Noah's Ark Part 2

Noah’s Ark, part 2

Olri, Ferguson and Gross all sat in the conference room. It had been 6 months, and they still hadn’t caught this guy. He had killed another six. The tally now was 12. Of the 12, 10 had been found naked and only those original 2 had been found in diapers. There really wasn’t much connecting the two, but the team all knew it was the same guy.
While stuck on this case, they had solved many others, but this one, this one was their Moby Dick.
Then, though, a messenger came in.
“He’s struck again,” he said, “Diapers again.”

He stood in his room, smiling. All the work was almost over. They had pieced some of it together. They had taken to calling him Noah, once the girls started to actually read the Bible verses. They were right – 7 pairs of unclean and 2 pairs of clean this time. And now he just had one pair left, the last unclean pair.

Olri and Gross went to the crime scene. Sidai stayed back. She wanted to poor over the details of the case one more time, catch Noah. They had long since checked all the strange ABDL websites and “adult bedwetter” forums, but besides describe some strange activities, they were not helpful. Noah may have been an ABDL, but it was what caused that, and why it connected to the murders that they all needed.
She had been talking specifically with the founder of one forum. He explained that much of the popular understanding of ABDLs was wrong. Some came to it because of bedwetting, others for comfort, others did come for fun or sexual fulfillment. Some came because of abuse, and that did fit the character of serial killers, but not this one. None of the girls showed any sign of violence done to them except for the kidnapping marks themselves. Several of them had eaten very recently before their death. It was almost like he was trying to be a father figure to them. The founder of the forum had said that the ABDL community was like 90% male and many of them wanted to be a “daddy” to an ABDL girl. That could be this guy, maybe he was rejected. But that didn’t fit the other 2 murders. How did they fit in?

Olri and Gross arrived. Noah was getting more careless. He had left both bodies in the same place. Their medical examiner confirmed – no violence except for rope wounds on the hands and feet, sleeping pills.

Noah had done his research. Megan lived in the same home town she had grown up in. That would make it easy, he knew the area. Megan was perfect. She would be his final kill. But who to match her up with?

The team attended the funerals, like they always did, guaranteeing that they would find this guy, though they were secretly beginning to doubt. And then, Sidai had an idea. She could lure him out.
She made her account, and described herself exactly as the victims.

Her name was beautiful, Noah thought. Sidai. But, of course, he knew it was a trap. And, of course, he would take it. A beautiful gift – a perfect murder, where the whole team chasing him would learn his secrets but would not be able to pin it on him. So, as he surfed the ABDL site one last time, he sent her a message – of course he would agree to meet.

“How do you know this will work?”
“How do you know it will be him?” they asked.
Sidai just smiled and said, “I won’t. But we’ll have a good chance.”

“Hi,” Noah said, “How are you tonight,” as he pulled her chair out for Sidai.
Sidai was nervous, but calmly said, “I’m fine. And yourself?”
“I’m well,” Noah grinned, “Are you a cop?”
Sidai coughed, stunned he had figured it out so quick.
“Sorry, I don’t mean to sound so blunt. It’s just that, the ABDL thing has lots of people confused, lots of sites – some that should have been – got shut down. If you’re a cop, I think you have the wrong idea,”
Sidai struggled, “Well, if I was a cop, would I find anything your guilty of?”
“I killed a girl in Reno just to watch her die,”
Sidai nearly burst out laughing. She began to really like this guy, though she never lost sight of the fact that he was a serial killer.
They ordered and enjoyed some light banter, nothing serious, and nothing they could use to nab the guy. Then she was able to ask, “So, what got you into ABDLism?”
Noah smiled, “Long story. I was a bedwetter growing up. A couple of accidents and incidents with diapers, and wal-ah, a fetish.”
Sidai grinned and nodded. Noah smiled back, “What about you?”
Sidai was actually able to respond honestly, “I found a few websites, read some stories and here I am.”
Noah began talking, “You know, its rare to find an actual female AB. Most are transgendered of some sort, and you know the male percentages. Many are in it only as femi-nazi’s,”
Sidai’s smile stopped, now they were getting somewhere. She could hear Olri in her earpiece, getting excited, so she asked, “Femi-nazi’s?”
“You know… feminists who take it over the top. Don’t get me wrong, I know there is still more work to be done, but some groups actually claim girls are superior to boys in like every way and boys need to be dominated.”
“Wow. And you’re against that?”
“It’s not God’s way. He created an order and it should be followed.”
“So boys should dominate girls?”
“No, that’s not what I’m saying. Equals, yes. But some of these feminists have set aside all rules of modesty, and that’s not appropriate for a guy or a gal.”
“Interesting,” Sidai said. Noah did seem to be the guy, they just needed a confession. He was god.
Noah smiled, “Sorry, I’m kind of intense. Tell me more about you,”
Sidai smirked, “Actually, I kind of need to…”
Noah laughed and said, “You’re not wearing right now?”
“Not on a first date,” she said. Noah smiled and nodded. She got up and walked to the bathroom, and whispered to Olri, “He’s our guy, right?” “Yeah” “So what can we do?” “No DNA evidence left at the scenes, it will have to be a full confession,”
She used the bathroom, freshened up and walked out the door. This guy wasn’t a chauvinist. He wasn’t even really an ABDL, she realized. He used diapers to teach about order, somehow. It was all about order. Olri came back on, connecting the dots faster than her, “The ones wearing diapers he was protecting. They somehow followed his order. If they didn’t, they were shown to the world, naked,”
She came back to the table and Noah was gone. She ran out to the road, then ran back. She saw a note, “Enjoyed dinner. See you later. Leave a tip, please,”
She groaned, then went ahead and left the tip. She walked out again and then everything went black.

Olri was outraged, “Find her now!” he screamed and he and Gross were already grabbing their weapons and headed toward the restaurant.

She woke up and didn’t know where she was. She did realize she was tied to a bed by the arms and legs. She was sitting there, naked.
In Noah walked, “Hi!” he said, “Can I get you anything? Coffee, tea? Desert? It was rude of me to leave so soon.”
Sidai didn’t give him any satisfaction, “Yes it was, but you don’t have to be nice to me. I take my sleeping pills with water, if that helps,”
Noah sighed, “No, I’m afraid it won’t. See, you are one of the unclean ones. I started with the unclean and finished with the unclean. But you’re not just one of the unclean ones, you wanted to understand me. So I can’t kill you until you do. Oh, and Olri and Gross won’t find anything. So, I’m going to help you understand me and it can take as long as it needs.”
She struggled, but couldn’t get free, “What are you planning?”
He walked out of the room, then came back, carrying another girl. This one was in a t-shirt and an adult diaper. He put her down on the bed beside of her’s and tied her up, “This is Megan. She can explain even better than me. When you know how to show me I understand, let me know. And if you need anything, I’ll get it for you. I’m not hear to hurt you.”

Olri and Gross asked at the restaurant. But they couldn’t find anything. No one had gotten a good look at him, or knew which way he went after he hit Sidai. They could piece together that he had hit her with a wooden bat. He had hit her just right – it would bruise but no lasting damage – if he kept her alive long enough for them to find her.

“I’m the one who caused him to do all this,” Megan explained, “I lived in his neighborhood as a kid. Our mom’s knew each other and one weekend, his mom had to leave for an out of town conference. He stayed with us. He had an accident. My mom ended up putting him in diapers. I was a bedwetter too, but was allowed to treat him like a baby. I even had friends come over and change him.”

Noah laughed at Megan’s explanation. Part of it was true. She had been a bedwetter alright – the Depends had been lying out in her room. She wasn’t just a bedwetter, but completely incontinent, and somehow he had been the baby. Humiliated. Now, Sidai had a chance at redemption.

“I’m ready,” Sidai said, “But you have to let Megan go,”
Noah whipped a gun from behind his back, and shot Megan, “Go to hell,” he said, “I’m no weak serial killer,”
Sidai gasped and struggled, but Noah was back to his normal self before the situation had even really begun. He tugged the diaper off of Megan, rolled it up and threw it away, but got out a new one and began to put it on Sidai, saying, “Now I can’t let you stay in this, you’re impure, everyone will have to see you. But you need to experience this to understand me,”
He diapered her slowly, not really sexually, but in a way that clearly pointed out his dominant position. She grimaced, refused to look away, refusing to blush.
He forced her to drink. A lot. And soon, she did have to go to the bathroom. She called out to Noah, and Noah came in. He refused to do anything about it though. His good nature was gone, “Open your floodgates and let it rain,” he said. Then he just stood there, watching. This was sick, she thought. But she couldn’t hold it much longer."

Finally, they had a lead. One bartender was found tied up in the women’s bathroom. He gasped as they finally gave him some air and said, “He took the bat. I heard him scream for a taxi,”
It wasn’t much of a lead, but they quickly got the number of the taxi service that claimed this section of town and found out what cabs were running about the time they needed. They quickly got it pinned down and soon had an address.

Sidai gave in and Noah just watched. He smiled and said, “Good, now I’m going out to deal with you friends, I’ll be back in five minutes,”
Sidai groaned. She refused to be embarrassed by all this – this was a kidnapping and she had nothing to be afraid of.

Olri and Gross approached the house. They broke down the doors – probable cause would cover it. As soon as Olri walked in, he heard a gun shot – and Gross was down. Then he saw the gun slide, and then right in front of him stood Noah.
Noah said, “My work is done,”
Olri reached for the gun and tried to fire. No bullets. He reached for his own weapon and fired. Noah stood still as the bullet hit him and he collapsed, “My work is done,” he repeated, and then said, “I am pure.”


Olri stood at the hospital bed. Sidai had just woken up. She had been in there three days already, sleeping. Noah had mixed the pills in with the drink he had forced on her. And they had also been a diuretic. So they had to keep her in hospital diapers for the three days. If felt like Noah had won. But she was waking up.


She had healed well, but was still on paid off-duty for two weeks. The scene had played over and over in her mind, and the story Megan told. She didn’t think she would like babying a guy a like that, but Megan seemed to have enjoyed it. Maybe Noah had been right and the order had been messed up. But as Sidai thought, she realize something far more frightening. She hadn’t liked being tied up, but she had liked being taken care of. There was something about Noah, no matter how evil. So she got up, went to her dresser, and pulled out her Depends. Finally, Sidai was back at home.