”

The tall man pulls out a pull-up and Oliver’s face goes a bright red. Gives it to Oliver.

“I doubt you have accidents but it would be a shame if you messed up these clothes. Not for my sake but it seems you probably don’t plan on going home huh?”

Oliver couldn’t believe how much he almost talked him into it before he shook his head and threw on the underwear and shirts and pants.

“umm… thanks… I’m Oliver by the way.”

Oliver puts the pull-up in the pant line of his pants. He didn’t want to wear it but he wasn’t going to be so rude to someone who just gave him free clothes.

“well hello Oliver. Im-”

Suddenly the sirens get louder and Oliver’s eyes get big and pulls his shirt down over the pull up to hide he has it.

“sorry to stop but uhh I got to go!!”

Oliver runs off to find a place to hide, maybe even sleep his little body is quickly running out of energy. He found an alleyway with a bunch of boxes he climbed in a box and layed down quickly falling asleep hugging himself. He’s scared and all alone in this world now. But at least he had clothes now

Oliver grones waking up really sore and a little moist from the wet box he slept all night.

“owie… My Body hurts…”

He moves his head around and pops his neck.

“ow! Ahh… much better.”

he hugs himself shaking and finds the pull-up was under his head and he sighed.

“well it got a use… maybe not what that guy wanted it for but whatever… who was that man and oddly big baby goat… I feel like I knew him?”

Oliver thinks for a while before shrugging. He looks down at his small legs and small arms, he could easily be mistaken as a toddler. He was always a small child now he’s got to live that life again. He puts his hands over his face.

“damn it I was hoping I would be normal… no”

He sighs and then drops his hands and lays back on the pull-up and looks at the sky.

“I could turn myself in… What’s the worst that could happen?”

He thought for a moment.

“no…they would put me in an orphanage and I would probably get Adopted… no way in hell am I doing that.”

Suddenly someone walks down the alley without Oliver noticing. they throw away some trash clearly not seeing Oliver either. This noise made Oliver sit up where he saw mandy his eyes get big and hides in the box. and mumbles.

“don’t see me…. don’t see me…”

Mandy walks up to Oliver and looks down at him and smiles.

“hey little guy? what are you doing hiding in a box heheh”

Oliver blushes and sits up. and thinks ok he’s got to act like a child to not be suspicious.

“umm… I am playing!”

She laughs and he smiles he did sound kinda silly

“Oh really? you look cold and hungry want to come in and get something to eat and dry off before you get back out to play again?”

Oliver’s eyes light up and he nods and jumps up.

“yes! I-i mean… please?”

Oliver blushes.

“pretty please!”

He smiles innocently this makes her giggle more and she takes his hand.

“What’s your name little guy?”

She asks as she takes him inside.

“I’m Oliver!”

She looks like she’s thinking. shit will she remember him from yesterday? but she smiles.

“cute name! where’s your mommy and daddy?”

Oliver looks down his real mom and dad have been gone for a while and this is only making him miss them more and more.

“… I’m sorry did I upset you Oliver?”

She lets his hand go and he shakes his head.

“no… I just miss my mom and dad…”

She hugs him.

“I’m sorry… hey let’s get you out of these wet clothes I’ll throw them in the wash and get you something temporary. ok?”

I nod and when I do Mandy begins to undress me I blush like crazy. It was like a mom helping her kid change their clothes. It was so embarrassing. but Oliver let it happen. He stood there in his cute underwear. and she giggles.

“aww you shy? that’s ok. I honestly didn’t expect you to be so big and be in big boy undies!”

Oliver blushes even more. and mumbles.

“coming from the girl that wears diapers…”

She went to wash his clothes but then Oliver looked around and didn’t find anything that led to Mandy wearing diapers. but he remembered. wait did whatever happened to him make Mandy forget she was in diapers or something? Suddenly Mandy comes back.

“so I didn’t have anything in boys your size but this will have to do.”

She holds up a shirt that looks twice his size. She puts it on him making him blush more so it fits like a nightgown. Mandy laughs.

“aww you would make a cute girl.”

She boops my nose. I cross my arms.

“I’m a guy Mandy…”

She laughs a little before looking at him funny.

“how did you know my name Oliver?”

His eyes get big and thinks up an excuse before just saying.

“me guess!”

He said innocently with a smile. that will trick her he thought she can’t resist my cute looks she laughs and rubs my head.

“very nice guess cutie!”

Suddenly Oliver’s stomach growls and he holds his stomach.


She frowns.

“How long have you not eaten Oliver?”

Oliver looked down.

“at least all day yesterday and today…”

She grabs his hand and takes him to the kitchen.

“ok sit down I’m going to cook you something. you might not know this but I’m a babysitter so I’m really good at this but after you got to go home ok?”

I look down and sit down in a chair. I had to crawl into it.

“But I don’t have anywhere to go… Can’t I stay with you?”

She frowns big looking down.

“I’m sorry but I can’t kid… we will get it figured out I promise. but first let’s get you some food.”

Oliver nods.

“…ok…but can we wait a day at least? like tomorrow…? I need time to think…”

she looks at him strangely.

“that’s some deep thinking for such a young man.”

he blushes.

“but… ok I understand I’ll give you a day to get things figured out if you can’t, I’ll have to call someone, probably the cops to come help you.”

Oliver looks up at her and smiles.

“I love you.”

he accidentally spurts out making her look at him strangely as she cooked.

“W-what was that kid?”

Oliver blushes and his eyes get big

“like… love! my mommy always said to tell people who make you happy you love them, like my mommy and daddy! and you!”

He fake giggles. making Mandy laugh.

“ohhh ok”

Mandy finishes lunch and feeds Oliver who chows it down quickly.

“ok now let’s go to the front room.”

She winks and he tilts his head following her being so full he can barely move. he makes it In there and sees she has the TV in a kids channel.

“How about you watch some TV? I need to do some… homework ok?”

Oliver nods and she walks off and he grones.

“seriously … baby shows? What does she think I am 3? well I probably look it… fuck me…”

I decided to watch them for a bit. I was bored to death then I heard strange noises coming from Mandy’s room. I got up and decided to be nosie and peeked In her room. she was completely naked and had some kinda dildo thing using it on herself. Oliver watched before going back to the front room and sitting down and looking at his crotch pulling up his girly shirt.

“… I-i can’t even get excited… I felt absolutely nothing… that was I think super hot but my body didn’t care a bit!”

Oliver slams his head into the couch.

“damn it it’s not fair! I need a stress reliever too! I want to rub one out or something!”

He started to cry.

“I lost everything… I can’t live like this, I want to go back to normal!”

He cried himself to sleep watching TV. he had a dream when he was a baby. Mandy was taking care of him. He would try to tell her but she couldn’t understand him. He would cry out but all he would get is diaper checks. she even found him wet once. halfway through the diaper change he jumped awake. and breathing heavy.

“that had to be the most messed up dream ever… man did I find-”

He stopped taking when he found a wet spot on his crotch his eyes got big and jumped up and checked on Mandy she was asleep naked after she climaxed. he went to the washer and dryer and found his pants and shirt and threw the undies and shirt in the wash and went to put then clothes on but stopped.

“maybe that guy was right…”

Oliver went out and grabbed the pull-up and took it inside before he was seen naked and he stared at it before shaking his head.

“no I’m not a stupid baby this was a accident… a nightmare… ya that’s all”

Oliver threw the pull-up on the couch and put the pants and shirt on then looking at the couch seeing it was wet.

“I got to go before she finds out…”

Oliver then left and went back out in his boxes. he could have probaly stayed in but he couldn’t stand the music from the stupid kid shows.

“what am I going to do? just let them throw me in an orphanage? What do I need to do to just grow back up?”

I sigh and sit there the stupid songs where so catchy I found myself humming it trying to stop.

“damn it stop! they suck! but God there’s too damn catchy…”

I yawn and lay back.

“I forgot my pillow…oh well…”

I fell asleep, who knows what will happen tomorrow.
Oliver gets woken up by the sounds of sirens, Police sirens. He hides deeper into his boxes as a cop car pulls up to the house knocking on the house. Mandy stepped out in a panic. What had her so worried?

“i-I had a kid here! I heard it was the one that was being looked for. I was going to keep him here then I… uhh went to my room to sleep and I woke up and he’s gone I’m so sorry… I-I hope the little guys ok!”

She bawled, Oliver felt awful. She just wanted to help him but Oliver was just too embarrassed that he wet himself on her couch to even see her again. He wanted to stay with her so badly, maybe she would even remember him. that’s when Oliver sneezed


His eyes got big and he hid better. the cops over to the stack of boxes holding out their guns.


they yelled in very loud tones and authority like. Oliver shook like crazy being so scared. He never had a gun pointed at him let alone when he was at his most vulnerable. He slowly stood up tearing up shaking. the cops sigh and put their guns away and then Mandy ran over and hugged Oliver tight.

“Oh my God! you’re ok!”

Oliver felt so relieved but still kinda scared and cried into Mandy.

“I-im sorry! I was just scared I didn’t mean to upset you!”

Mandy wipes her eyes, also crying.

“Why were you so scared?”

Oliver blush and don’t say anything and Mandy sighs. That’s when she let go of him and looked down at her shirt oddly then at Oliver.

“did… you wet yourself Oliver?”

Oliver blushes insanely and looks down his pants soaked. He must have done it when he was scared by the cops.

“i-I… I can explain!”

Mandy sighs and smiles putting her hands on my face.

“it’s ok Oliver, no need to explain. I deal with little boys all the time”

She poops his nose and a cop whispers into her ear and she looks down.

“Can I atleast get him a change first?”

They nod and Oliver feels so small and embarrassed Mandy takes Oliver’s hand taking him inside.

“what’s going on…?”

Oliver kinda though he knew but wanted to hear it.

“you can’t stay here… I don’t legally own you. so you got to go with the cops ok?”

Mandy pulls off his shirt making him blush.

“B-but Mandy come on we can-”

Mandy pulls off his pants making him stop talking and cover himself making her giggle.

“it’s so funny to see a kid so worried about covering himself up…i would so adopt you… if I was able to. unfortunately I can’t, sorry.”

Mandy grabs a shirt of hers and comes back with something familiar in her hand but he can’t quite see it.

“ok Oliver, I’m sorry but-”

She couches down in his face and holds out the pull up he had on the couch and he blush.


Oliver yelled. Mandy sighs.

“I know I know… you’re a big boy but do it for me please? I promise I’ll come see you everyday! and we can talk ok?”

Oliver looks down. damn it it’s just like how she convinced me to wear a diaper and rub against each other… She’s just so sweet I can’t not listen to her. I nod in defeat. Mandy helped put the pull up on me. I looked down and felt like a toddler being punished for wetting too many times… only half that was correct he thought. Mandy put the shirt over him and it fit again like a long nightgown.

Mandy giggles and hugs me starting to cry.

“poor kid… I’m sorry we will find you a mommy and daddy.”

I hugged back and patted her back.

“I’ll be fine… thanks Mandy I hope we can talk again sometime…”

so this was it. I was going to an orphanage. he thought. Mandy took his hand and took him to the cops.

“here… take good care of him”

A lady cop smiles and grabs Oliver, picking up making Oliver scream.


the lady laughs.

“so you’re Oliver this very tricky kid that’s been running all over town huh?”

Oliver looked away embarrassed and humiliated being held on someone’s arms like this he glanced at Mandy who was looking down and walking inside Oliver let out a small whimper to keep from being upset more than he was.

“I’m sorry she can come visit anytime ok? … so how old are you”

Oliver thought he can’t say his real age that would just make her laugh. the lady cops think for a while.

“hmm you must be 4?”

Oliver looked up and must have given her a mad glare the lady laughed.

“aww relax i’m joking! you’re just short for your age. you are probably 9ish. that’s what I’ll put down in the report.”

She pulls up Oliver’s shirt to show his pull up.

“oh he also needs pull ups put that in the report too.”

the male cop was writing it all down this made Oliver blush and pull his shirt back down.

“I don’t need them…”

Oliver said shyly and embarrassed.

“well just in case the Orphanage lady will deal with that. till then you need to keep it on. ok young man?”

Oliver rolled his eyes.

“whatever…can you just hurry the hell up already…”

no faster then he got that out his mouth was smacked his eyes get big and tears up holding his face.

“crap… I’m so used to doing that with my kids. but you need to watch your mouth Oliver! no curing understand me?!”

Oliver gulped and nodded trying not to cry from the pain. It really hurt. I haven’t been hit for stuff like that in forever. Being a kid is awful, he thought to himself.

“Thank You”

She smiled and took Oliver to the police car. She opened the back door and there was a car seat.

“I have this just in case I need to take my kids anywhere. heh”

Oliver grones and mumbles to himself.

“this can’t get worse right?”

Oliver was strapped into the car seat and the cops got in the car diving.

“why do I need this stupid seat…?”

“you either have to be so big or age and you don’t pass the size part kiddo”

Oliver crosses his arms pouting a bit. the cop would look though her rear view mirror to see him and would laugh.

“aww look at mister pouty back there. aren’t you just adorable!”

Oliver would blush and stop.

“i-I wasn’t pouting shesh! just drive!”

She laughed again and the male cop would also laugh too. At least no one remembers him and isn’t making fun of him for being a kid there just doing normal stuff you would do to a kid. Which felt bad but he knew it wasn’t like they hated him or anything. He could feel how much people care about a small boy that doesn’t have any parents.

in a way it was really nice to think of till he remembered he was that little boy. suddenly they stop. Oliver peeks out the window and mumbles.

“yup… that’s an orphanage… just 9 year… then I can be normal again unless there is a way to change back.”

The female cop gets out and takes Oliver inside and puts him down letting him walk. Oliver smirks and runs directly for the door only to slam into it falling back.


the cop laughs.

“this is an orphanage you think they don’t lock the doors from the inside so kids can’t escape?”

I rub my face and glare at her

“can’t blame me for trying…”

The lady walked up to the counter where a cute lady was standing. They talked and I got bored and looked around all the doors that were locked to all the rooms. even the bathroom was locked and had a sign that said ask for the key then return, thank you. Oliver could get why especially with a place full of brats.

Suddenly the lady comes down the hall at Oliver and smiles and points to a door she unlocks Oliver walks up to her.

“what’s this…?”

I was in a very boring room with a bed and that was pretty much it.

“this is your room Oliver heh. It’s not much but better than nothing. how about we get you into some clothes?”

Oliver walks in the room checking it out when the lady grabs Oliver’s shirt and pulls it off him revealing his pull up to her he blushed and froze. she giggles.

“aww it is true you do wear pull ups. and here I thought you were a big boy! that’s ok we will work on it down worry but till you can prove you don’t have a problem you need the pull ups for a few days ok?”

Oliver looks at her embarrassed and feeling very small.

“but I’m not a baby! I can use the toilet like an adult! I’ll prove it!”

the lady smiles.

“I bet you can. and you will do it! just like a big boy”

she laughs and ruffles his hair and pouts a bit again.

“I will…”

The lady goes to a bag in the corner and pulls out a short and pants for him.

“these should fit. I got a call about you so I had them ready.”

Oliver grones and goes over to grab them but he suddenly has the shirt put on him.

“h-hey I can do it!”

He yelled. the lady smiles.

“or really you really are a big boy huh?”

She helps him get the pants on too. not letting Oliver do it alone.

“there we go Mr soker”

Oliver blushes a lot and sits on the bed. the lady sighs.

“sorry…. Just having some fun normally it helps the stress of having to come here… makes kids feel more at home…I’ll leave for awhile you get used to your room ok?”

Oliver looks down. He hated what she did a lot but…if he really was a kid it would help and it helped take his mind off his predicament he smiled a bit. just before she left.


The lady smiled big.

“welcome Mr soaker!”

She laughed and left and Oliver yelled.

“STOP CALLING ME THAT! it was one time… ok ok twice… wait 3 times…”

he grones

“God damn it I am Mr. Soker!”

He flops back on his back on the bed looking at the ceiling.

“What is my life coming too… first I become a child then now I need pull ups… what happens if I wet this one will I have to wear diapers… no! never won’t happen, not even if I grow back up Mandy will be shit out of luck!”

Oliver laid for a while.

“ok… maybe if she don’t do that stupid cute look she dose…”

Oliver rubes the front of the pull up then sticks his hand down it to rub himself then sighs.

“it’s so small… nope not a single thing I don’t even feel like I could get hard if I tried… fuck me…”

Oliver pulls his hand out.

“What the hell can I do for fun then…? I can’t drink I can’t have sex or even jack off… How the hell do kids have fun… I haven’t been one in so long I forgot…maybe I’ll ask Mandy?”

Oliver smiles.

“oh ya Mandy said she would come by every day! I know I won’t get adopted or I’ll make sure I won’t! well… maybe. if I got to grow back up what’s the harm in using someone to my own gains? but then I have to listen to them like there my parents”

Oliver sighs.

“that sounds awful… there has to be a way to fix me I know it…”

Oliver yawns

“man… the boxes sucked for sleep I barely got any sleep…”

Oliver shuts his eyes.

“maybe a nap won’t hurt…”

Oliver grabs a pillow and hugs it Instead of laying on it.

“love you Mandy…”

He kisses the pillow and smiles falling asleep.

Oliver is sleeping great when suddenly a loud bell rings and Oliver screams and sits up quickly and has his thumb in his mouth making him blush and look around to make sure he wasn’t seen.

“phew… wait? when did I cover up?”

Oliver found himself covered up and instead of his pillow he was hugging, it was a small bear Oliver throws it and throws the covers off him blushing, finding himself still in the same clothes. he takes a sigh of relief.

“… must have been that lady that works here… God that’s embarrassing I bet she saw me sucking my thumb… ahhh!!”

He rubs his face to try to stop his face from being so hot.

“oh ya… what was that bell?”

His door opens and it was the lady that works here. She smiles.

“oh hey you’re awake I was about to wake you up. didn’t you hear the dinner bell?”

Oliver looked confused.

“dinner…? Wait, I sleep most of the day?!”

She giggles and keeps smiling big.

“yap, but that’s ok. you are probably mentally exhausted and just normally exhausted heh. so I covered you up and gave you a teddy and put your pillow under you.”

She looks around then sees the teddy on the floor and frowns and Oliver felt his heart sink. damn his soft spot for cute girls. Oliver quickly jumps down and grabs the bear and smiles.

“oh there he is!”

Oliver hugs it tight and the lady smiles. making Oliver blush knowing he’s just doing it to make her happy.

“aww you’re so cute Oliver. If I had the room to adopt you I so would heh anyways come on let’s go get you some supper. oh by the way my name is lois.”

Oliver smiles a bit and they leave the room. Oliver looks up at her.

“that’s a cute name”

Lois smiles.

“well Thanks that’s very nice of you. you are a very sweet boy you know that? very well mannered for the most part. most kids your age that come here are fighters.”

Oliver sighs thinking he probably would be but what’s the point? he’s stuck as a kid he’s got nowhere to go if he did run away again the cops would be on his ass quickly. worse is words probably getting around and he probably won’t get adopted thinking he’s a troublemaker. Oliver looks down holding the bear close just to want something to comfort him.

Lois frowns and looks down at him.

“You ok? I didn’t mean to upset you…”

Oliver shakes his head and smiles at her.

“Oh no you didn’t upset me, don’t you worry your pretty face!”

lois gives a small blush and laughs.

“wow a little charmer aren’t you?”

Oliver laughs awkwardly.

“uhh… I always heard daddy say it so I wanted to!”

She frowns.

“can I ask what happened to your mom and dad Oliver?”

Oliver looks down

“well my mom died of cancer… and dad couldn’t take the loss and… a-and…”

Oliver couldn’t help but start crying. He wasn’t lying, this is exactly what happened to his parents. loiss eyes got huge and dropped to the ground and hugged Oliver.

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry! to happen to such a young kid… that’s awful… I’m sure your father loved you a lot but that’s just terrible… your father acted very selfish…”

Oliver cries like crazy in to her. That’s exactly what he thought when it happened but he was much older. He thought he was Finally over them being gone but he couldn’t handle it and just cried for a while. Oliver found it nice to cry. He’s always had to not show his emotions around people.

he was a very cry when no one’s around, but all that’s happened to him is making him much more emotional. Whether that be good or bad he doesn’t know. Lois picked up Oliver and patted his back carrying the crying boy to the cafeteria.

“Hey Oliver? what were your mom and dad’s names anyways?”

Oliver was able to stop crying for a while.

“U-uhh my mom was named Jane and my dad was Charlie…”

She looks at him for a moment and grabs her head groning.


Her eyes get big and look around looking confused.

“sorry that name just sounds so familiar… like something I’m forgetting… I feel like I babysat for them once… do you have an older brother…?”

Oliver shakes his head watching her. Is she remembering? wait lois?! oh my God I remember now! I used to have a babysitter that I had the biggest crush on! she was like 16 when I was like 9 or something? she was awesome this can’t be the same one right? wait no, no one can remember me. not not like this! Oliver covers his face.

“ya I’m sure you do, his name was… Oliver.”

her eyes get bigger looking at him.

“Wait Oliver? Is that really you Oliver?!”

Oliver blushes insanely and nods

“H-how do you remember me?”

Lois smiles and hugs him.

“Oh my God I remember you but you’re so young how is this possible?!”

Oliver blushes more.

“shhh! and I don’t know… I went to sleep with my girlfriend… and when I woke up I got sick and my adult teeth fell out. then I went to Mandy and she didn’t remember me… no one remembers me… it’s like i never existed… but how could you remember me?”

She frowns.

“I don’t know I remembered your mother’s name and remembered her saying take good care of my baby before she passed… and it hit hard I guess you never stopped being her baby huh?”

He blushed more.

“not like I wanted to be like this…”

She giggles.

“and in a pull up and acting like a kid heheh”

Oliver pouts.

“I was just doing it to cheer you up because you looked so sad when I upset you…!”

She smiles and kisses his forehead

“yap that’s the Oliver I remember… but what are you going to do? No one remembers you how you are going to do this…? do you have to grow back up?”

Oliver shrugs.

“I don’t know… I really don’t but I thought maybe if I get Adopted I can quickly grow up and get my life back to normal… I don’t know what else to do…”

She sighs.

“Ya I understand… Then I guess it’s going to be like old times then? heh me babysitting you and you still have the same bladder control as you used to back then.”

Oliver blushes.

“shut up! wait…? I had problems with it when I was this age?”

She nods.

“ya this would have been close to when your mom was passing and you had lots of nighttime accidents… because of nightmares. don’t you remember that?”

Oliver shakes his head.

“I don’t remember much of my past life… I tried to forget it and party to forget my mom and dad…”

She sits Oliver in a chair in the cafeteria.

“I’m sorry…so you feel like an adult but look like a child?”

Oliver nods.

“basically… uhh maybe T.m.i but I can’t even get umm excited…”

She giggles.

“oh so your body’s all child like and your brains like adults like? God that sounds embarrassing but you’re so cute! I could keep you like this forever!”

Oliver shivers.

“If i was stuck like this forever I would rather die…”

Lois gave him a very stern look.


He jumps.


She grabs a tray of food for him and sits it down.

“How dare you talk like that! your mother would be so upset with you!”

Oliver looks down at the food.

“you’re right… I’m sorry”

Oliver takes a bite.

“it’s ok… but just because you used to be an adult doesn’t mean I’m going to treat you that way. We have to make it look as convincing as possible if you’re too get Adopted. unfortunately I still can’t even though I would love to… I can barely afford myself…”

Oliver smiles some.

“that’s ok…don’t worry. did you know I used to have a crush on you when I was young like this?”

She smirks

“oh really? aww the baby that needed me to help him change him in to his pull up before bed was in to me? no I would have never guessed.”

she laughs. and Oliver blushes.

“It’s not my fault!”

She smiles.

“you don’t know how close you where to being diapered.”

Oliver’s eyes get big.


She laughs and waves her hand in front of her.

“No no not now! I ment long ago”

there was a sigh of relief from Oliver.

“Well the doctors told us if you keep having these accidents they might be permeate. so if you didn’t get them fixed when you became 10 you might have worn diapers most of your life. honestly when you tuned 10 I caught you sneaking in to the pull ups just because you liked then”

Oliver blushes.

“i-I did…? I don’t remember that…”

She sighs.

“probably because you tried to forget that part of your life… if not you might have become completely different I hear there’s people out there who enjoy them. it’s cute for a child to do it but when it’s an adult it’s creepy…”

Oliver looks down embarrassed. remembering what happened with Mandy.

“that’s mean…”

mandy frowns.

“you’re right that was mean… sorry hey after you’re done eating let’s try the potty next ok?”

Oliver looks confused taking a bite.

“I don’t have to go…and I can do it myself…”

She laughs some.

“Mhm Mr wets a lot”

He blushed.

“they were accidents!”

She nods.

“and your body’s a child Oliver gets used to it. I’m not going to make you wear diapers just pull ups for now. even if you used to be an adult your body’s young. you can’t control it.”

Oliver looks down, finishing all his food.

“wow… make me feel useless why don’t you…”

Her eyes get big.

“no! that’s not what I meant at all! I just… I want to help you… you want to make sure you’re potty trained before getting Adopted right?”

damn she had a point he thought. he sighs.

“I hate to admit it but you’re right…”

She smiles and picks Oliver up who had his bear sitting between his legs and it didn’t come with him.

“I know! Now let’s do some practice to make sure you can feel when you get to potty ok little guy?!”

Oliver blushes and grones.

“I wish you couldn’t remember anymore now you’re just trying to embarrass me…”

She laughs heading to the bathroom and unlocking the door.


She puts Oliver down and he’s too short to use the toilet properly.

“hmm… a bit short aren’t we?”

Oliver keeps blushing looking down, not sure what to say.

“don’t worry I got a step stool!”

She pulls out a steps tool from the cabinet under the sink. and puts it against the toilet. Oliver looks at Lois who looks at him and smiles giving him the chance to go up it. Oliver climbs up it and then.

“c-can you leave?”

She shakes her head.

“nope I got to make sure you use it.”

Oliver shook as he pulled down his pants and pulled down his pull up revolving his small guy to her. he blushed and just held it to the toilet he didn’t even have to go and even if he did he wouldn’t be able to being so nervous he’s never peed in front of anyone. so he stood there for a while.

“… come on Oliver? you going to show me how big of a boy you are.”

Oliver blushes more and pulls up the pull up and pants.

“y-you know what let’s do this later… I don’t have to go…”

She smiles.

“well ok just come tell me when you need to ok? oh and I got a call today from a Mandy? she says she knows you?”

Oliver smiles

“Mandy called?!”

She nods giggling.

“aww cute does she know the old you or this you?”

Oliver looks down.

“she was my previous girlfriend… but she doesn’t remember me… and she found me and took care of me. She promised to come see me everyday but she couldn’t afford to have me there either…”

lois frowns.

“I’m sorry Oliver… this has been a crazy day for us both. How about we call it a night? you head on to bed.”

Oliver looks confused.

“but it’s only like 7…?”

Lois smiles.

“yap and little boys go to bed early.”

Oliver pouts a bit.


Lois looks stern.

“No buts! now get to bed before I spank that butt.”

Oliver’s eyes get big, she wouldn’t?.. she would Oliver sigh and go to his room shutting the door sitting on his bed.

“so someone remembered me”

Oliver smiles.

“so it’s possible!”

Oliver looked so happy

“Maybe Mandy will remember me! and raise me and then when I get back to normal we can get married and have kids!”

Oliver hops up and down on the bed excitedly.

“only got to wait till I’m 18 at least! and I’ll be able to get excited when I’m like 13”

Oliver lays back.

“Ahh… this is so exciting!”

Oliver yawns.

“damn it… why am I so tired lately… oh ya don’t most kids take a lot of naps…then again I haven’t slept well the past few days…”

Oliver gets under the covers. and lays on his pillow.

“I’ll see you soon Mandy…”

Oliver quickly falls asleep. Lois sneaks in shortly after bringing in his teddy bear and putting it in Oliver’s arms who takes it hugging it smiling. Lois also smiles and kisses Oliver’s cheek whispering.

“Good luck Oliver…”

She leaves the room and we wait for what tomorrow brings.

Oliver woke up after yesterday he rubbed his eyes hoping maybe being in an orphanage was a dream but it wasn’t he let out a long sigh sitting up on his bed and rubbed his eyes.

“this is my luck. huh?”

He finds the teddy bear and smiles and hugs it.

“at least I got a friend…”

Suddenly a bell rings.


Oliver gets up holding his bear close as he opens his door and peeks out and sees Lois standing right there he screams. and his eyes got big as he let out a small bit of pee into his pull-up and he blushed, able to hold it back.


She laughs.

“I’m sorry, I was just curious if you would come out. now you are ready for some breakfast!”

She has so much energy like trying to hype up a little kid Oliver just shrugs.

“I guess?”

She pouts some.

“man you really aren’t a little boy huh? but you look like one. that must suck… having a child’s body but an adult mind. I’m not even sure if that makes you either an adult or a child anymore? oh maybe your a new species”

She laughs and Oliver glares at her then walks to the cafeteria still holding his bear it was the only thing that gave him comfort like this. but he would never let anyone but Lois see him like this. He grabs a tray and walks back to the table and Lois sits by him smiling with her own food.

“you like that bear don’t you?”

Oliver blushes.

“no! I just carry it around so I… uhh”

He couldn’t think of anything and blushed more when Lois laughed.

“aww Oliver that’s so cute.”

Oliver tried to ignore her for a while while he ate. After he was done he looked at her and sighed.

“when’s Mandy coming?”

She shrugged.

“not sure. I haven’t got a call but it’s still early.”

Oliver sighed and nodded.

“I guess you’re right… she hasn’t forgotten about me right?”

Oliver looked kinda sad and Lois got big eyes.

“NO NO NO! not at all, don’t worry I know she will come. you want to go play outside for a bit? it’s good to get some exercise after eating.”

Oliver shrugs.


She smiles and takes his hand.


She pulls him outside to a bunch of outside toys and slides a swing and stuff it was all for kids or baby’s. Then Oliver remembered he was a kid and looked down holding Lois hand. she frowns and picks him up and puts him in a swing making him scream.

“hey!! what are you doing?!”

Suddenly she started pushing him, making him hold on tight not wanting to fly out. The wind against his face was honestly kinda calming at that point and the excitement of flying back and forth made him smile, he even started to laugh which made Lois super happy they did this for a while till Oliver got bored and Oliver was blushing rubbing the back of his head.

“i-I mean… it was ok I guess…”

it was hard to lie how much he loved it and his mind was so relaxed but it was getting later it was already time for lunch.

“let’s go get some lunch then you can go to your room and wait for Mandy ok?”

Oliver smiles and agrees. He heads to the cafeteria and grabs a tray of food eating really fast and taking his teddy back to his room and sits on his bed and waits. He was hugging his teddy and talking to it.

“you hear that Mandy’s coming to see me! I can’t wait!”

Suddenly he hears a man’s voice

“that’s not Mandy’s voice? who’s that? is someone else here?”

He blushes seeing himself hug the bear and just throws it before someone catches him holding it. he would die if anyone but lois knew.he even forgot he had do pee honestly and the tiny wet spot on his pull up wasn’t bad. but the urge to pee was showing back up but he would do it later he had all the time.

he forgets about the man’s voice then thinks about how Mandy going to come over and hang out with him maybe she will even adopt him one day. then thoughts of someone else adopting him went through his head. or Mandy never showing up.

“but… I might never see her again…what will I do?!”

Oliver never thought of it; he tried not to but just began crying.

“fuck come on Oliver get ahold of your self your not a baby stop this-”

Suddenly he bursts into tears and cries into his pillow. it was honestly everything hitting him at once. He cried and cried not even hearing his door open. when a voice speaks up.

“Oliver is it? are you alright?”

He thought it was lois. but he was mad and upset and wanted to be left alone.


That wasn’t lois but this man looked so familiar but with all the stuff happening in his life he couldn’t remember.

“wait… you look familiar? do I know you?”

the man smiles.

“I’m the one who helped you. I gave you some clothes… that your not wearing? did something happen?”

He laid his head down blushing a bit

“I don’t want to talk about it…”

the man nods.

“I understand. but if you would allow me, I thought I might adopt you. or give you a place to stay. I know you’re not really a toddler.”

Oliver leans up really quickly and his eyes are huge.

“y-you do? but how?”

the man nods but doesn’t explain.

“let me guess… if I go with you, you will help me?”

the man just nods again. Oliver’s heart jumped in excitement, someone who knew how to help him.

“well as much as I can.”

Oliver couldn’t help but smile big. He wasn’t sure how much he could help him but any help would be wonderful. He jumped up in his bed.

“ok! you got yourself a deal!”

The man looked very happy.

“alright I’ll go fill out paperwork, you care if I leave my baby in here for a bit?”

the black goat blushes and shakes his head. Oliver had no clue who he was but still thought he looked a bit old for diapers. but Oliver shrugged.

“I don’t mind, what’s his name?”

the man sighs.

“His name rie. Now rie, I need you to be good. I’ll be back ok?”

the man puts him on the ground and he just crosses his arms and pouts blushing. Oliver thought it was kinda cute. He walks off. Oliver looks at him and smiles.


Rie keeps looking away and Oliver smirks he knows a black goat named rie he was a complete ass to him. but if he can regress there is no reason why this can’t be the same rie.

“Hey! diapered baby ass hole!”

Rie blushes like Crazy and Oliver laughs. Oh man he was going to enjoy this.

“so you do respond to that! whatever your rie right? I don’t know how but you’re the ass that embarrassed me by shoving me in a trashcan back in school aren’t you?”

Ries eyes got big and he looked down. Oliver wasn’t expecting that he was kinda cute like this but he also looked so funny.

“M-me not know… i-i not member you…”

Oliver burst out laughing.

“you even sound like a baby!”

Then he looked down remembering he’s in a pull-up himself not that he would ever let rie know that. he sighs

“you probably wouldn’t remember me anyways… no one does… not even my own girlfriend…”

Oliver rubs his head and sighs again.

“I-im willy sowwy… But my-”

He started blushing and Oliver was confused about what he was going to say.

“I mean amaru really wants to help you… And so do I…”

Oliver then remembered his bear. He couldn’t didn’t know why but he wanted it so bad. Oliver got off his bed.

“help? from a diapered baby? ya, but no thanks.”

Oliver then thought maybe his bear went under the bed when he threw it. he got down and he felt his shirt ride up but didn’t think much about it. but what he didn’t know was his pull up was sticking out of his pants and rie spoke up.

“you wear pull ups?”

Oliver’s jumps slamming his head on the bed And blushes insanely. pulling out From under the bed and rubbing his head.

“NO SHUT THE HELL UP! you have one damn accident when you look like a God damn kid and eveyone thinks you are a fucking bed wetting baby!”

Well Oliver knew it was more than one, unfortunately. but he wasn’t going to tell anyone that part. Rie didn’t laugh at that. Oliver was surprised and embarrassed still

“ya… me know… amarus the one who made me like this and took away my bwader and big boy speak…”

Oliver’s eyes got big. He couldn’t believe someone so nice made rie into a baby. what if he did that to him?!

“a-amaru did this to you?! W-what’s stopping this guy from doing this to me?!”

Rie smirks.

“who knows. it might be worse”

Rie laughs then suddenly cries out in pain he was shrinking?! he looked younger what the hell was going on?!

“no me sorry! me not want to be younger it was a joke! I wasn’t bad!”

Oliver was scared to death he hugged himself as he watched then looked at the door. fuck this, Oliver was not about to let this happen to him he runs to the door and goes to open the door when it suddenly opens and amarus standing right there. This scared Oliver so bad that the piss he had to take yesterday and today was now filling his pull-up. lucky for him he had a kids bladder so it was a smaller wet and didn’t overflow but it was definitely at max.

Amaru looks at Oliver confused then looks up at rie when he lets out a sigh.

“rie… You’re younger… Did you not learn your lesson yet?”

Rie just keeps crying and holds his hands up and Amaru picks up rie who hugs Amaru and lays his face into him just being so upset. Oliver was terrified someone would catch him with a wet pull up he just glared at amaru to take his mind off it.

“Why did you do that to rie?! I mean ya he’s an ass but this is awful!”

Amaru just smiles pissing off Oliver more who pets rie’s head who starts to calm down.

“well because this is rie’s punishment. He did a bunch of bad stuff. but don’t worry Oliver I have no plans to do this to you.”

Oliver completely forgetting his wet pull up at this point has calmed down looking at amaru curiously.

“really? how-”

Amaru interrupts him.

“Tell me, do you have a reason to be punished anymore then you already are?”

Oliver looks down. thinking as hard as he can but he truly believes he doesn’t. but there was a small part of him that was unsure.

“well… no? I don’t think so anyways…”

Amaru smiles at Oliver.

“good so all the paperwork is done. would you like to go see your new place to stay?”

Oliver looks up and nods

“ok… sorry for thinking you might do that to me.”

Amaru smiles as rie who had fallen asleep

“let go to the car while we talk more. but no need to apologize.”

Amaru and Oliver walk to the car as rie was put in a car seat.

“you haven’t wronged me. sit in the front seat by me we can talk more on the way home and while rie’s asleep.”

Oliver opens the passenger seat door and gets inside and sits down shutting the door. his eyes get big feeling the wet pull up unable to take his mind off it. but trying to keep a conversation.

" i-if you say so amaru… But look I know you ‘adopted’ me but I’m not really a kid. so technically you can’t do that."

Oliver’s mind gets stuck back on his wet pull up as he squirms. then amaru gets in the driver seat.

“Oh I know you’re not really a 9 year old. you’re cursed.”

Oliver’s eyes get big.

“Wait, I’m cursed?! wait you can fix me can’t you?!”

Oliver couldn’t help but look distracted by the wet pull up while he’s trying so hard not to look suspicious and keep eye contact. amaru sighs.

“unfortunately I know… But unfortunately I’m not allowed to fix you. umm are you alright? you seem distracted? Are you uncomfortable? do you need to go to the restroom?”

Oliver blushes and shakes his head.

“n-nope! not wet! I-i mean problem!! B-But oh that’s a shame…”

Amaru chuckles a little making Oliver blush a little more and more nervous.

“the lady told me you where in a pull-up was that correct?”

Oliver feels like dying blushing insanely and looks down.

“n-no…I’m not a stupid baby idiot…”

Amaru sighs.

“oh really? you had an accident didn’t you?”

Oliver couldn’t even blush anymore but he just held his head down in defeat.

"i-it was an accident… I-I got found by a few cops who pointed guns at me! and I… well I wet myself in fear… then my girlfriend… well not my girlfriend anymore but she put me in the pull up and told me she would visit me a lot… I was going to remove it but lois wouldn’t let me… and I know she would bear my ass If I did. "

Amaru sighs and smiles comforting at him letting him know it was ok.

“Well when we get you home we can get you in a fresh pull up.”

Oliver’s eyes get big.

“WHAT?! you can’t change me and I don’t need pull ups! Come on please! I’m sorry it was just an accident! it only happened once!”

That was a lie and Oliver knew it but there was no way he was wearing pull ups anymore. He already felt like a child in a wet pull up. Oliver was shaking as Amaru sighs.

" poor kid relax… I didn’t mean I would change you. I just meant we would get you in something clean. and don’t worry about rie doing anything or saying anything. He’s just a diaper-wearing baby now and probably will be for quite a few years."

Oliver knew amaru was trying to cheer him up and it kinda worked he even laughed a little. He looks back at rie and smiles.

“He is kinda cute like this… hehe was such a bully back in school. but now he’s just a baby it’s strangely satisfying.”

Amaru smiles

“guess you two have one thing in common?”

Oliver blushes and glares at amaru

“I’m not small and cute! I’m small and intimidating!”

Amaru laughs as they reach Amaru place. The place was quite big.

“whoa… this is a nice house.”

Amaru gets out of the car and takes rie out of his car seat. Oliver jumps out and follows Amaru stepping bigger so his wet pull up doesn’t rub against him. He was really hating the feeling.

“Well thank you Oliver. now let’s get inside.”

Amaru takes rie inside and heads into a nursery. Oliver looked confused looking around. It was bigger stuff for bigger babies like rie I guess. He looks up at amaru who beat him In there and saw rie naked his small dick right there and Oliver blushes looking away.

“GROSS! you could have told me!!”

Amaru quiets him.


Rie makes some noises. He saw Oliver, but Oliver wasn’t going to turn around to see him get a flipping diaper change.

“see Oliver you woke the baby up… shh it’s ok rie head on back to sleep.”

He hears sucking rie must have been giving a pacifier. He hears a kiss then the moving of a crib and sees rie laid in a crib.

“night baby, love you.”

Rie hugs his teddy bear looking away from them and Amaru pushes Oliver out of the room. then shuts the door. Oliver felt pretty bad.

“S-sorry for waking rie…”

Amaru smiles and Chuckles a little.

“it’s ok, rie’s just shy during his diaper change.”

Oliver almost felt a second hand embarrassment for him. but he could understand why. Oliver sighs.

“I don’t blame him… anyways can I get a change of clothes now? maybe a shower…”

Amaru nods.

“but on one condition.”

Oliver looked confused.

“condition? what?”

Amaru smirks. Oliver feels very uncomfortable again.

“if you have one more accident you will be diapered the rest of your time here. I know you can’t control it but if you need to use the restroom ask me for the key, I’ll unlock it ok? I keep the bathroom locked in case rie tries to use it. He’s not allowed to with his punishment.”

Oliver rolls his eyes but nods.

“ok ok! fine whatever… I don’t plan on having another accident anyways. but you can’t be serious? diapers? I would rather die…”

Amaru sighs.

“can you not talk about dying? I really don’t like It…”

Amaru shows Oliver the bathroom and where the baby wipes are and snaps giving him a pair of childish underwear. Oliver was about to say something but it was better than the pull up.

“here you go.”

Oliver blushes and rolls his eyes he was so eager to undress he started too right in front of Amaru pulling his pants down his pull up sagging. He blushed insanely.

“c-could you turn around? But uhh hey I get you can’t fix me but can you tell me how I can fix this curse?”

Amaru nods, turning around Oliver pushes his pull up down with a gross something plop. He was so disgusted with himself. and he smelled like pee.

“I can but you won’t like it. Are you sure?”

Oliver grabs the baby wipes and wipes himself clean.

“Yes, I’m positive! please I’m begging you.”

Amaru sighs. as Oliver finishes cleaning himself and pulls up the underwear and blushes by how stupid he feels. he pulls up his pants and continues to talk to amaru.

"Alright well the only way to break the curse is true loves kiss. and not with a kid your age. with an adult your true age.

Olivers’ eyes get big.

“I’m done by the way… but you can’t be serious! No one remembers me! not even my girlfriend… it’s not fair! How can I convince an adult to kiss me like I was an adult?! that’s some kinda fucked up pedo shit… I wouldn’t want to put someone through that.”

Amaru just nodes turning around

“that’s the point… to keep you like this forever. and even when you break the curse you wouldn’t end the way you would think.”

Oliver just looked down.

“so I fucked… there’s got to be a way…”

Amaru leads Oliver to a nice room.

“there is, true loves kiss. but… maybe I can come up with a way to help if you truly want to be fixed.”

Oliver looked hopeful and looked up at amaru.

“yes! please! but how can I do that here?”

He thought maybe getting his own place back would be better. amaru nods.

“well you need to stay here or the police might come after you again. but you can use this room as long as you need to till you are fixed or even after you’re fixed I don’t mind.”

Oliver smiles. He was so nice to him. but why?

“Wow, thanks so much Mr amaru. you have absolutely no reason to help me… but you are and thank you.”

Oliver sits on the bed and lets out a fake yawn.

“but hey I think I want to sleep.”

Amaru smiles and nods.

“Oh alright. sleep well and there’s a dresser full of clothes you can change into some pj’s if you want.”

Oliver nods. like hell if he was putting on some childish pj’s like that’s probably in there. This room reminded him of his place when he was a kid though. Amaru leaves and Oliver lets out a long sigh.

“alone… finally…”

Oliver lays back on the bed.

“wait… Mandy said she was going to visit me! but she doesn’t know where I am! fuck!”

Oliver puts the pillow over his face and screams. letting out a lot of anger and sadness he’s feeling before he pulls the pillow off his face.

“… will I be stuck like this forever? if I’m cursed i will never grow up… I’ll be a damn child for the rest of my life… maybe I should just off myself… no that’s a pussy way out! I won’t do what my dad did!.. I won’t… I can’t… mom wouldn’t forgive me”

Oliver tears up and starts crying, flipping over and putting his face in his pillow to cry he cries till he falls asleep. This was very rough on Oliver. but maybe just maybe he will find a girl that truly loves him and will kiss him.

Oliver was being shaken by a familiar voice.

“come on sweetie you got to get up”

The voice was so sweet and nice. Oliver leaned up in bed and rubbed his eyes then his eyes got huge. It was his mother. He hasn’t seen her since he was little.


She still had her hair before the cancer took it. The woman smiles at him and brushes his hair out of his face.

“Good morning Oliver sleep well?”

He just stared in disbelief. Was this a dream? Did he die and go to heaven? He quickly looked down at his body. He was even younger then he remembered he was probably a toddler. Was everything else a dream?

“hello? heh is my little man still half asleep.”

Oliver starts tearing up tears running down his face. He jumps up and hugs her.

“mommy! Please don’t leave, you can’t die! I don’t want to be alone again!”

His mother hugged him picking him up.

“oh no… did you have a nightmare? that would explain the wet diaper…good thing we keep you in these at night I told you now didn’t I”

She kissed Oliver’s head. He was still crying and freaking out he’s diapered but he’s a toddler right it was all a nightmare. this is normal he calmed down as his mom changed him. it almost felt normal but Oliver could care less he had his mommy back. after he got changed he was picked up again still sniffing.

“mommy? Where’s daddy?”

She smiles.

“you want to see your daddy huh? hehe alright let’s go.”

She tickles Oliver, making him giggle a lot. She carried him out of his room as the place got darker and darker before his mom sat him down in front of a door. Oliver smiled and ran in the door.


Suddenly horror came over his face. He was probably 8 now and he saw his dad hanging from the ceiling from a rope. He grabbed his head and just screamed and cried.


Suddenly Oliver lets out a scream sitting up in bed crying and hugging himself.

“it was just a dream you cry baby…. it was just a dream you cry baby… why now… I haven’t dreamed about my momm-I mean my mom and dad in so long… why are they coming back?!”

He was still in the room Amaru let him use.

“I need to talk to amaru… a-and pee… bad”

Oliver gets up still shaking and hugging himself. He was terrified after that dream. but he was going to prove to amaru he wasn’t a damn baby he was still a man. a man that wants his mommy and daddy. He falls to his knees slamming the floor.

“damn it Oliver… get ahold of yourself… Y-You don’t need anyone you can take care of yourself… you’re not a baby”

He stands back up and goes and opens the door heading to Amarus’ room. The hall was pitch black and he didn’t know where the light switch was. It was late at night. He goes to knock on amarus door but finds it wide open.

“huh? h-hello? Mr. Amaru? I-i really gotta pee. May I have the bathroom key?”

God this was humiliating he thought having to basically ask to use the bathroom like some stupid kid. but there was no response. Oliver flips in the light and no ones in there.

“did he seriously leave a regressed baby and a man stuck in a child’s body alone… idiot…n-not that I need him I’ll just find the damn key myself.”

Oliver finds a note addressed to him and rie.

"To rie or Oliver who ever finds this first, I must step out for a few hours. if you need anything there drinks in the fridge mostly bottles filled with chocolate milk. They are rie’s favorite. Oliver you can have some too just unscrew the cap if you don’t want to drink from the nipple of it. Anyways, be good and don’t make a mess. please and thank you love you both and see you soon. "

Oliver blushes and crumbles the paper.

“don’t say you love someone you just met old man…and this doesn’t explain where you keep the Goddamn key either…”

Oliver looks all over the bed and under the bed in drawers. not a single key to be found. Oliver holding his crotch at this point.

“fuck! I’m not going to last long at this rate. but I’m an adult… I’m an adult…”

He keeps reminding himself of this. I guess he’s scared to become like rie and forget he was an adult.

“screw it!”

He leaves and starts to go back down the hall. Maybe the door was unlocked , suddenly he saw some red eyes just at the end of the hall Oliver’s heart sank. He screamed.


Suddenly Oliver no longer felt the need to pee as it was dripping down his leg. when he hears rie’s voice.

“d-did you just pee pee?”

Oliver’s face goes bright red. it was rie?! he had the piss scared out of him by a little black goat in a fucking diaper?! this couldn’t be happening he quickly rushed to his room.

"I got to change! before Amaru finds out! n-no no no no! Why this isn’t fair?! it was a stupid it was amarus fault he wouldn’t be blamed for this right?! if he just left the door unlocked he would have been fine! but no he’s got to lock the damn door because he wants to make sure his little baby ries a fucking permanent baby! "

He was striping off his pants and underwear. He throws them under the dresser and looks in it, finding some PJ pants he grabs them, throws them on and jumps in bed. He just had to pretend to sleep. He will never know. it was him maybe he could convince him it was rie who pissed in the floor. heh ya the little brat pulled down his diaper and wet everywhere. It was perfect.

He laid there so nervous, unable to fall asleep he was breathing heavy his heart was racing. there’s no way he could sleep like this and to make things worse he could hear his door being opened. He kept his eyes closed and pretended to sleep. He hears amaru.

“Oliver, can we talk?”

Oliver kept trying to keep calm and didn’t say anything. He wasn’t going to give himself away that easily. Suddenly he feels amaru sit by him.

“Oliver, I know you are not asleep. Come on now talk to me.”

He was fighting holding back tears. He knew what would happen if he was caught, his covers were pulled back. He easily saw he was in New clothes. Oliver shakes and begins crying.

“i-it’s not fair!! It was an accident! Give me another chance! there was a super scary monster… with rie’s voice… this wasn’t my fault, please! I’m begging you!”

Amaru lets out a long sigh

“Oliver look you’re 9 years old. and will be for a very long time… no matter how much you feel like an adult the truth is you’re a child. a 9 year old one in fact. you’re a bit older than rie and kids have weak bladders you see? maybe you just have a problem?”

" n-no shit I have problems! so it wasn’t my fault… and so… "

Oliver gave Amaru a hopeful look. Amaru just sighs.

“Oliver a promise is a promise. you must be punished even if it was an accident.”

Oliver gets scared again shaking his head.

“n-no, I won’t let you!”

Amaru snaps and in an instant a changing table appeared in his room and it was filled with diapers. all in his size.

“Oliver, I suggest you listen to me. I’ll make the punishment much worse, understand me? I’m the only one who can help you break this curse.”

Oliver’s eyes got big and just looked down he felt defeated. He was right. Who else would help him? no one they wouldn’t believe him anyways. thinking he’s some kid with a crazy imagination.

“what do you need me to do…?”

Amaru taps the changing table

“come over here please.”

Oliver bites his lip


Amaru glared At him. He never saw Amaru mad but he was scary.

“No butts! now moves yours!”

His eyes get big and jump down from the bed running over to him. Amaru picked him up which freaked him out and laid him on the changing table he was scared and freaking out as his pants were removed. Oliver blushed being naked felt so wrong. Then amaru pulls out a diaper he gulps and as this diaper was sat under him. He had baby powder applied and then was pulled over the front of him and taped on.

The diaper had a very babyish print on it like rie’s and it was pretty thick. Oliver was sitting on the ground and saw himself in a mirror. He stared in disbelief. If he didn’t know any better he would think a toddler was standing there looking at him. He couldn’t stop blushing. He was so embarrassed he wanted to die. all amaru did was smile.

"That wasn’t so bad was it? Now you don’t have to worry about changing clothes if you wet again. Just ask me, I’ll get you a need change.

Oliver looks down.

“seriously….? I can’t just do it myself…?”

Amaru sighs and shrugs.

“nope but If we had another adult in the house Mayne they could.”

Oliver never felt so small. He was trying to say over and over in his head ‘he was an adult’ but it wasn’t working as he burst into tears crying.

“i-I don’t want to be a baby, I want to be an adult!”

He kept crying when Amaru picked him up and patted his diaper butt. oddly felt really relaxed for some reason. He pulled his thumb up without realizing and began sucking his thumb. Amaru tucked him in and Oliver quickly fell asleep. He didn’t know why he was so tired but he was going to sleep all night till tomorrow.

Oliver over his night has the same dream he had the night before he was rolling around and crying in his sleep. mumbling

“mommy… daddy…don’t go…”

Suddenly Oliver was shaken awake and heard a voice.

“Hey Oliver? It’s time to wake up. I think I came up with an idea to help get back to normal.”

Oliver sits up rubbing his eyes groening and looking confused by the crinkle noises. clearly forgetting about the night before.

“back…. to… normal?”

Oliver lets out a big yawn before he wakes up enough to realize what he was saying. his eyes grew big.

“W-wait?! you got an idea to fix me?!”

Amaru nods and pulls back Oliver’s covers then slides his fingers in the side of his diaper. Oliver screamed and blushed.


Amaru pulled away quickly and laughed awkwardly.

“oh my God… excuse me. I’m so use to rie I didn’t even think.”

Oliver throws the covers over his diaper blushing like crazy. He completely forgot he was in a diaper. maybe he could just stay in bed all day. no one had to see, amaru was going to help him.

“I completely forgot I was in…. this…i hate it… can I change out of it? this is a horrible prank…”

Amaru smirks.

“but that involves my plan to fix you?”

Oliver glared at amaru.

“How the hell could your plan involve me looking like a damn baby?!”

Amaru just keeps smirking, only pissing Oliver off more.

“well my idea is to look for a babysitter for you. Maybe your old girlfriend.”

Oliver was caught off guard. His eyes were big.

“H-how could you do that? you don’t know my girlfriend… or what used to be my girlfriend…”

Amaru laughs.

“well I know things for one, but I found out she’s looking for work. As a babysitter so if you can pretend to be a toddler for a while and slowly convince her who you are and make her fall for you and maybe a month down the line the worst that could happen is she doesn’t agree with it.”

Oliver looks down but she knows I’m not a toddler he thought. or does she? she made me wear pull ups I guess it would be that hard to believe? he went over everything that’s happened to him. He remembered Mandy liked diapers, but she seems to have forgotten maybe he can make her remember. like lois.

“and my pride… my adulthood…”

Oliver sighs. He couldn’t lie, it was a great idea.

“But I have to give it to you… as much as I hate it… it’s not a horrible idea. fine I’ll agree as long as you and rie are not here when she’s here.”

Amaru smiles.

“Agreed! But what’s the relationship between you and rie?”

Oliver gets out of bed finding it strange to walk around in a diaper.

“I mean… are you going to punish him for it? or what?”

Amaru thinks for a while.

“Hmm, at first it was to punish rie. I wasn’t even going to make him a big baby… But I started to like rie like a father to his son. And after a while I saw myself as his father and I think it’s getting to the point where rie sees me as his father. It makes me happy.”

Oliver looks at Amaru for a while. He wishes he could have had a dad longer then he did.

" I never really had a father… well I did but he wasn’t around… "

That was a lie he just couldn’t say he hung himself and ruined his life. He sighed and Amaru hugged him.

“if you never get fixed I’ll be happy to be your father. and even if you do get fixed I’ll happily be your father figure. if you want?”

Amaru smiles at him and Oliver tears up fighting off the tears but couldn’t and hugs Amaru crying.

“i-I think that’s all I needed just to be told someone would be there no matter what… This has been the most stressful week of my life!”
Amaru pats his diaper butt and let’s Oliver cry for a while before stopping.
“Now how about we get you and rie some breakfast and then I’ll call your girlfriend for that babysitting date heh.”
Oliver wipes his face never expecting himself to think of this man he just met as a father. Maybe it was because he was so young that he could accept this. Oliver followed Amaru who walked into the front room and Oliver watched rie kicking at some blocks knowing them over talking like a monster.

“Rawr! Hehehe no one can stop me!”

Oliver couldn’t help but giggle. Amaru also laughed as rie dropped his blocks, blushing covering his face as he picked up.

“except a big daddy coming up from behind!”

Oliver watched as Amaru tickled the small boy who started laughing trying to push his hands away.

“N-NO! Daddy stops!”

Amaru stops and puts him in a highchair. Oliver was smiling and watching. Was he this cute when he was younger? oh God was Mandy going to treat him like this? he kinda hoped so before he shook his head hearing rie.

“are we eating?”

Amaru nods.

“yap. and your big brothers joining us.”

Oliver blushed and looked down he saw his diaper he completely forgot oh God he so hoped rie didn’t notice. He pulled his shirt down to hide it or try.

“rie’s technically older though…”

Amaru shakes his head and smiles.

“not any more, rie’s the baby brother and you are the big brother.”

Rie finally gets a good look at Oliver and smirks.

“he wook wike a baby! heheh!”

Oliver was super embarrassed; he quickly sat down looking at the table when Amaru came back at rie.

“and of the two of you who’s still dry?”

Rie looked down.

“M-me not wet…”

Rie’s eyes just get big

“me didn’t even notice… oh ya…”

Amaru put a plate of food in front of Oliver. It looked Awesome. he was so hungry he got to eating quickly. forgetting how long it’s been since he had some good food.

“Now rie can you stay clean while daddy makes a call?”

Rie nods and amaru walks off. Oliver stayed thinking to himself. he had to pee bad suddenly Oliver slowed down eating shaking his leg to calm down. once amsru got back all he had to do was ask to use the bathroom. then rie grabbed a fork wrong way and having a hard time remembering how he held a fork.

“dis tupid fork is broken!”

This took Oliver off his problems and smiles at rie.

“Looks to me my baby brother can’t use forks anymore.”

Rie blushes a lot.

“Shut up! me can too!”

Rie stabs the pancakes holding the fork in his whole hand and pulls it to him before he gets all the syrup all over him and the pancakes. And Oliver laughs some.
“Ahh eww! Ticky!”
Oliver at this point bursts up laughing he couldn’t take his thought the damn burst and he began to wet himself. All the funny business was over and his eyes were big and he just went silent. Amaru walks back in after his phone call.

“ok I’m- rie! Oh my goodness see this is why I feed you…”
Rie tears up.
“but… But”
Amaru undose rie and picks him up.
“Let’s give you a bath sticky, heh.”
Rie nods a lot.
“oh Oliver your babysitter will be here in about 30 minutes”
Rie smirks.
“wait owiver needs a babysitter.”
Oliver blushes as they walk to the bathroom
“I don’t need one stupid… i want one”

He says to himself and grones.

“What am I going to do for 30 minutes? maybe I can change quickly… but amaru would probably know as soon as I did it.”

He finished his food and drank a lot. He was already wet and this couldn’t get worse. well unless he did it again that is. Oliver goes to the front room and watches some TV unfortunately for him the TV was age blocked probably for rie it was all baby show. He Finally stopped on an old kids shows they were old shows he used to watch as a kid. He kinda enjoyed it before there’s a knock on the door.

“oh shit!”

He finds a cover and throws over himself shaking.

“this isn’t about to happen. I don’t want her to see me like this…”

He hears Amarus’ voice.

“oh that must be Mandy.”

He can hear them go to the door before it goes kinda silent. He can’t quite hear them. He peeks out from under the covers and sees Mandy looking right at him. He wanted to scream but he didn’t and blushed.

“Hello cutie. heh don’t I know you? you look familiar?”

He blushes more


Mandy smirks and grabs Oliver and tickles him like. crazy on his sides he kicks and giggles kicking the covers off him revolving his diaper. making him want to cry from embarrassment.

“awww! Oliver I knew I knew you! Even if you’re in diapers? don’t worry, your secrets are good with me, your daddy explained the situation. I’m happy you got Adopted. wait… are you…?”

Oliver screams and Mandy stops looking at amaru. she smiled.

“Anyways, are you two ready to go? I got it from here. I’ll take good care of him heh.”

Amaru nods.
“o-oh right excuse me I was just distracted. And Oliver has a bladder problem, don’t let him trick you into thinking he doesn’t need them.”
Amaru smiles at rie who also giggles at them stepping out. Oliver covers his face.
“He’s a lier!!”
Mandy smiles.
“oh really? is that why you have a wet diaper Oliver? and here you told me you didn’t need pull up a while back heh”
Oliver couldn’t stop blushing.
“Ok I get it you can stop making fun of me! shesh…haha I look like a toddler…”
She smiles and rubs his head.
“Well you are, aren’t you? You’re like 5? because I used to think you were like 9 but you definitely look younger.”
Oliver studders.
“o-oh right…that’s right i am…”
Mandy picks him up making Oliver whine as she did.
“How about we get you out of the wet diaper? and if you tell me I’ll help you to the bathroom. but I could so understand if you would rather play Instead I’ll be happy to change you.”
He gulped. He was not about to have his diaper changed by his girlfriend. but he was taken to his room and she laid him on the changing table.
“Amaru explained to me a lot of things about you so don’t worry and don’t be ashamed of it. you will learn to use the potty one day.”
He blushed more as she removed his diaper. his tiny body is not even able to get excited over this as much as he wishes he could. She wipes him clean with a baby wipe and then puts him in a new diaper. He lets out a sigh. He couldn’t lie, a clean diaper was wonderful.
“So Oliver what would you like to do today? Amaru suggested we do a bunch of stuff everyday. but today he said it would be best to get to know each other and talk”
She laughed
“makes it sound like we are dating.”
Oliver smiles as he’s picked up. and makes a cute face.
“you love me heh”
She laughs hugging him.
“I can’t help it, you’re so cute. I hear you don’t have a mommy I guess I’ll have to be the next best thing.”
Oliver dropped his head even after being nose booped.
“oh goodness did I say something bad…?”
They go to the front room and sit on the couch.
“n-no… just… my mommy died of cancer…”
he was kinda embarrassed to say mommy but knew it would make it easier to believe he was like 5. Mandy hugs him tight.
“oh no I’m so sorry! please forgive me…”
Oliver nods and lays his head against her hugging her and whispering.
“I missed you so much…”
She smiles some hearing him.
“I missed you to”
Oliver sighs knowing she only meant as the kid she knows him as. not his girlfriend.
“Hey Mandy?”
she pulls the hair out of his face.
“Yes Oliver?”
Oliver looks away.
“You got a boyfriend?”
she laughs.
“no? why do you want to be mine?”
She laughs more joking around. He looked confident.
“Mhm! I can be better than anyone you will ever meet. but… can I tell you a secret?”
She looked confused.
he blushes and rubs his head getting on the couch beside her.
“I’m not actually a toddler… I’m 20…”
she bursts up laughing.
“oh really that’s a big diaper for a 20 year old sweetie”
Oliver sighed. This was going to take a very long time to get her to believe him. but where was he even going to start? and she doesn’t seem to have her diaper fetish thing anymore or not showing it. haven’t seen her wear but maybe he can convince her to get in to it again maybe she will remember. just maybe.
That was basically the end of the day with Mandy. She gave me a big hug when Amaru got home with rie. She even gave me a small kiss on the cheek. I was left standing there speechless, I might be in a child body but I was still greatly in love with Mandy. Rie was asleep in amarus arms. He takes him to the bed to sleep and comes back to check on me still standing there.

“So Oliver, how did it go? Was day one a success?”

He sighs and shakes his head.

“I don’t think so? I-i mean she did offer to be my mom and change my uhh… diapers. But otherwise, I tried to tell her my real age. She just thought I was a kid making up crazy stories.”

Amaru nods and gets down in front of me.

“I see… Well how about you try tomorrow just in a more, childish mode?”

I look at him confused

“how’s that going to help?”

He smiles.

“Because it would catch her off guard, You’re trying too hard. Maybe you can talk her into playing some games with you and eventually maybe something will come to mind?”

He gives me a wink. I stand there and think.

“Well I guess pretending to be a child is ok, but just letting myself just be a child will be hard. Hmm…”

My eyes get big and I smile big.

“I got a great idea!”

Amaru looked confused.

“heh, my idea is I’m a very uncomfortable child who has to wear diapers. Maybe I can talk Mandy into wearing some to make me more comfortable!”

Amaru laughs.

“that’s cute Oliver, i know you are. but how will getting her in diapers help you?”

I smirk and blush some.

"You see, Mandy has an odd fetish with diapers. And if I can make her remember this fetish or something she will have no reason not to believe me. What kinda child knows of kinks? None… At Least I hope not… Ahh! I hate that I basically have to make my girlfriend think she’s a creep for falling for a child! But… No No this is completely different I’m not a child! Right amaru? "

Amaru pats Oliver’s head.

“In a mental sense? Nope but physically, definitely. it’s complicated but I know you will get it figured out. Anyways, do you need to use the restroom before bed?”

Oliver kinda had to.

“a little…but uhh-”

He blushed and amaru smirked.

“You want Mandy to change you again don’t you? I understand don’t worry.”

He blushed more

“shhh!! Don’t say it out loud! I don’t want to use a diaper, ok?! it was a joke!”

I stomp off to my room and sit on my bed.

“stupid amaru, if he even thinks I enjoy this a little he’s wrong… Dead wrong. I just want to be normal…I hate this child body.”

I say as I sigh.

“But would I be wrong if part of me didn’t want to have some fun like this while I can. It’s not everyday you get to be a kid again and Mandy was making me realize it’s kinda a lot of fun. Heh. God, do i love her. But it’s not that easy to just tell her.”

I looked down at my diaper and my bladder was slowly growing. I let out a sigh trying to relax. As I did I felt myself begin to use the diaper but my body nearly stopped itself. I keep calming down and just do it again this time it didn’t stop. But then next amaru walked in and I couldn’t stop. A huge blush went over my face. Here I was wetting myself in front of my caretaker pretty much. I didn’t move till I was done wetting. This was so humiliating, he couldn’t tell i was peeing right?

“I was just checking on you. Seeing if you wanted tucked in.”

Amaru eyes darted to his diaper then backed up. Oliver stayed quiet till he finished and quickly covered up and layed down.

“n-nope! I’m good! Night da-”

He stops talking and sinks further into his bed so embarrassed. He’s never felt so much like a child doing something he shouldn’t. Amaru smiles and shuts off the light.

“well ok, but Oliver remembered to just have fun while you can. And if that means calling me dad to fill that space in your heart you’re missing then call me it but I’m not forcing you to do anything, remember that. I just want to help you.”

Oliver began to shake trying not to cry. Amaru sat by him and gave him a big hug. Oliver cried for a while before he calmed down.

“Do you need some help getting to sleep?”

Oliver shrugged.

“i-I don’t know… You’re very warm”

Amaru keeps hugging using some kinda godly powers to relax his whole body.

“night Oliver.”

He kissed his head and Oliver smiled.

“night…. Daddy….”

Amaru smiles big and gets up and shuts the door. Oliver slept soundly the whole night before the next day Oliver groaned as he heard a door shut.

“mmm… Too early, Wanna sleep more…”

There was giggling as Oliver’s covers were slowly pulled back. Oliver slowly opened his eyes to see Mandy standing over him.

“morning sleepy head! Your daddy let me Check up on you because he said you didn’t get much sleep last night. Poor guy”

She smiles and quickly and easily picks him up, his face went red.

“t-they already left? And I didn’t sleep well… I barely remember falling asleep?”

Mandy bounces him as she sneaks her hand to his diaper.

“Ahh so you’re a bedwetter huh? Because this thing is soaked heh.”

He blushed.

“i-I didn’t… I-i mean it wasn’t that bad…”

He had to check it was definitely way more soaked then when he went to bed his eyes went great big.


Mandy hugs him.

“it’s ok Oliver. Calm down its normal for Kids your age to wet the bed. Or Well, have accidents in your diaper? Because you can’t wet the bed if you’re in a diaper.”

She lays him down and grabs a new diaper and gets to work changing him. The cold baby wipes, making him jump a little. He couldn’t even watch while he was changed; it was just too much. she couldn’t help but keep bringing up his diapers over and over. Embarrassing him more and more.

“h-hey Mandy?”

She puts him in his new diaper and tapes it on.

“yes sweetie?”

Oliver thought for a moment before making a super sad face.

“I-im super embarrassed and stuff from wearing diapers… Umm would you help me feel more comfortable?”

She looked confused and picked Oliver back up and looked him in the face.

“like? Maybe pants? Hmm no that would be too bulky. Ya, I don’t have any ideas?”

Oliver plays it cute and lays his head against her with that sad face she couldn’t help but feel so bad for him.

“i-I was just thinking what if while you’re babysitting me you wear them too… B-but no that’s a stupid idea…”

He could see her blush.

“B-but Oliver, I don’t think that would be very appropriate.”

Oliver got off her quickly and looked her in the face. She felt so bad for the little guy.

“please please please! I won’t tell anyone! You can change before am- daddy gets home! I promise pretty please!”

She sighs.

“Well i don’t know… well I would but your diapers won’t fit me Oliver, neither will your brothers. I’m not going to go out and buy any. So i guess i cant and here i was going to say yes to make you happy.”

He almost breaks into tears he didn’t think of that. He was so close he just needed larger diapers.

“n-no no don’t cry Oliver! Ok ok we will look around! Maybe your dad has some spares around?”

She was saying to make him feel better. She clearly didn’t belive amaru would have diapers in her size that would just be stupid.

“right, Mandy put me down! I want to look around!”

He struggles to get down.

“whoa whoa, ok ok! Relax Oliver, I’m going to drop you!”

She laughs putting him down and he runs off looking through the house looking around, but nothing. Rie used to be an adult. Why doesn’t he have bigger diapers? He got to the kitchen and sighed having no luck. He sat down at the table. Mandy comes in and sits by him.

“I’m sorry bud…”

She pats him on the back.

“heh… I mean I’m kinda relieved. It’s not normal for adults to wear diapers unless they have problems…i know you’re upset but i’m sure we can find another way to make you more comfortable about your problem.”

Oliver lays his head on the table and pushes a bag that’s on the table with a paper on it. The paper falls on his hand and he grabs it looking at it confused. It was a note from amaru that read.

“Note to self. Return these diapers, accidentally bought adult size for rie.”

His heart started to beat faster and Mandy looked confused.

“what’s with the-”

Her eyes get big as he pulls the diapers out of the sack. They were pink and had babyish print on them. they would easily fit Mandy. Oliver smiles big but was also curious why Amaru thought about buying girls diapers for rie?

“look! Am- i-i mean daddy bought the wrong ones that’s perfect! You promised!”

He held the diapers up to her. She blushed more.

“i-i did, didn’t I… Oh God… but your dad will want to return them I’m sure! He can’t find out so unfortunately-”

Oliver smirks.

“Don’t worry I got a plan. Uhh daddy’s very forgetful that’s why he wrote a note If they disappear along with the note he won’t remember!”

Honestly that wasn’t true but he could tell amaru what he was doing with them and all would be fine. But he was pretty sure amaru did this for him.


She grones and looks around.


Oliver giggles and hugs her.

“yay! Oh and no pants like me!”

She sighs and groans more. She couldn’t believe this kid was really going to make her wear diapers.i wasn’t because she didn’t want to, it was just really weird to do around a child. Or thought to be a child.

“you’re joking right Oliver? This is very inappropriate…if someone saw me i would be called a creep for the rest of my life…”

Oliver smiles very cutely.

“I’ll shut all the blinds and stuff don’t worry I don’t want you to be seen in them. I just want to feel more comfortable! And because you are the absolutely best babysitter!”

She smiles at how cute he is and grabs the diapers.

“fine, But you better not once argue one thing with me. You better be the best little angel, understand?”

Oliver nods a lot. He couldn’t believe it, if she was really going to do it step one would be complete.

“I promise I’ll do anything you say!”

She smiles more.

“ok… I’ll be back.”

She groans as she takes the package of diapers to the bathroom. Oliver gets up and runs around the house closing all the blinds and curtains. He wears himself out then sits on the couch bouncing up and down. He was getting excited to see mandy.

“Part one complete! Next, remind her of her… Diaper fetish crap slowly. Then keep trying to get her to understand I’m really an adult and boom. She kisses me and I change back to normal. Kinda like that princess kissing the frog… Except this one’s more creepy…Honestly I would take my chances kissing a frog that i thought would be hot, then a child that might change into an adult.”

Oliver waited and Waited, He rolled on his back then around to his tummy and kicked his legs. He was absolutely bored; he looked down at Rie’s toys. He had a poorly built tower of blocks. They looked kinda fun to mess with.

“pfft… What a baby, I could do way better than that.”

He waited a little bit before he slowly got down on the floor and began to slowly fix them. He smiled as he began to play with the blocks. He was building something he thought looked Awesome. Suddenly the bathroom door opened and closed catching his attention. Out walked Mandy without any pants and a diaper poorly taped on her. Her face was bright red as she came over and sat on the couch. She crinkled the whole way then a puff of air came out of the diaper as she sat.

“H-happy Oliver? This has to be the most humiliating thing I’ve ever done.”

Oliver’s mouth was just wide open and nods. Honestly he did feel way more comfortable with her in diapers as well.

“Y-you look cute Mandy heh. Now you don’t have to rush to the bathroom!”

She rolls her eyes with a small smile. It was hard to deny Oliver was cute.

“You and your flirting Oliver. I never heard someone so young flirt like you. And I’m not using this diaper oliver. It’s just to help your self confidence.”

She giggles and looks down at his blocks.

“What are you building there? Looks pretty cool.”

He comes back to what he was doing.

“o-oh right! Its a-”

He looks back at his horribly built castle and frowns.

“Well, I thought I was building a cool castle… I-I could have sworn it looked better?”

She giggles and smiles

“Well I think it’s beautiful Oliver! Very nice job”

He blushes and smiles.

“Y-you think so? We could live here one day! Like, umm this could be our room here at the top! You could have anything you ever wanted!”

She giggles more just letting Oliver talk about this castle before he finished.

“Oliver? Question?”

He looks at her.

“ya Mandy?”

She looked confused.

“… It’s hard to deny most of your personality is childish, but once in a while you talk like your older. It’s odd but do you have a crush on me or something?”

Oliver blushed this was his chance right?

“Y-ya! You’re so cute and stuff…i think i love you…”

She sighs and rubs the back of her head.

“Oliver, look… I’m sorry to tell you this but I’m an adult.”

Oliver stops her.

“That diaper says otherwise.”

He giggled and made her blush and glare. He couldn’t help but tease knowing she probably secretly enjoyed it.

“Oliver I’m being serious! I’m sorry but you can’t like me and I can’t like you because of that, understand? We are just too different in age. You need to drop this crush thing. I hate to ruin your dreams but i don’t want to give you false hope.”

He frowns and looks down.

“I know… But what if I was big? What if somehow I was changed into a kid? And a kiss would make me normal!”

He awkwardly laughs. Mandy rolls her eyes.

“Oliver… Ok Let’s say that was true. How would I know? And if I did know… would I date you then? Sure why not? But that’s impossible. This isn’t like the princess and the frog. Did your daddy just read that to you or something?”

She was mostly saying to make him feel better. But she didn’t want him to get his hopes up.

“N-no! But well umm, what’s something I could say to make me seem like I used to know you when I was big?”

She sighs.

“Look, Oliver that’s impossible. Now how about we get some lunch? I’m hungry and I’m sure you are too. Let’s drop it for now. If you keep it up im removing this stupid diaper.”

Oliver sighs as Mandy gets up and walks off wiggling her diaper butt. Oliver frowns watching her butt. And thinks to himself.

“I can’t wait till I’m older and enjoy how sexy she is… God…a-am I getting into this fetish shit too? This better not have that effect on me…”

He said to himself before following mandy. lunch was normal, they sat at the table eating and talking. Oliver dropping the subject of him being an adult he will try again tomorrow before he makes her mad. The rest of the day Mandy let Oliver play. He played with some toys in the front room that rie had before he got bored and half tired. He let out a yawn and Mandy picked him up and they sat on the couch.

“how about we watch some cartoons?”

Oliver rubs his eyes and nods.

“Sure.all these early bedtimes are making me so sleepy.”

Oliver got to sit right on Mandy’s lap and he could feel her diaper under him. It was so odd but a feeling he wouldn’t be forgetting. He soon started to doze off. Laying his head against her boobs. As they laid there Mandy’s eyes got big. She had to pee and bad. She didn’t have the heart to wake up Oliver. She sat there as long as she could before she decided to just use the diaper. She let it flow into her diaper, letting out quiet moans of pleasure.

She layed Oliver down and put her hand against her diaper thinking to herself.

“How did I let a kid talk me into wearing a diaper? Worse off, why am I enjoying it so much.”

She began to rub herself through the wet diaper making crinkeling noises. She held in her quiet moans enjoying the wet diaper against her puss. She was so horny she accidentally woke up Oliver. He pretended to sleep as he saw Mandy pleasuring herself. She was close to the end when she arched and let out a louder moan before relaxing. She felt so disgusted she did that anywhere around Oliver. But she was glad he was asleep. Soon Mandy fell asleep hugging Oliver who also fell back asleep.

Suddenly they were both woken up by someone coming in the door it was amaru. Oliver jumped up quickly going around the couch looking back at Amaru and rie. He Rubbed his eyes, being very tired but he knew he needed to make sure Amaru didn’t see mandy.

“welcome home am- daddy.”

Amaru smiles, unable to see Mandys lower half from the couch facing away from the door. Her face was bright red as she looked back at amaru.

“Y-ya welcome home.”

Oliver speaks up.

“Are you putting rie to sleep?”

He nods and walks off and Mandy jumps up and rushes to the bathroom, her wet and crinkly diaper making noise the whole way. She throws her diaper in the trash and gets dressed. Oliver looked down at himself and he also had a wet diaper. He was so confused and embarrassed. He must have had too much of a relaxing sleep. Mandy walks out of the bathroom and heads for the door embarrassed but Oliver stops her.

“M-Mandy? Can you change me before you go…?”

She sighs and nods. She was ready to leave before she had to see amaru again.

“Sure little guy.”

She grabs him and takes him to the bedroom. She gets him changed in to a fresh diaper and smiles at him. She then lays him in bed and tucks him in.

“now get some sleep ok?”

She kisses his forehead.

“Don’t you dare tell your dad about what I was in.”

Oliver smiles.

“Promise, But if you want to take some diapers with you, you can. Sneak them out and you will have one on ready for when you get here tomorrow. Where did you put them by the way?”

She tried to sound like she wasn’t kinda excited to do that.

“fine… I will but only to make you happy. I hid them under your bed. So if your dad finds them he thinks you want girly diapers heh.”

Mandy grabs a few of the diapers she left under his bed and shoves them in her purse. Oliver blushes at her teasing.

“Now go to bed. And I’ll be back tomorrow. If you daddy calls me about you being bad i won’t come in a diaper remember that.”

Oliver nods and cuddles up to his covers. He closed his eyes and his body quickly started to fall asleep.

“night… Mommy…”

He said before he fell back asleep. Mandy teared up and covered her mouth as she left. Meeting amaru at the door.

“oh goodness, you ok mandy?”

Mandy nods, wiping her eyes.

“Oliver called me mommy… Poor little guy. It just made me so happy to see he trusts me that much.”

He smiles.

“Well that means he trusts you a lot. He’s very shy about his… problem. He really likes you, so thank you so much for watching him. I hope you can keep coming back for him.”

She smiles and nods.

“definitely, I couldn’t leave a kid like that alone. He would have abandonment issues for the rest of his life…amongst other things.”

Amaru hands her some money.

“This is for the past few days, get you something special.”

Her eyes get big.

“T-that’s way more than I was promised, I can’t accept that.”

He laughs.

“Too bad, You make Oliver happy and it’s well spent. Oh one more thing.”

She looked confused.


Amaru smiles.

“when you try to hide your used diapers, don’t put them at the top of the trash.”

He winks. She covers her face in embarrassment about to cry.

“Hey hey Mandy, relax it’s fine. I know of this… fetish. But hey you made Oliver the happiest little boy around by making him feel so comfortable. So you won’t hear any judgment from me, don’t worry.”

He hugs her.

“so while you’re here feel free to…well, play? Try to keep the uhh other stuff away from Oliver obviously you know that. I think he would love having someone pretending to be his age playing with him in diapers. Maybe give him more confidence.”

She moves her hands from her face pushing her hair from her face.

“Y-you don’t think I’m a creep?”

He shakes his head.

“Not at all, just miss understood.”

He smiles and she smiles back.

“ok thanks amaru… I’ll think about it…”

Amaru smirks.

“I’ll have a secret stash for you in my room. Anything Adult baby related you might want. I’m sure seeing you like that will make oliver happy as well.”

Her mind was blown. It was her dream to have this happen to her. She couldn’t believe it was really happening. She smiles and blushes a bright red.

“I… Thank you, for all this really. I think…. But umm I barely know you I’m not sure if I’m ready…”

Amaru looked confused.

“Hmm I can understand just take your time. Just giving you some time to be yourself is all.”

Next Mandy looked confused. Amaru not catching on.

“I-I mean about us…”

Amaru lifts an eyebrow.


She rubs her arm awkwardly.

“Y-your not flirting with me…?”

He laughs awkwardly and waves his hands

“oh lordy no I was just being nice! I-i mean I’m not saying you’re not a cute young lady but I think I’m much too old for you. No offense, but I know there is someone close by for you.”

Amaru smiles. Mandy almost takes a sigh of relief.

“no offense I’m kinda glad… Heh you seem like a nice guy but you could almost be my dad”

She laughs and blushes. Amaru also laughs as well and keeps smiling.

“If that’s what you like, sure why not.”

Her face went bright red.

“i-I umm look at the time I need to get home! I’ll see you tomorrow!”

Mandy leaves quickly leaving amaru stumped.

“heh she’s definitely perfect for Oliver. Those two are so cute. I hope he can make it work. I suppose if it does I’ll have more kiddos around the house. Not to mention if they have kiddos heh.”

He smiles big going to his room and going to bed. Oliver sleeps all night and is finally woken up the next day by amaru.

“Oliver, want some Breakfast before I head out?”

Oliver grones and sits up rubbing his eyes.


Amaru pats his head and picks him up Oliver still too tired rests his head on amaru.

“Aww, such a sleepy little guy huh?”

Amaru begins by checking his diaper. It was dry. He smiles and takes him to the kitchen. Rie was in his highchair eating his food. Rie giggles seeing Oliver.

“morning Oliver!”

Oliver yawns then snaps out of it and sees rie suddenly he blushes and whispers.

“p-put me down please…”

Amaru does so.

“Sorry about that just helping out. No need to be embarrassed.”

Oliver rubs the back of his head embarrassed and goes and sits down. It’s diaper crinkling the whole way. He’s gotten more used to it by now. just knowing it makes Mandy happy he was willing to enjoy it. Maybe even after he is an adult again he can enjoy it with her. Amaru gets to cooking and soon gives him some eggs and bacon.

“So Oliver? You haven’t been making it to the bathroom lately but… You’re also not wet today.”

Oliver blushes and keeps eating.

“So that tells me something. You’re only using your diaper to be changed by Mandy aren’t you. Not saying you haven’t had any accidents, but definitely some of them are suspicious.”

Amaru couldn’t help but tease him. Rie laughs.

“ohhhh! Olivers got a crush! K.I.S…uhh…k.i.s…? Daddy how do you spell kissing?”

Amaru laughs making Oliver laugh, some too rie blushed.

“not me fault!”

He pouted. Oliver frowns.

“if I don’t hurry up I’m going to be just like rie won’t I? But forever cursed to be the same age… Like I can’t even pretend to be an adult because everyday I feel myself becoming more and more childish. This is really affecting my head. I’m worried even if I get back to normal… Will this have permanent effects on my head?”

Amaru sighs then looks at the ceiling for a while.

“hmm that’s hard to say… This curse is not meant to be easy to break. There will probably be side effects. But you seem to be controlling yourself quite well. So maybe not, we will just wait and see. But if I had to guess, I would say Mandy will change you more than this childish state.”

Oliver nods then suddenly there’s a knock at the door. Oliver looks back and then grabs his glass of milk and chugs it when amaru goes to the door. He opens it up to Mandys in a cute summer dress. Mandy smiles with her arms behind her back and tilts her head.


Amaru smiles back.

“well morning to you as well. You’re quite chipper today.”

She giggled.

“I guess I’m just very relaxed today.”

She walks inside and up to Oliver and pats his head. There was an odd sound as she walked, even rie gave a curious look knowing the noise.

“How’s my little man doing?”

Oliver looks up at her and smiles some with a blush.

“I’m better now that you’re here heh.”

Mandy laughs.

“You’re always such a charmer.”

She walks over and sits by him with a crinkle sound Oliver gave a confused look at mandy. Amaru grabs rie and gets him ready to leave.

“Well we probably need to be going. I promised him we would head out to a place he picked. I think we are going to spend today at the park for a while first.”

Rie smiles.

“yay! I-i mean… Whatever…”

Mandy and Oliver laugh as they leave waving bye to them. Mandy smirks at Oliver.

“So remember last night?”

Oliver tired only remembering her getting off, surely that wasn’t what she meant?

“uhh… Remember what?”

She whispers in his ear.

“When you called me mommy.”

His face went bright red.

“I-I did?”

She nods.

“o-oh God I’m sorry! I can’t believe i did that!”

She laughs.

“sweetie, why would you be sorry? Oh and… Heh I’m doing as you asked to help you feel better too.”

Oliver looked down then confused.

“Well… It’s just weird… I guess? And… What do you-”

She lifted her dress to show Oliver her diaper Oliver smiled great big and just lunged at her and hugged her.

“I-I… I love you so much”

She smiles and hugs him back patting his back.

“I love you too cutie, Heheh.”

Oliver looks up quickly.


She nods.

“sure, I’ll try and love you like a mom. Just like you want.”

Oliver looks down and sighs.

“oh right… Mandy? I want to really talk again. About me being an adult!”

She rolls her eyes.

“Oliver… Come on it was a funny joke but you won’t make me Believe this ridiculous story.”

Oliver squirmed at bit

“no, let me speak please…”

Mandy looked a bit surprised by this order.

“I… OK?”

He takes a deep breath.

“Believe it or not I used to be an adult. I knew you before I changed, We used to date! I know a bunch of things about you… I Know a bunch of adult things about you. Ask me anything really and I can prove that I used to be an adult. I was a dick of a person though-”

Mandy pointed and looked mad.

“Watch that mouth young man. I’ll let you speak your mind but you will not curse in front of me understand?”

He shook some and nodded. Mandy could be kinda scary when angry.

“S-sorry… But it’s true. I did something bad and upset someone and they cursed me. All my friends and family all forgot me. I was actually able to make someone remember… But it wasn’t enough, it took me quite a while… But I don’t have years to work with you! I-if I don’t get back to normal soon my mind might end up as a child permanently and I’m scared. I’m never going to age! I’ll be 9 for the rest of my life!”

He hugs Mandy tight.

"… Oliver, that’s a crazy story but I find that really hard to believe. Wait your 9?ohh…whoa I swear you told me like 4… anyways not the point. Ok if you’re an adult tell me something about me only an adult would know. "

Oliver blush forgetting about telling her he was younger because of the diapers. Mandy looked pretty confident he couldn’t.

“Well… that I can explain I wanted to have a reason why I was in diapers… I know you like Them lot…”

Mandy blushes.

“I wore diapers to get this chance to talk to you. I-i mean I sometimes have accidents because of the child body but… You have a fetish. A diaper fetish, you love getting off in diapers… Like last night.”

She coughs and blushes and gives Oliver an odd look.

“ok what the hell… You’re creeping me out now Oliver… you should not know about that! Did you daddy tell you these things?! Maybe I should have agreed to his stuff…”

Oliver grunts.

“Mandy listen to me! Please! I didn’t learn about it from anyone. I’m an adult! You remember waking up in bed with someone you don’t know a while back?! That was me! That was when your memories of me were wiped. Me and you had… uhh well Diaper sex there. I wore a diaper to please you. I’ll do it again, just to get to see you again. I love you… And if I can get you to love me back and kiss me like you mean it i’ll get to go back to normal!”

Mandy was speechless that a child just spoke to her this way.

“I… There’s a part of me that is so amazed a child could say these things but another part of me Can’t get over how romantic that just was. I’m not sure if i feel disgusted in myself or in love.”

She nervously rubs her legs feeling kinda ashamed.

“Oliver… That’s a lot to take in. But even if it was true I don’t know how comfortable I am with this, You look like A child, Let’s say I believe you. What about your dad? He would be very upset and I would probably have the cops called on me… I’m positive this would be illegal if it was not true. I don’t think you would lie to me but this just seems impossible like out of a story.”

Oliver nods.

“I know… I think that’s the point. To make someone do something like this would be very very unlikely. But it’s all up to you. If you don’t I’ll be a kid forever… And I probably can’t die of old age so I’ll be alive forever I guess. Please don’t make me live through this Mandy. But I can’t force you. I guess, I better get used to diapers?”

She sighs.

“umm… So your body is 100% 9 year old? But your mind is like 20 or something?”

He nods.

“ya unfortunately… As much as I wish I could have enjoyed you getting off in your diaper last night heh. I might be a child but I won’t lie, it was cute.”

She blushed and grabbed him and gave Oliver a noogie.

“Alright you damn little pervert. I’ll think about it. I want to talk to your dad… So today let’s just treat it like any other day. But if I can’t do it please don’t hold it against me. But I promise if you are lying to me I’ll leave and never come back. I couldn’t stay here knowing I… Kissed a child on the lips out of love. Thinking he was going to be like some prince charming and change into a beautiful prince in a diaper.”

She laughs having to add in that last part.

“well now that you know umm…I’ll be ok going back to normal pants and underwear.”

Mandy smirks.

“Oh no no no you’re wearing diapers till I get this figured out… so if this is a prank I get to baby you to get revenge just in case and if it’s real you know I’ll be having you dress in them for fun for me anyways.”

Oliver sighs and smiles.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way…”

Mandy smiles.

“I always wanted to have an adult minded toddler. This might be fun! Nothing dirty! But we can still have fun, me and you both. Let’s go to your brother’s room. I think I need to get you dressed.”

Oliver blushes.

“W-wait… What? I-i uhh”

She picks him up and he struggles.

“M-Mandy wait! I don’t want to dress like a toddler, come on!”

She goes to Rie’s room and sits him on the changing table.

“Be good for me, Prove to me how much you want me. Prove to me how important this kiss is to you and make me believe you really need it. Unless this is some kinda prank. And then you can chicken out.”

Oliver grones.

“Fine… I’ll do whatever you want just… No Never mind I’ll do anything.”

She begins by pulling off my shirt leaving me in nothing but a diaper and a blush.

“Let’s make up some rules Oliver. First diapers will be used but your use to that I’m sure, and I mean number 2 as well. You will call me mommy. And wear anything I put you in. anything.”

She starts by checking his diaper.

“huh, dry? Well that’s a first. So used to you being a soker heh.”

She giggles and Oliver blushes.

“i-I know how to hold it still shesh! I just…wet myself so you had to change me.”

She smirks.

“Gosh you’re a little perv. do you need to go?”

Oliver sits there a bit.

“Y-ya I think I do…?”

She keeps the smirk.

“use it.”

He gulps.


She looked more stern.

“I. Said. Use. It.”

Oliver wines and sighs, relaxing. He had to make her happy. He needed to prove he loved her. He wasn’t a joker or prankster.

“yes, mommy…”

He sat there for a minute as he began to flood his diaper. It swelled up quite a bit before he was done and was just blushing.

“I-im done…”

Mandy smiles big and Feels his diaper.

“yap! Good job! Now let’s get you some clothing!”

His eyes got big.

“W-wait can I get a change first?”

She shakes her head.

“Nah it’s not that bad. But i’m sure you’re ok with staying like that though right?”

He hated the wet feeling and just pushed his hand into his wet diaper.

“but… I’ll get a rash!”

She gets in the closet and there’s a mix of male and female clothing for toddlers that would fit Oliver easy. His eyes get big.

“oh God… And I thought I could keep my humility… Guess not…”

She looks at a cute dress similar to her own and smirks at Oliver and pulls it out.

“Don’t worry you won’t get a rash. I’m not going to be cruel. how about this?”

Oliver shakes his head.

“Come on I’ll be a baby! I’ll wear whatever I’ll poop my diaper for you but… That’s a little far…”

She sighs and nods.

“you’re right… Sorry we will stick to boy clothing. I just have a thing for boys in girls clothes. I just always wanted to see if I could make a ‘little boy’ look like a cute little girl.”

Mandy giggles as Oliver rolls his eyes.

“M-maybe when I’m normal… I don’t think you want to get turned on while I’m looking like a child right?”

Her eyes get big.

“shh!! You’re making me sound like a creep…I’m still not sure how i feel about this.”

She puts up the dress looking down.

“I’m sorry… I Think we both just went too far… Just… Make me your little baby but I can change back before dad and rie get back right?”

She nods and smiles pulling out a onesie that snaps at the crotch. It was white with mommy’s little stinker on it. She goes over to Oliver and dresses him up and giggles after she’s done.

“Oh my goodness you look just like a toddler. I can’t believe you are almost 10! So adorable!"

She hugs Oliver who grones.

“I feel stupid and my diaper so gross…”

Mandy rolls her eyes and grabs one of Rie’s pacifiers and plops in Oliver’s mouth who quickly pulls it out blushing.

“Y-you’re joking…?”

She shakes her head

“No and put it back in before I spake your butt young man.”

Right now he believed Mandy might. He put it back in his mouth not sucking but just holding it there. Mandy picks him up and he blushes. This was definitely the most baby-like he’s ever felt. Here he was in a baby outfit, a wet diaper and having a pacifier in his mouth. What could she have planned next?

They next go to Amarus’ room and she looks around and finds a box saying Mandy’s it was kinda big. She pulls out adult baby clothing and a large pacifier. Oliver was laid on the bed and he began to suck the pacifier watching as Mandy pulled up her dress up to her diaper.

“Good thing you’re a child and can’t enjoy the show.”

She smirked and winked, teasing Oliver as she removed her dress leaving herself in a bra and diaper she grabs the large yellow onesie and puts it on giggling and then puts a pacifier in her pocket and grabs Oliver.

“mommy’s got to have some fun too. How do I look? Like a big baby? heh.”

Oliver was instinctively sucking the pacifier just looking Mandy over. She looked like a large toddler and she was very cute. This definitely made him more comfortable. Oliver couldn’t even think up words as they went to the front room and she put Oliver in the playpen and she also got in with him sitting down.

“now let’s play heh. Till your daddy gets home we are both toddlers heh.”

Oliver couldn’t help himself as him and Mandy both played like two toddlers. This was the most fun he’s had in a very long time. He was so happy he nearly forgot he wasn’t a child. Mandy herself was sucking her pacifier and playing so she was having so much fun. Eventually Oliver ended up in Mandy’s lap and she was wet too. He was looking at her and she was looking at him. It was definitely a romantic kinda look. Oliver went to move in to kiss removing his paci but Mandy stopped him removing hers.

“I-im sorry Oliver… I’m not ready. This was a beautiful moment and I had a lot of fun. But I need time to think ok? Don’t get the wrong idea. I think I know what I want. I just got to make sure of some things ok?”

Oliver frowns starting to tear up

“I-i’m sorry… I just… It felt right.”

Mandy wipes his tears and smiles.

“No no it would have been perfect but… Just understand this is a big decision for me.”

Oliver nods and lays his head against her hand that’s wiping off the tears.

“I don’t mean to be a weakling and cry… This body-”

She smiles and shakes her head.

“I love sensitive boys. Heh I hope you keep it even when you’re normal.”

He smiles and suddenly his stomach growls.

“I’m hungry… And dad won’t be home for a few hours.”

Mandy gets up giggling at her weak legs from not standing for so long Finally catching her grip.

“I got an idea!”

Oliver goes to stand but is picked up.

“nah baby’s down stand”

He sighs and pouts a bit.

“right… Baby… I’m a baby”

Mandy giggles and goes to the kitchen and sits Oliver in the highchair he blushes.

“you are a baby and I’m an adult baby.”

They both laugh. Oliver’s never had so much fun as a baby. She goes and grabs some canned baby food and brings them to Oliver.

“You can eat some of this.”

He makes a grossed out face.


She opens a jar of peas.

“Too bad now here comes the plane!”

He sighs as he opens up and let’s her feed him. It wasn’t that bad. She made it a lot of fun before he knew it, he was full but thirsty.

“I’m full… Can I get a drink?”

She smiles and takes him out of the highchair and lays him back in her arms. He was so full he didn’t fight it as the door to the fridge opened and she grabbed out a baby bottle of chocolate milk she put it in Oliver’s mouth who was used to the pacifier, now began to suck then looked confused and smiled at Mandy through the bottle and drank. He was so relaxed and eventually fell asleep.

Mandy went and got changed out of the adult baby clothing leaving the diaper on though and laid Oliver in a baby chair that rocked and rocked him till amaru got home.

“O-oh welcome home…uhh I didn’t get a chance to change his clothing…i’m sorry…i shouldn’t have dressed him this way please don’t make me angry.”

Amaru sees Oliver sucking a pacifier and out cold in babyish clothing, He smiled. And waved his hand like he didn’t care.

“that’s adorable mandy curious how you got him to wear that. But where is your outfit? Surprised you didn’t get dressed with him.”

She blushed.

“That’s kinda personal to ask amaru…gosh if i didn’t know any better i swear you are flirting with me.”

He looked confused.

“oh I’m sorry? But did you have fun? Do you need someone to change you?”

He said seriously. She blushes insanely.

“Yes i had fun but N-NO! Creep!”

She crosses her arms

“I got a question? Do you know anything of Oliver’s Curse? He told me about it but I want to know about your opinion.”

He sighs.

“I probably shouldn’t get involved but… Oliver definitely was once an adult. Rie can account for that. If you need a second opinion.”

She looked confused.

“How would such a baby like him know?”

He rubs his head awkwardly.

“If I explain will you not freak out?”

She nods.

“I guess? Why would I freak out?”

He explained what he did to rie with the regression and everything she looked at him with big eyes.

“y-you… are a God?! L-like the God?!”

He shakes his head

“oh lord no! I’m just a God, the God of emotions to be In fact.”

She looked blown away.

“So rie used to be an adult like me? And you regressed him… That’s kinda cool! Just like I always dreamed! C-could you umm make me Oliver’s age?! Then maybe this would be less awkward…because I think im uhh in love with him. I know I’m a creep! Call the cops whatever but I stand by my words.”

He shakes his head.

"Oh lord no mandy. It’s fine but i could regress you but you would grow up and he wouldn’t… You are the only one he can rely on. But you think it over. Don’t think you owe him anything if you’re not comfortable. But listen to that inside voice that’s probably the you that remembers Oliver, Begging you to not leave him. "

She grabs her chest and nods.

“Right…thank you amaru.”

She looks down at Oliver, she blinks and sees Oliver back at his normal age but still in a diaper and onesie and she tears up before it disappears.

“i-I think I need to go home Mr amaru… I’ll be back tomorrow. Thank you… Thank you so much”

She goes to leave.

“no thank you. You don’t understand how happy you make Oliver. I just want the best for the little guy… I know you two could be happy together. Maybe your dream will still come true though i just hope you can both handle it together.”

She begins crying and leaves the house. Amaru picks up Oliver and smirks, taking him to his room and snaps, changing his bed into a crib. Amaru always wanted to do this but he didn’t want to scare the child sized man away.

"sorry Oliver couldn’t help myself. You’re just so cute. Just remember if you need someone to take care of you ‘daddy’ amarus here "

He lays him down and leaves heading off to bed Oliver wets more as he sleeps accidentally leaking out of his diaper. But he just peacefully sucked his pacifier and slept. He’s never felt so relaxed.

Finally the next day very early there was knocking like crazy. Amaru walks in, tired and opens the door. It’s Mandy at the door.

“i-i need to see Oliver! I made up my mind! I believe him.”

Mandy looks like she’s barely slept, her hair a mess and still in her pjs. Amaru smiles.

“Go right in, he’s still sleeping. I made sure to give him some new sleeping arrangements. I just laid him down to sleep when you left.”

She looked confused but went into his room quietly and smiled at the small boy in the crib. It was so hard to believe he was an adult. Then she noticed the wet mark.

“Oh no I forgot to change him yesterday… I made him Leak… Idiot…”

She carefully grabs him and he groans his pacifier falling out into the bed. He opens his eyes seeing Mandy.


Oliver says. Mandy nervously smiles. Oliver rubs his eyes cutely

“Morning… Uhh sorry…”

He looked confused but looked down. He was soaked and looked back at the odd crib; it was also wet; he blushed like crazy at not only that amaru saw him babyfied too didn’t he.

“d-did I…? And did my dad-”

She lays him in the ground.

“I’m so sorry I forgot to change you last night your diaper and clothing… So you leaked and your dad put you in a crib I guess. I’m so sorry that must be so embarrassing. If it makes you feel any better I did not change myself either. I’m still in the diaper from last night.”

He blushed like crazy as he was undressed and the diaper was removed. She began to clean him.

“Oliver I got to say… I believe you… I believe you are an adult! And I think… I think I like you.”

Oliver looked happy as he got put in a new diaper. His onesie not being snapped back together.


She nodded. He sat up and Mandy smiled and moved in for a kiss. Oliver also moves in as they kiss on the lips. Oliver was still good at kissing lucky. Suddenly a bright glow began to happen as they kissed. they couldn’t see what was happening but Oliver was sure he was going back to normal. Mandy smiled and opened her eyes to see the same Oliver infront of her.

“y-you… Lied? I can’t believe you.”

Oliver opens his eyes looking himself over.

“N-no I’m still the same. No no no!! This can’t be happening! I’m supposed to go back to Normal!”

He looks up at Mandy and shakes more looking at a young girl his age looking back half naked from her clothes falling off her. Sitting in a soaked large diaper.


She looked confused.


He gulped.

“Y-your a baby!”

Her eyes got big and looked herself over. She looked just like Oliver. She was in a way excited and terrified. She blushed and covered her body. Oliver’s heart was racing, staring at Mandy and an odd feeling he hadn’t felt in so long his hornyness had returned. Was he really a child? Or maybe he was just the size of one.

“B-but… I don’t think I’m the same either…? D-do you feel turned on? Maybe even a little.”

She blushed and nodded a bit.

“I guess but-”

Both their eyes get big.

“We aren’t children, we just look like some!”

They smile great big as Oliver jumps at Mandy and kisses her and she can’t help kiss back. Oliver’s diaper rubbing against her new smaller body turning her on more and more as they kissed.

“O-Oliver? Shall We should see if sex works? I’m way too excited feeling your diaper rubbing against me.”

He nods.

“I was about to say the same thing.”

Oliver grabs the tapes on his diaper and rips them off revealing his smaller but still erect dick. As he pulls off the remaining clothes of this now small adult woman he quickly gets on top and thrusts into her. She screamed in pleasure as her new smaller body was way more sensitive. Oliver was also enjoying himself as he fucked her. They tried to last as long as possible to remember this moment forever. It was honestly not long before Oliver lost control and just came without thinking, still being deep inside her.

“that was amazing…”

Oliver said Mandy nodded.

“ya… It was and we get to look like children but are adults that’s such a turn on to me I don’t know why. But I can’t go home like this good thing I lived alone… but my friends won’t believe I was an adult like you i’m sure…”

Oliver nods and sits up.

“Stay with amaru! He promised to take care of me. I’m sure he would help… guess I’ll be wearing diapers for the rest of my life.”

Mandy sits up and giggles.


Oliver sighs.

“Well he said while I look like a child And live in his house I’ll be diapered.”

Mandy giggles more.

“well then I’ll probably have to join you! Oliver by the way I remember everything and I am so lucky to have the best boyfriend ever I hope. I hope we can get married one day…i can’t believe how hard you worked to get me back. That’s true love heh.”

Oliver smiles.

“ya me too. I guess it is huh?”

They hug close, still being naked when suddenly amaru walks in.

“oh Mandy-”

Both the naked little adults blush hiding using each other to hide their bodies as well as possible.

“uhh excuse me aren’t you two adorable… Would you two like some clothes?”

They both nod and he snaps and a changing table appears Oliver was picked up and diapered he just sighed being kinda used to it by now. Mandy bit her lip so excited to be babied like this. But at the sametime still scared.

“i-I don’t know if I want to be di-”

Amaru grabs Mandy as she says that and smiles.

“Too bad while you look like a child you need to be diapered in my house. Same rule I gave Oliver and I know you secretly love it.”

She whined but was also excited as amaru diapered her he put a shirt on Oliver and a dress on Mandy.

“So I suppose you two probably want an explanation.”

Oliver looked confused.

“you know? Did you do this?”

He sighs.

“I knew what was going to happen from the beginning. But I didn’t have the heart to tell you. I said it would break the curse and fix you. I didn’t explain how. You are both 100% adults but your body’s are child sized. You and any children you have will forever look 9 years old. This is the end of the curse. You will technically age and can still get too old but you will look like Children till you die. I’m sorry. Your children and their children will all be the same. If they get a husband or wife they will change like you mandy.”

Mandy smiles.

“I dunno I kinda like it! I always dream this would happen… But I never expected it to happen. As for this happening to our children…that’s kinda cruel.”

She hugs Oliver.

“I don’t care how old I am as long as I can spend it with Oliver.”

Oliver hugs back.

“I missed you so much Mandy.”

She nodded.

“I missed you too”

She said with another kiss.

“Well Oliver you are as normal as you can get what will you two do now?”

Oliver looks at Mandy and smiles.

“Would it be any trouble if we stayed with you? I don’t think we could live alone… Not only that but I think I’m losing bladder control and if I am Mandy might start. If she even cares…”

Mandy looked kinda excited.

“you think so?! That would be so cute and… I-i mean horrible!”

Amaru smiles and laughs.

“Well if you stay here I do as you stay diapered. But I’m ok with you staying. You can basically be my adopted kids. Would you like that? Well I already Adopted Oliver so the choice is yours Mandy.”

She thinks for a split second.

“yes! Adopt me! Then you can be my dad and Oliver can be my… Daddy~”

She Said with a kiss. Oliver blushed and Amaru laughed.

“then it’s decided. Welcome to the family.”

They lived a somewhat normal life of child sized adults. A lot of swapping who was the baby and they would all be baby’s with rie while amaru took care of them that was until Mandy got pregnant. She had a little girl.

Much Farther in the future she is now 10 years old, still looking 9, she runs up to her father Oliver.


She yelled in a diaper and a short dress. Their family was cursed with bladder loss as well so she never learned to use the potty after years of training they gave up.


She holds up a dress, a pink diaper with a pacifier and a stroller she pushed up.

“I Wanna push the baby around the park!”

She giggled at Oliver. Oliver drones and Mandy goes up behind him grabbing his diaper that was bulging in the back.

“First I think daddy needs a diaper change! Then to the park.”

Oliver blushes

“I don’t care being changed as long as you look away…you shouldn’t want to change your dad’s diaper…”

Mandy giggles as Oliver was changed and put in girly clothing and a diaper. He was used to it all by now he was pushed around by his daughter sucking his pacifier and eventually fell asleep. Oliver was put in his own crib in his daughter’s room. She had a bad habit of rolling out of bed. Where sissy daddy Oliver sleeps. They had about as normal a life now as a family of adult baby’s could have. On the bright side they were all relaxed and had no responsibility. It was the best thing to happen to both Oliver and Mandy. But what about their children later on in life? Who knows maybe that’s a story for another day.


I loved your story I must say you are amazing I wish I had this talent for stories I have many ideas but they never turn out as I imagine but this story is the way I like it although making their children have to be like that too and kinda cruel and there’s also Amaru he is immortal and will have to see his children die that is cruel i hope they never live i don’t like to see dads crying

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I’m so happy you enjoy them ^^.

I have a few storys in this world one being “God’s and Little mortals” another being “gods and Little mortals 2” this I would say is my least favorite story I have written that is still publily available.

i’ve read these other stories on other sites i love this ssu shared universe you have your own multiverse this is crazy

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this was honestly the best story i have ever read on this site it was so well writen and i hope you keep going like this

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Aww thanks means a lot