None The Wiser

    I have a serious gripe with lack of high quality stories that focus on mostly the Diaper Lover elements of ABDL. Therefore I took it upon myself to prove those who said it could not be done due to a lack of “plot conflict” or some other nonsense. So without further ado, I present the start of my in-progress story: None The Wiser.

Chapter 1: Pilot

    She was finally home alone.

    As the house’s garage door slammed shut, Heather’s heart began to beat faster. All her planning and anticipation had come to this.

“Not yet” she told herself; there was a chance her family would turn around to grab something they had forgotten. “I’ll give it a half an hour. They won’t come back after that long.”

    In the meantime she went over her metal checklist. “Garbage somewhat full, check. Plastic bags, check. Blinds shut, check. Clean diaper that might fit me upstairs, check.”

    She looked at her watch, only twenty nine minutes left and she would finally know what it was like to wear and use a diaper.

    Heather never knew how it started, her curiosity towards being able to use her pants as a toilet that is. Maybe it was that one kids show with the weird episode? Being potty trained too quickly? Too late? Some other strange event in her minds development where the concept arose?

    Regardless, it was one of the most dreadful, shameful, and embarrassing secrets of her adolescence. It brought many a sleepless night wondering what in the world was wrong with her. Who in their right mind would want to go back to wearing and using diapers?

    It wasn’t because she wanted to act like a baby. Heather knew that much from her online meanderings, which allowed for a little indulgence from an otherwise impossible desire. No, Heather could see the appeal of being an Adult Baby, but her interest was on using the diapers.

    Heather always thought that being a seventeen year old girl and wanting to intentionally use diapers was definitely breaking some sort of social code. So no matter what, she wanted absolutely no one to know about her perverse fascination.

    In fact, her parents finding out was probably her greatest fear. And anyways, Heather would actually find it much more enjoyment in being able to relieve herself under perfectly normal clothes with no soul have any clue to her taped on toilet.

    Well, sadly the undergarment she had at her disposal at the moment didn’t have tapes, but it was the only kind of diaper she had access to that might fit. Stealing three goodnites from her younger cousin’s house was not an experience Heather wanted to repeat anytime soon.

    A buzz from her phone brought Heather out of her contemplation. Thirty minutes had come and gone.

    It was crunch time.

    “Crinkle time more like.” Heather smiled at her own joke before swallowing her nerves and making her way up the stairs to her bedroom.

    Once inside, she shut the door out of impulse and went straight to her bed, lifted up the mattress, and pulled out one of three of her most most coveted yet feared possessions.

    She held it in her hands. The soft plastic goodnite was folded into a square and had purple and pink shading with a star in the middle, presumably a wetness indicator.

    Heather took a deep breath and took off her jeans, then her underwear, pausing only to stare at the goodnite once more, before stepping through the leg holes and slowly pulling it up her hips and around her bottom.

    They fit.

    Still in shock somewhat, Heather looked in the standing mirror at a walking contradiction.

    There in full view was a tall and scrawny brown haired 17 year old girl with what amounted to a pull up drawn tightly around her backside staring right back. In all of her daydreaming, Heather couldn’t have imagined this sight. But here it was.

    She was finally diapered.

     The first ten minutes were taken to explore the new feeling of her padded posterior. Heather squeezed the material between her legs and ran her hand along her bottom. She reached her toes, walked around, did some jumping jacks. The goodnite held on.

    Heather then stepped back into her jeans and walked over to the mirror to analyze her form. Even being completely self conscious and practically shaking all over, Heather couldn’t really see any of the goodnite bulge through her jeans.

    She then began her decent downstairs. Besides a possible faint crinkle, she could only feel the foreign object she was wearing.

    After another ten minutes of getting acquainted with her new undergarment, Heather was finally becoming more comfortable and relaxed. Her parents weren’t coming home for another five hours and she had the house to herself.

    This meant she could move on to the next aspect of her plan. After all, she didn’t go through all the trouble of acquiring the goodnites just to wear them. What were diapers for, after all, but to use.

    The need to relieve her bladder was present and after the rush of adrenaline that came with finally putting a diaper on, her need was only becoming more apparent. It was time for Heather to truly do what she had been waiting to for so long.

    Despite her mission to relax, Heather started shaking with both anticipation and nerves yet again. She was only now beginning to understand that just letting go in the middle of her family room was not going to be easy. In fact, it was now apparent to Heather that nearly her whole life her body had been attempting to maintain the integrity to do the exact opposite of what she now wanted.

    While this only got her more excited at the strange novelty of her situation, it made it even harder to try and relax. Taking a few deep breaths to steady herself, Heather came up with an idea.

    She sat on the very edge of the couch much like she was sitting on an actual toilet, to simulate the open space of the toilet seat. After a minute of relaxation and frustration, she finally felt a warm spurt in her crotch region.

    But Instinctively her body clenched shut.

    Heather nearly cursed but took another breath and tried again. In half the time of the last attempt she felt another spurt before clenching up yet again.

    “You’re so close Heather, just relax.”

    Once more she relaxed her body and closed her eyes. This time almost immediately she felt spurt, and then another, and at once it was a warm trickle. That trickle became a hot flow and by the time she could fully comprehend what was happening, a moment of panic overcame her.

    “What if the goodnite leaks and goes all over the carpet! How would I explain that to Mom and Dad!”

    Heather tried to stop the flow but it was too far gone now. She stayed extremely tense as the remainder of her bladder emptied.

    When the flow finally came to a stop, Heather opened her eyes and looked down. She didn’t see any wet spots. She patted the seat of her jeans. Nope, nothing.

    Relived, (In more ways than one), she began to notice the sensations inside her diaper. A warm, damp, squishy, and slightly bulkier mass caressed her bottom.

    Heather cupped her hand around her crotch. As she squeezed, a little urine escaped, tickling her before being reabsorbed into the now saturated padding. Overcome by these new sensations, Heather continued to poke and prod and squeeze her thighs together, obtaining any kind of sensory input she could from her wet state.

    Walking back upstairs with a present warmth with every step, she confirmed in the mirror that even though her goodnite had gone through a major wetting, you could still se no bulge under her pants.

    Giggling at the thought that no one would have noticed her wetting, she began to daydream about wearing and using her other goodnites around her parents or even at school.

    Suddenly, in a rare moment of reality saturated by her greatest dreams, Heather remembered there were only two more diapers to use under her mattress.

    “I guess I’ll just have to make the best of each one” she thought, realizing that would mean to continue wearing the currently wet one around her waist.

    She didn’t mind for the moment, this would give her an opportunity to see how much they could hold. Not to mention that Heather noticed she rather enjoyed the feeling of the freshly used goodnite. With that thought she squeezed her thighs around it again.

    Now that she had wet once Heather was eager to feel the sensation of wetting yet again, so she walked to the kitchen to grab some water, enjoying each and every step. Acquiring a large glass, she filled it to the top with water and chugged, letting a few drops fall from her chin in haste.

    Once Heather was satisfied, she grabbed a granola bar for good measure and went to watch some tv to wait for her body to do its work.

    Heather’s lower stomach brought her attention away from her show. Her eyes widened as another small movement in her abdomen made its presence known.

    She had to poop.

    The prospect both excited and frightened her. On the one hand she knew this is what diapers were for, not to mention she was curious what the sensation would feel like.

    But in all her dreaming the simple fact that you can mess your diaper as well as wet it never came to mind. Filled with vigor from her recently successful wetting, she decided to swallow her fear.

    “What better way to see if diapers could really replace the toilet for me is there?” Heather decided.

    Standing up, Heather evaluated her bowels and this time opted to assume a squatting position. Unlike wetting her diaper, great physical effort was required to get things going.

    After a few minutes of grunting and getting red in the face from effort, Heather was fed up.

    “Maybe if I change positions it will make things easier?”

    With that idea in mind, Heather got on her hands and knees, pushed her bottom outward and let out a grunt.

    Suddenly, she felt something warm and solid begin to exit her backside. Fully invested, she pushed again and felt the log move some more. Stopping to take a breath, she panted, composed herself, and let out one final large grunt. With that, the mass fully made its escape and began to take up space in the seat of her pants.

    Knowing she was not done, Heather slowly but surely pushed out more of her mess until she couldn’t push anymore.

    Exhausted, Heather allowed her backside to touch the ground. In that instant, her whole world flipped upside-down.

    The very firm excrement, being compressed between the floor and Heather’s bottom, squished like putty as it moved backwards, forwards, every which way around her nether regions. It was simultaneously the weirdest, most stimulating, and best feeling Heather had ever felt.

    The smell of her freshly soiled diaper reached her nose but she didn’t care. If anything it added to the experience.

    Here she was, a seventeen year old girl, perfectly healthy, sitting in a wet and freshly messed diaper she purposely made. And she loved it.

    She squirmed in delight as the mess rubbed against her bottom. Up and down she bounced, feeling the mound change shape to better fit her seat. She even stood up and pushed again hoping to fill her goodnite even more.

    The disappointment that she had nothing left to give dissipated when a somewhat naughty thought entered her mind.

    She may not be able to mess more NOW, but she didn’t HAVE to change out of her diaper anytime soon. This put a grin on her face.

    “That’s why diapers exist, so you can wait to deal with the bathroom? Right?”

    Knowing she had at least a few hours until her family disturbed her, Heather was content to stay there on the floor, situated in her stinky state for the undecided future.

    Bouncing in both enjoyment of her current messy state and anticipation for what was now possible, Heather looked down at her jeans that completely hid any visual trace of the dirty deeds she’d done.

    No one could be the wiser.

    Heather smiled. She could get used to this.


Chapter 2: Compulsion

Heather’s bright blue eyes glanced nervously from underneath her glasses. She saw that only a minute had passed since she looked last. Her eyes went back to watching the television.

Then back to the clock.

As much as Heather was enjoying her full diaper, the paranoia of her parents getting home early was only building the longer she sat trying to ignore the possibility.

Like the building urge to relive the bladder, Heather’s fear grew and grew until it was impossible to ignore. But unlike the problem she had recently found such a convenient and pleasurable solution to, there was no immediate relief to her growing anxiety.

Eventually this fear of an untimely discovery by her parents surpassed the enjoyment of her escapade and she resigned to cleaning up her mess.

But not before she sat down just one last time to feel the invitingly warm mound press against her behind. After all, who knew when her next opportunity to do this would be?

The thought both saddened and excited her. “While sitting in a full diaper is all well and good,” Heather mused, “nothing beats the sensation of actually filling it.”

With a pat of her fully loaded backside through her jeans, she realized at that moment just how ridiculous that thought was.

“I’m already eager to do this again and I haven’t even got my current dirty diaper off!” Heather smiled at this as she half skipped, half waddled to the upstairs bathroom.

When she stood before the mirror, she vigorously gave her bladder and bowels one last push. Only a small spurt of pee came out, warming her crotch slightly before slowly settling into the rest of the now thoroughly soaked goodnite. Carefully sliding her jeans to below her knees, Heather finally got her first unobstructed view of the used goodnite’s condition.

Any indication that she had avoided using a toilet to relive herself was well hidden while her jeans were on. Only after taking them off was it clear that Heather had made quite the mess of herself.

The once clean white and pink crotch of the goodnite had been replaced with a dark yellow hue that spread up to an inch below the waistband. Turning the position of her slender frame to see a side profile, Heather observed a clear bulge on her bottom that took on a brown coloration, while it sagged out and down, away from the regularly smooth curve of her butt.

In fact, the whole undergarment seemed to sag almost in defeat, being unsupported by her tight fitting jeans that sat on the floor around her feet. Heather realized if she were to have stayed in the goodnite much longer, or used it to any greater capacity than she had, it most certainly would have leaked all over the couch.

Grateful to whatever karma she had been bestowed, and in the interest of keeping her diapered endeavors a secret, Heather silently promised herself to be more cautious when making use of the other two goodnites at her disposal.

“Whenever that opportunity presents itself again.” She thought, dismayed by the implications.

The thought of putting on another one of her most prized possessions and wearing it while her family was home briefly entertained her mind, but was silenced almost immediately by the current task at hand. With a sigh, Heather gingerly tore the sides of her well used padding and began the tedious chore of a messy cleanup.

The seemingly obvious fact that using a diaper meant a change must eventually follow was not at the forefront of Heather’s mind when she first messed her goodnite, similar to how little thought of pooping her diaper existed when she first put it on.

Rather ironically, the unforeseen inconvenience of changing turned out to be much less enjoyable than that of the formation of its cause. “In short”, Heather thought “Messy diaper clean-ups stink!”

It wasn’t so much the actual smell or even feel of the cleanup that made it unpleasant, but the difficult nature of removing all the sticky waste from her backside without making a terrible mess of everything.

After what seemed like half of a roll of toilet paper and an excessive amount of time and effort later, Heather’s nether regions were acceptably clean, as was the bathroom and the hands that cleaned both.

All that remained of her abnormal experience was a double layered target bag package containing her used goodnite. Also a faint smell of hand soap that lingered on her hands, and an unshakable unease that followed her to the trash can in her home’s chilly three car garage.

As she buried the evidence, that unease somehow followed her inside the house and upstairs into her bedroom, where underneath her mattress lay hidden the two remaining goodnites folded next to each other.

To attempt to settle the unease of these loose ends, along with her overwhelmed nerves, Heather resorted to resuming the show she had started during her first interaction with using diapers. This turned out to be a mistake as the visual cue only reminded her of the shameful actions she had committed.

So Heather receded back to her room, laid on her bed, stared at the ceiling, and tried to make sense of everything that had just happened. After much contemplation, Heather finally came to the conclusion that she knew a few things to be certain.

One: She had fulfilled her growing irrational desire to use her a diaper as a toilet, at least temporarily. This meant going so far as to wet and mess in it.

Two: She had thoroughly enjoyed all the sensations that using the diaper had brought upon her, especially the wetting and messing of it, but definitely excluding the process of cleaning it up.

Three: She felt very ashamed of what she had done. Maybe out of some strange guilt to her parents and to society, but especially out of fear of them finding out what she had done. How might they react to her appalling actions? Heather couldn’t even begin to guess.

And lastly, Four: Beyond any doubt; She was most definitely going to try and do it all again.

But not now.

For the time being, she was content to relax knowing she had finally done what she sought out to for so long. Her parents were none the wiser to her antics for the time being, although Heather expected she couldn’t resist pushing her luck sooner rather than later.

But not now.

So when the garage door could finally be heard opening at precisely the time her parents told her it would be, and their voices sounded from the kitchen, Heather decided right then and there she would pursue this bizarre interest to whatever whim it brought her. She could not pretend to go back.

Not now.

With a great breath to collect herself, Heather began her decent down the stairs to greet her parents returning from their daytime outing.

She could only hope the new goodnite she was wearing under her pajama bottoms was as undetectable to her parents as she believed it to be.

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Curious to see where this leads. There is a lot of inner struggle and I think you captured what a lot of people go through pretty well, no matter what age they find this part of themselves out.

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Chapter 3: Incognito

“Can you come help me carry in some groceries sweetie?”

“Shit”, Heather cursed to herself. On top of her racing heart and flushed face, now she had to hope her new goodnite wouldn’t come loose or be seen in the routine yet uncharted process of casual physical activity.

Taking one brief glance down at her pajama pants and long baggy t-shirt, Heather convinced herself of the unlikeliness of that event. She was just being paranoid. “How can I ever use diapers practically if I can’t even bring in some groceries without panicking?” she told herself. “And anyways, a diaper is just like underwear you can relieve yourself in. You got this.”

Entering the foyer, Heather came upon her mother in her winter coat taking off some snow plastered shoes. Her glasses were still fogged over from the freezing cold air outside.

“How much is there to carry in?” Heather questioned in what she hoped to be a completely natural and not at all guilty voice.

“Oh it shouldn’t be too bad.” Replied her mother. “You know how your father isn’t the biggest fan of shopping, so we only got the bare essentials.” Heather received a sly smile and a wink from her mother.

Another head stuck itself rather comically through the doorway. “Only because I enjoy spending time with our lovely teenage daughter!”

Heather’s father now made his way inside and Heather couldn’t help but smile at his tragic yet somehow adorable attempt at comedy.

“Can you imagine it Cathrine? Leaving Heather at home all on her own for the entire day? Who knows what shenanigans she could get up too!”

It was only her father’s lighthearted yet unquestionably sarcastic grin that kept Heather from having a fatal panic attack on the spot.

“Oh stop it James, your scaring our daughter to death.” Chimed Cathrine, doing her best not to laugh. “She deserves a little time to herself with how well she’s been doing in school recently.”

“You know I’m kidding you two. And after all she’s definitely earned it.” James remarked, stomping his own boots on the rug.

Heather had always thought it was rather weird how often her parents referred to each other by first name. Maybe because they both considered themselves to be intellectuals? But now that she was secretly wearing what was essentially a diaper right in front of them, her parents odd habits suddenly didn’t seem so strange.

“Anyway” resumed Cathrine, “since your father just couldn’t wait to see you, you’ll need to make a run to the grocery store tomorrow. I have a list I can text you and I’ll be sure to leave some cash on the table for you to grab in the morning. Your father has a conference at the college until 8 tomorrow and I have a board meeting so I won’t be home until 7:00 ish. That means dishwasher emptied and laundry baskets upstairs.”

That means I have a chance to buy some diapers for myself! Heather realized.

“Got it?”

“Geez mom, let me get the groceries in first before you give me a days worth of chores!”

It was the middle of winter in the Midwest so Heather did the sensible thing and put on a coat and some crocs before slipping out the door.

Crocs would seem like an odd choice to wear out on the driveway but Heather was in the habit of doing it anyway. Besides, it was becoming more and more apparent to Heather that sometimes convenience beats sanity.

The wall of cold from outside hit Heather like a brick and an immediate nostalgia for her previous warm and used goodnite came to mind. While slightly cozy when dry and clean between her legs, Heather much preferred the sensation of a full diaper caressing her behind to a clean one. Still, as Heather bent to grab the few full reusable bags her parents used for groceries, the feeling of the soft padding was assuring to have.

“Not that many groceries?!” The lenses of Heather’s glasses began to fog like her mother’s on her first trip back inside. “What else could you possibly need me to get Monday?”

“With how fast your metabolism is dear, those groceries will be gone tomorrow!” Her mother replied.

It was true, and for once Heather didn’t mind. Normally she would fret about how she couldn’t gain weight if she tried, and how hard it would be to get her high school crush, Jason Davison, to notice her without a curve to be seen.

However it dawned on Heather at the moment that the operating speed of her digestive system did mean she would go number two more often. Normally this was also a negative, but Heather’s recent solution to this very problem had turned those tables in her favor. Not that any boy would date a girl in diapers. Especially Jason Davison.

Huffing and brushing away stray brown hair that found her mouth, Heather set the last bag in front of her mother with an exasperated sigh. “And you wonder where all those calories go.” There was a beat and then a smile formed between the two. “I’ll be in my room if you need anything else.” proclaimed Heather.

“I appreciate you dear.” Was heard from the hall but Heather was already in her room trying to remember what her full goodnite had felt like and scheming for when it could be filled again.


A sharp knock at the door brought Heather’s attention away from the exploration of her undergarment. With a deeper appreciation for her parents habit to knock and a check to make sure nothing was showing after her interrupted exploration, Heather sat up to the corner of her bed and grabbed her phone, as though she had been doing nothing but playing on it since retreating to her bedroom.

“Come in!”

Heather’s mother poked her head into the door frame. “Come set the table honey, dinner is almost ready”.

“Alright I’m coming” Heather responded with all the angst she could muster, lazily pushing herself off her bed and an inaudible crinkle following her backside to the dining room.

A few minutes of table setting later and dinner was served. Heather’s mouth watered as she gazed upon the illustrious bounty her mother had prepared. Crispy chicken with green beans and Heather’s favorite: her mother’s homemade cheesy potatoes.

“So, is all your homework done for Monday?" Heather stared blankly at her parents with a spoon full of potatoes in her mouth. “Uh huh” she mumble through a full mouth.

“What was that?" Her father asked.

Heather downed the potatoes. “I said yes”

“Are you sure?” pressed her mother.

“I’m sure Mom!” Heather made sure to roll her eyes. “I finished everything at school. It’s really not that hard.”

“Well is anyone bothering you at school?”

“No” Heather murmured.

That was a lie.

Lying was not a common practice for Heather, beside of course the whole diaper thing, but she really didn’t want her parents to make a scene. And plus she wanted to be able to handle the situation herself. “For Christ sake I’m seventeen going on adulthood.” Heather often told herself. “I should be able to handle that bitch Sarah Parker.”

“Any boys?” Her father asked smugly.

Heather blushed “I don’t have to tell you anything!” She wouldn’t really mind admitting her crush on Jason Davis of course, beside the guaranteed awkwardness, but neither parent pushed any more. They just looked back at their food and each other grinning.

Near the end of the meal and after a great deal of savoring, Heather’s father spoke up. “Tell you what, my teenage daughter, I’m in the mood for a bargain tonight. If you go set up a board game for us to play, I’ll do tonight’s dishes for you.”

Heather almost swallowed her spoon. No dishes?!

“Deal!” Said Heather almost immediately and jumped out of her chair “Just let me go run to the bathroom quick.” she shouted and began rushing down the hall.

“Can’t wait to beat you again!” Called her mother.

“As if!” Heather called back.

Entering the bathroom Heather shut the door and pulled down her sweat pants only to again realize what she was wearing underneath. An urge to pee was present but not pressing. She could put it off for a bit, maybe do it after the game, in the privacy of her own bed.

“That way I can enjoy it for a while.” Heather thought, pulling back up her jeans and ignoring her beckoning bladder. She pulled up the toilet lid and sat on it with her pants on and waited for what seemed like the proper amount of time before flushing, washing her hands, and returning to the living room.

After much internal deliberation on what game to play, Heather slid Sorry from the shelf and set it up on the coffee table. “Let’s get this over with. Sorry can’t that long can it?”

Suffice it to say…it took that long.

Around and hour in and no member of the Johnson family seemed to be in the lead. It was the stalemate of the century and Heather’s bladder was becoming more and more of a distraction. Her competitive nature blocked any idea of letting one of her parents win out of her mind, but it was apparent that she could not continue like this for long.

Heather’s focus was waning and it took more and more of her concentration just not to bounce up and down. An internal dialogue was beginning in her mind.

“So what’s the plan Heather?”

“Quick finish this game and go to my room to wet this goodnite.”

“Why wait?”

“I can’t wet myself in front of my parents!”

“How would they know?”

“Well what if it leaks?”

“It didn’t earlier today.”

“Well what if they hear it?”


“But it was hard to start going before!”

“Isn’t this why you were interested in diapers in the first place? So you could just go as you please?”

“I guess…”

“Just try it!”

“Fine, geez brain!”

But like before, Heather still struggled to relax enough to let anything go. Being in front of her family probably didn’t help. All her previous potty training were still rebelling against her and the muscles in her bladder refused to give.

After shifting positions to sit on her knees and make it easier to relax Heather was about to give up when a small spurt escaped. Trying not to think too hard about what was happening Heather drew a card.

Darn another 4. She needed a one or two to get her last remaining pawn out of the starting circle.

Her Mother drew. Another squirt.

Heather tried not to blush. Her father drew. A small steady trickle has now began and her crotch began to warm.

“Earth to Heather! Your turn to draw.”

The flow was now at full stream.

“Uh yeah sorry Mom.” Heather took a card. She smirked seeing it was a SORRY card.

“Yeah gosh I really am SORRY. My bad.” Heather made sure to add extra sarcasm to her statement as she replaced her mother’s pawn with her own. The stream was back to a trickle and quickly slowing. By the time it was Heather’s turn again the flow had stopped entirely.

She, Heather Johnson, a seventeen year old teenage girl, has just peed in a diaper in front of both of her parents, and neither had noticed a thing.

She sat back and felt the lukewarm padding squish against her butt. Once all of her…well most of her focus was back to the game, it was only a matter of time before her last piece was safely home. Not that skill has really anything to do with the game of Sorry.

“Victory is mine!” Shouted Heather jumping into the air cheering. Her mother stuck out her tongue and her father just shook his head in disbelief. “I was SO CLOSE!” He exclaimed. “Ah well, it was good game regardless.”

They shook hands. “Winner cleans up the board though!” and just like that her father was out of sight.

“Don’t look at me.” Said her mother. “But you should really get to bed after your done. That game went a little longer than I would have anticipated. It’s nearly midnight.”

Heather pressed her thighs together.

“You don’t have to tell me twice. Winning takes a lot out of me.” Heather couldn’t help but grin at her mother. Catherine just scoffed and left her daughter to clear the board.

Once the game was finally put away, Heather rushed to her room and quickly shut the door, leaning against it and sliding to the floor.

After a quick inspection of her cooling goodnite, Heather quickly traded her jeans for a pair of pajama bottoms and jumped into bed, relishing in the privacy the blankets provided.

It took a good five minutes before Heather’s heart rate was back to normal. Once she convinced herself her parents were in bed she let out a breath.

The thrill of secrecy still lingered in Heather’s head, but after a few halfhearted prods at her soggy padding, exhaustion caught up with her and an exhausted Heather let her head hit the pillow.

The blur of the days events passed by her. In a single day Heather had indulged in her lifelong curiosity.

She, a perfectly healthy seventeen year old girl, had in one day, tried on and used two diapers, one by herself and one somewhat less messily in front of her parents, and was presently laying in the latter that she had no intention of changing out of until completely necessary.

Smiling at her good fortune, Heather had one last thought before closing her eyes, “I wonder if there is anyone else in town like me.”

The thought resonated for a moment but exhaustion won over and for seemingly the first time in her life, Heather was completely content.

The sky opened up outside and snow began to fall gently. The girl, more happy then she had ever been, drifted off to sleep.

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I would be commenting, but I’m just waiting to see where this goes. It’s started off fairly standard as far as this type of story goes, and that’s fine. You’ve got a lot of different directions for where you could take this. Does she get caught? Does she meet someone else like her? Does she just enjoy it all by herself? Or is there some crazy other option?

I like that while she’s right-away gone for diapers, you’re not rushing too much to get to the next interesting scene. More of that is good. Let us really get to know Heather.

I’ll probably just keep dropping likes until I think of something to say.
Carry on.

Chapter 4: Outside

A soft light filtered through the curtains of an upstairs bedroom window, shining lightly upon the brown hair of one Heather Johnson, who’s figure was sprawled across her full size bed. Underneath some seemingly innocent plaid pajama bottoms was a secret indulgence of her curiosity that had only just been fulfilled the previous day. It was around eleven in the am when she finally woke up.

The first thing Heather noticed after regaining consciousness was a cold damp sensation between her legs. A moment of panic overcame her before she realized it was confined to her goodnite. “Oh right, yesterday happened.”

Heather thought she might sing as all of the previous days events came back to her in a wonderful rush of excitement and butterflies. Peeking under the covers, and seeing it, it was real, still there, Heather gave her goodnite a thorough “inspection” for “purely analytical reasons” and not at all that she loved every moment of the soggy padding caressing her skin…

Although she had to admit that the cold wet, 10 hour old pull-up was beginning to feel rather clammy. And as is usually the case for anyone sleeping in as late as Heather did, the act of waking up brought with it a pressing need to pee. And as much as Heather wanted to stay in bed and go in her goodnite, she knew with nearly absolute certainty it would not hold another wetting. This was blatantly obvious and expressed by the corresponding sag of the garment and weight on her hips as Heather stood up.

The thought of changing into her final goodnite to relieve herself came to mind, but after a brief weighing of her options, Heather decided to go on the toilet this time, so as to save the last one for the remainder of the day… “Or at least” she thought “until I pick up some real, better fitting diapers at the store.”

The implications of that plan both frightened and excited Heather. Purchasing some diapers would risk potential humiliation and the destruction of her nonexistent social status.

But if she succeed in her mission, Heather would finally have some real diapers. Ones that she could actually use practically. Not only that, but there was just something about the nature of a diaper that thrilled Heather. While the goodnites were a sort of a test run and served their purpose well, they were only really meant for accidents, and smaller ones at that. Now a real diaper… you were expected to go in those, which is exactly what Heather now wanted.

With a real diaper she could truly relieve herself at her own discretion whenever and wherever she pleased without worrying about an immediate change. Only adding to this was the newly discovered bonus of some more than pleasant sensations that came with the use of a diaper.

“It might even top the sheer convenience of using it” Heather decided.

With her parents being gone until late in the evening and a grocery trip mandated by her mother regardless, Heather told herself “If there is ever going to be an opportunity for me to smuggle myself some real diapers, today would be the day.”

And so rather reluctantly, Heather used the toilet, for what she hoped was to be the last time in a while. After taking a quick shower, she went back to her room and took out the last remaining goodnite.

“Your kind have served me well.” She teased, before sliding the pink padding snuggly around her rear “But it’s time for an upgrade.” Her jeans quickly followed the goodnite’s, and after braiding her hair in a new way just for the fun of it, Heather jumped onto the living room couch and checked her phone to see the grocery list her mother had sent her.

After reading, in her mother’s words, the “short” grocery list, Heather sunddenly realized a potential flaw in her plan. “Do they even make actual diapers for people my age that I can buy in town?”

Heather quickly opened a hidden tab and searched diapers for 17 year old girl. After researching for a bit, Heather became a little concerned. It was quickly apparent that there wasn’t as much of a diaper market for girls her age as she would have hoped.

Still determined however, Heather told herself she would just look at the store and see what they had on the shelves. She grabbed her phone, some extra cash for her secret purchase, her keys and phone, and made her way out the door.


Parked in the lot of the local grocery store, Heather was reminded of how great it was to have her own car. But also how many people are at the local grocery store at noon on Sunday. Suddenly she was a little less giddy for this adventure and a lot more nervous.

Heather quickly checked one more time to make sure no one would tell what she was secretly wearing. She gulped, grabbed her phone, and exited the dusty green Subaru.

It was like greeting her parents all over again. Every step felt like a waddle and sounded like a crinkle. Heather entered the automatic the sliding doors and was blasted by a heater. She grabbed a cart and checked the grocery list her mother sent her. It would be in and out, save the fifty or so items to find in between. Just an hour or so of potential disaster.

I can’t stay this self conscious if I’m going to get something even thicker than this and wear in public! Heather told herself.

She took a few deep breaths. It was an ultimatum. No one is going to be looking for any padding. It’s all in your head Heather. It is perfectly hidden and no one normally cares what underwear your wearing anyway. No boys stare at your flat ass, right?. It’s just a normal shopping trip. You probably won’t even run into anyone you know.

“Hey pencil neck, fancy seeing your face her today!”

Son of a bitch.

Right in front of Heather stood quite possibly her least favorite person on Earth. No, scratch that, the solar system. Is the galaxy to presumptuous?

“No hi back? How rude! Are you a mute?” Her fake eyelashes blinked expectantly.

“Hi Sarah” responded Heather meekly.

Out of everyone in the observable universe, why did it have to be Sarah Parker?

“Oh so you can talk.” Sarah’s low laying V neck was giving Heather trouble at looking towards the floor, as most of her lower field of view was full of Sarah’s cleavage. Heather’s significant hight advantage was not doing her any favors either.

“See, normally the stick figures I come across don’t talk, but apparently your such a smarty pants that you can! Good job!”


“I’m just kidding of course! Yeesh, maybe you still are a mute. No wonder your still single. That and your flat chest I guess. Anyway, I hope your shopping trip for your mommy goes well.” Sarah gestured towards the scribbled out grocery list with a heart on it from her mother. “Oh, and don’t forget to use the potty! You don’t need to be any more of an accident than you already are!”

And just as quickly as she came, with a snort laugh and an eye roll, Sarah Parker was gone.

Heather wanted to rush to the bathroom right there and tear off her goodnite. Tears were forming in her eyes.

The bitch has a point. I’m almost an adult, yet I’m still just a flat chested suck up with a desire to piss and shit myself.

Only the lack of any change of underwear and a fear of being discovered stopped her from storming into the bathroom and ending this stupid charade there and then. She would get her moms groceries, go home, bury the goodnite she was wearing in the trash, and never do anything so stupid ever again.

. …

Heather felt disgusted when she had to walk through the incontinence isle to get some Advil. How could she have actually thought she was going to buy a package of diapers in this crowded of a store? And as if to make a point, her body chose that time to let her know she had to poop. Nothing pressing, but still there and a reminder of the stupid plans she had made and the immature thing still there on her hips.

In her haste to get through the isle, Heather missed the label of a brand new product that would have her jumping for joy only a few hours earlier. Now she was too busy sulking.

Soon Heather had gotten all but one of the items previously on her list and was at the checkout. Her reusable bags were filled and she had payed with the credit card her mother had given her. The old woman at the register seemed almost entirely senile and any and all hope for a day full of joy and excitement seemed to have been lost. She was just taking her receipt when from behind she heard a voice speak

“I like your hair”

Heather turned around and was met with the shy bright blue eyes of a shorter brown haired boy around her age. There was no one else but her that he could have been talking to, Right?

“Um, my hair?” Heather asked quietly. She grabbed instinctively at the braid she had made that morning after her shower but thought nothing of at the time.

“Uh, yeah yours…um sorry I didn’t…” He averted his gaze.

“Oh no, uh thanks, I guess. I just don’t normally get compliments from guys really…” Heather was screaming at herself from the inside.

“Yeah, I know it was kinda weird, I don’t normal say stuff like that but I just wanted you to know that you look nice, I mean your hair looks nice, I mean…sorry.”

He was blushing hard, and by the heat in her face, Heather knew she must be too. There was a long awkward silence.



“My name is Heather Johnson. What’s yours?” She was surprised by her own voice.

“Oh, um, Timmothy, Timmothy Drew. Nice to meet you.” He had an almost mouse like voice.

They caught eye contact again and for some reason neither could brake the gaze. Heather didn’t want to guess who’s face was more red.

“That’s really nice of you to say Timmothy.”

She gave him an awkward smile before turning and making a beeline for the doors. Heather was just about to go rush back into the cold. For some reason beyond sanity she turned back to look at him.

He was staring back in a kind of trance.

Then he waved.

Heather waved back, suppressing the desire to skip out of the store. A boy had complimented her!


While bending over to put the groceries in the backseat, Heather felt her bladder twitch and was once again reminded of the padding of her goodnite pressing against her.

Who was Sarah Parker to judge her? A boy liked her hair! A boy named Timmothy!

With a smile that was a twinge devious, Heather relaxed. Letting go was somehow much easier than the day previous and she felt the stream start followed by a growing warmth in her crotch. With a grin, she sat down in the drivers seat and searched up the nearest pharmacy. She would need some real diapers if she wanted to go all the way with this. Her now increasingly desperate bowels reminded her of that.

The stream had stopped now. There was a newly lit fire inside her breast, some sort of bravery Heather had never felt before. The future was uncertain but Heather knew one thing for certain, “I’m gonna be messy soon one way or another.” The devious grin grew a little wider.

With that thought now firm in her head, Heather pulled out of the parking lot and turned in the direction of the pharmacy to get some real diapers before the day was out.


I really like the direction and pace of this story. A new potential friend, and confirmed enemy, make me wonder how everything will play out between the characters, while Heather figures out her diapered self. I’ll be following your story as it develops.

Inner struggle, someone she doesn’t like, and someone new to the story. It is progressing nicely with many different directions still possible.

This is a really great story, i can’t wait to find out what happens next.

Chapter 5: Acquisition

There was no shortage of parking spaces in the CVS lot for Heather to choose from. It was almost eerily empty, save for one or two vehicles that probably belonged to an employee or two inside. The lot was so empty in fact, that Heather was briefly concerned that the store was closed. But to her relief, an open sign was visible in the front window. She smoothly pulled up her car to the nearest parking space and cut the engine of her Subaru.

This was it.

The confidence Heather had gathered from her previous stop to the grocery store was beginning to falter. It’s now or never, she reminded herself. Running her hand along her crotch and feeling the soggy padding squish underneath was enough to make up her mind.

The cramping of her bowels provided some urgency to that now established task. With a deep breath Heather exited the car.

Upon emerging from the cold, Heather was immediately met with a flash of bright red hair. Standing on a small stepladder was an athletic girl around Heather’s age wearing a CVS polo, who was, at the moment, preoccupied with stocking a shelf of what appeared to be first aid supplies. Preoccupied of course, until the sound of the sliding doors and deafening winter heaters from behind brought her inquisitive eyes to what was just now dawning on Heather, the only customer in the store.

“Oh, hi there! Do you need help finding anything today?” Said the redhead, in all too energetic of a voice.

Heather gulped. “Um, no thanks. I think I’m good…” Pleaseleavemealone pleaseleavemealone pleaseleavemeal…

“Alrighty, if you say so” the girl replied almost disappointed, “But if change your mind, I know this whole place like the back of my hand. Long hours and no customers will do that to someone…” a wistful look formed on the girls face. “But anyway, once you find what you need, just come up front and I’ll ring you up.”

“Thanks.” was all Heather could respond with, but she wasn’t sure if she meant it. The girl looked awfully familiar and the implication of having to go through her to purchase diapers made Heather’s stomach broil.

Making sure to wander a few isles before stopping, Heather glanced in the direction of the strange girl to make sure she wasn’t paying any attention to where she was going next.

After confirming that to be the case (she was once again stocking shelves), Heather quietly slipped into the incontinence isle.

The nostalgic and instantly recognizable smell of disposable diapers quickly found its way to Heather’s nose. She couldn’t help but take a deep whiff before getting down to business.

Except for Heather, there was another business to attend to.

After attempting to weight the numerous different diaper options available, the pressure in Heather’s bowels, which were only exacerbated by her nerves, was making the simple task of shopping almost impossible. Making any meaningful decision besides how she was going to relieve herself seemed impossible. All except one.

Heather knew deep down that she really wanted to use her already wet goodnite, but at the same time; was she really going to mess herself in public? But not only that…in the diaper isle of all places? Heather had to clench her cheeks, feeling her bowels cramp yet again.

She made one last glance at the bathroom across the store. Then down at her pants. The irony of where she was choosing to do this was not lost on her as Heather gingerly assumed a semi squatting position. Her heart was racing and her palms were sweaty. Heather couldn’t believe what she was about to do. She allowed her body to push. And for the second time since potty training, Heather was pooping herself intentionally.

Her face was beet red as she felt the warm waste begun to coil up around her bottom. The sticky mass quickly meet resistance from the small seat of her goodnite and jeans forcing Heather to push harder, causing a small grunt to escape her. With suddenly very little space left in the seat of her pants, the previously deposited mess now found space towards the front of the goodnite. After about a minute of effort and an inability to expel anything more, Heather finally considered the deed done.

And then she smelt that deed.

It was one thing to mess in the comfort of her home when she was alone, as the smell didn’t bother Heather very much. But now, in public, anyone within a twenty foot radius of her would be able to smell the steamy load in the seat of her pants.

Heather was now a lot more nervous to checkout then she was before.

Pushing that fear aside for the moment and resuming the task at hand, Heather continued to scan for a diaper that would fit her. A pink colored package that had previously escaped her gaze now caught her eye.

Bending over to investigate, Heather’s jeans lost all slack, forcing the poop to compress against her backside in a way that sent a pleasured filled shiver down her spine.

Once she found her focus again, Heather read the label: New Coddlers diapers: Made for all ages for all reasons. She snatched a large package for women, a 48 count which had flower patterns on it, and turned to look at the size chart. Apparently a small would fit her perfectly.

Am I really about to do this? Heather’s hand tenderly patted her backside feeling the bulge she had just recently made. That and the smell surrounding it seemed to answer her question.

Now for the hard part.

Face blushing furiously, Heather made her way to the front of the store, feeling the mound on her behind shift sensually with every stride.

The red headed girl was quickly there to meet her. “Find what you need?” She stopped stocking the shelf and turned her lightly freckled face towards Heather.

Then she stopped and looked at Heather a little harder, almost squinting in recollection.

“By the way, does your name happen to be Heather? I thought I remembered your face when I saw you come in.”

Heather’s eyes went wide.

“It is, isn’t it! I’m Samantha…I think I remember seeing you at school!”

Heather contemplated bolting out of the store, but before she could, Samantha said the one thing Heather was hoping she wouldn’t.

“Hey can you smell that…oh” Samantha had just seen the package in Heather’s hands. It didn’t take a genius to put two and two together. “Sorry I didn’t realize…” the previously talkative redhead suddenly had nothing to say.

Heather felt tears begin to well up in the corners of her eyes. She looked at her feet in shame. The store floor had become the only thing in the world that could be focused on.

What was I thinking?

“Hey, look at me.”

The statement was so direct, blunt, and surprising, that Heather couldn’t help but meet Samantha’s eyes with her own, albeit through a few tears.

“I will never tell another living soul about this. I swear.”

Heather, more vulnerable then she had ever felt, had no choice but to nod her head.

“You don’t need to feel bad. I mean, I’ve seen way weirder shit working her, okay? And often times that shit isn’t confined. I’m talking on the walls. THE WALLS!” Heather managed a smile between sobs at Samantha’s exasperation.

Heather would remember it as a surreal feeling as Samantha directed her to the checkout where the package of diapers was quickly scanned and masterfully bagged. Heather silently appreciated the way Samantha bagged the diapers so that you couldn’t tell what was inside, even if for some reason you tried. She handed the appropriate amount of cash over the counter.

“Thanks and sorry for the trouble.” Said Heather quietly, only sniffling now and feeling like maybe the world wasn’t actually ending.

“Anytime. And hey, let’s hang out or something at school. You seem like a very interesting person, which I find is something missing in most people nowadays. Plus there’s definitely more to this situation than I understand, and the ambiguity if that is kind of killing me. I’d love to talk about it sometime or maybe never mention it ever again. Whatever you prefer. Geez quit ranting Sam, … just … don’t be a stranger…okay?”

“Um…yeah, sure I guess…” Heather was kind of at a loss for words. How had she never noticed this strange girl before?

“Sweet, nice meeting you. Smell you later! Wait, bad choice of words…?”

But Heather found herself too busy snickering to care. She thanked and apologized to Samantha, no call her Sam, one more time before making her way out of the CVS, bag of real diapers in hand and messy goodnite in tow.

Heather sat down, or rather squished down into the front seat of her Subaru. Although she had to admit the CVS experience wasn’t quite what she had anticipated, or could have anticipated for that matter, the fact of the matter was that there were 48 real, correctly sized, ready to be used diapers in the back seat of her car.

As for Sam’s promise, well, Heather believed her. The thought of a betrayal nagged at her of course, there was always the possibility that Sam would tell everyone, but those fears seemed more out of paranoia than anything else.

Those fears were put on hold when Heather arrived home and stepped out of her car, only to realize her goodnite had leaked through her jeans and onto the seat. Apparently the size of her mess, coupled with all the sitting and squirming was just too much for the pull-up style garment that was only really ever designed for bedwetting.

Luckily the seats were leather, (Heather new it was a steal when she bought it), and her pants very washable. After nearly having another heart attack before convincing herself of this, and an hour of cleaning up the messes she had made, bottom included, the flustered teen finally took a breath.

A new package of Coddlers stared back at her expectantly. Heather opened the top and the rows of folded pink squares greeted her in return. Resisting the urge to put one one immediately, Heather instead opened up her snapchat. She found Sam’s account very quickly and a quick request was answered even quicker.

Enemy though she was excited to hear from her, Heather couldn’t help but wonder if Sam should be on her phone at work.

Timmothy’s account was harder to find, and even after waiting for what seemed to Heather like an hour, which was in reality only around twenty minutes, did she give up waiting for the request to be answered and instead went downstairs to continue her Netflix binge…but not before hiding the package of diapers deep within her closet.

Heather’s parent’s arrived shortly thereafter and all was well and good. Except for the fact that tomorrow was a Monday, which meant school, which meant more tedious work for Heather that was below her skill level and agonizingly boring. The only thing she was really looking forward to was how wearing a real diaper under her casual clothes for the first time since infancy would work at school.

Oh, yeah, she was wearing to school.

A cool draft in Heather’s bedroom demanded a quick change as Heather shivered in her towel, knowing not if it was cold or excitement or nerves that was causing the shaking. The shower she had come from was much warmer than the air around her, and getting into something warm and comfy was an immediate priority. That meant only one thing.

She reached into the back of her closet and felt for her prize before pulling out a plastic square. It had a cute flower pattern on the front with little vines wrapped around them.

Heather dropped the towel she was holding around herself and as quickly as she could, taped the Coddler between her legs and slide on some PJ’s before jumping under the cozy covers of her bed.

The padding was significantly thicker. That was the first thing Heather noticed. The second was a slightly louder rustle then the goodnite, which made Heather a little more nervous for the next days commitment. She only relaxed when she let her bladder do the same, and she felt the familiar warmth of a wet diaper encompassing her, only to be pleasantly surprised by the lack of moisture she felt after she finished.

These can definitely hold more. Heather realized. Wait if course they can, there real diapers. I’m in a real diaper!

This dream come true made her giggle. I’m in a diaper. I’m in a diaper. It was like a song she sang to herself. And that song carried on until well after Heather fell asleep, and the moon rose quietly through the cold, clouded sky.


Enjoyed that chapter and you ended it like shows end an episode! You left me wondering what is happening next :slight_smile: