Obligatory Intro Thread

Hey there, I’m JenAndTonic. I’ve lurked for a long while but I finally wanted to join and start contributing to the community. A little about myself, female name aside I am biologically a male but I have a bit of gender dysphoria and age play is a space where I can explore being the gender I truly identify with. I choose male as gender since the selection option is binary. As for how I see myself? Sissy, to me, implies a kind of overt, extreme femininity but my little, isn’t like that. I wouldn’t consider myself a Sissy, because to me that implies a sort of over the top hyper femininity which isn’t me. Not a trans-girl either because, due to social, familial, physical, and business factors, the possibility of ever transitioning doesn’t exist for me. I identify as a woman, but as a woman who, shock of shocks, likes generally the same stuff i do (video games, writing, books, geek culture) and is uncomfortable with gendered expectations. I’m settling on LG, even though theres this cloying, sing-song taunt in the back of my mind that ‘Only Real Girls Can Be LGs’ and one day I hope to silence that. My play age is ‘some-many’, but I guess to simplify my headspace is usually somewhere between a 4 to 6 year old, clever but shy little girl (who still has some, ahem, toilet issues). I play other ages too, little and middle, but this is the one I seem to default to.

I’m a writer and will be contributing mostly to the story section, so please swing by and give my stuff a read. I write outside of writing ABDL fiction, so my stories have a more literary bent. Not to disparage because I certainly enjoy it, but theres plenty of wank fiction already. I want to use our genre and tropes to tell real stories. ‘Panda’s Ashes’ showed me you could write serious, literary ABDL fiction. ‘Dante’s Infanezia’ convinced me to finally get up and actually give it a go. I just started writing on another forum, but as a long time lurker here I wanted to join up here as well to write for the audience that has this forum as their primary story site. I hope you’ll find what I have to say enjoyable or at very least interesting. Anyway, at risk of rambling, that’s me. Hello all, how are you?

Note* Had to do a copypaste. I didn’t want to rewrite an intro I had just written yesterday for another site. Some stuff didn’t line up right though, but I think it’s OK now.

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While I’m honored to have been a source of inspiration for you, if you want to read serious, literary ABDL fiction that’s on a whole other level, I suggest heading over to DD’s story section and finding an ongoing thread called “Phone Conversation”. The first “book” in that thread - “Juliet’s Story” - is very nearly Dickensonian in its art.

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I’m fine, thanks for asking. :smiley:

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