Not Quite An Accident chapter 8

Chapter 8

Brad woke in a cold puddle of piddle, and immediately began to whine for his mommy. He had no idea how this had happened. The diaper should have kept him dry during the night, or if not him at least his bed!

Brad didn’t hear his mother coming yet and so he rolled over and sat up. The front of his pajamas was soaked down to his crotch and up to his chest. It seemed he’d squirted right out the front of his diaper. He rubbed his eyes and tugged at the wet material, but being zipped in back there was no way he could get it off.

He remembered that his mom had taken his temperature last night and it had felt differently, but it couldn’t be her fault. Why would she want to deal with this mess? The mess! He suddenly realized that he was laying in a soaking wet bed, covered in pee himself as well. His mother was going to be furious and there was no way to hide it.

Brad started to cry softly and flopped back down, and it was just then that Mia walked into the room. She didn’t need to open the door now, she left it cracked. What did babies need with privacy, after all.

And clearly he did need to be looked after more closely. Brad took one look up at his mother and his eyes flooded with tears. Visions of all sorts of awful punishments he’d endured from her or the doctor shot through his head. He was doomed and the only thing to do about it was cry.

Mia quickly changed from feeling quite accomplished at having gotten him this far, to a hurried attention that she knew her child needed. He’d been soaking wet and cold all night, and she needed to fix that immediately. Mia gathered him up out of his crib and settled him on the changing table, beginning to strip him and tossing the wet things on the bed. When the soaked cloth was pulled away from his skin it cooled and felt terribly chilly when it was slid up and off. Finally Brad lay there in a more or less dry diaper, but with a very damp, clammy tummy.

Mia chided him gently for his accident, but decided not to make too big of a deal of it for now. The sobbing was pulling on her heartstrings. Yet with a few well placed tickles she managed to calm him down and gave him a smile. Brad settled, thinking things were ok now and being incredibly cooperative as his mother finished changing him. She’d talk to him about this wet accident later, when she needed to gain a bit of leverage.

Mia soon had him in his trainers and smiled sweetly as she picked him up and settled him on her hip. He was a bit heavy, she thought, but she was going to have to get used to toting him around again if the therapy kept going this way. Brad just cuddled into her, needing the security of his mother’s embrace. It felt good, warm and close like this… somewhat like the feel of a wet diaper, really.

Neither of them spoke until Mia sat him down in a strange, tall plastic coated chair. Brad looked around and quickly began to fuss when he realized what it was. Mia knew this routine well. She got the tray locked in first so he wouldn’t be able to get out without quite a bit of effort, but Brad was bigger now and a bit stronger than he had been when last she’d had him in a high chair. He screamed the familiar “no” as he saw what he was being put into and tried to lift himself out of it, snaking his legs under the tray and up. Mia moved in quickly and tickled his tummy, breaking his concentration and making him flop back down on his padded bottom.

Brad was giggling and whining at the same time. “Mommy” giggle giggle “Let me out! I’m not a baby” hehehe “I don’t need a” snort laugh “high chair!” Mia was chuckling too at how ridiculous he sounded. It took a bit more tickling before he finally ran out of breath and just lay in the chair giggling. Mia didn’t want him to slump out under the tray so she first brought a strap up between his legs and secured the two ends of it to the chair at his waist. This was followed by looping another harness over his head and buckling the shoulder belt into the one over his tummy.

When Brad finished giggling he again tried to get out of the chair only to find that he could barely move his little body. He began to kick and tantrum, but the chair was too well padded and laid out to allow him to get a lot of momentum up or hurt himself. Brad looked at his mother with tears in his eyes and then watched in amazement as she simply moved off. She was preparing something behind him, probably breakfast, but he couldn’t turn around enough to see, she’d had him fastened in too well.

The fact that his vision was limited and he was now forced to stare at the wall just made him feel all the worse and he screamed all the worst things he could, even going so far as to call her a meany face! Mia got his medicine into his bottle and found an old plastic coated baby spoon, ignoring his screaming and thrashing. He couldn’t get out of the chair or hurt himself, and she had to measure the diuretic just right for him. He’d need to have another accident to justify the new doctor’s appointment, but Mia was sure she could bring this about easily enough.

“Baby, mommy wants you to finish two bottles before she lets you out of your widdle high chair ok?” She asked, as though his reply mattered. She held out the bottle and simply sighed as he swatted it away. She’d expected this though. He was getting crankier and crankier as she and Dr. Walsh intensified the therapy, and the introduction of the high chair had clearly not helped matters.

For him, no, but surely for her. He’d be held there til she let him go, and it made it much easier to feed him. Speaking of feeding, she thought. A bit of food would probably get him thirsty, and he’d be done with the bottles before he knew it.

“Alright baby. Just drink a little bit while mommy makes breakfast, how’s that?” She compromised. Brad nodded and reached for the second bottle, but she held out the first one with the medicine and juice.

“Drink this first and then you can have chocolate milk with breakfast!” She said enticingly. Brad was very quickly a different boy, suckling contentedly at his bottle without a word of protest. Mia cooked up a breakfast full of salts and good fiber, but low on cheese and meat. Brad picked at it for a while before his mother swatted him on the thigh and reminded him that he could sit in his high chair all day if he didn’t finish everything.

Brad could only watch and sulk as he scooped up a bit of oatmeal and slurped it off the spoon, but he saw the chocolate syrup come out and watched his mother add a small bit of it to his bottle. Not enough to really give it a good flavor (it could never be enough, by his measure) but it was still chocolate milk!

He ate with a bit more gusto as he saw the bottle set just out of reach. Inbetween mouthfulls of oatmeal he’d grab for it only to be pulled back by the straps on the high chair. He pouted and looked to his mother pleadingly, but he knew he wouldn’t get it without asking. He had to ask now even just to get a drink. It hadn’t been that way forever, that wasn’t how it was supposed to be! Why was she doing this to him?

His thoughts were anguished and confused, but thinking about something else made the oatmeal go faster. He was finally sure that his mother was doing this to him on purpose just to make him a baby, and was about to cry and scream such accusations, when he felt the teat of the bottle enter his mouth. He looked up, roused from his considerations, and smiled as he saw his mother holding the bottle and reaching to pat his head, congratulating him on finishing his breakfast and then moving to wipe his chin up.

He took hold of the bottle and suckled greedily. It wasn’t chocolatey enough just as he’d expected, but it was still quite good especially after so much salty food. His tummy was quite full, but his body had been signaled by the salt in his diet to seek more liquids, and so he still wanted to drink. Mia stood back and smirked as she watched him finish the second bottle and caught his proud look to her.

“Is baby going to be good for the rest of the day?” She asked, making it clear that his answer was linked directly to his freedom.

“Yes…” He murmured softly.

“Baby wont make a wet mess like this morning, will he?” She asked, pointing down to his trainers. Brad simply shook his head no, and Mia went about unfastening him.

“Good boy. Because if you flood your trainers again Mommy will need to take you to the doctor today.” She said. Brad whimpered and squirmed a bit.

'Mommy I don’t wanna go to the doctor she’s mean!" He complained, stomping his feet in protest as soon as he was on the ground.

“It’s not Mommy’s fault you keep wetting yourself baby, so stop fussing and go play.” She ordered. Mia knew she was lying, but really she’d had to do it, it was a punishment and he’d brought it on himself with his misbehavior. And now she was going to make sure it would be permanent. Mia knew that the last part of his training in which he’d really have even an illusion of choice was coming up, and she couldn’t wait.

She let him play while she set up a little surprise in his room, peeking in occasionally and looking for signs that he was ready to wet, so she could swoop in and help him. To wet, of course. And the signs soon came. Brad didn’t know what all that liquid had been meant to do to him, it seemed like a normal enough breakfast and he hadn’t noticed the slight tinny taste to his juice that suggested it had been spiked with the diuretics.

He wanted to get up to pee, but then again, there were blocks to play with and he didn’t absolutely have to go right now. He wasn’t counting on his diminished ability to hold his bladder, and was still operating under the assumption that he was a big boy. Something his mother was determined to break him of as she moved to sit down behind him and pull him into her lap. Although, in this instance, that tendency of his was working to her advantage.

Mia watched as he dropped his blocks and then looked up at her with a look of utmost displeasure. Could the woman not see he was busy with an important task, for goodness sake!?

“Do you need to make wet wets baby?” She asked, bouncing him lightly to bunch up his trainers and try to draw a giggle from him.

Brad pouted at the babyish tone and shook his head yes grudgingly. Mia’s countenance only grew sweeter as she saw how cranky he was getting. “Ok mommy will get you to the potty soon.” She said, bouncing him a bit more with a wide smile. “Come on little baby stop pouting.” She said a bit more firmly.

“I’m not a baby!” Brad nearly screamed, trying to tug himself free of his mother’s arms. Didn’t she know how hard all this was? It was embarassing enough without her rubbing it in.

“You’ll always be my baby, Brad and right now mommy wants to see a smile.” She said, now more firmly than ever.

Brad gave the predictable toddler like response and Mia swung into action.

“Ok, mommy has ways of making her lil one smile.” She grinned and wrapped an arm around him, pinioning his arms at his side and then going to work on his stomach, wiggling her fingers under his shirt.

Brad squealed and kicked and giggled. Didn’t she know he needed to… And then it happened. It took much less than he’d thought, he must have been more full than he’d imagined. He could feel the liner of the trainers starting to cling to him and grow hot, and hear the light swish from between his legs. He couldn’t help but giggle and kick as Mia continued to tickle him, seemingly oblivious to the warmth on her lap.

But it soon spread. Between the previous bouncing, the wiggling of the boy, and the large amount of liquids and medication, the trainer soon gave out hope of holding in his mess and a leak sprung out under his left thigh. Only then did Mia stop as she felt it soaking through her dress.

“Oh Brad!” She cried, lifting him up off her lap by the arm pits while he was still squirming. “Not again!”

Brad looked down as he hung there in his dripping trainers and whimpered. “I didn’t mean to mommy…” He said helplessly as though this would fix it.

“Oh baby mommy knows little boys cant always control themselves, but this is bad. We need to go see the doctor.”

Mia braced herself for the tantrum, and was soon carrying a struggling, screaming and crying boy up towards the nursery. This outing was certainly off to its usual start. Brad’s struggles only made more of a mess of himself. Mia had to clutch him to her to keep him from flailing too much. She could feel the wetness spreading over her waist now from him, but she was already going to have to change anyhow, and she didn’t mind a bit of baby pee. It brought her back to those first days of having him when she hadn’t known to cover up his penis while she changed him… Though he hadn’t been so squirmy then!

She soon had him strapped down on the changing table and began to clean him up, tossing clothes off into the hamper, which was contributing to the general urine smell of the nursery now. She remembered that smell well from his infant years and it was starting to have the same aroma, the familiar mix of powder, pee, poop and diapers and plastic.

She had little time to enjoy it though as she quickly went about wiping, powdering, diapering her son and getting him dressed once more. She was recalling all the old tricks to dressing a struggling toddler and the experience was certainly coming in handy. She’d grab one limb and wiggle the clothes onto it then use that as a fetter while she held the other part and the other limb that needed to go into it, keeping him partially restrained the whole time.

Brad soon settled down, only to see that now that he was dressed, his mother was nowhere to be found. He wriggled a bit but found no give to the straps. And he was certainly not happy to be stuck in a bulky diaper. He had learned quickly just what the difference was between his trainers and diapers, and he couldn’t stand the diapers. The thickness not only hobbled him up, but reminded him that he was expected to use these whether he liked it or not. And where was his mommy!?

Mia heard him call out for her as she walked leisurely back to the nursery with a bottle in hand. “Don’t be scared baby Mommy’s here” she soothed as she walked over to the changing table and unstrapped him. Brad smiled a bit as she carried him along, feeling better just by being close to her.

“Mommy is very disappointed in your behavior baby, you need to be extra good when we go to see Doctor Walsh or mommy will spank.” She threatened.

“Mommy I don’t wanna go to the doctor!” Brad begged, looking up at her seeming to grow taller as he was set down. Then he looked around him and saw four mesh walls. A play pen! A prison for children! He realized he had more immediate problems than the doctor’s visit.

“Mommy what’s this!?” He asked as he went over to stand with his hands on the wall that went up to his chest. Mia smiled. She’d set it up just right while he played in the living room, and it would still work for him if he didn’t try to climb around too much.

“It’s your new play pen baby. This way mommy wont have to watch you when you’re playing. Theres some toys in there for you to play with.”

“But why do I gotta be in here?” He asked, tugging helplessly on the rail.

“Because mommy needs to go clean up the baby pee from her dress.” Mia deadpanned, looking down at him. She grinned as she saw the blush on his cheeks and knew he wasn’t going to argue much more after that.

“Oh and before I go…” She grabbed up the baby bottle and poked it into the corner of his lips, letting him instinctively grab it up. "I want that bottle finished by the time I come back, or you can stay in your play pen all day.

Brad’s reply was muffled by the nipple, and he had no choice but to start suckling at the bottle as he watched his mother recede out the door and down the hall. This just wasn’t fair! He hadn’t misbehaved, he didn’t need to be stuck in a play pen like an infant! Brad stomped his foot but the padding of the play pen kept it from making any real impact.

He was stuck with nothing to do now except think about the doctor’s visit. Oddly enough though he was thankful for the bottle, as it soothed him when he suckled the milk from it. Mia found him laying down with the bottle over his chest and smiled as she watched his cheeks squish in as he suckled out the last drop. He wasn’t doing this on her orders, but because he needed to, needed the comfort of it. Yes, things were going just as planned.

Mia patted his head and helped him up, setting the bottle aside and gathering him into her arms. He seemed calmer now, and she hoped it would last.

“Come on baby.” She said softly as he looked to her a bit sleepily. “You can nap on the way there.”

Brad wasn’t too happy about having his quiet reverie interrupted, but the only avenue he had for his frustrations was to pout slightly as his mother picked him up and began carrying him along towards the door.

Mia noticed the pout and frowned.

“What’s wrong baby, are you wetties?” She asked, knowing he’d have whined if he was, but she needed to get into the habit of checking him.

“No mommy I just don’t wanna g—” Mia cut off his words.

“Nonsense let mommy check.” She smiled and held him, snaking a hand around to his front and poking a finger inside his waistband.

“Wow! You’re dry! What a good boy!” She said in her most excited tone as though he had just won the local, state and national dry diaper contest.

“Mommyyyyy…” Brad whined, not liking all the new attention to the status of his diapers.

“Hush baby, let mommy buckle you in.” She said as she got the door open and settled a slightly calmer boy into the car seat. Brad gave her the usual cranky look and tugged at the harness once he was fastened in, though of course there was no give to it.

Mia smiled back at him. “The doctor will be so happy to know how hard you’re trying baby. I bet she’ll give you a wolly. Would baby wike a wolly?” She asked as she craned her neck around from the driver’s seat.

Brad could hardly stand this. The strap was too tight and rubbed his diaper into his crotch and the fact that one of them snaked over his tummy was not helping his bladder control, especially not with a bottle having just gone down.

“Mommy! I’m not a baby! I don’t wanna sit in a car seat and I don’t wanna go to the doctors and im not wearing diapers ever again and I wanna go home and I don’t wanna eat yucky food anymore and take medicine and…” Mia frowned and started the engine, deciding not to let his tantrum get to her. She could tell he was squirming and fussing in the back, but she wanted to let him wear himself out. She needed him settled for this visit, and she figured if she got him really worked up he’d probably wet. The doctor liked him better when he was damp, embarassed and submissive.

“Of course you’re a baby!” She gushed sweetly.

“NO! No no no no nooooooooooooo!” He screamed, kicking his legs as much as the car seat and the straps would allow.

“Well you sure look like a baby back there.” Mia said with a laugh, which only brought more high pitched unintelligible screaming and crying. Mia let him go on for a while and kept peeking back for the red cheeks and clutching of his diaper that would indicate that he’d lost the battle with his bladder.

“Mommy I gotta pee…” He ventured once he’d settled and felt like talking, though he was still breathing a bit heavily.

“That’s why you have a diaper on.” Mia recited tiredly as she waited at a light.

“I’m not goin in a diaper anymore” He recited, a line she’d groan familiar with from his tantrum.

“Ok.” She agreed easily and drove a little longer.

“Mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!” He cried a bit more urgently not long later. “I really gotta pee stop so I can go pee!” He whined.

“But I thought you werent going to pee?” Mia asked, quite bewildered by the contradiction strapped into the back seat.

“I’m not gunna pee in the diaper!” He snapped back. Mia took it in stride, used to these silly arguments, and knowing she’d win anyhow.

“Well then don’t pee. It’s up to you baby.” She said as if it made little difference.

“But I gotta!” He yelped desperately, feeling the heated tickle in his innards that confirmed this statement.

“Well then I guess you gotta go in your diaper don’t you?” Mia asked with a chuckle.

“Mommy stop stop stop I gotta pee!” He whined more urgently than ever.

“Baby you hold your pee in too much and it gets to be too much for your trainers to handle. You’re lucky you’re in a diaper so it’ll soak it all up. Mommy’s going to have to break you of that naughty habit.”

“But Mommy I’m not goin in the diaper.” He explained for the thousandth time.

“Yes you are baby you need to wet when you need to and not hold it forever. Go on, go peepee for mommy.” She coaxed.

“But Mommy…” He fussed, wiggling his legs closer together.

“No buts. Mommy wants a wet little baby butt by the time we get to the doctors or mommy will spank.” She threatened.
Brad looked at her and she looked back at him in the mirror.

“Spread your legs a little and relax, it’ll feel better.” She said, hating to see him fidget and put so much effort into a losing battle.

She turned her attention forward and Brad pouted. “Do I gotta.”

“Yes baby make a wet diaper for mommy. No one has to know, come on.”

Brad looked down at his diaper and poked at it, hearing the crinkle of the lining and then frowning. But his tummy was going to explode, and that’d be an even bigger mess, so he decided he might as well do as his mommy said. He relaxed his legs and then bore down, flexing his little stomach muscles. There was no trickle this time, it just all came out, and he let out a little sigh of relief. A sigh that brought a smile to his mother’s face as they pulled into Dr. Walsh’s office.

Brad blinked as the objects in the window stopped moving, just as his bladder emptied, and then he saw his mommy opening the door.

“We’re here sweetums, did baby make a wet diaper for mommy?” She asked, seeming far too happy for Brad’s taste. He just nodded.

“Hmmm not talking to mommy huh? Mommy better check.” Once again he heard the diaper crinkle as it was pulled out and a slight chill as a finger was poked inside. Even without the strong pee odor, Mia could feel the slight damp warmth to his skin.

“Awww good boy doing what Mommy said!” She smiled and began to unstrap him.

“Change me?” Brad asked, wiggling to get used to his new found freedom.

“Not yet baby the doctor will be taking your diaper off anyhow so it may as well stay on. Don’t worry no one will notice.” She smiled down at him and set him down on his feet, taking his hand. She was less than surprised when it took a good bit of tugging and coaxing to get him into the waiting room.

The receptionist smiled and took their information and Mia sat down with Brad at the most conspicuous spot she could find. Brad had been awful all day, between the wettings and the frequent tantrums, and she’d decided it was time to reinforce her role as the mommy.

Brad felt as conspicuous as ever. Why hadn’t his mom sat him in a corner or made him invisible or something? Everyone could see and smell and hear that he was wearing a wet diaper, he was sure of it. He looked around, offering a sheepish wave here and there to the other children waiting, noticing that they werent all girls this time. Dr. Walsh seemed to be seeing boys other than him all of a sudden, and none of them looked too happy about it.

The receptionist came back from checking on their appointment and smiled, kneeling down infront of Brad. “Hey kiddo. So you’re here about your diapers huh?” She asked. He’d probably have been less mortified if cancer had been substituted for diapers and he just fidgeted and tried to pretend this wasn’t happening.

“Awww don’t be shy little one all the other boys are too. The girls aren’t of course…” He could hear a girl on his left giggle and point. “Its natural for boys to wear diapers later. And I bet you look awful cute in yours. Want to show us? Do you baby?” She gushed and smiled down at him. She was testing the limits of the training Brad had received to make him stop being embarrassed about this sort of thing, and his more immature grasp on good behavior. And they were both about to break.

“NO!” Brad finally screamed. “I don’t wear diapers leave me alone!” The receptionist was somewhat taken aback but she took it in stride. Most of the boys the doctor had taken on were none too happy about it and therefore some were volatile and some were exceedingly quiet. This was one of the former category which she was starting to get used to. Mia, however, was certainly not. Brad felt his body suddenly fly out of his chair.

“What did you say baby!?” Mia demanded.

Brad squirmed, knowing what was coming and the receptionist just watched.

“What did you say?” Mia demanded again, now with all the force of a displeased mother.

“I said no…” Brad said softly, though the word had lost its defiance.

“You don’t tell your nurse or mommy or sitter no. EVER!” Mia raised her voice and then turned to the receptionist while Brad was cowed by her voice.

“I’m very sorry about him Rita, he just acts up some times. And yes, he does wear diapers. I’ve never known him to lie like that since he was a toddler.”

“Well he seems to be much more like a toddler than a big boy.” Rita the receptionist said, looking down at him and enjoying the coming payback.

“I agree, Rita. But just being a baby isnt an excuse to be rude. Brad, apologize to the nice lady.”

Brad looked at her and she stared ice back at him. “Brad…” She said. He knew he was already in for it just by her voice.

“I’m sorry miss Rita…” He said softly. Rita just smiled and nodded.

“Now I think she asked you to show her your diaper.” Mia said, looking at him.

“Mommy…” Brad whimpered, trying to move closer to her and hide from all of this.

“Don’t mommy me. 1…. 2…” She began to count. The worst things imaginable would happen if she finished.

“Mommy no please not here everyone’ll…”


Brad looked around. The boys were looking down as though they expected this to play out on them next, but the girls, including Rita, were all staring eagerly, some grinning. Brad wiggled his pants down and revealed the swollen white diaper. He whined as he heard a girl on his right point and say that he was wet. The girl was perhaps ten, and her mother praised her for spotting it, saying one day she’d make a good mommy.

Brad tried to pull his pants up, having done as told, but Mia grabbed his wrist and pulled him over, sitting him on her lap and holding him firmly. “Leave them down baby.” She said ominously.

“He’s cute just like I thought, I hope I didn’t get him in too much trouble.” Rita said with a smile.

“No he’s had this coming all day…” Mia muttered with a very disappointed look.

Brad was about to ask what, when he felt himself flipped over. He knew what was coming when his mother snapped back the tapes on his diaper.

“No!” He screamed, starting to struggle even before the first swat came down on his damp botom.

The waiting room grew silent and everyone could clearly hear Brad’s screams and struggles until finally they died down to a whimpering sob when he was broken. Mia knew to stop then, and gathered him to her, fastening the wet diaper back on and letting him sob on her shoulder. Brad barely could see through his tears, but he still knew the waiting room was watching him, and for real this time, as his mother carried him into the examination room.