odd occurance

An odd thing happened…well a few but this one agitates me.

I was spending the day at my parents house so when my dad got home he and I could watch the championship games.

My sister was in the laundry room and screams bloody murder. I ran into the laundry room and found the small bathroom attached was gushing water from the sink.

I opened the counter the sink was attached to and found that the cold water control valve had released.

I don’t just mean released I mean the whole assemble exploded clean off and into the basin of the sink.

I turned off the water and my dad and I checked the other pipes, but none of them had burst.

Only that single control valve exploded under the pressure, it was quite odd.

I figure I have a fun day off work and school ahead of me redoing a valve.

It was very odd…the room is independently heated and my mom keeps it at a constant 65 because she has a sewing machine in the laundry room, so we ruled out frozen pipes.

odd occurance

Integral flaw?

odd occurance

seeing as when I was going to fix the pipe I didn’t realize the insert expletive here who designed the bathroom did a real nice FUBAR job on it I had to go buy another line to attach to the sink and I get to play with fire while fixing it.

A nice new soldering torch