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Chapter 9

Doctor Walsh looked as happy as Brad had ever seen her as she came in to find him sulking and streaky faced, sitting on the exam table in a wet diaper. She could tell that perhaps for the first time she would have no trouble with him whatever. She wanted to keep him in the diaper, but she decided that it might be best to get it off so she could accurately check his weight. There wouldn’t be much danger, he’d just wet so he wouldn’t need to go again for a while, and he still had nominal control over it anyhow.

“First thing’s first, Brad. I see someone’s diaper is sagging. Would you like me to get that off for you?” Dr. Walsh offered sweetly.

Brad gave the expected nod and Dr. Walsh hoisted him onto the table and took off his pants and shirt with ease, as well as his sneakers. She gently pushed him back to lay down and then peeled back the tapes of the diaper. Shhlllick…. Shhhliick… and two more times before finally her patient felt the cool draft over his heated bottom and the diaper was slipped out from under him. Dr. Walsh spent little time wiping him up. He was a boy, he was in diapers, and he was going to smell like pee before long again no matter how well she cleaned him.

“There, that’s better isn’t it?” She smiled cheerily. Brad wasn’t used to this and smiled back to her nodding that it was indeed better. He even felt a little happier now that everyone didn’t seem to be angry at him. He felt less exposed now as well, now that he was, to him, far away from the reception room full of staring mothers and other kids.

Dr. Walsh guided him to the scale, marking things down on her clip board, and then to the height measurer, deciding that he hadn’t grown at all. She could see that he was plumping a bit from the inactivity and frequent naps, and the fact that his weight hadn’t increased meant he was losing muscle mass, something the doctor had been waiting for.

And with the medical niceties out of the way, her main business was to explain the next phase of his training. These phases that required his cooperation were never her favorites, but then, she knew that physical force and medical science weren’t the only means to her ends. She could use guile as well as any woman could.

“Now then young man, your mommy tells me you’ve been flooding your trainers. Is this true?” The doctor asked, poking in his belly buttom to draw a giggle.

Brad didn’t understand why the doctor was being so nice, but it was a welcome change. “I dunno…” He said bashfully, a blush coming over his cheeks. It was to his mother’s turn to be the stern one now.

“Brad! Don’t lie… Yes, doctor. He’s had two wettings just today that have soaked through. He was on my lap for one of them and then I decided I needed to talk to you.” She explained, looking to Brad with extraordinary displeasure.

“Is that right?” The doctor asked, still focusing on her patient. Brad whined and looked between them before nodding that it was.

“Well we can’t have you making messes on the carpet and in your bed, can we? Diapers are fine to wet for a child your age, bur furniture is another matter entirely…” The doctor said rather pointedly. Brad just looked down and she took his silence as consent, not that it was really needed.

“Well, what can we do about this Brad?” She asked, raising his chin to look up at her. “It seems to me that we have two choices.”

Brad peered at her and asked very softly as he looked between the doctor and his mother. “What are they?” His voice trembled a little and he had a feeling that neither would be fun.

“Well, as my professional opinion, I would advise your mother to place you back in diapers full time and put you on a changing schedule like any other incontinent baby.” The doctor said with a grim face, knowing the reaction this would receive from her helpless charge.

“No! Im not staying in diapers ever!” Brad said as authoritatively as he could, naked on the exam table with the two women hovering over him.

“But baby, you stay in diapers for most of the day anyhow, the only reason you have problems is you keep trying to hold everything in like a big boy when we both know you’re not.” His mother cooed, trying to calm him and help him to see just why this course was better. Of course, she didn’t want it to go that way.

Forcing a boy back into diapers would result in ridiculous amounts of crying, fussing, and possible physical harm inflicted on himself no matter how well watched he was. Constipation or an infection of the urinary tract could result from refusal to use the diapers, or more serious problems occur if too much medication was employed to avoid the former problem. That was why Doctor Walsh had counseled that they let him pick the second option, which his mother soon explained.

“Ok, ok, hush now baby mommy’s here… There’s another way that the doctor and I can keep you out of diapers and let you stay a big boy.” Mia smiled down at him with a winning look. She was glad to see the relief in his eyes, like the look of a baby finally letting go and wetting themselves.

“What is it mommy I’ll do it!” He said enthusiastically, and not at all in his indoor voice.

“Well, from a purely mathematical standpoint, the problem is this.” The doctor began, using her best clinical voice. “Your bladder, as weak as it is thanks to you being sick, is still around the size of a four year old’s from my last tests. Training pants weren’t meant to handle that volume of pee, as they’re only designed for small toddlers. They can take a small wetting, but when you hold it in til your bladder is full, that’s a big boy accident, not a baby one and the trainers cant hold it all. Do you understand little one?” The doctor asked. She had avoided using her usual technical terms and describing the actual bladder volume measurements she had taken, as well as the absorbency ratings of his trainers.

She of course found these things fascinating and quite useful to his therapy, but more than to impress him with her knowledge of nappies, she wanted him to understand and, above all, cooperate.

“I think so doctor…” Brad said, wondering where this was going.

“Well, if you wet more often when you need to and don’t try to hold it, you wont wet as much at once, and it wont flood your trainers. So, when your mommy cant take you to the potty in time, you need to just relax and give in. It cant be that hard, you do it when you wear diapers out of the house, as I can see…” Here the doctor gestured to the diaper genie that held his still warm wet diaper.

“I didn’t mean to it was cuz…” The doctor cut Brad’s reply off.

“Its alright baby, we know this isnn’t your fault, but you have to help your mommy deal with it and leaving puddles wherever you sit isn’t good.” The doctor scolded.

“She’s right baby. If you want to stay in trainers you’ll have to just learn to pee when mommy isn’t around to take you potty. Otherwise its back to diapers. Its up to you little guy…” His mother looked down at him questioningly.

“I wanna stay in my trainers!” Was the natural reply.

“Ok then it’s settled. Mia, you can take him on home once you get him dressed. Check his trainers often to make sure that he wets them when you aren’t around to take him to the potty. I’d start a star chart if I were you.” The doctor smiled here at the irony, as this was more common for potty training than un-potty training.

“Good idea Doctor, thanks!” Mia smiled and looked to Brad.

“Thank Dr. Walsh for letting you keep your trainers.” She ordered.

“Thank you Doctor…” Brad said. for the first time he actually meant it. His mommy and the doctor were being very accommodating despite his accidents and misbehavior earlier in the day.

The doctor helped Mia dress him to his muted protests, and saw him out the door before waving in another boy his age, who looked at Brad and the bulge of a diaper between his legs and, rather than laughing, merely looked down. He was already wetting the bed again, and wondered how long it would be before he too had something white and rustling between his legs.

Mia led him out, amused that almost half of the doctor’s patients were now boys, largely the brothers of her usual girl patients. She had to wonder just how far this therapy was going to go, but for now she was focused on her son as they drove home.

“Mommy do I really gotta wet myself all the time now?” Brad asked.

“No of course not baby, just don’t try to hold it when mommy cant take you to pee when you need to.” Mia said soothingly. She was glad the doctor hadn’t laid down any hard rules for this new training, as she always did like to work at her own pace.

“Ok baby, we’ll start your training now and mommy’s going to check you every hour to make sure you’re wet or on the potty, ok?” Mia asked, smiling to him. “If you can wet when you need to like a good boy, you’ll get a star, but if you don’t you get a frowny face!” She gave a mournful tone to this, showing him the respective stickers. “Too many frownies and its back to diapers!”


Mia was going to have to get used to hearing this toddler like reaction frequently, she thought to herself.

“Ok baby, you don’t need to go back to diapers if you do like mommy says. Now go play.” She handed him a sippy cup of juice and sent him on his way. He came back once he was done and pointed down at his still bulging bottom.

“Oh how silly of mommy! You still have your diaper on for when we were out of the house. Is baby wet?” Mia asked, squeezing the front of the diaper. She found that he was fairly dry.

"Ok, well, we can start now. Baby, why don’t you practice wetting just a little bit for mommy.

“But mommy, I don’t need to go!” Brad protested.

“Mommy knows that baby, but if you wait til you need to go all the time you’ll just flood your trainers, remember what the doctor said? Remember our deal?” She pressed,

Brad looked up at her, sulking, and then stomped his foot, as though it were a magical gesture that would make this problem just go away. His mother, however, was not budging, and surely hadn’t been dissipated by his foot stomping, nor had the diaper.

She snatched him up into her lap and hugged him gently. She could have made him wet, but just forcing a boy to wet wasn’t the way to train him.

“Baby, mommy isn’t going to have a wet lap again. Lets make a nice wet diaper for mommy ok?” She coaxed.

“Mom I’m not a baby!”

“Mommy knows that Brad, but you need to prove it. Pee a little bit so you wont hold it in and make a mess of us both.”

Brad looked up at her and whined, searching her blue eyes for any sign of yielding, which of course didn’t come. Mia positioned her hand over the crotch of his diaper and smiled to him reassuringly.

“Mommy’s here Brad and its ok to wet if you need to. Come on pee for mommy and I’ll put up a star on your chart.” He fidgeted a bit.

“And” She added enticingly “You can get out of that diaper.” Me smiled to him and poked his nose, grinning as she saw the smile returned. Brad looked around and blushed a bit, then exhaled, looking down at his mother’s hand over the front of his diaper as he grunted a bit.

Mia felt the diaper warm slightly and smiled, gushing far more than he just had.

“Good boy! Let’s put up a sticker and mommy can get you changed!”

She handed him a sticker and directed him to put it on a spot on the new chart, then whisked him off to be out of the diaper and into his trainers. Brad lay there as she enacted the now familiar ritual of the diaper change.

“Mommy do I need to poop my trainers too?” He asked, his previous levity disappearing as he saw the small yellow spot in the nappy.

“Of course not baby, you can still hold that as long as you use the potty often enough, though if you have to go back to diapers you’ll need to poop in them since they don’t come off as easy.” Mia tossed the wet diaper away and held up a pair of training pants.

“So are you going to pee when you need to or are you going to start sitting in a poopie diaper like a baby?” She asked him, wondering which action was more infantile.

“Can I have the trainers mommy? I’ll pee if I have to…” He agreed. Mia stood him up, had him step into them, and snapped the waist bands. He had his unpotty training pants on, and now it was time to really get down to business.

Brad scurried off happily, wearing only the trainers and t shirt like a real toddler. His mommy stayed in the nursery for a while, rummaging about and doing what he wisely categorized as “mommy stuff”. Much of this no longer meant anything to him.

Of course, Mia knew better. She was weighing the wet diaper to check his fluid output against his usual wetting and that of his proper age group. He had only peed about two ounces, a good bit less than normal. If she kept this up, his bladder would be shrunk through lack of the stretching that occurred when it was full, and he would begin to need to wet more frequently all on his own. Then it would be only a matter of time before either she got tired of the frequent potty runs and trainer changes, or he did.

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Chapter 10

“Baby” His mother said. It seemed that everything she said to him now started with this word, and it was more of an identifying term than a term of endearment. He was slowly ceasing to be an individual, and just becoming a baby. Or, so it seemed at times. He was fighting it of course, and the doctor all of a sudden seemed to want to help him do so, so he was going to try his best.

"Mommy has a star chart for you so we can start your special training. Do you want to see it?

Brad nodded dutifully and his mother picked him up, taking him to the kitchen and showing him a piece of paper she’d decorated and put high up on the freezer door so he couldn’t get to it without either her picking him up or standing on a chair, one of which would likely be frowned upon.

“See, there’s a section for every day of the week and there are 10 spots. If you wet in the potty or in your trainers you get a smiley in one of them. Mommy will be checking you to make sure. And if you stay dry too long or wet too much you get a frowny face. Ten smileys in a day and you get a special dessert… but if you have five frownies mommy has to punish you, does that sound good?”

Brad smiled, paying more attention to the smileys than anything. He wasn’t sure how he was going to deal with the new training, but if it kept him out of diapers and made his mommy and the doctor happy that was what was important. “I like it!” He said with obvious enthusiasm.

His mother had to wonder how long that would last. She was going to need all her patience to get through the first days of the diaper training, but her cunning was still paying off for her. Mia had even made sure to buy the top of the line training pants with the best absorbency, things that basically functioned as pull on diapers. But the thing she was most proud of was her star chart. Beside the columns for the stickers were numbers.

She had looked up the number of wettings one could expect from a toddler during the day and found that it averaged around ten if they were still in diapers. So, she had set a goal of ten wettings per day for him. She knew it wouldn’t happen overnight, but she was confident she could get there. And then in addition to having a record to show his regress, she was also able to keep track of his urine output on it, all the while having him help her keep the record!

Of course Dr. Walsh would think the thing was terribly unscientific. She was never one for smiley stickers, after all… But it worked for potty training and it would surely work for the reverse, Mia had reasoned. Dr, Walsh, despite her love of proper scientific documentation, had been duly impressed by Mia’s idea which served not only as documentation, but as an actual aid to the training.

And speaking of training, she thought, it was high time to start. “Ok come over here little one.” She said, smiling and kneeling down to his level.

Brad was rather surprised when she poked a finger into his trainers and pronounced him dry. “Do you need to wet baby?” She asked, smiling encouragingly.

“Do I gotta go in my trainers?” He asked. Brad didn’t need to pee, but of course he could if he tried.

“You need to get used to doing that, yes. That way you wont feel like you have to hold it in all the time. Howabout we compromise?” She asked him. Brad figured a compromise was better than his mom and the doctor just telling him how it was going to be. He nodded agreeably and was soon led off to the bathroom

Mia sat him down on the baby potty and let him sit in his trainers. “ok baby, you can go on the potty as long as you have your trainers on, just til you get used to using them when you need to. Go ahead and wet for mommy”

Brad was understandably confused and pouted. “But I cant go in the potty if I still have my trainers on!” He complained.

“Of course not baby, that’s why it’s a compromise. Now just sit there til you wet and then we can go play ok? And no getting up til you’re wet…” She chided.

Brad sat on the potty with the lid down, squirming a bit. But the position was now somewhat familiar, so it wasn’t as bad for him as peeing while he was standing or laying down. He was sitting on the potty as had become normal for him.

Mia looked on, encouraging him as best she could. “Come on now little guy, relax and just let it happen it’ll feel all warm and good.” Brad gave her a deadpan look and was somewhat unconvinced.

“Mommy this is silly im at the potty I can go in it instead of the trainers!” He complained.

“Baby there wont always be a potty there so you have to get used to using your trainers… Or do you want to end up in diapers?” She added in a threatening tone. Brad whimpered and shook his head.

“Ok then, make your lil panties wet for mommy.” She cooed, placing a hand over the front of his trainers as he sat there uncomfortably, looking down and concentrating. It was easy to squeeze his bladder muscles but making them relax was a different story. Finally he felt the warm tingly heat in his urethra and knew that he’d do it. The first squirt came out and Mia felt the warmth, smiling encouragingly.

“That’s it Brad, keep going.” She rubbed his tummy gently both to soothe him and stimulate his bladder. It was easier to do most anything if he had his mother’s encouragement and this was no different. The trainers were dampened in no time and he felt relieved. Mia gushed over him and grabbed him up in a warm hug.

“Can I get changed now mommy?” Brad asked softly, looking up at her in confusion over all the ceremony of positive reinforcement for what he was sure was a bad thing to do.

“Sure baby, mommy will change you real fast, but first lets put up a smiley ok?” Mia smiled, sure he’d agree as she grabbed one of the happy face stickers that she kept on a roll in her pocket and offered it to him.

“Ok!” He smiled happily and she held it just above his height, making him jump for it. It took him a try or two to grab it and when he did it resulted in a fit of giggles. Mia smiled and enjoyed his appearance, the trainer sagging a bit between his legs, and her little boy oblivious to it, just enjoying himself. It was moments like this that made it well worthwhile. She carried him to the kitchen and held him up to put the sticker on the chart, smiling softly before taking him for a change.

Once again he was given fresh training pants and sent off to play while his mother weighed the used one and went to mark his fluid output on the chart. Mia was starting to enjoy this training, and Brad wasn’t fussing as much as she had expected, at least not yet. She figured after getting him to give a little, she could as well, she didn’t want to push him too hard on his first day of training.

She had even decided to let him get away with holding it to go potty the first time. He had come to tell her he needed to pee and ask her to take him potty, and she had said she didn’t have time and he needed to use his trainers.

“Mommy I can hold it let me go on the potty.” He whined softly.

“Baby remember what the doctor said, you shouldn’t hold your pee…. Go ahead and wet ok?” She smiled encouragingly as she washed dishes.

“Nuh uh take me potty!” He said more demandingly. Mia sighed, knowing it was best to let him win once in a while to keep him content, and so to the potty he went. She scolded him as she put up the little pee guard between his legs.

“Brad you know holding your pee is naughty…do you know what happens when you don’t pee enough or hold it in?” She asked, looking down at him as she heard his weewee tinkle into the plastic baby potty.

“Yes mommy…” He murmured, starting down at his penis, which was hidden by the blue urine guard.

“What?” She prodded.

“I get a frownie face…” He admitted. His own face mirrored the sticker that would be put up on his chart.

“That’s right baby. But mommy will let it go this once because it was an accident.” She smiled benevolently and helped him up, grabbing a baby wipe to dab off his pee hole and wipe about a bit before getting his trainers back on. Brad smiled at the little act of mercy and they shared a hug. Nope, the diaper training wasn’t going too bad at all.

Another advantage of the baby potty versus the big boy one was that she could measure his output with it, so she was glad she’d already changed him over to it and gotten him used to the thing. She shooed him off to watch cartoons or whatever he planned to do while she went to measure his output and record it on the chart which he was helping her to keep, unwitting of its real purpose.

Over the next week the number of both smiley faces and frownie faces increased, and the output per wetting got lower and lower. Brad was learning to pee more often, mainly because Mia consistently reminded him to go. Sometimes this meant having to take him to the potty, other times he would simply give in since he was doing something particularly fun.

She would peer into the room at least once an hour to tell him, not ask him if, he needed to wet. At first she’d put up a frownie face when he couldn’t, but this had largely stopped. Occasionally he would put up a fuss about having to pee all the time, but his mother knew how to handle this. If he was particularly fussy she’d let him go on the potty and just give him a frownie for holding it. If she figured she could budge him she’d offer him a cookie or similar reward for wetting when he needed to.

It was very much like potty training in reverse, she thought, and it was having considerable effects. Brad was very much acting the part of the toddler as well, whining often about having to use his trainers. Mia had gotten him into pull ups simply because they would absorb a good bit and especially because their core design was very diaper like. They merely lacked good absorbency. She was changing him with each wetting and spending a fortune on the things, but that was only going to get worse with the next part of the training… At least she wouldn’t need to keep checking his trainers and prompting him to wet anymore.

Brad was in the kitchen waiting for dinner when his mother gave him the usual look and speech.

“Baby you need to wet now, go ahead and tinkle in your trainers ok?” She asked with a bright smile. Brad was cranky and hungry, and would have none of it, so her request was met by the familiar foot stomp which made the trainers crinkle a bit.

“Alright you don’t have to wet but you’ll get a frownie face…. Why don’t you come help mommy wash up some potatoes til then?”

“Ok I guess…” He said softly. He was now realizing he actually had to hold it in and put effort into it, and he’d just wet only an hour ago at the most…. But the little chore was somewhat of a distraction and it let him be close to his mommy, something he was beginning to need more and more. Mia had spent a lot of time looking after his potty needs and he had to admit he was enjoying the new attentiveness she lavished on him, so washing some tubers was a decent way to give something back.

The water enticed him to let go, the soft, free flowing trickle of it. Mia smiled a bit as she handed him another potato, watching him manipulate it and scrub it up and reaching around to rub his tummy a bit. Brad looked up to her and smiled, enjoying the sound of the warm water, which was soon mingled with the sound of his own warm water. Mia hid a grin as his expression changed and she reached down to feel the crotch of his trainers.

“Hmmm no frownie face after all Brad, good boy!” She gushed, letting him finish the potato and smiling to him. He couldn’t help but giggle a bit as she hefted him up and gave him a smiley sticker, holding her wet little one to her and elevating him so he could put the sticker on his chart, which was now full. Mia started a new one that day, and she was pleased to find it was beginning to have fewer frownie faces. She wasn’t measuring the pee he got in the potty as much now, and Brad was getting used to frequently wetting his trainers.

Mia was beginning to get frazzled by it all though. Brad had soaked through the training pants once after multiple wettings, so Mia was now beginning to just keep him in his nap time diapers as long as possible. She had never thought she could desire to change diapers so much, but having a boy in perpetual potty training surely did the trick. As did one or two small wet spots on her furniture, which had gotten Brad banned from the “grown up” seating so that he would sit on a couple of towels or old blankets in the center of the living room.

There his accidents wouldn’t be a problem and his behavior could be more easily watched. Brad didn’t mind it too much, though he had to be told about his proper place to sit more than once. He could play with toys on the floor unlike on the couch, and he could still sit there so long as it was on his mother’s lap, a place he liked better than any sofa.

So it wasn’t terribly fortunate that after about the second week of the new training Brad finally got mouthy. He needed to poop and toddled into the kitchen in only his cartoon print training pants to make this important announcement to his mother, who was going over some bills.

“Go in your trainers baby mommy is busy…” She said levelly, trying to concentrate on the bills.

“But mommy I gotta poop you said I could go in the potty!” He protested, looking up at her.

“Mommy is busy, just hold it or go in the pull ups… Mommy has to pay for all of those you know, that’s what mommy’s doing. They’re not cheep baby…” She was blaming him for the bills, though the mortgage and credit card bills had little to do with his diapers, he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. And then he tugged on her shirt to gain the urgent attention he figured he was entitled to.

“Mommy take me potty NOW!” He said with a stomp of his feet. Mia had just been working out a few figures and the last thing she needed was a demanding baby. Between having to run to check and change him every hour or so and having to listen to him fuss as he grew cranky from his increasingly babyish state, she was at her wits end. She grabbed Brad by the hand and marched towards the nursery without a word. Brad was good with wishful thinking, but even he knew she wasn’t taking him potty.

Mia nearly tossed him down on his bed. He attempted to skitter away almost immediately but his mother’s hand came down on his lower back to hold him there. Being in only trainers she didn’t have as much work to undress him, but even angry as she was she knew better than to try a bare bottom spanking while he needed to use his trainers. The pull-ups stayed on as she began to spank his bottom.

As usual Brad started out crying and struggling and soon faded to a helpless whimper. The diaper crinkled with each swat and when she was finally done Mia told him to be a good boy and poop his diapers for her. Brad hated the idea, but he wasn’t about to put up a fuss. Mia held him as she felt him tense and listened to him grunt as he messed the trainers for her.

“There. Now next time do it when mommy says. You can stay in your room and mommy will come back to change you sometime. Be good!” She added imperiously before heading out. Brad might have sat there for some time in the dirty diaper, and he fully expected to. He dissolved back into tears, curling upon his bed to whine and try to forget his situation.

Mia had no such luxuries and was feeling a bit guilty for losing her temper. Brad hadn’t really done anything wrong, she should have expected him to start acting like this, though in time she hoped he would act more like a pleading baby than a demanding, fussy toddler. Perhaps it was a good time to call Dr. Walsh and schedule the latest appointment, she was sure Brad was ready… And she needed to make one other call as well.

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Chapter 11

Their first stop was the doctor’s office, but Mia had cunningly planned for a trip to the store afterwards to keep Brad in the best spirits she possibly could, considering how he disliked the visits with Dr. Walsh. The visits were slowly getting better though as there was less to do now really. That didn’t mean it would all be pleasant though, Mia knew otherwise.

With Brad in tow, this time having just been woken early from a nap so he’d have less energy for fussing, she made her way to the now familiar reception area. Brad was now more comfortable in his babyish state, even despite being in a diaper. Mia watched him toddle around and play with the toys put there to keep the kids busy. He was enjoying a set of plastic rings on a metal bar that he could swirl around it or spin as he liked, and enjoy the colors.

Brad forgot his mother was even there and just played with the other children, who all seemed older than him. His diaper crinkled occasionally but if they noticed the girls were too polite to say anything for now, and the boys were too embarrassed, as the few other boys Dr. Walsh had taken on were bedwetters and so were used to the sound of diapers even if they didn’t always wear them.

Brad was growing bored with the rather simple toy, but the grand thing about a simple sort of toy was the number of ways you could play with it if your imagination was in tune. And with few other stimulus apart from the interaction with his mother, Brad had a good chance to utilize his sense of fun. He started to slap the rings to see how fast they would go, laughing a bit as they began to spin ever faster on their track. He stopped and was thrown off his rhythm when Mia came to collect him for their visit though.

“Wow that’s fast!” She gushed, smiling down at him. Brad just nodded proudly and gave them one more good slap to show the colored plastic rings who was in charge of them. “Now lets see how fast you can get into the doctors office!” She said encouragingly, ushering him towards the door. Brad looked up at her with a deadpan gaze that she found extraordinarily humorous as he stayed stuck in place, the rings slowly spinning to a halt.

“Well, you’ll do better next time I guess. Up we go.” She grabbed him up into her arms and settled him on her hip, heading through the doors to Dr. Walsh’s exam room.

Dr. Walsh seemed as glad to see him as she had been of late, which was good. Mia prodded him a bit to say hello which he finally did, rather shyly as always.

“Hello there little one, your mommy tells me that you haven’t flooded your trainers all week, is that right?” She asked with a smile, kneeling down to be more at his level.

“Uh huh uh huh!” He said with a smile, glad he could make his pediatrician happy.

“Very good little Brad! You don’t want to have to go back to diapers do you?” She asked, sure of what answer she’d receive and then continued when Brad agreed that he indeed did not.

“Well then, lets have mom help you up on the table and we’ll see how your training is going, it shouldn’t take much longer now, you’re doing very well listening to your little peepee tell you when you need to wet.”

“But I’m wetting a lot more now and its hard to stop…” Brad admitted rather shamefully as his mother set him onto the padded exam table. The doctor finally seemed happy with him but he didn’t understand why. He didn’t seem to be anywhere closer to being free of his wetting problems. Still she was the doctor, maybe she knew better. And she was being awfully nice…

“That will happen, it means you’re getting better though. Hands up over your head little one.” The doctor smiled her best encouraging smile, wanting his cooperation and then tugging his shirt up and over his head when he did so. Doctor Walsh could only think of most of the times before when she’d performed this test and how poorly it had gone at first with trying to get him to sit still, but she had to consider that he was more cooperative now, largely due to his higher degree of dependence.

“Let’s get your pants off and then we’ll work on that diaper. Are you wet Braddy?” She asked, using the more cutesy version of his name and squeezing the front of his pants as she unbuttoned them. He was dry, and that just wouldn’t do for the capacity test.

“Mia has he wet lately? I need his bladder empty for the test.” The doctor said, patting Brad’s bottom to get him to raise it and taking his pants off without even looking as she addressed his mother.

“No not lately…” Mia admitted, turning to her diapered child. “Brad can you go pee for the doctor and me? Show her what a good boy you are. I know you need to.”

Brad blushed. How was he supposed to just willingly wet his diaper in front of the doctor. But she didn’t seem threatening or angry, she wouldn’t punish him this time he figured. Brad looked up at her and she gave an encouraging nod.

“Go ahead baby.” His mother said, coming to stroke his head. The doctor gently pushed his legs apart to help. With the two of them both encouraging him to wet himself it wasn’t long before he did. Mia and the doctor both smiled as they heard the slight liquid hiss sound.

“All done?” The doctor asked with a smile.

“I think he is, he doesn’t take long to wet anymore at all, just a little trickle, right baby?” Mia was apparently quite proud of this for some reason. Brad simply nodded and lay in the warm damp diaper.

“Brad I’m very, very impressed with your behavior and the progress you’ve made. So I’m not going to give you any medication to calm you down or restrain you, provided you can be a big boy for me while I do what I need to.”

Brad looked up at the doctor, considering her offer. “What do you need to do to me?” He asked, fidgeting a little in his squishy diaper.

“I need to do something for you.” The Doctor corrected. “She’s going to check how much you can pee Brad, you’ve done this before.” His mother added helpfully.

“With the catheter?” He asked with a pout.

“Yes baby with the catheter, it’ll get done whether you behave or not, but I’m trying to let you do it nicely. Would you like to do it the nice way?” The doctor looked down at him, and already her patience was fraying. A simple set of straps such as those on this very table could have avoided all of this, but she didn’t want to send Mia home with a cranky boy. The two women waited until Brad finally nodded.

“Ok we trust you baby, be good for mommy.” Mia said. The doctor just returned the nod and removed his diaper.

“Mia can you watch him while I go get the tube?” Dr. Walsh asked. Mia nodded softly and Brad spent the next few minutes being tickled and generally played with. When the doctor came back she carried the plastic package holding the catheter in one gloved hand, and…. Was that…… a pacifier? Brad glared at her poutily and she knew exactly why.

“Whats THAT? Those are for babies I don’t want that!” He complained. His mom hadn’t mentioned this part of the test to him.

“Shhhh.” She cooed.

“Well if you don’t want it that’s ok, I just brought it since you were being so good. A lot of boys get scared and sometimes it helps, all my patients have used these when they behave for me.” The doctor smiled and held it out for him. Brad took it and looked at it curiously.

“Even the big boys?” He asked.

“Yes even the ones out in the waiting room you were playing with.” The doctor laughed. “Would you like me to show you how it works?” Brad didn’t know what to say. It was a baby thing, but it was only for good boys like him, and if it was a special reward…

The doctor didn’t leave much time for debate before she handed it to him and he examined it… There was the little bobble of a projection coming out of a disc with little holes in it. The whole thing was blue and then it had a ring on the other end… It felt kind of cool actually, like one of those stretchy toys but a little firmer, yet soft as well. It reminded him of the nipple of a baby bottle. He knew what to do with it immediately but peered up at his mother a bit, she had spent so long convincing him to forget his binky when he was three or four, that the training was coming back against her now.

“Just suckle on it a bit and it’ll make things go faster.” His mother encouraged, gently guiding his wrist towards his mouth with the pacifier held closer and closer.

“And it’ll keep you out of our hair.” The doctor added with a chuckle. Brad was less amused and pouted a bit.

“None of that young man, give it a try, how can you know if you like it or not without trying it?” His mother prompted. Brad looked up at her and sulked for a moment before the doctor made her move.

“Alright, if you don’t want it I wont offer it again” She sighed dramatically. “Boys are so hard to understand sometimes, get them a present and they don’t even want it. Mia can you go get me one of those suppositories from the third cabinet, the tan box? I’ll need to settle him down some other way.” She reached slowly, ominously for the pacifier, and, as expected, she didn’t get it, as it was now in Brad’s mouth.

“Hmmm maybe he does want to cooperate. Good boy Brad.” The doctor added as she patted his head and began to undo the tapes of his wet diaper. One side, peel peel, then the other. The diaper ripped as she got the fourth tape, but it was off, and she expertly rolled it up and sealed it back with the remaining three tapes.

“Uh duh wike id. Id megs id hahd to tawk” he complained

“You can talk around it baby, hush…” his mother chided.

Buh uh megs muh soun fuwwy!" He whined softly, looking up at her.

“That’s because you’re doing it wrong, you’re supposed to suckle on it… Like you would a bottle.” The true power of the paci was that it mimiced the mother’s nipple, the source of comfort, which was mimicked in turn by the baby bottle. Brad didnt know this though, but he did start to suckle just to try it. It felt oddly good, calming… And he needed that as he watched the doctor toy with his penis until it stiffened a bit, and then point it up at his belly button. He whined and suckled more desperately as the lubrication was injected from a round metal syringe, and then the catheter started to go in. There was a light pinch inside of him, but with his muscles so well weakened he didnt need to cough to allow the catheter into his bladder.

“Ok baby, nod your head when you need to pee.” The doctor instructed, patting his tummy and starting the flow from the IV bag. His bladder slowly filled with the cool water and he suckled ever harder, nodding rather quickly. The doctor stopped it and took the catheter out, making some notes on a chart that looked rather familiar, but he couldn’t place it.

“Aw duwon?” He asked hopefully, realizing how hard he’d been suckling at the pacifier during the procedure.

“Yes baby.” Mia said, smiling and gushing over him. “You were so good just suckling on your pacifier and behaving mommy is VERY proud!” Of course she knew it couldnt last forever.

“Good no more pacifier!” Brad giggled, spitting it out carelessly.

“Surely you’ve heard that little boys are meant to be seen and not heard, haven’t you?” The doctor asked rather menacingly. Brad went quiet and pouted, though he didn’t put the pacifier back in. His mother scooped it up instead, it’d come in handy later. Mia got Brad back in just a diaper and settled him on the floor.

“Mommy and Doctor Walsh have to talk about your training baby, hush and be good and we’ll go get your present ok?” She asked, smiling down at him. When he nodded she settled him in her lap as the doctor sat across from them. He was wiggly, wanting to get to the store, and that distraction kept him from focusing on their conversation much, but it seemed they were happy with him, if he would just sit still! He even noticed his mommy showing the doctor the smiley chart.

“Hmmm his volume on the chart matches up with the bladder test I just ran, you can see that it decreases slowly as he wet more. Thanks for keeping this for me Mia, it helps a lot with my studies.” The doctor smiled.

“Oh it was no trouble, he was a bit fussy at first but he even got to enjoy getting to put up the smiley faces after a while.” His mommy said proudly.

The smiley faces were for when he wet when he needed to, whether on the potty or in his trainers, but that didnt seem to matter as pleased as the doctor was. She helped dress him and then swatted his bottom as he held his mommy;s hand on the way out of the store. Brad could scarcely wait to get there, but he wasn’t so thrilled when he discovered where their first stop was to be.

Brad looked around the diaper aisle, a place he was becoming entirely too familiar with. On the surface it was just like the other places in the store, but no goodies he’d want. He knew the aisles he liked, the candy, the little display of summer toys, and those really great goodies they put near the check out line that he could never seem to get.

This one was different, it smelled softer, more familiar, a little like his nursery. Sweet baby scents and the cool plastic smell. And there were the diapers of course, swimming pants, trainers, and the genuine tape up baby nappies. Mia stopped at the training pants section. She picked up several packs of what had by now become his usual trainers, a blue box of pull ups. He liked them a bit even though they could open at the sides like a diaper they at least had an underwear like appearance with little cars from a movie on the front and cool colors. Two of these went into the cart and then he saw the red package with Diego on it.

Brad had never liked Dora The Explorer, but he did recognize the character. And the bag was bright red so it caught his eye. “What’s that for?” He asked curiously. Mia just ruffled his hair and pushed the cart along down the aisle to get some naptime diapers for him. Passing off his question easily she replied “Oh I just want to try out a new brand and I think you’ll look cute in them, see the color?” She pointed to the box and Brad pouted. They were light, baby blue, and even the character on them was more childish.

“But mommy that’s not what I usually wear!” He complained, pouting at her and wiggling in the diaper he was currently wearing.

“No it isn’t baby you usually wear diapers, and itd be cheaper for me to just keep you in them full time, especially if you want to complain about the trainers mommy buys you!” Mia scolded him and Brad settled down with a soft whimper.

With Brad no longer fussing she went about picking out one of the soft, rounded plastic wrapped packages of diapers. Too many of the diapers available to fit boys Brad’s age were unscented or made to be thinner, and that just wouldn’t do for Mia. She had always been loyal to pampers, and so she got a pack of their extra protection night time diapers, not only would they be bulkier, but they came with cute sesame street designs.

“Who’s that Braddy?” She asked with a smile, gesturing to the Elmo on the pack. It took a few tries to get him to finally answer, and she potted his head when she did. Scented baby wipes and a new bottle of lotion (as her current one was making farty sounds) finished off her shopping trip… Except….

“What about my thing!?”

Mia groaned a bit and sighed. “Ok kiddo… what do you want?” She asked, continuing for the check out line, aka tantrum central. But this time she owed him something from the displays of impulse items there. Her trajectory was calculated though. The water guns, cakes, and action figures in other aisles would be a lot more expensive and potentially annoying than anything to be found in the check out line.

“I wanna look for toys mommy. Or candy. Can I have both?” He asked, giggling unabashedly.

“No, but here’s some candy.” Mia offered helpfully, pointing to the stuff on the little display shelves.

“Hmmmm” Brad meditated. His mother began unloading the cart and smiled to the clerk as it was nearly all checked out by the time Brad had made his decision.

“This too?” The clerk asked, looking at the package of Amazin Fruit Gummi Bears that Brad had finally chosen after much deliberation and weighing of the pros and cons of each potential candy choice. They were amazin after all, none of the other candy boasted of such qualities.

“Yes this too.” Mia said, taking it out of his hands. "and no need to bag it. He’s been a very good boy. Haven’t you baby?

Brad blushed and pouted at her, the clerk giggling a bit. But the package was now in the perilous grip of his mother, who dangled it in the air. “Right?” She prompted. He was going to respond to his new title, or there would be no sweets.

“Yes mommy.” He said somewhat grudgingly. The clerk checked out the crinkly packet and it was handed over duly into his waiting hands, certain to not survive the ride home.

Brad was feeling oddly better after the shopping trip and even the visit with the doctor. The pediatrician had been happy with his progress and assured him that soon he would stop needing to go to the bathroom so much as he got better. That sounded like a good thing! And his mother had even gotten him a treat for not fussing about his diapers in the store and let him pick out his trainers. This wasn’t so bad, though his situation was still the same, it felt a lot different now that his mother was happy. She had been stressing so much over changing him and taking him potty, but now she didn’t seem to mind, as if all those adult responsibilities had fallen away from her shoulders as surely as the few responsibilities he had fell away.

And, in a way, they had… Brad saw a familiar car in the driveway…. It was his aunt’s… But that was ok, his mom had family visit occasionally, and they occasionally brought presents. Another good thing. There was no reason to believe… Naw, couldn’t be…

Mia hopped out and went over to the car, peeking inside. His aunt came out of the house moments later, having snagged the spare key his mom always hid under the door mat. His mother and her sister talked for a moment and he began to wonder if they had forgotten him. Then something loomed up outside his windows, like some kind of monster from the depths… It had long sinewy tentacles coming off of a single bulbous orb, the space around its gaping, devouring maw likely glistening with the blood of those who had fallen prey to its voracious appetite… It seemed to grin at him, this beast from the depths, before turning its attention to his mother… No doubt with the window of the van between them, the creature had set its sights on easier victims.

“Aunt Mia” It said, in the deceptively sweet voice of a twelve year old girl. “Can I get my baby cousin out of his car seat? I can’t wait to play with him!” She said quite gleefully… Brad was not so enthusiastic and almost reached for the lock on the car doors… His mother noticed this even as cousin Grace opened the door a bit too quick for him… She’d have to get child locks put in, Mia thought.

Brad knew he was locked in even with the doors open… in all the whining and tantrums and worry over his illness, he had forgotten about his cousin’s yearly stayover… It was chronologically, spiritually and emotionally the exact opposite of Christmas for him, and what was worse, he often had to pretend to be happy to see her. Not this time though!

“We’re going to have so much fun Brad, your mom told me all about your illness on the phone, I want to be a nurse someday so I can help make boys like you feel all better! Won’t that be nice?” She smiled and slowly unbuckled him, making him wait for each bit of freedom and tickling him while he remained helpless. Brad’s reply was to begin to cry.