Not Quite An Accident by Bratling (long story, love comments

Not quite an Accident ch1

Brad had been in trouble in school again, as was his custom. He was a typical young boy with a bit of a bratty streak but he never did anything really awful, so his mother had never seen fit to truly lay down the law. Until now that is. After the latest call from the principal Ms. Mia, his mother, decided that her son was just having too many opportunities to get into mischief. She almost longed for the days when the worst he could do was reach for something on the counter or say a bad word in his cute baby talk.

She was meeting her pediatrician for lunch and hoped that might cheer her up. Dr. Walsh had always been a good friend to her and had a motherly if rather stern air about her. Dr. Walsh normally only looked to the health of girls, having little capacity to put up with squirmy poorly behaved boys, but she had looked after Brad since his birth because of her friendship with his mother, who had just poured forth her story over a croissant sandwich.

“The problem with little boys is that they don’t grow older, they just get bigger and harder to control.” The doctor explained. She was quite open about her lack of appreciation of the lesser sex as she called them, but wasn’t totally hostile: she was always firm with Brad but never really cruel to him, she simply wished him to know his place and behave himself.

“I don’t know if theres anything that can be done for that” Ms Mia lamented.

“Well if you really wanted to I think making him a baby again would keep him out of trouble.” The doctor said with a grin. “I didn’t mind him so much then, he was a sweet infant.”

“You must be joking. I thought about putting him back in diapers when he was younger for his bedwetting but he barely even let me get the goodnights on him.”

Dr. Walsh chuckled. “I think I would have handled that rather quickly. A catheter can stop bedwetting, though of course it might encourage more incontinence problems… But you see, the problem isn’t with you, you’re his mother and you have to do what he needs, you just need to make him realize what he needs.”

Mia’s look was incredulous. “I don’t think he’s just going to realize that he needs to be back in nappies.”

“Hence the ‘make’ part.” The pediatrician said with a sly grin. "Listen let’s go to the clinic and I’ll give you a few things and write up a treatment plan.

The clinic was actually the downstairs of her house, and it was a mix of the comfortable and the medical. There was even a ward upstairs incase patients had to stay the night. The Dr. went straight to her medicine cabinet, picking out a few bottles, putting one or two back and then smiling when she found the perfect ones. She next went to a larger cabinet and picked out a few goodnights diapers. Mia watched with growing curiosity and came to stand over her friend’s shoulder as she explained.

“I’m giving you a bottle of a gentle muscle relaxant serum, a liquid diuretic and some sedative pills. Of course they’ll need to be ground, can you grab the mortar? Yes that’s it.” Dr. Walsh ground up some tan pills and returned them to the bottle they’d come from.

“Go on home and buy some salty crunchy foods, you know chips, fries, and of course some peanut butter. Give them to him around dinner, the salt will get him nice and thirsty. In the dinner or his juice you need to add a two drops of each of the liquid and not more than that. Be careful with the powder as well, just an eighth of a tea spoon should be the right dose. Two of them will help him sleep and relax, and the other is going to make him need to wet more. Every night at dinner, but not during the day yet. Forcing him too fast would result in a cranky boy and, dare I say, an even less pleased mother.”

Mia nodded a bit and took the bag. “But I don’t want him to just be a bed wetter.” She complained, not knowing what else the doctor had in store.

“Boys stop bedwetting last, if at all, so it’s the first thing we’ll bring back. Doing it gradually, that’s the key. That and subtly. He won’t know what’s going on. After it gets to be too big of a bother bring him in to see me and I’ll have a look at him and keep him for a few days. For now theres nothing you need to worry about except making sure he wears his goodnights and making him comfortable. Speaking of which I gave you the kind that need to be taped up, make sure you put them on him, that’s important.” She instructed.

Mia smiled and looked into the bag. “Alright I’ll do it. I’ll be back in a week or so to see what you have planned next. I’m honestly rather curious about this.”

“So am I.” Dr. Walsh admitted. “If this treatment works on him it could be employed on older boys, perhaps peoples husbands. A few of my patients parents could benefit from it.” She laughed and saw Mia out to the door. She arrived home from the store just in time to stash the special bag and begin putting the junk food away before her son arrived.

“Heya Mom” He said innocently. He was kind of surprised she didn’t jump on him about the incident with his teacher. He was still too young to know that women are more dangerous when they’re quiet than when they yell.

“Welcome home kiddo. Glad schools out?” She asked with a smile, handing him a portioned pack of chips.

“Sure am! I’m going to go play outside, be back soon.” He said, scampering out the door. The day went by like this with Brad watching TV while his mother planned dinner. Each night, she decided, she’d provide something that would cling to the palate like white bread or peanut butter, and a good helping of salty dry food like potatoes or fried onions (his favorites). She finally set on peanut butter and jelly, fries and some vegetables. These, predictably enough, were barely half eaten, and this achievement occurred with significant prompting.

However it was the juice and the jelly that were important. She was glad to see all these disappear followed by another glass of milk. She offered to clean the table, usually Brad’s job, and let him go watch tv. In moments she went to look in on him and smiled. He seemed sleepy and a bit weak as he lay on the couch, his eyelids constantly threatening to encroach on the territory of his pupils while his mouth hung slightly open.

This already was a welcome change from the nightly battles over bed time. Brad could scarcely explain the sleepy feeling he had despite his excitement about being on break. He was glad when his mother scooped him up in her arms and started to carry him towards bed.

“Do you need to go peepee before bed honey?” She asked sweetly.

Brad just shook his head, pouting a bit at her babying tone. She laid him down in bed after taking off his socks and tucked him in with a kiss goodnight. She didn’t even need to look back to know he was fast asleep. She didn’t feel at all bad about the medicine. He’d feel better in the morning for having slept for a good while. Although the wet bed she hoped to find might not make him feel so good. She went to her room to read for a bit before herself falling asleep.

Brad woke late the next day, missing all of his Saturday morning cartoons. He felt groggy and sluggish as he stretched and then the cold damp feeling of fabric clinging to his midsection hit him. He’d wet the bed. He shook off the hangover from the sedative and rolled out of bed. He skittered down to the hall, hoping fervently his mother wasn’t up. Seeing the door was closed he proceeded to undress and strip his bed, scampering down the hall to the laundry naked and cramming the evidence in the washing machine, turning it on and scampering back to his room to get dressed.

His mother watched from the bathroom where she’d just been getting her toothbrush out. Mia smiled to see her little boy running around the house bare bum. It brought back memories of when he was a toddler and had insisted on running around nude at every opportunity. She decided to let him think he’d fooled her. He might have kept it from her had it just been a one time problem, but it wasn’t going to be.

That night she made a similarly altered meal and had an easy time getting her child to bed. The next morning she made a point of coming in to wake him up and was quite impressed by the sheer volume he’d managed to produce. While he yawned and rubbed his eyes she tugged back the blanket, seeing his pajamas soaked from the upper stomach almost to the knees.

“What happened here young man? I thought you said you didn’t need to go to the bathroom!” She said with an edge to her voice.

Brad groaned groggily and murmured. “I dunno mommy… Don’t be mad at me…”

Mia was touched by his pleas and sat down on a dry part of the bed, sitting him up and helping him to pull off the shirt and wiggle out of the pants. She found it easy to draw him into your lap and cuddle his damp form as he began to cry softly. Brad was sure that he was starting to wet again after yesterday and too embarrassed to tell his mother about what he’d hidden.

"Don’t cry baby, its just this once and we’ll let it go. I’ll clean your sheets up you just get cleaned up and go watch cartoons ok?’ She said, stroking his back. He smiled weakly and hopped up and she sent him on his way with a light tap on his wet bottom before adding ominously. “But if it happens again I’ll have to get you some protection…” Brad just groaned as he went to get a bath.

The day passed rather more quietly than the previous ones, and Mia noted that Brad seemed more respectful and reserved around her after his embarrassment earlier. That night Mia made some spicy hoagies and home fries and peanut butter cookies and was impressed to see her son drink down three cups of juice. She had to carry him to the bathroom before bed but he could only let out a trickle with his mother watching and she had soon tucked him in and said goodnight.

Brad lay awake somehow knowing what would happen the next day but he was just so sleepy… He tried to sit up but all he could manage was to roll over. He soon decided it wasn’t worth it and retreated into the warm embrace of sleep.

The next morning his mother came in to the scene she’d predicted and woke brad up with some effort and shaking. He immediately started to cry, knowing what had happened. Once again Mia soothed him and stroked at his hair, calming him down and helping him out of his clothes, letting him go get a bath and switching out the sheets once again. Aside from very heavy wettings, she decided, this would be the last time she’d change his sheets.

Brad came out of the bathroom ten minutes later sheepishly and went directly to his mother for a hug. She helped him pick out some clothes and assured him that everything would be fine. During the day Brad didn’t go out, he stayed home and watched tv seeming unenergetic and pouty. Mia almost felt bad for what she was doing but she decided to trust the doctor and her own maternal instincts. Brad needed this.

And Mia couldn’t deny she was enjoying it. The extra hugs and attention were nice and Brad even sat in her lap for a bit to watch tv. Brad was desperate to be closer to his mother for simple stability as he seemed to be getting sick. When he mentioned this worry his mother shrugged.

“I’m sure you’re fine, but maybe it’s best I schedule an appointment with Doctor Walsh.”

Brad immediately regretted his words.

“Awwww mom do we have to?”

“Yes.” She said firmly, giving him a reassuring smile." It’s alright though, I’ll be there and she’s not that bad you know."

Brad just gave a sour look. Normally he would have argued but he just didn’t feel up to it. It would take the events of that night to put the fight back in him. His mother called him to her room before dinner.

“Honey go pee ok I need to talk to you.”

Brad found this a reasonable request and slipped off to pee before coming to his mother’s bedroom. She patted the bed beside her and he hopped up, looking up at her.

“Baby you remember I said we’d need some protection if you kept wetting? Well I found some of the old goodnights from wh…”

“No!” He interrupted, crossing his arms. “I’m not wearing diapers!”

“They’re not diapers honey they’re special pads so you wont soak your bed. Its starting to smell like pee in your room now and I cant keep washing your sheets every day. You need to wear these.”

“Mommy I don’t wanna I’ll stop wetting on my own you’ll see!” He said with determination. Mia soon began to regret not doing this after he’d had his medicine.

“Honey you’re going to wear these. You’re always so sleepy after dinner time that I thought it would be best to get them on you before you drifted off. You need to wear these though and you will. Is that understood?” She asked, looking at him as if daring him to argue further.

“But how come I gotta put them on now?” He moaned, shifting the subject.

“I already told you, you’ll be too sleepy after dinner to help me get you dressed now lay down.”

Brad frowned but had a feeling she was right, and she didn’t even know about his first accident yet as far as he could tell. Mia smiled when she saw him cooperate, stripped his pants, and grabbed up a goodnight from the bag and expertly picked up his legs by the ankles, holding them in one hand. She slid the pastel blue diaper with the cartoon designs under him and then laid him down on it. She peered down at his penis and flicked it gently down between his legs. The diapers would be useless if he was peeing out the waistband all over his tummy.

She then pulled up the front between his legs and taped it up firmly, getting his pants back on.

“There, that wasn’t so bad was it?” She asked with a sweet smile.

Brad just gave a pout and wiggled his legs. He decided the diaper wasn’t too thick and then started down the stairs to watch tv for a bit while his mother set up dinner. Mia couldn’t help but hide a smile as she watched his bulging bottom wiggle with his steps. Dinner was a quiet affair until she gave him some ice cream to make up for all he’d been through in the past days, and to add more liquid to his diet.

Brad thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate ice cream and hugged his mother after the meal, forgetting about his diaper as he sat down to watch tv. This time his mother had added a bit more diuretic than she needed to and it showed. While he was beginning to drift off he felt himself dribble into his pants and realized how full he was. The look of panic on his face didn’t go unnoticed, but his mother just smiled as he slipped tiredly to the bathroom with his hands over his crotch. After that it was bed time, once again without any semblance of a fight. Brad had no trouble falling asleep in the diapers while downstairs his mother had called the doctor.

“I think he wet a little before bed, but it didn’t take too much of a fight to get him into diapers. Yes, every night since we started… I’ll bring him in at the end of the week… a whole 2 days? I’m sure he’ll be glad to hear that. Alright just tell me what I’ll need when we get there. I need to get some rest, I’m sure I’ll have a cranky little guy in the morning. Alright sleep well.”

The next morning Brad was overjoyed to wake in a dry bed, but this only lasted until he poked at the blue bulge between his legs and frowned. He was quite wet but too groggy to do anything about it. He lay down again and was near to sleep when his mother came back in and poked a finger down the front of his diaper. She smiled as she saw his eye pop open and waved him back to sleep.

"It’s ok angel mommy just needs to change you. She said softly as she began to undo the diaper and clean him up. Brad had no trouble falling back to sleep while she changed him, still sleepy from the sedative. When he woke up again he was dry and in his usual pajamas minus the diaper, but he could smell the baby wipes his mother had used to clean him up. This routine continued for some days until one day he was woken up terribly early.

“Baby we need to get going, you have a doctor’s appointment today.” His mother’s voice urged as he lay there, just wanting to go back to sleep. Of course that was the plan. His mother and Dr. Walsh had scheduled the appointment early so he’d be tired and less inclined to put up a fuss even if he was a bit cranky, as he surely would be.

Mia bathed him herself, poking and scrubbing and tugging back his foreskin, washing behind his ears and making quite an affair of it. He was going to be naked at the doctors and she wanted him to be nice and clean so the doctor would see she took good care of her little one.

He had a quick breakfast and then was settled into the back seat of the car and buckled in. Mia didn’t have to look back to tell that he was fast asleep. She drove to Dr. Walsh’s office and shook her son gently to wake him up. He whined but she soon managed to get him on his feet and lead him in.

“Where are we going” He asked groggily.

“We’re going to see the pediatrician about your bedwetting, baby.”

Realization dawned on Brad as he saw the doctors office and began to drag his feet, though by now it was far too late as they entered the building.

“Moooom I don’t wanna go in there she’ll make fun of me and she’s always mean!” He protested uselessly as she tugged his weak tired form along.

His mother ignored him and spoke to the nurse at reception, smiling as Dr. Walsh came out of her examination room which she’d been preparing. The two women greeted each other and then Dr. Walsh turned to Brad as they stood in the waiting room.

“I hear a little boy has been making wettums in his beddums?” She asked in her most condescending voice. Brad could only pout and wiggle closer to his mother, who swatted his bottom and told him to answer the nice doctor.

“uh huh” he muttered softly.

“and I understand that your mommy made the decision to dress you in goodnights?” She said, quite enjoying making her patient squirm. It was almost poetic justice to make him squirm when she wanted for a change, rather than at a time when she preferred he stay still.

“yes” he said with a tiny whimper, standing behind his mother.

“It’s better than nothing I suppose, but when you’re with me I’ll have you in proper diapers. Can’t have you leaking.” She said with a grin as he looked up, wondering what she meant about being with her. The doctor waved them into the exam room and without asking at all picked Brad up and sat him on the exam table. She began to undress him, with his mother’s help, and the two women talked over him as though he were just a part of the table.

“How much does he typically wet? Are there multiple accidents or just one?” The doctor asked, knowing the medicine cocktail he received would cause multiple wettings, but smaller in volume.

“I’m not entirely sure, I was hoping you could tell me.” His mother said as she unbuttoned brad’s shirt.

“Most of the time its just one wetting when the boys bladder gets full. Boys are awful for bedwetting and accidents, I personally believe it’s because of the link between the prostate gland and the bladder. Or it might be because boys are just naturally naughty.” She mused with a smile as she wiggled his pants off.

“I think hes been trying hard not to. He hasn’t had any day time accidents yet.” His mother said, stroking his hair to calm him. The doctor made quick work of his shoes and swatted his hands away so she could take down his underwear.

“Not yet being the key word. I think he’s just regressing. Many boys do that for attention. Or it could be an infection. I think it might be best for me to run some tests and then keep him for a few days.”

Brad whimpered and tried to sit up at that, starting to argue. “I don’t wanna spend summer vacation with you!” He whined.

“Brad, watch it!” His mother said. She wasn’t pleased with how cranky he was, but she’d expected it, and at least he wasn’t fighting.

“Lay back Brad!” The doctor said sternly. “Mia help me get him strapped down, I can see he’ll need it as usual.” She said, putting her hands on his shoulders and forcing him back. He started to squirm but it came slowly as though his body were only just waking up. In no time his mother and the doctor had the plastic straps velcroed across his chest, tummy and legs.

“Baby calm down you always make such a fuss.” His mother sighed, stroking his hair and cooing to him as the doctor busied herself in some cabinets.

“Mommy I don’t wanna stay with the doctor I wanna go home!” he said emphatically.

“I know, I know. It’ll be ok” She soothed as the doctor returned with a catheter in hand. Brad couldn’t help but feel a bit better. The tube looked harmless enough, at least until she brought out the metal needle with the rounded head. He started to squirm but the doctor just swatted his thigh.

“Don’t be such a baby. I wont give you a shot at the moment, this is to help find out why you’re peeing your little panties.” She said as she moved to the end of the table. His mother started to rub his tummy and he couldn’t help but feel a bit better.

“Ok doctor…” He said grudgingly, looking up at her as she got her gloves on. Naturally the first thing she went for was her trusty thermometer. It was too thick and bulbous at the top to be an oral, and Brad whined and fidgeted in the straps. The doctor of course had the digital brand, she’d updated some time ago, but she’d held on to the glass rectal thermometer just for Brad, enjoying the reaction it provoked.

Brad squirmed uselessly but it all came to naught as the doctor let the straps off his legs.

“Hold them up for me, I’ll need to lubricate his bottom and hold it in for about two minutes. Actually it might be best if I just get the stirrups.”

“I think so, he hates holding still.” His mother said as she held her squirming child’s ankles together.

“Oh he’ll just have to get used to it…” The doctor said, looking pointedly at Brad who just pouted as he watched her slide up two bars with straps attached to them. His mother soon separated his legs and the doctor helped her strap one after the other to the bars, forcing his legs to crook up over his stomach slightly.

“Mommyyyy I don’t need my temperature taken just for bedwetting!” Brad whined as he looked up at his mother. His entreaties were universally directed to her as he knew the doctor had little sympathy, especially as she filled something at the sink and approached.

“You’re making entirely too much fuss little boy, but don’t worry Doctor has something better you can do with your mouth. Mia would you just make sure he drinks this water? We’ll need a pee sample and I never trust boys to wet on command.”

His mother moved to the head of the table and put a sippy cup to his lips. He fussed for a moment before starting to drink while watching the doctor. She had the petroleum jelly out and was rubbing it between his bum cheeks with her gloved finger. She slid her finger in just a bit and he whined and kicked at the dull pressure as his mother made sure the sippy cup stayed to his lips and stoked his hair to hush him up.

The doctor soon slid the thermometer in and moved along up the table keeping a hand down between his legs to hold the thermometer in while she came to examine the sippy cup.

“I think that should be enough. For a bedwetting little boy that much liquid should be enough to induce urination from his baby bladder.” She said teasingly and added in. "Just hold the thermometer for three minutes while I get the catheter set up.

“What’s a catheter?” Brad asked, wiggling a bit as his mom took charge of the thermometer.

“It’s nothing honey just be good.” She said soothingly.

Doctor Walsh meanwhile was changing her gloves and finding some surgical whipes and more lubricant as well as a bottle of irrigating fluid and a t valve hooked to an empty sample bag. Brad watched her set the items on a cart beside the table curiously as he looked up, hoping his temperature had been taken finally. Normally he’d have been squirming just to get up and move about, but the women’s plan for waking him up early had worked out quite well and he was barely fidgeting.

“Ok Brad” The doctor said as she came over and slipped the thermometer out, nodding at the temperature. “Time for a pee sample.” She smiled sweetly and rolled back his foreskin, starting to use the wipes all over his penis and crotch and especially on the head of his penis. Brad simply whined as the wipes we re a bit cold. “But I cant pee lying down…” He protested.

“All evidence to the contrary.” The doctor teased, tickling his stomach playfully. She smiled as she forced a giggle from him and then poked a hole in one of the wipes and threaded his penis through it, covering his tummy, scrotum and some of his thighs with a damp wipe.

Brad whined more and began to squirm, blushing a bit. His mother began to rub his tummy again and implored him to settle down as the doctor picked up the needle he’d seen her with when they came in. She inserted it into the jar of petroleum jelly and then pulled back the plunger. She smiled to brad and then forced his penis to point up towards his belly button. She pressed down vertically on the head of his penis to spread the urethra and then slide the nozzle syringe in. Brad felt frightened and fussed a bit, especially as she injected the lubricant, but he soon calmed when she slid the syringe out.

“Ok baby you’re ready for your catheter.” She said, holding up the packet containing the impossibly long tube and hooking the irrigation fluid up to an IV stand.

“Noooo lemme up I wanna go home!” Brad whined crankily as his mother soothed him as best she could.

“It’ll be over soon don’t worry.” She promised, cooing to him as the doctor once more held his urethra open and slipped the tube in. It felt hot and tingly as it slid in and it hurt occasionally. He began to whine and struggle all the more but it was of no use. It pinched him a bit as it turned a corner inside of him and then he felt it stop firmly against something.

“Hmmm well he has more control than I thought.” The doctor mused. “Mia can you tickle his tummy so I can get this in?” She asked.

His mommy obliged easily and before long he was squealing and giggling, struggling in the straps. He barely felt the springy feeling inside him as the tube passed through his prostate as it was weakened by the tickling. He felt his bladder draining though, as if he were peeing without wanting to, and he saw the bag filling up.

“My we did have to go pee. Lucky we got you catheterized or you might have made a mess right here.” The doctor teased. Brad just glared at her, squirming as if he might get the tube out. The doctor continued as if she didn’t notice. “Normally I’d inflate a tiny balloon to hold the device in, but we need his bladder completely empty.”

She checked the sample bag and saw that the flow had stopped. She sealed the t valve and then sent the sample away for testing.

“Ok Brad you can talk to me now because I need you to cooperate. I’m going to be putting some water into your tummy and I want you to tell me when you really need to pee ok?” She said in the soft voice she only used when she actually needed Brad to do something, instead of just needing to do something to him.

He nodded softly, looking down at the wipe between his legs and the plastic tube poking out of him. The doctor wasted no time in releasing the valve and he soon felt himself needing to pee, though of course he couldn’t. Then moments later it became an overwhelming need and he whined to the doctor miserably to stop. She immediately shut off the flow and smiled.

“Thank you Brad, now let me just get something for us to put this yucky water in.” She smiled to him as she went to search about, watching him squirm and wiggle as she did so. She would have kept it in longer just to punish the squirmy brat, but she needed to reduce his capacity, not increase it by training. This measurement would serve as the first one, and there would have to be many more. She returned with a beaker and moved a valve to empty his bladder. She stared as it finished filling, finding the contents not quite satisfactory. He had average holding capacity, but that could be changed through training.

“Alright little one I guess we can keep this in for the rest of the exam. It’ll keep you from needing to wet at least.” She grinned as she marked down her results on a chart and proceeded to use a stethoscope and blood pressure gage on him as well as checking his eyes and mouth and ears.

By the time it was done he couldn’t wait to get home. There was just the one problem.

“Ok Mia, I think he’s all set. Why don’t you say goodbye and come back in a day or two. I need to watch him to make sure there are no ill effects from the catheter and measure his night time wetting.”

Brad by now was beginning to wake up and this surely helped with that.

“No!” He screamed, starting to kick in the straps as best he could. “I’m not stayin here Mommy take me home!” he demanded, fussing and still trying to get away.

“The doctor needs to watch you sweetie just be a good boy for her. I’ll be back soon.”

Brad opened with even more screaming as his mom left and the doctor looked down at him.

“Are you going to settle down or do you want to stay on the table all day? Be good baby, and doctor Walsh will take good care of you. I know how to keep little boys in line.”

“I wanna go home!” He screamed, kicking all the more and only calmed by the secure embrace of the straps on him.

“Someone needs a nap. I think I have just the thing.” She said with a little grin.

Moments later she returned with a little pill like object and another new rubber glove.

“What’s that?” Brad asked very fearfully, what little courage he had having left with his mom."

“Its nappy time medicine baby. And I can make sure you take it.” She approached and pressed it to his bottom, watching the new round of squirming and pleading it brought on. Even as he promised to be good she was slipping it into his bottom and up, making sure he couldn’t push it back out. She withdrew her finger and then looked down at her handiwork.

Brad could only cry as he lay there and gave up struggling. The doctor even seemed to take pity on him as she gently removed the catheter. Once he seemed tired enough she unstrapped him.

“I wanna go…” He murmured in a soft sleepy voice."

“I know baby… you wanna go sleepy right?” She smiled as she rubbed over his chest and tummy to further calm him and he was asleep in moments, allowing her to go to a cabinet and grab up a diaper.

Brad woke hours later in a wet diaper and found himself strapped down in a crib, though for now the strap was only over his tummy and he was free to wiggle his legs and arms about. He started to whine for the doctor and she breezed into the room a bit later, smiling at him.

“I hope someone’s not cranky after his nap” she chided.

“I wanna get up!” Brad said with a pout, still sleepy from the suppository she’d given him.

“I’ll think about it” The doctor said, enjoying teasing him as she came over and slipped her finger down the front of his diaper- wet as I expected. Hmmm well that’s ok you didn’t soak the bedding at least. Come on lets get you changed."

She undid the strap and then picked him up out of the crib, carrying him over to the changing table, but he had little time to enjoy his freedom as a new plastic strap snaked over his stomach and was buckled. He kicked and fussed a bit at this, still quite cranky from being put to sleep earlier.

“None of that little baby or you’ll be in diapers all day.” The doctor said with a grin.

“No!” Brad protested with determination born of having just woken up.

The doctor didn’t reply and instead just picked up his legs and untaped the diaper, doing a cursory wipe with baby wipes and then taking out the Vaseline, smiling at his reaction to the lubricant.

“We need to take Braddy’s little temperature now.” The doctor said with a smile. She also wanted to put some on his penis and bottom to help them heal from spending so long in a wet diaper. Dr. Walsh never favored the sweet smelling baby products. Vaseline wasn’t as nice but it was more effective.

She slathered the goop over his bottom and then moved it to his penis, making sure to glob some of it around under his foreskin as he watched helplessly. Once this was done she grabbed the thermometer and slid it in without a word. Brad kicked his legs but her grip was firm as she held them. He was wriggling in the strap by the time she slid the thermometer out minutes later.

“Hmmm still normal. Good. Now do we need to wear a diaper or can little baby brad keep his pee in during the day?” The doctor asked patronizingly.

“No diapers!” Brad said, wiggling and thoroughly cranky.

“Ok you can have underpants for now until your next nap time.” The doctor explained, grabbing some of the underwear his mom had given her and sliding them onto his little form. She then had him put his hands over his head and slid a tee shirt on. "There. All ready for breakfast.

“but what about my pants?” Brad whined as she loosed the strap.

“It’ll be easier for you to make it to the potty this way Brad. Trust me you don’t want to have an accident in my house” The doctor said menacingly as she offered her hand. Brad sulked a bit before taking it and was led to the kitchen on the ground floor just behind the clinic rooms.

“Sit down in a chair and be good.” The doctor directed, pointing to the chair she’d picked for him so as to make sure he didn’t take any other one. Really they were all the same, but he needed to get used to having fewer choices as she and his mother took back control over his life.

The doctor made up a breakfast of eggs and toast and oatmeal and they both ate, Brad squirming about on his chair as he finally began to regain his energy. The doctor watched him eat and smiled a bit when he finished.

“Good boy, you can go sit on the couch and watch TV while I clean up. Don’t touch the remote though, it’s a very expensive set up.”

The doctor had tuned the TV to some awful political commentary program and knew he would be unable to comply with her orders. She had planned for that. When she came out quietly to find him with the remote in his hand she yanked it out silently and looked down at him. Brad whimpered and fidgeted and in no time the doctor scooped him up, one hand supporting him between the legs and the other around his back. She had him facing her so he couldn’t see where they were going as she plopped him into a playpen.

“You cant follow directions so you’ll stay here for the morning. Maybe after lunch and nap time you’ll feel better behaved.”

Brad looked around at the plastic walls of the play pen, the bedding and baby toys."

“Lemme out of here I didn’t mean to touch the remote!” He pleaded, standing with his hands on the play pen walls, which reached his chest.

“No now hush so doctor can watch her TV.”

Brad soon plopped down and just sat there, beginning to play with a few plastic blocks. Before long the need to wet struck and he hopped up, trying to get the doctor’s attention. He was rather lucky she came to him quickly, having figured such a situation might arise.

“Come on little one lets get you to the potty before we have an accident.” The doctor picked him up and carried him along to the bathroom. She wanted him to wet, but pushing too fast wouldn’t get her anywhere, and he could still probably hold it. Holding his pee long was the last thing she wanted him to do, better to help him get used to going as soon as he needed to. She set him down and stripped him of his shirt and underwear without any fuss. He turned to the toilet and then looked back to her.

“Hey I cant go while a girl’s watching!” He whined miserably.

“You’ve given me urine samples enough times to know that you will, young man. Boys shouldn’t be allowed to spend time naked and alone, they’ll end up touching themselves!” The doctor said scornfully. One of her hands snaked behind his knees as the other turned him around and then with a push to his tummy she had him sit down heavily on the cold seat.

“Now make wetties for doctor Walsh” She said in her babying tone.

Brad stared up at her and just squirmed miserably, hating his predicament as the doctor looked over his small form.

“I see you need help. It’s ok baby lots of boys cant control when they pee.” She said with a smile. She first placed her hands between his thighs and spread them apart and then began to massage and press over his lower stomach, cooing to him and telling him to relax as she aimed his penis down.

He soon felt his muscles relax and then a spurt of pee rang into the toilet, followed by a more sustained trickle as she continued the massage. When she was satisfied that he was done she helped him up and had him stand still while she dabbed at his damp penis with a bit of toilet paper, tossing it in the bowl when she was done.

“Ok flush for doctor” she said in the same condescending manner. He did so only grudgingly and she soon redressed him and took him back to the living room, holding his hand.

“Now do you think you can behave and watch tv with me?” She asked as she sat down on the couch. “Uh huh…” Came the rather sullen reply. Brad hopped up onto the couch but soon found it was a bit chilly without any pants on. He tried to pay attention to the show and watched as the doctor slipped off and returned with two glasses, handing the one of water to him.

“Drink this up, it’s good for you” She said encouragingly.

"Brad started to drink and soon showed the doctor the empty glass proudly. She patted his head and told him he was a good boy before gesturing back to the boring news reports.

Brad soon felt terribly chilly and looked up at the doctor. He was also rather needy after such a hard day without his mother and he found himself climbing into the doctor’s lap. Doctor Walsh couldn’t help but smile while he couldn’t see and ruffle his hair a bit, setting an arm around his waist. She was even pleased enough to change the channel to something he’d enjoy. They watched tv for a few hours until she announced that it was lunch time and set him down, slipping off to make his lunch.

She peeked in on him occasionally from the kitchen and as soon as she saw the tightening of his legs she took him to the bathroom once more. This time things went much more smoothly and once she had cleaned him up she led him into the kitchen and sat him down to lunch.

The lunch was typical fair, pbj, chips, some fruit salad and so forth. And of course a glass of lightly medicated milk. She didn’t want him too groggy and cranky all day, but she didn’t want a lot of trouble getting him down for his nap either, and she surely wanted to find a wet diaper when he woke up.

“Thanks Dr. Walsh” He said softly, seeming more amiable after cuddling with her during TV time .She knew that was about to change with his first real diapering.

“No problem Braddy, but I think it’s your nap time now. Can you be good and get undressed for me?” She asked coaxing him.

“Nap time!?” He whined miserably and pouted. “No I just woke up a while ago.”

“Brad that was hours ago, come on.” The doctor soon had picked him up and was carrying him back to the nursery. It wasn’t long before he found himself strapped down on the changing table where he’d begun his day. He started to kick and struggle but by now the medicine was having its effects and he was weakening as he grew tired. The doctor stood aside and just watched as he tired himself out further.

“All done fussing now baby?” She asked as she came towards him, having used the time he spent struggling to get her supplies ready.

“Noooo I don’t want a diaper!” He complained as she approached with the bulky white thing. Brad was tired and exhausted now but he managed a good fight as she picked his underwear off and got his legs up.

“That’s it!” The doctor cried in exasperation. She slapped his bottom hard and then glared at him. “I’ll have a special punishment for you when you wake up but for now you will get this diaper on and take your nap. Do I make myself clear little boy?”

Brad whimpered and nodded very softly, cooled by her angry voice. She soon put a new coat of vaseline on his penis and bottom and then proceeded to fold the diaper up between his legs. She looked down to find him yawning and patted his diapered tummy as she plotted what to do with him when he awoke. She soon settled him down in the crib and secured the strap over his stomach, before heading down to write down some notes on his bladder capacity and the general course of the treatment.

The doctor was nowhere in sight when Brad awoke, predictably in the now-familiar wet diaper. He looked around and tugged at the strap over his stomach, fidgeting in the cold clammy diaper.

“Doctor?” He called out timidly. It didn’t take long for his cries to grow louder. Of course Dr. Walsh hadn’t been too far away but she waited until he sounded suitably desperate. She needed to start to foster more of a dependent feeling in him and break him of his more independent and stubborn boyish ways, or at least the ones that were more easily shed.

“It’s ok baby I’m here” She said with a smile, coming over to look down at him.

“Let me up I want out.:” He whined in his most demanding tone.

“In a bit, let’s check that diaper for now.” She said, turning her attention down between is legs. Her finger slid into the waist band of his diaper and she wiggled it around a bit before announcing that he was wet.

“Ooooh no wonder you want up. You’re all wet.” She said teasingly. Brad hushed a bit and she soon unstrapped him and carried him over to the changing table. This time she didn’t restrain him as she didn’t expect a struggle.

“Legs up” She said curly. He didn’t need much prompting to roll his legs up for her and she soon had the diaper slid out from under him. She dabbed him off with baby wipes and then got on a new pair of underwear and a tee shirt.

“There, all set. Are you going to be good if I let you up? Remember, you’re already in trouble for putting up such a fuss about your diapers. I don’t know why you do it, your mommy diapers you at home.”

Brad nodded and blushed at this revelation. He didn’t need the doctor knowing that he wore diapers to bed at home.

“Its different if its your mommy” He tried to explain.

“Oh don’t worry, little boys get their diapers changed by lots of different women and they don’t mind.” The doctor said.

“Im a big boy!” Brad protested stubbornly as the doctor set him down on the floor after releasing him.

“We’ll see.” She said with a sly grin. She then swatted his bottom and sent him along to watch cartoons and play, admonishing him to tell her to go pee as soon as he needed to to avoid accidents.

Each time she saw him scamper along to the bathroom she marked it down, and she insisted that he let her check his bottom after his bowel movements so she could mark when he had one of those. Plus she had to do a bit of wiping anyhow, usually occuring on the changing table. She needed to get him used to lying there and sitting still.

Dinner time soon arrived and this time there were no medicines hidden in the drinks. Dr. Walsh had a different plan for him and as soon as he was done dinner she left him to watch tv alone while she readied things in the nursery. A good while passed before she called out.

“Brad come up here now.”

Brad gulped at the ominous tones and dragged his feet on the way into the nursery. He was greeted by two bags like the one he’d had for his catheter but larger hanging over the changing table. He was just about to ask what was going on when the doctor grabbed his wrist and tugged him over.

“You didn’t think I forgot your punishment did you?” She asked, looking down as his face blanched and he began to squirm.

“Oh none of that it wont be so bad. I need you naked now and if you undress for me like a good little baby this will go easier.”



He looked up at her and noted her impatient tone. In a moment she had him naked and very fidgety as she helped him onto the changing table for his enemas. She had prepared a soapy water enema as well as an enema containing all the night’s medicines. She figured after this and a bath and a diapering he’d fall right to sleep even without the sedative, but she’d included that so he’d stay asleep and not wake up to go to the bathroom.

“What’s going to happen?” Brad asked, his voice quavering.

“It’s some special medicine for your bedwetting. It goes in your bottom.” The doctor explained as she pressed a hand to his chest to make him lay down and then fastened the strap.

“You mean like the thermometer?” He asked, trying to make sense of it all.

“Oh good heavens I nearly forgot that!” The doctor said, patting his head as she went to get the thermometer. Brad began to whine and squirm, wishing he’d been quiet and soon finding the thermometer sticking out of him while the doctor spread the vaseline on a red nozzle.

The doctor watched him squirm and fuss as he lay with the thermometer in him for what seemed like an eternity. She soon took to gently patting over his crotch to calm him with some effect. She soon took pity on him and slid the thermometer out, taking the reading down onto her chart and then moving to the head of the changing table.

“Ok Brad I’ll be sliding something like the thermometer into your bottom now but bigger, ok?”

Brad looked up at her and whimpered, wiggling his legs together and being difficult. The doctor looked down disapprovingly and thought of a muscle relaxant before deciding he the enema would be bad enough and she could get the same results more simply. She began to tickle his stomach and kept at it even after he’d begun to kick and laugh quite hard. Once he stopped to catch his breath she grabbed up his legs and held them up, pressing the nozzle to his well lubricated bottom.

“There we are, now relax for Dr. Walsh.” She said coaxingly as she began to press it in.

Brad tried to push out, which had the opposite effect that he desired. It first cleared his anus and then moved passed the muscles, making him feel as though he were having a bowel movement, but somehow in reverse. The doctor pressed the nozzle in a bit more and then began to squeeze a little bulb. Brad felt something pressing inside of him and whined, starting to kick and fuss. Dr. Walsh began to regret skipping the muscle relaxant.

“Stop that Brad!” She said, swatting his thigh .This drew a yelp and he looked up at her.

“Ok listen. I’m going to let you push out the tube if you can ok?” The doctor said to calm him. She figured she’d inflated the ring balloon on the nozzle enough but had to test it.

Brad nodded a bit and began to grunt and push only to find that nothing happened. The doctor tweaked the bulb once more and then smiled contentedly.

"Well since you can’t, I’ll just have to continue the first part of your punishment. This tube will put some water into your bottom to clean you out. It’ll make you feel very full but thanks to the nozzle you wont be able to go poop until I say so.

“No don’t I don’t wanna!” Brad whined, squirming a bit. The doctor let him. She knew he couldn’t dislodge the nozzle now and she moved to the bag and opened the valve. She smiled a bit as she saw his face when the enema began to flow in and noticed the twitch in his penis.

“Hmmm I think Braddy likes it” She teased. “How does it feel?” She asked as she stood over him, watching his stomach and penis."

“It feels weird doctor” Brad complained as he heard a gurgle from his tummy.

“I know baby but this is just the start. You have a lot more to go, and then when that’s over another enema and then bath time.” She said with a sweet smile. Brad looked up at her and simply burst into tears.

Dr. Walsh was used to his crying over shots and such and just continued to work. She soon noticed his stomach swelling and the tone of his cries growing more frightened. She rubbed his stomach lightly to help ease the cramps and hush him. He soon calmed enough to begin to beg franticly for her to stop and let him go to the toilet.

“No baby you earned your punishment and you’ll have to take it like a good boy. Do you just have to go number two?” The doctor asked, a hand roaming above his pubic bone to try to feel if his bladder was full.

“No both” Brad whined as the last of the enema flowed in.

“Ah ok I can let you go to the bathroom then.” The doctor said with a smile. She grabbed a very thick diaper from under the table and gently elevated his bottom. She slid it under him and then maneuvered the tube over to the side so she could fit the diaper on between his legs to cover his penis.

“There we go you can go peepee now:” She said, watching his face.

“No I’m not usin a diaper!” He shouted back.

“Oh you do it at night all the time baby its not so bad. Besides you’ll be holding the enema another several minutes and I have to cover you up so I don’t have a mess.” She explained. Brad simply whined. The doctor didn’t want him holding his pee too long so she endeavored to help him and see just how far the medicines were helping. She didn’t expect his bladder to shrink much in one day, especially without a more intensive medication regimen, but she was curious never the less.

“Here baby this will help make it feel better.” She said soothingly as she spread his legs apart to help weaken his bladder control.

Brad stared down at her and struggled as best he could, but the combination of the strap and the spreading of his legs made it difficult for him to keep from wetting even as stubborn as he was. He soon felt that burning urge and began to trickle just a bit.

“Hmmm ok well it’s been long enough for your first enema, lets see…” The doctor laid the diaper down and prepared a bed pan. She took note of the small yellow stain in front with a little smile and then told Brad to clench his buttocks while she removed the tube. She deflated the balloon and then pulled out the nozzle.

Immediately dirty brown water squirted out and she pressed the diaper to his anus to hold him over until he got control. Brad scrunched his face as he felt the damp dirty diaper against him and the doctor chuckled. He’d soon have time to get used to being messy. She asked him if he could hold it now and he nodded with a tiny whimper, begging her to let him go potty. She deftly switched bedpan for diaper and then began to massage his tummy. She smiled as the enema flowed out but admonished him to try not to wet.

Brad blanched as the mess squirted out of him and whined softly, but as the water left his bowels the pressure on his bladder decreased until he barely felt the need to wet anymore. The doctor saw him calm down and noticed he was only squirting occasionally now, and so she switched the slightly damp and messy diaper under him again, drawing a protest as his bottom touched the messy fabric.

“Now baby calm down it’ll be over soon and then its bath and bed time.” She chided as she prepared a strange looking bulb and tube.

“No more doctor I’ll be good” He begged, wiggling and then blushing as another small squirt of the enema found its way out of him onto the diaper. He’d thought it was just a fart until it came out.

“I see that. Messing all over my changing table! Well here’s the next part of your punishment, medicine to help you behave and stop wetting the bed. Normally I could give it to you orally but I think you deserve this.”

The doctor smiled down at him as he began to squirm and she first mixed the diuretic into some water. She depressed the bulb and then set the tube of the bulb syringe into the mixture. It sucked about half of it up. She ran a finger over his damp bottom to make sure he was still slick and then slid the syringe in. Brad whined a bit as she squirted the medicine into him and his penis twitched as usual, soon growing firm and pressing against his tummy.

He whined all the more this time as the bulb syringe was repeatedly removed and reinserted, each time with a load of medicine. It wasn’t very much though since this was a medication enema and not a cleansing one, and Brad scarcely felt the need to poop now. Never the less the doctor didn’t trust him not to try to expel it.

“Ok baby lets lay here and let you settle for a bit ok?” The doctor said.

“I wanna get up…” He whined.

“Always complaining. You look like you need a pacifier but I have something that will work just as well for now.”

He looked up at her and then watched her leave the room. Brad lay there naked and damp on the changing table atop the diaper, wishing he’d never started having his accidents. It seemed like forever until the doctor came back with a sippy cup of milk.

“Here little one. Drink this up and when you’re all done we can get you into a bath.” The doctor let him hold it and Brad, after frowning at the infantile cup, began to drink. The doctor simply watched and massaged his tummy. She was using a left to right motion to help force the medicien further up into him and reduce the likelyhood it would be expelled before enough was absorbed to do the trick.

Brad soon held up the cup for inspection. “All done!” He announced, glad to be free. The doctor patted him on the head and unstrapped him.

“Good boy, lets get you to your bath, I got it filled while I was getting your drink.”

The doctor smiled down at him and wiped at his bottom and penis with the diaper before leading him to the bathroom. She noticed how he dragged his feet and chuckled.

“Little boys hate baths don’t they.” She half asked, half stated.
“Uh huh…” He said with a pout.

“That’s why they need their mommys to look after them. How else would they keep clean?”

“I dunno… I miss my mommy…” Brad said with a sniffle. The doctor smiled down at him and picked him up into a big hug. Brad seemed happier, but only until she plopped him into the bath and began to clean him.

“It’s ok baby you can see her tomorrow. If things go well with your therapy maybe a bit early.” Brad smiled and began to cooperate so she could wash him up.

She made quite a production of his bottom and drawing back his foreskin, saying he’d been in a wet diaper so long last night she needed to be sure all the pee was gone. Brad just blushed at this latest reminder of his incontinence. When she was done she left him to play, telling him not to get out of the bath. She knew he’d had to wet earlier and wanted to see if he would go in the tub.

Brad was quite content to splash and play, using a conditioner bottle as a little submarine. When he felt the need to pee he looked across the cold tiles at the toilet and felt the warm water relaxing him. It wasn’t hard to add a bit more water.

When the Doctor came back a bit later she asked if he needed to use the potty before bed and when he shook his head she smiled down at him and took him out of the bath. She patted him dry and wrapped the towel around him, carrying him to the changing table.

“Is little Braddy going to give me a fight tonight about his diapey?” She asked in a sing song voice. She smiled as he shook his head and this time used a bit of baby oil along with the vaseline as a bit of a treat. She had him diapered and ready for bed just as the medicines began to take hold. She knew he’d wet heavily tonight due to the enema, and he might even expel a bit of it without knowing it. Things were going very well as she put him down to sleep and turned out the light.

While Brad fell asleep quickly the doctor was continuing with her charts. She chalked up one day time wetting and one dribbling, and also noted he was likely to flood the diaper tonight. She decided to send him home early tomorrow and get together some new medication for the next phase. All in all he was progressing well, and she had to admit that spending a more extended period of time with the boy had given her a bit of a soft spot. Dr. Walsh went to bed quite happy to be helping her charge behave better, and glad that she hadn’t had to punish him too much during his stay.

Brad woke up with the bulky damp diaper squishing between is legs and sat up. He was glad the doctor hadn’t strapped him down last night. He soon decided to lay back down though, still feeling weak and sleepy from the after effects of his medicine. He settled in the crib and then looked down to the bulky white thing between his legs. It felt different today, a bit more wet in the back. He sat up once more and poked at it, feeling the warm squish against his crotch. It wasn’t so bad really. He looked up to see the doctor with a maternal smile on her face.

“Don’t touch your diaper, baby.” She scolded gently as she went to pick him up.

“It feels funny.” Brad said sleepily, realizing he was a bit itchy.

“I know little one, that’s probably from when you expelled a little of the enema in your sleep, you might have a mild diaper rash.” She explained as she carried him over to the changing table.

“I didn’t feel it…” Brad said, looking down as though he were a bit guilty.

“It’s ok, boys don’t have as much control down there as girls, and of course you wouldn’t feel it while you were asleep.” She soothed as she laid him down and fastened the strap over his tummy. Brad simply watched as she undid the tapes on his diaper and laid it down to examine his bottom and penis. She put on a pair of rubber gloves and fetched the now familiar thermometer and vaseline.

“Yep you’ve got a diaper rash, let me wipe you up and we’ll get your temperature taken.”

“Noooo…” Brad protested, squirming in the strap which only succeeded in wiggling his butt in the wet diaper.

“Ok then, we can do it different.” The doctor said. She dabbed some vaseline on the thermometer and then slid it into his damp and somewhat dirty bottom. He wasn’t very messy, it had mostly just been the dirty enema water. He’d have been easy to clean up. “Since you’re cranky you can have your temperature taken now.” She said, watching his face as the thermometer slid in. “And I’ll clean you up when that’s done.”

Brad began to fuss and the doctor went about getting some baby wipes and setting out his clothes for the day, watching her charge wiggle and seeing the thermometer jiggle with each movement. He did look cute sitting atop the lightly stained diaper. Brad wasn’t enjoying it as much, the air had made the diaper cold and wet and he couldn’t wait to have it off.

“Is it done yet?” He asked hopefully as he settled down.

“Give it a bit longer baby. You should be getting used to a wet diaper by now.” The doctor teased. Brad hushed up at this. He was fairly used to it, even so much that the stale pee smell mingling with the sweet baby scent of the diapers didn’t bother him anymore.

“Hmmm ok that’s about right.” The doctor said with a smile as she slid the temperature out. She let Brad squirm a bit longer while she marked down the temperature. He didn’t need to be told his temperature anymore, babies didn’t worry about such things, she decided.

“Ok now lets clean up that smelly bottom.” She said in her babying tone as she used the front of the diaper to wipe down his penis and swipe between his legs and over his bottom. Front to back was always her rule to keep any mess away from the urethra and prevent a urinary tract infection. He was already in danger of one from the catheter but she figured with the diuretics to make him wet frequently it would push most problems right out.

Brad wrinkled his nose as he saw the yellowish brown stains in the middle of the diaper and blushed a bit as the doctor tossed it in her diaper genie. She next swabbed him thoroughly with baby wipes. She still used the heavily scented kind with alcohol and Brad whined as they stung between his legs.

“I know baby. You have a little bit of a diaper rash between your little baby balls and your bum cheeks.” She explained, pinching his little thighs and drawing more squirming from him. She dabbed a generous amount of vaseline all over the area and then pulled his underwear on, followed by the release of the strap and a tee shirt.

“Does baby need to go to the bathroom before breakfast?” She asked, running a hand over his tummy. Brad nodded and held up his arms so she could take him down from the table which she promptly did.

She walked Brad to the bathroom and even lifted him onto the toilet, starting to wiggle his underwear down for him.

“Doctooooor!” He whined, looking up at her. “I can go on my own and boys pee standing up!” He said fussily.

“Boys go peepee sitting down here.” The doctor said forcefully, spreading his legs apart and starting to rub his lower stomach above his bladder.

“NO!” He said, cranky from having to lay on a wet diaper and the temperature taking.

“Yes.” The doctor said more softly but resolutely. "Stay there and if you don’t pee by th

Not Quite An Accident by Bratling (long story, love comments

A little mean. I don’t think he was that bad of a boy to deserve this treatment. I don’t like the cruel part of the doctor, she is a little bit to cold hearted at times but I do love when she is nice and comforting towards Brad.

A good written story I may follow if there is more …but maybe make it so its not abuse or abusive, because thats what it is …it would be great if it was written in a way that is for his own good in the long run…at the moment it is more likely to make im a psychopath instead of a loving caring human being.


Not Quite An Accident by Bratling (long story, love comments

I dunno.

Maybe its just me, but that story kind of seems a bit sketchy. Rectal thermometers, straps, catheters, and enemas can fit into a story about an adult, but when used on a child it seems kind of over the top. Not to mention, in a fetish/lifestyle where those devices a typically used in a sexual manner, it surely walks the line (if not flat out crosses it) when a child is involved.

Aside from that, the story plot seems pretty impossible. No self-respecting doctor would ever, EVER just hand out medication like that and perform those acts on a child unless they are a pedophile, in which case the story is somewhat plausible, but the child’s mother should have stepped in. Case in point, it seems impossible to me that a doctor would risk losing their license and facing malpractice suits and jail time like that.

On the other hand,

Its very well written. I’m not an English major, but its pretty readable and it seems like you proof read it. There are some things that sounded a little funny, which I would point out…but honestly I’m just too lazy to read through it again.

Not Quite An Accident by Bratling (long story, love comments

Not going to lie I got about half way through and couldn’t keep going it seemed like decent writing but it just is not my cup of tea. The doctor seems like a completely sick character that needs mental help more than anything no doctor in his or her right mind would do anything that that doctor did. Like I said not saying it’s bad I just really don’t like unrealistically demented characters.

Not Quite An Accident by Bratling (long story, love comments

I don’t know, but something strikes me as very familiar about this particular story line.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not certain by any means (and if I’m wrong, I’ll be the first one to offer apology), but this just has the ring of one I’ve read before. It could be just really similar story lines, I don’t know.

Seems to me I read another that had a mother fed up with her child’s rambunctious behavior, and a doctor that was somewhat cruel in pushing the child back toward toddlerhood (the doctor was the first thing to spark the familiar feeling).

The switching between nappies and diapers as terms also got my attention.

Maybe Icey could help out here, she seems to have the best handle on what’s out there.



Not Quite An Accident by Bratling (long story, love comments

To confirm the above posters’ question, the story was posted elsewhere (with more chapters, aparently)… wasn’t hard to find, just a quick search of the ever-hated Deekers’ site; - This website is for sale! - deeker Resources and Information.

Not Quite An Accident by Bratling (long story, love comments

That might be why I didn’t like it, if being an infantilist is like being a jedi Deeker’s would be the thing that is darker than the dark side

Not Quite An Accident by Bratling (long story, love comments

It is a story on Deeker’s site with the same name.

Sorry about the delay there but I lost my connection earlier this afternoon

Not Quite An Accident by Bratling (long story, love comments

Nappy or nappies is the British term for a diaper, BB!!

Ok, again, when did I become the story forums “seeker”?

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Not Quite An Accident by Bratling (long story, love comments

Oh you didn’t know Icey? There was a super hush-hush, top-secret opinion poll sometime last year and we all nominated you without your knowledge or consent. Guess that’s probably why you didn’t know… lol

Not Quite An Accident by Bratling (long story, love comments

This definitely wins the award for ‘Most Mentions of Penis On The Board Ever’.

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Not Quite An Accident by Bratling (long story, love comments

This was originally posted on deeker, but before that it was on my wordpad document, so it isnt deeker’s story. i came here because i wanted a more open forum for comments than just ratings, etc.

and, ya know, it really did pay off. I was a bit hurt at first that so many people didnt like it, but i realize now that i did come on rather strong at the begining, it really lacks subtlety and finesse. the rest of the story isnt like that and i cant for the life of me think why i did that.

this was my first ab story and i guess its good to learn, and i really shouldnt have thrown all that out there in chapter one. i’ll think about some edits, and maybe post the fixed ch1 here sometime for you all.

oh, and nappy is a very cute, quaint and british term that is sadly dying out. with globalization as it is, american DIAPER companies now make most of the nappies in Britain, and i know from experience that these are not specially packaged as nappies. so, someone has to call them by the right name lol.

thanks again, seriously.

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Not Quite An Accident by Bratling (long story, love comments

Sorry, while I’ll agree this was written with technical skill, the subject matter is just…I don’t know how to say it other than bluntly. Sorry if I offend, but the subject matter of this pisses me off.

Like I said recently in a different thread, people who don’t have an understanding of our lifestyle might read something like this story, and automatically associate ALL AB/DL’s as perverts of Michael Jackson-esque levels, and it’s not fair to us to have them think that.

If the kid were older, 18+, I wouldn’t feel this way. Of course, your bailout could be that I don’t think you ever mentioned the kids age, did you? You inferred he was a child, but never actually came out and said it.

In any case, you inferred that he’s a child, and that’s all it takes. I hope the edits and rewrites of this go well, and I am actually looking forward to seeing how it goes. Good luck with it.


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Not Quite An Accident by Bratling (long story, love comments


Nappy or nappies is the British term for a diaper, BB!!

Ok, again, when did I become the story forums “seeker”?[/quote]

I was aware of the term, but didn’t understand why the switching back and forth between the two terms.

As for the “seeker”, you seem to have a great hold on what’s out there. :slight_smile:


Not Quite An Accident by Bratling (long story, love comments

Katherine; relax.

Still, this kind of story in general should perhaps carry a little warning at the top.

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Not Quite An Accident by Bratling (long story, love comments

Another suggestion is develop your characters a bit more and give them a bit more depth.

Not Quite An Accident by Bratling (long story, love comments

That sounds like a challenge to me.

edit: fortunately I’m lazy.

Not Quite An Accident by Bratling (long story, love comments

You could write a story about a kid who says ‘penis’ a lot?

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Not Quite An Accident by Bratling (long story, love comments

hey, i guess this isnt the thing for this community, so if possible could a mod delete the thread and my story next time they’re doing a clean up? i didnt mean to weird anyone out and the story was more about an ab who identifies as six, namely me, than anything else which would be wrong. i do want to edit it though.

Not Quite An Accident by Bratling (long story, love comments

It doesn’t need deleting: my second comment, for one, was directed at Frink.

Like Vickie says; criticism is how this place works. It’ll make you better!