Not-so-lazy Sunday (Nikki & Sarah 4)

Here we go with part four of the story about Nikki and Sarah. This part starts the day after Breaking the Habit, so if you haven’t read it, you should probably do so first.

Not-so-lazy Sunday

Sarah giggled. The deep, red plush of the carpet tickled her bare skin as she crawled down the hotel hallway behind Nikki. She had to admit that it was hard not to be distracted by Nikki’s butt, clad in tight, black latex pants, swaying hypnotically only inches away from her face. The surface was so polished that Sarah could see her own funhouse reflection. Suddenly she felt a tug on her collar. Apparently she had lost focus and slowed down and Nikki had pulled the leash slung over her shoulder to urge her along.

They reached the railing of the mezzanine overlooking the crowded lobby and Sarah knelt by Nikki’s side “I still can’t believe this is legal,” she said, looking at all the people below. Nikki didn’t answer. She only bent down to adjust Sarah’s outfit. Although calling it an outfit was rather generous. It was really just a collection of narrow leather straps.

“Mistress?” Sarah said quietly.

“Yes sweetie?”

“May I please go to the bathroom?”

“Of course,” Nikki said with a smile, “but be quick. You don’t want to be late for your spanking down there.” She nodded towards the lobby below where somebody was setting up some furniture that would never be seen in an IKEA catalogue.

Sarah got to her feet and got a playful little swat across her butt before she hurried off towards the bathrooms. It didn’t take her long to find them, but by the time she reached a stall she was close to bursting. Undoing the necessary buckles and sitting down, Sarah relaxed and let go. Hang on, something’s not right h-

Sarah’s eyes flew open and she threw the duvet aside. Shitshitshitshitshitshit. In the dim light filtering through the curtains she could clearly see the hand-sized wet spot on the pale blue flannel sheet. She rolled out of bed and started hurriedly pulling off the sheet wanting to get them off before too much soaked through to the mattress.

“Wha’?” came a sleepy voice from underneath the piled-up duvet.

Shit! Nikki. One end of the duvet rose to reveal Nikki’s sleepy face. She looked at the naked Sarah tugging at the sheet; confusion evident on her face. Then her gaze moved to the sheet and she realised what was happening.

“It’s not… I mean, this… I don’t usua-”

Before Sarah could finish, Nikki crawled out from under the duvet and put a finger to her lips. “It’s OK sweetie,” she said. “Don’t worry. I’ll fix this. You just go get cleaned up.” Nikki gently took the sheet from Sarah’s unresisting hands.

Sarah just stood there paralysed; her mind was a turmoil of excuses, reasons, frustrations and things both said and unsaid. She really didn’t know what to do. Nikki climbed out of bed and rolled the dry part of the sheet under the spot before turning her attention to Sarah.

“It’s OK honey,” Nikki said. “You just had a little accident.” She pulled Sarah into a hug and slowly stroked her back, whispering reassuring nothings to her.

“Look at me sweetie,” Nikki murmured after a while. “I’ll fix things here. What I want you to do right now is just go take a shower. Can you do that for me?”

Sarah sniffled and nodded. Nikki took her hand and led her to the bathroom.

Nikki unbuckled Sarah’s collar and put it next to the sink. “Now take your time sweetie. There’s no rush.”

For a few seconds after the door closed, Sarah just stood there, shocked. She had wet her bed, something she hadn’t done since she was a kid. Unless you count yesterday, but that was on purpose. And to make matters worse, she had done it while Nikki had been sleeping right next to her.

Sarah just sat down on the toilet, feeling more overwhelmed than anything else. She could hear sounds coming from the bedroom. When she was done, she stepped into the shower, letting the hot water rinse off her shame and dismay. She had just began soaping up when she heard the door open.

Don’t mind me," Nikki’s voice said. “I’m just putting the sheets in the washer.”

“I’m sorry Nikki. I messed up this weekend.”

Nikki peeked around the shower curtain. “Will you stop saying that? You wet the bed. It’s not the end of the world.”

“But I haven’t done that since I was a kid,”

“Yeah, well, you haven’t worn diapers and wet them all day since then either. Also, the wine probably didn’t help.”

“But still…” Sarah protested.

“Sweetie, I’ve already made you wet yourself on purpose. Do you really think I’d think less of you if it happened by accident?”

“I guess not,” Sarah mumbled, barely audible over the noise from the shower.

“Good. Now finish up in here and come back to bed.” Nikki withdrew her head and a few moments later Sarah heard the door close.

Sarah finished showering and after wrapping her hair in a towel turban, she threw the wet towels into the washing machine and switched it on. When she opened the door to the bedroom, Nikki was just tucking in the last corner the sheet.

“C’mere you,” Nikki said gave Sarah a hug. “Feeling better?”

“A little,” Sarah admitted.

“Good. Now, just so this doesn’t happen again,” Nikki said as she steered Sarah towards the bed, “we’re going to have to take a few little-girl precautions.”

“What do you mean, little-girl precautions?”

“Just sit down sweetie.”

Sarah sat down on the edge of the bed and immediately noticed that the mattress felt a little strange under the sheet. It took a couple of moments for her to connect the dots. Then it dawned on her.

“Plastic sheets?” she asked incredulously.

“Like I said: Precautions,” Nikki said as she picked up a large towel. “Now lie back and lift your butt and let’s see if I can remember how to do this.”

Sarah scooted back on the bed and lifted her butt off the mattress.

“Legs apart.” Nikki quickly folded the towel and slipped it under Sarah’s butt, pushing down on her hips to signal her to lower her butt onto the thick layer of terrycloth.

“You’re kidding,” Sarah said when she realised what Nikki was doing. “I don’t need this. I’m not a baby,” she complained.

“Of course you’re not,” Nikki said reassuringly. “We’re just taking some extra precautions. Besides, we need that last diaper of yours for later. Now hold these two for me.” She wrapped two ends of the towel around Sarah’s waist.

Next, Nikki pulled the last corner up between Sarah’s legs and folded the end in place.
“I don’t suppose you have any safety pins big enough for this?”

Sarah just looked at Nikki.

“Didn’t think so.” Nikki tore off a long strip of duct tape and used it to hold the front of the diaper in place. “There we go. Almost done,” she said cheerfully and added a couple of extra strips of tape to make sure it would stay on.

“And for ze pièce de résistance,” Nikki said with an exaggerated French accent and held up what looked like a pair of huge, black granny panties.

“What the hell are those?”

“Oh you’d be amazed at what you can do with bin liners.” Nikki shook the improvised plastic panties open and slid them up Sarah’s legs. “Butt?”

Sarah raised her hips and Nikki slid the black plastic over the white cloth and added more tape to keep it in place.

“Now let’s get a look at you.”

Sarah stood and waddled a few steps before doing an awkward pirouette. “I feel like I have half a mattress between my legs,” she complained.

“Maybe, but you look adorable. In fact there’s only one thing missing.” Nikki said. “Give me a sec.” She darted out the door and returned with Sarah’s collar.

“There we are: Perfect.” Nikki smiled as she put the collar around Sarah’s neck.

“I feel ridiculous,” Sarah said, using both hands to adjust the bulk of her diaper.

“Oh stop whining,” Nikki lay down on the bed and patted the mattress in front of her, “and listen to your mistress when she tells you to get back in bed.”

Sarah rolled her eyes theatrically. " Yes Ma’am."

Nikki chuckled as Sarah snuggled in close. She pulled the duvet over the both of them and slipped her arms around Sarah’s waist. “Feel better now?”

“Yeah, but it still feels weird. It’s so big and thick, I can’t even feel it when you’re stroking it.”

“Um, that’s probably because I’m not.” Nikki patted Sarah’s stomach with both hands for emphasis. “Anyway, it’s just until we get more regular ones.”

“OK then.”

“Unless you end up liking them, of course.” Nikki gave Sarah’s neck a kiss before turning off the light.

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Re: Not-so-lazy Sunday (Nikki & Sarah 4)

I’m glad this became a more regular series.

Re: Not-so-lazy Sunday (Nikki & Sarah 4)

Regular as in “not a one-shot” or as in “oh, it was just a weird dream”? I’m just curious because I realise that the first couple of paragraphs is not really the thing people come here for.

Re: Not-so-lazy Sunday (Nikki & Sarah 4)

Regular as in “more than one new addition every year or two”.

Re: Not-so-lazy Sunday (Nikki & Sarah 4)

Well, it’s been good enough so far that, even if you did go that route, you’d likely keep some readers whom would otherwise no read that sort of thing.

I’d certainly read it.

But on the subject of that dream, I think it’s a great inclusion because it tells a little about Sarah that she may not otherwise admit. Of course, there’s more to it than that; there’s a ton that could be gleaned from such a short scene, even if it may only be intended to segue into having her wet the bed. For that, you’ve done a great job.

The only thing that caught me off guard was the fact that Nikki managed to find plastic sheets so quickly. I may have missed something though, and it could easily be assumed that she just used something from around the house.

Truth; preach it!

Re: Not-so-lazy Sunday (Nikki & Sarah 4)

I didn’t think about that, it does raise questions. Although she probably used another garbage bag for it, as she did with the plastic panties.

Re: Not-so-lazy Sunday (Nikki & Sarah 4)

Or maybe she just used the one Sarah bought the day before. (i.e. in part 3) Nikki would have seen it when she found Sarah bound to the bed since Sarah put it on top of the sheets then. And there wasn’t that much tidying up in the bedroom after she got loose so it was probably still on the floor somewhere.

Re: Not-so-lazy Sunday (Nikki & Sarah 4)

I forgot about that, on my first reading just I assumed it was normal for an AB/DL to have a plastic sheet on standby.

Re: Not-so-lazy Sunday (Nikki & Sarah 4)

That might be, but you also have to remember that Sarah is just starting out. She wet herself for the first time since childhood only a couple of weeks earlier(in part 1) and this is the first time she didn’t do it on purpose. (This is also why Nikki had to make improvised plastic pants.)

Re: Not-so-lazy Sunday (Nikki & Sarah 4)

Sarah woke up in a warm haze of comfort. At some point while she slept, she must have rolled over on her back because Nikki’s head was resting on her shoulder and she had her legs wrapped around one of Sarah’s thighs. The only point of discomfort was the somewhat clammy heat of her big towel diapers. The plastic pants trapped the heat and made them just a little warmer than perfect. When Sarah reached down to adjust them, Nikki stirred.

“Don’t,” she murmured.

Sarah kissed the top of Nikki’s head. “Good morning,” she said.

Nikki looked up at Sarah and grinned. “No playing with yourself.”

“I wasn’t,” Sarah protested.

“Such a good girl.” Nikki reached up to gently stroke her cheek.

For a long while they just lay there, snuggled together; Nikki occasionally tickling Sarah’s stomach and fiddling with the edge of the duct tape on her plastic panties. Eventually the sun climbed high enough to be bothersome and a low growl from Sarah’s stomach spurred Nikki into action.

“Sounds like it’s time for breakfast.” Nikki slid on top of Sarah and sat up, straddling her waist and pinning her arms to her side. She let the duvet fall off her shoulders, giving Sarah an unobstructed view of her naked body.

Sarah stroked the backs of Nikki’s calves with her trapped hands and licked her lips. “All of a sudden I’m hungry for something else.”

“Oh really,” Nikki said and leaned down to kiss her. “Too bad you’re not in charge then,” she whispered and climbed off Sarah and out of bed.

Sarah pouted. “Come on, please,” she whined.

“Oh stop being such a baby,” Nikki put on her panties. “On second thought,” she said, looking at Sarah, “don’t. But no more whining. Maybe if you’re a good little girl today you’ll get a treat.” She stepped into a pair of sweatpants and pulled them up before sitting down on the bed next to Sarah. She put a hand on the plastic panties and gave the thick cloth a squeeze. “And these stay on for now.”

“What?!? But none of my pants fit over them. I can’t just walk around like this”

“Now look who’s being modest,” Nikki teased. “You didn’t seem to mind wearing just your diapers yesterday. Hell, you almost answered the door in them.”

Sarah blushed. “But they’re huge,” she protested, “I can’t hide them when we go out. You’d have to be blind not to notice them.”

“Oh don’t worry. I’ll change you before that.”

“Oh,” Sarah said, her relief evident even in that single syllable.

“But for now you’re wearing them. Now be a good little girl while I make us breakfast.”

“OK, but not oatmeal. I’m not a baby,” Sarah said. “Despite this,” she added and put her hands on her diaper.

Nikki gave Sarah’s collar a little tug. “I don’t think you’re in any position to make demands, now are you?”

“No Ma’am,” she said in an unconvincingly meek tone.

“That’s better.” Nikki rose and headed for the door, picking up one of Sarah’s t-shirts and pulling it on.

Sarah just lay there, basking in the warm morning sun. She could hear Nikki rummaging around in the kitchen, opening and closing cupboards, rattling and clattering plates and cutlery. It was almost perfect. She rolled over and reached for her phone, fiddling with it for a moment to find a radio station with some nice and quiet music before putting it back down.

As she lay there, listening to the music and the sounds from the kitchen, Sarah felt a slight pressure on her bladder. She rolled over on her back and it lessened significantly. For some reason she didn’t want to wet the cloth diapers. At least not right now. Slowly scratching her tummy, Sarah stared at the ceiling for a few minutes before boredom got the better of her. She heaved her legs over the side of the bed and sat up, reaching for the pyjama pants that had been just tossed on the floor the night before. She stopped, realising that they would never fit over the diapers. Instead she wrapped herself in the thick, terrycloth bathrobe before waddling towards the kitchen; her plastic panties rustling loudly with every step.

Sarah stood in the doorway to the kitchen for a while, just watching Nikki. She was standing by the stove, frying… something and humming quietly, barely audible over the fan. When Sarah entered the room, Nikki glanced over her shoulder and smiled at her.

“So impatient,” Nikki said, putting down the wooden spoon she’d been using in the pan.

Sarah shrugged and smiled as she poured herself a cup of coffee. “I was hungry. And besides, you didn’t say I had to stay in bed. Only that I had to keep my diapers on. And I did. See?” She opened the robe to expose the black plastic underneath.

“You know, nobody likes a smart-arse,” Nikki said. She grinned suggestively. “Least of all big, bad dominatrixes like me.”

Sarah couldn’t help herself. “Dominatrices,” she corrected.

“Oh, now you’re just asking for it,” Nikki said, turning back to the frying pan. “Now be a good girl and go back to bed.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Sarah rose and headed for the door.

“And leave the coffee,” Nikki said without looking back.


Nikki cleared her throat.

“Please Ma’am?”

“No. Little girls don’t get coffee. Especially if they haven’t been behaving themselves. Now off you go.”

Sarah returned to the bedroom. She took off the bathrobe and laid it across the chair in the corner. Then she lay down on top of the sun-warmed duvet and just tried to relax. It didn’t work and soon she was reaching for her phone.

When Nikki walked through the door ten minutes later, she found Sarah completely engrossed in her phone. She cleared her throat.

Sarah looked up and saw Nikki standing in the doorway, holding a tray. “Have you seen this?” she asked, pointing indignantly at the little screen. “They’re planning on letting William Shatner do a voice-over in the next Star Trek movie.”

“Sweetie? I think it’s cute when you nerd out about things like that, but breakfast is ready, so put the phone away.”

Sarah put the phone on the night stand before rolling over on her back and sitting up.

“No no no,” Nikki said quickly. “Lie back down.”

“OK, but why?”

Nikki put the tray down on the floor by the foot of the bed, out of view for Sarah. Then she sat down on the bed next to her.

“Now, arms down.” Nikki placed a finger against Sarah’s lips as she was about to say something. “And no talking.”

Nikki rose and looked at Sarah for a moment. Then she bent down and picked up something from the tray. Grinning like a cheshire cat, she waved the fork at Sarah and said solemnly: “Petrificus totalus!”

Sarah just blinked at Nikki for a few moments. Then she sighed and rolled her eyes. “And you call me a nerd?”

“Oh be quiet you. You’re not supposed to move.” Nikki put the fork on the night stand before wrapping one half of the duvet around Sarah. Then she rolled Sarah’s body over until the whole duvet was tightly wrapped around her. With a grunt of effort, Nikki heaved Sarah back to the middle of the bed.

“Don’t you make the cutest breakfast burrito?” Nikki picked up the tray and balanced it on the night stand before straddling Sarah’s waist. “Oh, you can move again,” she said, giving Sarah a squeeze with her thighs.

“Yeah, like that’s going to happen,” Sarah said sarcastically.

Nikki hooked a finger through the ring in Sarah’s collar and pulled it a little. “That doesn’t sound very grateful,” she said. “Especially when I’ve made breakfast and everything.”

“I’m sorry, Ma’am.” Sarah tried to look extra contrite.

“You’re lucky you’re so cute.” Nikki pulled off the t-shirt and threw it across the room before grabbing Sarah’s shoulders and pulling her up.

“Mmmphkh muh mmm,” Sarah tried to say with her face pressed to Nikki’s bare chest.

“Now don’t you go getting any ideas,” Nikki said. She slid around Sarah to sit behind her and pulled her close again. Sarah leaned back, resting the back of her head against Nikki’s chest. Nikki brushed the hair out of Sarah’s eyes and kissed her forehead lightly. “Comfy?”

“Mm-hmm.” Sarah sighed and wiggled her shoulders, trying to snuggle even closer.

“Good. Now open wide,” Nikki said, barely waiting for Sarah to open her mouth before shovelling in a forkful of scrambled eggs.

Over the next twenty minutes, Nikki fed Sarah more scrambled eggs, toast and bite-sized pieces of fried sausage drenched in ketchup. Sarah got the lion’s share of the toast after Nikki realized that she was leaving quite impressive amounts of crumbs is Sarah’s hair with every bite, some of them making their itchy way down her own chest. The only thing Sarah felt was missing was coffee, but she knew better than to complain.

After they were done eating Nikki wiped some spilled ketchup off Sarah’s chin before just wrapping her arms around her and holding her close. Every once in a while she’d reach up to stroke Sarah’s hair and when she did, Sarah would make happy little sounds that just made Nikki feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

They both lost track of time, but eventually Sarah turned her head and looked up at Nikki.

“Ma’am?” she asked quietly.

“Mmm, what is it sweetie?”

“My diapers…” Sarah started, suddenly unsure how to continue.

“What about them? Do you need to be changed?” Nikki reached down to give them a little squeeze through the duvet.

“No Ma’am,” Sarah said quickly. “It’s just… Do I have to use them?” she asked hesitantly.

“Well, that’s what they’re there for,” Nikki pointed out.

“Yeah, I know, but are you sure the pants will stop a leak? I mean, a little accident is one thing…” Sarah’s voice trailed off as she felt embarrassment welling up inside.

“That’s a good point,” Nikki said as she stroked Sarah’s blushing cheeks. “So, do you want to use them?”

Sarah shook her head slightly and wrinkled her nose a little. “Not really, no.”

“OK, but you’re still wearing diapers today.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Even when we’re going shopping.” Nikki smiled at the little gasp Sarah made. “Did you think I’d forgotten?”

“I was kinda hoping, Ma’am.”

“No such luck sweetie. Oh, and look at the time. We have to get ready.”

Nikki slid out from behind Sarah and gently lowered her down on the pile of pillows before getting off the bed and walking to the big wardrobe.

“Now let’s see.” She opened the wardrobe. “Maybe this to hide your collar? What do you think?” Nikki held up a charcoal turtleneck.

“I have to wear the collar too?” Sarah’s eyes widened.

“Of course,” Nikki said matter-of-factly before turning back to the wardrobe. After a few moments she turned to face Sarah again. “You know what? I’m going to leave this bit up to you. But where do you keep your diapers?”

Sarah nodded towards the dresser. “Bottom drawer,” she said.

Nikki pulled it out and moved the socks to the side to find the last of Sarah’s diapers.


“Yes sweetie, what is it?” Nikki began unfolding the diaper.

“Can I please go to the bathroom first?”

Nikki almost said something, but stopped. After a couple of seconds she said: “OK, but make it quick.” She helped Sarah out of the duvet and smiled as she waddled off to the bathroom. “And bring the baby powder.”

When Sarah returned, significantly less padded, she saw that Nikki had unfolded the diaper and put it on the bed. She gave the bottle of baby powder to Nikki and sat down on the diaper. Nikki nudged her knees apart and stepped closer.

“Lie back sweetie,” she said as she popped the top of the bottle off. Sarah did as she was told and Nikki proceeded to coat her with enough baby powder to put Tony Montana’s desk to shame. Sarah sneezed.

“OK, maybe that was a bit much.” Nikki brushed away the excess powder before pulling the diaper up and taping it in place. She helped Sarah to her feet before adding a ring of duct tape around the top of the diaper to make sure it wouldn’t come loose.

“You know that’s not really necessary,” Sarah said. “The regular tapes do the job on their own.”

Nikki looked into Sarah’s eyes and gave her butt a quick squeeze. “Do you really want to take that chance?” she asked with wink. “Now do you mind throwing the sheet in the washing machine?” Nikki nodded towards the bed.

While Sarah stripped the sheet off the bed, exposing the plastic sheet underneath, Nikki pulled down her borrowed sweatpants. She handed them to Sarah along with the t-shirt she had borrowed.

Sarah could hear Nikki in the kitchen when she came out of the bathroom. She slipped back to the bedroom and tried to find some clothes that could hide both her diaper and collar without looking too strange.

Re: Not-so-lazy Sunday (Nikki & Sarah 4)

This isn’t quite my usual sort of story, but for now I’m quite liking it. Your writing is also very good, which also helps to keep me reading.

Re: Not-so-lazy Sunday (Nikki & Sarah 4)

It’s nice to see that people are willing to try new things. Also, thank you very much for your comment about my writing. It lifts my spirits to see that the effort I put into editing pays off. :slight_smile:

Re: Not-so-lazy Sunday (Nikki & Sarah 4)

When Sarah stepped into the living room and found Nikki on the sofa, watching some news debate on TV, she was pretty sure her outfit would pass muster. The turtleneck that Nikki had picked out earlier hid her collar and a pair of jeans that were just a little roomier than what was fashionable would conceal the extra bulk of her diaper.

“So, what do you think?” Sarah said and did a slow pirouette.

Nikki smiled. “Come here you.”

When Sarah came close enough, Nikki pulled her down on her lap. “You look just perfect,” she said and gave Sarah a hug.

“So, what’s the plan?”

Nikki shrugged. “No plan really. I just figured we’d get you some more diapers first and maybe run a couple of other errands. And then maybe lunch? How does that sound?”

“So we’re not just getting the diapers?” Sarah asked nervously.

“Oh, will you relax? Nobody’s going to see what you’re hiding.” Nikki gave Sarah’s butt a couple of reassuring pats. “It’ll be our little secret.”

“I suppose.”

The two of them just sat there quietly for a couple of minutes before Nikki sighed. “I guess we should get moving.”

“Do we have to? This is so nice. I just want to stay like this all day.”

“Well, I think we both know the real reason, but you’re forgetting that you’re not making the decisions today; what you want doesn’t really matter. And why is that?”

Sarah rose. “Because you’re in charge.”

Nikki cleared her throat. “I’m in charge, what?”

Sarah sighed theatrically. “You’re in charge, Ma’am.”

“That’s right. And don’t you forget it,” Nikki said with a grin as she got up. She took Sarah’s hand and led her towards the front door.

As the pair exited Sarah's apartment building they were met by an unexpectedly cold wind. Nikki pulled the collar of her jacket up and they walked briskly towards where her car was parked, a couple of houses down the road.

Sarah's heart was pounding and she felt so nervous she was on the verge of throwing up. The streets were almost empty, but she still felt like everyone they passed could see the bulge of her diaper and hear the crinkling sound that was as loud as thunder in her ears. Sarah almost jumped out of her skin when she felt a small, warm hand slip into hers. Nikki gave her a reassuring squeeze and bumped her shoulder into Sarah's arm.

"Will you relax sweetie," she said softly. "You look like you're expecting assassins to jump out from behind every trash can."

"I just want to make sure they can't hear it." Sarah whispered.

"Hear what?"

"You know. My ..." Her voice trailed off.

Nikki stopped and pulled Sarah to face her. "You're being paranoid sweetie. With this wind, you could have your pockets full of crickets and nobody would hear a thing."


"Trust me. Nobody. Can hear. Your diapers," Nikki said pointedly.

"Shhh," Sarah hissed. She quickly looked around to make sure nobody had heard Nikki.

Nikki rose to her toes and gave Sarah a kiss. "Stop being so silly and come along now." She pulled Sarah along towards the car.

The alarm gave a brief chirp and moments later they were inside and safe from the freezing wind. Sarah rubbed her hands together while Nikki fiddled with her phone, trying to get it to sync up with the cheap GPS unit stuck to the dashboard. After a few choice curses it finally cooperated and Nikki put the phone in one of the cup holders.

"So, where are we going?" Sarah asked when she saw the GPS start plotting a route.

"I figured you wouldn't want to get your replacement diapers at your corner store -"

"Oh definitely not," Sarah interrupted.

Nikki gave Sarah a stern look. "Like I said, The corner store was out of the question. Also, I wanted somewhere where the staff had a little more training than your average chimp."

"Welcome to Costco; I love you. Welcome to Costco; I love you..." Sarah said in a monotone voice.

"Exactly. And do you know how few medical supply stores that are open on Sundays?" Nikki turned the key and the engine rumbled to life.

"So we're headed to..." Sarah peered at the small screen, "The Bondage Barn?"

Nikki turned to look at Sarah. Then she burst out laughing. "That's an 'a'," she managed to say, "not an 'o'."

Sarah blushed.

"And people say that I have a one-track mind." Nikki reached out to ruffle Sarah's hair.

"Still, it's a weird name," Sarah said defensively.

Nikki pulled out from the parking space and they drove off.

A few minutes later, Sarah gave a little gasp, then relaxed and giggled a little.

"What?" asked Nikki, glancing over at her.

"For a moment there, I thought I had peed without noticing it."


"But it was just the seat warmers."

Nikki smiled and reached for a knob on the dashboard. "Want me to turn them off?"

"No," Sarah said quietly. "It's weird, but I kind of like it."

"So what you're saying is pretty much that you're sitting there, imagining you've wet yourself in public." Nikki grinned.

Sarah blushed again at Nikki's conclusion.

"...and that you 'kind of liked it'."

Sarah's blush deepened and she began to protest, but Nikki put a finger to her lips.

"It's OK sweetie. You're a good little girl," Nikki said, emphasising the word 'little'.

"But-" Sarah began.


When Sarah quieted down, Nikki continued. "Why did you think I wanted you in diapers now? You already had one accident."

"I was sleeping; that doesn't cou-"

"Like I said," Nikki said sternly, interrupting Sarah's renewed protests and clearly signalling that this was not up for discussion. "You already had one accident and you might have another one. So I think diapers are a sensible precaution. Don't you agree?"

Sarah knew better than to argue with Nikki when she used that tone. "I suppose," she admitted.

"Because you're a good little girl and I'm...?"

"You're my mommynatrix, Ma'am," Sarah said, smiling carefully.

Nikki laughed at the title. "I was going for 'in charge', but that works."

The Bandage Barn was a small, fairly nondescript shop squeezed in between two bigger, equally bland-looking shops. Nikki parked in the almost empty lot in front of the three shops.

“I’ll just wait in the car,” Sarah said as Nikki opened her door.

“Oh no you’re not. They’re your diapers so you’re coming along.”

“OK,” Sarah said with a sigh of resignation and got out of the car too.

The interior of the store was quite different from Sarah’s expectations. The tall shelves were packed with neat rows of boxes containing everything from bandaids to wheelchair spare parts. Sarah decided one of the shelves was particularly interesting and studied it intently while Nikki headed for the counter towards the back of the store. Behind the counter was a woman who looked to be in her sixties.

“Can I help you dear?” Sarah shuddered. The woman even had that grandma-knows-best voice. She half expected her to pinch Nikki’s cheek and offer her a candy.

“Um, yes,” Nikki said, looking around. “I’m looking for some adult diapers. Medium.”

The woman looked at Nikki. “I don’t know,” she said. “'Small” might be a better fit."

“Oh, they’re not for me,” Nikki said when she realised what the woman meant.

“Of course not dear.”

“I meant, they’re for her.” Nikki pointed with her thumb over her shoulder at Sarah who suddenly wished she could just disappear. “Come on over here sweetie.”

Shocked and stunned, Sarah joined Nikki by the counter, her cheeks burning.

The woman only looked at Sarah briefly and nodded. “Yeah. You’re certainly a medium. Plastic backing or cloth?”

“Plastic, I think. Don’t you agree?”

Sarah mumbled a barely audible “Yes”.

She headed for the storage area in the back. “How many do you need?”

“Well, how many are there in one package?”

“Around twenty; depending on the brand.” She came back with three different packages and put them on the counter.

Nikki recognised one of them as being the type that Sarah had had. “I guess we’ll go with these,” she said and pointed. “Two packages should be enough. Right?” She turned to Sarah who was very busy looking everywhere else.

“OK,” the woman said and picked up the two other packages to put them back.

“Oh and if you have some extra thick ones too. For nights,” Nikki added. Sarah felt like she wanted to sink through the floor.

The woman returned with two new packages and put them next to the one on the counter. “Anything else?” she asked.

Nikki looked over at Sarah who looked like she wanted more than anything else to get out of the store. “Why don’t you put these in the car?” she asked her and handed her the keys.

“You can have one of these to put them in,” the woman said and held out an unmarked cardboard box big enough for all three packages.

Sarah mumbled a quick “Thanks” without even looking up. She hurriedly shoved the diapers in the box and headed for the door.

She put the box in the trunk of the car and got in. A few minutes later, Nikki came out, carrying a plastic bag. She put it behind the driver’s seat and sat down.

“Was that really necessary?” Sarah asked, her voice trembling. “Do you have any idea how embarrassing that was?”

“Come here,” Nikki replied and pulled Sarah into an awkward hug across the middle of the car. She ran her hand through her hair and stroked her back. “Are you OK?” she asked after a few moments.

“Why did you do that in there?” Sarah asked.

“Honestly? For the same reason I constantly tell you not to play with yourself. You’re just so unbelievably cute when you’re all flustered and blushing.”

“But… But… I… What if…” Sarah stammered, clearly at a loss for words.

“Besides,” Nikki continued, “it’s harmless. Do you honestly think the old woman in there is going to remember you tomorrow?”

Sarah tried to say something, but Nikki placed a finger against her lips. “Plus,” she said with a mischievous grin, “deep down, it excites you.”

“What?!?” Sarah exclaimed and drew back.

“You always have the Central Asian exit. Did it even occur to you to use your safeword?”

That threw Sarah. “No, not really,” she finally admitted. Why didn’t I even think about it? It would have been so easy. Just ‘Mongolia’ and that’s it.

“And why do you think that is?”

“I don’t know.” Sarah said hesitantly. Her mind was racing. I didn’t ‘like’ like it. But then again, I didn’t hate it either. And it was certainly one hell of a rush. Why did I let Nikki do that?

Nikki started the engine and the drove off in silence.

After almost five minutes, Sarah put her hand on Nikki’s arm as they stopped at a red light. “I trust you,” she said quietly.

“Huh?” Nikki looked away from the light.

“I trust you,” Sarah said again. “That’s why I didn’t use my safeword.”

Nikki smiled and took Sarah’s hand, giving her palm a gentle kiss.

Sarah took a breath and continued. “I know you won’t hurt me physically. But I also trust you won’t hurt me in other ways.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean…” Sarah struggled to find the right words. “I understand that you’ll push me outside my comfort zone, but I trust you won’t do stuff that’ll hurt either of our everyday lives.”

Nikki was so preoccupied with what Sarah was saying that she missed that the light had turned green. An impatient honk from behind them brought her attention back to the road. She pressed the accelerator and cleared the light just as it changed again, causing another angry honk and probably some choice profanities in the car behind them.

“Hurt our everyday lives how?” Nikki asked when they were through the intersection.

“Like, I know you’re not going to show up at work, push me down onto my desk and change me right there in the classroom.”

Nikki chuckled. “That was oddly specific,” she said. “Sounds like you’ve put some thought into that one.”

“I…” Sarah gave an exasperated sigh and leaned back, her cheeks burning.

“It’s OK sweetie. Any sane person knows the difference between fantasy and reality.” Nikki reached over and pulled the neck of Sarah’s sweater up. Sarah looked at her quizzically. “Your collar was showing,” Nikki said matter-of-factly.

“Of course, if I wanted to make sure you could never get anything ever again from that store, I would have told you to walk in there, pull down your pants and yell ‘Imma need me some more of these!’” Nikki yelled that last part in her best redneck accent while twitching her hips.

Sarah just stared at Nikki, completely dumbstruck. “That, would have been the biggest Mongolia ever,” she finally managed.

Nikki laughed as she turned in to a parking lot in front of a shopping centre. It was barely half full, so finding a space that wasn’t in the middle of a giant puddle of slush didn’t take too long.

“So, are you coming?” Nikki asked when she got out while Sarah stayed in her seat.

“That depends. Are you going to embarrass me like that again?” she asked sulkily.

“I wasn’t planning on it, no. I was thinking more along the lines of some shopping and maybe a nice lunch.”

“Okay then,” Sarah said cautiously and got out.

As they walked towards the entrance, Nikki grinned up at her. “Of course, now that you’ve given me the idea…” Nikki quickly slipped an arm around Sarah’s waist and pulled her closer. “I’m kidding sweetie,” she said reassuringly.

The next hour or so was refreshingly normal for Sarah. They went to the hardware store and bought some rope, carabiners and a mysterious brown paper bag that Nikki only referred to as ‘supplies’ when Sarah asked her about it. In the housewares store they found a giant fluffy blanket, big enough for both of them to snuggle up under.

On their way to the restaurant, Sarah caught Nikki eyeing a pair of tight, black, leather pants in a store window. “Thinking about how awesome and mistressy you’d look in those?” Sarah whispered, acutely aware of the people passing by. She was rewarded with a slight blush creeping up Nikki’s face. Bullseye! “Just imagine, those pants and some impressive boots.” Sarah nudged Nikki with her elbow. “And a corset,” she added for good measure and was rewarded by Nikki’s blush deepening another couple of shades.

“You know I’ll get you back for that, right?” Nikki said when they finally moved on.

“Promises, promises.”

“Oh, you’re such a little brat.” Nikki gave Sarah’s butt a discreet pat.

Sarah’s stomach jumped when the pat reminded her of the diaper she was wearing. How could I forget that I was wearing them? She swallowed as she all of a sudden found it a little harder to walk naturally.

When they got to the restaurant, the bulk of the lunch crowd was done and they were able to get a table by the window. After looking over the menu, they decided to share a large Spanish omelette. While they waited for the food, they looked at the people walking by outside the window. Nikki almost had soda coming out of her nose when Sarah described a man as an albino smurf.

When she recovered her breath, Nikki nodded towards a woman who walked by. She was tall, had long, blonde hair that cascaded down her back and was wearing a knee-length, dark green coat. “That’s a big coat,” she said.


“I bet you could hide a lot under a coat like that, couldn’t you?” Nikki nudged her foot against Sarah’s under the table.

Sarah immediately turned bright pink and Nikki grinned. “OK, now you really have to tell me what you were thinking,” she said and sipped her soda.

Sarah suddenly got very interested in the menu, mumbling something that Nikki couldn’t hear. “What was that sweetie? Speak up.”

Sarah took a long sip of water to stall, but eventually realised that Nikki wasn’t going to let her off the hook that easily. “I said you could probably hide your whole dominatrix outfit under it and nobody would know,” Sarah finally said.

“You know that I don’t really have a ‘dominatrix outfit’, right?”

“Yeah,” Sarah said, then she mumbled “but you should have,” into her glass.

“Reeeeeaaaally,” Nikki said, sounding remarkably like Jim Carrey. “And what should it look like?”

Sarah was interrupted by the waiter who appeared with their food. She knew that Nikki wouldn’t let her off the hook, but this at least bought her enough time to find the right words. When they once again had some privacy, Nikki leaned closer. “Well?”

“Um… Well, it’d be tight,” Sarah began hesitantly, still trying to find the right words. “And smooth. Like really smooth leather.” Nikki just nodded encouragingly as Sarah seemed to get into it. “Or maybe even rubber. But not like a catsuit. That’d be way too much work to put on,” Sarah rambled on. “It’d be pants and a maybe kind of a corsetty type of top. Sort of like in my dream last night.” Sarah suddenly stopped. Oh shit. I wasn’t supposed to say that.

That piqued Nikki’s interest. “That sounds like an interesting dream,” she said, sounding like a cat who had just spotted a canary with a broken wing. “Do tell.”

“You mean right here? Now?”

Nikki nodded. When Sarah still hesitated, she touched her own throat to remind Sarah about what was hiding beneath her turtleneck.

“Okay,” she finally said, “but move over.” Sarah moved around the table to sit next to Nikki and in a low whisper, she told her all that she could remember about the dream.

When she was done, Nikki chuckled. “You should write that stuff down. They’d make one hell of a collection of naughty bedtime stories.” Sarah shrugged and moved back to her side of the table.

For the remainder of the meal, they talked about pretty much everything except what Sarah euphemistically called their ‘playtime’. Then, in the middle of the cup of coffee after they were done eating Nikki took Sarah completely by surprise by casually asking her if she was still dry.

Sarah almost choked on her coffee and barely managed to avoid spraying it across the table. “Jesus, give me some warning first,” she wheezed in-between coughs.

Nikki waved away the worried-looking waiter while she handed Sarah a clean napkin which she took and dabbed away the tears and a couple of droplets of coffee on her chin. When she had caught her breath, Nikki looked at her and raised an eyebrow in that way that Sarah could only wish she was able to do.

“Well, are you?”

“Of course I am,” Sara replied indignantly, folding the soiled napkin and putting it next to the almost empty coffee cup.

“Are you sure? I think I want to check before we go to the car. After all, you wouldn’t want to have a leak, would you?” Nikki’s voice was dripping with saccharine condescension."

“Check?!? Here?!?”

“Well, not right here at the table, obviously. You go to the bathroom while I pay and then I’ll join you.”

“Are you serious?” Sarah hissed.

“I do not want stains on my car seats,” Nikki said sternly.

Sarah recognised that tone of voice and almost visibly deflated. “Yes Ma’am,” she whispered and as Nikki got the waiter’s attention and asked for the bill, she got up and headed for the bathroom.

As Sarah entered she saw another woman washing her hands. Hoping the other woman would be done soon, Sarah proceeded to try to wipe some non-existent stains from her sweater so she wouldn’t just stand there like a total creep. It didn’t take long for the other woman to finish and leave. Seconds later, Nikki entered. She quickly checked to make sure that all three stalls were empty before taking Sarah’s hand and pulling her in to one of them, locking the door behind them.

“OK sweetie, pants down,” she ordered in a urgent whisper.

Sarah nervously undid the button and pulled down the zipper, exposing the white plastic of her diaper. “See?” she said. “Still dry.”

Nikki cocked her head. “I said ‘pants down’.”

Sarah wiggled her hips in the cramped confines of the stall but finally managed to slide the jeans down without shifting the diaper too much. She pushed the waistband of the jeans down to her knees and just as she stood up straight again, she felt Nikki slip a finger inside her diaper.

“Yep, still dry,” she concluded.

“I told you, didn’t I?” Sarah said sulkily.

“Yes you did. You’re a good, little girl today.” Nikki stroked Sarah’s hair.

Just then they heard the door to the bathroom open and both froze. Nikki slowly lowered her hand from Sarah’s head to her neck and pushed the turtleneck down to slip a single finger through the ring on her collar. Other than that, they barely dared to breathe, let alone move. They heard someone walk to the sinks and turn on the water. Sarah slowly reached for her pants, but Nikki gave the collar a tiny tug and almost imperceptively shook her head. They both stood as still as statues while whoever was on the other side of the thin plywood washed their hands. After what felt like an eternity, they heard footsteps going away, the door opening and closing and then the only thing they could hear was the hum of the fluorescent lights.

“That was close,” Sarah said when she dared to breathe again.

Nikki nodded and let go of Sarah’s collar. A grin crept across her face. “Still dry? Or did that scare the water out of you?”

“Are you kidding? I was so tense that if I’d farted I would’ve stunned bats. I couldn’t have peed even if I wanted to.”

Nikki laughed as Sarah bent to pull her jeans back up. She quickly ducked out of the stall to keep watch while Sarah finished adjusting her clothes.

Ten minutes later they were in the car, on their way back to Sarah's apartment. "Let's not do that again," Sarah said with a nervous laugh

"Oh come on. You have to admit that it was a little exciting."

"For you maybe, but you weren't the one standing there with your pants around your ankles and a diaper on full display."

"That's a fair point," Nikki conceded. "Anyway, what did you think of the extra thick diapers?"

"One time. I wet the bed [I]one time[/I]," Sarah said in an exasperated tone. "It's not like it's going to happen every night."

"Oh they're not for nights. They're for when I want you in diapers for a long time without having to worry about changing you. Like the rest of the day today. The first thing we do when we get home, is putting you in one of the thick ones."

"But why? I'm not wet," Sarah protested.

"You will be. We're not leaving this car until that diaper of your is ready to be changed."

"But what about the seats?"

"Oh come on, I don't think you've drunk enough all day to manage a leak."

Sarah pouted, but realised that she only had two options: She could do as she was told... or say the word. And she didn't really want to do the latter. "But it's so hard to do it here, like this," she whined.

"I can turn on the seat warmers again, if you think that'll help," Nikki offered and twisted a knob on the dashboard.

In a matter of seconds, Sarah felt the bloom of warmth under her butt. She groaned. It wasn't as if she [I]didn't[/I] have to go, but doing it while sitting in the car. In public. Well, more or less in public at least. [I]You can do this. Just lean back and relax.[/I] Sarah adjusted her seat as far back as it would go, sat back and closed her eyes, shutting the rest of the world out and pretending she was alone in a big, comfy chair in her own bedroom. It didn't really work, but she felt Nikki take her hand and give it a little squeeze before gently stroking the back of it with her thumb. She took another deep breath and cast her mind back to the day before

It wasn't like she didn't have to go. She did, but once again her body refused to cooperate. Even with the seat warmers turned on, trying to trick her body into believing she had already wet herself, she just couldn't do it.

Just as Sarah took another breath, she was thrown forward as Nikki slammed on the brakes.

"Watch where you're fucking driving, you idiot," Nikki yelled at the yellow car in front of them. She turned to Sarah with a look of concern on her face. "Are you OK?"

Sarah rubbed where the seatbelt had dug into her right shoulder. "Yeah. Just startled." She leaned back again and was adjusting the strap going across her waist when she realised that her diaper was wet. [I]Huh. I guess it takes a sneeze or a near-crash. Let's hope that changes.[/I] Sarah turned to look into Nikki's eyes and smiled.

"What is it?"

"I'm doing it." She took Nikki's hand and put it on her crotch in a [I]very[/I] unladylike manner so she could feel the slow bloom of warmth.

"That's good sweetie, but maybe you shouldn't point it out to me quite like that when we're in public."

Sarah realised what it would look like and immediately let go of Nikki's hand, her cheeks burning furiously. "I... I..." she stammered.

"It's OK sweetie. I love that you're so enthusiastic about this; even if it gets a little weird sometimes." She stroked Sarah's cheek before returning her attention to the road.

Sarah sat quietly in her seat, shame, anxiety and excitement were all competing with each other for control of her mind. [I]My God, what if somebody had looked in through the window? So what? It's not like they'd know who you were. They could get the license plate and find out that way.[/I] Her mind was racing, her pulse was pounding in her ears and she felt so nervous she was on the verge of throwing up. That's when two things happened that changed everything. She felt the urge to pee and without even thinking about it, just let it go. At the same time, Nikki took her hand again, just holding it, letting Sarah know that she was there for her.

"Take a breath sweetie. Relax. You look like you're about to pass out."

Slowly, Sarah's breathing slowed to something more resembling normal and by the time Nikki found a spot in front of Sarah's apartment building, her stomach had decided to calm down too. When they opened the doors and got out, Sarah realised just how swollen her diapers were. She could feel their weight and was suddenly very glad that her jeans were a little too big.

"Do you want to grab the box, and I'll get the bags," Nikki asked as she opened the rear door. The big cardboard box wasn't heavy, but its size made it difficult to get it through the narrow street door and the front door to Sarah's apartment. As soon as they were inside, Sarah simply dropped the box on the floor and gingerly bent over to untie her shoelaces.

"Come along now," Nikki said and took Sarah's hand. She led her to the bathroom where she spread a towel out on the floor and told Sarah to lie down on it. Sarah sat down carefully to avoid squeezing out a leak. Nikki helped her off with the sweater and her bra before giving her shoulders a gentle push. Sarah lay back, let Nikki unbutton her jeans and lifted her butt to help her ease them down. Seconds later she was lying on the floor, wearing only her collar, diapers and socks.

"Isn't that better?" Nikki said as she filled the sink with warm water and found a wash cloth. Sarah didn't answer, feeling a little awkward lying on the floor with Nikki standing over her like that. Nikki knelt down between Sarah's legs and put a hand on her diaper, giving it a little squish. "Are you quite sure you're done?" she asked.

"Um, yes Ma'am," Sarah answered.

Nikki undid the tapes and carefully pulled the diaper out from under Sarah's butt when she lifted it. She deftly rolled it up and taped the bundle closed. "Good, now you stay right there while I go get you a fresh diaper," she said. Then she turned and left, leaving Sarah naked on the bathroom floor.

A shiver went down Sarah's back. The feeling of vulnerability, but at the same time safety and comfort was oddly exciting. When she and Nikki had first talked about their relationship a couple of weeks ago, she had said that she loved wearing her diapers, yet didn't feel the need to be treated as a baby. But the more she thought about it, the more she realised that she Nikki was treating her like a child. She could have her own ideas and wants, but in the end, Nikki's decisions were final. She didn't need a pacifier; a simple 'shush' was enough. And as for the clothes: Well, she [I]had[/I] spent most of the day before wearing only diapers and a t-shirt and weirdly enough it had felt completely normal. She had even let Nikki feed her. She concluded that not having to make decisions and just relinquishing control completely to Nikki just felt... right.

Just then, Nikki came back, interrupting Sarah's thoughts. She put the diaper on the floor next to Sarah before grabbing the wash cloth to clean her. When Sarah tried to take the wash cloth to do it herself, Nikki brushed her hands away.

"Stop that," she said. "Be a good little girl and let me do this for you."

Sarah suddenly felt acutely self-conscious as she just had to lie there and be washed. To take her mind off it, she picked up the new diaper and examined it. It was much thicker than the ones she had had before and she could easily see how they could be all-nighters. They would also cause quite a visible bulge if she wore them under her jeans, so hopefully Nikki wouldn't insist on that.

Finally, Nikki was done. She dried Sarah with a corner of the towel she was lying on before sprinkling on a generous amount of baby powder. "Give me the diaper please," she said and proceeded to slip it under Sarah's butt when she lifted it. She pulled the front up between Sarah's legs and in a matter of seconds the tapes were secure.

"Feels like you've done this before," Sarah said as she reached down to feel the new diaper. It felt stiffer or maybe firmer than the ones she was used to. [I]I guess that's the extra material.[/I]

"Well, I did my share of babysitting in my teens. This is more or less the same, except the scale is a little different."

"And I bet you didn't make the kids wear this," Sarah said and wiggled her collar.

"That too," Nikki said with a laugh. She gave Sarah a hand to help her up. "Nor did I do this..." She took Sarah's head in her hands and pressed her lips to Sarah's. The kiss was unexpected, but certainly not unwelcome. It was hungry, but at the same time gentle and it made Sarah's stomach do a somersault. One of the first ground rules Sarah and Nikki had agreed on after the rule about Sarah having to wear her collar whenever she wore her diapers, was the rule that there would be no sex during 'diaper time'. The kiss was making Sarah seriously debate whether to use the safe word to get around that rule. Luckily, Nikki ended the kiss before she made up her mind.

"Oh my," was all Sarah managed as she got her breath back.

"I know," Nikki said. "I'm sorry about that, but you just looked so unbelievably adorable."

"Mistress?" Sarah said with a mischievous smile, "I know the rule is that whenever I wear my diapers I also have to wear my collar."


"The rule is [I]not[/I] that every time I wear my collar I have to wear diapers. It's just a thought, Ma'am."

"Having naughty thoughts, are we?" Nikki asked. She hooked a finger through the ring in Sarah's collar and led her out the door and down the hall to the living room. "Now you sit here and behave yourself while I fix some things." She handed Sarah her phone before picking up the big box and heading back down the hall.

Sarah fiddled with her phone for a little while before she had an idea. She opened the messaging app and quickly snapped a picture of herself with a puppy-eyed pout, adding "Miss u alrdy. Kinda cold here. Bring warm hugs." before sending it to Nikki.

There was a beep from down the hall, then silence followed by a shout of "You dork!" Sarah giggled and grabbed the blanket from the sofa and wrapped it around herself.

A few minutes later, Nikki reappeared carrying one of Sarah's over-sized t-shirts. She helped her put it on before sitting down behind her. She pulled Sarah closer and rested her chin on Sarah's shoulder. "Do you know what I forgot to do?" she whispered in Sarah's ear while gently stroking her hair.

"Um, no Ma'am?"

Nikki reached over the armrest of the sofa and brought up a pair of light blue surgical gloves like the ones Sarah had worn the day before.

"Really? Do I have to?" Sarah turned her head and tried to look at Nikki.

"I think your phone antics prove that we can't leave your hands free, don't you?"

"Fine," Sarah sighed and held up her hands which were quickly reduced to duct-taped lumps.

"There! Isn't that better?" asked Nikki cheerfully as she put the duct tape back in the bag next to the sofa. Sarah was still grumbling inwardly for not noticing the bag and hiding it, but her mood brightened a little when Nikki gave her another kiss, albeit a far more restrained one than the last. "Come on," Nikki murmured. "Just admit that you like it."

Sarah had to admit that now that she had once again given up all control she did like it. She didn't like giving up control, but once it was gone, she absolutely loved the feeling of helplessness and being cared for by Nikki. She wiggled closer and awkwardly tried to pull the blanket up over both of them.

They spent the rest of the afternoon on that sofa; Nikki with her feet up on the coffee table and Sarah lying with her head in Nikki’s lap. This was obviously the only sensible thing to do since the floor was lava. Nikki fed Sarah M&Ms and bottled water while they worked their way through several episodes of Farscape (or ‘Sci-fi Muppets’ as Nikki called the series).

About halfway through the fourth episode, Sarah felt the now all too familiar pressure on her bladder and began to fidget. Nikki quickly guessed what was going on and pressed pause on the remote.

“Go on sweetie,” she whispered while stroking Sarah’s hair. “I didn’t expect it to stay dry all afternoon.”

Sarah shifted her legs a little, scooting up until her back was across Nikki’s lap before trying to let go. Almost immediately she felt the warm, wet rush of pee that was quickly absorbed by the diaper. She wasn’t sure if it was real or her imagination, but she thought she could feel the diaper swelling. She let out a contented sigh.

“Well, that was quick,” Nikki commented.

“Yeah, it’s weird, these were much easier to wet. Maybe it’s because they’re so thick they don’t feel like underwear. Maybe that makes me less worried about leaks. I don’t know.” Sarah shrugged.

“But I bet you’re glad we bought them, aren’t you?”

Sarah nodded.

“So who knows best what you need?”

“You do, Ma’am,” Sarah said, giving Nikki the answer they both knew was expected of her. Nikki bent down and kissed her forehead before pressing play again.

The sun had set and it was getting dark outside when Nikki switched off the TV. She sat up and stretched. "Sweetie," she said. "There's something I think we need to discuss."

"Oh? What's that?"

"Considering what happened last night-"

"It was one time!" Sarah interrupted exasperatedly. "And it's probably because I'd been wearing diapers all day."

"Exactly," Nikki said, sounding annoyingly reasonable. "I want to add an extra playtime rule. Nothing big, really."


"Um, wait here." Nikki got up and hurried down the hallway, returning moments later with a small brown paper bag. "I'm sorry. I didn't have time to wrap it," she said with a grin before putting it on the table and sitting back down.

"What's that?"

"In a moment sweetie. OK, as I was saying: It's not really a rule, but more of a precaution. I think that whenever you've worn your diapers all day we should take some precautions to avoid 'accidents'." Nikki leaned forward and picked up the bag, handing it to Sarah.

Sarah looked stupidly up at her and then lifted her useless hands. "Gonna need a little help here," she said sarcastically.

"Well, I suppose you've learned your lesson," Nikki said and peeled off the tape.

Sarah wiggled her fingers stiffly before picking up the bag. She tore off the tape holding it closed and emptied out the contents. It landed with a soft rustle on her chest. Sarah shook it open and saw that it was a pair of plastic pants.

"I think diapers at night is a sensible precaution. Don't you?"

Sarah just stared at Nikki. "Seriously?" she finally asked.

"Yeah. I mean, not permanently just for a night or two. Let's say if you have two nights without any accidents you don't have to wear them anymore. And so we won't waste the disposable ones on what'll most likely be dry nights, we can use towels like we did last night. Except now you have proper pants instead of bin liners."

Nikki's reasonable tone annoyed Sarah, but she had to admit that she had a point. "OK," she said grudgingly. "But I don't have to use the towel diapers on purpose. Not even when we play."

Nikki nodded. "So what do you say we get you ready for bed?"

"Mm-hm." Sarah smiled and nodded.

With a slight grunt, Nikki got to her feet and took Sarah's hands to help her up too. Sarah chuckled and adjusted her heavy diaper.

"You really tested the limits of that thing, didn't you?" Nikki asked. She stroked Sarah's padded butt, giving it a little squeeze.

"Maybe," Sarah admitted while she nibbled the tip of her thumb.

"I guess we should get you cleaned up before tucking you in then." Nikki grabbed the ring on Sarah's collar and pulled her along down the hallway to the bathroom.

"OK, spread your legs," Nikki said and tapped the insides of Sarah's ankles with her foot. "And raise your arms." When Sarah complied, Nikki grabbed her t-shirt and pulled it almost off, trapping Sarah's arms above her head.

"Are you sure you're done with this?" Nikki reached between Sarah's legs and gave her diaper a last squeeze. Sarah nodded silently. "OK, stand still." Nikki undid the tapes and carefully pulled the diaper off. She rolled it up, taped it closed and placed the bundle in the sink. Next she undid the collar around Sarah's neck.

"Now why don't you take a shower while I get your bed ready." Nikki said and put the collar next to the sink. "Oh, and no-"

"I know. No playing with myself."

"Good girl." Nikki stood on her toes and placed a quick kiss on the tip of Sarah's nose. Then she gingerly picked up the soiled diaper and left.

Sarah pulled the t-shirt all the way off and tossed it in the laundry hamper. While she waited for the water to get warm enough, she looked in the mirror above the sink. "You're a good girl," she told her mirror image, trying to sound like Nikki. "Yes you are," she said and smiled.

Sarah stepped under the warm spray and quickly washed herself. When she was done and pulled the shower curtain aside she found Nikki waiting for her with a big towel. She stepped out of the shower and let Nikki dry her and put the collar back around her neck.

"See?" Sarah said with a high-pitched voice and smiled mischievously. "I was good."

"Yes you were. Now come along." Nikki took Sarah's hand and led her to the bedroom where she had put a big towel folded into a triangle on the bed. Sarah lay down the towel and let Nikki powder her and put the diaper on her using a pair of oversized safety pins.

"Those are huge," Sarah commented. "I didn't know I had them."

"You didn't. I found them while you were trying to decide what color the big blanket should be."

"Ooooo. Sneaky mistress."

Nikki just smiled and helped Sarah put the new plastic pants on. After making sure all the edges of the towel were inside the pants, she spread the duvet over Sarah and tucked it in around her.

"Aww. Aren't you joining me?"

Nikki sat down on the edge of Sarah's bed and brushed a few stray hairs out of her eyes. "I'm sorry sweetie. I have a ton of things I have to do before work tomorrow, so I have to go home now."

Sarah pouted and gave Nikki her best sad puppy eyes. "But I wanna snuggle," she said.

"I do too sweetie, but I have to work and make money to pay for the awesome mistressy outfits you dream about."

"Mmm, okay." Sarah yawned.

Nikki leaned down and kissed her forehead. "Sweet dreams," she said before turning off the lights and letting herself out.

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[QUOTE=TheOneWhoSees;69011]Another welcome addition.

“Mommynatrix” is the cutest term I’ve heard in awhile.[/QUOTE]

I really wish I could take credit for coming up with it, but I’m pretty sure I heard someone else use it once. I just can’t remember where.

Re: Not-so-lazy Sunday (Nikki & Sarah 4)

But you can take credit for writing a very polished and pleasant story.
It was just a fun read. The atmosphere of a lazy Sunday came through in the writing and pacing.

Good job.

Re: Not-so-lazy Sunday (Nikki & Sarah 4)

Very nice.