No time to pee!

It was 10:30 AM on a Saturday morning, an eight year old mason woke up with a full bladder. Low and behold like usual his sisters, where in the bathroom taking a long time. Unfortunately, Mason woke up a little late, so now they were running late to get to school so they could watch Mason perform in his school program.“Mason“, his mom said in a straightforward voice, “get dressed and get in the car we’re running late“. Mason then responded in a worried voice, “but mom I have to pee“, “you should’ve thought of that before forgetting to set your alarm again young man, now get dressed and get in the car before you get a smack on that little butt of yours, you can PP at school now go“. Mason mound and got dressed. They all ate breakfast really quickly and before Mason put the last bite of food in his mouth his legs were crossed and hand was between his legs. He knew he could hold it for a little while, but still he had to pee bad enough to where he couldn’t start moving. He stopped and started moving repeatedly all throughout the breakfast which took about 15 minutes.

They were on the road not even10 minutes and then hit traffic. “Oh great as if we weren’t laid enough already, Mason you better hold that P boy or you’re gonna get a spanking when you get home”. Masons mother love to spank in more ways than one. She would smack his little butt and then if it was a P accident she would also never hesitate to lightly smack his PP. Mason clenched his toes, put his hand on his penis, and prayed to God that he can hold it in until he got to school.

Once they finally arrived at school, they didn’t go in right away. Of course like Mason’s mama usually did, she had to call family members once they parked to let everyone know they got there OK because as her philosophy went, “ always make sure at least one family member knows where you are that way if anything happens they could alert to get authorities right away“. Of course she did this regardless of her poor sons eight-year-old little bladder.

After she called they all walked into the school, and found Mason‘s teacher. “ OK sweetheart I’m gonna hand you off to your teacher now so you guys can get your costumes on for the performance, just ask her I’m sure she’ll let you P before the show“. Mason’s mom walked away and took her seat in the auditorium as Mason stood backstage with his classmates and his teacher.“Miss Katie, can I go to the bathroom I really have to P?“ Why didn’t you P at home boy?” “My mama said there wasn’t time“. “ absolutely not young man, you were late enough as it is and where the very next performance, no matter how bad you have to go you are going to hold it until the end of the performance do you hear me?“ “OK miss Katie, I’ll hold it in“.

As Mason and his classmates and teacher waited for their turn on stage, Mason’s bladder became fuller. Before when he woke up Mason’s bladder was about a 6 1/2 on a scale of 1 to 10, from the feel of it it was now probably more in the area of an eight. Which meant legs crossed toes clinched and everything in between. Not really a full on PP dance quite yet but more like a series of PP stances, but now Mason really began to worry.He knew that if he Peed on stage or otherwise in his pants he would get one of his mamas horrible spankings and not only that the teacher would probably put him in detention. Mason’s teacher didn’t let anyone use the bathroom in class, only during recess and lunch not even the girls. But the boys got extra anger from their teacher because in her words, “Boys need to be strong even with their bladders, how are they supposed to grow up to be men if they can’t even hold their P“.

As Mason and his classmates stood there waiting when it was about to be the last moment of the class they were waiting for to finish so it could be their turn, A little girl in the class stared at Mason and started teasing him, “look everyone Mason has to PP, let’s talk about running rivers waterfalls and swishing water!“ then another kid, a little boy, just pointed at him laughed and said “Mason have to PP Mason hast to PPPP boy PP boy Mason’s little PP boy“. Mason just moaned.

Right after that it was their turn. Mason was in the bottom row of the bleachers that they put up on stage for the kids to stand on and perform right in the middle right where everyone could see.Then the same little boy and a little girl who we’re both right next to Mason whispered in his ear, “hey Mason if you pee this will be a show to last a lifetime“.And then he made a swishing sound. Mason once again just moaned.

As they walked on stage they proceeded to sing to grandmothers house we go. “Over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house we go“, the river part of course being whispered in his ear by the same little girl and same little boy which made Mason have to pee even more. By this point his bladder was about a 9 1/2, Which now meant this was a full on PP dance. Then to make matters worse, the song the song after that of all songs had to be none other than waterfalls by Beyoncé.

In the audience masons mom and uncle looked in the program to see what song was next, “hey Meredith, what song is next?“ “Oh geez, it’s waterfalls by Beyoncé, my poor little man that’s gonna make him P something fierce“. Of course she would never voice that concern in front of Mason himself or to Mason himself because he had to know the consequences of such an action as peeing himself in public embarrassing both himself and his family.

As soon as this song came on, Mason’s bladder was so full it could probably make the Guinness book of world records for help for a little boys bladder was in the history of the little boys. Mason was in an intense PP dance now, he was shifting from foot to foot grabbing his PP crossing his Little legs popping up and down the works.

Before he knew it the song was over, Mason rushed over to his mom hugged her and said, “mom I really have to go potty can I please go potty now please please please I really really really have to go”. “Of course baby but you got a hold it until we get to that bathroom no peeing yourself you here?” Mason’s mother took him by the hand and headed to the teacher to ask her where the bathroom was, “Hello Miss Katie as you’ve already figured I’m sure Mason really really has to P there was no time for him to P before we left so can you tell us where the bathroom is?” “Oh I’m so sorry the bathrooms are out of order”. Mason’s face became white as a ghost and then it happened, it says if the words that came out of the teachers now themselves where the trigger and now you’re in with shooting out of Masons poor little penis. Mason’s mother now looked down at him red-faced, “oh my Lord look at you you’re soaked, you know what that means right?” “Yes mama”,Then not only did he get a spanking on his little butt and a little penis when he got home, but he had to ride home in the car naked to add an extra amount of humiliation to masons poor little self.