Obligatory Nanowrimo Thread

Anyone planning on doing Nanowrimo this year. In 2020. What is your plan and what genre are you going to write in? Anyone doing an ABDL story.

I should do a rewrite of book two of a science fiction adventure I am writing. Or maybe I will just do Seven Samurai fanfic. I am unsure.

I definitely won’t write an ABDL story.

I am taking vacation for the first two weeks of November and seeing if I can write a lot.

I’m not required to participate this year, so I’m not. :slight_smile:

Honestly, if 2020 is anything like 2016, they’re going to need at least one moderator who isn’t actively trying to write this year.

No one is required to participate any year. MLs and volunteers are welcome and appreciated, but should feel free to take a year or ten off.

And OMG, are people going to stop writing and actively bellyache about current events happening in November? I quit the Nanowrimo Facebook page in 2016 and never rejoined. I lost about two days of writing in 2016 because of everyone arguing with each other. And I know people who were close friends who don’t speak to each other anymore.

There are very horrible people on both sides of politics and I am tired of them all bellyaching.

I’m doing Nano this year, but not an ABDL one. The idea started out as abdl but changed as it developed.

Political crap and one deranged relative and all his nonsensical sperging keep me off FecesBook.

I do appreciate the hardwork the nano staff do and overall try to keep things civil and fair. I tend to lurk on the forums alot, there’s usually some interesting amd entertaining threads.

I was Clawdia’s co-ML for 2016-2018 and replaced her officially in 2019. I thought you guys knew that. :slight_smile:

That’s why politics in banned in our chat room, and why NaNo is limiting discussions of the election to certain threads this year.

Compared to the salt mines that were twitter and Tumblr, the Nano forums were almost calm in comparison. Not that that’s saying much. :laughing:

Oh, CK, you poor, sweet, innocent child. If only you could see the threads on the NaNo forum as the members of the @staff group do.

Heather literally gave one key rule besides the obvious “don’t violate the community guidelines” and that was "no comments about the age, health, or cognitive ability of either candidate. Literally the first and second replies after mine showing how the Staff coloring on a post works? Someone mouthed off about Trump’s age. Second one after that, the same, but Biden.

But that’s all the behind the scenes stuff us regulars don’t see, so to me it looked calm. Reality is you mods/ admin shoveling all the shit before the regs see it, where as twitter and tumblr have regular shit piles every where.

At least Reddit isn’t toxic, if only because everyone stays on topic in their respective subreddits.