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Make your 2009 Story of the Year contest nominations here. Please link to the completed story (or first chapter, if it is in progress) when applicable.

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The Girl in my Closet - CS Fox,1949.0.html

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Eight Days Of Diapers – WingZ,3315.0.html

Amazing Grace – BabyButt,2871.0.html

Her Name Is Lea – Silent Virus
Couldn’t find anything to link to… ?

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Second the nomination to Her Name is Lea - Silent Virus.,3476.0.html

I’d also second the nomination for The Girl in my Closet.

I’m not sure whether this is eligible but anyway -

Molly’s Deep Dark Secret - Teekabell,3195.0.html

Also - apparently some of the stories disappeared form the stories section… so we might not be able to find a lin (if we even remember the story :S)

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(Thanks again for the link Casper^^)

I would like to Nominate “I, Infantilist”,1232.0.html

As well as nominate “Zeke & Lily: Making a Memory”
(There wasn’t a continuous thread on this story so I posted the link to it’s first chapter),2550.0.html

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yeah actually my main concern is that some ppl (like me!) will skim over story titles written in the past year in order to see who to nominate, and miss out on a good story cause the post is missing from the board.

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The Girl In My Closet - CS Fox,1949.0.html

This story is great, I sure hope it continues


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Life and Death Choices Made Casually-WriteAndLeft,3057.0.html

My Real Country Family-CSFox,2572.0.html

Sabrina -casper88,3172.0.html

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A Sisters’ Chanukah by Guinevere,3545.msg37805/

The Controller by Jaybolt,2615.0.html