Not So Savage After All: Chapter 1

Hello everyone. I recently decided to join this site due to a friend of mine that I saw come on here as well. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy my stories that I hope I will be able to share with you all in the future. Give me criticism as needed.

Not So Savage After All

Chapter 1

Organization XIII; the most powerful Nobodies seeking to obtain Kingdom Hearts, a seemingly powerful “force” said to give someone a whole lot of darkness and power if they contain it. To do so, something called Keyblades must destroy Heartless to release the hearts within them, hense causing them to float up to Kingdom Hearts and make it stronger. What a Keblade is is a magical weapon shaped in, you guessed it, a key, and they are quite picky as to who they decide to side with. We Nobodies can’t exactly do this ourselves, since we can’t weild the Keyblades. Instead, we just sit back and let the ones who can do the work.

What Nobodies are exactly isn’t what most likely first thought; they arn’t some losers sitting alone at a lunch table or anything like that. No, Nobodies are beings that don’t exist, and shouldn’t exist, yet do in the form of an empty shell of somebody who has a strong heart stolen by creatures called Heartless. What Heartless are, if my memory is correct, are monsters of pure darkness that go around and steal other people’s hearts. Why? I could care less. All I know is that the hearts they contain are very important to Organization XIII. Now you may be wondering; “Who is Organization XIII?”

Well, be patient! I’m getting to that.

Organization XIII are, as the name says itself, a group of thirteen Nobodies, each with a special ability and personality from their human selves in the form of a mere memory. They include the following; Xemnas, the leader of the Organization. He’s the one who mainly tells us what’s what around the castle that we live in, and doesn’t even seem to share any “emotions” at all. Well actually, Nobodies can’t exactly have emotions without a heart. Not the organ heart, but the “spiritual” heart inside every living thing, even worlds. Without this spiritual heart, where emotions are stored and expressed, Nobodies can’t have feelings, but instead use their memory to remember how to act out certain emotions. Anyway, Saix is actually really the main guy tellin’ everyone what to do and when to do it, but I’ll get to him. Anyway, we, or at least I, don’t really see the big boss much, for reasons I don’t know, but could care less about. I only assume he’s either doing more important things like one would suspect, or just being a lazy ass like Demyx and is sitting in his throne like a spoiled king.

Now next up is the smart-mouthed, sarcasting Xigbar. I’ll admit that eyepatch guy is kinda fun to have around, but sometimes he just pisses me off way too much, sometimes in a good way, and sometimes in a bad way. This one time he took a picture of me while I was in the shower and got pretty much every part of me, boobs and all. Yeah, guess who got more than one scar that day. Xigbar knows how to be mature and whatnot, but apparently not when he’s in the Organization’s stronghold. When he is in it, all he does is crack jokes and goof around. It’s amusing sometimes, but that’s sometimes, not all of the time, which I would prefer more.

So now there’s Xaldin. That guy has anger issues, even almost killed…Axel, I think, when the guy made fun of him. I forget what he said (I think it was about his hair and body build or some crap like that, but he must be very insensitive if that’s the case), but obviously it was enough to get Xaldin’s blood boiling. I usually don’t stay around him, not because I’m scared of the guy, just because he’s boring. I only see him lounging on the couch, and that’s it. I’ve only been around him for a whole day one time, and that one time he would just ramble on about his time before the Organization, and how he once “rescued” this old lady’s sweet rolls or some dumb stuff like that while he was a gaurd at a world called Radient Garden. It didn’t help that he was so monotone while sharing the story, which I eventually gave up on listening to the hulking hairy guy. I think the dude’s Jamaycan, too, now that I’m talking about him.

Anyway, then there’s the popcicle-head Vexen, the lab rat of the Organization. Don’t get me started with me on this fucking nerd, and I gotta go down to his cold-as-hell lab to give him something, since damn Saix can’t do it himself. Lazy bastard. Vexen’s laugh is the main reason why I hate his guts so damn much. It’s high-pitched, sounds like the damn wicked witch of the West, and just overly obnoxious. I dearly hope someday that he ends up blowing up his chemicals, and mutates into some kind of weak…thing so I can kick his ass hard. I can kick his ass in his normal form, don’t get me wrong there, but it would be more fun the other way. If it weren’t for him being a critique about every single detail and overreacting over tiny things (and not to mention his laugh, like I previously said), he honestly wouldn’t be that bad of a guy. Unfortunately, he isn’t, so he can get raped by a horse for all I care. Maybe he’ll get pregnant from it and have, I dunno, vorses…

So there’s Lexaeus now. Not really much to say about this dude. He’s quiet, pretty damn strong, and…well that’s all I know about him. Has a ridiculous hairdo, beefy, though the latter can go with the strong part. Something I discovered about his name, though; if you spell it backwards, it says “sue Axel”. That made me chuckle a bit.

So now……Zexion. He’s a total bookworm, way smarter than Vexen, believe it or not, has a library that’s just like a labrynth, not to mention he’s the second shortest guy in the Organization. He’s actually second-in-command, of what I’ve observed. Xigbar, and pretty much everyone else excluding Xemnas, actually does what he says when he tells you to, with no questions. The only reason I do myself is because I actually respect him somewhat, which I find surprising on my part. I guess the reason is he doesn’t bother me or has ever ticked me off in any way, and quite frankly, I like that. He reminds me of some kind of strange version of dawrf; little, but full of anger to make up for it, except replace the anger with ordering around people.

Now there’s the close to second-in-command, Saix, the moon maniac. He’s the one who gives us missions to do, which I hate to a high extent. The only good thing about them is that we get paid, but the missions are retarded, and the munny we recieve isn’t even that much. We also get these “synthesis items” to make charms or whatever to boost our powers and abilities a little, and have this weird flying thing with a red ball sticking out if his head called a Moogle that makes the charms when we give him the stuff, but it’s honestly a waste of my, and most likely everyone elses, time. So that aside, the missions we get are either recon for an area of a world we haven’t explored yet or mysterious activity in that world, or searching for Heartless, and we don’t even fight them either. I do anyway, just to make the missions a tad more exciting and to keep from melting away into the deadly zone known by many as boredom. Anyway, Saix can be a prick at times. If you do one, just one, teensy-weensy thing that he doesn’t want you to do or that he doesn’t like, he gets all butthurt about it and threaten to tell Xemnas about it “for further punishment”. He’s a total suck-up when it comes to Xemnas. I wouldn’t be surprised if those two were butt buddies. They both most likely have more better things to do, which I don’t care about, really, and we can’t exactly make love without hearts of even care for that sort of thing, but you never know.

The red-headed Axel is up next. Axel is a pretty decent guy, to be honest. I might have even asked the guy out if we weren’t Nobodies. Yet again, I probably wouldn’t, though, because he can be just as annoying as Demyx, who I shall “gladly” explain next. Axel can be fun at times, like Xigbar, and also has his own flaws, besides being annoying, like how he tends to not know when to stop joking around, and goes overboard when it comes to that. There’s a few more than that, but that one tends to stick out the most. He’s a collective guy as well, and tends to mind his business as necessary, which is good since I don’t want him butting into my conversations if he didn’t. I hated when people did that when I was a somebody.

So as I said before, Demyx is next, Mr. Mullet, and is by far the most annoying person alive. I don’t even know how that kid survived high school, or life at that. He’s whiny, always complaining, so lazy that “lazy” isn’t even a good enough word to describe it. I don’t even think he even does his missions. He does go out to “complete” the missions, but I bet he goes and does something else to pass the time, like stuff his face or go surfing. He gets paid either way, and that really pisses me off. I understand that the missions are boring and exhausting, but you don’t see me complaining. Well, I do complain, but just not around people….most of the time, but that’s besides the point. I think he should be supervised at all times, but not by me. If I were to babysit that kid for even a nanosecond, Saix would surely be hearing a complaint from me.

Well, now for the only person in the Organization I actually respect, which is Luxord. The man’s awesome, to put it in a nutshell. He’s the only one that acts mature 24/7 in the castle, not to mention that he’s the master of poker. I never played against him, mainly due to me not even knowing how to actually play poker, but I have watched him play a few games, and I’m just going to say that if I did know how to play poker, I’d never play against Luxord, since I’m actually smart. He’s not seeing me naked. It’s quite funny when he is playing strip poker with the other guys, since by the end he would be the only one who would still have every single piece of clothing he had on before the game started. I personally think that the guy cheats, but either way, it is extremely amusing to see the others groan and complain when they loose against him. I honestly think they should just give up, but they can’t process the fact that they will keep loosing no matter how many games they play against the British guy.

Now we’re coming to the end of the breif discriptions of everyone I’ve kindly took the time to tell you about, the next person to introduce being Marluxia. He’s more serious than people think he is, and the first one out of all of the members to actually talk to me. He made a pretty damn good impression on me that one time, and he has been the main person that I’ve been talking to ever since. The others think he’s all about flowers and gay shit. That’s technically impossible, since we can’t feel affection to other people or items without a heart. At least, not actual feelings. But yeah, I respect him as much as I do with Luxord, except in a different way. We even have this plan we set up which we want to begin soon, since it’ll be too late if we don’t act upon it. He made a good point to me once; the thing Kingdom Hearts that Xemnas mentioned to us is supposedly going to give us our hearts back as soon as it is completely finished, but Marluxia asked if it would be worth it in the end. I mean sure, it would be great to have feeling and emotions like we all used to have, but with the good feelings comes the bad ones. Would it be worth those bad ones to have a heart again? I’m still pondering that question, but I don’t let it bother me too much, since it isn’t important to me at the moment.

Now finally, at least almost finally, is Roxas, who is just some guy who just recently joined Organization XIII two days ago, I believe. He’s strange, and hasn’t even spoken a word to any of us. Xemnas said that he doesn’t have any memories of anything, which is why he is acting like he doesn’t have a brain in his noggin. I don’t give two shits about that though. As long as I’m not involved with him at all, I could care less what he does. The only thing special about him is that he is the very first Nobody to wield the Keyblade that I mentioned, which in all honestly, he wouldn’t be important to any of us if he didn’t have it. Whatever though…

And now*last, but most certainly not least (with major emphasis on not) is me. My name is Larxene, the Savage Nymph, the bitch of all bitches, the queen of sadists, the incredibly sexy woman who no one can resist but can’t touch. No one messes with me, and I mean no one. If they do, they’ll wish that they weren’t themselves after I send a few thousand volts through every single cell in their body. That’s right, I can control electricity, and it’s pretty damn awesome. Now you’re probably wondering why I didn’t say what everyone else’s abilities were. I said Marluxia’s I think, but I actually care about him a little. Anyway, that’s simple; I know what they are, but I don’t care about what they are, since you could live without knowing. I personally think I’m more important than the rest of those bozoos, since I’m one of the few who actually can think rationally and not think with their muscles or whimper in the corner, but that’s just me. I’m probably wasting time explaining all of this to you, cuz I gotta go deliver this letter which I’m not allowed to read for some reason to Vexen. I really don’t feel like doing this, at all, since all I’m accomplishing here is moving a piece of paper from one place to another, but I also don’t feel like getting punished because I didn’t. But seriously, what’s the worst Saix could do to me, spank me? I mean, it’s just a letter, and if it is that important, then he should have a copy of it somewhere.


After an hour or so of wandering the castle, not because it is so damn huge, but just to stall a little more from doing what I was told to do by Saix, I knocked loudly on Vexen’s lab door, knocking in a way that said I wasn’t afraid to break a nail, unlike most of those teenage girls I remembered from high school. I always knocked on Vexen’s door as loud as I could, in hopes that I could make him mess up whatever he may be doing and hear a satisfying explosion afterwards. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet, and didn’t happen today. Hearing Vexen not calling to come in, I invited myself in. I knew he would be pissed that I did, but that would be his fault for not hearing me knocking. If his ears weren’t stuffed with test tubes to care about anything, he would have responses right away. Oh well. His fault.

Right when I opened the door, a blast of cold air hit my entire body, making me shiver a bit. Vexen could at least turn down the AC a bit, and I did tell him that, but he got mad at me for no reason as always and told me that it had to be this cold, since it would spoil his ingredients or something stupid like that. Whatever these ingredients were made the lab smell salty and have a hint of dead animal mixed in with that, too. It made me gag a little each time, but I’ve gotten use to it enough to not make me nausious for the rest of the day. You wouldn’t believe how much I wanted to puke the first time I went into his lab, and on Vexen esspecially.

I couldn’t spot Vexen anywhere, and his lab wasn’t that big either, so it wouldn’t have been too hard to find the scrawny man in this oversized refrigerator. He must have been out doing something, since he’s never anywhere else but in his lab 98% of the time. And to add to that, you could always hear bubbling from outside of the lab, and I most certainly didn’t. My hearing is perfectly fine the last time I checked. I just shrugged it off, like I do with most bizarre things I happen to notice or run into, and placed the letter on one of his lab tables. A job well done, I would say. More like I’m glad this is all I have to do today compared to the shitload of stuff the others had to do. Forbid if I had to do that as well. So anyway, something interesting enough to catch my eye suddenly came into my view from the corner of eye before I could make the decision to finally leave. It was very weird of it to do so, since what the thing I spotted looked kinda like pills. They were shaped like them, at least. Why the hell they caught my attention, I couldn’t answer myself. Maybe it was because it led me to some small theories like the possibility that Vexen was a pill popper, or that he was older than I thought, and they were medication for his back pains or something. It wouldn’t surprise me if the later were true, since he is pretty old compared to the rest of us. They could just be sugar pills, though, or just something for his stupid experiments he does every single day. They could even be something for the Organizations plans, whatever the hell these would have to do with them.

Either way, I picked one of them up and looked at it for awhile, longer than really needed. I thought about licking it to see if it tasted like pills, but I wasn’t that stupid; if I did, I might end up throwing up and shitting all day tomorrow, and I definitely wouldn’t be a happy camper if that would end up being the consequences. I just shook it off as just plain ol’ pills after viewing it for five minutes or so (which I again questioned why I wasted so much time looking at the tablets), and I went to put it back with the other several pill-like objects, when I then noticed one of Vexen’s vials, filled with a yellow liquid. Yellow’s my favorite color, as obvious as it was for anyone who knew me, which was the reason the vial got my attention. Plus, it was strangely the only one Vexen left out. With that in mind, and the pills as well, it left me to question something; it didn’t exactly cross my mind the second I entered his lab just a few minutes ago, but I have been in here before when Vexen wasn’t, and he never left anything important out, so why we’re these things? Was he just in a hurry or something like that, and just went “Screw it!” and left this out here in the open? I grinned at that thought, and quite widely too, as this meant this could be a chance for me to mess with Vexen. I had no idea what this was going to do, and it would probably be the most idiotic thing I would ever do (no more than what Demyx would do, which most likely would have been to eat the pills and down them with the piss from the vial), but if it meant ticking off Vexen just a little bit, that’s all that would matter to me, even if I died because of it. Yeah, I hate him that much.

Quickly, but carefully, I placed the “pill” into the strange liquid, then stepped back and waited to see what would happen. I was ready for it, whatever it may be. I was actually a little excited about it as well, surprisingly, even of this was just a small thing. This small thing was going to, or hopefully going to, be the source of my entertainment and torment on the scientist, however. I wondered wildly as to what might happen, my imagination beginning to be released as thoughts in my head; would a blob form and be under my command, then eat Vexen? Would it give me invisibility from just wafting it, which would give me the ability to sneak up on Vexen at any given time? Would it perhaps give Vexen a nasty fungal growth throughout his lab that would take him months to clean up and get rid of before he could do another one of his precious experiments again? My body was full of excitement as these hilarious ideas ran through my head like an Olympic runner. That is, until I realized that nothing was happening. The pill just floated there, and nothing more. It was disappointing, since I was really looking forward to some kind of reaction more than with most other things I consider worth in my existence, or non-existence if you would prefer. It soon hit me that it may have been just been Mountain Dew I got excited over, and Vexen just forgot to drink his soft drink before it finally went flat, since there were no bubbles or fizzles in it, and these pills really were medication for arthritis he had, which that made me feel more stupid than ten Demyx’s combined. All I had accomplished was that I semi-ruined one of the pills, if this truly were the case. I merely sighed, and turned around to get out of this freezing place, when a small bang came from behind me at the last second, and a weird mist soon filled the lab faster than I could even react to it, which as a result made me inhale a lung full of it and then began to cough like an 80-year-old who had been smoking since their teens. I waved my hand in the air quickly to clear the mist so to get some visibility while my other one covered my mouth and nose so not to inhale to much of this sudden mist. My first instinct after I had gathered my nerves from the sudden surprise was to turn around to the liquid I placed the strange pill thing in, and could see clearly enough to notice that there was no longer anything in the vial, thanks to my flailing hand clearing the area around me.*I guess what I did worked, whatever it is I actually did. Hopefully, this fog or whatever it was I actually created wouldn’t do anything to me. This mist would do, though, and it would be perfect for Vexen to get a mouthful of and choke to death. If I was lucky, that is. With this in mind, I snickered as I exited the lab, quickly shutting the door so none of the fog got out and not uncovering my mouth and nose until I did just that. There wasn’t any ventilation in there, which was now a big mistake for “poor” ol’ Vexen, so the guy was in for just as big of a surprise as I was when it appeared when he decided to come back here. This was going to be worth the bickering that was clearly to come in the near future.


Well, Vexen didn’t choke to death, much to my disappointment, but it did push his buttons. Alot of his buttons at that. I was trying my absolute best not to laugh, as much as I wanted to, as the man yelled at me once again, but this time for a good reason on my part. If you could see the look on Vexen’s face, then you would most likely be holding back a laugh as hard as I was, since it was pretty damn funny.

“What the hell did you do to my labratory, number XII!?” Vexen nearly screamed at me.

Of course, I replied in my own special way, snickering inbetween my words. “Well, nothing much, really. Just filled that rat hole with piss-colored smoke. I thought it was an improvement and nice addition to the usually bland and depressing color scheme you got going on down there. You brought this on yourself though; you really shouldn’t leave stuff laying out where people could get them, Vex.”

“Or maybe those people should leave their damn fingers off of those things like a mature person should, which you obviously are not!” the angry scientist replied back, making me snicker even more. I couldn’t help it, since it was * so amusing whenever he got upset over something worth getting upset over. “You completely shattered my chances of creating the most…never mind what you ruined, since you don’t need to know, but with your knowledge over what you screwed up or not, I am extremely unhappy about this! Lord Xemnas will be as well when he hears about this!”

“Trust me, Vexen, when I say that you’re lucky that it was me down there and not, say, Demyx instead. Now that would’ve been a mess.” What I said couldn’t be anymore closer to the truth. Knowing Demyx, and I know the little brat well, more than I needed or wanted to honestly, he would have his hands on every single molecule hanging around in Vexen’s lab and cause more than simple cloud to give Vexen a bad day. “Oh, did you get Saix’s letter, by the way? He said it was important.”

Vexen growled at me, and made a weird grunting sound as he turned around and began walking off. “I do not have time to deal with the likes of you, Savage Nymph! You should consider yourself very lucky that what you did was only a minor! Nonetheless, you will be punished for this! Mark my words, XII!”

After Vexen was out of my sight and hearing zone, and made sure that this was absolutely true, I went to my room to relax, but before I fully did, I finally released the laughing fit I held back for so long while the popsicle was yelling his lungs out at me. I nearly busted a gut during it, and if I did have a heart, it would’ve exploded due to it. I just couldn’t stop! I laughed and laughed and laughed, to the point where I lost track of what time it was. It was really that hysterical to see Vexen get all grumpy and pissed-off like this. I think I might have peed myself a little while laughing, but who cares? Not me, of course! Once I did finally calm down, I flopped onto my bed and sighed heavily as I began to catch my breath from the giggles and snorts that would have surely made me run out of air if I didn’t stop at that moment. I was right; it definately was worth being yelled at in exchange for screwing around with Vexen. That yellow mist I ended up making was concerning me slightly, though. What if it did end up doing something to me, and I actually would end up throwing up and shitting all day tomorrow? That was my thought about licking the pill, but that mist was the result of the pill, so it surely would have been floating around in it in the form of microscopic particles. I was probably jinxing myself by thinking like this, but also believed I was just being dumb again. I could just be thinking about something that shouldn’t even be thought about, in the sense that it didn’t matter. I guess I’d find out soon enough, though surely there was nothing to be finding out about. I’m just over thinking a petty lingering thought, most likely. I mean, a little smoke won’t do anything, since it’s just that; smoke. I’m pretty sure.