Not Again

Not Again Chapter 1

The title refers to the story, buy the way, not to yet another beginning from me. I’m back at writing, and this si to warm up a bit. I will finish it, btu it may not be too long. Then I have a couple mof other stories to finish. XX Sal

Here it is:

‘No!’ shouted Chris, backing away from his wife as she advanced with the diaper in her hand.

‘I don’t need it! I’m fine! I haven’t had anything to drink since…’

Ann threw the thick white diaper on the bed. She stopped in directly in front of Chris, who was now wedging himself in the corner of the wardrobe and the bedroom wall.

‘Chris, I simply don’t believe you,’ said Ann calmly. ‘It’s a long trip, on a freeway with few stops. You’ll be a lot more comfortable and confident with one on. Apart from anything else, my leather seats will be safer.’

‘But Ann, please, I went to the bathroom and it’s Sue’s place, for heaven’s sake. What will she think?’ replied Chris desperately.

Chris could feel that his underpants at least were a little damp already. That was fairly normal now but it was usually only his underpants and Ann hadn’t noticed anything yet as she chucked everything from the basket in the bathroom into the washing machine. He felt a tiny spurt, and an urgent feeling beginning to grow. Chris knew he didn’t have much time.

‘I’ll just go to the bathroom to make sure,’ he said.

Ann looked at him. Chris was about to step past her, when he quickly decided on a fall-back position.

‘If I have to wear them, can I get changed at Sue’s? I mean, before we go in?’ he tried.

It was listening to Ann’s answer that did the damage. She relaxed her stance a little, and said kindly to Chris; ‘Honey, Sue is my best friend. I’ve told her about your bedwetting, and your daytime accidents. She ran a kindergarten for years, and has seen any number of wet diapers, and changed them. She understands your situation, honay, and she cares about you very much. Not as much as I do, of course,’ she continued, stopping to smile at Chris, who seemed frozen in front of her, but she is fond of you. You don’t have to worry that she will think any less of you if you front up needing a diaper change.’

Chris nearly lost his balance as Ann’s words ‘needing a diaper change’ rolled around in his brain. He was quite damp as it was, and now he needed to get to the bathroom absolutely as soon as possible.

‘Bathroom,’ Chris croaked as he tried to step around Ann.

‘Just hold on a minute,’ said Ann. Holding Chris back with one outstretched arm. It felt like a road barrier to Chris. Ann worked out regularly, and since he had begun having problems, Chris had done barely more than eat, sleep and amuse himself around the house. Ann was also a couple of inches taller and nearly four years older than Chris’s 27 years. That didn’t usually bother Chris, but in matters around his peeing he felt distinctly inferior to Ann. Even her clothing right now, thought Chris as he pressed his legs together. Ann wore tight jeans, over, Chris presumed, her usual thin white undies, which were never damp in the gusset. Chris had seen them in the laundry basket as he would try to bury his damp underpants. Ann wore a tight knitted top which showed her bra straps. She was maturely dressed without a care for damp pants.

Chris was in his usual track pants, t-shirt and thick socks. He wore the uncool plain white underpants Sue had bought for him.

Now this mature, well-dressed, strong woman was physically preventing him from getting to the toilet.

‘Please, Ann,’ Chris almost wailed as he tried to push past her.

‘You can wait one minute, surely,’ said Ann. ‘I want to explain something…’

‘Please!’ Chris shouted.

He could feel pee running down the back of his legs. He tried to squeeze his legs together hard in an attempt to avoid having any pee visible in front. It didn’t take Ann more than a few seconds to realize what was going on. She dropped her hand to Chris’s bottom, and felt beneath the curve of his buttocks. Chris seemed frozen again, then he gave up. He unclenched his legs and the pee soaked spread rapidly and very obviously down both his legs. He began to cry as Ann led him, still peeing, out of the bedroom.

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