No Worries Ch. 1, Anticipation


This was my first story, I posted it on another site, because it was mostly an AR story. The last chapter, however, is more AB though, so I thought I’d post it here and see what people thought.

This story is set in New Zealand and so has some traits that are distinctively Kiwi, I’ll keep a glossary of NZ terms at the start of each chapter. So, Jandals=Flip-flops. Lollies=Candy/Sweets, Pohutuawa=Big tree native to NZ, Motorway=Super-Highway.

As Chris drove his Nissan Bluebird down the motorway he couldn’t help but be filled with excitement and anticipation. It seemed to him that all was right in the world, it was another warm February day, the brilliant blue sky was dotted by just a few puffy white clouds and the warm breeze blew through his newly cut hair as he weaved through traffic. Chris knew he shouldn’t be speeding, he’d probably get caught by one of the speed cameras again, but he wanted to be at his destination as soon as possible. He hadn’t seen his girlfriend Melanie in two weeks. Now that her parents were out of town and they would have the next two weeks to themselves.

Chris had first met Melanie at a pub, ironic since neither of them drank. They were both dragged along by their mates from university. The moment he saw Melanie though, he was glad he had come along. She was beautiful, blonde, athletic looking it was like something out of a movie. She had looked bored, drinking what might have been a mixed drink, but which Chris had somehow known, was just ginger ale. He had asked her to play some pool and the rest was history.

They had been together for six months now and it had been bliss except for dealing with her parents, who treated Mel more like a high school kid than a university student. Even though Chris was 21 he always felt like a teen when he had to sneak past Mel’s parents. But they were off in Europe presenting some paper to a board of scholars there. Mel’s parents were biologists, apparently quite well respected in their field, though Chris wasn’t sure what they exactly did. Melanie was a chemistry student, and Chris thought that perhaps was a small rebellion on her part.

Chris pulled his car off the motorway and drove through suburban Auckland, getting ever closer to her house, his heart pounding faster and faster. Primary school kids were walking along the footpath in their tidy uniforms. Chris felt bad for them, starting school in February while it was still summer, university wouldn’t begin till next month. A couple of ten-year olds walked against the green light in front of him, forcing Chris to stop and honk his horn loudly at them. “Unbelievable,” he thought to himself, kids could be so stupid, they were just asking to be a windscreen decoration. The two boys stopped and jumped back on the kerb but they both glared angrilly at him. “No common sense and no respect these days,” Chris thought.

Pasing the Foodtown Chris has the sudden thought that he didn’t have a gift for Mel. He pulled quickly into the carpark, thinking about how stupid he was to have forgotten somethingso important. He couldn’t decide if flowers or chocolate would be better so he got both. In the check-out line another annoying kid was pestering his mother for lollies. The boy looked to be about ten or so but he surely weighed as much as a full-grown man should, Chris didn’t think the boy needed any more lollies. “But I want lollies mum! Can’t I just have one, I promise I’ll just have one now, please!” the boy pleaded jumping from one bare foot to the other. The mother relented and let the boy pick out a cadbury bar. Chris figured the kid would soon have chocolate all over his good school uniform, good god children were brats!

Chris arrived at Mel’s house with flowers and chocolate in hand. He was definitely going to get laid tonight! The house was in a very nice neighbourhood on the North Shore and it was clear her parents were good at what they did. A late-blooming Pohutukawa tree dominated the back garden and the fruit on their lemon tree was huge. Chris always found their wealth a little intimidating, his family was solidly middle class. He looked himself over to make sure he didn’t look like a slob. He had on his rugby shirt and new board shorts and jandals. Kiwi style was very casual, but he hoped Mel wasn’t expecting to go to a fancy restaurant tonight, personally Chris had his heart set on a night in, a long night in.

No Worries Ch. 2, Surprise


Before Chris had even had a chance to knock the door swung open and Chris was shocked at the sight. Rather than Melanie dressed in tight jeans and a revealing top as he had hoped, it was an eight-year old boy in a spiderman t-shirt jean-shorts and bare feet. Chris’ smile disappeared in a nanosecond. “Hi Chris! Look at what I got!” exclaimed Paul, Mel’s little brother, grinning ear to ear. Paul extended his hand to show Chris a little white mouse. “His name’s Cheddar, 'cause he likes cheddar cheese,” Paul informed Chris. Chris shook his head, leave it to an eight-year old to name his mouse Cheddar. It was at that moment that Melanie appeared from the kitchen and smiled apologetically. “Hi Chris! Paul take that mouse back up stairs now! Honestly, I told you to stay in your room till I talked to Chris, what part of ‘stay in your rom’ don’t you understand!” Paul looked guilty as he scuried back up the stairs. Melanie led Chris inside and closed the door. Before Chris could say a word she started explaining, “Look I’m sorry, I didn’t know this would be the situation until just yesterday or I would have told you.”

“I thought you said he was staying with your aunt and uncle?” Chris exclaimed, incredulous. He could feel his chance for a perfect night slipping away.

“Well Auntie Jane’s back went out again so I’m afraid we’re stuck with him for the week.”

Chris’ jaw dropped, “A week! The whole week! What happened to our alone time, this was going to be our summer, Mel.”

“I know but look at it this way, he’ll be at school all day, that’s plenty of time to ourselves, well except…ooh.”

“What, except what?”

“Well I forgot, we’re having some plumbing done in the kitchen and our neighbour Bob is coming during the day to do it.”

Chris was so dissapointed he felt sick, but he really couldn’t afford to scream much more at Mel, it wasn’t really her fault. So Chris took a breath and decided to role with the punches. “Well at least we get to share a bed.” Melanie wouldn’t make eyecontact with Chris as he said that and Chris had a sinking feeling.

“Chris, the thing is mum told Paul to tell her if anything like that happened and you can bet he will. He has night terrors some times and he comes into my room when that happens. I think he’d notice if you were there, don’t you?” Melanie explained with regrett in her voice.

“Fine, whatever, I’m gonna have something to eat.” Chris declared, thwarted at every turn.

As he walked into the kitchen he found Paul had left his room an was now standing with his dirty bare feet on the counter trying to get something from a top shelf. “Hey, Paul, get your dirty feet off the counter top, we put food there mate!” Chris exclaimed, absolutely to his limit. Paul just shrugged, “I need the sugar bowl and mum put it all the way up top.”

“She probably put it there to keep you out of it. Now off you go.” Chris took Paul by his armpits and lifted him off the counter and down to the floor. “Now go play outside, the grown-ups need time to talk.”

“Will you come play with me later?” Paul asked, sounding hopeful.

“Not today, I’m tired, now go on.” Chris watched the kid head out back, looking disappointed. Well so what, Chris was the on who had a right to be disappointed.

Melanie did her best to make it up to Chris that evening. She cuddled with him and kissed him as they sat on the couch watching ‘Lost’ while Paul played on his hands and knees on the floor with his toy trucks and cars, making vrooms and crash noises as he played. Then Melanie took Paul upstairs for a bath.

Chris decided to have some chamomile tea so he could sleep better, alone. He microwaved some water, then steeped the tea. One sip told him he had forgotten the most important ingredient, sugar. Chris looked through the cabinets then remembered what Paul had said earlier, it was up top. Chris felt arond the top shelf and found what felt like a sugar bowl. Taking it down it did have what appeared to be confectioners sugar in it. Chris found that odd, why would anyone put confectionary sugar in a bowl. But he didn’t want to keep looking so in his tea it went. To his surprise it made the tea extra sweet, almost too sweet. But he drank it down nonetheless. Melanie came back down just as he finished and Paul followed now in a batman t-shirt and spongebob underoos, ready for bed. He said his goodnights to Chris then skipped back upstairs. Melanie tucked him in then came back down. “Now, you wanted some alone time, you got it.” she said in her most seductive voice. Maybe this week would be so bad after all.

Two hours of making-out later Chris went to his seperate bedroom exhausted. He slept peacefully, unaware that what he put in his tea was not sugar and the effects of that substance were working their magic as he slumbered.

No Worries Ch. 3, School Days

School Days

A quick note here before we continue. You may notice that I mention characters being barefoot sometimes. This is a trait I beleive is unique to New Zealand among developed nations. Like wearing shorts in Britain, going barefoot in NZ is something that adults do as well, but that is strongly associated with childhood. All kids are allowed to go barefoot to school until they reach high school and they are often encouraged to. Now on with the story,

Chris awoke at about 6AM, at least that’s what the clock said. Chris couldn’t understand it, he always got up after 8AM, he hadn’t been able to wake up this early since he was a little kid. Yet he felt fully awake, full of energy, it was a foreign feeling, not unwelcome, but odd. The next thing he notied was how large the bed was. Funny it hadn’t seemed like a King mattress last night. Chris sat up and climbed out of bed. As he did so his boxers fell to his ankles. Chris reached down and pulled them up but they were far too large, they looked like boxers for a giant. That was when he noticed his hands, they looked too thin, too small. Walking over to the mirror it took all he had in him not to scream. Clearly he had somehow taken a psychotropic drug that had affected his perception. The image staring back at him was that of a small boy, skinny, pale, with short blonde hair. His hair had become more brown than blonde by the time he was twelve. Yet his mind told him that the boy he was looking at was indeed him. It was exactly how he looked at age eight or nine at most. Chis could feel himself hyperventilating and he did his best to slow down his breathing. He felt soaked in sweat and he realized his legs were shaking so hard he couldn’t move. Adrenaline pumped through his system.

After five minutes of deep breathing and lying down to stop his increasing dizziness, he found he was able to get back up and felt in control again. He reasoned through what had happened and realized that he was in a house filled with scientists, surely this had something to do with that paper they had written. Melanie would know what to do.

Chris found Mel laying in her bed out cold. “Mel, Mel!!! Wake up!” he screamed at her, shaking her.

After a moment she awoke and looked at him with bleary eyes. “What is it Paul? Did you have a nightmare?” She asked in a sleepy voice, yawning as she talked.

“No, its not Paul, I’m Chris, look at me! What were your parents working on, because it had to be them!”

Mel opened her eyes wider and looked stunned. She scanned Chris head to toe and finally exclaimed, “What happened to you?!”

“What does it look like? I’m a kid again, you have to do something! Your parents probably planned this to scare me off. I bet they aren’t even in Europe. I bet they’re at your aunt’s house right now waiting for this.”

Melanie seemed horrified by the prospect. “No, they wouldn’t, they couldn’t. I mean maybe they could, but they’d never do this to you, not on purpose.”

“Well forgett why for now, just fix this!”

“I don’t know how too, I dunno what happened to you. Maybe I can take a blood sample and take to our lab at the university.” she suggested.

That sounded good to Chris so he nodded vigorously. “Yeah lets go to the lab, right now.”

She shook her head, “No the lab is closed now, and there’s no way they’ll let you in as a child. If my parents are in any way responsible for this they could be in huge trouble, so we have to keep this quiet.”

“I’m more concerned with not being stuck like this.”

“It may be temporary anyway, we have no way of knowing and I’m not accusing my parents till I have seen the blood results myself.”

Chris pondered this a moment then agreed, “Okay take the blood and test it, I’ll wait here.”

“You can’t just wait here, you’re forgetting Bob is coming over to fix the sink, you can’t be here or we could all be in trouble,” explained Melanie.

Now Chris was really getting concerned. Where was he supposed to go then, did she expect to hide him in the basement, the terrible experiment gone wrong. He pictured himself a horrible looking monster chained to the floor, Mel and her brother throwing him dinner scraps. He shook his head clear, that was a ridiculous thought, absurd, yet so vivid. And then another problem occured to him.

“What about Paul?”

But before Mel could answer, a high pitched voice chimed in, “What about me?” Paul was standing in the doorway in his nightshirt and underoos rubbing the sleep from his eyes, his hair standing straight up in a couple places. Chris froze, he hoped maybe Paul would think it was a ream, actually Chris hoped it was all a dream. But no such luck. Paul’s eyes widened and he exclaimed, “Who are you?” Then after a long pause in which Mel and Chris stared at each other grasping for an explanation, Paul exclaimed, “You’re Chris! But you’re little! Cool as!”

“Look Paul mum and dad could be in big trouble if anyone knew about this, then you’d have no one to tuck you in or buy you toys or anything! We can’t tell anyone understand?” Melanie said, looking hard at Paul. Paul nodded, “Okay, I promise I won’t tell, but this is cool, are we gonna share a bedroom now?”

“Don’t be cheeky!” Chris retorted, “I am not staying this way.”

“Look,” Melanie continued, getting back to the subject at hand, “We need a place to put you today while figure this out.” When no one had any suggestions Melanie stood and ran out saying she had a call to make.

Paul continued to stare at Chris with awe while Chris did his best to preserve his modesty by wrapping himself with the blanket. “When did it happen, did it hurt? Will you get littler?” Paul inundated him with questions, eyes wide as saucers.

Finally Melanie arrived back with a look of purpose on her face. She was carrying a pack that clearly contained blood testing materials. “Alright now, Paul I want you to go get dressed, but first we need to get something for Chris to wear. Get out your extra school shirt and shorts for him and put them in his bedroom.” Paul agreed and left the room still eyeing Chris in disbelief. “Now Chris, I’m going to get dressed then we’ll take your blood.” Chris nodded and waited for her to change but she just stared at him. “Could you leave so I can change.” Chris was shocked, “But I’ve seen you naked before, why do I have to go!” “I’m sorry swetie but it just feels weird now, please do this for me.” Chris grumbled but left her alone. He found the school clothes laying on his bed. He pulled on the ugliest looking pair of spiderman underoos first, then the sky blue polo shirt with the school emblem on the left of his chest. Finally he pulled up the baggy navy blue shorts that fell a bit below his knees. He looked at himself in the mirror and shivered again, he looked like an ordinary primary school boy.

A moment later Paul walked in dressed in an identical uniform, still giddy at the idea of having a new playmate. “Look Paul, this is only temporary, okay, you know we aren’t brothers or anything.” “I know, but this is funny.” Chris wasn’t ready to be reduced to arguing with an eight year old so he shrugged and went over to Mel’s room, knocking on the door. She popped out a moment later and explained what was going to happen as she swabbed his arm with alchohol and readied a needle an vial. “Okay, I know you won’t like this but I arranged for you to go to school with Paul today. They think you’re a cousin visiting from Gisborne. I have to get you out of the house but you can’t come with me, this is the only option. Paul you are to tell no one, remember. Its only for one day so you’ll be alright.”

Chris was horrified, this was worse than he imagined. “You have got to be kidding!”

“No I’m not, now go downstairs and I’ll get breakfast.”

“Mel, maybe its best if we go to a hospital…” Chris started.

“A hospital,” Mel cut him off, “Whatdo you think they can do for you Chris, we have to get you help I agree, but this is not fall under the scope of current medical knowledge.” Chris agreed and headed down for breakfast.

After eating eggs and bangers that he had to admit were absolutely amazing on his rejuvinated tastebuds, Chris went up to Paul’s room and looked for some shoes to wear out. Paul had some jandals laying by his bed, but those wouldn’t be allowed at school, tripping hazard. So he threw aside a pile of clothes by the closet and buried under a mound of laundry was a pair of sandals and some clunky skateboard trainers. There were no socks to be seen anywhere so it would have to be the sandals. Next Chris found a well worn old hat that would have to do and finally stuffed two pencils in his shorts pocket. He only had one good pocket as it seemed Paul had stuffed gum in the other some time ago.

Chris headed down to the kitchen as Mel called for him to leave for school. Paul was waiting by the door and giggled again at seeing him dressed in a school uniform. Mel grabbed the car keys then looked down at Chris. “Chris why on earth do you hav those sandals on, its February the ground isn’t cold.” “I’m not going barefoot I may look like a kid but I don’t have to act like one.” Melanie shook her head sadly. “Yes Chris you do have to act like one, at least today at school. No one can know the truth or we’ll get in trouble remember, you can’t very well walk up to the teacher and say ‘hi there I’m really 21 years old but I’m hiding here today because I shrunk.’ They would think you were nuts.” Chris was fuming inside, of course he wasn’t that thick, why was she talking to him like a real kid. “I won’t do that!” he shouted.

“Good now take off you sandals, you’ll fit in better without them.” Melanie advised.

“No, there are other kids Paul’s age who wear shoes to school, just because some kids go barefoot doesn’t mean I have to.” Chris rebutted.

Paul giggled, “Only sissies and wimps wear shoes in the summer. All the kids who got mums that make 'em wear shoes just take them off soon as they get to class. What’ll you do when we play at lunch?”

“Hey, I’m still older than you even if I’m not bigger and you will not give me cheek like that,” Chris demanded.

Finally, defeated, Chris took off the sandals and threw them in the closet. As he sat in the back seat of the car riding to school he felt increasing trepidation of what was to come. He hadn’t always been very popular and kids were cruel, not to mention loud obnoxious brats. And to Chris the schoolyard was filled with the screaming dirty diseased little urchins with their runny noses and uncleaned hair and bare feet with soles as black as the tar they were running around on. The identical uniforms all the kids wore gave them the look of a massive monster waiting to swallow Chris up.

Mel stopped the car turned to Chris, “Okay honey, this is it. I’ll be back at three to pick you up and hopefully with some idea of a cure. Good luck at school, and don’t be nervous it won’t be that bad.”

Chris hopped out onto the pavement and headed carefully into the schoolyard, the asphalt was warm under his feet, but he feared how hot it would get later in the day. His soles weren’t tough from barefootedness like these kids and this could be painfull. A red ball zoomed past his head and three little blonde girls surrounded him and started asking his name and how old he was. “Umm…. I’m Chris and I um, I’m…eight.” he stuttered. They giggled and one told him, “We’re nine, we don’t play with little kids.” and they ran off snearing at him. “Dumb girls” he thought. A big Maori boy nearly knocked im over a second later. “Sorry there mate, didn’t see you.” He was out of breath and sweating heavily, he looked Chris over well then added, “Hey you wanna play some footie?” “Umm, sure.” Soon Chris found himself in an exhilirating game of rugby. He found out the Maori boy’s name was Jeff and he was nine. He was a nice kid and made Chris feel welcome. After Chris succeeded in scoring a try everyone pounded him on the back and Chris felt accepted like never before. Normally Chris was afraid to play rugby because he broke several ribs playing a match when he was twelve, but for some reason all that fear was gone.

Soon though Chris found himself sitting in a Year 3-4 classroom. Chris figured this would be boring, but a real breeze nonetheless. He was surprised at the evel they were studying at. It seemed pretty tough stuff. The book they were all reading was a sherlock holmes novel edited for kids. Chris was surprised to find he had trouble reading some of the words. To make matters worse while he was trying to read a fat boy behind him kept poking him hard in the back and giggling. “Stop it.” Chris whispered. “Make me.” the boy retorted maliciously. Then the boy stepped it up, kicking him in the back. Chris had to admit that for once he was glad most of the kids were barefoot because if the kid behind him had had shoes on this could have seriously bruised him. This went on for several minutes til Chris could take this insolence no longer. Chris turned around and screamed, “Stop it you fat moron, what is worng with you!”

“Christopher! Stop that at once!” Mrs. Weatherby yelled, looking sternly at him, “We are a civilised class and you are our guest. You do not yell at other children like that, is that perfectly clear!” Chris was sure he was as red as a tomato, he hadn’t been yelled at that way in a decade. “But… I…he…” he stammered. “Enough, I don’t want to hear it. Now you will take a piece of paper and write ‘I do not yell at other people’ 100 times.”

Chris did as he was told, feeling as small as he was and smaller. If Mel didn’t fix this soon Chris was sure he’d lose it. He never even considered telling the teacher he was really a grown-up because that seemed to him like a ridulous statement, he didn’t feel like a grown-up. As the day went on that became truer and truer. By lunch he felt his adult life seemed like a dream more then reality. In maths he found it impossible to do the division they were being asked to do and he found it nearly impossible to concentrate. He felt that surely his mind was slowing down, shrinking. Yet he found it even harder to care. He felt increasingly at home in the class and soon was swinging his legs back and forth under his desk the same as everyone else. He chewed on the end of his pencil and wondered what it would be like to be spiderman, picturing himself flying though the city on his webs, that would be so cool he thought. He quickly came back from the daydream when Mrs. Weatherby rebuked him again for dawdling.

As Chris sat on the cool cement steps outside his classroom block eating the sandwich Mel had prepared, he stared up at the clouds and wondered what made them fly like that , and why was the sky so blue. Then he overheard a boy named Billy talking about his dad’s truck and how big it was. That was really cool and Chris nodded and laughed as Billy told stories about the big truck and how his dad let him drive it once. Chris wished he got to drive such a big fun truck. He wished he got to drive.

They all went out and played basketball after that. Chris thought he did pretty good, he was good at sport. Then he sat down to rest and noticed the bottoms of his feet were all black. That seemed strange to him for some reason. He remembered Mel had made him go barefoot that morning. He couldn’t remember why he’d have wanted to wear shoes, he would have looked pretty silly. But there was so much more that seemed odd to him. But the more he thought about it the less he could recall. He knew he lived with Paul and Mel and she was his girlfriend but then that must be pretend because he was too little to have a girlfriend. In the end Billy yelled for Chris to come play on the tree and Chris decided thinking could wait till playtime was over.

No Worries, Ch. 4 Waiting For Results

Waiting For Results

Melanie had had a very long day. First she had awoken to find her boyfriend reduced from a tall, strong, intelligent 21 year old to a little boy her brother’s age. She had to simuntaneously conceal this fact and try to fix the situation. It would take all her knowledge of chemistry to find a solution, but what else could she do. The authorites would think they were all crazy, the doctors at the hospital would be baffled, it was up to her. She spent the day at the lab testing his blood a hundred different ways, looking for the right marker. She had a pretty good idea of her parents experiments and she knew that they had been working on rejuvinating cells. The idea was to slow the aging process with a pill, but no one actually thought the aging process could be reversed. Until her parents most recent work that is. They had found that mentally the mice they tested on stayed the same but she was concerned that Chris would regress phycologically as a coping mechanism if she didn’t work fast. Always in the back of her mind though was what Chris had said, were her parents really away in Europe or was that a lie. She thought about what he said, but pushed it aside, work now, qustions later.

When Melanie showed up in the green Toyota Corona to pick up Paul and Chris at three she was greeted by an unexpected sight. Chris was smiling as he hopped into the car! “Well hello sweetie, you certainly seem, well, happy. How was your day?”

Chris nodded and with great detail decribed the rugby game he’d helped win, “And then I ran really fast, so fast Mel, you wouldn’t believe it. You know I’m a good runner. So I ran all the way to the end of the pitch and scored! It was the greatest!”

Melanie was concerned by the fact that Chris showed no concern at all about being restored. He had obviously adjusted mentally during the day and Mel decided it was best to humour him for the time being. “Well that sounds like it was fun, I’m very proud of you hon’ but now we need to do the grocery shopping, alright, then we’ll go home.”

At the Foodtown Paul and Chris briefly fought over who would get to push the trolley. “No c’mon I wanna push it!” “No, you’ll go too slow, I wanna do it!” they argued. Mel stepped in and settled it by declaring that she would push it. Both boys sulked but conceeded to the grown-up. Paul announced he was going to get the milk himself and Chris said he would get it too. “Well then get the orange juice too,” Mel reminded them, exasperated at their energy. One eight year-old was hard enough, but having two! What would she do now. A moment later she heard giggles and the approaching slapping noises of two sets of bare feet running on linoleum. A second later her two ‘boys’ appeared around the corner racing each other back to her. Mel felt a flush of embarassment as other customers gave dissaproving looks. Mel realized the people probably thought they were her kids and grew more embarassed. “Hey you two, no running in the shop alright!” Chris looked very embarassed and beffudled for a moment and she felt bad for treating him like a child so publicly. But then he saw a stand of chocolate and started asking, “Can I get some lollies please, Melanie?” completely forgetting whatever had upset him so much. It still got to her though. “Yes have one bar each, that’s all.” “Yes!” they proclaimed and grabbed their bars. Yes she could now see that her Chris had the gleaful smile only an eight-year old could have at getting some chocolate. Mel was sure that when the day had started Chris never imagined he’d soon be standing in the supermarket in a primary school uniform and bare feet demanding chocolate like a spoiled little boy.

Things continued this way for the next three days. Chris would occassionally feel self-consious about something he was doing. Feeling like he was acting like a little child. When on one occassion he started to walk down to dinner in just a pair of his underoos, he felt as though he was doing something very wrong and for a moment he flushed pink. Then as quickly as the feeling hit him it was gone. It didn’t even bother him that Paul was fully dressed, Chris padded down the stairs to dinner in his undies and didn’t give it a second thought. When he looked at himself in the mirror Chris thought he looked like a big kid. He knew that, he knew he was ‘big’ and surely he was, he was a big eight-year-old. While Melanie watched ‘Neighbours’ on the telly Chris was perfectly content to play with the lego blocks on the floor, down on his hands ans knees, constructing big cities and then, the best part, destroying them! He and Paul had become best mates and now slept in the same room building pillow forts and playing with their army men. Chris couldn’t remember ever having been so happy, maybe because he couldn’t remember much at all.

This all came to an end though on Saturday. Chris was climbing very high on the Pohutukawa tree. He had never been this high, but he couldn’t let his fear show. He could feel it in his tummy alright, but he wouldn’t cry or freeze, he wasn’t a sissy. Paul was on a lower branch screaming for Chris to go higher. Then he lost his grip and slipped down. He was surely going to die! But his feet clamped down on the branch and he stopped, the bark scraped his bare soles as they gripped, but luckily the last few days had toughened his feet. His hands, though, were covered in that spider web of red angry abrasions that are a common result of childhood play. Chris held back his tears but decided to go back down. It was just then that Mel came running into the yard still in a lab coat smiling and out of breath.

“You’ve gotta see this boys, come over here!” she yelled. Chris jumped down from the last branch and joined Paul in running on tippy toes carefully over the grass avoiding all the prickles. “What is it Mel?” Chris demanded.

“I’ve found the solution, the drug that can grow you back up is done, wejust need to go to the lab.” Melanie told Chris. He didn’t understand of course, but she seemed happy so it had to be a good thing. Chris agreed to come with her and before he knew it they were in the car racing over to the lab. The streets seemed vaguely familiar to Chris, but then he seemed to live now with a constant sense of deja vu, as though he had a past he could almost remember, but not quite. Chris wasn’t sure why she brought all these big clothes with them and a pair of men’s trainers. Chris didn’t want to wear shoes, and Mel had said the clothes and shoes were for him. But they were all oversized. He was very uncertain about all this.

Soon they arrived at the lab and Melanie led Chris by the hand through the abandoned university campus in downtown Auckland. Classes didn’t start for a while so it was all theirs. The cold looking cement buildings were intimidating to Chris. They ran up four flights of stairs in the largest of the buildings and turned onto an abandoned corridor. It was dark, but light was showing from a room at the end of the hall. Chris still didn’t know why he was here, he felt his heart in his throat and he was sure he could feel his pulse in the tips of his fingers. His feet were hot even on the cold tiled floor. As the walked down the hall the sound of their footsteps resonated and surrounded Chris. The click-clack of a woman’s shoes and the slap-slap of a small barefoot boy. For some unknowable reason Chris was sure there was a monster in that room at the end of the hall. He knew the terror of a small boy entering the unknown.

No Worries Ch. 2, Surprise

Interesting, I like AR stories, can’t wait to see what you do with it.


No Worries Ch. 5, Twists and Turns

Twists and Turns

This chapter is a lot different than previous chapters, this is much more similar to my later work “Original Research” and is the most appropriate chapter for this board. I posted this in chapters instead of as a single complete story in the hope that people wouldn’t just skip to the end. Please let me know what you think.

Melanie lead the quaking boy into her lab. “Don’t be such a scaredy cat Chris, this isn’t a torture chamber and nothings going to bite you.” Chris felt a bit better in the light now, out of the darkened hallway. “Yeah I’m okay Melanie, I’m not scared.” Melanie smiled at Chris, “Do you remember who I am sweetie?” Chris looked at her quizzically for a moment. “You’re my friend, I live with you and Paul.” “Yes sweetie, but don’t you remember that when you were bigger I was your girlfriend.”

It was light in the darkness, like someone threw Chris’ floundering mind a life-line and pulled him in. Suddenly, with the confirmation that it wasn’t just pretend that he was once bigger and ha a girlfriend, Chris felt memories flooding back to him. He was also suddenly aware that he had on a T-shirt with the giant face of Spongebob Squarepants emblazoned on it. He looked down at his baggy jean-shorts and suddenly was aware of the cold floor, aware that he was barefoot like a little brat. That realization hit him like a ton of bricks and he recalled all the stupid childish things he had been doing. Sleeping with a night light, eating speghetti o’s, watching cartoons and eating lots of lollies. The worst memory was that of Melanie, his hot girlfriend, telling him to stop picking his nose at the dinner table while he sat there in nothing but his undies swinging his legs back and forth like a moron!

Chris looked up at Mel and just about cried. She knew by the look in his eyes that he was back and that he felt terribly embarassed. “Its okay honey I understand what happened, its only natural that you adjusted to your situation. The important thing is you only regressed psychologically, so it was only temporary. Eventually you were bound to remember what happened and come back to yourself. You have nothing to be embarassed about.”

“You had to be like my mother, I was such a dumb kid.”

“No, I really enjoyed that, really I did. Its okay, the important thing is we can fix it now.”

With Chris consoled and mentally right again it was time to administer the drug. Melanie got a needle out and filled it with a clear solution. “I hope you get this right I don’t wanna go too far back, what if you give me too much and I end up 40 or something?”

“No worries Chris, the solution can’t age you pat your original age I’m certain of that.”

Without further ado she jabbed him in the upper arm and pushed the plunger. She put a little gauze on it until it stopped bleeding. A few minutes passed and nothing happened. Chris’ hopes sank, he was doomed to spend eternity as an 8-year-old. But then he felt tingling in his hands and feet. They were growing, and quickly at that. He was soon expanding all over in proportion. He felt like he had a lump in his throat and then he realised his voice had changed. He felt other changes of puberty come over him as his hair turned brown then dark brown, and he suddenly had a thick beard! After ten minutes of not really pain, but intense tingling, he was 21 again. He covered himself with a blanket while Mel got his clothes for him. He was indescribeably happy. Mel was grinning and laughing. “Well looks like everything is back to normal,” she declared, peeking under his blanket. “Screw the clothes,” he declared and grabbed Mel for some intense making out. He would have gone all the way right there on the floor but the beard was so full it was actually getting in the way. “Look Chris, we have all night, I promise, just go home and get washed up and for god’s sake shave, then we’ll have some real fun.” Melanie was back to her seductive voice and Chris was overjoyed.

Chris headed back to his flat in the spare clothes Mel had provided. It was funny not to feel the different textures of the ground as he walked, but he was glad to have his trainers back on, all the same. His flatmates had apparently left for their beach week-end so no one gawked at his beard or asked how the week had been when he got home. The flat was a typical student’s residence, dirty clothes here and there, towels needing washing, a rubbish bin overflowing. No one did the dishes the night before apparently and the kitchen smelled odd. But was it ever good to be back. Chris never thought he’d be so happy to see his stinking flat again.

After a very big meal of Pizza and spaghetti to make up for the gain of body weight, Chris spent about twenty minutes shaving. Finally he drew a bath and hopped in the tub. It was so great to be normal again. He washed off the accumulated dirt of days of playing like a rough-housing kid, but the black and brown dirt on his feet seemed to be permanent. They hadn’t been like that since he was thirteen. Finally he grabbed the bottle of shampoo and washed his oily hair. He scrubbed with his fingertips pushing the white frothy solution into his roots and pours. It tingled nicely. The warm tingling seemed to seep down through his hair roots, into is scalp and then burrowed deeper, into his brain. As his head tingled, Chris was suddenly aware of how calm and relaxed he felt right now. He felt again like all was right in the world and he could be totally worry free. He continued massaging his scalp feeling more and more peaceful and content. Then he washed the shampoo out.

But the tingling, pleasant tingling, continued. In fact, it made him giggle a bit. It was a nice feeling and he did feel so nice here in his bath, he might just stay here till he turned into a prune. He giggled at that thought, turning into an actual prune, his mummy used to say that to him when he was little and took a bath. He liked to take baths then, he still did. He hears the outside door, perhaps a flatmate was home. He didn’t care he was staying right here where all was right, feeling the nice tingle in his head. There were more noises outside and loud noises at that. He wasn’t bothered by them, he was lost in the pleasant sensation filling his head.

There was a knock on the door. “Chris, it me, Mel, how’s it coming, have you shaved yet?” Chris was feeling so nice and now Mel was here, but what had she said, Chris didn’t catch all of it, something about a shave. But what was that again. Chris couldn’t quite recall.

Melanie opened the bathroom door when Chris didn’t respond. She found him sitting in the tub staring at the wall with a slight smile on his face. “Hello there Chris I’d offer o join you but you seem to be enjoying yourself without me. Are you ready for a surprise?”

Chris looked over at Mel, she had come in and he hadn’t even noticed, how silly of him. She was holding some very strange object, it looked like a spongey seat of some kind with a basin at the bottom. “Hi Mel, my head is all tingly right now. What’s that there?”

Melanie smiled broadly, “This is a little bath seat, just for you, I thought it would be fun to try it out. Won’t that be nice, especially since you feel so nice rght now with your head all tingly.”

Chris wasn’t sure exactly what she meant, try it out, but she smiled and said it like a good thing so it must be good and she was right his head was nice an tingly and he did feel good. So Chris lifted up his arms and Melanie helpd him out of he warm bath water and into the soft sponge seat. He was really seated reclined at a 45 degree angle, the basin at his feet. Mel had a sponge in her hand. Maybe she could finally get his feet clean. But instead she poured water on his head and lathered up more shampoo which she began to massage in large amounts into his scalp. Chris noticed she had on gloves of some kind, he wondered why.

“I bet you feel nice in your baby bath. Oh, that’s what it is sweetie-pie, its a baby bath. It probably makes you feel like a little baby just to sit in it, eh? Like you’re just a little baby being washed by his mummy.” she crooned to him.

Chris was confused now, wasn’t he supposed to be big now. He looked down, he was big, he hadn’t shrunk again, the seat was very big not for a baby, so why was she saying it was for babies. But then as she massages his scalp he found himself losing hs train of thought. She kept saying he was in a baby bath, so why did he think that was wrong? He didn’t know anymore. He was having a hard time maintaining a chain of thought at all. He kept forgetting where he was and who Mel was, things were going in and out of focus, but all that was constant was the pleasant tingling in his head.

“That’s right sweetie, don’t think, don’t even try, just relax and let all those cares and worries float away on a cloud. You know it was very hard for mummy to arrange all this for you baby. You see mummy had a conundrum, oh I know you don’t know what that means, but no matter. Mummy had a big problem, my parents had indeed come up with a way to trigger physical regression, but it was only temporary. Don’t you think if we invented that technology we’d be mega-millionaires? Yes without the antidote I administered today you still would have reverted in a day or two. But here’s the real irony honey, its actually safer and easier to physically regress someone than to mentally regress them.”

Chris could barely follow what she was saying, the light on the ceiling was so distracting and she talked so fast. He felt he should be angry at her for some reason, but he didn’t quite grasp why.

Melanie continued, “You see destroying someones mind almost always has unpredictable results, people go blind, deaf, become comatose or vegetative, they end up having senses mixed up, like smelling the colour purple or tasting blue. Temporary regression is safer, but again only temporary. But I have come up with the solution. A powerful drug specifically tailored to the patient. But for that I needed some of your blood and then time to make and perfect the drug.” She went on in a sing-song voice, smiling at Chris thoughout. He didn’t seem displeased, no it was clear he was losing the ability to understand language and could no longer comprehend what was happening to him.

“Now to get your blood and keep you under thumb I realized the best root was to physically regress you a bit. I know you love sugar in your tea it was too easy. I gave my brother a pet mouse, what he didn’t know of course was tat it had been used in my parents experiments and I was able to use it to create a small amount of the formula my parents invented. Isn’t that smart, you have a very smart mummy.”

Chris wondered who the pretty lady was, she looked very big, he liked how she smiled at him. She washed the shampoo/drug out of his hair and he was enchanted by the pretty light coming in the window, the way it illuminated the dust. He realized he had no words anymore for what he was seeing. He looked at the woman and realized he didn’t know the name for the colour of her shirt. A moment later he thought, “What’s a colour?”

“Yes my little baby I’m afraid I lead you to suspect my parents, but they don’t know anything about this, this s just between you and me and since you are no longer capable or complex thought I don’t think that will be a problem. You know I really do envy you as the drug is completing its work, you must feel great, not a care in the world totally safe and secure, not a sad thought in that empty little noggin.”

Chris lay there looking up at her with wide serenely innocent eyes. In the last moments his pupils dilated, his eyes glazed over and his jaw went totally slack allowing copious amounts of saliva to run over his lips, coating his chin and cheeks and hanging in a big dribble chain to his wet chest and tummy. His legs jerked awkwardly and his big adult feet kicked and twitched like an infant’s. His hands tried to catch a sunbeam. Chris didn’t know where he was, he didn’t remember ho he really was, but his mama was there and he was warm and clean and so he was happy. He saw his feet as his mama washed them. he liked the way the thngs at the end of them wiggled, they were pretty, he wanted to feel them. Chris grabbed his right foot and look at it close while mama scrubbed his leg. He decided to see how the wigglies felt. He stuck them in his mouth, they were yummy, he sucked on them and felt so safe and secure. Mama was smiling at him, he liked that, he liked the way the wigglies felt in his mouth.

Melanie smiled in maternal delight at the giant infant laying below her. The man who had read her lines from Milton and Voltaire now lay nuck naked in a baby bath sucking on his own toes and drooling all over himself. And he was happy. He cooed softly and prattled happy nonsense up at Mel. “Babagaaadoooo. Eeeeeeeh, Aaaaaaah! Nanananabaaa”

“Okay little guy lets get you dressed for your trip to your new hope!” Melanie carefully taped her new baby into his first nappy of many then pulled a baby blue t-shirt that read “Drool Factory at Work” onto his chest, it didn’t cover his tummy. Then she got him into a pair of blue-jean short-alls. “Don’t worry honey you don’t have to wear shoes ever again, I know you hated tham when you were eight. Nope those feet will stay unhindered so you can pop your toes in your mouth whenever you like, I know you enjoy that.” Chris gurgled happilly not understanding a word. “And from now on little guy when you done all you wees and poos we’ll take your nappy off and let you toddle around naked as a jaybird, because mummy loves to see her little baby’s cute little pee-pee and bum-bum and I know you’ll just love getting to go nakie now that your brain’s gone bye-bye.” Chris chewed on his knuckles, oblivious.

An hour later on the other side of Auckland a green Toyota pulled up in front of a small house at the end of a cul de sac. Melanie opened the back seat door and helped Chris out of his car-seat. He was busy chewing on the rattle she had given him. She took the stroller out of the boot and loaded him in, tickling his feet to make him giggle. She went to the back door, which was concealed from the street by a hill. Baby toys littered the spacious garden, a swingset with oversized baby-seats sat at the side of the garden, there was a kiddie pool unfilled near the door and next to it a big sandit littered with plastic digging tools.

Melanie knocked on the back door. An eye appeared from behind a pulled back curtain, a nod, then the door was unlocked and opened. The strong scent of babies wafted out the doorway into the night, a mixture of baby powder, nappies and other unknown fragrances. The woman facing them was about 40 years old, she wore sweatpants, a soft pink sweater and had a spitup towel draped over her shoulder. She looked down at Chris in his stroller. He was gazing up at her with wide uncomprehending eyes, eyes that showed the oversized baby had a fundamental lack of understanding of the world around him. The ring of his shirt was soaked with drool and his lips remained slack.

Chris gazed up at the big new lady. She had big eyes, he liked that. He felt more warm wet stuff running down his front, it didn’t bother him. He grabbed his foot and pulled at it, that was fun, his mummy looked pretty, he liked kicking his legs that was fun. Thoughts floated in an out of his head as he sat there about to enter his new life.

“You’re late, bring him in.” said the older woman.

“Sorry it is hard getting a 70 kilo baby in a car you know.”

Inside was a playroom, a giant playroom and several new people looked up as Mel and her new baby entered. A man of about 25 or so was seated in a high chair, his face was smeared with oatmeal which dribbled onto a bib, he wore no shirt. He drummed his heels on the plastic foot rest and babbled loudy at them, pointing. “Yes sweetums, a new paymate for you, Mikie loves having new playmates doesn’t hims?” Crooned a black-haired woman of about 30 who was spoon-feeding him his meal. In the middle of the room was a boy of about 18 possibly older or maybe younger, it was hard to tell with his head shaved bald. He was standing naked holding the hand of an overweight woman of at least 40 who wore altogether too much jewelry. The boy was toddling unsteadily, a smile of success on his face, completely unaware of his state of undress, not a hint of modesty left in his muddled infantile mind. Finally an overweight man of at least 30 came crawling into the room on hands and knees wearing a yellow onesie with a pacifier clipped to it. He too had no hair and a string of spittle hanging from his open mouth. Then he sat back on his but and dummed his feet on the carpeted floor and squealed, “EeeeehDaaaa!” awkwardly clapping his hands.

If anything was left of Chris’ mind surely thi sight would have shocked and appalled him, but at the moment he was squealing with glea as one of the mums jingled a plastic key-set infront of his face. Soon he was chewing experimentally on the plastic toys.

Two weeks later Melanie had finished her work, Chris’ parents believed he had left to teach in Africa, his flatmates thought he moved in with her, which was in a way true, and her parents, back from Europe, thought he had broken up with her. Paul just figured she cured him and the fright of what happened scared him off. Mel finally left home and moved into the special house with its big nursery.

It was a warm March day when Mary arrived at the back garden with a new woman. Mel took a break from watching the babies to talk with the new woman. “Hello so are you thinking of joining our select group.” The woman seemed hesitant and nervous. “Well yes, but I just don’t know, I want a little baby so badly and my fiancee Fred is sterile and I want a baby more than a hubby.” Mel assured her, “We know just how you feel, I found out I was unable to have any children last year, but now I have a baby all my own.” She gestured to Chris who was now sitting i the sand pit naked wildly throwing sand about and giggling. The woman looked shocked. “So is that really possible, my Fred is a very smart man you know.” Mary smiled knowingly, and Melanie nodded, “That boy there was once a university honours student, now he doesn’t know his own reflection when he sees it. And it really is the best thing for them they all have such happy carefree lives now.” The woman looked back at Chris, who had again become enchanted by his own wiggling toes, jamming them in his mouth.

“Okay, I am interested, but can you really do it just like that?”

Melanie smiled wickedly, “No worries.”

No Worries Ch. 3, School Days


Well I am sorry you didn’t enjoy the story but as for the story being unrealistic I think you’ve missed the point. This is an AR story which is by definition fantasy. I can see how you’d want more realism in a diaper story where you’d want to believe the plot could actually happen, but in an AR story the plot is necessarily impossible. Sorry if I wasn’t clear at the start that this was an AR/AB story, not a DL story in any way.

Oh and one more thing, Go Patriots!!!

No Worries Ch. 5, Twists and Turns


Wierdly WONDERFULL, yes.

Damn well written, evil twist at the end, awesome AR… in a new, fresh, if rather twisted (and thats’ a good thing) way.

This is nowhere near as ‘evil’ as some of Longrifles’ work, but it has that same flavour.

REALLY good first contribution, Bfboy!!

No Worries Ch. 5, Twists and Turns

I love AR, I thought it was very cute.


No Worries Ch. 5, Twists and Turns

Yes I enjoy Long_Rifle’s work, though it does get awfully dark now and then. If you liked this last chapter you should read my story on the Completed Stories page called “Original Research.” It’s a prequel to No Worries that I actually posted here a couple weeks ago. Glad to hear some people enjoyed the story.

No Worries Ch. 5, Twists and Turns

I was going to bring this over from the archive, but I am glad you did it!! Love this story & it’s prequel!!

No Worries Ch. 3, School Days

i like this story though this suprises me. Of all the things discussed on here i never thought football would be one. But i may as well throw in. Personally i think the guy who supports the dolphins is out of line dissing the patriots. When was the last time the dolphins were in the superbowl or didnt have an awefull season. Personally the cowboys are my team but i like the pats to. Also to the guy who supports the dolphins it says youre a singer im looking for one interested?