O' Rainy Little Girl, a poem.

O` little girl where do you walk?
Between the rain to play and frock!
But won’t you get yourself sick?
Not while I’m in yellow rubber slick,
The rain slides right off my coat and hat,
And puddles and mud stay where they’re at,
That’s on the ground and not in my boots!
And what’s that you swing to and fro?
It just my pink parasol!
And why isn’t it opened up?
Because the rain already slide off me like a duck!
And like a duck you do waddle.
Because, around my hips I am swaddled.
So even in yellow rubber slick,
And parasol to be opened wide,
You’ll still get wet?
Yes sir, but I won’t mind, that I bet!
Well then I’ll leave you to play and frock,
Between the rain where you will walk.

O’ Rainy Little Girl, a poem.

Do we still have a ‘poetry’ sub-forum?

Oh - no.

Anyway - the ‘swaddled’ bit doesn’t really work and actually the whole thing is a bit fast feeling. This comes from the sometimes forced rhyming and also from the overly free verse.

Elizabeth Bishop used to tell her students that most free verse was not. It’s just as strict; it’s not a license to do as you like.

Props for bothering though.

O’ Rainy Little Girl, a poem.

I think that one of the problems is that - particularly in modern poetry - rearrangement of words (maybe it’s because we’re post standardisation) seems more awkward than in older poems. Thus part of the awkwardness of " around my hips I am swaddled".

I also believe that ‘frock’ is not a verb.

I wish I was doing an English degree. The essay I’m currently working on is so fucking miserable.