Of Life, Love, and Diapers... Update Chapter 5

Hi, I’m Mandy. My husband and I are working on this story together. We have really enjoyed reading the stories here. It’s very brave for you all to share your stories. We are a bit new to writing, but thought we should give it a shot. The following is the story of Jane and her family.

Honesty Alert! - We welcome constructive criticism. Just don’t hurt my feelings! We have several chapters already in rough draft, but if we are headed wayward in the intro, then let us know. Since some of the base material are our life experiences please be respectful. At the same time, we want to be better story tellers because it works as good horney bonding time for my husband and I. :wink:

Of Life, Love, and Diapers…

Intro – Love and Unexpected Blow Jobs!

I was just sitting down to my computer for the evening after a long hard day working in a loan escrow department behind the scenes at a regional bank. I have a nice Dell 6520 Laptop that has been my companion for the last couple years. I docked the laptop off to the left side of my desk and used the full monitor, keyboard, and mouse centered on my desk. While Dell was booting up, I hear Ryan come into the bedroom.

“Foods put up, kids are in bed, doors are locked, my feet hurt, my brain is mush, and I’m going to get Ready for Bed.” He chirped out on his way by the desk making a dash for the shower. “Hah, I have already had mine. I’ll play on the computer till you get out honey.” I chuckled. Hot water will always be a race or a wait around here with 5 people in one house.

As Facebook was loading on my screen, I felt a shadow looming over me about a split second before my Jerk Face of a husband gooses me in the ribs. I was really zoned into zoning out on my computer and he scared the piss out of me. I was sitting there in one of his old shirts that was knee length on me standing up. I reached down between my legs and grabbed my diaper. A pinch and squeeze confirmed my suspicions. “Damn It! You ass, I just put on a clean diaper when I got out of the shower. Now I’m wet and haven’t even made it to the bed yet! You Shit! You did that on purpose didn’t you?” I playfully snipped. There is nothing “little” about Ryan.

Ryan loomed over me sitting down as I spun around to face him. At 6’4" and a respectable 280, Ryan is a very large man. He’s not fat at all, but “fluffy” probably fits. He was a high school offensive lineman and worked in concrete until he was 23. He’s 34 now and has aged pretty well (except for his hairline… but I don’t mind really). He has always made me feel small, and I like that a lot.

“Ah, Baby I would have known that if I had thought it through, but I was up to no good! It just didn’t cross my mind. You know we are ok now and you don’t have to fuss over how many diapers you use any more. I’ll change you if you want…” He left that last part hanging in the air. I’m not stupid though. He might as well have asked if he could strip me naked and ravish me instead of loading up an innocent offer to change my diaper like that. It doesn’t matter how many times we have sex, he always seems like he’s getting the short end of the stick. Ryan’s philosophy was the kids should live out back and we should be naked all the time. He has a favorite saying though, “You never know what you can get if you don’t ask/try.”

It didn’t really cost me anything for him to ask. So I smiled up at him and said, “Babe, I’m just sitting here relaxing from my day at the bank and chasing Reed around the house. I just want to be around you and not do anything. I’m not against a clean diaper, but I’d rather it not go any further than that tonight.” A look quickly crossed his face that I interpreted as his favorite saying. He must not be that hard up tonight or he’d have kept after me. “Let me get my shower. Then we’ll see about changing you. I could always use some bumping and grinding, but honestly I’m pretty beat up tonight also.” He lamented.

That was one of those moments in life where you go Oh Shit, I’m getting old. Well, it’s not like he turned down an actual offer of sex or anything so it could be worse. We know we aren’t old, but we have both lived a heavy slice of life. We are in our Mid-30s. This is my third marriage and Ryan’s second, but we are both confident after 8 years that it’s our last. I know I Feel old some days. We have a 16 year old daughter Robin (Ryan’s kid – Quick Math Fact – Yep he was 17 and we have full custody). Then I have a 14 year old son Ben (I was pretty young too, just not as young as Ryan was. We have custody of him too). Then we have one together, Reed is 4 this year. Yours, Mine and Ours from diapers to driving. We are seriously retarded….sigh.

So that’s me and Ryan and our 3 kids. Now here is the complicated part. Robin is an All-State Track and Cross Country Athlete and in line for Salutatorian of her class. She makes her share of casual teenage mistakes, but on the hole is the best kid I have ever been around and I’m super proud to be her step-mother. She sets a very high bar for our two remaining kids.

Ben has a really hard time under his sister’s shadow. He doesn’t have a Ryan in his genetic background and I’m no gifted road scholar, though I’m not short bus either. Here is the deal both of our boys are disabled. Ben has a severe hearing loss that got diagnosed late (about 8 years old 2nd grade-ish). In addition, he suffers from some pretty intense ADD. I have worked with Ben and doctors all his life. Please don’t think I let the poor little guy suffer until he was 8. His pediatrician, teachers, and even the Children’s Hospital missed it. He reads lips and plays the dumb blond pretty well. We are fairly sure he will sell used cars…

Ben’s biggest issue, the one that really causes ass loads of every day trouble is impulse control. Ryan said that Ben would be his in his mind when he married me. If I ever questioned Ryan or his integrity as a man, I have only to look at the time and energy that he puts into his son Ben to know that I have a special man (some of the attention is loud and punishy, but he takes the time every single time). Ryan and Ben but heads a lot but I know both of them love each other. Ryan can be fussing at Ben over bad attempts at chores he has had for 8 years, and Ben will listen, apologize, and then immediately try to tell him all about his day. Teenagers think every small new experience that they had that day is noteworthy and should be reported in detail. OMG Kids… I was a teenager once too. Don’t feel compelled to tell me all this all over again! … lol

They may frustrate the hell out of each other, but I know Ben really sees Ryan as his dad. He wants Ryan to be happy and proud of him like he is Robin. Blended families are hard. Blended families of children with multiple disabilities are harder still. Ben is an honor roll student, but only after Ryan drags him through his schedule and assignments each day. It’s so hard on both of them because Ben’s meds are out by the time Ryan gets home to do homework. I help when I can, but I was never very strong in school (Ryan thinks I have/had ADD too). Ben is beyond grade school (in Junior High) and I just can’t help him like I want. Besides, someone has to distract Reed long enough that they can get the work done.

Reed is our truly special little guy. He has Trisomey 21 or Down Syndrome. He was born with an imperforate anus. He was on a colostomy bag for nearly a year. It’s a life threatening condition if left untreated even just a few days after birth. Three reconstructive surgeries and nearly 4 years later and there ya go. Normal poop shoot, good functioning sphincter, and not communicative enough to really begin potty training. We are kinda working on it with pull ups and bathroom trips and potty candy, but it will be slow going. On the bright side, given all of this problems Reed (while not as verbal as his age peers) is in the upper 98% in capacity for kids with Downs (like everything in life, it could be worse). Still that’s a tall order for any family in this economy that doesn’t come from any real money.

I am just sitting there thinking about my kids, my husband, and my life entirely zoned out again. It still makes me smile. Our life is hard, don’t get me wrong. Sometimes it sucks ass, but it’s our life. We wake up try hard and go to bed (Reed still doesn’t sleep so neither do we). Then start all over again tomorrow…lol

Facebook had loaded and the rest of my standard tabs did too. There were a few alerts blinking away at me, but I was totally lost in thought and didn’t even acknowledge them. I was drifting on warm memories of the man I love stepping in and being a father in an impossible situation. He drives me crazy sometimes, but I’m so in love with him. The kind of love that lasts. The kind of love that requires sacrifice, compromise, forgiveness and commitment. I know that no matter what even when he’s overwhelmed, we will find our way through the turmoil. He’s a real life superman and I just love to snuggle in and let him hold me.

I was still sitting there at the computer desk cross legged with my hand on my diaper (pretty much how he left me 20 minutes ago) not even facing the pc when he came out of the bathroom. I knew right away that Ryan was really tired and either not feeling well or a little too stressed. He walked out of the bathroom with his Nuk 5 I bought him for his birthday a few years ago. He was also wearing a thread bare wife beater tank and a large Maximum Absorbency Depends Brief. Ryan and I are more DL than AB, but those lines often blur a bit between personal definitions (and apparently stress levels…lol). He only uses the binki when he’s stressed or sick.

“Ben’s homework was rough today, huh?” I asked. “Yeah, we didn’t finish till nearly 8 and he had checked out mentally by 6. He’s smart enough, and I don’t like letting him work less because of his handicaps. However, It just seems unfair to ask him to work so hard all day and all night. Hell, it’s like he’s in school 16 hours a day. Thank God for football and choir, or it would be torture all day.” He said as he “saddled” up directly in front of me. All that was said with his pacifier in. The bastard is so big he can shift it to the side and talk normally without ever taking it from his mouth. I sound like an idiot with a speech impediment if I try to talk around mine.

“You know he appreciates it hun. He may sit there blanked out driving you crazy, but when he’s in class tomorrow and hands in another A that he did the work on, that’s when he’s proud and its worth the effort. He just can’t see it tonight.” I said as I leaned forward in my char to lean my head against Ryan’s thigh. Diapers are a stimulant for Ryan and then I put my head in the “Zone” so I was rewarded with a slight crinkle as he had to adjust himself. “I’m all powdered up so don’t worry about him. He’ll move along shortly.” Ryan said. He reached down and squeezed my diaper at the crotch saying, “Well, if you’re ok with not changing, I’d like to just cuddle up and watch that Big Bang Theory we have on the DVR.” He needed to hold me and I needed to be held. Perfect.

Ryan bent over at the waist and picked me up with a hand around my shoulders and one under my butt. He doesn’t really get to work out, there is just no time (we are walking again), but he is still so strong from nearly a decade of football and concrete. Now as a woman in my mid-thirties and mother of 3, I don’t giggle often, but how the hell can you not giggle when you’re wearing a diaper and your husband picks you up like your 4 year old? So… I giggled as he picked me up, “Baby, you shouldn’t lift me like that I’m too heavy for your back. I don’t want you down in the bed for a few days just to remind me you can pick me up. I know you can.” I really am just concerned for his back. He was in an incredible amount of pain when his disk in the lower lumbar burst into his spinal cord, and left him with some nerve damage. Plus, that damn surgery was expensive! We don’t want a repeat.

“Doc said I could go until my back told me to stop. You barely weigh more than a bag of concrete and you have boobs! I’d risk it nearly any time.” Ryan said clearly loving my boobs being crushed up against his chest. I laid my head on his shoulder and he carried me to bed. My girls are a steady 34 C, but they don’t stand at attention like a teenager any more. Ryan still loves them thought.

He unceremoniously threw me over on to our California King bed and laughed his ass off as I squealed flying through the air about 4 feet. Girls, if your man can chunk you around like a 3 year old it’s hard not to get a little motivated, if ya know what I mean. He didn’t even know he’d turned me on. He was just playing, but it really got me going.

He situated the covers and pillows, lay down, and motioned for me to crawl into the nest he’d made. I took off my top and sexy cat crawled in beside him putting my head on his chest and nesting in down his side. He lifted the leg on his side up a bit so I could scotch him up and wrap my legs round his. That man sure does love his boobs though, so I squished and wiggled more than necessary to get comfy. He’d pitched a tent in his diaper that was holding up the comforter too. Ryan is horney no matter what, but I really have a hard time when I’m tired. I’m almost always tired any more, the poor guy.

He started up BBT, the episode where Sheldon kissed Amy on the train. My build-a-bear monkey appeared at my side, and I snuggled Mugs down with us. Ryan is such a geek like the guys on BBT. So I’m laughing at him as much as BBT when we watch. He has two degrees in Computer Science and multiple certifications on his wall at work. He’s the IT Administrator at the bank we work at. I kinda got sucked into the show, but my diaper was wet from more than just bladder control problems. As the thirty minute show comes to an end, Ryan yawns and passes me his pacifier. I tend to sleep with his when I can. It’s like sleeping in one of his big ass shirts. Comfy. The pacifier is my one steady AB type thing. I chew the crap out of the free pins at work.

He smoothed the bangs of my thick curly red hair out of my face and kissed my forehead saying, “God only knows how much I love you, and I look forward to learning more about you tomorrow.” Goofy ass man. Now my heart was warm and so was my crotch. That’s it, I need My Mans dick. Wish I had control over what gets me going. Same shit may not make a damn tomorrow. Poor guy. I start snuggling in harder rubbing my boobs against his side. I hand him the pacifier and ask him to get a warm wet wash cloth from the bathroom.

When we got snuggled back in together I kissed and nibbled down to his diaper tracing the outer edges and the leg gathers. Occasionally, I grabbed his dick and squeeze it rather hard through the diaper. When he was good and stiff and lost in the sensations, I pulled the diaper back a bit freeing his dick. I quickly scrub the bulk of the powder from his shaft. Then, I lay my head down on his stomach and took him into my mouth while tracing the gathers with my left hand. Those gathers drive him crazy.

Ryan reached around and massaged my ass and pussy through my diaper while I suckled on his dick. It wasn’t really sex or really even making love. It’s slow, pleasurable, gratifying, and relaxing. Ryan got all stiff and started to cum in my mouth. I’m not a swallow kinda gal, that shit’s not chocolate! I spit a mouth full of cum into his diaper as he pulls it up and squeezes the last bit of pleasure from his diaper. Easy clean up that…lol

I love intercourse, but I really only get to the big O externally. Since we aren’t in any hurry and there is no pressure to finish (everyone is in bed and Reed won’t stir for a few hours yet) he just rolled me over and started to rub my pussy. I keep her shaved nice and smooth at all times and have for years, diapered pussies should be hairless (personal philosophy there). A few minutes later we have worked together to stimulate me. Ryan reached through my leg by the gathers and me coming in from the top of the diaper. I could feel all the fluid I was producing. I get “REALLY” wet when I’m horney. I bet I was wetter from the play than I was from getting the piss scared out of me. I was getting really close while Ryan fingered me and I played with my clit. I don’t really squirt as much as continually produce a lot of natural lubrication. All that is a moot worry these days as I wear my diapers at all times. The only real “problem” for me and my condition is the involuntary wetting. Like this though, I don’t have any concerns. No distractions or worry means I reach my climax faster. Ryan could feel me pee a bit as I climaxed and quickly pulled his hand from the diaper to massage me from the top side.

He isn’t disturbed by the pee; he just didn’t want it to leak with his hand in the leg gathers. You never know how much I’m going to wet. It felt so so good. Between all the foreplay and the sneak attack on my nervous bladder, I was thoroughly soaked at this point. I love that warm squishy feeling rubbing into my nearly too sensitive pussy. Ryan was just rough enough that it didn’t cause me to jerk or tickle.

“Baby, I love you. You don’t get spontaneous on me too often and that time was awesome! That was so sensual and out of left field for me. I promise that was one of the best orgasms you have ever given me. I think it might be a good idea to change you though. That diaper probably won’t hold up all night now.” Ryan complimented as he rolled over and stood up adjusting his diaper. He made quick work of changing me on the bed and we went to sleep content. It really was a great late evening. I’m such a lucky girl.

My name is Jane Smith. My husband Ryan and I have 3 children, 2 dogs, and 3 fish tanks. I’m in my mid thirties and we are happily married. We live in the central United States. That’s not the most interesting thing about me though, I love to wear diapers. Real crinkle when I move, tape on the side, plastic backed (hard to come by these days), baby powder smelling, and simply snuggly diapers.

After my second pregnancy, I was left with a weak bladder and inverted uterus, a few more pounds than I’d like, and partial incontinence. I have always had an undersized bladder. Damn little thing. It’s not all bad though, I love all my kids with all my heart, and I wouldn’t trade being “Mommy” to my bunch of Yard Apes for anything.

Funny thing though, my second pregnancy killed my migraines. Since my first period, I have dealt with debilitating migraines that could put me in bed for up to three days. Pregnancy does weird and mysterious shit to a girl’s body. You know looking back, I’m positive that if God had offered me a choice of partial incontinence or migraines a few times a month, I’d have taken the incontinence. I would have chosen the leaking even if diapers didn’t make me happy.

Anyway, I do wear diapers, and I have to wear them pretty much at all times. I can’t sneeze, cough, laugh, fart (Gah don’t tell Ryan that happens), bend over, sit down, lift things or any other number of random activities without worrying about “Stress Urinary Incontinence”. The pads piss me off. Pads that are big enough to help me, feel a bit like diapers anyway. But, the sleep leak sucks! So, I don’t wear them except for “public discretion” (as the kids put it) and emergencies. It’s just nice to have a legitimate excuse because I have liked diapers for a long, long time.

Like all good and interesting stories, mine starts with sex. Well, masturbation to be exact…

Re: My First Story - Of Life, Love, and Diapers…

First let me say that i like and am excited about your story and my advice that follows is meant to be helpful and friendly, the suggestions are some flaws i saw that distracted from an otherwise pleasant experience

to be honest i almost didn’t read the story. why? Your author’s note gave me every reason not to.

" Anyway, neither of us are English Professors so sorry about bad punctuation. I’d also like to take a moment to apologize for my tendency to craft lengthy run on sentences."

i’m not an English professor but i am up for a GA position teaching Speech at my college. one thing we do is tell our students never apologize in your work about your work. it is the biggest way you can lose an audience as a speaker and works much the same in writing. that said the story was good and i’m glad i pressed on.

“The following is the story of Jane and her family. Jane is an amalgamation of several life experiences that my husband and I have had. Jane goes through many of the same situations we did growing up, but they are a bit stylized for Jane. Jane is a fully functional totally normal adult with ADD. So she and her lines of thought tend to wander a bit.”

Can you show me/us this IN the story and not the A/n?
this is more of a preference but i’m the type of person that loves to figure out how the character ticks as the story goes. if you put that in the preamble/authors note you steal that option from the reader.

also if you could explain thing in the scene instead of in parenthetical asides, you’d get better flow

Re: My First Story - Of Life, Love, and Diapers…

OK. That all made sense. I’m bad about apologizing to anyone and everything. Thanks for the incite. I cleaned up the Intro a bit. It’s cleaner now. Also, i don’t feel like i need a change before i start the story (it was lengthy!) ;D

Re: My First Story - Of Life, Love, and Diapers…

So here is an update! Let us know what you think.

Chapter 1 – No Secrets Between Friends

A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far Far Away…. Nah not really. A few short years ago in a town not very far away.

It was the early 90’s. Kids were exposed to so much more than my parents were when they were young in the 60s and 70s. The second sexual revolution had begun by the early 90s. Information about sex was trickling to lower and lower ages. The World Wide Web wasn’t main stream until the mid to late 90s, but that took sex from seedy stores and giggling conversations straight into everyone’s bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. Speaking of giggling conversations, that’s where we are going to pick up my story.

My best friend Manda (Amanda) and I were sitting Junior High School lunchroom staring at our food. I wouldn’t say I was enjoying my meal since, well it was school food after all. I was always a sucker for the rolls we were served, though. So I traded Manda my rosy red applesauce for her roll. I started picking at my two rolls while we talked about this and that.

When you have known someone all your life, conversations tend to flow in a pattern. In our conversations, you trudge through all the daily “normal” things while trying to key off on something worth wile. Today we had exhausted the “Top 10 Boys in School” list and Manda asked me about dating again. She knew my folks wouldn’t let me go out unsupervised until I was 16, but that didn’t keep the odd guy from asking me out. Even if I wasn’t really interested I had a certain appreciation for the young guys with enough courage to ask a girl out. Plus, it sure did make me feel better to be asked out. I wasn’t exactly a knockout.

I was ginger before ginger was cool! I stood at an amazing 5’0" and was tall for my age (but that was as tall as I really ever got, I did eventually make 5’2" but that was after High School). I had (have) bright red hair, a ghostly pale completion, light blue eyes, and a tactful dose of freckles. Now, put all that on a boney frame that hadn’t developed, then slap some not so expensive glasses on, and you could pick me out of any crowd. Provided I am in the front so you could see me to start with! That day I was just sitting around at school in our lunch room. I’m still pretty sure my hair stood out.

I had been to a movie or two with a couple of decent looking nerds, but nothing exciting had happened. Manda seemed to be in a very focused mode today, and her mind was focused on boys. We recapped those not so exciting “dates”. No doubt she was trying to uncover some new seedy detail that I had left out in the initial telling. When she uncovered nothing new, the topic of conversation turned to sex.

Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t crazy pervs or anything! It’s just we were at the age where our hormones were going crazy. Manda has older sisters, one who was 15 and another sister who was 17, while we were both 12. Manda had overheard her sisters talking about sex and masturbation the night before. Apperantly, her laser focused mind couldn’t think of anything else since then.

Manda was a typical shy preteen. It was hard for her to talk to new people. I wasn’t a new person though, so she could (and often did) say things that caught me off guard. “How often do you touch yourself,” she asked me in a shy little whisper? While I wasn’t as shy as Manda, I had over an over developed sense of boundaries.

In my mind, everyone in the lunch room had heard her and they were waiting on pins and needles waiting to see how I’d answer. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t want to answer her question, as it felt like a private “don’t talk about that here” kind of thing. So I played stupid and went with a safe “misunderstood” kind of answer. “Well, you know like while I go to the bathroom or in the shower… or you know, times like that,” I said.

I was blushing madly and just tumbled straight back into my memories of last night. Now I’m not going to recap that memory today since I was a bit young back then, but it’s safe to say that I had already found the important places and was learning what I like to do with them.

“No Jane, you know what I mean (“mean” came out a bit whinny). How often do you rub off?” At this point I was absolutely certain everyone in the lunch room had stopped breathing just to hear the two nerdy girls talk about rubbing off.

By now, my skin color was probably just a shade or so shy of matching my hair. While I was floundering in a sea of embarrassment, the bell took pity on me and bbbrrrriiinnngggg. I was safe saved by the bell. It was time for afternoon classes. I knew this would come back up sooner or later, but I was very grateful to be off the hook at least for a little while.

The only access we had to sex was the occasional over indulgent movie scene. Think the movie Doc Hollywood and that lake scene at the opening. Anyway, all we could do is talk about it. Sex was a mysterious and exciting thing. Information sources were parents, preachers, teachers, and friends. So sex was all a matter of 2nd hand information. Now a days, by 12 most kids have seen Cosmo, Victoria Secret, or have internet access (then there are no questions, just misconceptions…lol). Times were very different back then. Rumors were rampant and information was unreliable at the very best.

It’s a miracle that the human race has made it this far! Fortunately, the basics are fairly simple to work out (or the world would be a lot roomier!…ha).

Manda and I went our separate ways for the remainder of the day while I mentally prepared for the follow up questions she would pepper me with on the way home. We didn’t have classes together that year, but we ate and walked home together every day. I knew our walk home was going to be distracting.

The first dismissal bell rang for the “walkers” and Manda and I were on our way. We lived in the same neighborhood a little over a mile from the Junior High School. Manda latched onto my arm dragging me home, “So you dodged me at lunch but I have been dying to hear you answer all day.” Well there it was, as predictable as the sun rise; Manda has a one track mind.

I couldn’t dodge her this time, so I did what I always do when I’m backed into the corner. I came out swinging. It was time to test the shock value of my answer. “I masturbate by hand or in the shower with the shower head three or four times a week,” I said. We stopped as Manda turned into dead weight on my arm.

The silence grew while we were stopped. My mind was spinning, my cheeks were burning, and the whole world was listening in. I swear the old lady on the corner came out of her house and stood at the mailbox just to see what we were doing. The scilence was killing me.

“Ok, whew! I thought I was some crazy pervert or something. Sarah (her oldest sister) told me all about “self pleasure” about a year ago. I get off almost every day. I thought I might be obsessed or something (she really whispered that last part).” As it turns out, my shock value was pretty well on even par with Manda. “I guess I was worried about the same thing, Sis,” I whispered back. We were both vulnerable and exposed and we both turned to hug each other at the same time.

One hug plus no words and then all was right with the world again. Guys, that’s just how it works for girls. Hugs are especially affective from best friends. One breath from tears and anxiety to hand-in-hand skipping home, hugs are da bomb!

I was right; this walk home was definitely distracting. Manda and I grew up in the same neighborhood. She lived a few blocks down from my house. We arrived at my house about 3:40 every day (that day included). That was a few hours before our folks would get in from work so, we often “latch-keyed” ourselves in together. Homework always came first. Let’s face it. We were pretty good girls. My dad’s motto was, “Do what’s right, especially when it’s the harder thing to do.” So, I did. Homework never really took us long anyway. That always allowed plenty of time for snacks, talk, and tv. We barely had any homework that day, so we were through with it in no time.

“Do ya want anything to drink? A snack maybe?” I asked. Manda was on the couch watching the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. “Ya, I’ll take a can of soda if you have one, but I’m not very hungry,” she said walking toward the kitchen island. I dug around in the fridge and pulled out a Dr. Pepper for both of us.

“So other than being worried you were going to need psychiatric treatment over rubbin off to often, what made you ask about that earlier?” I asked all full of curiosity. Manda sat in thought for a bit, but it was a comfortable thing for us. Finally, she said, “I have been enjoying this for a while now, and I wasn’t sure you knew about it yet. I wanted you to know so you could have fun too. Mostly, I was worried about being a “freak” or something though. I knew I needed to talk about this with someone, and my sisters will just make fun of me for asking.” “Then I’m your girl, sis!” I said giving her a side hug and hip bump.

“You know,” I said in a hushed tone, “as long as we are being all honest and what not. I really have something I’d like to ask ya.” She gave me a “go ahead” head nod, so I upped my resolve and just blurted out, “Do you make a lot of stuff when you get off? I mean it’s not like I pee myself or anything. It comes from me, but not where I go to the bathroom from. I know it’s normal to have some, but I’m talking serious amount. I usually have to have a towel under me or play in the shower because of the mess I make.”

“Geez, baby, I mean yeah, I do get wetter down there, but nothing in the league of needing to have some protection for where I’m sitting.” Manda replied thoughtfully. Immediately, I felt strange. Manda had opened up to me, but it turns out we both get off solo about the same amount of time. This was different though. Now I had opened up, and it turns out I really am a freak. My facial expression must have really spiraled down with my emotions because Manda was hugging me up fiercely before I felt the first tear fall.

GAWD I hate crying! I have only two responses when I cry involuntarily. I get mad and can’t stop crying, or I feel even worse for being a big baby and can’t stop then either. When I start crying (even for a good reason) and I can’t stop, it really makes me feel small and insecure. Ryan would later learn that it’s best to back up a bit and let me decide if I’m pissed or being a baby. Seriously, they require two totally different responses from him. Manda can still hug it away no matter which situation it is. But, you want your man to either get riotously pissed with you and defend your honor, or hold you like the little girl you are! Let me hear an Amen Ladies!!!…lol

“Jane, listen to me,” she coos softly in my ear, “Do you ever feel sick after? Is it pretty much the same every time? Does it ever hurt or scare you? Other than having to take precautions against the mess, you really aren’t any different I bet. I mean I have to change my panties if I rub it and get off. Now, I’m not going to have to change my shorts or pants or anything, but I do get pretty wet too.” Manda soothed. I felt like a wreck. I really hate being weak in front of other people, but Manda (and later Ryan) are different. I’m just me, and sometimes I am weak. I wasn’t that aware then, and it really pissed me off.

I’m a pretty level headed girl, even back then I could reason through most things. Sometimes though, for no good reason, here comes the emotional train and it hits me like I didn’t know I was standing on the tracks. I sniffled, “I guess I needed to talk about this too. I still don’t feel ok about making messes, but I do feel a little better after talking about it. In fact, don’t feel bad at all now. The better it feels the wetter everything gets! Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s just a matter of preparation? Do you think I should ask my mom?” I asked standing back up on my own two feet under my own power again.

“No way! I mean it’s not that you can’t go ask her, but I sure as hell wouldn’t! I don’t want my Mom to think about me and sex any more than I want to think about my Mom and sex…. GAH!!!” Manda paused then went on, “Listen, if it gets wetter based on how worked up you get, it seems like that is just how yours works… don’t you think?” She asked.

“Maybe it is. It doesn’t hurt and only happens when I get really horny, so it shouldn’t be a big problem. I hadn’t really thought through this all the way. I was really worried something might be wrong, or that I was doing something wrong. I feel so much better now sis. Thank you so much!” I said while hugging her yet again (I can hear the guys reading this roll their eyes). I gave Manda a quick peck on the cheek and settled back into my seat.

We scarfed our drinks while a companionable silence settled over the kitchen as we both pondered the conversation we’d just had. Manda and I had fallen into a light conversation about homework when my mom came home about 5:35. My Mom’s name is Sharron Smith (Yeah … our last name isn’t Smith so don’t get all snoopy!). Mom comes in and plops down next to us at the bar in the kitchen. “Sis, can I get a soda?” Mom asked. “I had four cuts, three styles, and a perm today. I can hardly lift my hands above my waste. Driving home sucked. I can’t wait till your driving Baby. Then you can just come get me when my shoulders get this achy.” Mom sighed out most of that, and then continued, “Meh, I’ll be ok in a bit. I just need to relax and rest for a second. Oh, Hey Amanda, honey, good to see you this evening. Will you be eating with us or have you tried to call and see if your Dad is home yet?”

“No Ma’am, I usually just wait till 5:50 or so and then walk home. Dad usually gets there a bit before Mom, around the time I make it to the house.” She replied. Mom stood there draining her can of soda clearly contemplating a thought. She was so tired you could almost see the thought cross her face and then congeal into a full plan, it took way longer than usual. “Hey, Amanda do you want to stay the night and eat with us?” She asked. Manda replied, “Yah, that sounds Great! Jane and I haven’t had a sleep over in weeks. Do you mind calling my parents when they get home? It will come off better since you were the one who asked me. Mom hates it when I “invite myself” to things.” “Sure honey, I’ll call Susan and check it out, but I’m sure it will be fine.” Mom said. We both squealed and peeled off toward my room.

Re: My First Story - Of Life, Love, and Diapers… Update 6-18-14

Chapter 2 – Wet Beds and X-Rays?

My Mom called Manda’s mom and the set everything up. Since it was Thursday, we both had school on Friday. Mom came up the stairs to my room a little later telling us that she had ok’d tonight with Manda’s folks. They had also worked it out where Manda would stay with us Friday night too. Then I’d stay Saturday and Sunday night with Manda’s family. Her parents could go on a good late date night on Friday, and my folks could go out on Saturday night.

Manda’s oldest sister Shelly was going to come over to our house on Saturday night to watch Nick. Nick is my only sibling. He’s just over eight years younger than I am. So at three and a half years old, Nick was still smack in the middle of potty training. He was in pull-ups during the day and Luvs size 4 at night. He was mostly dry during the day, but still hasn’t gotten over the “I’m too busy to be bothered with the potty” stage. So he still wets occasionally during the day and is totally untrained at night. Mom says he sleeps heavier than any kid she has ever heard of. It took more than thirty minutes to get him out of bed in the mornings.

Many mornings and evenings, I got stuck getting him ready for his day or for bed. So at least twice a day I had to diaper my little brother. I sat for Nick many times as we were growing up. I really loved my little brother back then (He’s a real ass these days). He was a blast to be around when he was young. He was quick to laugh and loved to make others laugh. Puberty really did a number on him though. Stupid hormones. Speaking of hormones, Manda and I were in my room talking and passing the time like we always did when Mom called upstairs, “Sis will you change your little brother’s pull-up after sitting him on the toilet for a bit?” Mom asked. Mom always asked and was polite (I really appreciated that.), but it wasn’t really a request.

She was elbow deep in homemade spaghetti and couldn’t address Nick’s sagging butt. “Sure Mom, where is he?” I bellowed down the stairs. “Living room vegged out in front of the TV, Thanks!” she returned. I popped up off the bed that Manda and I were sitting on and headed for the door. I looked back at Manda to see if she was going to come with me. We’d changed him together many times. It was just easier if there was someone to distract the end with hands while I cleaned him up and changed him. “Manda, Do you care to tag team his little butt?” I asked. “Nah, the quicker you’re done the quicker we can get back to the more important things in life, like if you were at the movies and a boy Had to feel you up, would you rather it be Brad Higgins or Ray Marshall?” Manda teased. Always the important stuff from that girl.

“That’s a trick question Sis, I wouldn’t let either of those weirdo’s get a grip on these!” I said as I fondled my boobs through my shirt. Giggling like… well teenage girls, we descended the stairs to locate Nick and do our part round the house. Little Nicky (that’s what I called him till he was old enough to cuss me out for it.) was crashed on the couch watching the Land Before Time (again). Little Foot and Sarah were at it again and Nick had no idea he’d gotten soggy. His little shorts were so distended Mom had noticed from the kitchen pass-through window. “Alright, Little Nicky let’s get you cleaned up so you can finish your show! The quicker you come along the less of Little Foot you’ll miss!” I taunted him. I purposely didn’t pause the VCR so he’d be a bit more pliable.

Nick popped up out of his stupor and called out, “Race ya!”. He sped off to his room where the changing supplies were. “Mom, Do you want Nick in a Diaper or a Pull-Up?” I called out. “I don’t know what time it is Sis?” Mom called back. “uh, Clock says 6:15 Sharon,” Manda threw in. “I’m thinking just drop him in a diaper in case he nods off after we eat.” Mom decided. “On it Mom,” I sang out on the way to Nick’s room.

Manda observes, “God, he’s so cute. He’s gonna give me cavities just watching him diaper-run up the stairs.” We were both smiling watching him run full tilt to the stairs and then granny walk up them. “Part of me wishes he’d always be this age.” I said. I loved Nick. He was a minor inconvenience to my time tables throughout the day, but not enough to really drag me down. Sure, sometimes I had my own desires for those little diaper breaks, but in all reality it didn’t take very much time. Nick was very compliant except, of course, for the mornings. Geez, you’d think it took him a full thirty minutes to move from full sleep to up and moving around.

When we got upstairs to his room we noticed the whole thing is a mine field for feet. Large toys to stub toes on and small toys to step on. So, since Nick was all about climbing, we asked Nick to crawl up on his bed and take off his shorts and shoes. Manda and I moved in tandem to move the larger toys to the perimeter of the room. Then we nabbed the smaller stuff and threw them in his toy box. With the floor secured and safe for travel, we moved over to the foot of the bed. Manda went to the side of the bed his head was on, and I went to the project end.

I had him cleaned up, powdered, and then diapered in no time. All the while, Manda was tickling him and generally distracting him. This was a technique that I would make sure to use on my own kids whenever a tandem changes were available. While I was moving his used diaper to the pale, Manda had released Nick back to his show. We were standing in his room just us. I went to put away his powder. He had a large dresser unit that had a small desk, some drawers, and a sliding lower cabinet. All of his diaper supplies were in the sliding cabinet under the desk area.

Manda was inspired. She reached down and grabbed one of Nick’s diapers and said, “Sis, your using pads on your period right?” “Yeah” I mumbled. I wasn’t sure where she was going with this and I was getting an uneasy feeling. I don’t know why I was nervous. I just was. She was standing there holding a diaper and talking to me about my period. “I’m not graced with Aunt Flow yet, but I have seen my Mom’s pads. Those things are huge. The only difference is the extra on the sides that allows for strapping him in, Right?” she asks. “Well, mine aren’t nearly as big as that, but yeah I guess Mom’s stuff is like that. When I first started she tried to have me use her stuff till we could get some for me. They were bigger than my panties and sure felt like a diaper.” I replied. “Well, what if your pads are an answer to your wettings?” She seemed Inspired. It would seem Manda had nick-named my vaginal flow during arousal.

“I suppose that is something to think about,” I said. It only made sense now that she had mentioned it. It was serious food for thought. I smacked the diaper out of her hand picking it up from the bed and putting it back in the cabinet. “Let’s head back downstairs and see if we can help with supper, huh?” I asked. “You never answer my questions you cow!” She teased. “Look it’s probably a good idea since I can just throw it away after, but it seems wasteful. I can wash a towel and I use one every day anyway. Ahhh, I don’t know. Thanks for thinking of me.” I reasoned while giving her a quick hug and punching her in the shoulder.

I didn’t know why then, but the situation felt very awkward. I was comfortable talking to Manda about anything. Plus, we were in my home space. I wasn’t worried about the topic of masturbation or my heavy wetting tied to it. Shit now I was using her nick-name. Why was this conversation so different? Manda had a pretty good idea with using a pad to help out with the wetting cleanup when I wasn’t in the shower. I must have been standing there just drooling while I was thinking about the weirdness I felt inside over the conversation about rubbin off, diapers, pads, and my wetting, because Manda caught on really fast. “Baby, let it go your going to blow something out in your head. Life doesn’t have a pause button. Think about all that crap later. Let’s go help your mom!” She observed.

I really loved to cook (still do). I feel like a wizard or a mad scientist building some secret spell or experiment. The real payoff is when everyone is seated at the table (or splashed round the living room) and it gets really quiet while people move in on the food. It will always make me smile to provide a meal for my family that causes them to pause and in silence eat paying homage to my skills. Of course it doesn’t always work out that way … Sometimes trying new recipes ends up in disaster…lol

Most days I would have made my side dish and knocked it out of the park. Today wasn’t most days. I was really distracted. Mashed potatoes aren’t that difficult, but I managed to botch them up. Mom was constantly correcting me (patient to the very runny end). Manda was watching me like a hawk trying to help before I mangled the side dish I was preparing. Even she wasn’t successful. I wasn’t really thinking about anything. I was exploring the feeling that I had upstairs. I wasn’t sure what it was tied to. I felt distracted, nervous, needy, and very horny. Now we have already covered I’m a generally horny girl, but I’d never show or explore that in my Mom’s kitchen with Manda and her both there. I was spinning in circles with nothing on my mind, but I was trying hard to ID these feelings that were lingering. There were really arousing images floating in my head, but they didn’t seem linked at the time. Disjointed as my emotions were.

So totally distracted as I was, I had perfect mashed potatoes going until in the end after a taste test I decided it needed a bit more butter. My bit was way more than I intended and then I added a dash of milk to the mix to thin it further. We had a decent base for a potato soup at this point. Mom noticed, “Sis, what have you done to your potatoes? I’m nearly done over here with the spaghetti, Manda has the corn on the table, and now we don’t have a second side. Those are ruined sweety. Uh…. (tapping her chin) poor those potatoes in Sparky’s bowl outside then see if we have any sweet rolls in the cupboard.” Like a zombie, I walk outside to the dog house and deliver a buttery treat to our Boston Terrier. He was thrilled. I was mortified. Coming out of my stupor I made my way back to the house. At the cupboard, I review our options. “Mom, we do have some rolls, but they are school rolls not the sweet rolls from the bakery,” I said.

Mom returns from the table, “Well, that’s probably better anyway. They only need heated rather than baked. Pop them in the oven on 350° for about 10 minutes. Set the alarm so you and Manda can set the table.” We managed to get the table all set and get the rolls out without further drama. Sitting at the table, we blessed our meal and dug in. Nick was a mess and Dad had finished and wandered back into the living room. “Girls it looks like there are two big jobs left. The table has to be cleared and the leftovers put away, and your brother looks like an escaped clown from a sauce circus. Your pick ladies, Nick or the food?” Mom asked. I volunteered for Nick duty while Manda simultaneously voted for kitchen duty.

I was going to swap with Mom so Manda and I could knock out the kitchen, but before I had the chance Nick made up our minds. “Wanna baff Sissy Peas!” he said spewing bits of noodles and sauce everywhere. “Who could turn down a sweet boy like that when he asked so gentlemanly?” I asked. I sprinted to the guest bathroom and grabbed a few wipes from under the sink. Mom always insisted on bulk removal in the kitchen over the linoleum. Being very familiar with the drill, I got to work getting the noodles out of his hair and doing a preliminary bath with the wipes. “Go ahead Sis, Manda and I will clean up the high chair too.” Mom offered. I took the orange and red Little Nicky up to our bathroom on the second floor. By the time we got there we were both ready to let go of each other. I had to hold him at a bit of a distance to preserve my clothes and it’s just not comfortable being held that way.

I stripped the boy down shaking the last bit of spaghetti from his clohtes into the trash before throwing his clothes in his hamper. I start the water and drop in some suds while I remove his Luvs. “Guess you didn’t need that did ya bub? Wanna sit on the big boy potty for Sissy?” I overacted. “Yes, Nicky’s a big boy,” he said as he climbed up the stool to the toilet. He did both sides of his business, and when he was all clean from that we hit the sudsy warm tub. I threw him his speed boat and dashed to his room to grab some clothes and diaper supplies. Can’t leave Little Nicky to long or the room will be destroyed not to mention it’s not safe to leave a kid unattended in the tub. So I sprinted back to the bathroom and crashed into the side of the sink. I hit myself right in the side just above my hip bone. Holy Crap that hurt! Tears were streaming down my face while I cried silently. I had dropped all of Nick’s nighttime stuff in the floor and his diaper went sailing into the tub. The powder hit the tile and covered the bath mat and the toilet. His little jammies hit the ground by my feet. Nick looked over as the diaper sucked on his bath water.

“Sissy you got owies! Wahahahahaha,” He Cried. Mom hearing the commotion upstairs calls up from the first floor, “Sis is everything ok up there? Have you got it under control?” I couldn’t answer. I hadn’t gotten my wind back yet. I looked down at my school shirt to find a bit of blood. No wonder Nicky was freaking out. He can’t stand blood. It wasn’t a whole lot of blood, but sometimes things happen that validate the pain you are in and then it like it’s ok to experience the full extent of the event. Seeing the blood spooked me and I started to cry out loud. Now at the same time, I was warring with myself. I needed to be a big girl. My brother needed me. Mom depended on me. I liked being the big girl and helping with things that my peers wouldn’t dream of. I felt responsible. I felt like an adult. I didn’t, however, feel like an adult right then. Good Grief, I thought as I lifted my shirt to review the damage.

I had torn my skin in a couple places and it was bleeding slowly like a shallow cut in a tree. The injury wasn’t bad but it hurt like hell. There was a deep purple, blue, and green bruise developing. I started stumbling over to the tub to comfort Nick, but I couldn’t stop crying and holding my side. I was still standing there with my shirt up cupping my injury when Nick stood up. “Here Sissy, I will kiss it better! Moooooommmmmmyyyy!” he yells. He placed a tender loving kiss on my hand over the bruise and yells again for Mom. I would learn later that I hit that damn counter hard enough to bruise some shit inside like my spleen and intestines. My side hurt for almost a month after that.

Mom came running up the stairs like a mountain goat, sure footed with stunning speed. Dad came barreling up shortly after. I remember hearing both of them coming to the rescue while Manda shouted that they were coming and she loved us. Super Mom hit the bathroom entrance first. She took a moment to take it all in. I was standing at the edge of the tub holding my side and a little bit of blood had snaked its way past my fingers. Nick was standing up in the tub rubbing my hand on my side. We were both crying. I had my shirt pinned under my chin showing where I wished my big breasts were. Jammies were in a puddle by the door, and a fog of baby powder was settling over everything. The capitol ship SS Luvs Size 4 had swollen to maximum capacity. Mom snapped back to reality and came running over to me. She hugged my shoulders and head and held me there. Damn tears. “Mommy, I ran into the counter trying to get back to keep Nicky safe in the tub.” I stammered through my tears. “Let me see under your hand Baby.” Mom looks so nervous.

I moved my hand and mom gasped at the bruise. “Ethan, get her shoes and tell Manda to come in here. We are going to have to go to the hospital to have this checked out. It’s too late to visit Dr. Chu.” Mom sniffled a bit too. Normally, Dad runs a pretty tight ship. However, today he didn’t argue, doubt, or even ask to see what was going on before getting things in order to leave. Manda came in shortly thereafter. “Manda hun, Janie is going to be fine, but we want to run her to the hospital to check on the inside just to be sure. Can you get Nick out of the tub so we can leave?” Mom asked. “Sure I can, do you want me to stay here with Nick so you can move faster?” Manda asked.

“Get him out and dressed while we get ready to leave and call your parents. I need to ask if Ethan is ok with you two staying here alone first.” Mom said. She had shifted into crisis management mode and her tears were drying up. I was still crying but it was mostly just tears and soft sniffles at that point. Dad surfaced again with my shoes and some socks. They didn’t match and Mom commented but didn’t stop him putting them on me. With every passing minute my side seemed to hurt worse.

He lifted me to the sink and put my shoes on. “Pumpkin, I love you. You are just fine. We just need the doctors to tell us what we already know. It will help me and your mother sleep better.” He said. “Ethan, Manda volunteered to watch Nick while we run Janie down to the ER. Are you ok with that?” Mom asked. “Sharon, if you are ok with it I think it’s just fine. Manda is responsible and great with Nick. She has the house portable phone she can keep with her. We’ll need to let her folks know we are headed to the hospital in case they want to come over and help her.” He finishes tying my shoes and setting me back down.

I grimaced in pain as I supported my own weight again now in a standing position. Mom asked dad to call Manda’s parents while she helped me to the car. Stairs suck when your abs are bruised, but we made it to the car. Mom helped me in to my seat and buckled me in. I was starting to come down out of the shock and the pain was really settling in. I was shishing air between my teeth by the time Dad started the car and we pulled off. “Mommy, Daddy, my side hurts really bad. I’m sorry I screwed up giving Nicky a bath. I love you. Thanks for taking care of me, but I’m scared because we are going to the hospital,” as my tears renewed.

“Ah, Baby that is what Mommies and Daddies are for. It’s our job to take care of you no matter how big you get. Never forget that.” Mom sniffled. Dad, ever the goof, chimed in, “Now don’t go taking advantage of that after your 18 and moved out. We may always take care of you, but it will also be your job to at that point. The dog house is large and comfy any time you need a room. I have wanted a Fish room for years… Got my eye on your bedroom.” Mom wasn’t in so light hearted of a mood and took offense at that, “Ethan what’s wrong with you? You’ll have that damned dog house when she comes home to see her Mommy if you’re not careful!” “Awe, Sorry hun, I didn’t mean to upset you. I was just reminding Jane that she would live somewhere else eventually, but we’d always be there to put a band aid on her booboos.” Mom lighted up a bit when I sniffled a laugh. Dad was always goofing around. He kept us girls grounded. He was a great man.

About three hours later we pulled into our garage. It was really late by then. Nick and Manda had dosed off on the couch. Mom went in first to move them. Meanwhile, Dad unbuckled my seatbelt and carried me to my room. Manda was awake and waiting on us while Mom put Nick down for the night and secured his room. “Manda, Janie’s going to be just fine she just has some heavy bruising both internal and external. She’ll heal up like new in three to four weeks. She’s going to be really sore and out of commission for a few days. It will be really hard for her to get up or flex her abs. We will have to help her out a lot in the next week or so. They gave us a few pain pills for her and a prescription to pick up tomorrow, but they are pretty good for pain. They may hit her really hard though. She won’t be much fun tonight. If you want to go home we’d understand.” Mom caught her up to date.

“I’m going to take my baby to the bathroom real fast before we give her the medicine. It’s late and I doubt she will be getting up to handle this later. Let me know what you’d like to do when we get back. Your Mom is ok with either and Ethan will walk you home if you choose to go.” Mom said on our way out of the room. Even getting lifted hurt. I was sniffling again when we got back. Mom laid me in the bed and started taking my clothes off. I helped when I could, but it wasn’t much. I wasn’t sure I could wiggle my toes without lurching in pain.

Manda come over and started to help saying, “Nick and I made it just fine, though he was worried about our baby here. I love Janie. She is my true sister. She is in pain and I can help. You bet your ass I’m staying here. I can stay with her tomorrow too so you can both work.” Mom let the cussing slide. It was really rare from both of us and sometimes the situation just calls for it! Mom smiled and told me I had a really good friend to hang on to that and keep it up. Friendships like ours take work I tell ya.

The pain was bad and it hurt all the way through to my back. I couldn’t really sit up unassisted and it burned like nothing I had ever experienced before. Mom put me in some clean panties and a night shirt. Dad came in with a cold pack, cup of OJ, and my pill. “Pumpkin, this stuff will probably kick your butt. Let’s have you sit here with this icepack on your bruise for about ten minutes before you take it. Make sure you are totally ready for bed. It will sneak up on you and then you’ll pass out asleep for a while. Manda if you sleep up here in the bed you need to be still as you can but don’t worry too much. She won’t know what’s going on thirty minutes after she takes that.” Dad said leaving the room. Mom kissed us both and then left the room too.

Manda and I got situated and she handed me the ice pack. My bed was up against a wall on two sides and had a footboard. It had been a big day before my trip to the hospital. Now it just seemed epic. It was the biggest day either of us had had to that point. We were sisters and we were spent. She leaned over and kissed my head telling me, “I love you Baby. You are the sister of my heart. Now settle in and let’s start this icepack.” I told her I loved her to and asked her to bring my covers up. She handed me the icepack and we laid there holding hands talking about the hospital visit and the X-Rays until fifteen minutes or so had passed. Manda then handed me my OJ and the stupid pill.

“I’m sorry about all this. I’m also sorry about passing out on ya,” I said while swallowing the pill. I laid down flat of my back preparing to mystically pass out any moment like Dad had hinted at. We talked about everything we could think of, but Manda steered clear of anything serious. Time passed faster than I thought and about twenty minutes in I really started feeling weird. The pain hadn’t gone away, but I definitely cared less about it. I started to giggle a bit then sucked in a bunch of air and held it all really tight till my abs quit stabbing me. Then my mind drifted off revisiting the day in a distinctly detached sorta way.

The med hit me full bore about 45 minutes after I had taken it. “Manda, I think I’m drunk on this stuff. I’m not hurting really bad anymore but it feels like my fingers and teeth aren’t attached anymore. All I can think about is playing with myself and that diaper you were waving at me. I’m so horny……” Cut scene. Just like that mid-sentence I passed out. Manda said she laughed out loud at that and chuckled for a good long time while I lay totally motionless. She even picked up my wrist and dropped it like I had shown her with Nick to make sure he was ready to move to his bed.

She kissed my forehead again and went to sleep herself. About six hours later, I surfaced partially from my drug induced pain free coma. I remember needing to use the bathroom and trying to sit up. The best I could manage was my side. I wasn’t making it over Manda even if I could get out of the bed. I gave up deciding I could hold it a little while longer. In this new position I was facing Manda with my injured left side up in the air scrunched up in a bit of a ball. Both of my arms were between my legs and I eventually started playing with myself. I still couldn’t move much without pain, but I had become determined. My pain med was partially wore off, but it was strong stuff. I wasn’t thinking clearly. I had Zach from Saved by the Bell in my mind and I was finishing what I started. It took only a little while to finish myself off and like normal for me I wet a big mess. My panties were soaked through. The nightgown was wet and so was the bed where I was laying.

Manda was rolled over facing away from me and when I was all through I snuggled up close to her and passed back out. A few hours later, I come to and had to go to the bathroom really bad. My meds were out of my system. Pain sobered up the sleep swiftly. I couldn’t really move to get out of bed. Hell, breathing still hurt. I poked Manda. “Manda, Wake Up I gotta pee!” I whisper shouted in her ear. “God, you gotta hurry or I’m going to pee on you and this bed.” I was getting really desperate. Manda reached behind herself to see where I was before she rolled over. Still moving at just woke up speed my bladder was about to stab her in the kidney. “Hurry!” I said. “Sis, I think you may have already wet the bed.” Manda’s sad eyes met mine.

I started to cry and remembered last night. “Manda, I don’t want you to freak out, but that isn’t pee. I told you it was a lot!” I said softly tearing up again. “Holy Crap Baby, it’s not like I didn’t believe you, but I really didn’t understand at all. (she started chuckling) I have Baby cum on me.” She giggled. “Seriously, Ha. Don’t make me laugh right now. Help me to the bathroom or this will be only a small mess!” I desperately pleaded. I can’t believe she wasn’t grossed out. I’d need to file that away and think on it more later. Manda hoped out of the bed and turned to me. “How do you want to do this?” She asked. “With as least bending as possible. Less Bendy Less Owie.” I shot back. “Ok, I’m going to slide you over here then grab you under the shoulders to help you stand up,” she said. As soon as she got her arms under my arms and shifted to help me stand I lost my bladder. The pain was too bad to hold it in and block the pain with clinched breath. When the pain took my breath the expansion loosed my bladder. Worse, once I started to go I couldn’t seem to stop it. I was exhausted from clinching and couldn’t re-establish after I let go.

I was back on my side on the bed. Hair, nightgown, bed, and a bit of the floor … totally soaked. “Well, that sucks ass” I whispered under my breath taking in the full extent of the damage from my side. I started to cry and it escalated. The sobs from my failure sent spasms of pain through my little body. “Baby, don’t cry.” Manda cooed. She got down on her knees and helped me back up. I bawled all the way to the toilet bellowing in pain by the time we got there. She put me in the shower and turned on the warm water on my clothes and all. She kissed my pissy head of hair and told me she’d be right back she was getting my Mom.

I was in so much pain and had been so humiliated that I couldn’t really get my shit together. That pissed me off. Being pissed made me cry harder. It fed into a snotty mess. I slid slowly down to the tub floor laying on my side in the shower with the warm water trying to sooth me. That had seriously sucked! Right then I wanted my Mommy.

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Well, here is Chapter 3. Let us know what you think!

Chapter 3 – “Mommy Kisses” & TGIF

So, I have some internal and external bruising from a fall in my bathroom. In a medicated moment of thoughtlessness, I masturbated in the same bed with my best friend while she was asleep. I then passed back out only to wake up in desperate need of the toilet. While I admitted the initial wet spot wasn’t from urine, my best friend tried to help me up. I lost control of my bladder from the pain in my side. Then I was wet, she was wet, my bed was wet, and even the floor had a bit of pee on it. I was furious. I was week. I was in more pain than I had ever been in before. Manda and I hobbled to the bathroom where she deposited me in the tub and turned on the water. At a total loss for what to do, Manda went to fetch my Mom. I ever so slowly slide down onto the bottom of the tub. I was hurting so bad, I was so mad, I was so helpless, and I was covered in snot and warm water. The more I cried, the more I hurt. Pain was my world. Now today I have been through labor twice. So that pain from the bruising was nothing. Back then however, it was everything.

The door opened and my Mom slid in. Manda was right behind her, but she stopped in the door holding on to the frame with tears streaming down her face. Mom made it to the tub. The first thing she did was redirected the shower head so that it wasn’t hitting me in the face. Then, she hesitated. Manda had probably told her some of what had happened. Mom knew I was crushed. She knew she had to be careful here, but she wasn’t sure how to proceed, and of course, I was still sobbing. First thing first though Mom thought, “Manda please go get Janie’s medicine and a soda from the fridge. The medicine is the only one marked Jane on the kitchen turntable,” she said out loud.

Mom turned to me and gushed, “Oh, sweet Momma’s Baby Girl, I love you so much. It’s going to be just fine. Let Mommy fix this for you,” She said as she reached down and stroked my shoulder. That one touch was enough to ground me. I started my way back. It still took me several minutes to crawl back out of the pain and tears, but I did it. All the while, my Mom was at the side of the tub rubbing my back and removing my hair from my face. When my sobbing finally started slowing, Mom said, “My sweet Baby, Manda brought you a Dr. Pepper and your medicine. Can you get a hold of yourself enough to take your medicine?” “Mom, (sniff, cough, and wince) I love you so much. I want to take my pill,” I cough-cried. It was still a minute or two more before I could relax enough to take the medicine Manda had brought me. Swallowing was wicked hard right then. Plus, it’s hard to swallow on your side. I had to make it work though because I wasn’t standing back up or sitting up. You could bet your ass on that one!

Manda surprised me again by getting into the shower in her nightgown and lying down behind me. She wanted so much to comfort me and make the pain go away. My Mom was already pretty emotional, but that pushed her over the edge. “Ah, I love you girls so much!” She cried. Mom gave it up at that point. Then she leaned in over the edge of the tub to hug and kiss us. I started to switch gears in my head, I needed to make my Mom feel better. She needed to stop crying. In order for that to happen, I had to stop crying. “Ok guys, I think maybe I have it together now. I love you both so much. How do we get out of here?” I asked. We all took a moment to get our collective shit together. Manda shifted around to sit up in the shower. Mom sat up on the tub’s edge.

“First, we need to clean you two girls up. Then we need to tend to the bed. We have to put Janie somewhere to rest, and figure out how to get her up and down so we don’t hurt her,” Mom pondered out loud. I’m pretty sure she was talking over me to Manda since I got the real name treatment. “Manda honey since you are already in there, step up and take your shower really quick. Our hot water isn’t infinite dear,” Mom directed.
Manda stripped and showered off at my feet. Then she scampered off to the hall for a towel. Then she went to my room to her backpack and her clothes. She got dressed and started on my bed without any directions to do so. Meanwhile, Mom snakes the nightgown I was wearing up and over my head. She helps me clean up with my loofa. It was super embarrassing. I tried my best not to think about it. When Mom had me clean and dried (still in the tub) she called to my dad to help me from the tub to my room

“Ethan,” Mom yelled. Dad came into the bathroom with his soaked wife and naked but covered twelve year old daughter. “Ok Ladies, how can I help here? I’m not sure what I need to be doing,” dad sounded out. “We need to get Janie to her room for some clothes and then maybe to the couch in the game room where she can see the T.V.” Mom said. “Ok Pumpkin, let’s get you out of there and into some dry clothes, eh?” dad says as he steped up to the tub swapping out with Mom. I wasn’t really sure where how we were going to get this done. I don’t think dad was either. Mom chuckled and then she chunked a towel at him from the linen closet in the hall. “Use the dry one Ethan,” she said to him. He draped the dry towel across me, slipped the wet towel out, and wrapped me up like a burrito (swadded me like a baby if you prefer). He reached in and picked me up. By the time we made it to the bedroom, Manda had cleared the bed clothes. She had all the wet sheets and covers in a pile by the door.

“Good morning Amanda, thanks for stripping the bed. Pumpkin, where should we put you huh? I think… Manda please run to the linen closet and grab another towel. Geez, we’ll have a load of just towels before we are done here. When you bring it back throw it on the bed over the wet spot. Then we can lay Janie down long enough to get her some fresh clothes,” dad joked. After Manda got back with the extra towel, dad laid me down on the bed. I was clear of any of my fluids but the smell was still very pronounced. I was starting to feel the meds again. My pain was receding slowly. Unfortunately, the meds were also kicking my sleepy ass. I let out a massive yawn. Manda sat down on the towel next to me and rubbed my back. Dad leaned in kissed my head and excused himself. I laid there for a while waiting on Mom to come in. She had decided to run through the shower to start part of her morning routine.

Mom had dressed in a blouse and a skirt for the day. She entered my room and said, “Hey Manda, is she totally passed out again?” “Yes she is. Her meds kicked in and she slowly drifted off,” Manda said. Manda grabbed my arm and let it drop. “I see that she taught you my trick to see if a Nickie is ready to move to bed. Ha,” Mom said. I was totally unconscious at this point though and had no idea what was to happen next.

“Manda honey, when did she wet the bed? I believe you told me that it happened when you helped her up,” Mom inquired. “Yeah, she lost her bladder all together when the pain of moving from laying down to sitting up hit. She seemed to be a little better on the trip to the bathroom. She seemed like it was survivable once she was upright, but the transition really hit her really hard,” Manda recalled. “Ok, so I think a short t-shirt and some panties are her best shot at not having a repeat performance. Maybe we can prop her up on the couch with a bunch of pillows where she isn’t laying down to start with,” Mom decided. Mom rolled me onto my back, and then unwrapped her sleeping burrito girl. After I was dressed in my t-shirt and panties, dad moved me to the couch. Manda had taken all the throw pillows in the house and made a bit of a nest on our sectional. Since we had the sectional she nested me up in the corner and set the ataman fit into the corner like a Tetris block. They got me nested in and scotched up.

Mom and dad talked to through their options for the day. They both had sick time and could take it, if needs be. If Mom had to call in she always risked losing clients. Dad was the lead on his team of lift drivers. Neither one of my parents really liked to take time off because it was complicated. It was as simple as that. Manda was sitting in the living room with them while they talked through everything. “Janie will be out for another four to six hours. It will be after lunch before she comes to. Manda will be sitting here watching T.V. and calling us if there is an emergency. They can use the guest bathroom (it had a door for access just off the game room). Manda is more than capable of fixing her some lunch and giving her the next pill.”

“In fact, after all that’s went on the last couple of days, I’d let Manda watch Nick after seeing her in action with Janie,” my Mom said. “The bottom line is that she isn’t in any immediate danger. I don’t like leaving her without one of us, but we’d only be home to watch her sleep all day,” Dad reasoned.

“Well, sleep and drool,” Manda laughed. Manda leaned over and wiped my face with my shirt collar. “I will be worrying about her all day Ethan, but there isn’t much we can do here,” Mom continued. “Manda, I will be calling you all day,” dad said. “Well, it looks like Manda has everything well in hand here dear,” my Mom commented. “We apologize ahead of time for all the calls. Keep the phone close so she can rest. We have already called your folks and the school. So missing today is excused for you. Thank you so much dear. I hope our Janie has the chance to return your love and kindness. I hope that she shows you love, compassion, and tenderness your whole life. You two really are sisters,” My mom added leaning over to kiss Manda goodbye and rub my shoulder. Dad had to bail out for work first. Mom sprinted back to the bathroom to finish putting her face on. She emerged a few minutes later to attack her day. She left Manda with a smile and a kiss to her forehead and a kiss to my cheek. On her way out the door my Mom had thought she kept to herself. I wonder if we should have put her on a towel?…

What followed was five hours and fifteen minutes of boredom for Manda. Me? I drooled while Manda watched T.V., went to the bathroom, snacked, and waited around for me to wake up again. I came to a bit after noon. My eyes fluttered open. I woke up with the confusion you only get when you pass out in one place and wake up in another. You may not remember exactly where and how you fell asleep, but you know it was different than where you were waking up. Slowly, my eyes began to focus. I tried to look around and figure out where I was. I found the T.V. first, and then the couch edges came into focus. That was enough to figure out I was on the couch in the game room. Next, I found Manda sitting beside the small coffee table on a bean bag watching Screech do something stupid. I sat very still for a few minutes before testing my toes. My toes checked out ok. I tried a figure four with my legs to shift my hip and try out my core. It was painful but nothing like before. I wet a bit moving around but didn’t notice. So then what did I choose to do? Something stupid, that’s what I chose to do.

I leaned forward to sit up. Immediately I learned two things. One, my core still hurt like a son-of-a-bitch and I couldn’t lean forward unassisted. Two, I had forgotten to do a bladder check before my risky maneuver. Now, I was better than I had been in the night and that morning pain wise, but it was still some wicked ass pain for a twelve year old. Naturally, my bladder said screw you and let loose a bit into my panties. Now since I had a pain improvement over that morning, I was able to pinch off the flow. “DAMN IT,” I screeched. There were no tears this time just anger. I held my breath and tried to rock forward again. No such luck, but I did get the same results. Manda turned round in the middle of my second attempt and noticed my wet panties. “Geez Sis, you nearly scared me to death. I almost wet myself!” Manda quipped. She realized what she said soon as it had escaped her mouth. Manda’s hand came up to cover her offensive organ while shame swept over her face. I was so pissed (and pissy) that I just stared holes into her head waiting for her brain to explode.

Fortunately, I didn’t blow her mind with my amazing powers of “Stank Eye”. Manda leaned forward and grabbed the foot stool and pulled it back from the couch slowly so I could put my feet on the floor. I tried to slip my feet down to the floor, but I just couldn’t brace well enough against my core to lift my legs. I wet some, again. “Will you stop making jokes at my expense and help me stand up? I still have some pee to deliver and I’d rather it be in the toilet!” I barked. Manda looked up at me a bit hurt in the eyes. “Sure baby, I’m here for anything you need,” She said as she got up and grabbed my feet. “Baby, I really didn’t mean that against you or anything. It just kinda came out, but I did notice you were wet again. I’ll help you to the bathroom and then grab you some panties, K?” She asked.

Well, now I had to pee something fierce and I felt like a shit. “Sis, I’m sorry. It’s just I have to hurry to the bathroom, but every time is sit forward I pee a bit more. It isn’t really even just the pain this time. It just seems to happen with the pressure as I sit forward. It feels like I don’t have any control,” I admitted. "Can you hold it just a bit longer? Manda asked. “Yeah,” I said. She was off in a dash and back before I could figure out what she was doing. She slowly lifted my legs again and put a towel under me. Then we worked together to get me standing up for my trip to the bathroom. “Good idea Sis, I leaked again when I got up. This shit is starting to scare me,” I confessed. “When we get you to the bathroom I’ll call your Mom, K?” Manda replied. “Deal,” was all I could muster as we walked. Fortunately, we didn’t have far to go. I leaked a little more as I sat down on the toilet. Since my panties were off, I felt that little bit dribble down my legs. It was humiliating. I admit to nothing cause I’m a strong woman and shit don’t get me down, but I might have let a few sniffles loose on that last little wetting.

Manda rushed off to call my Mom who once again exercised her physic powers by calling just before Manda got to the phone. I could hear them talking, but couldn’t follow the conversation from the bathroom. So I decided to have a little boxing match with self pity. I thought about how all this happened by accident while I was trying to be a big girl helping out with Nick. Now, I couldn’t make it to the toilet either. Rationally, I knew even then that at worse this was a temporary situation, but I was a twelve year old girl and rationality and I weren’t always on the first name basis (hell, now I’m a full grown woman and we don’t always speak!). Dread was welling up inside me when Manda brought me the phone then sprinted off upstairs to my room.

I lifted the phone to my ear and whispered, “Hello, Mom.” “Oh Baby Girl, Your Sister told me about your accidents trying to get up. I’m going to have her put a couple towels down on the couch. Don’t you worry about it at all. Mommy will call the Doctor and make sure nothing is wrong, but I bet you’ll be just fine soon as can be. How are you feeling this evening?” Mom finally asked. “I haven’t had another pill yet but I’m feeling better already. It still hurts, but not as bad as this morning even. Mom, every time I have to flex my tummy I pee a bit. What am I supposed to do? How long is this going to last? I don’t want to pass out again. I’m so sore from staying in one spot to long. Do I have to take the medicine again?” I gushed. Mom replied, “Baby, let Manda help you. You get set on the couch. You have a bit to eat. I’ll call the Doctor’s office and let you know what he says. Ok Sweetie?” “Yeah Mom, that sounds like a plan to me. Hurry every chance you get!” I sighed. “I’ll do my best Baby,” Mom commented. I hung up our phone and put it on the bathroom sink. I leaned back against the toilet and waited on Manda. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get up without her. It hurt and I just had no strength in me.

Manda came back with the laundry basket that had been on the floor in my room. She sat it on the other side of the sink from me and smiled. “Ok Baby, I brought you a few things to wear and clean up with. Remember most of this was your Mom’s idea,” Manda foreshadowed. She pulled out a new top and laid it over the sink. It was one of my favorite t-shirts. It was pink with a pink colored rainbow over my boobs. She knew I liked that shirt and brought it down for me especially. Next, she got out Nick’s travel box of wipes. She handed it over and said, “Baby, wash up the important places and take a Wipie Bath. You’ll be more comfortable that way.” She turned around to give me some privacy while watching the T.V. through the bathroom door. “Oh,” She said as she startled herself out of her own little T.V. comma, “I’ll put the towels on the couch now while you freshen up.” “Mom told me she would have you do that for me. Probably should move me to one end of the couch too. That way the center there can air dry. When Mom calls back about the wetting and the pain pill, I’ll ask her how I need to clean that up so it doesn’t leave a stain,” I said.

Manda sat me up a new nest on the corner of the couch facing the television. She was nearly done when my dad called us again. “Hello, how is my Pumpkin doing this evening? Tell her I’ll be home pretty early today. I told everyone I was cutting out at 5:00 no matter what because my daughter needed me,” he opened. Manda repeated the message to me. She returned my thanks and that I was missing him. She also updated dad on my accidents and pain level. Then she told him my Mom was checking with the doctor’s office. She thought to ask about the couch before he got off the phone. Manda was stuck on the phone with my dad for a while after that. Dad loved his furniture.

I pulled the laundry basket over to my side of the sink after relocating my shirt. There were only a few things left in the basket. It made sense. It still didn’t sit well though. It wasn’t that my feelings were hurt, but I was confused. I thought my Mom had solved the wetting thing with the towels. If she wanted me to wear one of Nick’s diapers, I would have thought she would have asked me to do it while she was on the phone.

Manda must have followed dad’s instructions and started working on the couch because she still hadn’t come back. The laundry basket had one of Nicks size 5 Luvs, a pull-up, and my panties. I suppose Mom was offering me a choice. I would wear what made sense to me, because I was a big girl. I considered it for a little while. The towel would do fine for protecting the couch, but it wouldn’t keep me from sitting in my own urine. The pull-ups were good for potty training. Mom had went on at length about the differences in diapers, pull-ups, and big boy pants when she started potty training Nick. Dad and I had had to sit through Potty Training 101 one Saturday not so long ago. I knew that if I didn’t want to be up and down changing the pull-up I needed to be in the diaper. Mom had told us that the diapers moved the pee away from the skin and protected it unless it was full and pull-ups were designed to let the child know they were wet. I didn’t intend to fill the thing, but I sure didn’t want to be up and down all evening. It still hurt really bad to get up and I’d be wet again by the time I sat back down. I was hoping to get out of taking that pill again too. I would hopefully be awake this afternoon so that would present more opportunities to “need” to go. I wasn’t going in my sleep or anything so I had that silver lining at least.

Stealing my resolve I made my decision. “Sis, are you still on the phone with dad? I’m ready to get off the pot and get back to the couch. I’m not sure I can get this diaper on by myself,” I hollered into the living room. “Yeah, I’m just putting up the cleaner your dad had me use on the couch,” Manda responded. She just stood in my game room stunned. I had just asked her to put me in a diaper. She knew she had heard me correctly, but it still took a moment for it to sink in. She stashed the cleaner in the kitchen under the sink, and then made her way toward the bathroom. Her heart was pounding. “Baby, I’m coming in,” Manda said on her way through the door.

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nice story :slight_smile:

Re: Of Life, Love, and Diapers… Update Chapter 3

Chapter 4 – Decisions and Repercussions

I had been sitting on the toilet for ages. Mom and Dad had both called (ever notice how people have a tendency to call when you sit down on the toilet?). Manda was cleaning up my mess on the couch. I was wetting every time I had to flex my core to get up or down. It wasn’t much but it was enough. The accident on the couch was bad though. I intended to clean it no matter how bad it hurt. Who wants someone else to have to clean up their pee mess? I certainly didn’t. Manda had brought in a laundry basket with some stuff from upstairs to help me clean up after the mess. Among those things she had brought, were a diaper and a pull-up. I had made my decision to follow my Mom’s suggestion for this. The diaper was the appropriate choice for being as still as possible when I got back to my seat on the couch. It was important to me to be awake and not have to take one of those pills again. Manda had just come to the bathroom door ready to take me back to the couch.

I love my Manda. When she came in I was truly happy to see her. I was throbbing sore and I had been sitting on the toilet for a long time now. I was hurting to the upper limits of my twelve years, but it wasn’t as bad as it had been when I woke up that morning. However, it was time to get up and move. “Come here Sis, I need some help off the toilet,” I said. Manda and her brain seemed to be stalled out at the door. I had put on the pink rainbow shirt and nothing else. It didn’t come down very far and was ever so slightly tight. So, I was bare from the midriff down.

Manda zombie walked over to me. “Ok, I’ve been thinking,” I said “I think that if you hug me under my arms and help me up without me flexing much I might be able to get up without having to wash my legs again (I attempted a joke, but it fell flat). I’m going to leave my legs straddle of the toilet so if something does come out it should just hit the toilet.” Manda still wasn’t talking, but I ignored it and put my arms up like a toddler waiting to be picked up. Manda leaned in and gave me a fierce hug before trying to lift me saying, “I got you Baby, First let’s get you up.”

As we stood up slowly, I exposed myself to Manda again. I hadn’t taken to shaving much above my knee caps, at the time, so there was some downy red hair visible, but for the most part my lady bits were smooth, clean, and on display. Once we got stood up forming a bit of a capital A shape, I took a tentative step forward. When I shifted forward to stand all the way up I leaked again. It wasn’t much. There wasn’t much left in me. It was enough to suck though! “Good thing you didn’t put the socks on Baby,” Manda joked. Her joke didn’t fall to the somber mood. It caused us both to chuckle and brightened the mood a bit. “I really feel like such a baby. I can’t control that at all. I can’t even feel it until I feel the wet on my legs,” I sighed. We moved over in front of the sink so I could lean against it. I reached back to grab the wet wipes. I could reach my lady bits, but my thighs weren’t happening.

“Sis, can you get my legs? I can’t reach without bending and I’m afraid of a repeat performance,” I moaned. Manda cleaned up the inside of my legs almost reverently. Caring for injured people requires a giving spirit, and Manda had that in spades. A thought occurred to me and I voiced it, “Sis, you should be a nurse or a doctor when we grow up. You’re so sweet and helped me out so much today. Thanks.” “I love you Baby. I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up, but I do like to babysit and this isn’t that far off of it. Maybe I’ll have a daycare or something, huh?” Manda said. Everything was an ordeal right then. I had decided to wear a diaper to help with this leaking I was doing, but getting off the toilet and back to the couch was such a chore I hadn’t thought about it much since Manda came back into the bathroom.

“I’m as comfortable as I’m going to get standing here. Why don’t you run a towel to the foot stool so we can get me dressed?” I inquired. “Sounds good. Won’t take me just a moment to do,” She replied. She was back in short order and we were off again. Since I was up and under my own control I didn’t have much more trouble until we went to sit me down on the ottoman. Manda turned me facing her with my knees to the towel covered piece of furniture. She looked me in the eyes and asked, “Any ideas on how you want to do this?” It was clear she knew that I knew my body and the situation better than her. It was important to me that she let me decide. I was once again glad Manda had stayed home with me. “uhhhh, I’m not sure. How about if I just kinda fall back while you hold my hands? It’s going to hurt no matter what. I’m going to leak no matter what. So hold my hands and I’ll just kinda trust fall back into the foot stool. Just need to make sure you hold my hands so I don’t roll off or compound the fall,” I said.

“Ok. We can do that or, what about we do it a bit different than that. Huh?” She asked. She turned round and skipped into the bathroom. She came back out with the laundry basket. “I’m going to help you into this pull-up. You can sit down however is most comfortable to you. Then I’ll help you into the diaper?” she asked. “I hate to waste stuff Sis! I’ll use it just barely and then take it off. That does sound better than falling down though,” I said. So Manda got the pull-up out and slid it up my little legs. She really had to work at it to get it up over my butt. It fit well enough though. Surprisingly, though it had more room in it than my bikini panties did. It was pretty comfortable all around. I really liked the feeling. I felt playful and naughty. I wasn’t supposed to be to be wearing a pull-up, but I was. Hehehehe… I’m pretty sure I had a cheesy goofy-ass grin on my face when we finally got it up. “I think you really like the feel of this don’t you Baby,” she said patting my ass.

“Now you are padded, let’s get you diapered up and laid over on your couch.” She said. We grabbed each other’s hands and I eased down to the ottoman. I couldn’t feel the leak when it happened, but it happened all the same. There were so little fluids left in my system that I couldn’t release much anyway, I reasoned in my head. Once I was down on the foot stool, Manda helped me sort out. She reached down to take off the pull-up and noticed I had in fact wet it a bit. It had gummed up right where it covered up my pussy. “Baby, you leaked a bit in the pull-up. I’m glad we chose this route. Now before I put this diaper on you, I want you to know something.” Manda said. Manda steeled herself. She had to let her best friend know that she was the one who put the diaper into the basket.

*** Manda Flashback (Being told to me in a narrative, but recorded here in 3rd person. ***

Manda had gone upstairs after talking to Jane’s mom on the phone. She first went to Jane’s room and looked around to find her a shirt, some panties, and a pair of socks. She found her pink rainbow t-shirt. This brought a smile to Manda’s face. She was with Jane when she got that shirt. “Bingo,” she thought. This will cheer her up. Then she grabbed a plain pair of pink panties. Jane’s mom had asked her to grab a pull-up from Nickie’s room and Manda intended to do as she was told. Manda was still thinking though her feelings on Jane wearing a pull-up. She was positive it was a good idea until Jane had her full control back. Jane hadn’t been reacting well to leaking. She wasn’t sure how Jane would take it though, and she didn’t want to make her mad or make this worse for Jane. On her way out she grabbed some pink striped knee socks out of Jane’s dresser to complete the task. Manda’s wheels were still turning when she entered Nickie’s room.

Manda had approached Nickie’s desk and opened the diaper cabinet below where Nickie’s changing supplies were located. When she opened the cabinet door, the smell of baby powder and plastic wafted over her. She reached in and grabbed one of the pull-ups and some wipes that she threw into the laundry basket. Manda had done just what Jane’s mom had asked her. Lastly, as she turned around to close the door on the cabinet a sudden inspiration hit her. She reached in and grabbed one of Nickie’s size 5 diapers. It was one of those that had the elastic waist bands. Jane’s mom always kept one package a size up in the cabinet. It was just one of the things she did. Hell, Manda knew Jane had a couple pair of panties and socks in her drawer that was larger than she needed just in case. Now Manda’s intention upon grabbing the diaper was strictly as a joke. It was a continuation from their conversation the previous day. It would be funny and lift Jane’s spirit. When she had everything in the laundry basket, she headed downstairs to give the stuff to Jane. She tossed the laundry basket down on the sink on the side away from Jane. She removed the shirt and wipes then said something that she hoped was nice and situationally appropriate because she was too excited to get her joke in. Manda turned around to give Jane a bit of privacy. She decided to start on the couch to give Jane some privacy.

Manda wandered into the game room and moved the pillows to the left side of the couch and started setting up another nap time nest. As she completed a pillow throne for Jane, her dad called. She poked her head into the bathroom and Jane passed her the phone. Jane’s dad gave her some rather lengthy instructions for cleaning the couch and turning on the ceiling fan to dry the material. “I’m glad I got her knee socks,” Manda thought of the warmth they would help provide. About then Manda heard, “Sis, are you still on the phone with dad? I’m ready to get off the pot and get back to the couch. I’m not sure I can get this diaper on by myself.” Manda immediately responded, “Yeah, I’m just putting up the cleaner your dad had me use on the couch.” She was stalling and she knew it. Why did Janie want to put on the diaper? Had her dad told her to? Was she joking? What was she supposed to do? Her best friend had opted to wear a diaper instead of the pull-up. Well in all fairness, given the situation it wasn’t so strange. Still, why the diaper and not the pull-up? Then Manda pushed it all to the back of her mind. She forced her face to a neutral position. I will support Janie. Manda huffed out all of her confusion and put a smile in her voice saying, “Baby, I’m coming in.”

*** End Flashback ***

“So, I put the diaper in there as a joke. I wanted to give you a hard time about wetting so much when you get off. I didn’t put it in the basket for you to wear today. Your Mom didn’t tell me you had to wear it. Your dad didn’t even mention it. Why do you want me to put the diaper on you Baby?” Manda confessed.

My best friend in the whole world, the sister of my heart was concerned. I could see it on her face and hear it in her voice. I was resigned to wearing the diaper. I would do the right thing. I’d do what I thought my Mom would want me to do, and I’d try to do it with a smile. Besides now that my head was clear, I remembered the conversation with Manda from the day before when she stood there with a diaper in her hand talking to me about wetting from rubbing off. I had been sitting on the toilet thinking over my options. I had chosen the diaper. My Mom had drilled into me as Nickie was growing up that diapers are better for sleep because they protect the skin. Pull-ups do move the moisture but they are designed to let the wearer know that it’s wet. They really only hold up to one solid wetting for Nickie so it was good they were designed that way.

“I had chosen the diaper for two reasons. One, I believe my Mom would want me to. Two, I think I want to wear it.” I confessed. When I look back on that situation, I know it to be true. I really wanted to wear the diaper. I’m aware now as an adult and a card carrying member of the ABDL community that I like, want, and need diapers in my life. Of course, back then none of that experience was available so I wasn’t sure what was going on. Just that it was real and I wanted it.

I told myself that while it was weird, I would wear the diaper like my Mom wanted me to. I was twelve years old and was intentionally going to have my best friend diaper me. “I have decided to look on the bright side and use this as a test situation. You know like how much can it hold, how does it fit, what does it feel like, and do I like the feeling. Most importantly, will it hold a wetting?” I blushed laying there on the ottoman. It wasn’t like she hadn’t seen me naked several times in the last 24 hours. We could get through this. She had already lain next to me in the shower so what was this going to hurt?

Nothing, this was going to hurt nothing. We could do this and nothing would change. We would be stronger for it too. Manda had called me Baby again on her way into the bathroom. Her mom weighted tables for several years and it just changed the way she talked. She passed that down to her girls. Most people thought it was flirty. Maybe it was later in life, but it wasn’t for Manda then. I wonder if she’ll see me as a baby with the diaper on?

I love my Manda. I was nervous about the situation and what I had just confessed. I had on the pink rainbow shirt and nothing else. It didn’t come down very far and was ever so slightly tight on what would pretend to be my breasts for several more years. So I was bare from the midriff down. I hadn’t taken to shaving much above my knee caps at the time so there was some downy red hair visible, but for the most part my lady bits were uncovered and smooth. I was naked and exposed again. Somehow, I was confident this time wouldn’t end up in tears of sadness.

“Baby, I’m just not quite sure what to say to that. I know I was the one that suggested the diaper for your heavy wetting, but I wasn’t that serious. I was playing and trying to be funny, but I wasn’t really trying to make fun of you. I wasn’t serious about diapers solving your problems. I watched your face when I put the pull-up on you, though. I make the same face when I put on my favorite pair of jeans. So I know you liked it. But why the diaper? I don’t get it and I’m feeling really guilty here.” Manda went on. Throughout that entire speech I was still laying naked on the ottoman waiting on my diaper.

“Sis, let’s get the diaper on and then when I’m in my seat I’ll try to explain it to you,” I said. All Manda did was smile at me and grabbed the diaper from the basket. “Lift up your legs Baby. I’ll slide the back under your butt and then pull the front up. OK?” she asked. “Sounds like a plan. No matter what happens though, I’ll probably leak when I flex to move.” I said. “Well, let me scoot this diaper under you without you moving. I can press it down into the couch. That way I can get it under you without you having to move. We don’t want your diaper wet on the ass part. HAHAHAH.” Manda decided. “fine,” I huffed trying hard not to laugh myself. “Gah!, Laughing isn’t a great idea for you either!” Manda squealed. She cleaned my ass up with a wipe and slid the diaper underneath me.

Manda was kind of humming by to herself while she worked. I was in another universe. I couldn’t be helpful. I wasn’t there with Manda, but I felt everything. If you’re an ABDL of any flavor, you will always remember your second first diaper. If you’re really lucky, someone you love taped/pined you into it. At twelve years old, I had experienced my worst pain (to date anyway) and one of the best feelings of my life. I was laying there being diapered and my mind was just blank with happiness. I know I was smiling. I know I should have felt bad or guilty or something, but I didn’t. I felt wonderful. Manda was perfect. She loved me and took care of me when I needed it the most. She was my best friend my sister. I loved her so much. Neither one of us knew how much of an impact this Friday would be on the rest of my life. Still, the impact was huge.

She pulled the diaper up between my legs and laid it down across my abdomen. I wasn’t watching anything. My eyes were on the ceiling of the game room and my brain was in heaven. Manda tugged and pulled at the left side of the diaper. I leaned up a bit so she could center the diaper. She pulled the elastic sides around toward the front. The sides stretched just enough to hold. It wasn’t a perfect fit. I was coming back down off of my diaper high and realized she was done and smiling down at me.

I wish I could go back in time and ask her what she saw when she looked at me diapered for the first time in years. I wish I could relive that moment. I wish I had a picture to help me remember how my eyes looked. I wish I could have seen my own smile.

“Can you move for me Baby?” Manda asked. “Yeah, but I’m still pretty sore,” I said. Manda cautioned, “I’m not so sure that’s going to hold. I think the sides are a bit too stretched. But we will stand you up and see how this goes.” Manda grabbed my hands and slowly levered me up. I could feel the wetness creeping down my ass cheeks until gravity brought it straight into the diaper. It seemed like every time we did this I was feeling a little better. Slightly less sore. Man it still hurt bad enough to catch my breath though. Once vertical, I tried to take a step and turn round to my couch throne. It didn’t work so well. The right side of the diaper popped open.

“Sis, grab that pull-up for me. I need a little help to hold these tapes secure,” I said. Manda reached over and grabbed the pull-up. It was a bit wet, but that wouldn’t matter since I had the diaper on. I recall thinking about how awesome it would feel to have both diapers on at once. I was really enjoying the latched in feeling of the diaper and the pull-up would add to the tightness and bulk. Yeah, that would be just right I thought. I stepped into the pull-up and Manda walked it up my legs again. She reached up and reapplied the right side of the diaper. Then she slipped the pull-up over my ass. It went easier that time with the plastic back diaper to reduce friction. The pull-up didn’t quite cover the top of the diaper so you could see that I’m double diapered.

Manda was chuckling at my amusement. She seemed to be happy that I was happy after such a hard last 18 hours. I was happy. Pain or not, I had just stumbled into the chocolate of my life. I knew I was leaking again as I got sat down onto my couch/pillow throne. I didn’t care. It was awesome. Manda turned round to the basket on the floor and grabbed my pink stripped knee socks and slid them up my legs. My outfit was complete. I must have looked like Strawberry Diapercakes in all that pink and purple.

“Ok, spill it girl. Why do I feel bad you needed a pull-up and instead you are beaming like Christmas morning wearing a diaper and the pull-up?” Manda pushed.

“First, hug me. You are the best person I have ever known. I love you Sis,” I pleaded. “Secondly it’s like this. I love these things!” I started.

Re: Of Life, Love, and Diapers… Update Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – So the Mom comes in and asks if the Teen Girl’s Diaper is wet…

There I was 12 years old sitting on my couch in the game room diapered like a 2 year old and smiling like an idiot. My best friend is looking at me with laughter in her eyes and guilt on her face. I was a little wet and had a good amount of bulk between my legs. I had a size 5 Luvs and a pull-up of some kind on. The diaper only just barely fit, but the pull-up did a fantastic job of keeping the tabs taped down. It also added some bulk to my diapered state that only added to the stupid look on my face. I had already wet the pull-up a bit in transit to the couch and then I had wet the diaper moving from the ottoman to my second pillow throne. Manda was standing there with conflict on her face, but she clearly happy for me. She was waiting on an answer. That answer was “Cause I Love It.” That didn’t seem sufficient to my mind and yet, that was exactly what I felt like.

“Ok, spill it girl. Why was I feeling bad that your mom said you needed a pull-up and instead you are beaming like its Christmas morning while wearing both of those diapers?” Manda asked her arm pointing at my crotch. We suffered one of those long pregnant pauses where she needed something from me and I wanted to tell her about that something, but I was still reluctant to answer. It was more than that. I didn’t know how to answer her. I didn’t know how to put into words. It was like I had just had chocolate for the first time at 12 years old. It was not only wonderful, but I knew diapers would be part of my life forever, as long as I had any say in the matter. The only thing was, it wasn’t chocolate it was diapers. Diapers aren’t universal, or everyone would still wear them all the time. Some get it, and some don’t, like programming a VCR. Would Manda get it? It was so important to me that she at least supported me if not jumped on my band wagon. She already knew I liked the diapers so I wasn’t worried she would treat me bad, but I wanted her and my diapers. I was more worried that I couldn’t make her understand, and I needed her to understand.

Manda was getting antsy because we were still stuck in that nearly awkward pause. “Ok, I can only wait so long. I have cleaned up your pee, took you to the “potty”, and diapered your ass. I may have to talk to your mom about an hourly rate or something.” Manda said at length with a little giggle while she attempted to break up the silence. She was touching her chin like she was thinking really hard. I didn’t take any kind of offense, but it seemed like a good time to follow her down the more lightened mood road. “This Baby is getting hungry, and she’s not above crying until you get back with her snack!” I retorted. “Alright, listen here Baby. I’m going to get you a snack while you get your head together. No dodging when I get back. Are we clear?” Manda said on her way back to the living room. I threw a soft halfhearted, “Yes, Ma’am,” at her backside as she walked off. I’m not even sure she could have heard.

Manda came back a few minutes later with a half PB&J sandwich and a sippy cup. I was smirking as soon as I saw her. I was certain that she’d have thought out reasons (maybe even a bulleted list) for the cup, so there was no point in asking about it. Hell, I could think of a few reasons myself beyond the obvious baby theme and teasing factor. Not the least was keeping the couch clean since there wasn’t anything to put the cup on within my reach. All the justification aside, she strolled in like she owned the place then set the plate next to me on the couch. When I noticed she’d made me PB&J in addition to bringing the sippy cup I got a little tickled. I started to giggle and then went into a laugh. I already knew she wasn’t freaked out by the diaper thing, and it seemed like she’d be teasing me a bit but that was to expected. “Alright, Baby (she over enunciated that) spill it.” Manda demanded handing me the sippy cup.

I was prepared to tell her now, or to at least make the attempt. However, when she came back to the living room that tiny laugh I had from the sippy sent my body into pain waves. “OH SHIT, that hurts.” I squealed and grabbed onto my sides. I could feel the pee escaping my nethers and then the diaper was warming up. I had peed again. Damn I like that feeling I thought. It worried me that I didn’t have a say in the matter though. “Ah, Baby I didn’t mean to hurt you again. I just wanted you to have something to drink without cleaning the couch again. I did think it was funny, but I wasn’t trying to hurt you.” she soothed. Manda had put the PB&J down on the couch and kneeled next to me rubbing my knee to comfort me. “I have seen you in too much pain today. I want my Baby pain free, so I’ll try to curb my natural funniness,” Manda practically cooed. She shifted to look up at my face and got a bit more serious, “I still want to know what’s going on here. I’d try it if my folks asked or made me wear a diaper, but I wouldn’t be happy about wearing one. What gives Baby?”

“Ok, listen Manda. It’s seems really simple in my head, but I don’t know how to say it out loud. I don’t know how to say it where I make sure you understand. I’m going to try here but I need you to be nice. K?” I started. I knew this was a very vulnerable moment for me. I wasn’t comfortable, but if anyone could understand it would be her. Manda nodded at me and got up to sit on the ottoman. She was eager to hear. “Yesterday I opened up to you about my Wettings, (again she nodded) then when we were in Nikie’s room cleaning him up you were holding up one of his diapers talking about using my pads to help manage the mess. Then we were talking about my first period where I had to use Mom’s pad until she could get me something for my size. I told you it felt like a diaper because it was so big inside my panties. Well, ever since I wore Mom’s pad in my panties, I get really turned on when I wear one of mine. I end up going through more pads than my period calls for because of that. It’s a good thing Mom doesn’t keep track. Thank God for that! So I already had a thing for those pads in my panties then when you were talking about getting off into a pad while holding that diaper up, I don’t know… I kinda zoned out on you. I was just thinking about feeling Mom’s pad and thinking about that diaper. I couldn’t even cook yesterday I was so out of it! Seriously this has been on my mind really heavy since you held that thing up.”

“Should I be apologizing here?” Manda interrupted. “I’m not sure yet.” I said. “I’m not upset about any of this. I’m so stinking happy to be in this diaper. I feel really good… happy even. I don’t feel so bad about the peeing uncontrollably with this thing on. Plus, I know that if I got off in this it would happily contain it all. I have been thinking a bunch about the pads and then you put the diaper thoughts in my head. I mean I have changed Nickie so many times there’d be no way to count. It never even registered for me. One sentence from you and my clumsy ass is exactly where I want to be.” I said. “So… No I don’t believe you should be apologizing. In fact, thank you Sis!” I continued as cheerfully as I could. Then the tears started. I wasn’t a depressed kid. I wasn’t unhappy either. The happy tears came anyway. They were just a gentle shower down my face and onto my favorite shirt. Manda’s heart must have broken a bit at my tears. She hugged fiercely onto my leg. She rubbed my calf and Shhed me till I got my shit back together.

“I love you Baby Jane. You will never have to worry about me. I’ll change your butt any time. I’ll keep your secret and I’ll love you even more because you shared it with me. I also promise to give you a hard time about this anytime it’s necessary,” she grinned. My tears dried up and I wiped my face dry. I wasn’t crying hard. “These are happy tears Sis. You love me, I love these, and we lived happily ever after.” I smiled down at Manda.

“Sis, hand me my sippy and my sandwich please? I’m starved.” I asked. She handed me the sippy and grabbed the sandwich from the ottoman and handed them to me. “So, what is the plan for your medicine and stuff?” Manda asked me trying to change the direction of the conversation. “Well, Mom was going to call the Doctor’s office to see if I could lay off the pain medicine. She said she’d call us back when she knows something. In the mean time I get to stay awake for a while. I feel restless from all the sleep, but it still hurts to move.” I answered. I wiggled a bit to get more comfortable, and could just make out the crinkle from the double diaper I was in. Queue stupid grin. PB&J is messy even if you are snobby enough to eat it with a fork. So, I was a bit of a mess when I was through. I mean I had licked it all off my fingers and what not, but I was sticky from the jelly. “Hey Sis,” I questioned Manda, “Will you grab me a couple of wet wipes to de-sticky my fingers and face?” “Sure” she replied bouncing off up the stairs.

Just as soon as Manda was out of the room, I pulled my legs up onto the ottoman. It hurt a little, and the movement loosed a bit more pee into the diapers. I smiled again. God I was really growing to love that warm wadded feeling between my legs. I reached down to see if I could get a good pinch on the diaper. I wanted an idea of how wet I was. The diaper was narrower between my legs than the pull-up. It wasn’t perfect for a double diaper, but I stumbled upon a pretty good solution at the time for my size. I could feel the diaper was pretty squishy right under my nethers, but it didn’t feel very wet any were else. I could feel the urine when it left my lips, but I couldn’t do much to stop it, and I couldn’t tell how much I went. Frankly, I thought I had wet more than I had. I couldn’t really feel any significant change in the pulI-up though. I wondered if I had wet less each time or if it was simply that I had expelled most of it on the pot earlier. I mean who knows how much they go?

I was just reaching into the pull-up to get a closer inspection on the diaper when Manda came back downstairs. I felt like I was caught with my hand in the cookie jar. Well, I suppose I was a bit since it was my cookie jar! Well, I felt pretty guilty about the whole thing. So I yanked that crazy hand out of my diaper as quick as I could while sending a window shattering guilty feeling crinkle through the room. I’m sure I blushed a couple shades (pretty easy to see on my completion) since Manda knew what was up soon as she walked in, but she ignored me for the most part. She wore a crazy little smirk on her face and handed me the wet wipes.

“Uh, Sorry I guess.” I told her. “No worries Baby you told me it feels real good. Do you need a minute or two alone?” She chuckled. “No, I don’t need a minute. Thank you very much! I may take a minute tonight, but I will be alright until then.” I told her with a smirk of my own. I wiped my fingers off with the wet wipe and then cleaned up my face.

It felt wonderful to be awake. It felt terrific to be in diapers. I didn’t even hurt really bad unless I took a deep breath, leaned forward, coughed, stood up… well, I guess it still hurt pretty bad, but I was managing at that point. It was still mid-day and I had just polished off lunch. I had slept a lot since yesterday and I was a little stir crazy. “Sis, can we play Mario Kart? I really need to be doing something,” I asked. “Sure can Baby, Player 1 Shotgun!” Manda responded. She got the game set up and we were speeding through Moo Moo Farms when my Mom called back.

“Smith Residence,” Manda answered. “Hey Sweetie, its Sharron. I heard back from the Doctor about Janie. Is she still awake?” Mom asked. “Yes Ma’am, here she is,” Manda replied handing me the phone. “Hey Mom, what did the doctor have to say?” I asked maybe just a bit too chipper. “Baby are you feeling ok? You sound a little wound up.” Mom immediately asked. “Been asleep along time Mom, might have had to many Dr. Peppers while playing Mario Kart though.” I confessed. “Ok, I heard back from the Doctor’s office. They want you to just take half the dosage (so only 1 pill). This will probably still make you sleepy, but they want you pretty still for the rest of the day to get a head start on healing up. Tomorrow they want you to start walking a bit and loosening your core up. It may be a while before you feel 100% though.”

She paused and took a measured breath. “Honey, the Doctor said that you may have some issues with your pee for a month or so. You have likely bruised your bladder and that can take some time to heal. It may come and go for a while after the month too. This will be a hard time for you Baby. I love you so much and I’m sorry this is happening to you.” She gushed the last words. She waited a bit there to let it all sink in.

“So, according to the Doctor I will be leaking for a while, it’s ok, not a cause to be worried over, and it may take some time even after the month for me to be fully under control again?” I asked with that stupid smile on my face. I had recapped it out loud partly for Manda, but mostly to be certain I had it all right. “Yes, Baby that is right. I guess I was a little nervous about telling you.” Mom said. “I umm… did Amanda… are you… did you…” Mom stuttered. I saved her, “Mom, I love you. Yes I’m wearing the diaper and pull-up.” “You found one of Nickie’s larger size 5s then?” she asked. “Yeah, I remembered all those times you talked to dad and I about rashes and potty training. I knew I wasn’t’ going to be up much so when I saw the pull-up, I had Manda grab me the diaper too.” I embellished.

“I won’t lie to you Mom, I cried a bit when I saw the pull-up you had Manda get me. I’m not a baby, but I guess I’m wetting like one right now. I do understand, but it’s weird. I don’t hate wearing them, but I’m glad I’m not at school today.” I finished. I was hoping it was enough to let her know I wasn’t freaked out, and that I could handle my diapers like a big girl. Manda was smirking because I had lied a bit about the diaper and how it came into play, but this wasn’t something I wanted to discuss with my Mom. “Huh, well I’m glad you’re ok. I’m proud of you for being so mature about this. Uh, well I guess I had better get back to work. You still sound a bit too wound up. Let me talk to Amanda. Love you Baby.” Mom said. I handed the phone back to Manda and shrugged my shoulders. I didn’t know why she needed to talk to her.

“Ok Sharron, I’ll get her pill for her right now.” Manda said. Then she wandered off to the kitchen again. My hand was sneaking down between the pull-up and diaper again. I had wet a few times before Mom called while playing Mario Kart. You know it’s still hard for me not to lean when driving the princes around hell bent on nailing Manda with a blue turtle. I noticed that since I was reclining a bit in my pillow throne that the wetness had started to travel backward toward my ass and didn’t make it all the way up the front of the diaper. I had no abs or leverage to lift up and see how bad it was, but it was pretty wet. I hadn’t been tracking the pull-up though so I couldn’t tell how bad it was compared to when I made it to the couch. Manda had kept a steady supply of Dr. Pepper Sippy’s coming my way, so I was pretty wired and had a lot of liquid running around in me.

“I can’t even leave you alone for a minute before your naught little hand is down your diapers. Honestly, I will have to ask your Mom for money by the time this is over!” Manda bluffed. She had been on the phone with Mom for a few minutes while I explored. No doubt she was trying to decide if I had flipped my lid. “Baby, your Mom had a few questions about the situation when I got on the phone with her. Mostly, she was checking on you to make sure you were really ok. Don’t get mad at me because I didn’t break confidence on any part of our conversation, but I may have let it slip that I thought you might be enjoying yourself a bit.” Manda recapped. “Sis!!! You told my Mom that I liked being diapered and I’m not supposed to be mad! Oh My Gawd!” I wailed while flailing my arms around. That’s when I felt most of my Dr. Pepper’s exit. You could just hear the shhhhhhhzzzzz sound of the urine hitting the diaper.

“Oh, Shit!” I exclaimed. Manda had heard the release too. “Well, I hope those hold. Your mom wanted me to change you after I give you this pill anyway. There’s no since in testing limits while you sleep again. That also means I don’t have to trouble you with a trip to the toilet.” Manda smirked. I was loaded up on sugar, caffeine and emotions. Manda wasn’t freaking out but I was. I was stunned. I had just involuntarily flooded my double diaper. Manda had kept my secret for all of 2 or 3 hours. Mom knew I liked diapers. She would tell dad. I was kinda in shock. I couldn’t really process all of this. Manda got on the couch next to me and gave me a good side hug. “I didn’t tell her anything Baby. She said she knew you liked it from talking to you. All I did was agree. You don’t have to worry Baby your mom loves you and she won’t make you feel bad. She told me she was proud of you. Most kids our age would have thrown a fit. You didn’t (air quotes) know (air quotes) you’d like them until you tried them. You were really trying to do what you thought you mom wanted you to. Now l’ll be right back.” Manda was gone trotting up the stairs.

I know I didn’t want a diaper rash so I wasn’t going to pitch a fit about Manda changing me. I was thrilled I didn’t have to run to the bathroom again. It hurt like a bitch. Plus the diaper and the pull-up were squishy and swollen now. There went that damn hand again. As soon as my hand touched my diaper that stupid grin was back. Manda came back down stairs with some supplies and laid them on the floor next to the couch. “Let’s do this.” Manda said in her sports announcer voice. She pulled my ankles till I slid down the pillow throne and my butt was on the ottoman. I had to put my knees up to keep from hanging off. All in all, it made a decent changing table if you were on your knees. Manda was, so it was perfect.

I was still inclined a bit so I had a decent view of the changing. She ripped my pull-up down the sides and pulled it out from under me. Then she opened the diaper. Manda had seen me nude many times. It was only slightly uncomfortable. I know I was still horney and this wasn’t helping. She got the wipes and cleaned up my pussy. That was new and strange let me tell you! Manda kept it as clinical as possible and moved on auto-pilot. She pulled the dirty diaper out from under me and half ass cleaned my ass. She got out the powder and hit my pussy with it. She rubbed it in on the crease of my legs and slid a new Luvs under me. She taped me up. Oh that felt really nice. The powder made it better too. I love that smell. She then slid a pull-up up my legs as far up my hips as possible. Then I flexed. She tugged it over my diaper and I plopped back down releasing some more pee. Didn’t think I had any left at that point.

I struggled back up the pillow throne. “Well, you wet quite a bit Baby. I will have to check and maybe change you more often. That would have leaked very soon. Take this pill and we’ll finish our game.” Manda dictated. “Sis I don’t want you to freak out, but that was awesome. Thanks for not making it to weird, but I loved the way I felt while you were changing me. Let’s drive.” I thanked her. I unpaused the game and started driving. A short while later the pill started kicking in and I dosed off mid-game. When I woke up my folks would be home.

Re: Of Life, Love, and Diapers… Update Chapter 5

A decent story, but you have some issues with spacing. Each separate quote should be a separate paragraph, as this makes it much simpler to tell who’s talking to who. It also makes the story just a bit easier to process.