Normal By: Long_Rifle

Normal By: Long_Rifle

So this is a quickie. I didn’t plan on more than a page or two. Just something to hopefully get me into writing more stories. Life is still trying to kill me, and that leaves me just barely able to make it to the range twice a month to keep my spirits up. But hopefully a few weeks of warm weather will scare away the blues. Anyway, this isn’t the best one. More short story then a good story. But I guess it’s better then nothing. It took to long to slap this together. I’m really trying to get in the mood. I promise. Female mental regression, drugs, and sexual content. And a not so bad ending. I guess a person getting what she deserves is better then not. But still not a fair ending. No deaths.

“I just want to be normal. I hate this feeling. I hate coming here and talking to you every week and coming away empty handed.”

“Lisa.” A smooth male voice softly says, “I told you this would be a slow process. That there would be no quick fix. We have to do this till we find the problem. Then we can work on it.”

“But why so long!” Lisa almost screamed. She pointed at several certificates on the wall. “With all those degrees you should be better then this!” She felt like crying. “Why can’t you just give me some god dam drugs! All my friends are on anti depressants and they look like they’re alright!”

The doctor stood and walked towards her, “Drugs are not the answer. Just because so many chose a shortcut doesn’t make it right. Nor does it make it better then doing what should be done.” He looked away from her and out a small window. “Drugs just fix the symptoms. They don’t fix the problem. And many times they cause more symptoms.” He turned back to her and sat down next to her. “How many people kill themselves because of odd reactions to some new wonder drug?”

Lisa looked down at the floor. She felt the tears coming, “I don’t care. I’ve lived like this to long. I know I should be happy. I deserve to be happy. Why should I live like this all the time?”

“Lisa. You’ve been told what normal is all your life. You don’t know really have any idea.”

She stood and stomped away, towards the center of the room. “Feeling like shit all the time can’t be normal! Stop your bull shit! I want real progress! Real answers!”

The doctor stayed still, rubbing his temples with his hands. “Lisa… Humanity has been around for thousands of years. People have always felt what you’re feeling now. That IS normal. Sometimes you feel good, sometimes you feel bad. You just have to find the cause, and do what you can.”

“But I want to feel good now dammit! We’re not cavemen anymore! I don’t need to feel these things!” The tears flowed freely now. “I want to be normal.”

He shook his head, “The true answer is you ARE normal Lisa! This is normal. People feel like shit. As you like to say. All through history we’ve had wonder drugs. Excessive alcohol, peyote, meth, LSD, and the official drugs, refined, conditioned, and portioned to the point that they can be marketed and prescribed. They all do the same things. They give people an easy out!”

Lisa was walking towards a low table next to his office door. “I don’t care. If you won’t help me then I think we’re done.”

He watched as she picked up her purse. " Look." he sighed, “There are those that need the help drugs will give them. But instead of a small boost, they end up getting a giant shove. They think they’ve been fixed. But after a time the drugs don’t work. And they end up falling farther down the pit then before. They need more drugs, till they can’t function. I don’t like that. That’s why I don’t prescribe drugs very often.” Lisa’s hand was on the door. “Please… I can help you. We’ve come so far already.” Lisa’s hand jerked and pulled the door open. Without further comment she left the office. And walked out of his practice. Leaving him stunned and for one of the rare times in his own life, feeling like he had failed. The troubled woman cursed the entire way back to her apartment. She wanted to be normal now. Not in a week, month, or decade. Lisa was still pissing and moaning when she passed by the last door before her own. She stopped as she heard it slowly creak open.

The head of one of her few friends popped out. “How did it go this time? Did Freud make everything all better?”

Lisa laughed sarcastically. “Yep. I finally found inner peace. And now I’m going to go find a nice pint of Tequila to top it off.”

“I told you, get a hobby. Get a job that you like. Hell, get a hobby that pays like a job.”

Lisa stepped closer to her, “We can’t all be so lucky. So how’s it going anyways?” She tried to push her head into the door and look inside her room. “Anything I can help with Rachel?”

But Rachel stopped her, “I told you before, it’s kind of personal.” She pushed her back out, but not before Lisa got a strong whiff of something odd.

“What the hell? Is that piss? Why does your place smell like piss? You know you’re not supposed to be housing pets here Rach…” She smiled coyly at her. “Come on, let me come in and see them!”

But she was pushed back farther. “Look. It’s not pets.” Rachel looked behind herself, and grimaced. “Shit. I have to get back to this. I’ll see ya later Lisa.” And she slammed the door.

Lisa listened as the dead bolt was closed, and the chain was slapped up. “I guess she’s busy…” Her own apartment smelled stale, she stared towards the kitchen and thought that maybe it was time to do the dishes. “But first…” she walked to a small chair in front of her TV and flopped down. With her right hand she reached down next to the chair and brought up a large bottle of Tequila. She popped the top off and took a light sip. Just enough to warm her mouth and burn as it went down her throat. She looked at the half full bottle. “Ah fuck it.” And slammed several gulps down. She was still relaxing when several loud thumps started from the wall that she shared with Rachel. She leaned back in the chair and slammed the wall several times herself. “Hey! Keep it down over there!” She closed her eyes, raising the bottle back to her lips when an even louder thump sounded, and she saw something scatter away from the wall on her floor. Her eyes popped open, she looked down and saw what looked like a foot sticking through her wall. She jumped out of her seat, and watched as the foot pulled back through. She put her face close to the hole and saw Rachel struggling with someone. “What the fuck Rach?!”

“Shut up! Grab the keys! Get in here!”

Lisa ran without thinking. She grabbed a ring with a single key on it and ran from her apartment. It took several attempts to get the key in the lock. The door popped open, but the chain stopped it. She stepped back and kicked as hard as she could. The chain snapped and the door swung wide. She ran in and saw her friend wrestling on the floor with another girl. “What do I do?!”

“Grab that needle! Give her a jab in the ass! Quick!” Rachel yelled as she motioned with her head towards a low table with several syringes lined up.

Lisa reacted quickly. She lunged towards the table and grabbed a needle. Then jumped on the fighting girls. Rachel had the girl in a headlock, causing the strangers face to bulge purple. She was still fighting though. As the needle came into view she freaked out and started to claw at Lisa with her hands. Lisa darted behind her, and with a sudden thrust, sent the needle deeply into her thigh, and plunged the contents into her.

The girls entire body tensed, as she tried to fight the effects. Rachel let her grip relax, and moved away from the twitching girl as her head suddenly lolled forward, and her body flopped several times, finally resting on her belly on the floor. Lisa was speechless as she watched the girl start to drool, then her eyes dilated and stared off into nothing. Rachel got to her feet, and shook her head, “Dam that was close! Thanks Lisa!”

Lisa didn’t answer she had looked up and noticed the rest of the room and she saw that they weren’t alone. She pointed wordlessly at several chairs lined up against the far wall. “What the fuck?”

Rachel squatted down next to the sedate girl and rolled her over. “Yeah. That’s my hobby that pays so well.” She tickled the drooling girl under the chin, “And who’s my sweet little baby pay check?” she cooed. The girl laughed sweetly, like a child that didn’t understand what was going on.

Lisa walked closer to the adult sized high chairs. They were all occupied by women, except one that was tipped over, and appeared to be broken. “What the hell is going on Rachel?” They all seemed to be dazed except the last one who was straining to get up, the straps holding her down wouldn’t budge. She was moving her jaw, as if she was trying to get the tape off her mouth.

Rachel smiled up at her. “What does it look like? Hey, pass me that diaper over there would ya?”

Lisa grabbed one from a nearby stack and walked it over towards her. “It looks like you’re drugging kidnap victims.” She looked back at the struggling girl. The idea that she should get the jell out of the apartment popped into her mind. The warmth of the alcohol muted it enough to keep her there, “So what’s with the diapers? You got a fetish I need to know about?”

“Yeah. That’s part of it I guess.” She had unzipped the girls pants, “Hey, pull these off her before we have a bigger mess.” Lisa felt like she was in a dream as she sat down and slipped the girls pants off, while she watched Rachel pull the girl’s shirt off as well. She stood up and stepped away, towards the front door as Rachel expertly slipped the diaper on, and taped it closed.

“Okay Rac, what’s up?” She said from the safety of the exit. “Is there a good reason you’re making adults piss themselves?” She gently closed the door, but kept her hand near the knob in case she needed to bolt. She peered towards the cart with the drugs. “If she gets to close to those I’m running.” she whispered to herself.

Rachel stood up and walked to the wall of chairs and lovingly caressed one of the dazed looking girls. “It’s what they wanted. They want happiness. They want it so bad they are willing to pay. And I’ve got exactly what they want. All the way to the end.”

Lisa heard dripping, she looked towards it’s source under the chairs and saw one of them had just wet herself, and her diaper was leaking. “I doubt they want to be pissing themselves like babies Rachel.” She stared at the one woman that was straining. It was obvious she was terrified. “What about her? It doesn’t look like she wants this.”

Rachel walked towards the girl, “She’s already had her trips. This time it’s the permanent one for her. I give them so many chances to stop. To walk away. And most do. Starting to wet yourself without control scares them off. But this one, and her,” she pointed towards the girl on the floor, “Kept coming back. Even after they had to wear diapers during the day.” Rachel grabbed the tape, and yanked it off.

“Get me the fuck out of here! I don’t want this shit! Kill her! Kill the bitch!” Spewed from her mouth before Rachel slapped the tape back on. The girl’s mouth stopped moving instantly, she stared at Lisa with wide pleading eyes.

Rachel grabbed one of the full syringes and walked towards her. “Yeah, you say that now but two hours ago you wanted to have the best high ever? When you walked in here in a soaked diaper, pleading on your knees for more?”

The girl started to thrash, and Rachel pulled the tape off again. “That was before you knocked me out and strapped me in here bitch!” She looked at Lisa, “She’s turning us into babies and she gets off on it!” She turned towards Rachel, still holding the needle out towards her. She kicked her legs as much as could, and as she got closer she started to spit at her.

Lisa watched the struggle; she felt oddly disconnected. She thought maybe it was the alcohol. She looked down at the diapered woman on the floor. Instead of feeling anger, or pity she felt something else. Something unexpected. “Is it really permanent?”

Rachel stopped advancing, choosing to silently mock her captive. “It doesn’t have to be. The three girls already out will regain their senses in a few hours, they’ll leave only wanting another trip. And I’ll keep giving it to them till I need to fill another order.” She motioned towards the girl on the floor, “You pumped her so full of the stuff it’s a wonder she can still move. You put that much in and they get a complete wipe. She’s a permanent case. A bit more wiped then needed, but I’ll still get a good price since she’s a red head.” Rachel watched stunned as Lisa’s hand creep into her pants and started slowly moving.

Lisa stared at the girl now sucking her thumb and looking back at her, no recollection or hate in her eyes. Nothing but innocence. She knelt down next to her and looked closely at her. “Hey there sweetie. Do you remember me?” The girl stared at her for a second, then looked away.

Rachel walked closer, “Use a high pitched voice. They love that.”

Lisa mimicked Rachel’s earlier tickling, and said in a sickeningly sweet voice, “Who’s mommies little baby girl?” The girl’s face took on pure pleasure and giggled loudly. Her body wiggled on the floor in happy spasms. Lisa looked down at the diaper around the young lady’s waist and saw it now looked wet. She gently lay her free hand on it and squeezed. The warm wetness was now obvious. “It’s real…” she whispered. She kept rubbing the girls diaper as she rubbed herself, she couldn’t believe that this wasn’t just some kind of sick dream. But she didn’t care, she knew deep down that it had to be real, she had never had a dream so realistic before. She looked up at Rachel and the syringe in her hand. Then turned to the girl in the chair. She got up and put out her hand, “I want to do her.”

Rachel stopped. She looked confused. “I don’t… Why?”

Lisa smiled, “I want to see it. I want to experience it.”

Rachel looked down at Lisa’s buried hand, “Are you sure? You’d have to stop… That.”

Lisa kept smiling, “You hold her still, all I need is one hand.”

“I… Really? You mean it?”

Lisa grabbed the needle, and nodded towards the now stunned girl in the chair. “How much to just get a little reaction? I want to drag this out.”

Rachel stepped towards their next victim, “Only about one CC. That’s the next big mark on the tube there. That should make her a bit confused and meek. She’ll still remember, but she won’t really fight it any more.”

Lisa got as close as she could to the struggling woman, getting spit on in the process. “Grab her Rach!” Rachel acted immediately and slipped an arm around her neck. She squeezed just enough to cut off the air for a few seconds and waited for Lisa to take care of business. Then her shoulder started to feel warm. She thought it was drool, but the girl’s face wasn’t behind her. Then the warmth started to spread. In an instant she realized that Lisa had injected her instead. She let go of the girl and stepped back. Her pace was off. She felt high. She looked down at herself and watched as the crotch of her jeans grew darker, then ran down the insides of her legs. As knowledge that she had pissed herself found her conscience she looked up to see Lisa smiling wickedly at her, and the girl with a very surprised look on her face.

Lisa walked slowly towards her. “I think it’s better that Rachel goes bye bye for a while. I think baby Rachel deserves this.”

Rachel felt her knees getting weaker. She could barely stand. She dropped to the floor, splaying out her legs in front of her. She picked at her wet jeans and started to cry. “No wesa! This is no right! I need job! I no baby!” She started to pout.

Lisa saw the imminent tantrum. She held up the needle. “What do you think?” She said as she turned her head to face the still surprised woman in the high chair. “Does baby stay, or does she go all the way?”

The question snapped her out of her daze. “DO IT!” She almost screamed. “Give her the full shot! Let her see what it’s like to be destroyed and left a stupid little infant!”

Lisa squatted next to Rachel, “Well you heard the verdict. Time to say good bye to sex, and hello to shitty pants and bottles!”

Rachel didn’t understand everything, but she knew what was about to happen was bad. She tried to stop Lisa, but it was useless. She turned away as the scary looking needle got closer. She felt just the briefest poke before her very thoughts seemed to stretch and dissolve into nothing. Her body went limp, and fell down next to her previous victim. Her head flopped to face her, and while she looked at the face it blurred as the muscle control over her eyes was burned away. Something brushed her mouth and she started sucking on it. Lisa watched the entire time. The light of her eyes seemed to dull, as the substance in the syringe did it’s job and removed the last trace of Rachel. Leaving a warm wet plaything for rich perverts to play with.

Lisa dropped the used needle on the tray and sat down on a soft chair. “Oh fuck that was intense!” She pulled her hand from her pants and took several deep breaths, trying to relax her body.

The woman in the high chair looked down at her former tormentor, “Well fuck her if she can’t take a joke. Can you get over here and let me out now? I really have to piss, but I think I already did when she first drugged us, and I don’t want to make a mess like the other girl.”

Lisa stood and walked to her, she ducked under the tray. “Yeah, that diaper is soaked. Hold on let me get you free.” She started on the harness that held her down onto the seat. “Ah shit, there’s some kind of lock back here. Hold on let me try and find the key.”

The girl was starting to squirm. “Please hurry.”

“Just try to hold it!”

She blushed, “Rachel was right about the whole control thing. I barely make it to the toilet anymore. Unless I really concentrate. So please, hurry!”

Lisa checked around the chairs on the floor. While she did, she looked at the three other girls. They weren’t strapped in, except for a simple harness that kept them from getting out of the chairs and hurting themselves. “I guess Rachel liked to have a few wake up and struggle.” She whispered to herself. She watched as one rubbed spit over her own chest, oblivious to the struggles that had just happened, and the other played with clay that covered the tray and smeared much of her face and arms. Then she smelled something horrible. “Oh god, did one of them shit themselves?” She checked their diapers, but they were clean.

As she did the girl started to speak, “My names Emily by the way. I was in a bar last night, and the next thing I remember is waking up strapped into this chair, wearing nothing but a diaper. I didn’t think Rachel would ever try this.” Then she smelled it. At first she thought she had done it. She wiggled her bottom, and finding it feeling only wet she asked, “Did they shit themselves? Ewwww.”

“No, and unless it’s you I think one of our infants just made a messy.” Lisa looked at Emily and saw her shake her head no. She looked at the regressed women on he floor and saw that Rachel’s pants had no bulge. She could tell that the other girl’s diaper had expanded. “I guess it’s good that she’s diapered then, but I’d sure hate to have to change that.” But deep down as she spoke she knew she wanted to. The urges that she had vented earlier were returning again. Lisa felt more turned on by the idea of rendering adults into diapered morons then she had ever been by anything before. She looked at the girls laying on the floor, squirming in infantile bliss. Then looked back at Emily. She knew it was wrong. But she wanted to watch her melt away as well.

Emily saw the hungry look in Lisa’s start to return. She slapped her tray loudly she didn’t think she was completely safe. “Hey! I still need to get out of this thing!” Lisa snapped out of her daydream, and decided on searching through Rachel’s pockets. Just as she started a phone started to ring. She stopped and started to go towards it. But Emily almost screamed. “Don’t touch it! She said something about her buyer coming over today! Maybe that’s her!”

They both stopped and waited for the phone to quiet, as it did the answering machine kicked on. There was no message played just a soft beep. Then an old sounding feminine voice came over the room. “Hey, she’s been buzzing the room for a few minutes, why aren’t you answering? Pick up!” The voice waited several seconds, then continued. “I’m sending her up now. I hope you’re ready, we have a quota and more stops you know.”

As the machine clicked off Lisa looked towards the panel by the door. She could see the buzzer had been put on silent, but the light was flashing like crazy. Then she saw the door was still not bolted She dashed towards it and slammed it closed. She rushed towards Emily, “We need to get out of here! They’ll do us to!”

Emily started to struggle again, “Get me the dam keys! Get me out of this!”

But Lisa noticed out of the corner of her eyes that the flashing light had stopped, and knew they were out of time. “Shit, she’s on the way up! We have to hide.”

“What?” Emily almost screamed.

Then Lisa thought up a plan. She tore off her shirt, and the rest of her clothes, then grabbed another diaper. “Act like she already did it to you Emily! Then, when we have a chance we’ll just stick her and then call the cops!”

Emily didn’t know what to say, “What about you? You can’t make it!”

But Lisa was already at work. She needed good cover. She took a deep breath and held it as she squatted next to miss poopie diaper and carefully pulled the tapes off. She opened it slowly, and saw most of the mess come off in the diaper. Her fear overcame the urge to puke as she lifted the girl off the diaper and in one motion pulled it out, and slipped the fresh one under her. She hastily taped it on and then sat down in the messy one. The feeling of it spreading over her made her gag, but she lay back anyways and taped it tightly on her own body.

Emily gagged, “No way! Gross! There has to be-” But she stopped as the sound of light knocking came from the front door.

Lisa got up and grabbed a full needle from the tray, then hid in under a chair. She laid back down on the floor on her chest and gave Emily a quick look before hearing keys in the lock, and a click as it opened.

The door opened partially, and a head popped in. They both listened as she spoke into a phone. “Yes, I’m in. I can see she was busy. Hold on.” Lisa didn’t want to attract attention to herself by staring. She started to suck her whole hand and stared at the carpet in front of her. The woman squatted next her face, she could feel the back of her diaper being pulled away. “Yeah. We got one near total,” She stood and looked down at the first girl. “And one total.” Lisa watched out of the corner of her eye as the woman kneeled down next to Rachel and looked her over carefully. “And I found our partner. I think she bit off more then she could chew this time.” She stopped talking for a few minutes, then stood and walked towards the high chairs. “It looks like her standard setup. One got out and she got hit. We have any extra orders for the week? I figure we should just do them all and close up this cell.” Lisa flipped on her side and watched as the woman peaked at each woman in turn then stopped in front of Emily. “Okay, let me tie this up. There’s just one thing left.” The phone was closed and the woman sighed before reaching into her pocket and pulling something out. She seemed to be taking her time, then in a quick swing her hand came forward and jabbed at Emily with something.

“OWWW!” Emily screamed as she grabbed at the woman, but missed.

The lady laughed as she watched Emily’s face start to droop. Her language slowly quieting and then reducing to nothing but a quiet gurgle as her head flopped forward. “I can count.” She said, still looking towards Emily. “There’s a chair missing. She’d never do one more then she could process. And it was rather easy to see that miss pissy pants here was faking.” Lisa felt fear rise in her body. Adrenaline rushed into her system. But she felt another need rise as well. “I know this one didn’t do it. She’s in the chair. And our agent couldn’t make it that far away. So sit up.”

Lisa tensed. She didn’t know exactly what to do. She decided to go for it. Her hand darted for the hidden drug and she sat up on her knees ready to pounce. “Eat shit bitch!” She screamed. The woman turned and stared as Lisa got closer and jabbed the needle home. She pushed as hard as she could and watched as the liquid disappeared into her tissue. “Now it’s diaper land for you!” But after she dropped down onto her diapered butt, and slid back, she was surprised to see the woman still standing, and regarding her with a funny look.

“Yeah…” she uttered. “We don’t come here unprepared honey. We’ve had to many operatives make mistakes. I’ve got enough antidote in my system to take a thousand times that dose.” Lisa realized she was doomed. She looked at her new friend and then down at herself. Even now she felt heat burn inside at the thought of what was about to happen. She could feel her face flush, and her nipples harden. But the woman didn’t move towards her. “Now you can sit there and be a good girl while I take care of missy pissy here, or I’ll make you a fucking fetus.”

Lisa felt fear overcome her desires, she sat back on her haunches, “But she’s gone already. You just did her…”

The woman turned back to Emily. “No, I just shut down her muscles. She’s still there, just unable to move anything. Now shut up.” Lisa watched as she pulled something out of another pocket and readied it. She couldn’t help herself as her hand slipped back in her diaper and started to move again. She crawled around to one side so she could see what was about to happen, then decided to just standup and walk closer.

“I said stay back baby.” But as the woman looked at Lisa she saw that she was busy with her own feelings and cracked a smile. “I guess it’s okay.” She motioned towards the highchair, “Stand right next to her.”

Lisa moved and watched in silence as the woman readied a new needle. She felt her body tingling with warmth, and listened to the crinkling of her diaper as she continued to rub herself. She set her free hand on the tray and leaned forward, she felt the mass in her diaper peel away a bit as she did so. Lisa felt revulsion at the sticky mess, but it quickly fed her odd new urge. She started to pant, not able to stop herself. “Shit,” Lisa thought, “She knows I’m masturbating, what does it matter anyways.” And she started groaning even louder.

The woman had the needle ready but stopped, she looked at Lisa, and extended it to her. Lisa felt an instant of fear and recoiled a bit. But the woman had it in her palm. “No. Why don’t you do it?” Lisa looked at her like she was crazy. But her hand didn’t stop moving in her diaper. “Go ahead, take it. Give it to her real slow.”

This time Lisa didn’t stop. She grabbed the needle and savagely stuck the poor girl. She watched as well as she could as Emily’s face twisted in shock. Then relaxed into bliss. “That’s what I’ll look like. When she does me,” The personal humiliation pushed her farther. She watched as the girls eyes dilated, the blissful look seemed to intensify, then her mouth opened in what looked like shock as a muffled fart came from her diaper. She softly flopped across the tray as her diaper quietly bulged. Lisa felt her own body tense as started to buck in her diaper. Lisa felt the diaper around her waist warm as she finally lost control. Then, as the feelings slowly relaxed, she lay still across the same tray as Emily, taking deep breaths. She waited calmly for her own shot. She was ready. But nothing came. Lisa looked up at the stranger, and watched as she opened her cell phone again, and dialed a number.

She looked down at Lisa, waiting as the phone connected. When it did she pressed several more buttons and stopped. There was a click, and silence as she started to speak, "I think I spoke to soon on shutting down this cell. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small plastic box, then handed it to Lisa.

Lisa looked at the box, then back at the mystery woman who pointed at the other women, still babbling in their stupors then turned away. The meaning was clear. And so was Lisa. She stood up and opened the box while she advanced on the temporarily regressed women. She felt better then she had in years. “I guess the doc was right. Drugs aren’t always the answer after all…”

Re: Normal By: Long_Rifle

I always love your writing. Lots of twists–but they never get old.