Ok...what is up with some of these sites.

I know I’m not the only one, this is becoming infuriating. I’ve noticed a trend that a lot of new sites like to follow new or different forms of code/scripting to make their site seem different from the rest and flashy and fantastic. Problem is, it all tends to go to shit and many of the site owners don’t bother or care to fix it.

Diaper Space: They have the whole video section of their site not being able to play any other form of video than FLV. Even worse, this isn’t a problem they can’t fix, on numerous occasions they simply say “It’s a free site, deal with it.” I’m sorry but free or not, it’s a site you own and need to maintain DS crew and you took that responsibility on the instant you created it.

ABKingdom: Every couple of weeks their gallery dies, and in the past year or so, I’ve seen at least half a dozen different formats and appearances for their gallery, as if they were always trying something new. What’s worse, there was nothing wrong with the original system they had which they are now actually back to.

Diapered Anime: Go click Recent Photos: 7 days. Look at the pictures left to right, top to bottom and read the dates of submission. There is no chronological OR alphabetical order to them whatsoever. This is a problem that has existed pretty much since the site was created, and nothing has been done to fix it. Hell, I can’t even find posts in the forums where people point it out (though I didn’t look fairly extensively, their advertising system makes viewing the site excruciatingly annoying).

ABDLPixel: Well we have this site back but now it’s flooded with popups, toolbars, and buttons all over every page making it just as worthless as the others.

Hell, ABY has been promising they’ll be back soon for over a year and a half now. Care4Baby, you can view some of the pictures but you actually have to be a little crafty to save any of the pictures if you want them on your PC (Btw: if anyone is wondering how, I use firefox and I go to Page Info >>> Media >>> should be a list for a bunch of PNG, BMP, and JPG images, scroll to find the image shown then hit save as. That is the only way I’ve ever been able to do it.)

Seems Daily Diapers is the only one with a gallery that’s actually consistent and functional, and very user friendly to boot. And yet…no one else seems to want to use it? And while their video section is pretty much barren considering how many people boycott it for the “No messing videos” rule, at least that one actually works!

Look, I’m no programmer but if the owners of the websites can create so many complicated things like they do, why can’t they keep the gallery simple? Is it really that hard to do?

Re: Ok…what is up with some of these sites.

I think the main problem, IMO, is that there are so many different sites. A new one just popped up on the DS blogs today.(The blog has since been deleted.)


Everyone is trying to make their own site as appealing as possible so they can get as many members as possible. They think that coding the site differently from the others will make it stand out, and thus make it more appealing than the other 2,547 sites that are out there.

IMO, each site has its strengths and weaknesses.

DiaperSpace: Now I can’t think of any strengths. When it was first started it was pretty nice. Now it just sucks all around.

ABKingdom: Has by far the best collection of amateur photos I’ve seen.

I haven’t been to either Diapered Anime or Care4Baby, so I won’t pass judgment.

DailyDiapers has a good gallery as far as the number of photos goes.

ABDLPixel: Too many things going on makes the site useless. Period.

I haven’t even thought about ABY since they posted that notice a long time ago.

If this community wasn’t so fragmented and there were only one or two sites that were run well we wouldn’t have these problems.

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Because its not in their best interest to make the sites more “user friendly.” Yeah its a pisser, truly but what are we going to do? Complain to the better fetish business review or something? The various sites know they’ve got you over a barrel, you either boycott the site or keep coming back to the site to slog through all the popups and other crap.

Oh the sites you mentioned I only frequent daily diapers and Diaper Anime I will comment on the “no messing videos” allowed thing. A-Freaking Men. At least someone put their foot down with that stuff. I can’t speak for the rest of you but if I wanted poop I’d go to a scat site. Now their videos are a pain to navigate at the best of times also they need some kind of filtering system other then vague categories that seem to have no effect on where you end up. Its not like they have 5000 videos, they could find a more effective way to file it.

As for Diapered Anime I support it somewhat I’ll never understand the Furry thing or the obsession that many of the regular artists seem to have with Dragonball Z and Naruto and only Dragonball Z and Naruto but to each his own. I know a Full Metal Alchemist drawing would be somewhat problematic but throw me a line here someone.

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I could handle the advertisements on Diapered Anime if the image search functions I mentioned actually worked.

Personally, I have no problems with furry or furry art. I’m not one myself but there’s an unmistakable similarity between ABDL’s and Furs.

~ABDL’s have a fetish or appreciation towards a particular thing (diapers, babyish objects, etc) or style of behavior (Regression) and are commonly mislabeled as pedophiles.
~Fur’s have a fetish or appreciation towards a particular thing (fursuits or something) or style of behavior (animalistic) and are commonly mistaken for beastophile’s.

Don’t know much about their reasons why they like to incorporate animalistic behavior in their sex life or every day life or something, but it doesn’t bother me any.

Anyways, one more small complaint and this isn’t really about a function of a site but rather the people. Since we’re on the topic of furries-

FTT: I am so fucking sick and tired of people bitching and moaning about someone (sometimes but not always me) critiquing their art. If -anything- neutral or negative is said about someone’s art, all hell breaks loose. Whats worse, the admins of the site created a Newbie Art Forum for people who are too afraid or don’t want to have critique in their art, and just want people to either say nice things or ignore it. Now…to me that’s a bit of a cop out, I still think critique should be allowed to be given but to a much lesser extent than just letting members tear a new artist to shreds, but the real problem with the forum is that people expect the response and praise of that forum in the normal art forum. NormalDeviant for example, went apeshit over one VERY minor comment.

This is the full quote from Hyro-

I like it but there’s one beef I have. It doesn’t look like the diaper is actually connected to the bottom part of her left leg.

Yeah, this caused enough of a spur that NormalDeviant was banned. I can only surmise that he believes he only deserves praise because he’s been on that forum long enough and has drawn artwork long enough that he’s too experienced to receive any sort of negative comment. That kind of egotism exists all throughout the forums and it’s really fucking annoying. I guess people simply can’t tell the difference between a critique and a flaming and automatically assume the latter.

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If anything people should critique stuff more and be willing accept criticism in an evenhanded fashion.

Don’t just have a freaking hissy-fit work to improve whatever you do (says the man who has never personally written a story)

The problem is the internet culture in many ways. Even though your stories and drawings may be terrible you have the potential on a well traffic site to pick up some fans simply because if you feed people dog food and there is nothing left to eat they’ll eat dogfood.

Why should we heap praise upon you terrible writer/artist? Because you ask politely? That is an awful reason to praise anything. I like Diaper Anime but it seems that the good artists never stick around to fit for their own patch leaving the B-Team to fill the void.