Older sister Chelsea's secret

Chelsea awoke to a feeling she had become used to over the past 6 months. As she sat up in her bed it was clear that she had soaked her adult diaper. The 18 year old girl had developed an embarrasing bedwetting problem which she has been trying desperately to hide from the rest of her family, especially her 15 year old sister Tina as she knew she would use it against her at any opportunity.

She looked at her alarm clock which said 7:30 which meant she only had 30 minutes to get up and ready to leave for school. She soon realised she had two immediate problems, firstly she was desperate to pee, and secondly her younger sister was in the bathroom. She got up from her bed checking that her pyjamas concealed her bulging diaper. She then slowly made her way across the hallway to the bathroom making sure her diaper did not crinkle loudly as her parents were downstairs in the kitchen.

She knocked on the bathroom door and asked Tina how long she would be as she was desperate for the toilet. Her sister shouted back to her “I’ve just got out of the shower i’ll be about 10 minutes Chels”. Chelsea thought about going back to her room to change into a new diaper so she could just pee in that and save any embarrassment, but her room did not have a lock and her parents would probably hear the crinkling she would make untaping her diaper. If her sister came out and she was doing that in her room there would be no doubt that she would hear it and probably barge into her room.

Chelsea decided it was safer to wait.

Eventually Tina came out of the bathroom with a smirk on her face as she looked at her big sister in a state of desperation “did you pee yourself then”“obviously not as i’m not a baby” Chelsea responded. Tina carried on down the hallway towards her room laughing away to herself.

Moments later before Chelsea could even open the bathroom door she froze on the spot as she let out a sigh of relief and wet herself right there in the hallway. Her already soaked diaper absorbed some of her accident but it soon spread showing itself on the crotch of her pyjamas and soon down her legs also.

She was extremely lucky as she looked up relieved that her sister hadn’t seen what had happened as she had gone into her room.

Chelsea quickly ran into the bathroom locking the door behind her. She broke down in tears at what she had done. “I’m 18 years old and still wear a fucking diaper to bed and piss myself, what the hell would my friends and family think if they knew about this?” she thought to herself. She pulled herself together as she didn’t have long until she needed to leave for school.

She stripped herself down to just her diaper and looked at herself in the mirror. She was widely regarded as the hottest girl in her year at school. She was 5"6 had beautiful long wavey hair stunning boobs, an amazing bum and curves in all the right places. She had one curve which she knew needed dealing with immediately, the curve of her bulging adult diaper that was strapped on around her butt. She undid the tabs of the diaper and it hit the floor with a loud thud.

She showered, did her hair and make-up, then took her washing back to her room with her diaper wrapped inside of it. She wrapped the diaper up in a plastic bag which she put at the bottom of her school bag to dispose of later.

She headed downstairs to quickly have some breakfast before her mum gave her and her younger sister a lift to school. On the way to school Tina teased her older sister saying how funny it would have been if she had wet herself earlier. Chelsea thought to herself “well if you had stayed talking to me for another five seconds you would have seen me piss myself and would have probably realised that I was wearing a diaper”.

In response to her younger sister teasing her she said "I’m sure I recall a couple of years ago you wet yourself while we we waiting in like at that theme park, do you rember that Tina? That comment made Tina pipe down but only made her more annoyed that she hadn’t got the better of her big sister.

chapter 2

Once at school Chelsea struggled to concentrate in class, she couldn’t get out of her mind what had happened in the morning.
It made her think that if her sister Tina found out her secret would she spread it around school or not? It made Chelsea think back to the times she has embarrassed her younger sister in the past.

This made her think that Tina would probably make the most of any opportunity to get revenge on her sister.
Tina would probably have trouble getting people to believe her that her 18 year old popular sister still wears adult diapers.
By the afternoon she had had two guys ask her out, she thought to herself “if they knew my secret they definately wouldn’t want to go out with me. Who would want to sleep with a girl that still wets in her sleep”

This reminded her that she still needed to dispose of her used diaper before the end of the day. She went in to the girls restroom as it was the last break of the day before it would be hometime. She knew now was her only chance to dispose of her diaper.

As she walked into the restroom there were two other girls in there chatting. She went into a cubical and locked the door waiting for them to leave. As soon as they left she scrambled around in her bag pulling out the almost seethrough bag the diaper was in. She placed the bag in the bin which was completely full so the bag was sticking out on top of the bin.
She didn’t hang around trying to conceal it just in case someone walked in. As she walked out of the restroom a group of three or four girls from her next class walked in saying hello to Chelsea as they walked past. “That was close” she thought to herself.

A few minutes later she headed to her final class of the day. She heard a group of her friends start chatting and giggling during the class.

She asked them what they were all laughing at, her friend Chloe told her that when they went into the bathroom at breaktime they had discovered a soaking wet adult diaper on top of the bin. Chelsea tried her best to laugh it off and said “eeeew that’s disgusting do you have any idea who’s it is?” trying not to sound nervous. Chloe said " we’re not sure yet but we will try and find out. Hey Chels you were in there just before us weren’t you? did you see anything?" Chelsea felt very uncomfortable but responded "well there were a couple of girls from the grade below us standing around chatting when I went in there, maybe its one of there’s.

Chloe responded"yea it could well be then. I still can’t believe someone around our age still wets themselves like a baby though, can you?"
“no I can’t believe it Chloe you’d think they would be able control their bladder at our age”.
Chelsea realised in future she would have a lot more careful about disposing of her diapers,
By the evening Tina had gone upstairs to get ready for bed, and Chelsea was thinking of going to get ready soon.

Chapter 3

Chelsea headed upstairs to get ready for bed. She could hear Tina in her bedroom so she knew she’d have to be careful getting her diaper on. She opened her cupboard where she hid her diapers and lifted all the clothing she had revealing a bag of adult diapers. She noticed she only had two left.
Just a she was about to get a diaper from the box she heard her younger sister behind her. “make sure you go to the toilet before bed so you don’t nearly piss yourself like yesterday” Tina chuckled to herself. Chelsea was very careful that her sister didn’t see what was in the box. “just go to bed Tina and shut your mouth” Chelsea replied.

When Tina finally left the room Chelsea got an adult diaper from the box, concealed it in her pyjamas and proceeded to get changed in the bathroom. She strapped the diaper onto herself ensuring all the tabs were tight to avoid any leaks, she then pulled up her pyjama pants up to cover the diaper looking in the mirror for any bulge. Just as she was doing this Tina barged in and said “move out of my way i need to use the toilet” “Tina what the fuck do you think your’e doing barging in when i’m getting changed?” "Well if you leave the door unlocked what do you expect it’s not as if you’ve got anything to hide anyway is it? “Clearly ive got nothing to hide but still don’t ever do that again you stupid little bitch , have you got that?”. With that Tina stormed back to her room in a huff.
Chelsea was glad her sister stormed back to her room as it meant she didn’t have to walk in front of her in her crinkling diaper.

Chelsea couldn’t believe she had been so careless to leave the bathroom door unlocked when changing into her diaper. “My god I really though she’d discovered me this time”.
Tina wanted to get revenge on Chelsea so she thought up a plan. She wanted to make her big sister wet herself. Tina got up slightly earlier than normal, 7am. She went in to Chelsea’s bedroom to check she was still asleep which she was. She then went and got a bowl of warm water and returned to her sister’s room. She placed her sister’s hand in the bowl of warm water hoping that she’d wet the bed. After a couple of minutes she pulled back the covers to see if she had wet herself, nothing seemed to happen, little did she know her big sister was flooding her diaper right in front of her. After giving up hope of making Chelsea wet herself, Tina just poured some warm water over Chelsea’s crotch area.

Chelsea then awoke to her sister in her room shouting “Chelsea wet the bed Chelsea wet the bed”. Their mum heard the shouting and came in to see what was going on Tina said to her mum look at Chelsea she’s wet the bed. Her mum pulled back the cover revealing Chelsea’s soaking wet bed. “Oh my honey did you wet yourself?” Chelsea was still half asleep and just made a groaning noise. “wait a minute her mum said, why is there a bowl on the floor here Tina? did you do this to try and make it look like Chelsea had an accident?” “Ummmm no she’s clearly pissed herself mum”. “Don’t lie to me young lady you’re grounded for this”.
Chelsea woke up properly and asked what was going on, to which her mum replied “Tina seemed to think it would be hilarious to make it look like you had wet the bed by pouring water over you in your sleep, dont worry though she’s grounded”. “That little bitch” Chelsea said to herself.

Chelsea headed down to breakfast a little while later after taking care of her diaper, she was greeted by her sister “hi pissy pants” she said giggling to herself Chelsea replied “It’s a shame for you that you have to resort to that to try and get one over on me” this annoyed Tina slightly.

As it was a saturday Chelsea knew it was a good day for her to buy a new bag of diapers. She never risked buying them too close to home in case she saw someone she knew, so she got the bus to the far side of town to Walmart. She made her way to the diaper aisle.She looked around to check no one was watching her and picked up a bag of medium atn tranquility diapers. She had bought the same diapers a few times before as she’d found them to be very absorbent, although this did mean they were quite thick and crinkly.

By this time she was quite desperate to pee so before buying the diapers she headed over to the customer restroom. Chelsea couldn’t believe it when she found the bathroom was out of order, meaning she’d have to hold on.

She headed straight to the till to pay for her package of diapers. There were a few people in front of her and she was really getting desperate now. Just when Chelsea didn’t think things could get any worse one of the guys that had asked her out at school joined the queue right behind Chelsea. “Hi Chels” he said “Hey James how you doing?” "yea not too bad, what are you doing over this side of town then? Chelsea didn’t know what to say she thought very quickly and said “i’m only over here as i’m putting in a job application here” “oh fair enough, what’s that you’re buying by the way, oh my god is that a pack of adult diapers Chelsea, please don’t tell me you still wet the bed?” “haha no they are definately not for me, you know my younger sister Tina she has a bedwetting problem and is too embarrassed to buy them for herself she’s a bit of a baby she even get my mum to change her diaper in the night sometimes when she pissed herself” “seriously? thats disgusting shes like 15 as well isn’t she?” “yep”.

Chelsea payed for the diapers, said bye to James and headed out of the store. She was now so desperate she was near to having an accident. She decided her best option would be to put a diaper on so she found a quiet looking alley way just by the store which she headed down. She ripped open her bag of diapers, pulled down her panties and strapped the adult diaper to herself. She regretted wearing such a short frilly skirt now as it only just covers the diaper.

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Re: Older sister Chelsea’s secret

Very Good! Well thought out descriptions and a great opening!

Re: Older sister Chelsea’s secret

Completed stories? Really? This hardly seems completed to me…

Re: Older sister Chelsea’s secret

I agree, this isn’t complete, even if you don’t plan to add more this is not complete. It ends in the middle of a scene with none of the main conflicts even close to being resolved (or even started on the topic of Tina finding out Chelsea’s secret, which admittedly doesn’t have to happen as hiding it is a conflict on its own).

Assuming you just put this on the wrong board its pretty good so far. I like the character dynamics and hope that the story continues.

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Re: Older sister Chelsea’s secret

Your protagonist is five inches tall you say? That should read 5’6". Also, use commas when there are multiple adjectives modifying a noun. (e.g. beautiful, long, wavy hair)

You meant “thought” not “though,” right?

In general, there a capitalization errors, comma errors, and paragraphs are not broken up by speaker. You should proofread; it’s only polite to your potential audience. No one’s expecting flawless work but you should carefully read what you wrote at least once before posting.

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Re: Older sister Chelsea’s secret

Chapter 4

Chelsea checked that her now full diaper was covered by her skirt, which it was but only just. She knew she would have to be very careful on her way home not to bend down as that would expose her diaper. She regretted having drank so much water earlier as the diaper was very heavy and sagging.

She made her way to the bus stop, there were a few others there waiting also. After what seemed like an eternity her bus finally arrived. A group of teenage girls made there way onto the bus first and all sat at the back. Chelsea sat just in front of them in the second row from the back. The long wait was causing her a problem because she was now desperate to pee again.

As the bus trip went on Chelsea was so desperate she crossing her legs and moving about a lot. This caused the group of teens behind her to start giggling and make comments. She leaned forwards in her seat and her bladder finally gave in she completely wet herself.

Around half the wetting was held by her diaper but the rest of the urine puddled around her seat and trickled onto the floor. This sent the group of teenage girls into fits of laughter as they couldn’t believe the had seen an 18 year old girl humiliate herself in public. She then started hearing comments about diapers “look is that a diaper sticking out from under her skirt?” “oh my god it is as well” “does the baby need her diaper changed”.

Snap, she heard the girl’s phone cameras going off as they got plenty of pictures of Chelsea and her accident. One of them even lifted the back of her skirt fully exposing her thick bulging diaper for all to see. One of the girls made another comment “wow thats not just a pad that is a full on adult diaper shes wearing” “I wonder if she is special needs or something” another girl commented.

All these comments were hard for Chelsea to take, she was trying hard to hold herself back from crying. A few minutes later it was time for Chelsea to get off the bus. As she got up the girls were still making mean comments like bye bye diaper baby and make sure your mommy changes that diaper for you.

As she started making her way along the bus the weight of the urine in her diaper must have been too much as the tabs on one side gave out leaving the diaper to fall to the floor around her ankles. There were sniggers from people young and old all around the bus. This was way too much for Chelsea to cope with so she kicked the diaper off her other leg and just ran off the bus crying.

When Chelsea got home she was greeted by her sister “hey Chels what you got in that bag then” “none of your business” Chelsea replied. This made Tina curious as to whether Chelsea was hiding something. The rest of the day passed without incident, Chelsea just lounged around for the rest of the day watching tv and then by 9pm her and Tina both got ready for bed. Chelsea didn’t diaper herself yet as she was coming back down with Tina to watch some tv. The sisters started arguing over nothing and calling each other names.

Eventually Chelsea said she’d had enough of arguing and that she needed to pee. This made Tina perk up and say “don’t piss your pants sis you big baby”. As Chelsea stood up her sister pulled down her pyjama pants down “your that much of a baby i’m surprised your’re not wearing a diaper”. “I don’t really see how you can say that I haven’t even pissed myself Tina”. “Yes you have you wet the bed last night and you almost pissed yourself the other day when I was in the bathroom” “oh yea so you pouring water on me counts as me wetting myself does it?”.

Chelsea thought about what her life would be like if Tina discovered her problem. Her life would be hell the whole school would know, she would be constantly tormented about her diapers.

The next morning Chelsea got herself ready for school. The uniform was black trousers but she always got away with wearing black yoga pants as the way they were tight to her skin made her look and feel more sexy.

In her second period class Chelsea was becoming fairly desperate for the toilet. She raised her hand and her teacher Mrs Cole told her she would have to wait for a few minutes before she could go.These few minutes really took their toll on Chelsea’s bladder and as soon as she got out of the classroom she broke into a run to get to the toilet. Just as she was about to enter the girls toilets a teacher shouted at her “stop right there young lady, where do you think you are going?” “I’m desperate for the bathroom Miss” “you know you are not allowed to run in the hallway”.

Before Chelsea could reply to the teacher pee started tricking out slowly turning into a full blown accident she just stood there and her bladder completely emptied itself leaving a massive pupple around her feet. She just froze on the spot and couldn’t believe what she had just done. “what on earth have you done, have you just wet yourself?” “I’m so sorry I couldn’t hold it any longer”. “Get yourself straight to the school nurse and she will deal with you”.

Chelsea quickly headed to the school nurse, she was fortunate that because it was class time there was nobody else about to witness her accident.

When she saw the nurse she explained to her that she hadn’t been allowed to leave her class for ages and that she was stopped and just couldn’t hold it any longer. The nurse explained to her that the school have a strict policy for students that wet themselves, they have to be put in a diaper for the rest of the day.

Chelsea couldn’t believe what she was hearing, not only did she wear diapers at night but she’d have to wear one to school for the remainder of the day.

The nurse helped her strip off her wet clothes and asked her to lie down on the bed which she did. The nurse went in to one of the cupboards and brought out an adult diaper.

Chelsea didn’t recognise the brand but it looked very thick and sounded very crinkly.

The nurse set about diapering her pulling the tabs on very tightly. Chelsea stood up and walked around seeing what the diaper was like. Without thinking Chelsea blurted out “these are much thicker than my normal ones”. The nurse looked at her and said “normal ones, you mean to say you already wear diapers?” Chelsea couldn’t believe that she had let that slip “are you a bedwetter Chelsea?” the nurse asked, the look Chelsea gave her gave it away." I’ll take that as a yes then, I’ll have to write that on your file as they will need to know that if you go on any school trips".

Chelsea was angry with herself as that meant that on her file which any teacher could view they would be able to see that she still wears diapers. She remembered once a couple of years ago a teacher had been viewing the students files which he had left on screen when he left the room, a couple of people decided to look through their classmates files discovering a few embarrasing secrets they had. n another occasion someone had hacked into the system and gained access to private information. She now feared this could happen to her.

Her immediate problem though was hiding this diaper she had been put in. The nurse offered her some clean trousers but Chelsea declined, she wanted to put the other ones back on as she though people would suspect something if she’d changed out of her yoga pants. She put the yoga pants back on and examined herself in the mirror. There was a clear diaper bulge through the yoga pants, there was also a fair amount of diaper crinkling which she would need to be careful about.

Chapter 5

Chelsea made her way back to class conscious of her every move as the thick diaper between her legs crinkled. She had wrapped her jumper around her waist to conceal the bulge she was sure people would notice, especially the boys who she always catches checking out her perfect posterior. She arrived back at class and fortunately for her everyone was chatting in groups so no one payed attention to her walking back to her seat. She felt the diaper crinkle loudly as she sat on her chair.

After a while Mrs Cole asked everyone to return to their seats and things were now much quieter, Chelsea tried her best to stay still to try and stop any noise from the diaper being heard.

Mrs Cole was teaching some algebra. She had written some equations on the board which she wanted volunteers to answer. She looked around the class and no one volunteered. She then said “Chelsea how about you you’ve been unusually quiet today you can come up to the board and complete the question” “I’d rather not miss” she replied “come on Chelsea you’re not getting away with it that easily, up you get”.

She stood up slowly and made her way to the front of the class with everyone watching her. She could hear the diaper with every step she made and was just praying that no one else could notice the crinkling. She completed one question and then Mrs Cole said “seeing as your already up here and no one else volunteered you can do the other question as well”.

This was a problem because it was right at the top of the board and meant she would have to stretch which could expose her diaper. She did as the teacher asked and completed the question standing on her tiptoes when someone shouted out “nice granny panties Chels”. Chelsea felt herself going bright red as she turned around and quickly pulled her yoga pants up over the diaper. There were a few sniggers from around the class but nothing more was said as she gave the boy a mean stare. The teacher told her to go and sit back at her desk. Chelsea was extremely thankful to be back at her desk where she realised how fortunate she had been for her diaper secret not to have been exposed. She figured that only the thin plastic edging of the diaper must have been on show which would of looked like loose fitting panties.

She was extremely relieved to have got back to her chair, and also very lucky that her diaper hadn’t been more exposed or people would have thought she was wearing more than just uncool panties.

At the end of class Mrs Cole told the class that their would be a residential field trip next week. Everyone was really excited about the trip. She gave everyone their permission slips and dismissed the class.

Chelsea managed to get through the rest of the day safely except for wetting her diaper in the afternoon break as she couldn’t risk untaping it in the toilets and being discovered.

It was the end of the day and she met up with Tina to wait for their mum to pick them up from school. Chelsea was ultra careful not to let her sister realise she was diapered. When they got in the car Tina made a comment that it smelled of pee. She then said “Chelsea have you peed your pants” to which Chelsea replied angrily “Tina shut the fuck up we’ve been through this i’m not a fucking baby so clearly no I haven’t pissed myself.” This response made Tina giggle, Tina then said to mum “can you smell anything as I’m sure I can smell pee though” “no Tina darling I can’t smell anything, you must be imagining it”. “If only they knew the truth” that Chelsea had wet herself on her way to the bathroom and that she was currently sat there in a soaking wet adult diaper.

Tina loved trying to get at her sister but deep down it annoyed her that she had nothing to make fun of her about as her sister was really the perfect girl. Tina just dreamed that she had something on her sister that she could tease her about.

The following week and it was the day Chelsea went away for three nights on a school residential. She made sure to pack enough diapers for the three nights, she packed four just in case she had an accident early in the night and needed a change.

They arrived at the site where they would be staying for the trip. It was a lovely old fashioned mansion split up into dorms of six beds and a bathroom. The teachers didn’t allow anyone to choose who they shared with, instead the teachers told each person which dorm they would be in.

Chelsea headed up to the dorm she had been allocated to where she found she would be sharing with a couple of close friends but also a couple of people she didn’t particularly get on with. They all picked their beds put their bags down and headed back downstairs where the teachers wanted everyone to meet for a group talk.

The teachers had almost finished their talk when right at the end they requested Chelsea to report to the teachers office after the meeting which confused her a bit. Her friends were asking her why she had to go to the office to which she replied she didn’t know.

After the meeting she headed to the staff office where she was met by the trip co-ordinator Mrs Smith, she asked Chelsea to come in and close the door behind her.

Mrs Smith said to Chelsea "the reason I’ve asked you to come here is because looking on your file here it says that you are a bedwetter and that you deal with it by wearing diapers. Chelsea was shocked hearing her teacher say this as the only other person that knew about her problem up until now was the school nurse.

Chelsea was blushing deeply and just wanted the ground to swallow her up. “Look Chelsea I know this is embarrasing for you but I need to know whether you will require assistance with your diapers or do you like to deal with it yourself?” “I’ll deal with it myself miss”. “Ok that’s understandable but you know where you are if you have any problems.” “Thanks miss”. With that she headed up to her dorm to meet with her friends where she was asked why she had to go to the teachers office to which she replied that said something to one of the other teachers that Mrs Smith wasn’t very happy about.

She was thinking about the file that Mrs Smith held up that concealed her diaper secret. She had a whole pile of paperback files on each student. Chelsea wondered what she might discover if she managed to get her hands on them. There was more than one person on the trip that Chelsea would happily humiliate if she had the chance.

The girls started getting ready for bed as it was getting late. Chelsea waited for a good opportunity to get her pyjamas and diaper out of her bag. She did the same thing as she would do at home which was to conceal the diaper wrapping her pyjamas around it.

She went into the bathroom to get changed and she noticed how the door wasn’t very soundproof so firstly she put her pyjamas on and then very slowly unfolded her diaper pulling up her pyjama pants a bit to hold it in place. She carefully one by one opened the tabs and pulled the diaper tightly in place before sticking the tabs down. She pulled down her pyjamas to make sure she was happy with how the diaper was fitted. The diaper tightly hugged her hips which hopefully meant no leaks. She pulled her pj pants back up ensuring her diaper was not showing at all.

As she walked in to the bedroom she was greeted by her friends Chloe and Maddie. Chloe said to Chelsea “I’m really envious of you Chels you look so cute in whatever you wear, it’s like you’ve put them on and your curves look even better than normal especially your bum”. “Awww i’m flattered but i’m sure you’re just making that up”.

It was soon time for lights out and for everyone to go to bed. Chelsea didn’t have any trouble getting to sleep however she woke up at 3am, she put her hand down her pyjamas to confirm that her diaper was indeed wet. She wasn’t sure whether she should change it or risk it possibly leaking.

While she was pondering that she had another thought, what if she snuck downstairs, hopefully the staff office would be unlocked and she could look through everyone’s personal files and maybe find out some peoples secrets.

She thought well now is as good a time as any to try it so she checked that everyone else in her dorm was asleep and slowly made her way out of the dorm and downstairs.

Chelsea got to the staff office and she prayed the door was unlocked. She turned the door handle and much to her delight the door opened. She shut the door behind her so she could use her phone light to see what she was doing. After a quick search she found everyone’s files in one of the drawers. She picked them all up putting them on the desk.

The first dozen or so files she looked at there was nothing really, the next file she looked at had the name Taylor Smith on it. Chelsea had never got on well with Taylor she had always been a bit of a school bully. She had often been mean to people often beating people up and being generally nasty. Apart from her small click of friends Taylor was not very popular. Chelsea would give anything to have some dirt on her.

Chelsea opened her file, reading through it brought a massive smile to her face. It read as follows "Taylor has since childhood suffered with bedwetting, she prefers to deal with the issue by wearing an adult diaper. She occasionally suffers daytime incontinence also so often wears an adult diaper during the day also. She prefers to have someone help her with her diaper changes as she finds it difficult.

Chelsea quickly checked the rest of the files, Taylor’s was the only one worth looking at really. No one else except Chelsea herself had any real secrets stored there.

Chelsea made her back to the dorm being very careful not to wake people, she got back in to bed and drifted off to sleep. She was awoken by one of the teachers shouting that it’s time for breakfast. “Everyone is to come down as they are, you can all get changed after breakfast”. Sammie who was one of the other girls in Chelsea’s dorm , someone that Chelsea had never got on particularly well with asked to speak to the teacher. She said she really wasn’t feeling very well and did he mind if she stayed in bed until she felt better.

The teacher said yes that’s fine come down later on if you feel better.

Chelsea quickly checked her diaper was covered before pulling back her duvet. They all headed down for breakfast. Chelsea didn’t feel comfortable going downstairs diapered so she made sure she was walking at the back so no one could look at her enlarged diaper bum.

When she got down to the canteen she saw Taylor Smith, this put a bit of a smile on Chelsea’s face at the thought of exposing that bitches secret. She was happy to bide her time and wait for th right time to do it, whether that be a few days or weeks.

Taylor walked across in front of Chelsea and queued up for food, Chelsea closely observed Taylor’s bum to see if there was any outline of a diaper. Taylor dropped something on the floor and bent over to pick it up, as she bent forwards a little bit of the plastic of her diaper rose above the back of her pyjama pants confirming what Chelsea already knew that Taylor wore diapers.

Back up in the dorm Sammie was there all alone. She realised she’d forgotten her phone charger and her phone was almost out of battery. She thought about whether to ask someone else if she could borrow theirs, but she decided the probably just say yes so she thought she’d have a look in people’s bags to see if she could find one.

Firstly she looked in Chloe’s bag, she found her charger but realised it wouldn’t fit her phone. So next she started looking through Chelsea’s bag. She checked all of the side pockets first and found nothing, she then looked in the main compartment of the bag digging right to the bottom she thought “what the hell are these?” she lifted them out of Chelsea’s bag realising they were adult diapers. She counted three adult diapers. She was absolutely speechless. “She must be a bedwetter” Sammie thought. “I can’t believe that she still pisses herself in her sleep and to think everyone thinks she’s the hottest girl in the school, they won’t think that when they find out about this”.

Sammie thought of the best thing she could do with the diapers. She decided for now to put them back in Chelsea’s bag as she knew that everyone would be back from breakfast to get ready soon.

Around 5 minutes after Sammie had stuffed the diapers back to the bottom of Chelsea’s bag everyone started coming back from breakfast to get ready for the day.

As it was a geography based field trip everyone would be out for the whole day which would leave Sammie with plenty of time to think about what to do to expose Chelsea’s bedwetting problem. She closely watched as Chelsea returned to the dorm and when she looked closely you could definately make out a bulge from her adult diaper which Sammie knew was probably wet.

Chelsea went to take a shower but didn’t use the dorm bathroom she used the communal bathroom. Sammie wondered why she would do this.

Around half an hour later everyone had left including the teachers leaving Sammie all alone. Sammie decided to take a look in the communal bathroom which Chelsea had used. She opened up the trash can which had loads of junk in it looking for one particular item. Sammie tipped the trash can upside down emptying the contents onto the floor. Right before her eyes was exactly what she was looking for. She needed to see this to convince herself that Chelsea really did still wear diapers. She picked up the taped up adult diaper off the floor, she couldn’t believe how heavy it was, “she must of pissed herself a fair bit” Sammie thought to herself.

Sammie decided to put the diaper in the trash can in one of the other dorms just for a bit of fun as she was sure someone would notice it. She thought through what she would do to humiliate Chelsea and decided to simply just take her diapers and hide them away from her. She went through Chelsea’s bag retrieving the three remaining diapers she had left. Sammie took them into the dorm bathroom and found an area under the sink between the wall and the pipes where she could wedge them in out of sight.

Sammie thought to herself about how much she was looking forward to seeing Chelsea’s face when she realises her diapers are not there. Also the humiliation for her when she wakes up in a wet bed for everyone to see.

Later that day everyone returns exhausted from the geography trip.

When it comes to getting ready for bed Sammie watches Chelsea searching around in her bag frantically but at the same time trying not to let on that she has lost something. Chelsea realises that her diapers are gone and that whoever has taken them is probably hoping to take great delight in seeing her wet the bed.

Chelsea can only think of one solution to this situation. She stays awake until she is sure everyone has gone to sleep, she then leaves the dorm and heads very quietly into the dorm that Taylor Smith is staying in. She very very slowly tiptoes through the dorm until she finds Taylor’s bed.

She sees Taylor in her bed in a deep sleep. and her bag on the floor at the side of the bed. Chelsea slowly unzips Taylor’s bag and digs right to the bottom of the bag where she feels some diapers. She picks them up finding that Taylor had two diapers left which now belong to Chelsea, leaving Taylor diaperless for her final night.

Seeing that Taylor is in such a deep sleep Chelsea can’t resist checking if Taylor’s got a wet diaper. She slowly slips her hand under the covers and down the front of Taylor’s pj’s to find that she does have a wet diaper, almost to the point of leaking.

Chelsea then makes her way back out of the dorm and goes into the communal bathroom. She diapers herself and is surprised at how well the diaper fits. She knows she needs to hide the other diaper somewhere other than in her bag. She finds a gap in the back underside of the toilet which she puts the diaper in as she thinks it’s very unlikely anyone will look in there.

She heads back to her dorm, gets in to bed and soon drifts off to sleep. The next morning Sammie wakes up slightly early and is excited to hopefully see that Chelsea has wet the bed, but much to her dissapointment when the teacher comes in to tell everyone it’s time for breakfast Chelsea gets up leaving her sheets back showing a dry bed.

Chelsea and the others headed down for breakfast, Chelsea really wants to change out of her wet diaper but knows she’ll have to wait until later.

When they arrive downstairs there is a lot of talking going on and some laughs also. Chloe asks people what everyones laughing about and she is told that someone discovered a used adult sized diaper in their bathroom this morning. “no way so someone on this trip still wears diapers” “yep I can’t wait to find out who it is, a couple of the girls are going to search everyone’s bags today” replied the girl.

Chloe headed over to sit with Chelsea and a couple of others “you won’t believe what I’ve just found out girls, someone found a used adult diaper in their bathroom trash can this morning so someone on this trip still wets the bed and wears diapers” “You’ve got to be kidding me I wonder who it is” one girl asked. “Who do you reckon it is Chels” asked Chloe Chelsea responded a bit hesitantly saying “Ummm I would love it if it was Taylor Smith but that’s unlikely I guess” “That would be hilarious if it is her, imagine that the girl who loves being mean to everyone all the time has a big secret like that of her own, that would be karma. Apparently a couple of the girls are going to search everyones bags later so we should find out then”.

A few moments later Taylor Smith walked past, one of the girls said “well if she is the diaper wearer she’s probably wearing one right now”. This made Chloe stand up and run right behind Taylor yanking down her pyjama pants. She couldn’t believe what she saw. Taylor stood frozen to the spot wearing a massive thick adult diaper which was clearly soaked.

The whole room erupted with laughter as Chloe shouted out “hey everyone Taylor is the diaper girl, and look she needs her diaper changed by the look of it” as Chloe poked Taylors full diaper. Taylor stood there and started crying. People were taking their phones out taking pictures and videos of her. This was too much for Taylor to take and her diaper began to expand as she messed herself and peed herself right before everyone’s eyes. Taylor’s diaper began to leak. She then fell to the floor balling her eyes out exposing her diaper even more than it was before. " Oh my god what a site that is it’s not everyday that you see the school bully shit and piss her diaper in front of the whole year group" shouted one girl. She stayed crying for a few minutes before a teacher came in and told everyone to leave immediately. Photos and videos of Taylor in her diaper were uploaded to facebook for all to see.

Chapter 7

Everyone returned to their dorms where there was still a lot of giggling going on about what they had just witnessed downstairs.

Taylor was downstairs coming to terms with what had just happened. All those years of her establishing herself as the school bully were now over. She knew the only option for her now was probably to move schools where she wouldn’t be tormented for her diapers.

Back upstairs Sammie thought to herself “I don’t know how Chelsea can sit there laughing about Taylor’s diaper problem when she has the same issue herself”. Sammie was thinking that Chelsea must have just got lucky last night to not have wet the bed without a diaper on. “Hopefully tonight she will wet the bed and everyone will see her for the diaper wearing bedwetter she is”.

As the day went on Taylor was tormented badly by everyone, one girl who Taylor had bullied in the past went up to her and pulled down her jeans and said to Taylor “where’s your diaper you big baby, you don’t want to have anymore accident now do you”. This set Taylor off crying again which everyone laughed at.

In the evening people were starting to get ready for bed. Chelsea took her pyjamas with her and went into the communal bathroom to get changed. She checked to find that her diaper was still hidden under the back of the toilet. She diapered herself, put her pj’s on and went back to her dorm.

Sammie thought to just check that Chelsea hadn’t found her diapers which she hid from her in the dorm bathroom under the sink. Sammie went into the bathroom locking the door behind her. She reached under the sink pulling out the diapers, she counted one two three, they were all still there meaning Chelsea would likely wake up wet in the morning Sammie thought.

At the same time Taylor was getting ready for bed, searching through her bag she found her diapers had been taken which she half expected really. She got herself ready for bed conceding that should she wet the bed as she usually did she would have to deal with the abuse she would get from everyone. She got a few comments from people like “hope you’re wearing your bedwetting diaper” and “show us your diaper baby”.

All the dorms settled down for the night and before long everyone had drifted off to sleep.

Taylor awoke at 2am and found she had soaked the bed. She felt really uncomfortable as she wasn’t used to anything other than a wet diaper. She knew there was nothing she could do about it so she just tried to get back to sleep which she eventually managed. When she woke up in the morning her covers had been pulled off her and a crowd had gathered around her bed. She soon realised she must have wet the bed twice as she was even more soaked than when she woke up the first time. She was taunted about it by everyone who was stood around the bed and pictures were taken again which were uploaded to her facebook page.

Back in the other dorm where Sammie and Chelsea were staying Sammie woke up, she was again excited to hopefully find Chelsea had wet the bed, and yet again she was dissapointed to find as Chelsea got up that her bed was dry. She couldn’t work out how she had managed two dry nights without her diaper.

Sammie decided that as her plan to expose Chelsea’s diaper secret had failed, she’d wait for another good opportunity to arise rather than just spread a rumour about it.

After breakfast Chelsea walked into the bathroom to get ready, she was very conscious that the diaper she was wearing did seem a bit louder than her normal ones. She untaped the sagging wet diaper, rolled it up and stuffed it into the gap under the back of the toilet where she knew no one would find it until she had long gone.

Very soon it was time to get the coach back home which put an end to an eventful trip which Chelsea was glad had ended really.

When Chelsea returned to school the next day she discovered that following the humiliation Taylor had been through she had decided to leave the school and her family planned on moving away to another area. For some reason Chelsea felt really satisfied that she had a part to play in this happening. Taylor Smith was the main topic all day at school people found it so funny that she wore diapers, they just couldn’t believe an 18 year old still wets the bed. Videos of Taylor crying and messing her diaper were being played all around the school. Even the younger students who didn’t know her were laughing about it.

That evening Chelsea had been sat chatting and watching tv with the family but it was finally to get ready for bed. Chelsea discreetly diapered herself like she did every night to try and prevent Tina from discovering her problem. She headed straight for bed after getting changed and it didn’t take her long to drift off to sleep.

Tina awoke in the middle of the night and needed to pee. She slowly got up and walked towards the hallway. Just as she was in her bedroom doorway she watched as Chelsea darted out of her room and into the bathroom. There is no way Chelsea had seen Tina as Tina was stood in the darkness of her room and Chelsea seemed too pre occupied with making it to the bathroom.

Tina made her way to the bathroom door and because it was at night there was no background noise so she put her head right up against the bathroom door and listened. She was very surprised as she could hear a plastic rustling noise and then what sounded like a plastic untaping noise. She then heard Chelsea relieve herself as she could hear pee hit the toilet. When the peeing stopped she again heard some rustling and a taping sound.

Tina then hid in the shadowed corner of the hallway as her sister came back out of the bathroom. She observed her sister closely but struggled to hear anything really.

Tina then used the bathroom herself and then went back to bed.

Chelsea was lying in her bed after having just come back from the bathroom. She had woken up desperate to pee and just managed to make it to the bathroom in time without using her diaper. It was a very hot night so Chelsea decided to take her pyjama pants off for the rest of the night in the hope of getting a good sleep for the rest of the night.

Tina couldn’t get back to sleep, she was lying in her bed thinking about what that noise could have been she had heard when Chelsea used the bathroom. She waited a little while and got up. She tiptoed her way to Chelsea’s room, gently opening the door she could hear Chelsea was asleep by the way she was breathing.

She slowly walked up to her bed, gently pulling the covers back revealing her sister lying on her chest, with her night shirt covering her to just below her waist. In the darkness she could just make out something white sticking out of the bottom of her night shirt.

Tina pulled the shirt up fully revealing that Chelsea was wearing a thick adult diaper . She closely examined it feeling how thick and crinkly it was whilst having a big grin on her face. She could not believe her eyes as she struggled to contain her excitement at this discovery. She couldn’t believe after all this time that her big sister was a bedwetter. This was the moment she had dreamed about. She took her phone out and took a couple of photos of her diapered big sister, she risked waking her up by leaving the flash on. The whole time Tina couldn’t hold back an evil smile from her face.

She pulled the covers back over Chelsea and headed to bed. She thought hard about what to do about her sisters’ diaper secret.

In the morning Tina had to check the photos on her phone to make sure that what she discovered last night wasn’t just a dream. Sure enough the pictures showed clearly that her sister was diapered.

In the morning at breakfast Chelsea noticed Tina seemed unusually happy about something. "What are you so happy about this morning then Tina " “Oh nothing Chels”.

Over the course of the day Tina devised a plan for her sister. She ordered a few things online which had arrived a couple of days later.

It was nearly supper time and mum was laying out the table ready. Everyone always sat in the same place and mum always put a glass of water on the table for everyone. Tina was ready to put her plan in to action.

When she had the chance she slipped some diuretics into Chelsea’s drink. Soon after everyone sat down for supper in their usual places. By the time they had finished the meal Chelsea had drank her whole glass of water.

Later that evening Chelsea and Tina were watching tv when Chelsea quickly got up and ran to the bathroom. “My plan is working” Tina thought to herself. Tina planned to make her sister need diapers day and night before exposing her.

When Chelsea came back from the bathroom Tina asked “You didn’t have an accident did you Chels it looked like you were about to pee yourself” “Shut your mouth Tina I made it easily” “I think you need diapers if your bladder is that weak that you keep nearly wetting your pants but I don’t know if they make them in your size” Tina said laughing. “You actually think you’re funny don’t you what are you on about anyway I’ve hardly ever been as desperate as that to get to the loo” “Yea I believe you what about the other night I was just coming out of my room and you came running across the hallway into the bathroom, you were so desperate you must of nearly wet the bed”.


Chelsea thought about what her sister had said to her and realised it probably wasn’t far from the truth that she needs diapers during the day.

The next morning Tina managed to slip some more diuretics into Chelsea’s drink, this time it was at breakfast meaning they would likely take effect while Chelsea was at school. Tina had also put some diuretics in Chelsea’s water bottle which she always took to school with her. Tina wondered how long it would be before Chelsea would back in diapers during the day as well as at night.

At school Chelsea was sat at the back of her english class. There were just 20 minutes left of the lesson and a sudden pressure on Chelsea’s bladder arrived. She was just about to put her hand up to ask to use the bathroom when she realised that wouldn’t be a good idea as any sudden movements would increase the chance of her losing control.

She sat hoping no one had noticed her desperate situation for no longer than 30 seconds when her bladder decided to give way. She fought hard to hold it back but steadily she began wetting herself, starting off as a trickle turning into a torrent. The pee began puddling on the floor under her seat, some of it had been absorbed by the cushion on her seat. She was absolutely shocked to be sitting in class having just pissed herself.

After she had come to terms with her accident she looked around the classroom and to her surprise everyone was still looking to the front of the class listening to the teacher, no one had noticed what Chelsea had just done. She realised the telltale sign of what had just happened was the puddle on the floor under her seat. She put her jumper on the floor hoping it would absorb the pee. It did the job as the pee was no longer visible.

Chelsea was thankful that she sat at the back on this day as she would definately have been discovered otherwise.

She managed to make it to the end of class without anyone noticing Chelsea’s accident. She waited until everyone else had left before getting up, giving her a chace to examine how noticeable the wetness was on the skirt she was wearing today. Much to her surprise the black skirt didn’t show up any sign of a pee stain which she was extremely relieved about.

It was now lunchtime and Chelsea needed to decide what to do. She was concerned that she had wet herself without having any chance of making it to the bathroom and it was worrying her that it may happen again. She decided to go and see the school nurse.

She walked in to the waiting area outside the nurses office which was empty. She went up to the door of the nurses office which had a note on the door which read “Gone for lunch will be back at 1:30”.

Chelsea thought about waiting for the nurse to return but instead she tried the door to her office which opened. She went inside and locked the door behind her. She went over to the cupboard where she remembered the nurse had got the diaper from the day she wet herself at school before. She opened the cupboard revealing a large stock of adult diapers.

She grabbed a pile of medium sized diapers, putting one on the side and stuffing the rest of them in her bag. She took off her soaked thong and tossed it into the trash can. Chelsea then set about diapering herself, making sure the diaper was on as tightly as possible around her sexy behind.

Chelsea was very proud of her gorgeous round bum which she had spent many hours at the gym doing squats to get. The only problem with her big peachy bum was that it meant that she needed a slightly bigger sized diaper than she would otherwise. She stood up pulling her skirt down into place which covered the diaper quite well. She was glad she picked a skirt to wear today as it meant there was no diaper bulge to hide like when she wore tight yoga pants. The crinkling was noticeable though.

Midway through her next lesson and yet again an urge to pee suddenly hit her. This time Chelsea had no time to react before she was completely peeing herself flooding her diaper. She looked around to see if anyone had noticed her filing her diaper and no one seemed any the wiser. The diaper was very thick meaning it held her accident without leaking. She was mortified that twice in one day she had wet herself in class. She knew she would have to wear diaper home to make sure Tina wouldn’t find out she had been having accidents.

There were 10 minutes to go until the end of the school day. Chelsea put her hand up and asked the teacher if she could use the bathroom. The teacher said “can’t it wait Chelsea there’s only a few minutes until you finish for the day” “I’m really desperate miss please can I go” “Ok go on then”.

Chelsea got up and headed to the bathroom. She didn’t actually need the bathroom but she knew she needed a diaper change before heading home. She didn’t fancy changng her diaper with oher students in the bathroom. She got to the bathroom, finding it was empty she locked herself into one of the stalls.

She untaped her sagging diaper, rolling it up and taping it shut. She dropped it onto the ground, but it caught her foot and rolled under the side into the stall next to her. She thought it was best to quickly diaper herself before getting it. She pulled a fresh diaper from her bag and began diapering herself. She pulled the diaper in place and stuck the tabs down on one side, she was just about to pull the other tabs in to place to secure the diaper when she heard someone enter the bathroom.

She stood completely still trying not to make any noise. She listened as the girl went into the stall next to Chelsea’s where the diaper had rolled to. She heard the girl say “What the hell is that on the floor” she heard the girl pick it up, “eeeeww it’s a fucking diaper, and it’s wet thats disgusting who would leave that in here”.

The girl carried on with her business washed her hands and left. Chelsea had managed to stay still enough for the girl not to have heard her.

Chelsea finished pulling the tabs of her diaper into place, pulled her skirt down and exited the stall. The girl had left the diaper on the floor so Chelsea quickly picked it up and threw it in the trash can.

Chelsea then went to meet up with Tina for their mum to pick them up. Tina closely observed her sister’s rear to see if there was any sign of a diaper. She occasionally thought she could hear a slight crinkle from under Chelsea’s skirt but was unsure. She thought surely she wasn’t back in diapers yet


Later that evening back at home Chelsea was sat in her room thinking about the events of the day. She couldn’t understand what was happening to her. First she starts wetting the bed which is extremely unusual for someone of her age and then she struggles to hold it during the day “What next am I gonna start messing myself as well” she thought to herself. She stood up and realised her diaper felt very heavy. "How the hell can this happen she thought"She put her hand down her pj’s feeling that her diaper was warm and wet. She couldn’t believe she hadn’t even felt herself going and she’d filled her diaper.

Chelsea got a fresh diaper and changed in the bathroom before heading downstairs to watch some tv.

As Chelsea came into thev living room Tina was sat on the sofa. Tina observed Chelsea and could tell by the slight bulge and crinkle that her sister was indeed diapered, which brought a slight smirk to her face. Tina thought it was best for now not to let on that she knew. She though it was best to wait until she was sure she was diapered 24/7.

After the two sisters had chatted and watched some tv together Chelsea fell asleep on the sofa right next to Tina. Chelsea slowly fell to one side leaning on the cushions as she slept. This left her lower back and bottom facing Tina. Making sure Chelsea was asleep Tina leaned across and slightly pulled down the top of her pj pants revealing what Tina had expected, the waistband of her sister’s adult diaper. Tina then heard a trickling noise which surprised her as she realised her older sister was filling her diaper right in front of her. Tina giggled a the thought of what her sister had done.

Tina then took out her phone and took pictures of Chelsea asleep with her exposed and now wet diaper.

Tina then woke up Chelsea and said it’s probably time they both go to bed. With that Chelsea stood up in a half asleep state not realising her diaper was slightly exposed and walked upstairs in front of Tina. Tina recorded her the whole time. Tina watched as the diaper was clearly pushing her legs apart making her almost waddle. It clearly sagged much lower than before and was much thicker and more crinkly now it was full.

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Re: Older sister Chelsea’s secret


Tina watched as Chelsea got into bed without a thought about her full diaper, she lied on her chest and soon drifted off to sleep. Back in her room Tina watched the video she had got of Chelsea. She turned the volume right up and watched. You could clearly see the diaper poking out the top of her pj’s and the crinkling was very clear also.

The next morning Chelsea woke up to a slightly wet bed and a full diaper. Chelsea was fortunate that when she got up Tina, mom and dad had all gone out which gave her a chance to wash her bedding without them finding out.

Later that day Chelsea decided to go and do some clothes shopping. As Chelsea was heading out everyone else returned home “where are you off to Chels” asked Tina “Just gonna do a bit of clothes shopping” “oh fair enough” replied Tina. Tina thought to herself “clothes shopping for stuff to hide your baby diapers most likely”

A few minutes later when Chelsea had gone Tina decided to go and snoop around her sister’s room. She rummaged through Chelsea’s cupboards until she found her diapers. She pulled one out, hid it under her shirt and headed to the bathroom.

She pulled down her pants and panties, then she opened the diaper trying to work out which was the front. She pulled it up between her legs and stood against the wall pressing her bum against the wall holding the back of the diaper in place. Tina then began attempting to tape the diaper in place which she had difficulty with. She thought to herself “how the hell does Chelsea diaper herself all the time” she then started giggling and thought “well I guess she gets enough practice”.

Tina eventually secured the adult diaper in place, she couldn’t help but rub her hands across her bum eventually making her way to the crotch of the diaper as she did this she noticed how thick and crinkly the diaper was. She then patted it a few times noticing how loud it was. She then put her clothes back on which was difficult as her pants barely fitted over the thick diaper.

She walked around the bathroom watching herself in the mirror. She couldn’t help but notice how big and round it had made her bum look.

She felt the diaper had pushed her legs apart making her almost waddle slightly.

She could see a noticeable bulge through her tight pants and could hear a lot of rustling. Trying on the diaper made her so glad she didn’t need them, she knew how hard Chelsea must find it to hide her diapers, this made her feel slightly bad for what she had done, and that wearing diapers at night must be bad enough.

Tina found a few minutes in a diaper to be enough, she then took the diaper off, folded it up and stuffed it back to the bottom of Chelsea’s wardrobe.

Tina decided to stop putting the diuretics into Chelsea’s drink, as she felt dealing with bedwetting at her age was bad enough, she knew that over the course of the following 1-2 weeks the effects would wear off.

Chelsea had accepted that she now had to wear diapers all of the time but soon she noticed that she seemed to be having less accidents in the daytime. At school she realised that she’d not wet her diaper for 3 days which she felt really happy about. She decided after 5 days had passed of no accidents that she would be safe to stop wearing diapers during the day. She wondered what had been causing the daytime incontinence, she even thought about going to the doctor about it but was too embarrasing.

Tina had been asked by a few friends to go to a sleepover on Friday night. When the time came for the sleepover Tina was really excited. She got there and was greeted by her friends Hannah, Jessica, Sarah, Zoe and Michelle. They spent the evening watching movies, talking about boys and drinking lots of pop. Tina went to the bathroom at one point and when she came out everyone was giggling. She asked what was so funny to which they replied nothing.

Later on in the night everyone had got changed for bed except for Tina.

She went and got changed, then came out where everyone was waiting for her. Jessica said “so are you wearing it then Tina?” “wearing what?” Tina replied “well we were speaking to James Smith the other day who’s friends with your sister and she had told him about your little secret” “what secret I don’t know what you’re on about” “Apparently James saw Chelsea buying a bag of adult diapers which she told him were for you as you were too embarrased to buy them yourself, she also told him that you sometimes get your mom to change your diaper in the night when you’ve pissed in it” everyone started laughing.

This really annoyed Tina “well I can tell you they were definately not for me” “prove it” with that Tina pulled down her pj pants revealing her panties. “I bet she’s hiding them in her bag” said Sarah. “you can check my bag you won’t find any diapers” with that Jessica grabbed Tina’s bag emptying it’s contents onto the floor, finding nothing but some spare clothing and a wash bag.

“well if they weren’t for you who was Chelsea buying adult diapers for?”

“she was buying them for herself, she’s a bedwetter” “you’ve got to be kidding she’s one of the best looking girls at the school and she’s 18”

“I can prove it” replied Tina.

With that Tina got out her phone and showed everyone the pictures she had got of Chelsea’s diaper the night she discovered her secret. The pictures revealed Chelsea lying on her bed with her puffy diaper fully exposed, but they didn’t show her face so no one believed her. “that could be anyone Tina” replied Sarah.

Tina then showed the video she had got of Chelsea’s diapered crinkling bum but still it didn’t show her face so no one could believe it.

This frustrated Tina “I tell you what then next week let’s have a sleepover at mine then you can see her diapered butt for real” “that’s a good idea I’m looking forward to that”


The girls all went off to bed and woke up late the next morning. Tina phoned her mom and asked if it would be ok to have a sleepover next friday to which she replied yes.

The next week came and went and it was soon time for the sleepover at Tina’s. The girls all arrived by 6:30pm. They set up the sleeping bags in Tina’s bedroom ready for later.They then watched a movie in the living room and chatted away for ages, then played a few games. Chelsea had stayed in her room out of the way and by 11pm they heard her go into the bathroom to get changed for bed. “she’ll be putting her diaper on now” whispered Tina. Everyone started giggling “I still don’t believe you Tina”. A little later on the girls headed upstairs and changed for bed. It was now 1am and the girls were all still awake lying in their sleeping bags.

They decided that now was a good time to go into Chelsea’s room. They crept across the hallway and up to Chelsea’s bedroom door. They could hear Chelsea lightly snoring so they knew it would be safe to enter the room. The girls all crowded around the bed ready to expose Chelsea. Tina said “who wants to do the honours then” to which Jessica stepped forward and gently pulled back the covers. It was quite dark and Chelsea was wearing pj’s so they couldn’t see anything"

Chelsea was lying on her chest with her sexy bum fully exposed. Jessica then put her hand to Chelsea’s bum and slipped it down the back of her pj’s where she squeezed slightly feeling the thick crinkly diaper. “oh my god everyone feel this she actually is wearing a diaper” Jessica said, to which one by one everyone put their hand down her pj’s and felt the diaper. They were all giggling but tried to keep as quiet as possible. “Her diaper doesn’t feel wet” said Hannah. “I’ve got an idea” said Michelle. Michelle then headed downstairs and got a bowl and filled it with warm water. She returned upstairs with it and put it on the floor next to Chelsea’s bed.“do you think that will actually work?” asked Zoe. “we may as well try it”.

Michelle slowly lifted Chelsea’s arm and placed her hand into the bowl of warm water.The girls took the risk of turning on Chelsea’s bedside light. She didn’t even flinch as she was in such a deep sleep. Tina and Jessica then slowly began sliding Chelsea’s pj pants off which left her diaper fully exposed. Everyone then got their phones out and started taking pictures and videos of the diapered Chelsea. “what a sight that is an 18 year old wearing thick bedwetting diapers” Zoe chuckled.

Soon after they began to hear a trickle. Jessica put her hand to the front of the diaper and squeezed feeling the warmth as Chelsea began to fill her diaper. “Eeeewwww she’s actually pissing herself” said Jessica. This was all being recorded. Soon Chelsea had finished peeing and the diaper was quite obviously full and much thicker than before.

Michelle then said she wanted to try something she had learnt in psychology. She turned off the light and told everyone to go into the far corner of the room in the darkness and stay quiet. Michelle then began talking to Chelsea. “Chelsea you wet your diaper you need to get up and change it” everyone was shocked as Chelsea responded “i’m too tired it can wait til the morning” “no you need to do it now Chelsea” “alright i’ll sort it”

Chelsea then got up in a tranced state, turned on her light and walked over to her cupboard, her diapered butt crinkling away as she went. This was all being recorded by Chloe.

Chelsea then proceeded to untape her wet diaper and put it in the cupboard. She then pulled a fresh diaper up between her legs and taped in place. Chelsea then walked back to her bed, turned the light off, lied down, pulled the covers over herself and began sleeping straight away. Everyone was shocked at what had happened “i’ll explain in a minute” said Michelle.
The whole scene had been recorded and uploaded to the internet under the name “hot bedwetter changes her full diaper”.
They pulled the covers back again and turned the light on to get more pictures.

Jessica put Chelsea’s thumb into her mouth and began snapping pictures, doing this made her look like a big baby.

The girls then turned the light off, pulled the covers back and went back to Tina’s room.

When they got back to the room Michelle explained what had happened. “Basically what happened was she was in a deep state of sleep so when I talked to her she was still actually asleep. She was sleep walking when she got up and changed her diaper so she won’t have any memory of what happened. She obviously sleeps very deeply for that to have worked which is probably why she needs the diapers in the first place”

Everyone was still in disbelief that they had seen an 18 year high school senior not only wearing an adult diaper but wet it and give herself a diaper change right before their eyes.

The girls discussed what to do about Chelsea’s diaper secret. They thought about how mean Chelsea had been to tell James that Tina wore diapers and even had her mom change her wet diapers. This made Tina angry at the thought that her sister had lied about her to hide her own secret.

They came up with a plan which was put together the following day.

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Re: Older sister Chelsea’s secret

Tina decided to start putting the diuretics into Chelsea’s drinks again which she knew wouldn’t take long to start having an effect. She knew she’d have her sister wetting in diapers again like a baby before too long.

On Saturday afternoon Chelsea was sat on the sofa watching her favorite show breaking bad. She suddenly felt a warmth appear around her crotch area, putting her hand down she realised she was wetting herself. She wasn’t able to hold back the flow and continued peeing until her bladder completely emptied its contents.

Chelsea was really upset as her bladder gave her absolutely no warning that she even needed to pee. Fortunately she was the only one home so she ran upstairs and changed her clothes, putting on some cute sweatpants and decided it would be best to also put on a diaper. Chelsea went back downstairs and cleaned her accident. Luckily the sofa was leather so the pee cleaned off easily.

By the evening Tina was home. The two sisters sat watching tv together for some time. While they were sat there Chelsea felt a really sudden urge to pee. Tina could see her desperation as she was shaking her legs and shot up from the sofa. As Chelsea stood up her bladder gave out and she relieved herself in her diaper right on the spot. She tried her hardest to not make it obvious what she had done so she continued with walking out of the room and up to the bathroom, but the gasping sound Chelsea had made when standing gave it away to Tina. She was fairly sure she had just witnessed her older sister fill her diaper as she stood up which made her chuckle. That didn’t take long reducing her to diapers again Tina thought to herself as she noticed a bit of a diaper bulge through Chelsea’s fairly tight sweatpants.

In the bathroom Chelsea pulled down her sweatpants and examined the diaper. She squeezed the crotch of her thick diaper, slowly working her way around to her bum. It was thoroughly soaked from the crotch to about half way up her butt. She couldn’t believe how much she had wet it in one go. She knew it needed changing soon to avoid any risk of leaking which would reveal her secret to Tina.

She pulled her sweatpants back up and headed across the hallway to her bedroom. Chelsea then got her school bag and went over to her cupboard. Pulling off the pile of clothes she used to conceal her diapers, she then grabbed a diaper from the bag and put it into her school bag. She also had a plastic bag ready in her school bag.
Chelsea headed back to the bathroom where she lowered her sweatpants and slowly began removing her soggy diaper, making sure she didn’t make too much noise when pulling open the 4 tabs. Once she had removed the diaper she rolled it up tightly fastening the tabs to secure it, she then put it in the plastic bag and pushed it to the bottom of her school bag.

Chelsea stood admiring her naked figure in the mirror, she loved the way her bum looked. She thought to herself “why can’t I just wear a cute little thong like any other sexy girl my age, why the fuck do I need to wear these stupid adult diapers”.
Chelsea soon pulled herself together and set about diapering herself.

She knew she would soon need to buy some more diapers as she was quickly running out now she was back in them full time. She looked at the time and noticed it was only 18:30. Chelsea thought she may as well go and buy her diapers this evening as Walmart would still be open for another few hours.
She headed downstairs where Tina was still sat on the sofa. “did you make it in time or did you pee yourself” laughed Tina. “Shut your mouth you little bitch, i’m heading out now for a bit anyway” replied Chelsea. “where are you going then” "I just need to buy a few things " “If you’re going to Walmart make sure you buy yourself some baby diapers” “hahaha you’re so funny” replied Chelsea in a sarcastic manner as she walked out of the lounge and headed out the front door.
Chelsea knew her life would be hell if Tina knew she actually did wear diapers, little did she know Tina was fully aware of her sister’s secret. Tina was even in control of when Chelsea would need diapers during the day.

Chelsea walked a couple of blocks to get the bus to the Walmart at the far side of town. When she arrived at Walmart she headed straight to the incontinence aisle. She was given a few strange looks as she examined all the different adult diaper brands. There were so many different brands that she didn’t know which one’s would be best. She had decided that this time she would try a different brand to the tranquility diapers she normally bought as they were a bit expensive.
She bent down to look at some diapers on the bottom shelf, no sooner had she done this and she heard a voice from behind her “is everything alright madam would I be able to help you?” Chelsea looked around to see a pretty girl who was probably a year or two younger than herself stood there smiling at her". “No it’s alright i’m just trying to find something for my younger sister” “Ok well if you let me help you, lets see, i’d recommend these. They are for day and nighttime use, are ultra absorbent and they have the four blue tabs to secure them in place. Also they are much cheaper than most of the other brands”. Chelsea examined the package, the picture showed them to be slightly blue. “Very thick and super absorbent premium brand” read the packaging.

“These mediums should be the right size” said the assistant. “How do you know I haven’t even told you how old my sister is yet?” queried Chelsea
" I know it’s embarrasing buying adult diapers but these should fit you" “As I told you before they are not for me they are for my younger sister”
“Look when I came over to see if I could help you were bent down, and your diaper was clearly visible so I know these are for you. Look I can even see your diaper now as your shirts tucked in to your pants”. Chelsea looked around in horror as she felt and saw that the plastic waistline of her disposable diaper was fully exposed. She quickly tucked it in and pulled down her shirt. Chelsea couldn’t believe what she was going through, she was being given advice on what adult diapers to buy for herself by someone that was younger than her. She fought hard to hold back her tears.
“I know how hard this must be for you but I do see a lot of people your age buying themselves diapers for bedwetting so you’re not alone”. “Yeah right i’ve never met anyone else older than about 3 that still wears diapers”.

Chelsea headed off to pay for the medium sized package of adult diapers just wanting to get out of the store.
The sales assistant was in shock that she had just seen an attractive girl older than her that still wears diapers day and night.
Although she said to Chelsea that she had seen lots of people her age buying diapers, the truth was that she had only ever seen them bought for or by elderly people.
The girl couldn’t help but snigger to herself at what she had just witnessed, as she watched Chelsea walk off towards the till. Anyone observent could probably see that Chelsea had a bit of a diaper bulge going on under her sweatpants.

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Lovin it. Please continue

Older sister Chelsea’s secret

Excellent chapter, keep up the great work….

Re: Older sister Chelsea’s secret

This is becoming a different story from what it was before. The dynamics are different and I’m starting to think it’s going to be better than I though it would be.

The pacing was inconsistent for awhile there, you kept skipping time at random, you’ve gotten it under control with the last few, though.

Chelsea is kind of a bully but that seems intentional as she’s been called out by a few characters so far. I’m honestly certain that she’s mean to be the villain of the story.

I do like how no detail is wasted, so far every event in the story has come back to bite her. I honestly thought that Chelsea telling James about Tina needing diapers was forgotten about. I’m starting to notice things that might come back later.

I’m looking forward to seeing how you take this.

Re: Older sister Chelsea’s secret

This is really good.It started kind of slow for me but after a couple of capters I got hooked.I hope to see more .

Re: Older sister Chelsea’s secret

Will this be updated soon?

Re: Older sister Chelsea’s secret

Definitely want this story to be finished please. i sure do enjoy it. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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A new and final chapter is nearly completed it will posted shortly :slight_smile:

Re: Older sister Chelsea’s secret

Well i’m glad i’m not the only one who sees it, this has been a good and enjoyable story.
And i’m looking forward to finally seeing it’s conclusion, thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

Re: Older sister Chelsea’s secret

will this be finished?

Re: Older sister Chelsea’s secret

Hi everyone, I was planning on posting just one last chapter for the story, but it has ended up being much longer than I anticipated so I will post it in two parts. The second part isn’t quite finished just yet but it shouldn’t be long before it’s done :wink:


Chelsea was lucky to find a checkout had just opened with no queue which she was glad of as the last thing she wanted was to stand there with a load of strangers seeing what she was buying.

The store clerk was a young girl who looked as if she had only just started the job. Her nametag showed her name was Chloe.

She tried scanning the package a few times but it was not registering.

She told Chelsea to hang on while she called someone to do a price check.

The girl then made an announcement over the tannoy “I need someone to do a price check on a pack of premium brand medium adult diapers”.

This announcement made Chelsea blush as she expected people to start looking at her but as she looked around she noticed no one was paying attention.
A few minutes passed of Chelsea making small talk with the store clerk, she was glad the girl hadn’t asked her about the diapers.

During this time Chelsea started to feel quite a desperate need to pee which she wasn’t particularly worried about as she had a diaper on.

Although she did still like to think that she woulld have enough control to make it to the toilet.

By now a queue had formed behind her. Someone finally came over to the till to confirm the price “Hi Chloe, the price of that bag of adult diapers is $25”. “Ok thanks” replied the clerk.

Chelsea quickly payed for the package, stuffed it into her bag and headed over to the customer restroom, she found the only one unoccupied was the disabled toilet.

Once in there Chelsea pulled down her sweatpants and put her hand on the tabs of the diaper ready to untape it so she could use the toilet. Suddenly she felt her bladder give out and her diaper began to fill up. This left Chelsea feeling dissapointed that she couldn’t hold on even for just a couple of minutes.

She then ripped the new bag of diapers open and got one out ready. She then untaped her wet diaper, rolled it up and put it in the trash can.

After a few minutes of fiddling around Chelsea managed to securely tape her fresh diaper in place. Chelsea then got dressed and left for the bus stop.

While walking she noticed that her new diaper felt more bulky and she could even hear herself rustle slightly as she walked along.

This made her think that maybe she would be better off only wearing these diapers at night or when she wasn’t at school. She knew she still had enough of the other diapers left to last her a few days at school.

The bus trip home was unevetful which she was glad of following the slightly embarrasing shopping trip. Chelsea really despised having to go out and buy herself diapers, it made her feel like such a baby. She imagined in the future when she has her own child, she would be buying two packs of diapers at a time, one for the baby, and one for her. This thought made her feel quite sad.

When she got home Tina, Mum and Dad were all home and were just about to sit up to the table for supper.

Chelsea headed up to her room to quickly hide her package of diapers before joining the rest of the family at the table.

Tina had managed to put some diuretics into Chelsea’s glass of water just before everyone had sat down to eat.

Everyone sat and chatted about how their days had been, as Tina sat opposite Chelsea watching on as Chelsea gulped down her glass of water.
Tina knew this would continue to keep Chelsea needing daytime diapers for the next day or two at least. Lilttle did Chelsea know she had just drank a glass of what was effectively “incontinence medication”.

After everyone had finished eating Tina observed as Chelsea stood up and walked away from the table.
She noticed a slight crinkle as she stood up but that was it.
There was something that satisfied Tina about how she had made Chelsea need to wear diapers during the day as well as for her bedwetting problem.

It made her feel like she’d got one over on Chelsea for all the years she had been mean to her whenever the chance arose. Tina wondered if mom and dad had any idea that their eldest daughter still needed diapers.

She wondered what their reaction to it would be if they found out Chelsea’s secret. Tina thought about whether to tell mom about Chelsea’s bedwetting, but decided for now not to say anything.

On Sunday Tina met up with a few of her friends at the mall to do some clothes shopping. Whilst they were there they discussed what the situation was regarding Chelsea.

Tina explained that she had been adding the diuretics to Chelsea’s drinks regularly as planned and she was fairly sure that she was currently wearing diapers during the day.

The girls chuckled as they couldn’t believe that Tina had managed to reduce her older sister to wearing adult diapers during the day.

This was also exactly what the girls wanted to hear. There was something about the idea of humiliating a popular girl two grades above them that they were really looking forward to.

They all knew how mean Chelsea had been on occassions to Tina over the years.

On Monday morning Chelsea and Tina were dropped off at school by mom.

They both headed off to their separate classes to start their days.

Once in class Chelsea checked through her timetable for the day. She had math, science and then after lunch she had physical education.
This used to be Chelsea’s favorite lesson, but she wasn’t so keen now that she would need to wear a diaper under her tight gym shorts.

The morning lessons went by without issue. Chelsea managed to get through to the end of lunchtime without any accidents or even feeling the need to pee yet despite drinking plenty of water as it was a hot day.

She headed to her physical education class where everyone was told to gather in the sports hall before getting changed.

Once seated she noticed her sister’s grade were sat at the other end of the sports hall.

The teacher, Miss White then came in and announced that today was the day that the 12th graders would be playing their annual basketball match against the 10th graders. She then announced the starting team which included Chelsea’s name.

The class were then told to quickly go and get changed and meet back in the sports hall.

Chelsea made her way to the changing rooms and was luckily able to get one of the stalls to get changed in.

She got in the stall, locking it behind her. Chelsea slowly pulled her pants off trying not to make much noise. She then pulled on her shorts which were a fairly tight fit over her thick diaper, on observing in the mirror she pulled her shirt down and felt satisfied that her diaper was hidden.

She got back to the sports hall where the teacher advised on tactics and which positions everyone would be playing in.

After a short practice everyone lined up ready for the game to get underway. Chelsea observed the opposition team and noticed Tina was playing.

As the game got going it became quite intense. Chelsea’s team took an early lead which the 10th graders weren’t happy about.

There were a couple of altercations between the two teams but the 12th graders weren’t going to back down to people younger than them.

Chelsea went in strongly to win a loose ball, smashing someone else to the ground in the process. Chelsea soon realised the girl she had smashed to the ground was Tina who didn’t look very happy.

Tina was really angry and soon realised it was Chelsea who had smashed her to the floor.
Although Tina and her friends had a plan to humiliate Chelsea sometime in the next few days, Tina was boiling up inside and just couldn’t hold back from saying something.

As Tina got up she shouted out something that absolutely horrified Chelsea “What the fuck are you doing you stupid bedwetting diaper wearing bitch” Chelsea’s heart sank as she tried desperately to deny it.
Everyone initially started laughing but the sports hall soon became very quiet “What the hell are you on about Tina that’s a complete lie” “It’s true everyone my 18 year old sister still wears diapers cos she pees herself like a little baby”.

One of Chelsea’s friends butted in “Tina why the hell would you make something like that up about your sister that’s really really mean” “I’m not making it up she wears a diaper to bed every night and she’s probably wearing a diaper right now, i’ll prove it”. With that Tina ran towards Chelsea and Chelsea started running away from her across the sports hall determined not to let Tina catch her.

After no more than a few seconds Tina had caught up with Chelsea.

She punched Chelsea in the face a couple of times which knocked her to the floor.

Tina then managed to completely overpower her older sister by pinning her to the ground and sitting on her back making it impossible for Chelsea to move.
As everyone crowded around Tina wasted no time in yanking off her sister’s short’s revealing exactly what she had expected, wrapped around Chelsea’s perfect butt was a thick, white and crinkly disposable diaper.

The whole sports hall erupted into laughter as people couldn’t believe they were looking at a gorgeous 18 year old girl who had been beaten up by her 15 year old sister and was wearing an adult diaper.

People began taking out their phones to record everything and snap pictures.

“I told you look she’s just a big diaper wearing baby”. With this Chelsea burst into tears as she was helplessly pinned down by her younger sister. She tried desperately to get up but Tina wouldn’t budge.

This was all too much for Chelsea and she felt her bladder give out. Tina soon noticed the back of the diaper begin to turn yellow. “Well well it looks like the baby’s just filled her diaper” shouted Tina as she squeezed and swatted Chelsea’s diapered behind “eeewww that’s disgusting she actually just pissed herself look the diaper’s turned yellow what a fucking baby” shouted one girl.

Chelsea was absolutely crying her eyes out.

She couldn’t believe she was lying there with her wet diapered butt exposed to her whole year group having just been beaten up by her younger sister. She was mortified that the whole school now knew her secret.

Miss White had by now managed to push through the crowd of students. She was furious with Tina as she pulled her off Chelsea and told the other teacher Mrs Lewis to take her straight to the principal’s office.

Miss White tried to console Chelsea about what had happened but Chelsea just wanted to get her diaper covered up and get out of there. Chelsea got herself to her feet, with tears running down her cheeks she looked for her shorts.

Someone had taken them so she knew she would just have to get to the changing rooms with her diaper still on full view to everyone.

She just ran through the crowd with her wet diaper sagging below her shirt for everyone to see. People were still in histerics as they watched the 18 year old run, looking like a toddler as her full diaper pushed her legs apart.

She ran out of the sports hall and down the hallway to the changing rooms passing a few stunned students as she went. She quickly got dressed, picked up her bag and ran out of the school and went home.

When Chelsea got home she went straight to her room and lied on her bed crying.

In the meantime Tina was being dealt with by the principal, Mr Jenkins, he saw this as a very serious matter and decided to call in their mom. Mom had to leave work to go in to the school. Once she had arrived Mr Jenkins sat with Tina and mom to discuss what had happened.

He explained that Tina had punched Chelsea to the ground before publicly humiliating her by restraining her, pulling off her shorts and exposing her diaper to everyone in the sports hall. Mom broke down in tears “What do you mean diaper, she’s 18 years old ?, Chelsea hasn’t worn diapers since she was 3”, “I’m afraid it’s true she has obviously been hiding this problem from you” Mom couldn’t believe she was hearing that her eldest daughter was back in diapers.

She was also extremely upset to hear her daughters had been fighting.

She then looked directly at Tina and told her she was utterly dissappointed with her for humiliating her sister like this. “If your sister is going through a problem like this you should be supporting her, not attacking her and letting her secret be known to the whole school” Tina’s response to this upset mom even further “Well it’s not my fault that i’ve got a diaper wearing bitch for an older sister, the time’s she’s been mean to me she deserved this”. Mom was now crying more than before.

Mr Jenkins then stepped in “Well Tina, considering the severity of what you’ve done to your sister, the fact that you’ve hit her, put her through so much embarrassment and have shown no remorse for it, I have little choice but to suspend you with immediate effect”.

Soon after, when Mom had calmed down, Mom and Tina left the school, they got in the car and headed home. On the way home Mom told Tina that she was being grounded for this for the next two months, but if she apologised to Chelsea for what she had done then she would only be grounded for a month. Tina agreed that she would apologise to her sister.

Upon arriving home Mom went upstairs to find a sobbing Chelsea lying on her bed.

Chelsea gave Mom a big hug as she cried in her arms. “I take it you know then Mom” asked Chelsea “Yes darling Mr Jenkins has told me about everything that happened, I had no idea you were having any problems like that or I would have done all I could to help. What Tina did was extremely mean and she is being punished for it”.

“I can’t believe the whole school know I don’t think I can ever face going back there” “Well it’s a bit soon to be making a decision like that but I can understand how you feel right now. Look sweetie, don’t worry about going to school for the rest of week and i’ll book you an appointment at the doctor’s tomorrow to try and get to the bottom of what’s been happening”

“No Mom please don’t I really don’t want the doctor knowing about this” “Chelsea if you want to stop needing to wear those ummm… things then it’s your only option, it’s not up for debate”. With that Mom went back downstairs leaving Chelsea to have a bit of space until she calmed down.
Mom gave Tina strict instructions to stay away from her sister until she was told otherwise.

By the evening Mom went up to check on Chelsea. She was lying face down on her bed but didn’t appear to be sobbing.

As she approached the bed she couldn’t help but notice a definite bulge of what she knew was her daughter’s adult diaper. Mom asked if she could bring Tina up to apologise for what she had done. Chelsea said that she didn’t really want to see her but if she insisted then to just get it over with.

Mom called Tina up to Chelsea’s bedroom. Chelsea looked at Tina with tears in her eyes and spoke “how could you do that to me Tina” “I’m so so sorry I let the whole school know that you still have wear diapers cos you can’t stop wetting yourself like a baby” replied Tina in a sarcastic tone.

Chelsea was absolutely furious, she jumped up off her bed and flew at Tina pushing her to the ground.

The two sisters rolled around hitting each other and pulling each others hair whilst grappled together.

Mom was screaming at them to stop but they both continued to fight. Both of them managed to get a few hits in each before Tina eventually managed to get on top of Chelsea and have her sort of pinned down like she had done at school.

Chelsea’s joggers had slightly come down and Tina could clearly see the top of Chelsea’s diaper.

She took the opportunity and yanked Chelsea’s joggers right down around her ankles.

For the second time in one day Chelsea had been absolutely humiliated by her younger sister.

Mom just stood there in shock. She couldn’t believe what she was looking at. Her beautiful 18 year old adult daughter who was old enough to get married wearing a thick diaper.

“Look Mom she’s just a big diaper wearing cry baby” shouted Tina as she continued to pin the now crying Chelsea to the floor.
Chelsea soon managed to push Tina off of her. Mom angrily shouted at Tina to get out which she did. Chelsea pulled her joggers back up to cover her diaper.

Mom then gave her sobbing daughter a long hug and told her that everything would be alright and not to worry about Tina.

Chelsea skipped supper and just stayed in her room on her bed. She woke up realising she must have dozed off and saw it was now 11pm. She sat up and turned her bedside light on. Chelsea put her hand down to feel her diaper, it was wet.

She brought herself to look at her phone where she had some texts and missed calls from some of her close friends. One text read "I’m so sorry Chels can’t believe what happened at school today, hope you’re okay. Ring me when you feel like talking. Love you loads xx

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Re: Older sister Chelsea’s secret

I don’t know who’s going to get it worse between the two regarding punishment from their parents, but only time will tell; MORE PLEASE!

Re: Older sister Chelsea’s secret

Wow stuff just got real.I’m loving the story. so is there going to be more or is that it