Nominations Rules

Once again it is time for our annual Story Of The Year Contest. You may nominate however many stories you like, following these rules:

  1. A story does not have to have been completed in 2008, but it must have had at least 5 chapters or 10 pages published in the year. Stories which won last year are not eligible for nomination. Stories that were in the Short Story Contest this year are not eligible for nomination.

  2. An author may have up to two stories in the contest. If an author has more than two stories nominated, (s)he will be permitted to choose which 2 stories will be in the contest.

  3. The nominated story must be one which was developed on this forum, or the old one (no nominations from either “Other Authors” Board).

  4. Once we have a list of stories, we will notify you how the voting will be done.

  5. Stories may be nominated through February 1.

  6. Voting will take place between February 4 and February 18.

  7. Nomination and Voting are open to members only. Non-Members can’t even see this board.