Not-So-Manly (a very short story)

(No, this isn’t a real story, the main character is just named after me. I made my last story Sophie’s Fate in third person, this’ll be in first person instead. As with my previous story, I’m crap at writing so don’t expect a masterpiece. I never plan anything at all when I did this and I improvise the entire thing.)

I woke up on my 21st birthday, feeling completely refreshed, more than I had in months. I opened my eyes, sat up, and stretched.
“Happy birthday!”
If I hadn’t gone to the bathroom during the night, I definitely would’ve peed then. I visibly recoiled backward and ended up not-so-gracefully falling off my bed.
“Oops! Are you okay?”
“Damnit Grace, you gotta stop doing that. You scared the daylights outta me.”
“Hey at least you don’t pee when you get scared. I have to wear pull-ups because of that. Well, that and my bedwetting.”
“So what are we doing for my birthday?” I asked, quickly getting to my feet.

“It’s a surprise, silly!”
“It’s my birthday, just tell me.” I said, aware that I sounded unnecessarily grumpy or unamused.
“You gotta have patience, I’m not just gonna tell you immediately.”
“Like you have any patience.”
“Hey that was uncalled for!”
“And you’re still wearing a wet pull-up, I can smell it.”
“My pee doesn’t smell that much!”
“Then who else could be wearing a wet pull-up?”
“I don’t know! Stop it!” Her face was hilariously red. I wanted to laugh, but she probably would’ve smacked me if I did.

“I know you like wearing those, but I didn’t know you liked wearing them when they’re wet.”
She crossed her arms and made a “Hmph!” back at me like a toddler.
“You already wear the underwear of a toddler, you don’t need to act like one.”
“I can’t help it, you big meanie.”
“You can’t help that you’re the cutest and prettiest girl in this state?”
“You’re a flatterer. And I’m not talking about how you flattened people in high school football.”
“Can I go shower now? Preferably without you stealing my clothes.”

“You’re gonna shower without me? How could you!” She said, trying to sound offended but accidentally smiling.
“I think I need a break from showering with you, no offense.”
“I’ll make dinner tonight if you shower with me.” She tried to sound convincing, but I knew she would somehow screw up dinner.

"You have the cooking skills of a squirrel. I took cooking classes in high school and aced them, then worked in a 5 star cafe for a year.
“That doesn’t mean you’re good.”
“Like you could do any better.”

After several years of us being together, I was used to her impressive hyperactivity that made her seem “crazy” sometimes. I thought it was kinda cute, and secretly I was turned on by her pull-ups. Every once in a while she would casually walk around the house with no pants on and I’d struggle to keep my eyes off it. I really wanted to touch it, and sometimes I even thought about wearing one.

They weren’t even close to fitting me, not that I ever tried such a terrible idea, but I was noticeably larger than her in overall size and height. Grace was short and I was still only 5’11, but I nearly towered over her. Not to mention I could probably bench press her. Her size and her energy matched that of an oversized toddler, and as I mentioned before, her bladder does as well.

We stopped arguing, if you could even call it an argument, then I got in the shower for some peace and quiet. I adored her, but she was a little obnoxious sometimes. It was hard to believe that she was a professional DJ at a club, and that she got paid a lot for it.

Only a minute into my shower, Grace quickly opened the shower curtain and yelled at the top of her lungs. I recoiled backwards but didn’t make a sound.
“Oh come on, I thought you’d get more scared! Please, can I shower with you?”
“Not today. Can I shower now?”
“Fiiiine, I’ll let you shower, you party pooper.”
“That wasn’t a ‘party’ that was an invasion of privacy. Now shoo!”

I finished getting dressed, thankful that Grace hadn’t stolen my clothes, then carefully treaded our house as if I was expecting an ambush. The funny part was that I was expecting one.
“Grace? It’s my birthday and you still haven’t done anything about it.” I called out.
“I’m getting dressed!”
I could tell she somehow got into the bathroom without me noticing. She wasn’t much of a dress wearer, but I thought she looked great in dresses. The first time I saw her in one was during a school dance, but her parents picked it out for her and practically forced her to wear it.

I waited by the bathroom door and heard a slight crinkle coming from the bathroom, obviously her pull-up. I thought about it for a moment and imagined her in nothing but a pull-up, but I remembered they were almost completely silent and wouldn’t have made much sound. Was it just a thicker and bigger one, or was it something different? I obviously couldn’t see it, but I was excited in multiple ways by the thought of it.

I was tempted to open the door and look, but I respected her privacy, even if she didn’t respect mine very much.
“I’m expecting you to either come out naked or in a dress, but you don’t like dresses, so at least warn me if my assumption is correct.”
“I wouldn’t say naked, it’s more like half naked.”
“That’s not much better.”

“Uh-huh, you definitely won’t get a boner from seeing me naked. You can pretend all you like, but I know you fantasize about me. Don’t try to hide it, you stare at my ass at almost every opportunity you get. And don’t think that I like you any less for being a little perverted, because it’s natural to be attracted to a woman, but I feel like it’s only fair that I satisfy your… needs.”
“Needs? What do you mean ‘needs’?”

“You’ll find out. Don’t you worry. I know what you’ve been trying to hide and you don’t need to hide it, I’m your girlfriend after all. It’s my job to please you and make you happy, and that’s exactly what I plan on doing. No, this isn’t a prank, this is a reward that you fully earned.”

The more I thought about what she planned on doing, the more turned on I became. I couldn’t get her body out of my head, but I didn’t want to. All I could think about was her and I didn’t want to think about anything else. Perfection is mostly just a goal people strive for but never achieve, but I was convinced that if perfection in a human being’s body excited, it was definitely hers.

The bathroom door opened and I stood there in pure astonishment. I didn’t know how red my cheeks were, but I assumed they were visibly red.
She was dressed in nothing but a thick pull-up and a pink bra. I had only seen her like that 2 other times, once when she was sick and once when I accidentally walked in on her getting dressed. Obviously, the first thing I noticed was her pull-up, and how abnormally thick it was.

Unlike the usual pull-ups she wore, it was covered in Minnie Mouse designs. It looked like something a toddler would wear, but thicker and more protective against accidents. She chuckled at the stunned expression I wore, amused and satisfied that I was enjoying this.

“You can look all you want, but this may be the last time you’ll get such an opportunity. You’re desperate and it’s adorable, but I’d like to give you one last experience of sexual excitement before I strip you of all manliness and pride you have.”
“You heard me. I couldn’t be more serious. You’ve been keeping secrets from me and I know all about them. I have big plans for you, all I have to do is decide when to execute it.”

“You’re being way too vague! I may be desperate, but that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna question whatever the hell you have planned!”
“Calm down. There’s nothing to panic about. Now tell me, are you turned on by diapers and pull-ups?”
I nodded slowly. I may have been almost twice her size, but I was significantly more shy than she was. The only reason I wasn’t a complete introvert was because of my experiences in football, and she was way too energetic to be introverted.

“That’s what I thought. Are you even more turned on by seeing me wear pull-ups?”
I nodded again.
“Good. Have you masturbated within the past 6 months? Be honest, please.”
I shook my head in complete honesty. I didn’t have anything against it, but I didn’t do it myself.
“Hm, that’s surprising. Would you like to wear pull-ups or diapers?”
I nodded.
“Excellent. So far I’ve predicted your every answer perfectly. Are you submissive or dominant?”
“Submissive, or dominant. You know what I’m asking.”
“Submissive…” I mumbled, filled with embarrassment.
“Louder, honey.”
“Submissive.” I said with the intent of making it quiet but audible.
“Good enough. Are you turned on by me using pull-ups, and if so, are you against the thought of doing it as well?”
I nodded again. I was enjoying it but I was too embarrassed to admit it.
“Now don’t feel embarrassed or exposed. You’re fully clothed and here I am in just a bra and a pull-up. I truly hope you were being honest because that information is very important to me. I’ll keep it a secret. I may like embarrassing you, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna tell everybody about it.”

“Now what’ll it be, lover boy?”

(Just to clarify, the main character isn’t really me, I just named him after me. I won’t be continuing this story, but anyone can continue it as long as you give me a little credit for it. I was gonna keep going with it, but decided not to. Some things are better left unfinished.)

I appreciate the feedback, and the good advice. I’m fully aware I’m garbage at having good detail, but I really am very new to writing and I just use whatever skill or knowledge I have. I know a lot of people like to make the age old excuse that they’re knew, and I won’t constantly make that excuse, though it really is true. I hated writing in high school but when I found something that I actually could write about, I felt a lot better about it. I haven’t posted anything on any other platform and this is only the second story I’ve ever made. With the first part of my first story, I didn’t even space between paragraphs. That’s how focused I was on just having fun with it. I kept going with the occasional reminder that it’s a pain in the buttocks to read when I don’t space it, but I still just went with it.

I like this and will be looking forward to reading more.

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