Off to Grad School

Graduate school was supposed to start in a week, Becca and Kate had finally finished moving all of their belongings into their new apartment and sunk down onto the couch. Looking around there were piles of boxes everywhere. All of the doorways were blocked and Becca groaned as she realized they would have to rearrange the boxes before they could even begin unpacking. It would be easier said than done as both girls were starting their graduate work in English literature and owned a ridiculous amount of very heavy books.
Kate stood up and sighed turning to Becca, “We should get started on this stuff if we ever want to relax before classes start on Monday”
As Kate went over to the nearest box, Becca stood up and gasped as the overwhelming need to pee hit her. She quickly crossed her legs and moved her hand to put pressure to help relieve the sensation as she bent over slightly. She struggled for what seemed like forever but was in reality only a few seconds before she recovered. Becca looked up at Kate and saw her watching with the look of desire and excitement she always had when Becca was in desperate need of the bathroom.
Kate smiled at Becca, “Sweetie, do you have to go to the bathroom?”
Becca rolled her eyes Kate always acted like she didn’t know what was going on just so Becca would have to say whatever the situation was out loud. Becca pouted and nodded, “I didn’t have to go a couple of minutes ago, sorry I’ll be right back…unless you don’t want me to go?” It was a game they played often. If one of them really had to go the other would give permission to go if not then they had to hold it or wet their pants.
Kate looked at her for a minute and then slowly shook her head. “I want you to not go but we have a lot to do. It’s really not practical”
Becca nodded and headed to the hall where the bathroom was located at the end of and stopped. “ummmm Kate? The hall is completely blocked off. I can’t even really see the hall. Wanna help with theses boxes?”
Kate went over to where Becca was standing and tried to see down the hall but quickly realized that Becca wasn’t exergerating. The hall really was blocked. There even appeared to be three of the seven bookcases in the hall plus half of what was going to be their library. They were going to have to move it all out before they get to the bathroom.
Kate grinned at Becca, “This is going to take a while. No accidents, promise?”
Becca laughed at the challenge that Kate had issued. There was no way she was losing. They had a running game of time limits which they could not go to the bathroom and right now it was tied. She couldn’t lose because she was behind when it can to their other game where they started at the same time and tried to see who could hold it the longest.
Becca simply gave Kate a kiss and said, “well we better get started then”
Secretly Becca was a little worried, she had to go pretty bad as she had consumed at least 5 diet cokes since the last time she had visited the bathroom and couple of hours ago.
The two girls started going through the boxes, the only rooms they had access to that wasn’t blocked off was the kitchen and living room. Since the guest bedroom/library was down the hallway along with their bedroom a lot of the stuff would have to be moved to the other side of the living room just so they would start moving it down the hallways. Both girls were wondering how they had gotten in this mess.
After half an hour of Kate unpacking things into the kitchen and only getting though a box and Becca getting in an organizing fit and alphabetizing the row of DVD and breaking down the few boxes that had been completed she started to squirm a bit more. It didn’t help that she had drank another half a can of diet coke…She was rather addicted to the stuff.
Becca looked at Kate, “This is going to take forever! We are never letting your brothers carry the big stuff again! They just throw it wherever and block everything.”
Kate nodded in agreement and asked, “wanna help me move these boxes of books over there?” pointing at an empty spot near the wall.
The first box they moved wasn’t too bad it was a lot of the smaller lighter books that they owned. Half way through pushing the second box over the need to pee hit Becca really hard. She straightened up quickly and crossed her legs tightly, pushing her fingers as hard as she could against herself. She squeezed her eyes shut focusing all of her energy on holding her bladder muscles tight.
Kate watched her struggle, feeling herself growing wet but for a completely different reason than what Becca was trying to stop from happening. She loved when Becca struggled, this time was even better because she didn’t tell Becca she couldn’t go. Becca simply could not. If she wet herself now it was because she couldn’t hold it long enough to make it to the bathroom giving it different feel then when they played before. This was a real life circumstance, Becca literally had to wait.
Kate felt slightly disappointed when Becca let out a slight sigh and relaxed. She held it successfully. It was still exciting though because they still had so much to do before it was possible for Becca to go. Kate knew there would be lots of chances for her to see Becca struggle.
Becca smiled to herself as she got control over her bladder and finished moving the box to the far wall. The next three boxes went much easier and they had made it to the opening of the hallway. It was hot and getting to be later in the evening. Kate turned to Becca, “Hun, I know you really have to go to the bathroom but I am starving! Can we take a break and order a pizza? We can work on the hall before it arrives?”
Becca was rather hungry as well and even though she really wanted to get to the bathroom she knew her body had other needs and neither of them ate much of anything that entire day. She said that she was up for that and continued moving boxes while Kate called for a pizza.
In the 45 minutes it took for the pizza to arrive the couple only got a few boxes out of the way. They found a box of writing from when they were still in their undergrad and started reading it and laughing about it cause Becca to have another little episode of leg crossing and concentration.
The pizza finally arrived and they sat on the floor munching on pizza and drinking water for a while simply chatting about what they expected for the coming year and their hopes of what they would learn. Half a pizza later and multiple water bottles they started on the boxes again. Five boxes down and Becca once again felt the immense pressure on her bladder. Kate watched as Becca crossed her legs and held herself trying to hold it.
Becca shifted slightly to the right trying to subdue the pressure. She felt a spurt leave her body and tensed even more. She tried to hold herself tighter to keep the warm liquid in when she felt another small trickle of pee go into her previously dry underwear. She knew if she could get it under control it wouldn’t be visible yet and Kate wouldn’t know. She kept her legs crossed tightly and hand held firmly in place concentrating with all of her effort to keep her pants dry. A sudden quick burst flowed into her rather damp underwear before she was able to get herself under control. Luckily she was wearing rather thick jeans. The crotch was pretty wet but you couldn’t really tell.
Kate knew though by the way Becca shifted that she had wet some. She decided to ignore it and pretend like Becca had gotten away with hiding her little accident from her. She inwardly groaned. She was so turned on watching as Becca tried to keep herself dry and make it to the bathroom on time.
The girls continued moving boxes and were now half way down the hallway. It was slow going but they were getting there. Kate was starting to get worried that the boxes would all be moved before Becca had a big accident. They had just gotten past the guest bedroom which would serve as their library so now they didn’t have to move the big, heavy boxes of books as far as they had to before when they were going in the living room.
They were down to two boxes and the bookcases right in front of the bathroom door when Becca felt a spurt of hot urine course out of her before she could do anything about it. She immediately once again crossed her legs and tried to hold herself but it wasn’t working. It was like torture, quick little spurts gushing out of her that she couldn’t stop. She felt the wetness in her hand and slowly starting to spread a bit to her butt and up her pants and a little down her legs. She eyes connected with Kate’s and she knew that Kate could see the wetness. She refused to let it go though. She wouldn’t completely wet herself, she couldn’t, this wasn’t the same as their game this was real life. This a time when she was NOT supposed to actually wet herself.
The little spurts were still happening, she couldn’t help it, it was as if her bladder muscles just couldn’t keep up with the pressure. She felt a large gush and her pants soaked in more liquid creating a bigger and bigger wet spot.
An overwhelming pressure hit her and her bladder completely gave up and with a loud hissing noise, Becca’s pants became soaked and a puddle started forming on the hard wood floor under her.
Kate was shocked, never before had either one of them have an accident like this before. Becca was soaked and she had really lost all control. She was so mesmerizing and sexy Kate didn’t even know what to do!
Kate gave Becca a huge hug and a long kiss, feeling the wetness that had taken over Becca’s previously dry pants. Slowly unbuttoning them and feeling inside the still warm and slightly dripping underwear that Becca was wearing.
They touched each other for a while kissing and giving into the desire they had felt while Becca was trying struggling to be a big girl.
Kate grinned at Becca in a slightly evil manner stating, “Since you are unable to keep yourself dry and use the potty like a big girl, you will have to wear a diaper for the next 24 hours to make sure you don’t have any more accidents.”
Becca smiled as well responding, “fine, but only if you clean up that puddle”
Becca was soon snug in a thick diaper and the mess cleaned up. The boxes were all moved, and the girls started unpacking in earnest.

Re: Off to Grad School

It’s good to think at the stock of diet coke that Kate has ready to be fed the next 24 hours. Poor Becca will be squirming a lot to keep her nappies honorably spotless, but it doesn’t seem likely she will graduate in potty training anytime soon.

Good short classic idea, nicely executed. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Off to Grad School

i hope this continues!!