No Regrets

Hey guys, been here for a while now and decided to take a crack at actually writing a story.

I’ve never really written a genuine story before, so please feel free to tell me where I can improve.

WARNING: The following story contains (minor? I’m new at this, sorry) profanity.

I hope you enjoy.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No Regrets
Chapter 1

[SIZE=12px]A blonde girl slummped against the bathroom wall and exhaled, watching the grey smoke disperse into the air with an expression of nothingness on her face.

She closed her eyes, the cigarette between her fingers still burning as she became lost in thought in the silence.

Hours seemed to pass before she was cut off by the ringing of the school bell, signaling that she was late for class.

With a sigh, she turned the sink on and put the cigarette out before flushing the remaining ashes down one of the toilets.

Throwing her bag over her shoulder, she made her way through the now empty hallways, making sure to move as slowly as possible before actually reaching her class on the second floor.

After breathing another heavy sigh she loudly knocked on her classroom door before being greeted by a tall slender brunnette dressed in proffesional looking attire.

“Late again, Ms. Ross?”

Maria could tell the teacher’s voice was condicending and full of irritation. She rolled her eyes and made her way to her desk, her classmates not daring to say a word.

“I wouldn’t suppose you would actually happen to have a pass this time?”

Maria was no longer listening to her.

The teacher sighed and informed the class to continue working on their bellwork before moving to her computer to work on attendance.

Maria tisked as she took out her phone and began doing things that she actually cared about.

After 10 minuets, the teacher collected the bellwork, prompting Maria to put her phone away. It wasn’t that she actually gave a crap about environmental science, it was more to avoid the hassel of having her mom pick up her phone after school.

“Okay, first things first:” the teacher sang, her manerisms and tone having abbruptly changed from earlier “we have a new student.”

Upon prompting, a petit looking girl adorned in pink made her way to the front of the classroom and gave a shy smile. The sight of it made Maria want to gag.

“Hi, I’m Amy.” she said looking down at her feet, her thumbs twiddling as she did so “My family just moved here from Georgia, so I’m new.”

This introduction caused almost every girl in the class to errupt with “Awws”, causing Amy to blush and Maria to cringe.

Looking at the teacher for confirmation, Amy quickly made her way back to her seat, which Maria noticed was directly behind her.

“Alright, next order of bussiness: the class camping trip.”

Upon hearing those words of terror, the students in the classroom collectivly groaned.

“Oh come on,” the teacher pleaded, trying to bolster extitement “this camping trip is a great way to get up close and personal with some of the concepts we’ve learned in class in a fun and interesting way. Besides, it will give you the chance to get to know your new classmate better!”

Nobody was cheering, and the teacher finally gave up in defeat.

“And before you ask, again,” she braced herself for the backlash she was about to get “attendance is mandatory.”

A wail of outcrys infested the classroom as Maria let out an aggressive sigh.

She couldn’t believe they were still doing this. Did they have short-term memory loss, or something? Sure, Maria could think of a million other things she could be doing tommorow, besides going on a pointless camping trip, but she had known about it a month beforehand. Ms. Aster had told them that they had to go on the stupid thing multiple times now, and yet, everytime she told them, they reacted in the same way: whining and mueling.

Having enough of it, Maria firmly planted her hands over her ears and waited for the idiocy to stop. She was already done with today.

After about five minuets, the idiocy stopped and Ms. Aster began passing out review worksheets.

Not being able to use her phone, Maria decided to see if she actually knew anything on it, and to her suprise a lot of it was just common sense.

‘What are the consequences of deforestation?’

Animals have to move their lazy asses to a different location because some assholes decided to destroy their homes and lives.

‘How does a growing population effect the environment?’

The idiots are going to waste all their water to grow more food because their dumbasses couldn’t stop banging.

Maria filled out each question one after the other, writing the answers in the plain, vanilla, boring way the teacher wanted in order to avoid a call home.

Halfway through the questions, her ears were perturbed by the faint sound of crinkling, as if somebody behind her was slowly balling up a platic bag in their hands.

The sound precisted for about ten minuets while Maria tried to concentrate on her work. It wouldn’t have been a problem for most people, but for those with ADHD, like Maria, it was torture.

She had gotton used to ignoring the jummbled sounds of everyone’s voices, however, quiet, yet persistant noises still got to her.

Becoming angry, Maria turned behind her in a rush of fury and saw that the new girl was the source of the hellish noise.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” She boomed, causing Amy to drop her pencil and the rest of the class to stare.

“W-what do you mean?” the other girl replied softly, bunching her shoulders together.


Maria aggressivly balled her hand into a fist and began grinding it aginst her palm. She found it to be an effective way of getting people to do what she wanted.

Amy looked like she was going to cry.

“Maria! Office, now!”

The teacher’s booming voice cut right through the tension of the scene, and the other students resumed progress on their worksheets, thinking they were slick.

“Me?!” Maria asked genuinly suprised “She was the one distracting me from my work!”

She pointed at the now crying girl in an irritated fashion.

“I don’t care what she was doing!” Ms. Aster replied boldly, as if she was some sort of hero “Your reacion was uncalled for. Take your stuff, and go to the front office!”

“Are you serious?!”

She was serious.

Maria thew her pencil angrily into her bag, and loudly tossed the thing over her shoulder.

She glanced in disgust at the manipulative witch who had gotten her into this mess, wanting to punch every girl who was there conforting her as if she were a two year old that had an accident.

Before leaving, she slammed her incomplete worksheet on the teacher’s desk, not wanting to have completly wasted her time.

As she turned to leave, she heard the crummpling of paper and turned around to see Ms. Aster tossing her wadded up worksheet into the trash.

“What the hell?!” Maria demanded, pure range shooting out from her mouth.

“I’m not interested in grading assignments that students put no effort into.”

At that, Maria turned around and left the room. Why even try? She was done.

Instead of going to the principal’s office, she went to the school parking lot and got into her car, no longer caring if the school decided to call her mom or not.

As she exited the campas, she thought about how the other girls in her class treated Amy as if she had done nothing wrong, causing her to fiercely grip her steering wheel. She seethed at the thought of Amy acting like a child to manipulate the fools around her, there was no way those tears were real, what high schooler crys over being yelled at? Besides, she had it comming, was she not expecting to get backlash for that awful noise she was making? Of course not, she was acting like a child on purpose.

Suddenly, a smile formed on Maria’s face, as a devilish thought popped into her head.

As she drove home, details flooded into her mind as she developped a plan to get back at Amy.

Pulling into her driveway, she couldn’t believe she was actually exited for the stupid class camping trip tommorow, as it would provide the perfect opportunity to get back at that witch.

If she wanted to act like a baby, then so be it.[/SIZE]

The story has good fundamentals. For the small word count, Amy and Maria come across clearly, particularly Maria. I like the use of dramatic irony and Maria noticing Amy’s “sound” (whatever could that be…) because of hyper-irritability. I like how a lot of the writing communicates Maria’s subjective interpretation of the scene, rather than the scene itself. I like how you’re foreshadowing the plot without being obvious, and how it seems like the story could go in one of two directions.

The short paragraphs don’t bother me like I initially thought they would. But try letting some of them “breathe” in the next chapter, particularly when Maria is planning or describing things.

So yeah, good job.

This one has a lot of potential.

Assuming Amy is already in diapers: Usually, when a story has the character start off incontinent, it’s like it’s skipping the conflict to get a character into diapers (after which the conflict usually becomes keeping it a secret from others). When you remove a source of conflict you should replace it with an equal or more significant conflict. These stories can still be great; it’s just that that feeling of lost potential is at the back of my mind while reading it. In this story, if I’m reading it right, you won’t have that pitfall. Instead of skipping one conflict to get to another, you have both playing out at the same time. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone here do that before. Depending on how long you intend to drag out the simultaneous conflicts (Maria trying to baby-fy Amy while Amy tries to hide her condition), this could make for a fun game of cat and mouse.

On a more critical note, when you introduce Amy to the class, the response feels unearned. All that’s described of her is that she’s short, wearing pink, and shy. That’s cute, yes, but not an almost-every-girl-in-class-goes-awe level of cute. It’s a well-written description on its own, but it doesn’t build up to the payoff you’re aiming for. I usually wish that authors spend less time describing a character’s cuteness, but here you could’ve spent more time on details to build a better picture.

I have a sense that this is going to be a turnabout - the MC’s behavior seems to lend itself toward some sort of discipline. The effort is definitely here, you’re trying to emote, but your prose definitely needs some work. I get that the MC is an angry little ball of fury, but I have zero understanding of why she has such a hair trigger, that she throws these screaming tantrums over the slightest little annoyance. It makes no sense.

Sorry for the long wait, exams have been kicking my butt recently.
[HR][/HR]No Regrets

Chapter 2

Blonde, messy hair held tightly in a ponytail accentuated the chubby, youthful face of a young girl around the age of seven. Her small body was adorned in a bright pink T-shirt and lime green shorts, both of which were mostly hidden under a pair of denim overalls. She would have been the picture of joyous youth if it weren’t for the fresh tears welling up in her soft blue eyes.

Another young girl accompanied the child and the two of them were standing near the old, rusty monkey bars, far away from the rest of the playground. The little blonde girl stared hopefully at the brown-eyed, straight-haired brunette across from her, however, the pleading look in her eyes was only met with the gaze of condescension. Knowing that there was no way out of her current situation, the child clenched her eyes shut, causing small droplets of tears to squeeze through the narrow gaps and slowly trail down her face. She tightly balled up her fists with all her might and took a deep breath. After a few moments, the young girl felt what little maturity she had slipped away, as she reverted to the state of a preschooler.

Feeling like a two-year-old, the girl looked up at her companion, small trails of liquid now flowing freely towards the ground. She had hoped to find the slightest bit of remorse in the brunette’s adorable, yet somehow demonic face, but only found amusement, and superiority, like always.

“Good girl,” the snobbish child patted her victim on the head in triumph, her voice full of condescension “now, go tell the teacher about your ‘wittle accident.’”

Defeated, the blonde gently bit her lower lip and nervously grasped some of the loose fabric on the front her overalls, twisting it in her hands. She turned to face the location of where her teacher, Ms. Ange, was standing: on the sidewalk at the other end of the playground. Shamefully, she cocked her head down towards the brown wood chips underneath her pink and white tennis shoes, trying to hide her still leaking eyes from anyone who happened to look her way. Before taking the first step towards total embarrassment, however, she hesitated a brief moment to hold onto the glimmer of hope that Kiana would change her mind and be satisfied with the humiliation she had caused the young girl to already experience.

She didn’t.

Slowly, the child moved her feet, one after another, step by step, towards her teacher. She dreaded the thought of what the result would be once she got to her, slightly tensing up as a result. Her entire body felt like a giant weight as she made her way past the colorful jungle gym where the other children were screaming and playing with delight, praying that none of them would take notice of her. Noticing one of the sun’s gleaming rays on the ground in front of her, the girl realized that for the first time in her life, she wished that the bright, clear blue sky above her was instead a dark shade of grey, pouring down rain that would help conceal the disgrace she had become.

After what seemed like a lifetime, the shameful child finally arrived at her destination. Ms. Ange was talking to another teacher from the first-grade class at the time, so she didn’t even notice her student’s arrival. The young girl tried to get the adults attention by calling out her name, but upon opening her mouth, nothing would come out except silence. Not knowing what else to do, she childishly tugged on the older woman’s dress skirt to get her attention.
This tactic ended up working, as not long after, the youthful teacher turned to see the source that had disrupted her conversation. Instead of being cross, however, her face emanated sweetness and understanding as she fixed her gaze on the small child standing by her side, greeting her with a warm smile.

“What can I do for you, Miss Mar-” her motherly tone was cut off upon seeing the dark patch situated on the lower half of the girl’s overalls, causing her to realize what had happened immediately. “Oh, sweetheart…” she continued, pity completely enveloping her voice.

Tenderly grasping the child’s small hand in her own, she made her way to the school’s closest entrance, which just so happened to be a few feet away from where she was standing. Before leaving them to take care of the situation, she quickly exchanged nods with the teacher she was previously talking to, confirming that someone would be there to watch the rest of the kids while she was gone.

The walk to the bathroom only lasted around 30 seconds; however, it felt like an eternity to Maria, with the only hearable sounds being the echoes of teacher’s heels on the smooth, tiled floor. The young girl couldn’t believe that this was happening to her, she should have known Kiana would do this. She always did stuff like this, whether it be simply ignoring her, to making her do ludicrous things like this. Why did she even hang out with her in the first place? Thoughts like this continuously spiraled through the small girl’s head until she and Ms. Ange finally reached the bathroom.

Upon finally entering the freshly cleaned, lavender smelling room, the teacher quickly locked the door to make sure nobody would walk in on the two of them while they were cleaning up. Then, she carefully undid the sobbing girl’s overalls, causing the child to blush a deeper shade of red with each button that was unsnapped. Once her overalls fell to the floor, Maria didn’t think she could feel any more humiliated than she already did; however, this theory was quickly debunked as Ms. Ange gently slipped down the child’s soaked green shorts, followed by flower patterned underwear.
After sitting her down on one of the toilets, the motherly teacher knelt down to meet the young girl eye-to-eye.

“What happened?” Her tender voice was full of concern and pity, “Just tell me the truth and it’ll be ok.”

“I-I…” Maria started, her face covered in the tears and snot that had been building up since the playground. “Kiana made me do it!”

Maria had never told on Kiana before; she was too afraid of losing the young girl’s friendship. However, after what she had made her go through today, the blonde had reached her limit. She didn’t want to lie to someone as amazing as Ms. Ange for someone as wicked as Kiana. She didn’t want to have to embarrass herself continuously. She didn’t want to be Kiana’s friend anymore. She just wanted everything to turn out like in the movies, where the hero saves the tortured victim from the evil bad guy.

The teacher’s concerned look almost immediately turned to one of skepticism after hearing these words, causing her to view her student with disappointment in her eyes.

“Sweetheart,” her voice suddenly turned more stern as she began to stand up, “it’s not good to blame other people for your mistakes, especially on someone as sweet and sensitive as Kiana.”

“But she did!” The young girl was completely shocked. “She said that she would tell everyone my secret if I didn’t pee my pants and then tell you about it!”

“Kiana would never do something like that.” She shook her head in protest of the suspected slander directed towards her student. “Besides, why wouldn’t you talk to me about this before wetting yourself?”

“Yes, she would!” Maria was now screaming at the older woman, complete and utter fury in her voice. At this point, any logic thrown her way was quickly ignored, she didn’t even think to answer the teacher’s question. The little girl was more concerned with the fact that she didn’t understand why Ms. Ange didn’t believe her; she had never lied to her before!

“I hate to do this to you,” Ms. Ange shook her head at the girl with a now completely disapproving tone in her voice, expressing her superiority over her “but since you want to blame one of your classmates for your accident, instead of owning up to it yourself, I have no choice but to head on over to the nurse’s office and get you some more ‘age appropriate’ underwear to wear for the rest of the day. Can you behave yourself while I’m gone?”

Maria didn’t say a word.

Despite the lack of a response, the teacher left the bathroom anyway. The slamming of the heavy door faded quickly, leaving Maria in total silence. Fresh liquid once again started to stream down the girls face; she had cried so much today, she was surprised she still had tears to shed. After a moment, her body stopped crying, and she was left alone with her thoughts.

Why did this have to happen to me? I did what I was supposed to and told the truth, so why am I being punished? Her sadness quickly turned to rage as she replayed the day’s events in her head. What’s the point in telling the truth if nobody is going to believe me?!

Memories of that day invaded Maria’s mind as she concocted her revenge plan. The thoughts that usually made her blood boil instead made her chortle with glee as she knew that she would finally have her revenge. Sure, it wouldn’t be on Kiana, but it would be on someone pretty damn close: a manipulative, spoiled brat!

Pulling into her driveway, Maria quickly exited her old, white Chevrolet Malibu and nudged the door shut with her backside in devilish glee. Not even taking the time to lock her car’s door, Maria joyfully skipped up to the front porch and fiddled with her keys to unlock the door.

Upon entering, she placed her backpack by the door and kicked off her black sneakers before carefully making her way through the crowded living room, using the stained white walls as a guide. As she slowly approached the kitchen, she did her best to avoid tripping over the numerous half-eaten food items and empty beer bottles scattered across the tiled floor.

After finally reaching the kitchen, Maria thought she had made it through the worst of it before clumsily tripping on a filled garbage bag that she had left for her mother to throw out that morning. Only being able to realize what was happening for a split second, the girl fell headfirst into the metal oven in front of her, hitting her chin on its edge. Still standing, Maria instinctively backed up a few steps due to the impact, causing her to trip on the same bag a second time, resulting in her bottom roughly hitting the ground.

“Dammit mom!” the teenager wailed from the pain as she used the oven to slowly pusher her body up; her chin and backside still throbbing.

Getting to her feet, Maria couldn’t help but bite her lower lip in frustration. Balling up her fists, she angrily kicked the oven, adding her foot to the list of body parts that were currently seething with pain.

“Worthless piece of-” Maria stopped herself mid-sentence after realizing that she was taking her anger out on a metal cube, a metal cube sent from hell, but a metal cube nonetheless.

Letting out a deep sigh, Maria limped past the trash bag to the storage room directly connected to the kitchen. Flipping on the light switch, the aching girl took note of the hundreds of boxes filling the rather large room (none of which were organized in any manner). Cardboard was stacked on top of cardboard, to the point where you couldn’t tell what color the ceiling was. This made it almost impossible to get to anything without being a professional mountain climber.

Oh dear God.

Sighing once again, Maria took out her phone and looked at the time. Thankfully, it was only 1:30, so her mom wouldn’t be home for at least five hours, giving her plenty of time to look for what she needed.

Making her way into the cluttered room, Maria glanced at the first box she saw, noticing the word ‘Miscellaneous’ written across the side in black Sharpie.

Noooooo, really? Maria rolled her eyes. Thanks mom, what would I do without your top tier labeling skills?

As she looked into the box, Maria’s heart filled with nostalgic excitement as she fixed her gaze on its contents. The young girl couldn’t help but smile as she pulled out a golden DVD box displaying a cartoon black and white rabbit on the cover; above the rabbit, the word ‘OSWALD’ was printed in bright red letters. Opening the hard, plastic casing, Maria was surprised to find not only both DVDs but the certificate of authenticity and commemorative button still inside. Moving her fingers over the smooth surface of one of the disks, the teenager remembered constantly badgering her mother to buy this entry into the Walt Disney Treasures collection for her when she was younger; she would ask day after day until her mother finally caved and gave it to her as a Christmas gift. She remembered how thrilled she was when she ripped apart the green and red wrapping paper to reveal the words ‘The Adventures of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit’ printed on a gold tin.

Maria had been a fan of old black and white cartoons ever since she saw a collection of 1930s Mickey Mouse shorts in preschool. The simple way the small ink drawings moved and sounded was just so captivating to her in a way that modern cartoons just couldn’t compete with. Soon after, she found herself asking her mother to look up these cartoons on the internet, and began falling in love with many classic series, including Felix the Cat, Popeye, and Bosko. Her favorite, however, was an animated short from the 1920s called ‘Trolley Troubles,’ starring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. She tried to find more Oswald cartoons, but they were few and far between, so when she found out they were releasing an entire DVD set full of Oswald shorts, she nearly peed her pants in excitement.

Closing the disk case, Maria continued to smile as made a quick detour out of the storage room and placed the DVD on the wooden countertop next to the oven for later viewing. Re-entering the storage room, Maria couldn’t help but think how much this day had redeemed itself as she began searching through the next box.

Maria made her way from box to box, first checking to see if it was labeled, and then possibly checking its contents if it lacked any markings or the markings that were there were utterly useless. Eventually, she came across a box labeled ‘Baby Stuff,’ causing her to give a little squeal in delight. Upon opening the box, the giddy teenager realized that she now had all the ingredients she needed to follow her recipe of revenge.

Thankfully, the box wasn’t too heavy, so Maria was able to make her way out of the cardboard catacombs with relative ease. Sitting the box down on the kitchen floor, the blonde haired girl checked her phone once again and saw that it was already 3:30. Exhausted from having to do so much work, Maria obviously deserved a break for her efforts, seeing as her mother wouldn’t be home anytime soon.

Maria walked over to the kitchen counter and picked up the Oswald DVD that she had left there at the start of her search. Placing the DVD into the box with her supplies, Maria cautiously made her way to her room, taking extra care to avoid the debris scattered across the living room, this time to protect her precious cargo.

Upon finally making it into her room, Maria locked the door out of habit and placed the box on the floor. Grabbing the Oswald DVD inside, Maria once again began to smile as she popped the first disk into her old DVD player. As the outdated advertisements played, Maria got up on her small, white, twin sized bed and began jumping up and down in excitement like a child. As the DVD menu came up, Maria allowed herself to fall onto her bed, almost hitting her head against the peeling green walls of the room in the process.

As ‘Trolley Troubles’ played on the small TV screen, Maria found herself standing at the far edge of her bed, watching in wonder as if it were the first time she had seen the cartoon. She watched as Oswald attempted to drive his trolley, with there always being something to prevent him from doing his job. She particularly enjoyed the part where the clever rabbit got past a snobbish cow blocking the path by going under her and the proceeding taunt that followed.

Now that she thought about it, Oswald was kind of a prick. He gloated when he won, got pissed off when he lost, and always took the time to mock his enemies. Though, those were all the things that made his adventures enjoyable for Maria, the fact that the hero of the story acted like such a dick separated Oswald from other cartoon characters like Mickey, who was the standard ‘good samaritan’.

After indulging in her odd hobby for some time, Maria heard the unmistakable sound of keys unlocking the door. Glancing at her phone, Maria noticed that it was 6:27, meaning that her mother was home. The young girl let out a nervous gasp before realizing that everything she needed was already in her room, causing her to give a light sigh of relief.

Turning off the TV, Maria walked into the living room to see her mother sitting on the couch, leaning backward with her hands on her head, her short, (obviously fake) red hair pointing towards the ground. She was still wearing her uniform from her job as a waitress, and even Maria could tell that she was not in the best of moods.

As she turned around to return to her room, the young blonde was suddenly startled as her mother’s tired voice cut through the silence of the house.

“Hey honey, how was school?”

“Fine mom.” Maria quietly replied as she began rubbing her arm with her hand due to this awkward situation.

“That’s good dear.”

Maria waited a few moments for her mother to continue talking. After an awkward silence, however, the girl quickly made her way back to her room upon realizing that brief bit of conversation was all she was going to get out of her mom tonight.

Realizing that she should probably get ready for tomorrow, Maria pulled an old travel bag from her closet, large enough to hold not only the stuff she actually needed for the trip but the supplies for her project as well. Going over to the box of baby stuff, the blonde teen pulled out a small, brown teddy bear that she didn’t even remember owning as a kid and a package of half-used baby wipes and haphazardly tossed them both into the bag. Maria wasn’t dumb enough to think that she could get away with fully baby-fying Amy in the two short days the camping trip would last; it would look suspicious if Ms. Aster saw a teenage girl walking around the campsite wearing a diaper and sucking on a pacifier. Instead, the mischievous girl wanted to take the freedom offered by the trip to merely start the regression and spend time with Amy, acting as one of her cooing little slaves to convince the crybaby to stay the night at her house; then the real fun could begin.

With a big grin on her face, Maria made her way back to her closet and pulled out a semi-used box of goodnites, the thing that had haunted her life up until four years ago. Her smile faded slightly at the sight of them. The young girl placed a few of the padded garments inside of the bag with the rest of the supplies. Then, to remain inconspicuous, Maria threw the clothes she was planning to wear for the trip on top of her hidden agenda.

Closing the now full travel bag, Maria grabbed a pen and the pink journal on her nightstand that she used for pretty much everything. Lighting a cigarette, the girl sat criss-cross on her bed as she quickly flipped past old drawings and notes to reach a clean page. At the top of the page, Maria wrote the phrase ‘Phase 1’ in large letters and proceeded to circle it. Here, she planned to detail how she would begin to regress Amy during the camping trip and keep it a secret from the teacher; she could prepare for the aftermath later.

Maria proceeded to plan out her actions during the camping trip, huffing her cigarette all the while. The first thing she absolutely needed to do was be placed in the same cabin as Amy, otherwise, her entire plan would come crashing down. She was pretty sure Ms. Aster would allow them to choose their own cabin mates, since that’s the way it worked with class projects, however, given the ‘wonderful’ first impression she made in class, convincing Amy to be in the same cabin as her could be tricky. She definitely had to at least apologize to the girl, no matter how much it pained her to do so.

Then, after securing their living arrangements together, she would make Amy wet the bed with the good old hand in warm water trick. The witch would probably try to hide the accident from her, but she would be sure to ‘discover’ it. Rather than mocking her for it, Maria would instead be comforting, catching Amy by surprise and causing her to let her guard down. The manipulative girl would continue (begrudgingly) to be sweet and caring towards the evil girl until the night time, where she would offer her a goodnite and possibly the teddy bear for comfort (depending on Amy’s reaction).

Not wanting to let up her cutesy persona towards somebody who she believed had fallen for it, Amy would eventually accept the babyish item(s). Maria would then cause her to wet once again and continue her caring and understanding facade. Afterward, she would invite Amy over to her house, and since the girl was treated so kindly over the trip, she would accept. Then, phase two could commence.

Smiling at her work, Maria was sure that her plan would work. She knew how people like Amy acted, and she was sure that someone like that wouldn’t want to tell a teacher about something as embarrassing as wetting the bed.

Maria smiled mischievously at the thought of Amy in a full-blown baby diaper. It was just SO fitting! With her small frame and youthful face, she might even pass for a real toddler. Also, as much as she hated to admit it, Amy was pretty damn cute, at least aesthetically, with her short size, babydoll eyes, and little dimples sprinkled over her cheeks. She looked more like a fourth grader than a high school junior, a fact that made Maria super curious to see how young she could make the girl appear while conducting her project.

“Maria!” Her mom’s loud voice cut through the silence of the house. “Did you drink the last Bud Light?” She sounded both disappointed and frustrated at the same time.

“No mom,” the annoyed teen rolled her eyes in response "I don’t drink, remember? Check near the back of the fridge. "

Maria attempted to recapture the striking image of a fully baby-fyed Amy in her head but was soon interrupted by her mother’s cries once again.

“There’s none in the back!”

Sighing in annoyance, Maria smushed the cigarette she was currently smoking into a glass ashtray on her nightstand, putting it out. She then proceeded to close her pink notebook, leaving it lazily on her bed as she slowly made her way to the bedroom door. Quickly glancing at her phone, the blonde came to the astute conclusion that it was far too late for this shit. She hesitated a moment before turning the doorknob and then slowly made her way towards the kitchen, stepping on an old half-eaten pizza along the way, causing her to gag. Upon arrival, she saw her mother on the ground, desperately searching every nook and cranny of the refrigerator.

“Is it possible you put one in the freezer by accident?”

These words caught the attention of the girl’s mother who swiftly turned to glare at her daughter with bloodshot red eyes, a look of complete contempt spread across her face.

“No! I’ve already checked there, dumbass!”

Maria was completely frozen. Every inch of her body was telling her to go back to her room, but her legs refused to move. The young girl attempted to speak, but instead, she lightly placed her teeth over her bottom lip, a nervous habit she’s retained ever since she was a kid. She couldn’t do anything but stand there, staring into her mother’s burning eyes for what seemed like hours.

“Worthless piece of shit.” Her mother scoffed at her before turning back around and continuing her search.

Maria continued to stand there, a massive lump having formed in her throat. After a few moments, the initial shock of the incident wore off, and tears began to well up in the young girl’s eyes. She wanted to cry but knew that it would only make the situation worse for her.

Eventually, legs, finally allowing her to move again, slowly backed away from the kitchen. Taking extra care not to make any noise, Maria made her way to her room and slowly shut the door, locking it. Grabbing her phone out of her pocket, she noticed it had only been three minutes since she went to help her mother, a fact that filled her with rage for reasons she couldn’t comprehend. Tightly gripping the rectangular device in anger, tears began to fall from Maria’s swollen eyes slowly.

After forcibly tossing the accursed machine onto her nightstand, the young girl stood still a few moments, her body not comprehending what it was supposed to do as streams of liquid continued to pour down.

Tomorrow is another day.

Good job with fleshing out your paragraphs. It creates a smooth, slow pace for these planny-reflective bits. You’ve got a good eye for little details that evoke a scene without too many words (eg stepping on an old half-eaten pizza). I’m interested in how Maria’s plan will play out. You’ve continued to leave two (maybe three now) doors open for how this could go, but I’m leaning towards Maria befriending Amy in the end. It was interesting to see how Maria’s past experiences made her mind jump to this plan.

Subjectively, I feel you’ve gone over the top making the adults vindictive. The Mom scene in particular seems to be milking sympathy a bit too hard. I can buy Maria is hurting without this level of emotional abuse.

A style flaw that stands out is a tendency to describe things “like a camera”. Now, this may just be modern convention, but it’s more-or-less universally avoided nowadays. You should tell us things like a human would tell us. As for an example, this line killed me:

Grabbing her phone out of her pocket, she noticed it had only been three minutes since she went to help her mother […] Tightly gripping the rectangular device in anger, tears began to fall from Maria’s swollen eyes slowly.

Why is this describing the phone as a “rectangular device”? What information does it convey? Is it telling us what a phone looks like, just in case we don’t know? This might make sense if it were some science-fiction gizmo. As it is, it’s like the paragraph don’t trust us to be visualizing things correctly. It wants us to see the phone, “like a camera”, but the camera isn’t showing any poetic flourish. It’s just a visual description for what doesn’t need description.

Connected to the problem, this is written in third-person limited POV from Maria’s perspective. But the text keeps describing her from out-of-POV, “like a camera”.

“Dammit mom!” the teenager wailed.

Upon opening the box, the giddy teenager realized that she now had all the ingredients she needed

Sitting the box down on the kitchen floor, the blonde haired girl checked her phone

The young girl let out a nervous gasp before realizing that everything she needed was already in her room, causing her to give a light sigh of relief.

Instead, the mischievous girl wanted to take the freedom offered by the trip to merely start the regression

Remember, even though you are writing third person, it comes from Maria’s POV. She’s not looking at the world like a camera on the wall. As readers, we understand that what we’re reading is a reflection of what she’s noticing, not a complete description of the scene. She wouldn’t be constantly reminding herself that she’s a blonde teenager, or giving evaluations of her own personality. Write down the things she would fixate on, and in the way she’d describe them.

Overall, this is (very, very much) my kind of story, so don’t let these technical quibbles discourage you. This remains an impressive first effort.

Well, this story is interesting so far. It has me curious if it will lead to surprising resusts or end up being predictable. So far its seems obvious where this is headed. Though I want to know for sure. So you’ve managed to leave a little room for curiosity.

Thankies for posting :slight_smile:

Ok, there’s a few things I need to go over:

1.) Life has been hell recently, I’m starting my Freshman year of college this year, and preparing for that has been a pain. I didn’t have time to write much while balancing orientation, roommate situations, ect, which is why this is SO late.

2.) If the latter half of this chapter seems a little rushed, that’s because it is. I move into my dorm on the 15th and I wanted to get a chapter out before then, so please excuse any seemingly rushed plot threads. I promise that later chapters will be better paced.

3.) The next chapter should be posted in late September if not early October. Mid October at the latest if anything comes up.

4.) I want to thank everyone reading this story and giving tips to improve my writing, especially donbiki. Thank you so much for all the advice you’ve given me, I’ve tried my best to implement everything you’ve told me into my writing. Seriously, thanks a bunch for putting with me. [HR][/HR] No Regrets

Chapter 3

Maria awoke to the sound of her mom’s voice blaring in her ear. She knew it was probably really late, but still not wanting to fully get up yet, she curled up in bed, gently squeezing a pillow in her arms. This peaceful alternative, however, was cut short by the sound of her mother delivering another ear bleeding shout.

“Maria, it’s time to get up! Don’t you have that camping trip thing today?”

At this, Maria jolted out of bed with new found excitement. Today was the day she was finally going to get her revenge. Grinning widely, she quickly threw on the first clothes she could find and burst through her bedroom door, travel bag in hand.

“Ready to go.” she cheerfully exclaimed upon seeing her mother, still in her pajamas.

“Hold your horses kid,” the middle-aged woman began, “it’s 3:00, we don’t have to be there until 6:00.”

Maria blushed at how childish she must have looked, running out of her room like a five year old getting ready to visit their friend’s house. Putting the bag down, she made her way to the kitchen, where her mom tossed her an energy bar.

“You’re not going to take a shower?” Maria’s mom questioned her daughter, motioning towards her new clothes.

“Nah, I took one yesterday,” she responded quickly, slightly annoyed by her mother’s badgering, “besides, I’m already dressed.”

“Well, you should at least try to brush your hair,” the older woman tried to negotiate “this is a big event, and I want you to look your best.”

It had been a while since Maria actually put effort into brushing her hair. At this point, it felt like a total jungle and probably looked like one too. She could feel at least a couple giant knots in there that she knew she couldn’t get out unless she tore half her scalp off. Needless to say, she didn’t really want to go through the pain of brushing her hair, but she could probably get away with faking it.

“I guess.”

Satisfied with that answer, Maria’s mother left the room, leaving her daughter alone. Taking a seat at their small dining table, Maria continued to munch on her energy bar, taking as long as she could finishing it to avoid the inevitable struggle of making her hair look at least somewhat presentable. Upon finishing the last bite, she let out a sigh and made her way to the bathroom. She had hoped to accidentally trip over a piece of garbage on the way and delay the inevitable, but alas, luck was not on her side.

Reaching the bathroom door, Maria wasn’t even given the chance to open it before hearing her mom calling her from the next room.

“Maria, sweetheart, before you get started on your hair, I want to talk to you for a minute. Come here please.”

Rolling her eyes, Maria pushed past the bathroom door and made her way to her mother’s room. Upon entering, she noticed her mother sitting on the bed, softly patting the spot next to her. Taking a seat, Maria was caught off guard as the middle-aged woman began opening her mouth, preparing to speak, before tightly pulling her child into her arms. Tears fell from her face as she embraced her daughter in an emotional outburst.

“I’m so sorry, sweetheart. I never wanted to hurt you.”

As her mother tearfully apologized to her, Maria couldn’t say a word. She hadn’t really wanted to think about what happened last night, blocking it from her memory up until that point. It being brought up hit her harder than it should have, after all, heated moments with her mother were rarely if ever discussed.

“Please forgive me, baby.” Maria’s mother continued to sob, the grip on her daughter unwavering. “Things have just been so overwhelming lately, and I don’t know what I’m gonna do.”

Maria wanted to be mad, she really did. She wanted to tell her mother that an apology wasn’t going to cut it this time, but she just couldn’t. Seeing her mother crying like that was just too much for her to handle.

“It’s ok mom,” she began nervously, trying to calm her mother down “it’s not like you actually hurt me or anything.”

Maria’s mother began crying even harder at her daughter’s response, tightening her hold of her.

“Thank you, sweetie. Thank you so so much.”

“It’s really no big of a deal mom,” Maria lied “things’ll be better soon, I just know it.”

After the ordeal with her mother, the rest of the afternoon past by relatively uneventfully. Maria’s head was sore from all the tangles she had to rip out of her hair, but besides that, nothing special happened between the time of her mother’s outburst and her actual arrival at the camp. She almost completely forgot about her revenge plan until she pulled into the camp’s parking lot; thoughts of her mother running rampant through her mind instead. Exiting the car, she quickly dropped her bag off at the luggage drop off area, double checking to make sure her name was on it. She would probably die if one of her classmates accidentally got a hold of it and discovered its contents.

Afterward, Maria proceeded to enter a thin, metal pavilion. Judging by the rows of long tables set up, the place was apparently going to be used as the dining hall during the trip. Most of the other students were waiting in this area, huddled around, talking in groups. It didn’t take Maria long to spot Amy. She was talking with a group of people who, most of which, Maria was unfamiliar with. The small girl was acting all shy, nervously playing with her hair. Damn, she had her act down pat.

Taking a deep breath, Maria slowly approached the group, ready to finally put her plan into motion. Upon seeing her coming, however, the majority of people in the group quickly dispersed elsewhere, leaving only Amy and another girl who had the blackest hair Maria had ever seen.

“Umm…hey…” Maria began, rubbing her arm nervously.

Off to a great start.

Before she was given a chance to continue, however, the black-haired girl stepped in front of Amy, blocking her from Maria’s view.

“What do you want?” The girl asked Maria coldly, glaring at her with complete malice.

Excuse me! Who the hell is this bitch!?

“Oh, I…” Maria stammered, desperately fighting the urge to relay her true thoughts to the whore in front of her. “I was just wondering if I could talk to Amy for a minute…you know…in private.”

“Well, you can’t.” The dyke’s response was firm, her voice filled with condescension. “Now, could you kindly piss off.”

Maria bit her lower lip. She wanted to strangle the hoe in front of her so badly. Who the hell did she think she was?! What right did she have to talk to her like that?! She was going to ruin everything!

“Um, actually, Carla…” A small voice emerged from behind the brash teen, catching the attention of both girls. “I wouldn’t actually mind talking with her a little…I mean, I want to hear what she has to say.”

“Are you sure?” The black haired girl turned to look the shorter of the two in the eyes.

Amy nodded her head, prompting Carla to step out of the way, allowing Maria to finally see the small girl in her entirety. She was wearing a pink sweater with fake fur around the neck and sleeves as well as a pair of blue jeans with rhinestones outlining the pockets. It was the type of outfit a kid in elementary school wore, and yet, Amy somehow managed to pull it off.

“So did you want to talk…or…”

Amy’s voice knocked Maria out of her trance, reminding her of the task at hand.

“Oh, yeah, could we do it outside? I mean only if you want too.” Maria knew she was trying way to hard.

“Sure,” Amy replied as she started toward the exit.

Maria turned to follow Amy, but she was stopped as someone grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back. Still a little stunned from the shock of being yanked, Maria spun her head around to view the person who had laid their hands on her.

“Don’t touch me!” Maria cried out instinctively, trying to yank her arm away before even realizing that it was Carla holding onto her.

“If you lay one finger on her, or make her cry again…” the black haired girl glared at Maria with pure, unadulterated hatred in her eyes “I will make your life a living hell.”

With that, she released her grip from Maria’s arm. She must have been holding onto it really tight, considering the area grabbed was completely red.

Still resisting the urge to punch the black haired bitch, Maria made her way to the exit where she found Amy standing a few feet away. The screen door loudly shut, catching Maria off guard as she tried to fake a smile for what was undoubtedly the most critical part of her plan.

“So…” she began, walking up to the petite girl “how have you been?”

This feeble attempt at small talk was met with the generic, stock responses you would expect. Even though she was just faking it, Maria still found the words she needed to say almost impossible to get out. Still, she knew that too much mindless blabber was only going to hurt her cause.

“I’m…” her entire body stiffened as she tried to choke the words out “I’m sorry.”

After managing to finally mutter the words out, the entire world seemed to stand completely still. Everything was quiet, no one said a word. Just nothing.

“Oh…” was the only thing Amy muttered after what seemed like forever. It was clear that she was uncomfortable with the situation, or was at least pretending to be.

“You see,” Maria immediately began trying to justify herself “I have this thing where I get distracted very easily and you were crinkling a plastic bag or something under your desk for some reason and that was really distracting and I lost my temper so I yelled.” Maria blurted out all the words at once, trying desperately to redeem the conversation.

“Oh, that’s ok.” Amy’s demeanor suddenly changed. Her voice sounded less awkward than it was before and her body seemed to loosen up a bit. “You apologized, so it’s really no problem.”

Did she really mean it? It couldn’t possibly be that easy. Maria doubted that her awkward demeanor had won Amy over. Was it something she said? Did something in her tangent cause Amy to lower her guard? It was entirely possible that she was faking it, Maria knew from experience that snakes like her tended to do that, but for some reason, that explanation didn’t quite click. They were alone, if Amy was still upset, why wouldn’t she show her true nature? Kiana did, and she couldn’t comprehend why Amy wouldn’t. What was she trying to do?

“Thank goodness.” Maria studied Amy’s mannerisms closely, looking for anything that would reveal her agenda. “I didn’t want you to hate me or anything.”

“Why would I hate you?” Amy asked with a genuine look of confusion on her face. “Sure, you yelled at me, but you said you’re sorry, so why would I hold it against you? I’m not that petty. I wouldn’t hate you because of an honest mistake.”

Honest mistake? Is she serious? She’s trying way too hard with this innocent angel act. Any rational person would despise a person who yelled in their face. Hell, I know for a fact that people hate me for that exact reason.

“Well, in case you haven’t noticed, a lot of people would and do.” Maria didn’t realize what she was saying until she said it. Without thinking, she covered her mouth with her hands, trying to prevent any more of her thoughts from leaking out of her mouth. What if she had said something that put her plan in jeopardy? She couldn’t let that happen, she needed this to work out.

“Yeah, I can kind of tell.” Amy rubbed her lower arm and stared at the ground. “A lot of people don’t seem to like you very much, nobody talks bad about you or anything like that, but they always seem to leave or go quiet when you’re around.”

Maria clenched her fist, she knew people didn’t like her, but she didn’t want to hear it. It was painfully obvious that nobody wanted to be around her, but hearing Amy plainly say it to her made her blood boil. How dare she! What right did she have to talk about Maria like that? She just moved here! What does she know?!

“It’s a real shame.” Amy’s words knocked Maria out of her raged filled thoughts “I mean, you seem like a nice enough person.”

Maria stood silently in complete bewilderment. To her, the situation was literally incomprehensible. Was Amy really that forgiving? No, that was impossible. She was falling for another snake’s trap, just like she had with Kiana.

“We should probably get inside. I think it’s starting.” Amy said, preemptively ending the conversation upon hearing a voice from inside the waiting area.

Maria was so confused. Did she achieve her goal? She thought so, it just didn’t go as smoothly as she had planned. She didn’t expect to feel so…weird after talking to Amy.

Upon re-entering the pavilion, Maria’s eardrums were blown out, as Ms. Aster apparently thought that using a microphone in such a confined space was a smart idea.

“Those of you who have not signed in yet, do so now because after this point you will be marked absent!” The teacher’s loud voice boomed off the metal walls of the building.

“Staff is currently preparing dinner for you all, which will be ready in a minute! My teacher’s aid is currently handing out bags containing plastic plates, bowls, cups, and utensils that you will be using throughout this entire trip! It will be your responsibility to clean them after dinner, you will be eating out of them again in the morning, so wash them thoroughly!”

After becoming partially deaf, Maria was handed a small, white drawstring bag. It contained plastic dining utensils, like the wailing banshee said, however, they looked as if they were made for children. The plate, bowl, and cup were colored in bright blues, greens, and reds. To make matters worse, the utensils were small enough to fit in a five year olds hand. Where did she get them from? Her daughter’s preschool?

Rolling her eyes, Maria tied up the bag and continued listening to the lunatic who was still using the microphone.

“Furthermore, you’ll be hanging your bags on a clothes line next to Cabin #18!” She gestured towards the large wood structure with the big ‘18’ on it through the screen window. She must’ve thought they were idiots or something, considering the cabin in question was right next to the dining hall.

The teacher continued to drone on and on, causing Maria to drift her attention to a line of ants slowly making their way down the screen door. She wasn’t entirely distracted, however, as she did hear bits and pieces of Ms. Aster’s lecture. Stuff like the camp rules, and how this was an educational trip, and how happy she was that we were using our three day weekend to ‘expand our knowledge of the material.’ She did not mention, however, that our grades were being held hostage in order to make us ‘expand our knowledge of the material.’

This pure boredom persisted for a good ten minutes until Maria finally heard the buzzword she’d been waiting for.

“As for cabin assignments, there are 44 students and 23 cabins.” She had finally gotten to the important part. “Each cabin is only large enough to hold two students, I tried to book larger ones, but apparently this park expects you to make reservations six months in advance.” She tried to act cheerful, but was clearly pissed off; her facade obvious to everyone who took her class. “This means that everyone will have to choose a partner to share a cabin with, and no, boy-girl pairings are not allowed.”

An enormous cry of rebellion was heard throughout the pavilion at this remark. Horny boys and sluty girls shouted in protest as Maria covered her ears, hoping the stupidity would end quickly.

Are they seriously arguing over this? Did they really think they were going to be able to get away with kinky shit on this SCHOOL camping trip?!

Luckily, it didn’t take long until the horndogs were silenced as Ms. Aster shut down their mating calls by screaming into the microphone. Maria thought it was a lovely sound compared to the wailing that was going on moments prior.

“Anyway,” Ms. Aster continued, her voice calming down “you will need to pick your roommate soon; I will need to know the pairings after dinner concludes.” The teacher began to motion for the students to line up for food before stopping to make one more announcement. “Oh, and if any of you try anything ‘funny’, you can expect more than just a failing grade as punishment.”

That last statement caused a lump to form in Maria’s throat. There was no way anyone could know about her plan, right?

Maria stood in line to get her food, but her mind was elsewhere, lost in thought over what would happen if she got caught. What did Ms. Aster mean by ‘more than just a failing grade’? Was she going to be expelled? What would her mom do if she found out?

These less than pleasant thoughts persisted up until Maria had gotten her meal and stepped out of line. Almost immediately afterward, she was brought back to reality as a short ball of pure pinkness began speaking to her.

“Hey, you should come sit with us.” Amy spoke to her shyly, motioning towards a semi-secluded table where Carla sat isolated from the other students.

“I…” Maria began. She really didn’t want to sit next to Carla, or Amy, but how else was she going to convince Amy to be her cabinmate? “Sure.” She said finally, trying to fake a smile.

Placing her bowl of potato soup and glass of milk down, Maria sat across from Amy. She could tell Carla was trying to hide her animosity, but it was obvious from the way she kept glaring at her. The black haired girl scooted closer to her friend, acting as if she was some sort of innocent gazelle that needed protecting.

Trying to avoid starting anything, Maria looked down into the bowl of watery, brownish liquid in front of her and began to slowly eat. She must have been too quiet, however, as, after a while, Amy and Carla began chatting, acting as if she wasn’t there. This went on for a while, causing Maria to noticeably panic. If things continued this way, dinner would be over before she could ask Amy to bunk with her. She tried to find an opening in the two girls’ conversation, but it never seemed like the right time to pop the question.

Eventually, Maria decided to just get it over with. She wasn’t going to let an opportunity like this pass by.

“Um, Amy?” Maria questioned, looking up at the brown haired girl; trying to get her attention.

“Yes?” Amy questioned back, turning her attention from Carla to Maria with a smile.

“Could we, uh, I mean, if it’s, you know, ok with you…” Maria trailed off, taking a deep breath. “Do you wanna share a cabin with me?”

After asking the question, the whole room seemed to go quiet. Other people were talking, but it was all white noise to Maria. Amy wasn’t saying a word.

Why isn’t she saying anything? Did I mess up? Did I come on too strongly? Is she on to me? Maria internally screamed to herself as Amy continued to remain silent.

“She’s already sharing one with me.” Carla finally intervened. “We planned it out together over the weekend.”

“S-sorry.” Amy silently chirped, moving her eyes away from Maria.

Of course. Maria looked down; a pathetic grin on her face. I should have seen this coming. What exactly did I expect? Amy’s the type to stick to her own kind. She’s manipulative. Of course she would want to stay with someone who immediately fell for her little cutesy trap. Why would she want to take a risk on someone who could potentiality see through her facade? What was I thinking? The world hates me, so why did I think it would let me be happy? Why did I think it would let me finally let me get revenge on the monsters that haunt my life?

“Are you ok?” Maria thought she heard Amy ask, but didn’t bother responding.

What was the point?

“I-if you don’t have anyone else who wants to stay with you, I-I guess I could change plans…”


“Amy! What are you saying?” Carla took the words right out of Maria’s mouth. “Me and you agreed we were going to bunk together. Do you not want to anymore? If that’s the case, why her? Out of everyone here, you’re ditching me for this, this edgy bitch?” Carla motioned toward Maria with what appeared to be a mix of confusion and anger.

“Carla…” Amy took the distraught girl’s hands, entangling their fingers together. “Ever since I moved here, you have done your best to make sure that I’ve been happy. You did little things, like help me take notes in class, or escort me to the school nurse. You’ve hung out with me in and out of school, and you’ve cheered me up when I’ve been upset. I’ve been here for a week, and I couldn’t ask for a better friend.”

“Then why?” Carla desperately asked. Amy gripped her hands tighter.

“Because you’re so nice.” Amy looked her friend in the eyes. “You’re an amazing person who has more friends than she can count. I wanted to share a cabin with you because I was too afraid to ask someone I didn’t know. When the teacher announced this trip, I was terrified I would end up sleeping with someone who didn’t like me. I wouldn’t wish that feeling on anybody, and I know that if you bunk with someone other than me, you won’t have to worry about going through that. Everybody loves you. They would be happy to share a cabin with someone so sweet and caring.”

“Why her, though?” Carla looked as if she as if she were about to cry. “Why her out of everybody here?”

Amy frowned sheepishly. “She’s not like you, Carla. She may come off rude and brash, but she’s actually really, really nice. By the way other people act around her, though, it’s obvious that they don’t feel the same way. Right now, she’s going through what I did in the classroom. She’s afraid of being hated and rejected, and unlike you, she most likely will be. I don’t want her to go through that rejection, so that’s why I’m going to partners with her.”

Maria was silent. There was nothing she could say after that. No words could express how she was feeling, because she didn’t know what she was feeling. The only clue given to her were the streams of silent tears that flowed from her eyes as she stared at Amy. Was she happy that her plan had been miraculously salvaged? Was she upset that Amy had implied they were alike? She just didn’t know and continued to be silent until the end of dinner was announced.

“Come on, Maria.” Amy said, trying to sound enthusiastic as she stood up. “Let’s go wash our dishes and sign up for a cabin.”

“Ok.” Maria wiped the tears from her eyes.

The whole thing went by incredibly quickly. After cleaning their dirty dishes and hanging their bags on the clothesline, Maria and Amy signed up as cabinmates and were assigned to Cabin #15. Ms. Aster gave them a questionable look, but other than that, there were no signs that she was aware of Maria’s plan. After everyone had signed up, their bags were delivered to their assigned cabins.

After everyone had chosen their partners, the students were allowed to relax and chat in their cabins; changing into their night clothes during that time. Amy and Maria, however, were nearly silent as they made up their beds and waited for the large crowd of people at the bathroom to disperse. The smaller girl tried once or twice to start a conversation, but it was clear that she wasn’t as comfortable as she let on.

After a few grueling minutes of silence, Maria decided that the line to the bathrooms had gotten small enough to join. Grabbing her bag, she made her way out the cabin’s door; Amy quickly followed.

Upon reaching the now small group of people, Maria took note that only her and Amy had brought their entire bags. Everyone else just had pajamas. It was an awkward situation, to say the least.

As soon as Maria got the chance, she ran into an empty stall and quickly shut the door. She opened up her bag and took her night clothes out, trying not to think how awkward she felt. As she began to change clothes, however, she froze. One of the worst possible things that could happen on the trip became a reality.

Her underwear was bloody. She had started her period.

“Why now…” Maria couldn’t help but softly worry allowed. “Why today…”

She didn’t bring any pads with her, so it was only a matter of time before everyone knew. Her mind raced as she thought about what to do. She could stuff toilet paper in her underwear, but that wouldn’t last long. The only other solution would be to…

Oh god. The thought of it made her sick. If Amy found out she was wearing… Game over. She could never show her face in public again.

Maria weighed her options, but there were really no options to weigh. She knew what she had to do, no matter how disgusting it was.

Taking a deep breath, Maria opened her bag and pulled out a Goodnite. She slid her panties down, closed her eyes, and slid the padded garment up her waist. Afterward, she just sat on the toilet, looking down.

These were supposed to be for Amy…

Maria didn’t have long to sulk, however, as a loud knock on the door startled her out of her daze.

“Maria,” Amy’s voice sounded concerned “are you ok in there?”

Nearly having a heart attack, Maria pulled her pajama pants up, changed into her night shirt, and stuffed her old clothes into her bag in one swift movement. She then slammed the door open, nearly hitting Amy in the process.

“Yes. I am fine.” Maria knew how fake she must have sounded, but she was hoping Amy wouldn’t try to pry.

“Are you sure?” The imposing girl continued. “Why did you sa-” She paused, turning her head towards the ground; her cheeks red.

Why did I say what?! Maria began to panic. Why is she blushing? Does she know? How would she know?

Maria looked down at her waist, it wasn’t super puffy or anything like that. She had to be overreacting, right? There was definitely no way Amy could know she was wearing a pull-up, and even if she did, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. I mean, she didn’t seem completely evil after all. The situation was still really uncomfortable though, and Maria thought desperately of ways to change the subject up until the two of them entered their cabin.

“I like your pajamas.” Maria said finally, after contemplating for a while on her bed. “They’re very…pink.”

That was honestly the best way to describe what Amy was wearing. She dawned a light pink pajama shirt with some sort of pink, cartoon horse on the front of it. Her pants were also pink, but unlike her shirt, they were covered with prints of blue and yellow balloons. They looked very childish, but in a cute way.

“Oh, thanks.” Amy seemed to relax a bit. “Are you an MLP fan too?”

“Uh…” Maria had no idea what the meant “Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Pantera?”

Amy stared at Maria for a minute before erupting into a laughing fit. From this reaction, it was quite evident that Maria had totally missed the mark. Though, she, unlike Amy apparently, didn’t find the situation humorous. In fact, the childish girl’s laughter only served to deepen Maria’s hatred towards her. Any doubts Maria had about misjudging Amy completely disappeared. She was a rotten, evil, manipulative bitch. Maria couldn’t believe she had almost fallen for her ‘too innocent for this world’ act.

“What’s so funny?” Maria asked the still laughing girl, animosity in her voice.

“Oh. Sorry. Sorry.” Amy tried to calm herself down with little success. “It’s just that heavy metal is the furthest thing away from My Little Pony imaginable.”

Oh. It’s about the horse thing. Maria rolled her eyes. So I was completely wrong, ok fine. That still doesn’t give that whore the right to rub it in my face.

“You should watch it sometime, you’d like it.” Amy finally started winding down. “It’s a really feel good show.”

“Yeah, sure.” Maria honestly couldn’t care less. “Don’t you think it’s about time to hit the hay?”

“Oh, sure.” Amy sounded a bit worried. “I hope I didn’t offend you in any way. If I did, I honestly didn’t mean to.”

Sure you didn’t.

“No, it’s ok,” Maria lied “I’m just tired.”

“That…makes sense.” Amy said, still sounding worried.

Maria didn’t say anything back, and a few moments later, Amy turned off the lights. The room suddenly turned pitch black, so much so that Maria could barely see her own hand in front of her face.

Maria waited a long time for Amy to fall asleep. She didn’t want to risk getting noticed. Thankfully, Amy didn’t seem to be a night owl; she wasn’t using her phone under the covers or anything, so she was probably trying to actually sleep.

After at least an hour, Maria heard the sound of light snoring. This was a sign that luck was on her side, as she didn’t have to guess when Amy was asleep like originally planned. The time to enact her revenge had finally come.

Carefully, Maria opened up her bag and pulled out her phone as quietly as she could. Making sure the brightness was on a low setting, she used the faint light to guide her to the door. Slowly opening it, Maria began to step outside. Forgetting to take into account the small flight of wooden stairs leading up to the door, however, she tripped, and fell harshly to the ground.


Maria held in a loud scream as she proceeded to get back up. So much for luck being on her side. This is the second time she hurt her leg this week.

Limping in the darkness, Maria used her phone to guide her towards the clothesline where the bags containing plastic dishes hanged. She didn’t think it would matter too much, but Maria still didn’t want to use her own bowl, just in case. Instead, she grabbed one from a bag on the opposite side.

After getting a bowl to hold the water, it was time to actually get the water itself. Maria wished the bathroom didn’t have to be so far away from her cabin, especially given that every time she moved her right leg, it felt like it was being pierced by a million needles.

The painful track across the campsite wasn’t too hard, though. The light in the bathroom was always on, so Maria didn’t have to rely on the dim light from her phone to find it. The hot water was also still working, so filling the bowl also wasn’t a problem. What was a problem, however, was getting back to her cabin without spilling the water.

Unlike the bathroom, the light in the cabin wasn’t on. Not to mention that since Maria’s pajama pants didn’t have pockets, she also had to worry about not dropping her phone, or getting it wet.

Using only the very faint light from the stars, Maria made her way back to her cabin slowly. On multiple occasions, she thought she heard movement in the bushes by the campsite. She had to remind herself that it was probably only a lizard on multiple occasions in order not to freak out.

Eventually, however, Maria did find her way to the cabin. Carefully walking up the stairs, she entered through the screen door. She began making her way to her bed to put her phone away, only to be startled by a loud crash, causing her to spill some of the water on the floor. Looking back, Maria realized she forgot to slow the impact of the door before it closed. Beginning to panic a little, Maria quickly placed her phone and bowl of water down and went to check on Amy. Thankfully, she was still snoring.

Sighing in relief, Maria tossed her phone back into her bag and picked up the bowl of water. She was careful to not wake the sleeping girl up while peeling the comforter on her bed away; revealing her pajamas. Maria then slowly moved Amy’s hand towards the bowl of hot water, waiting for a wet spot to appear near her waist (she had to lean in close to see in the darkness). After a few moments, however, Amy’s sheets failed to become damp, causing Maria to freak out once again.

Did I do something wrong? Why isn’t she peeing herself? It’s only supposed to take a few seconds!

Maria continued to panic until she saw a small stain forming near the front of Amy’s pajama bottoms. It had taken longer than anticipated, but the snoring girl finally started wetting the bed. The wet spot continued to grow until there was a decent sized stain on the bed sheets. She didn’t know why it took so long, but Maria was more than pleased with the results.

She dumped the remaining water outside, put the bowl back in its bag, and pulled Amy’s sheets back over her to hide the evidence of her crimes. Lying back in her bed after completing the job, Maria began to smile at the thought of what tomorrow was going to bring. She closed her eyes and started drifting to sleep, satisfied with the work she had done that night.

I really really like this story!! Thank you for writing it!

This chapter didn’t feel rushed to me. I felt the pace was nice, actually. I enjoyed getting a better feel of both Maria’s and Amy’s characters. I was actually a bit surprised that she followed through with her plan too. I thought for sure she’d have a change of heart after we got to get a clearer picture of how nice Amy is. I get the feeling that Maria has pent up anger from dealing with her mother and it clouds her judgment of other people around her. She takes out her frustrations on them because she has nowhere else too. Her mother is terrible when she gets home wasted out of her tree and Maria deals with the blunt end of her mothers actions. Her mother turns around and apologizes the next day when she’s sobered up. Those apologies seem fake to Maria. Therefore creating a distrust in those around her.

I’m loving this story right now. I’m really happy you had time to add to it. Hopefully things calm down for you and you feel like writing more.

Thankies for posting!!! :slight_smile:

No Regrets

Chapter 4

The bright light shining through the cabin’s windows forced Maria’s tired eyes to open far earlier than she was used to. Still groggy, she slowly lifted her head from her pillow and willed her body to sit down on the bed beneath her. She stared into the wooden wall on the other side of the room for a few seconds before realizing where she was. Quickly glancing over to Amy, Maria was relieved to find she was still sleeping. How she was able to sleep with the sun blaring in her face was a complete mystery, though. Not knowing what else to do, Maria began waiting for the girl to wake up; staring at her intently in suspense. After a while, Amy began moaning in her sleep, most likely because of the urine on her bedsheets. For a split second, Maria sympathized with her; knowing from experience that waking up in a wet bed wasn’t a pleasant experience. The feeling faded quickly, though, as Maria noticed the small girl’s eyes beginning to open.

“Hey, are you awake?” Maria put on her best voice of concern “You were groaning in your sleep, is something wrong?”

Amy seemed to pause for a brief moment before a look of panic made its way onto her face. It was an expression Maria had never seen her make before; her blue eyes widened like inflating balloons, and her mouth was frozen, refusing to arch either up or down. She could have easily been mistaken for a statue were she not biting the tips of her fingernails; probably a nervous habit she had.

“Did something happen?” Maria tried to hold back a smile as she slowly approached Amy, knowing full well what she was about to ‘discover.’

“N-no! It’s nothing!” Amy tried desperately to hide her shameful display, hastily scrunching her sheets up towards her body.

“Did you…” Maria paused, trying her best to act surprised “Did you wet the bed?”

Maria expected Amy to deny the accusation blatantly; to refuse to admit she could do any wrong. That kind of behavior was typical for people who wear a ‘holier than thou’ facade. In kindergarten, for instance, when Kiana accidentally hit Maria in the head with a soccer ball, instead of apologizing for the mistake, she insisted that it was Maria’s fault for getting in the way. However, Amy did not get defensive. She didn’t start yelling. She didn’t start denying. She didn’t start blaming. Much to Maria’s shock, Amy was crying. Water poured out from the girl’s eyes, running down her cheeks as she produced a vocal, unfiltered wail that completely engulfed the confined space of the cabin. It was an outburst of emotion that Maria couldn’t have hoped to prepare for. She didn’t know what to do, she’d never been in this kind of situation before.

“Uhh…it’s ok.” Maria attempted to comfort Amy, extending a hand towards her.

This, however, only resulted in more mewling as the small girl nudged her body away from Maria and buried her head in her urine-soaked sheets. It was getting to the point where if Maria didn’t do something quickly, someone would probably hear Amy’s cries and blame her. Taking a deep breath, Maria sat on Amy’s bed and gently placed her hand on the crying girl’s back through the covers.

“Really, it’s fine.” Maria calmly shushed Amy while slowly rubbing her hand up and down her back. “If you’re worried about me telling someone, I won’t. Besides, I-” Maria bit her lip and focused her eyes away from Amy, she could feel her cheeks turning bright red “I also have… problems wetting the bed, sometimes.”

Amy stopped crying. Slowly, she poked her head out from under the sheets and looked at Maria. Her eyes were red, and the area below her nose was covered in snot. Her once perfect chestnut hair was messy and knotted, jumbled into disorganized clumps atop her head.

“R-really?” her voice was scratchy and weak. Her eyes were wide, like those of a child and a small strand of hair obscured part of her face. Honestly, she looked kind of adorable. Maria had to fight the urge to pinch her cute, freckled cheeks. If she was acting, it was definitely worthy of an Oscar.

“Yeah. I started when I was nine after my dad got arrested.” Maria paused, her voice shifted to a more solemn tone after realizing what she was saying. It was true for the most part. Only, she technically stopped having constant night time accidents when she was 12, but she still woke up to a wet bed every now and then.

“I’m so sorry.” Amy sat back up, her sheets still draped over her head. “What did he do?”

“I don’t want to talk about it!” Maria snapped at Amy for the first time since the incident in class. She dug her fingers into the bed, fiercely clutching onto it. It was none of her business.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have asked. It’s none of my business” it was as if Amy read her mind.

The small girl wiped the snot from her nose with her hand in a very childish way, at this point, her behavior was kind of unsettling. Was she really a 16 year old? Maria watched intently Amy got out of bed and gathered up her sheets, bawling them up together. The tears in her eyes were starting to dry, and the only thing that remained of her runny nose was a few sniffles here and there.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do about these sheets,” Amy announced suddenly “every night it seems to be getting worse.”

“Wait,” Amy’s announcement was enough to bring Maria back down to Earth, “how often does this kind of thing happen to you?”

“Almost every night.” Amy’s voice was quiet and bashful. Maria noted how she hunched her shoulders as she said it, as if she were a turtle, trying to retreat into her shell.

Maria blinked for a moment, completely baffled by what Amy was saying.

She already wets the bed? She didn’t until I made her last night, was that a fluke? More importantly, why is she telling me this? Does she feel obligated? Why not just call me a bedwetter and tell everyone? Is she afraid to because she thinks I’m going to tell everyone she wet the bed last night? If that’s the case, why tell me that she does it on a daily basis?

“I got it!” Amy suddenly burst out, scaring Maria half to death. “I’m going to take my sheets into the shower with me!”

“What?” Maria asked confused, having no idea what Amy was boasting about.

“I can’t exactly sleep with sheets drenched in pee. The only way I can think to clean them without anybody finding out is to wash them with me in the shower. They’ll be wet, but at least they’ll be clean.”

“Ok…” Maria questioned why she was being told this.

“I’m going to put the sheets in my bag, and I need you to pass it under the shower curtain, so it doesn’t look suspicious. I’ll tell you when to do it, so you don’t have to worry about that.”

“Oh,” Maria didn’t get exactly what Amy wanted, but she figured asking would only lead to more questions “sure.”

“Thanks.” Amy’s look of relief seemed to fade as a bright red glow enveloped her cheeks. “Um…could you turn around for a minute, I’ve gotta change out of my pajamas.”

Almost immediately, Maria turned around and clenched her eyes shut. She had no interest in seeing Amy naked and would rather avoid an image that would haunt her for the rest of her life. After a few moments, it was over, and she was free to turn around.

“Alright, let’s do this!” Amy announced cheerfully as she and Maria made their way out the door; both of them carrying their overnight bags.

On their way to the bathroom, Maria couldn’t help but notice Amy was wearing a solid color T-shirt, which, of course, like everything else in her wardrobe, was pink.

“What is your obsession with that color?” Maria blurted the question out in what was meant to be a whisper but ended up being considerably louder.

“I just like pink.” Amy’s statement was confident and matter-of-fact. It was clear that for whatever reason, the color meant a great deal to her. “Why do you dress in black so much?”

“I don’t know, I just do.” Maria found that so weird. Everyone had a favorite color, but more often than not, they didn’t know why. With something like ice cream, you can explain your preference based on how it tastes. How were you supposed to explain why you like a particular color?

“Yeah, black is Carla’s favorite color too. Maybe you could use that as a starting point, she did say she would wait for me at the bathroom area this morning.”

Maria’s thoughts of color theory were completely dissolved when she heard Amy mention the ‘C’ word. Just being compared to that woman made Maria sick.

Maria didn’t have long to let her sickly feeling settle in, however, as the bathroom was right in front of them. The two girls were relieved to see only a few stragglers remaining, as the majority of people had probably finished getting ready hours ago.

As Amy entered the shower furthest away from the entrance, Maria stood by, leaning against the wall, folding her arms. Upon receiving the signal from Amy, she discreetly kicked the bag under the curtain. A few moments later, the bag reappeared by Maria’s feet. Listening to the water fall from the shower head, Maria began tapping her fingers against the wall, wishing she had brought cigarettes with her. She hadn’t had one since friday, and it was beginning to take its toll. She was fidgety, and her mouth felt really dry; as much as her smokes helped her put up with life’s bullshit, she had to admit, the withdrawal symptoms almost made her want to quit.

“Why are you just standing there like that. You look like a drug dealer.”

Caught off guard, Maria nearly jumped back from shock when she realized Carla was talking to her. She had been so caught up in her own thoughts that she didn’t even notice the black haired girl approach her. Although she wasn’t happy to see her dumb grin in the slightest, Maria supposed that this was the perfect opportunity to get under Carla’s skin.

“I’ll have you know, I’m doing this for my friend, Amy,” Maria was grinning from ear to ear in an almost devilish manner, “she asked me to stand here so I could help her out with a personal problem.”

Almost as if on cue, the water in the shower switched off, signaling to Maria that it was time to send the bag back. Reveling in Carla’s confused expression as she once again kicked the bag under the curtain, Maria continued to smile snarkily.

“Is this a drug deal? I was joking before, but I swear if you are giving drugs to that sweet little girl, I’m going to ki-”

Carla’s angry declaration was cut off by Maria bursting out in a series of giggles and laughs. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It was good to know she wasn’t the only petty person at camp. Was Carla seriously that jealous? She had to realize that Maria selling drugs at a school camping trip was utterly illogical, right? Even if she did sell drugs, or even used them for that matter, it would be so easy to get caught while under the watchful eye of at least seven adults. Carla just couldn’t comprehend the idea of Maria and Amy being friends, so instead, she decided to make up some paranoid bullshit to try and justify Maria’s behavior.

“I can assure you, that’s not the case.” Amy emerged from the shower with soaking wet hair. She must have also found the situation funny, as she was also giggling. “Go easy on her, Carla, she really was just helping me out.”

“With what?” Carla asked quizzically, facing Amy with a look of doubt and concern.

“It’s private.” Amy’s voice suddenly turned quiet, though, she was still giggling a little.

“If you say so.” Carla seemed like she wanted to pry more, but Maria couldn’t be completely certain. “So, last night, did she do anything to you?”

Maria tensed up. Even though she was sure she got away with making Amy wet herself with nobody noticing, Carla’s wording still made her nervous. What did she mean by ‘do anything to you?’ The wording was awfully specific.

“Nah,” Amy’s response made Maria sigh in relief “in fact, she actually helped me out with another problem earlier this morning.”

“Really?” Carla glanced at Maria, making her feel uncomfortable. Her deep brown eyes felt like they were digging their way into Maria’s soul.

“Uh huh.” Apparently, Amy’s cheerful reassurance was all Carla needed to hear, as she seemed to ease up a bit.

Crossing her legs while still leaning against the wall, Maria made a terrifying realization. She forgot she was wearing a goodnite. Without any hesitation, Maria grabbed her bag and quickly entered an open bathroom stall. Nearly slamming the door shut, she could barely process what Carla was saying to her.

“Hey! What the hell?”

“S-sorry, Maria sputtered out “I’ll be out in a minute.”

She pulled her pants down to examine the damage. Thankfully, the goodnite successfully absorbed all of her blood without issue. Maria took it off and crumpled it into a ball before placing it into the women’s waste container. With a bit of hesitation, she grabbed a baby wipe from her bag and cleaned up any excess blood before pulling on another goodnite. She then proceeded to pull on another pair of pants as fast as she could to try and ignore her padded underwear. With the hard part out of the way, Maria began taking off her pajama shirt, however, while it was over her head, she accidentally tripped over her bag and forcibly slammed into the door. The lock on the door must have been off balanced, because, to her horror, it swung open, revealing her bare top half to Amy and Carla.

Maria just sat and stared in silence at the two girls. They looked as equally as surprised by the situation and did nothing but blink at her for the longest time. Thankfully, they were the only three in the bathroom by that point, but that didn’t stop Maria from being overwhelmed by shame. She should have checked the lock after going in or moved her bag out of the way, there were so many ways she could have avoided the predicament she was currently in.

“Are you wearing a…” Carla’s snickers broke the silence of the room “You still wear…”

Maria’s face turned white. She opened her mouth to say something, but the only thing that came out was a tiny squeal. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Why was this happening? Was it some kind of karmic punishment? Is this how the world was punishing her? Maria wanted to get away, she felt herself slowly maneuver into a fetal position and almost instinctively buried her face into her knees.

“You’re in high school, right?” Carla was still going, her giggles having turned into full-on laughter. “So why on Earth are you still wearing a training bra?”


“You’d think someone your age would be in something more ‘adult’ by now.” Carla continued, still dying of laughter.

So, she didn’t notice my goodnite? That’s a relief, but, does it really make a difference? I never thought having to wear a sports bra was that big of a deal, but I guess, I was wrong. It’s apparently worth the same humiliation as being caught wearing a diaper. So what’s there to be relieved about, moron? Nothing. You still got caught wearing babyish underwear. Nothing’s changed.

Maria tightened her grip around her knees and began to cry, hoping nobody would notice and increase her embarrassment ever further.

“Ok, that’s enough, Carla.” Amy’s voice sounded sympathetic, yet stern. It was as if she were reprimanding a child for making fun of their younger sibling for having an accident. “I don’t think Maria finds it very funny.”

“Aww, come on Amy,” Carla protested in between chuckles “when’s the last time you got to see a high schooler dressed like a little kid? You gotta admit, it’s pretty funny.”

“I said that’s enough.” Maria wished she had seen Amy’s face to read her expression. Her response sounded like a strange combination of disappointment, anger, and maybe even a little offense.

The two continued going back and forth for a little while until Carla agreed she had taken it too far, gave a half-assed apology, and left the bathroom. Maria was still in the fetal position, listening to everything, but not daring to move. It was like her body was in lockdown mode.

“I’m sorry that happened.” Amy’s voice was really soothing “Lot of emotional stuff happening this morning” she joked. Maria didn’t laugh. “Look, you’re no-” as soon as Amy’s fingers made contact with Maria’s back, her hand was grabbed, causing her squeal.

“Don’t touch me!” Maria shouted, looking up at Amy with a combination of anger and fear. “I don’t need a bitch like you to comfort me! I hate you!”

Maria couldn’t help herself. Everything was just too much. She wanted to calm down and tell Amy she didn’t mean it, but all she could do was scream. Her body felt like it was shutting down. She was shaking and felt dizzy, like everything was moving at hyperspeed. Her chest felt like it was being weighed down by a ton of bricks; she couldn’t breathe. Tears and snot enveloped her face, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t stop crying.

“Maria,” Amy began slowly “you need to take slow, deep breaths.”

“Shut up! Stay away from me, you manipulative bitch!”

“You’re only hurting yourself. I promise, everything’s ok, nobody’s going to do anything to hurt you.” Amy’s voice was soft and calming.

Maria did her best to steady her breathing, it was hard when her body was telling her she didn’t have enough air, but she managed to calm herself a little. She started to feel a bit better. Everything slowed down. Her head still hurt, and her body was still numb, but she managed to stop crying and shaking.

“I-” Maria began to speak but stopped after making a horrible realization.

She felt…wet.

Unfolding her legs, Maria was shocked to find a large dark spot on the seat of her pants. She was even more alarmed to discover a warm puddle of yellow liquid pooled beneath her. Did she really not realize she was peeing? Worse yet, did she not even notice afterward? She hadn’t had a daytime accident since she was six, and even then, it wasn’t really an ‘accident.’ Maria felt so ashamed; she was completely aware of Amy’s presence, which only served to further her humiliation. What must Amy think of her? She just watched a 16 year old girl have a panic attack and piss herself. She probably thought Maria was disgusting, either that or autistic. Her chest started hurting again.

“It’s alright,” Amy calmly stated as if she could sense Maria’s distress “you have your clothes with you, getting cleaned up will be easy.”

“I-I can’t…” Maria continued to sit there, stuttering; terrified to move a muscle.

“Hey,” Amy continued angelically “accidents happen, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“I can’t move.” Maria could barely sputter out the statement, resulting in it being said as a quiet whimper.

“Do you want me to get Ms. Aster?”

“No!” Maria sudden shout was as much of a surprise to her as it was to Amy. “She can’t know! Please, don’t tell her!”

“Well…I don’t know what else…” Amy’s voice sounded puzzled “unless you want…do you want me to help you?”

Maria was silent for a long time. It was clear Amy thought of her as a child. A child who needed to be comforted and changed when they had an accident. Maria wasn’t mad, though. Why wouldn’t Amy treat her like a child? What has she done to prove she isn’t a child? All she did was cry and piss her pants, like a little kid. Of course Amy would see her as one.


“All-alright then…” Amy seemed a bit taken back by Maria’s response, “Could you try to stand up…please?”

Maria compiled, it took a while, but she managed to make herself stand up, her legs wobbling like a baby gazelles’.

“I-I’m going to take off your pants now, so, um, don’t freak out, ok?”

Maria stood in silence; a blank expression on her face as Amy unbuttoned her pants. There was no point putting up a fight. She was done. She had no tears left to shed. Everything was white. Amy slid Maria’s pants down, revealing her soggy, bloody goodnite.

“Oh…” Amy’s voice sounded more sympathetic than anything as she looked up at Maria with her two crystal blue orbs.

“There’s wipes in my bag.”

It didn’t take Amy long to find the wipes in question. She also took out another goodnite. Killing two birds with one stone, I suppose. After disposing of the sodden diaper, Amy began cleaning Maria proper. As the blue-eyed girl’s foreign hand made contact with her legs, Maria couldn’t help but flinch back a little. Amy assured her everything was fine, but she couldn’t help but keep her eyes shut for the rest of the process. The smaller girl proceeded to thoroughly clean the larger one, making sure to leave no wet patches. Maria had a little trouble stepping into the new goodnite Amy held out for her; she had to hang onto the toilet paper holder in order to not lose her balance. Upon feeling Amy pull the garment up her waist, she finally opened her eyes.

“There we go.” Amy’s voice was still timid, but Maria thought she sounded a little excited as well. “All clean.”

Maria still felt dirty.

Amy helped Maria finish getting dressed. She had her step into a clean pair of jeans and even buttoned them up for her. She then proceeded to take care of Maria’s top half. Amy had her raise her arms so she could slip off her orange polka dot sports bra; seeing it now, Maria couldn’t help but feel a little self-conscious about how childish it was. Funny, Amy was essentially changing her diaper, and that was the thing she found childish and embarrassing. Maybe because it started this whole thing? Maria didn’t know. Amy didn’t seem to care at all though, as she replaced it with a light blue and white striped bra without even batting an eye. The last thing Amy did was slip a black ‘Talking Heads’ T-shirt on Maria and clean up the puddle of urine on the ground. Then, just like that, everything was back to normal.


“No problem.” Amy gave a weak smile.

“About the whole diaper thing…You see…I don’t actually ne-”

“It’s ok, I get it. I saw a pair of panties in your bag; the pull-ups are probably ‘just in case,’ right?”

Maria wanted to tell her that the whole thing was a big misunderstanding; that she was only wearing the goodnite because she didn’t bring any pads with her. Though, thinking about it, telling her that could lead to an even worse situation. If Amy told anyone about what happened, her thinking Maria had an actual problem could actually soften the blow a bit. People hearing that a teenager with a bladder issue pissed themself would sound much better than them hearing a fully potty trained 16 year old pissed themself. Although, if people thought she wore diapers, there could potentially be another ‘incident,’ like the one she just had with Carla. Either way, people would never look at her the same way again. After a brief moment of deliberation, Maria finally made a decision.


“Well…” Amy’s pause caused Maria to panic a bit, did she screw up somehow? “At least you don’t have to worry about buying pads.”

Maria chuckled.

The rest of the morning went by pretty quickly. After being reprimanded for their lateness by Ms. Aster, the two girls ate breakfast and cleaned their dishes. They went on a nature hike with the rest of the class where the teacher pointed out various plants and animals to them. It was actually pretty cool. Maria got to see a bunch of animals she never saw in person before, including a deer. Afterward, the class was instructed to change into their swimsuits for an aquatic scavenger hunt in one of the lakes by the camp’s entrance. Maria watched as the other students swam around, showing different shells and mollusks to Ms. Aster while she just sat off to the side, far away from everybody else. To her surprise, Amy sat next to her.

“Hey, Mars Bars!” The brunette girl greeted her with a smile.

“Mars bars?” Maria was confused. “You mean like the chocolate?”

“Uh-huh! It’s my nickname for you because you’re so sweet.” Amy made a heart with her hands and smiled, her pearly white teeth glimmering in the sun.

Maria smiled back.

“You don’t have to do this stupid thing either?” She questioned Amy curiously, motioning her eyes toward the lake.

“Yeah. It looks fun, but I can’t.” Amy looked disappointed.

“It’s ok. I can’t swim either.”

Amy didn’t say anything. The two girls just sat there, watching the other kids splash and yell. Amy was right, it did look fun, but Maria would never admit that.

“So…” Amy finally broke the silence “about your pull-ups…” Maria’s face turned red. She had hoped she could get through the rest of the day without having to talk about what was in her pants. “How often do you have accidents during the day? ”

“Not often.” Maria answered the question meekly, completely embarrassed by the situation. She hoped that answer would be satisfying enough so Amy would stop playing detective.

“I only ask because…” Amy unfortunately continued “because you had one last night too. I-I heard you freaking out about it in the bathroom.” Maria hugged her legs together. Her face felt (and probably looked) like a tomato. That must have been why Amy was acting so weird last night, she thought Maria pissed herself. Thinking back to what she said when the incident happened, Maria felt her cheeks grow even redder, she sure as hell made it sound like that was what happened. “It’s ok,” Amy’s voice was reassuring “I know it’s not your fault.” Her eyes were soft and understanding, she looked like an older sister. “But…you can’t get so worked up over small things like that. This morning, I thought you were going to have a heart attack, it was scary.”

“It…” Maria hesitated, unsure of how Amy would respond to what she was about to say. “I don’t like being touched, ok.” Maria didn’t know how common her phobia was, for all she knew, it could sound as silly as the fear of cotton balls did to her. “You touched my back,” she continued, cautiously “but that usually doesn’t cause me to freak out that much. I was already stressed out from what your friend said earlier, and then you touched me, and then I guess, I just sorta…lost it, I-I don’t know.”

“I-I don’t understand,” Amy’s words were cutting, but expected. “you let me cle-” she quickly corrected herself, obviously trying not to embarrass Maria any further “help you earlier.” It was a thoughtful gesture, but overall meaningless, the damage was already done. Maria felt like her cheeks were on fire.

“Y-Yeah.” Maria replied shakily. She hoped Amy would stop asking questions soon. “I let you do that, I didn’t let you touch my back, you just did it, unexpectedly.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t know.” Amy looked to the ground in an almost dramatic way, it was hard to tell if she was acting, or being serious. “Does it have something to do with your da-”

“Can we talk about something else?” Maria cut the girl off, biting her lip. The conversation didn’t need to go in that direction. The fact Amy would even try to bring it up was almost infuriating.

“S-sure.” The other girl seemed to be taken back a bit at first, but she soon rebounded with what Maria could have sworn was a naughty smirk “Have you ever…you know….” her grin widened “gone all the way before?”

“Uh…no…” Maria was a bit surprised Amy of all people would ask her that question. “I’ve never had a boyfriend, or girlfriend, or anything like that before. I guess I’m just…not into all that kind of stuff? There’s a word for it…”


“Yeah, that.” Maria contemplated a bit before deciding to ask what she wanted to ask. “How about you?”

“Oh…” Amy’s cheeks flushed suddenly “well, I got close once, really close, but it didn’t end up happening.” Amy was facing the ground, it was obvious the question brought up some kind of old baggage. “Bad question.” She sat in silence for a bit, while Maria just stared at her, not being one for topic starters herself. “Oh!” Amy gleefully smiled after a few minutes, looking Maria with her sparkling blue eyes, “I wanted to tell you that you have great taste in music!” She gestured at Maria’s shirt.

Maria blinked at her. “You listen to classic rock?” Amy had to be joking. There was no way someone like her could know who ‘Talking Heads’ were.

“All of the time!” Amy nearly squealed. “I love it! It just has this sound that modern music can’t match!”

“Really?” Maria was still in disbelief. “What’s your favorite metal band?” She crossed her arms, waiting for Amy to stubble with her words and catch her in the act.”

“Ugh. Don’t make me choose. Metallica is sooooo good, but if you were to put a gun to my head, I’d have to go with AC/DC. How ‘bout you?”

“Uhh…Black Sabbath.” Maria was at a loss for words. The fact that Amy did, in fact, like a genre of music that was so… not Amy was bewildering. This cute girl, who was obsessed with ponies and the color pink was also into music that preaches the dark truths about reality. How? Maybe it was like a favorite color and just couldn’t be explained. Maybe Amy liked classic rock because she liked it, and there was nothing else to it. It was just so weird how the same person could like two things that are seemingly polar opposites of each other.

“Ooh. I never even thought of them. You must really know your stuff.”

Maria was actually having a great time talking to Amy. She never got to talk to anyone about, well, anything before, especially not something she was so passionate about. The two girls went back and forth, discussing different songs and bands, as much as Amy praised her for knowing her stuff, Maria had to admit Amy definitely knew what she was talking about. While talking, however, Maria realized her bottom area felt really uncomfortable and sweaty, causing her to pick at her goodnite a bit. Amy seemed a bit out of it, too. She was staring at Maria’s pants.

“Um…” Maria started, a bit uncomfortable “what are you do-”

In nearly an instant, Maria was caught off guard as Amy sprang up and grabbed her by the wrist. She was stronger than she looked; keeping her hold tight as she proceeded to lift Maria off the ground and pull her away from the lake.

“What are you doing!” Maria screamed in panic. “Let go of me!”

No matter how hard she wailed, Amy wouldn’t let go. She seemed almost fixated as she continued to drag Maria towards the front entrance. Her face was flat and scrunched up a bit. Was she mad? Did Maria do something to make her angry? What? Why was she doing this?

Finally reaching the main entrance building, Amy veered into a room, which Maria recognized as public restroom; much like the one at their campsite. Not knowing what Amy was planning, Maria continued to scream like a wild animal, she unclenched her jaw and bit Amy’s hand with all her might. Even though she drew blood, the other girl still did not waver and forced Maria into one of the bathroom stalls, locking the door. She pulled Maria’s pants and goodnite down and pushed her onto the toilet.

“Dang girl, that hu-” Amy didn’t have a chance to finish her thought. Almost instantaneously, Maria balled up her fist and struck her in the face.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” Maria was furious. “I just told you I don’t like people touching me! Are you retarded or something?!”

“I-I just…” Amy was holding onto the cheek Maria punched with her bleeding hand. “you looked like you were going to have an accident and I…”

“Two questions.” Maria buttoned her pants up as she glared at Amy, clearly not satisfied with her answer. “One, why the hell would you think something like that?” Amy opened her mouth to speak, but she was quickly cut off. “Two, even if you can give a reasonable answer to number one, what made you think you had the right to grab my arm and drag me here?”

Amy began tearing up, obviously a ploy to try to get Maria to feel bad for her. Maria, however, was fresh out of sympathy. Why should she have to feel bad for Amy? Amy is the one who should apologize to her. She blatantly disregarded Maria’s boundaries and literally did the one thing she was told never to do. She was the one who made Maria feel bad, so why should Maria have to apologize?

“I-I couldn’t let you have an accident.” The brown haired girl mustered the sentence out. “I thought you were going to pee yourself and I just couldn’t let that happen.”

“Even if did think I was going to wet myself, which I wasn’t by the way, you still had no rig-”

“I don’t want you to be in diapers forever!” The almost feral scream that Amy let out took even Maria by surprise. “You can’t afford to just wet yourself because you ‘forgot’ or you ‘took to long to go,’ like I thought you were about to!”

“Why do you even care?” Maria was also shouting now. “Why does me wearing diapers bother you so much?”

“Because your situation is so easy to avoid! You’ve been wetting since you’re nine, so the fact that you still have control over your bladder at all is amazing! I don’t want you to slip up and start forgetting how to use the bathroom! I don’t want you to start wearing real diapers! I don’t want you to go through the embarrassment of trying to hide them!”

“But why do you even care about that stuff?” The anger in Maria’s voice was starting to falter.

“Because you’re my friend!” Amy took Maria’s hands into her own. “And I don’t want my friend to suffer!” Amy’s voice calmed down, leaving a tearful, somber one in its place. “Please. I’m sorry I grabbed you like that, but I just really wanted you to make it to the bathroom.”

Maria’s eyes shifted down to Amy’s fingers which were entangled in her own. There wasn’t a blemish in sight. Her skin appeared to be smooth and soft, almost as if she were made of porcelain. Her short fingernails were on level, none of them being longer or shorter than the others. They seemed to be perfect, however, feeling them for herself, Maria knew this wasn’t the case. Amy’s fingertips were covered in hard, rough calluses that could only be seen if you knew they were there; rugged flaws on otherwise perfect surfaces.

“S-sorry.” Amy pulled her hands away quickly, preemptively ending Maria’s examination of them. “I know you don’t like being touched. I-I’ll try to be better about that in the future.”

Both girls had calmed down by this point. Maria was standing there in contemplation over what had happened. Amy genuinely seemed to care about her, something that was was hard to take in. The only other person she knew who regarded her like that with was her mother. It was confusing.

“It’s fine,” was the response she eventually decided to go with “just, next time you think something’s going to happen, tell me first.”

“Right!” Amy wiped the tears from her eyes and forced the corners of her mouth into a smile.

Maria returned the smile with one of her own. Exiting the stall, she took a few paper towels and handed them to Amy so that she could wipe her face. The smaller girl seemed to appreciate this gesture, as the forced upturn of her lips became totally natural. Maria opened the door, preparing to leave the bathroom with Amy, only to be greeted by the scowling face of a taller woman.

“What are you girls doing?”

“W-what do you mean?” The sudden appearance of Ms. Aster caught Maria off guard.

“I heard someone screaming bloody murder in here.” She turned from Maria to Amy, her stern exterior seeming to soften up a bit. “What did she do to you, honey? Did she hurt you?”

Maria rolled her eyes. Of course, the teacher would think she hurt Amy. There was absolutely no way Amy could have done something to her. That would be ridiculous. I mean, she’s just a cute, innocent cinnamon bun. Well, she kind of was, but that was beside the point.

“No! Not at all!” Amy’s quick and non-defensive response caught Maria off guard a little. “She didn’t do anything. She was the one screaming because I violated her personal space. I dragged her here against her will. We were playing around, but I took it to far.”

“Is that so?” Maria felt the teacher’s stern glare enter her soul. Why were people’s eyes so intimidating? “Well, Ms. Ross, I understand how having your boundaries violated could startle you, however, there was no need to cause such an outburst.”

Of course, I still get berated even though I’m the victim. Maria folded her arms and turned her head away. Amy lying about why she brought me here was a relief, though, so I don’t have to worry about that.

“You’re right. I overreacted, it was an honest mistake on Amy’s part.” Maria hoped Ms. Aster wouldn’t notice her biting her lip. “There’s no way she could have known I didn’t like people touching me, so please don’t punish her. It wasn’t her fault.”

Maria could have sworn she saw a tiny smile on her teacher’s face. It was weird, Ms. Aster was never happy.

“I was planning on giving you both a significant grade reduction for this little outburst, however, because you had a genuine excuse for it and were mature enough to admit your wrongdoings, I’ll let it slide this once. Now come on, we’re just about to start our Florida fauna trivia game.”

Maria could feel Amy’s sigh of relief. Apparently, she was one of those people who were afraid of getting bad grades, either that, or she was afraid of what would happen if she did get bad grades. To a certain extent, Maria could empathize with the ladder.

After one of the weirdest days of her life, full of confusing and embarrassing moments, Maria was more than ready for it to be over. She practically threw herself on her bed, ready to fall asleep right there and then, before realizing that was practically impossible in hot, sweaty leather. Forcing herself up, she opened her bag to retrieve her pajamas. While going through her stuff, she paused at the sight of the goodnites she brought.

Oh shit. You almost forgot to offer Amy a goodnite, dumbass! She’s already in her pajamas, if she didn’t have to make her bed, she’d probably be asleep by now!

“Hey, Amy…” Maria started, getting the blue-eyed girls attention, ready to follow through with the next step in her plan.

“Hm?” Amy’s eyes locked with Maria’s. For the second time that day, Maria was gazing into those entrancing blue marbles. They were so innocent, so pure. It hurt to look at them, it felt wrong, like committing a crime. They reminded Maria of everything that had happened that day, all the thoughts she was trying to push aside: how upset Amy was when she found out the bed was wet, how Amy helped her calm down when she had a panic attack, the cute nickname Amy gave her, the feeling of Amy’s fingers. Everything came back.

“N-never mind.”

Idiot. How stupid can you be? You spent the whole day with her, talked to her, got to know her, and yet, you still thought about following your dumbass plan. You should know by now that she’s nothing like Kiana, so what the hell? The thought of her not being able to understand her own actions filled Maria with rage; not knowing where to direct her frustration, she threw the closest thing in her vicinity. Oh shit.

Maria watched in horror as the contents of her bag flew all over the cabin after hitting the wall. She stood there for a moment, trying to process what happened.

“Are you ok?!” Amy’s voice was frantic. “Are you mad? Did I do something wrong?”

“No!” Maria was immediately released from her spell. “You didn’t do anything wrong, it’s my fault.”

Maria picked up her bag and began tossing stuff in at random. From the corner of her eye, she saw that Amy was helping. She really was the sweetest girl in the world.

“Om my gosh! Your teddy bear is so cute!”

Maria turned to look at Amy who was now holding a golden teddy bear. She forgot she brought that with her, she didn’t even remember what it was for. The way Amy was looking at it, though, made it apparent that she had fallen in love with it.

“You can have it if you want.”

“What?! Really?!” Amy’s eyes lit up. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love stuffies so much! I have a ton at home, but I’m always looking for more!”

Amy really is adorable. The small smile that briefly resided on Maria’s face turned to a frown upon feeling the familiar touch of padding. Oh right…those things.

Maria stared at the goodnite her hand caught for a good while, trying to determine whether or not to put it on. The flow had almost subsided, so she could probably go without one. On the other hand, wearing one might make Amy feel better about her bed wetting.

“You know, if it would make you feel better…” Amy’s voice was quiet, almost like a whisper “I-I could wear one too…”

“You don’t have to do that!”

“N-no, but I-I want to. I wet the bed almost every night, remember? M-maybe they could help…”

Maria didn’t know what to say. She sat flat on the floor and watched as Amy picked up a goodnite and slipped it into her own bag. It was a bizarre sight, to say the least. Despite everything that happened that day, Maria found Amy’s actions just then the weirdest.

It didn’t take long for the girls to get the cabin cleaned up and before they knew it, they were dressed for bed.

Exiting the bathroom, Maria took note of the nervous look on Amy’s face. She kept staring down at her crotch on the trip back to their cabin.

“Hey, are you ok?” Maria eventually questioned her after walking in silence for some time.

“It’s just… so light…”


“Oh! No, nothing’s wrong.”

“If you say so…”

When they were about halfway there, Amy suddenly froze. Maria could tell she had been sweating, which was weird since it was a relatively cool night. Then, without any explanation, the tiny girl took off running as fast as she could, leaving Maria behind. Her hands were positioned over her crotch as if she were a three year old trying to make it to the potty on time.

What was that about?


Maria never got a chance to question Amy about the incident, as when she entered her cabin, she was fast asleep, wrapped up in her sheets like a cacoon. She didn’t bother asking her about it the morning after either, assuming that it was probably a private matter after giving it a bit of thought.

Waking up, it was clear that Amy had wet the bed again. The wet spot on her sheets was even bigger than before, she wasn’t kidding when she said it got worse every night. She was even wearing protection this time. Although, rather than looking horrified, like yesterday, she almost seemed relieved. Her face didn’t appear tense in the slightest.

Upon questioning her about her attitude, she gave a rather confusing response.

“Trust me. It could have been MUCH worse.”

While helping Amy clean up, Maria couldn’t take her mind off of what she said. What exactly did she mean by ‘much worse’? Was she more comfortable now that Maria knew she wet? After getting dressed and helping stuff Amy’s soiled sheets into her bag, Maria decided to stop thinking about it. Who cares what Amy meant? It wasn’t any of her business anyway.

“Give me your phone.” Amy was standing in front of Maria with her hand extended and a smile on her face. It was a little unsettling.


“I’m going to add my contact on it. Here, you can do mine.”

Amy’s phone was exactly as Maria pictured it. The pink phone case was designed with moving glitter inside of it, which, of course, was also pink. Not only that, but the small rhinestones that you would usually find on an eight year old girls pants were outlining the edges, making it look like the phone was sparkling like a diamond. The small charm hanging from the edge was also cute. It was a small, plastic figure of the pink pony character depicted on Amy’s pajamas. Taking the phone into her hand, Maria reached into her pocket to pull out her own phone. She was kind of embarrassed by how bland it was in comparison, taking note of how she never even bothered to change the plain, black case the phone came with. Nevertheless, she handed it to Amy. After a few seconds of exchanging numbers, the girls handed their phones back to each other. Maria made sure to keep the contact screen up and was rewarded with the warm smile Amy gave her. She honestly didn’t care for ‘Mars Bars’ too much, but the sentiment was still really sweet.

“Oh dang! It’s 8:30! Come on Mars Bars, we’re going to miss the closing announcements.”

And with that, Amy grabbed her bag and ran out the door, leaving Maria alone with her thoughts.

What a weird weekend.

I feel like its very obvious that Amy is completely incontinent. I did enjoy this chapter, even if it was kind cheesy. It leaves me curious as to where this new relationship is headed.

Thankies for posting :slight_smile:

I’m enjoying the role-reversal going on here. These two have good chemistry.

Honestly when I first read the beginning of this story I wasn’t realy found of it. I though it was an other bullying story. But hopefully I ketp reading and now I can’t wait to read the next part.

Thanks a lot for posting.

Sorry for the long time between updates, finals completly drained me. On the bright side, I’ve already started on the next chapter, so expect that to come out some time in January.
[HR][/HR]No Regrets
Chapter 5

“Daddy, what does autismic mean?”

Maria looked up expectantly at the tall, grizzled man as she felt him place her on the changing table. It was a word she never heard before. The cashier said it while her daddy was walking her to the bathroom. She hoped it didn’t mean anything bad.

“Shit!” Maria jumped back, unable to control the small yelp she let put while doing so. She didn’t expect such a loud response. That was one of the words her daddy used when something bad happened. She hoped she didn’t do anything bad.

“I’m sowey.” Maria puffed out her lower lip and let tears fall freely from her face. She didn’t want her daddy to be mad at her.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, sweetheart. I just wish you didn’t hear what that prick said. I could understand saying something like that about an eight or a nine year old, but a four year old? Ridiculous!”

“So, it means something bad?” Maria dropped her head down. Even though her daddy wasn’t mad at her, she kept crying. She didn’t know why she was being called a mean name.

Maria’s dad lifted his daughter’s head up with his hand.“It means special. Does that sound bad to you?”

“N-no,” Maria sniffed, her nose was clogged up with snot, “h-he said I was special?” Upon seeing her dad nod in confirmation, Maria smiled. She was relieved.

“Now then, I think it’s about time we get my little Marasaura cleaned up.”

Maria lay back on the hard, plastic pad, it was a little uncomfortable, but she didn’t mind too much, especially with what was coming next. She grinned with anticipation as her daddy removed her orange Mary Janes, giggling a little from the excitement. She giggled even more when he lifted up her sundress, exposing her yellowed princess underwear. She closed her eyes, hearing the loud rip of packaging, signaling to her that the best part was about to come. She felt her bottom go bear and the cooling sensation of the wipes as she was being cleaned. It was a wonderful feeling. She was glad her dad always took a long time changing her when she had an accident, it felt so good, the wipes, the cream, the powder, all of it. Before she knew it, Maria felt the white, padded garment being strapped on her waist. Opening her eyes, she was greeted by her daddy’s smiling face.

“All done, buttercup.” He picked up his daughter and stood her on the ground.

Maria smiled. Her dad was so nice. He even left all the diaper stuff on the floor for other daddy’s to diaper their little girls if they didn’t bring any supplies, like them.

Taking his hand, Maria walked out of the store with a bounce in her step. Having her daddy change her really made her day. On the way out, she noticed the store clerk from earlier smile at her. Maria grinned.

He must think I’m really special.

Maria didn’t know what autism was until she was eleven.

Tuesday morning was just like any other. Maria turned on the shower and placed her hair under the water. There was no way her mother would let her leave unless she made it look like she bathed. Maria let her thick hair sit under the water for a while, long enough to not raise any suspicion. Afterward, she got dressed, sporting just a regular black T-shirt and jeans, thankful she now had access to sanitary napkins. Before she left, she checked her hair in the mirror, determining that it could successfully fool her mother.

She greeted the woman with an awkward smile and sat down at the dining table, surprised to find a plate of bacon and scrambled eggs in front of her. Biting into a piece of the bacon, she was surprised to find that it wasn’t completely awful. Maria couldn’t remember the last time her mom cooked for her, she forgot how good she was at it. Even though she enjoyed the meal immensely, she couldn’t fight the sinking feeling that something was wrong. What made today so special? Was her mother trying to butter her up?

“Sweetheart,” her mother began, voice unusually full of life “I have some wonderful news.” Maria raised an eyebrow and continued to eat in silence, she didn’t know how to respond to her mother’s weird behavior. “I met someone the other day, and…”

Maria slammed her utensils down on her plate. She didn’t need to hear what her mom was going to say next. She already knew where this was going.

“You’re married.” Maria couldn’t help but come off as spiteful. She recently came to the realization that she was shit at hiding her true emotions, no matter how much she wanted to. She knew her outburst would probably have consequences, but that wasn’t what she was focused on at the moment. She was more worried about shutting down her mother’s crazy delusions.

“Yes,” the solemn tone of her mother’s voice put Maria on edge “I have been faithful to your father for 17 years, and he’s been gone for almost half of them, but I just can’t wait for him anymore…”

Stop. Maria pleaded helplessly in her mind.

“…Sweetheart, we’re getting a divorce.”

Maria’s whole body froze. How could her mother do this? She did a lot of horrible things, but this? This was by far the worst thing she’s ever done. Maria rose up from the table loudly and threw her backpack over her shoulder.

“I can’t understand why you’re like this! You should hate his guts after what he-”

Maria wasn’t listening anymore. She let the front door slam behind her and made her way to her car. She was angry, seething with rage. She knew her mother was doing this to punish her, making it so she would never see her dad again.

Maria looked through the window, resting her chin on her hand, watching raindrops slowly make their way down the glass. She knew she should at least pretend to read the assigned text, but couldn’t be bothered to glance at her textbook, not today. The story they were reading was supposed to be short, something she’s never heard of before called ‘Flowers for Algernon.’ Despite not liking to read, English was Maria’s favorite class. It was quiet. All they did was read stories. Mr. Niner left all the analysis crap for homework.

“Alright class, if you haven’t finished the assigned reading yet, you can do so at home, we have some guests.”

Maria sighed. Once again, bullshit beyond her control was getting in the way of her relaxing. Turning her head towards the front of the room, she saw a group of girls donning their school’s ugly dark green and gold cheerleader uniforms walk in. To her surprise, she recognized a familiar face among the crowd: Carla. She was wearing an overly peppy smile on her face. Maria cringed, memories of the camping trip still fresh in her mind.

“Ok, guys!” The cheeriness of Carla’s voice caught Maria off guard, she was so used to hearing contempt in her voice. “Today, we’re gonna’ teach you the Junior’s pep rally cheer!”

Please no… Maria bit her lip.

“Stand up and repeat after me: We are the Juniors, the mighty mighty Juniors!” As the rest of the class mimicked the girls’ stomps and cheers, Maria buried her face into her arms, hoping that it would be over soon. She wouldn’t be caught dead doing something so stupid.

The dumb cheer was just the same verse, over and over and over again. What’s worse is that it wasn’t even original. Maria slammed her hands over her ears, her head still firmly planted on her desk. After each verse, she was overcome with the hope that her suffering would end, only for Carla and the rest of the cheerleaders to repeat the cheer. After six versus, silence engulfed the room, causing Maria to sigh in relief.

“You think I don’t see you back there, but I do.” Carla’s voice regained the spiteful nature Maria was accustomed to. “Stand up and join the rest of the class.”

Maria knew Carla was talking to her but didn’t budge, she refused to publicly humiliate herself. Carla didn’t back down, though, refusing to continue her stupid cheer unless Maria stood up. All eyes were on her, she didn’t lift her head, but she knew that’s what was going on. They were annoyed with her, glaring at her with hatred for wasting their time. Maria didn’t budge.

“I don’t think Maria is feeling very well today.”

Maria was thankful for Mr. Niner’s interjection. She didn’t know if he was covering for her, or actually picked up on her mood. Either way, she appreciated how him lowering the tension in the room. The girls continued with their routine while Maria buried her head further into her desk, waiting for the sweet release of the lunch bell. As soon as it rang, she was the first one up, making her way towards the classroom door as quickly as possible. Before she could leave, though, she felt a hand grab her shoulder. Maria recognized it as Carla’s and pulled away with all her might before the black haired girl could say anything.

Maria increased her pace with every step, trying to get to the lunchroom as quickly as possible. While turning a corner, she only had a second to process the figure in front of her before finding herself on the ground. The fall caused her to wince a bit, and as she opened her eyes, she saw a girl, a little younger than her, also on the ground. The contents of her backpack were spilled out across the floor.

“Watch where you’re going!” Maria was filled with a sudden rage. She knew the impact was probably her fault, but she couldn’t help taking her anger out on the girl she bumped into.

“Sor-” The girl stopped once she made eye contact with Maria. In an instant her whole body froze, her eyes filling with fear. She trembled. Trembled, like she was gazing into the eyes of a serial killer. Without saying another word, she hurriedly picked up her stuff and shoved it into her backpack. She got up and walked away.

Maria rolled her eyes. She had never seen that girl before, let alone actually do anything to her. This kind of thing wasn’t new, though. Nobody wanted anything to do with her since Freshman year. It was just like Amy said: they all hated her. The only reason they didn’t show it was because they were afraid of getting their faces beaten in. Maybe that was why Maria kept letting Carla get off easy. As much as Maria hated her, she had to admit the way Carla didn’t pull any bullshit was refreshing, almost admirable in a way.


Maria cringed at the familiar voice. Speak of the devil. She stood up and started walking away without giving a single glance in Carla’s direction, desperately hoping the black haired girl wouldn’t follow her.

“We need to talk.”

Maria continued to ignore Carla but did speed up her pace a bit. She only got to take a few steps, however, before she felt two hands forcefully cover her mouth and grab her neck from behind. The cold, unfamiliar touch sent Maria into a screaming fit, even as the stranger dug their sharp nails deeper into her flesh. Maria began to flail her arms, trying to get a hit in on her unknown assailant. She was successful a couple of times, elbowing them in the stomach a few times before another person stepped in and tightly grabbed hold of her arms. Despite how much she struggled, Maria couldn’t escape the grip of the two strangers and soon felt herself being pushed forward against her will, eventually being shoved into the girl’s bathroom.

As soon as she was released, Maria instinctively punched the girl closest to her in the face. Not long after her fist made contact, Maria felt a sharp pain from the back of her head. The other girl had a tight grip on Maria’s hair, pulling at her roots with what felt like inhuman strength. Maria turned to face her, but as she did, the girl she punched retaliated with a firm shove to the back. Maria fell face first towards the floor, the swiftness of the fall causing the hair the other girl was holding onto to be ripped out. Before Maria had the chance to get up, she felt a shoe dig into her backside, pinning her down.

“Sit your ass down, bitch!” Despite the girl’s warning, Maria continued to struggle, which resulted in further pressure being placed on her backside.

“Let her go Makenzi.” Maria didn’t even notice the third girl enter the bathroom. The sound of her voice was grating, condescending, and demanding. It was Carla’s all right. Of course, she was behind all of this. Her and her stupid pep squad.

Feeling the pressure on her backside dissipate, Maria sprung to her feet, only to be knocked back down by a punch from Carla. Maria clenched her jaw. She could already feel it swelling. It was definitely going bruise.

“That was for Amy, you bitch!” The calmness that had previously been in Carla’s voice was gone, leaving only an aggressive shout.

“What the hell are yo-”

“Oh…” With that statement, Maria realized that Carla must have been referring to the wound she gave Amy when she punched her during the camping trip. Her cheek must have bruised. “That was a…misunderstanding…”


Maria didn’t blame Carla for not believing her. It was kind of hard to believe that hitting someone in the face at full force could be classified as a ‘misunderstanding.’ Carla probably needed more details to believe th

“Don’t even try to deny it! I saw what you did to her face!”

at, if she was willing to believe it at all. The problem was Maria wasn’t willing to relay the embarrassing events that led up to that moment, especially not to Carla.

“Ok, fine. I hit her.” Maria managed to say as she lifted herself from the ground and made her way towards the door. “And now, you’ve hit me. We’re even.”

“Not so fast.” Just as Maria was about to push the door open, one of the girls with Carla stepped in front of her. “You think you’re getting away that easy?”

Maria looked the girl over. She was tall, slim, and had neat brunette hair tied into a ponytail. Maria didn’t recognize her from the camping trip, or from any of her classes.

“Do I even know you?” Rage filled Maria’s head at the thought of someone she’d never met before speaking to her in such an accusatory way.

“I don’t need to know you to know that you’re a bully who starts shit with people for no reason.”

“Well, then I don’t need to know you to know that you’re a self-righteous bitch who thinks she needs to fight everybody’s battles for them.”

Maria’s throat felt like it was on fire as she felt herself being pulled forward by the shirt collar. She made sure to keep a snarky smile on despite this, there was no way she was going to let that hoe have any sense of satisfaction.

“Let her go, Tara. She’s right. We’re done here.”

Maria was just as surprised as the other two girls after hearing Carla’s words. Was she really going to let her go with a punch to the jaw and a bruise on her back?

“But Carla, she-”

“Isn’t worth the effort.” Carla glared at Maria as she finished her friend’s statement. “She’s nothing but a pathetic, flat-chested crybaby who doesn’t care about anyone but herself. I thought if someone finally called her out, she would react in at least some way, but after this, I honestly don’t feel comfortable being around her. She’s a sociopath.”

Maria looked back at Carla, staring into her eyes. She was completely serious. Maria wanted to say something but ended up just staring at Carla like a deer in the headlights. This continued as the three girls filed out of the bathroom in silence. Before she left, however, Carla looked back at Maria.

“Stay away from my friend. I really don’t want to have to associate with you again.”

And with that, the bathroom was silent.

Maria continued to stare blankly into space, trying to process how she felt. She wasn’t angry. She wasn’t sad. All she knew was that Carla’s words affected her somehow, in a way she’s never experienced before.

Sighing, Maria took her lighter out of her backpack. With the day she’s had, she felt justified in having a smoke. She lit a cigarette and stuck it in her mouth, huffing the grey smoke into the air until the feeling of pleasure subsided. She lit another one, and the feeling faded faster. Before she knew it, she had gone through half the pack, trying to make the weird feeling Carla gave her go away.

On her tenth cigarette, Maria began to start coughing. She dropped the cigarette on the floor and quickly stuck two fingers down her throat, gagging until she finally managed to force herself to puke. She took a moment to catch her breath before remembering the lit cigarette she dropped and crushing it beneath her shoe.

Maria picked up her backpack, throat still sore, and exited the bathroom. She was usually better at hiding evidence of her smoking, but she couldn’t be bothered today. If she got in trouble, so be it. Despite still having a class left that day, Maria began heading towards the student parking lot. She wanted to go home.

She only made it about half-way there before the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch. Students came flooding into hallways. Maria tried her best not to bump into anyone, but it was difficult since she was moving in the opposite direction.

“Hey, Mars Bars!”

It was so sudden. Maria froze. People shoved passed her, but she hardly noticed. She didn’t know if she was happy to hear the voice calling out for her or not. A part of her wanted to ignore it and continue in the direction she was going. Another part of her wanted to turn around and greet the voice with a smile. In the end, Maria just stood still, not moving in either direction.

“Where are you going? Classes are the other way.”

Finally turning around, Maria was greeted by an innocent smile. The girl was wearing overalls. Maria hadn’t worn overalls since she was little.

Water started to well in her eyes, but she didn’t know why. Before she knew it, Maria was full-on sobbing. Silent tears poured down her face as she looked at the girl in front of her. A few more people pushed past them in the halls, but Maria didn’t care, the only thing she could see was Amy.

“Oh my gosh, what’s wrong? You smell like smoke, did something happen?”

“I…” Maria began to speak, not even knowing what she was about to say. Nobody was around except the two of them now, the class bell must have rung. “My parents are getting divorced.”

Amy’s face shifted into a sad frown. Maria hated herself for that.

“I’m so sorry, Maria.”

Maria began to cry more, but she didn’t know why. “I want to go home!” She sounded so childish.

“D-do you want a hug?” Amy held out her arms. Maria lept into them, wrapping her own tightly around the girl, resting her head on her shoulder.

She didn’t know why, but it made her feel better.

I’ve missed this. I’m surprised you skipped the rest of the camping trip but I can see that there might not be much left to do after Maria stopped trying to hurt Amy. Interested in seeing where this is going.

Just finished chapter 5. I am very curious as to how the relationship with Amy will go next. She seems to be bonding wither in ways she can’t wiff others. She feels safe opening up and sharing her feelings. Something she doesn’t seem to do properly with those around her.

I’m starting to enjoy this story a bit more. I’ll be waiting for your next installment.

Thankies for posting!!! :slight_smile:

Didn’t I say it would come out in January :wink: [HR][/HR]No Regrets
Chapter 6

Maria stood in front of the door longer than she probably should have. She was a bit surprised when she got invited over. She didn’t know why Amy would ask her to visit after behaving the way she did. She acted like a total kid in front of her…again! Was it out of pity? That’s the only explanation Maria could think of. Who would want to hang out with an emotional mess like her willingly? That mystery combined with the uneasiness she felt at the thought of being in someone else’s house made her hesitate before knocking. She already told her mom she’d probably be getting home late. Even though she was still mad at her, Maria didn’t want to disappoint her mother, especially after hearing how happy she sounded over the phone. When she heard that her daughter was staying over at a friends house, every bit of malice the woman had from that morning seemed to melt away. Considering how often her mother tended to hold grudges, this came as a bit of a shock to Maria. Besides, she wasn’t ready to face her mom in person yet, so going home was out of the question. After waiting a little while longer, Maria took a deep breath and knocked.

The door was open within seconds, leaving Maria little time to prepare before being ushered into the house. One look at the living room told her she was out of her element. All the furniture was wrapped in plastic and aside from a few stray boxes, nothing looked out of place. There was plenty of room to move around without a single piece of trash in sight. On top of that, it was clear the tiled floor had been recently polished, leaving the smell of lavender to linger about the house.

“Come on! Come on! Come on!” Maria could barely follow Amy as she attempted to keep up with the girl’s rapid pace. “We don’t have a lot of time!” In just a few seconds, the brunette was starting a shower in the bathroom while Maria just stared on in utter confusion. “I’ll go get some new clothes while you undress.” She made it about half-way out the door before her arm was grabbed.

“Hold on!” Maria made sure to express how annoyed she was by the events that were taking place. “You can’t just invite me over to your house and then demand that I take a shower!”

Can she?

“I’m sorry,” Amy’s voice stayed just as panicked as it was moments ago, “but I didn’t expect you to show up so late! My dad’s going to be home soon and I need to make sure you’re ready!”

“Ready for what?” Maria raised a skeptical eyebrow.

“You see,” Amy slowed down her pace, looking away from Maria’s eyes, “my mom is kind of a neat freak, and I don’t mean to offend you or anything, but you sort of…smell like smoke, just a little, so…”

Maria felt her cheeks go beat red, just like they always seemed to around Amy. Her arms folded across her chest as she looked at the ground with a stupid grin on her face. She couldn’t have looked more embarrassed if she tried.

“I-it’s really no big deal.” Amy tried to cheer her friend up “It’s just that…I know you’ve been going through a rough time recently, but…you do know that stuff’s illegal, right?”

Maria tightened her arms. It was bound to happen eventually. Amy finally got a glimpse of the real her. The ugly, uncivilized, uncaring Maria. It made her feel dirty, ashamed even. She had tainted an innocent girl with her filth.

“I-I should probably be getting those clothes now.” It was clear the situation was awkward for Amy as well.

“W-wait.” Maria stopped her just as she was leaving the room. “I-I don’t want to take a shower. They make me feel…dirty. Please, don’t make me take one.” Maria realised how stupid she sounded as soon as the words left her mouth.

“What about baths? Do you feel dirty taking them?”

Maria looked up at Amy in surprise. Out of all the responses she could have given, that was about the only one Maria didn’t see coming. “N-no.”

Without saying a word, Amy turned off the faucet briefly before turning it on again after placing a stopper over the drain. “I’ll leave new clothes outside the door, they’ll probably be a bit small on you, but hopefully, they’ll still fit. You can also toss your old clothes out there too, I’ll put them in the wash for you.”

And with that, the door closed, leaving Maria alone in the bathroom. She stood there for a moment, perplexed by what had just happened. Her mind continued to ponder as she began to undress, thinking about what she said to Amy. She probably could have gotten away with faking a shower like she always did, but she didn’t want to lie anymore, at least not to Amy. If she were honest, it wouldn’t hurt as much when Amy found out her true nature. And yet, she couldn’t force herself to come clean about the Goodnites lie, as if that were the thing holding their friendship together. She knew it wasn’t, after all, Amy was willing to be friends with her before she lied about having bathroom problems. She could probably tell Amy the truth and nothing would change, but that’s not what it felt like. She didn’t want to lose Amy, and couldn’t shake the feeling that telling her the truth would do just that.

Trying not to think about it too much, Maria stepped into the bath and was pleased to find out that it was warm. She hated showers enough on their own, but to her, cold showers were comparable to torture. Amy’s family seemed to have a theme going with their soap: the body wash, shampoo, and conditioner were all lemon scented. It smelled really nice too, unlike the low quality, ‘Great Value’ soap at her house. As she washed her body and hair, Maria got a bit nostalgic, remembering when her dad bathed her when she was little. He was always so gentle while cleaning her and even played games with her in the bath. Her favorite was when she pretended to be a mad scientist and used soap bubbles to create inventions that would help her take over the world. She would always make a mess, but her dad never minded. She almost wanted to ask Amy if she had any bubble bath laying around, but decided it would sound too childish. After wiping away the last remaining skin flakes on her legs, Maria exited the bath. The way the water looked afterward made her gag, she could barely force herself to drain the tub.

Did all of that brown stuff really come from me? The thought made Maria shudder.

Shaking off that disturbing thought, Maria carefully cracked the door open and grabbed the clothes Amy laid out for her. They were…questionable, to say the least. There was a short-sleeved, light pink T-shirt with a cartoon dog on it, a long, light pink, frilly skirt; the kind you would see a toddler wear, and a pair of frilly, white socks. Amy had also forgotten to give her any underwear, though, that was an easy fix compared to everything else. Maria hated everything she was seeing, however, not wanting to hurt Amy’s feelings, she decided to wear the outfit after drying off. The clothes were a bit tight, especially the shirt, which left her lower stomach revealed. Looking at herself in the mirror, Maria couldn’t help but blush a bit. She hated to admit it, but she actually looked kind of cute.

Amy seemed to think so too, as that was the first thing she said when she saw Maria. She seemed almost captivated by her friend’s appearance, not taking her eyes off her for a minute as the two made their way towards Amy’s bedroom.

“Oh, um, Amy, I think you forgot to leave me some underwear.” Maria blushed at the bluntness of her statement. Why did she have to say things at the most awkward time?

“About that…” Amy’s usually cheery voice changed to one of nervousness, leaving Maria with uncomfortable feeling “I was going to give you one of my bras, but the thing is, I’m pretty sure they would be too…big on you. I mean, I have some old undershirts if you really wa-”

“No, it’s fine.” Maria attempted to give a weak smile as she looked down at her chest. Nothing was showing through her shirt, even without the help of a sports bra. She didn’t notice when she checked her appearance in the mirror, but now, she was painfully aware of it. Apparently, she didn’t need to wear anything under her shirt, a realization that hit her hard. It might not have been so bad if Amy was in the same boat, but despite her small stature, the girl had somehow managed to mature faster than Maria in at least one area. It wasn’t like she was particularly endowed or anything, (she couldn’t have been any larger than an A), but that somehow made Maria feel even worse. “What about the…” Maria tried to keep a straight face as she motioned towards her lower region.

“I was afraid you would ask about that…” Maria nervously looked up from her chest upon hearing Amy’s words. An uneasiness started growing in the pit of her stomach. “You see, I kinda, sorta told my mom about your…problem…” Maria knew exactly what ‘problem’ Amy was referring to. Her bad feeling got even worse. “…and I swear I didn’t know she would make such a big deal over it, but when I told her I invited you over,…she said you would have to wear…protection…”

“You mean, like, a Goodnite?” Maria asked sheepishly. She wasn’t too fond of the idea of wearing pull-ups again, but was willing to do so for Amy’s sake. Though, she was a bit mad at her for telling her mother something so personal, even if it wasn’t true.

“Kind of…” Amy’s reaction sent Maria back into a state of panic. “We don’t have any of those here right now. I’d go out to the store to buy some, but like I said, my dad’s going to be home soon.”

“So what am I supposed to wear?”

“Don’t get mad,” Amy’s statement only served to set off more red flags in Maria’s mind. She knew where this was going by now, but was desperately hoping she was wrong. “but I was kind of thinking you could wear a diaper, just for a little bit.”

Maria’s whole body froze. She was expecting those exact words to come out of Amy’s mouth, but was still shocked when they did. She wanted to tell Amy she was completely uncomfortable with the idea, but couldn’t muster up the courage. She couldn’t shake the feeling that this was some type of karmic retribution; the world’s way of punishing her for being mean to such a sweet girl. Maria couldn’t help but feel this was necessary in order to atone for her previous actions, no matter how uneasy it made her feel. If she really wanted to be Amy’s friend, she would have to stop being so selfish!

“Ok, I guess…”

“Really, you’re ok with it?” Amy seemed a bit shocked by how quickly Maria agreed. “Do you know how to put one on?” Maria stood in silence. “Do you want me to help you?” Still silence. “Maria?”


Maria was guided into Amy’s bedroom. It looked exactly like she pictured it: pink walls, stuffed animals on the bed, she even correctly guessed that there’d be a Metallica poster on the wall. The one thing to really catch Maria’s eye, though, was the ‘Hello Kitty’ border along the top edge of the wall. The cartoon cat was dressed up in three different costumes that repeated in a pattern: mermaid, fairy, princess. Maria didn’t know why, but she found it incredibly entrancing. Mermaid, fairy, princess. How could she be all three? Didn’t Hello Kitty find it hard enough just being one? She had the same blank expression no matter what costume she wore; how could she go from one form to another so quickly without being fazed? Mermaid, fairy, princess. It was like they were mocking her; laughing at her. All three of them in a never-ending loop. Mermaid, fairy, princess. Mermaid, fairy, princess. Mermaid, fairy, princess.

“All done!”

“Huh?” Maria snapped out of her trance and noticed that she was now laying down on Amy’s bed. She moved to sit up, but was met with some unexpected resistance. There was more weight on her lower half than usual and it didn’t take long for Maria to figure out what it was. She wasn’t expecting them to be so thick, or tight. Standing up was also a bit of a challenge, but not as bad as lifting herself up from her back. The thing was also really loud. Every time she moved, it seemed to crinkle.

“You’ve never worn a diaper before, have you?” Amy was giggling, but Maria knew that she wasn’t trying to be mean. She was too good for that.

“Well duh, not since I was a baby. Why do you even have these things?”

Amy’s face turned red, making Maria worried. “Th-their my cousin’s, he stopped wearing them after he was two and we have plenty left.”

Maria raised an eyebrow. “Really? The diapers that fit your cousin when he was two fit me now?”

“He was a big kid.”

Maria wasn’t buying it. She folded her arms and glared at Amy. If they were going to have a more honest friendship, both sides had to put in the effort. Why did she have to be so selfish?

“Ok, fine, you got me,” Amy cracked easier than expected, “but you have to promise not to tell anyone, ok? I’m only telling you this because you’re my friend and I trust you.” Her face now wore the same shade of red that had covered Maria’s face so many times in the past few days. Whatever secret she was hiding, it was clear that it meant a big deal to her.

“Of course, I promise.” Maria was curious. Amy was always so confident in the way she dressed and acted. She didn’t seem embarrassed in the slightest by her childish behavior and she wore a smile on her face wherever she went, like a beacon of pride. The fact that there was something Amy seemed like she was truly ashamed of both peaked Maria’s interest and raised her anxiety.

“I…well…you see…” Amy twiddled her thumbs together as she tried to avoid eye contact with Maria. Her voice was scratchy and nervous, like an adolescent going through puberty. “Th-those diapers…they’re, uh, mine.”

Amy clenched her eyes closed tight, obviously expecting a negative reaction from Maria. Maria, however, just stood there, trying to comprehend what Amy just said. That explanation did clear quite a few things up, like Amy’s weird behavior on the camping trip, her ultra-sensitivity to bedwetting, and even the crinkling noise that was coming from her in class. There was one thing that didn’t make sense, though…

“But, uh, Amy, you’re 16, and these diapers are clearly made for little kids.” Maria lifted up her skirt, pointing towards the large purple monkey on the front of her padded underwear. “The fact that they even fit me at all is amazing, and even then, they’re super tight.”

Amy let out an audible sigh. “Believe me, I’ve tried to rid my life of those stupid things.” Amy seemed to be getting more comfortable talking about her issue. “On my 16th birthday, my mom got me a package of Depends, and I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to finally be rid of those stupid baby diapers forever; I even threw away a whole box of them because I thought I would never have to wear them again. I waited for what felt like forever for my diaper to become soaked, and when it was finally time for mom to change me, I was on the changing pad before she could even grab the wipes. I could hardly sit still while she put the diaper on me, and when I stood up…it slid down. They were still too big for me. I stayed up, crying all night after that. So, yeah, long story short, I’m not able to wear adult diapers, unfortunately.”

“Man, that sucks.” Maria bluntly stated. "I’ve never been in your position before, so I’m just talking out my ass here, but I bet you wouldn’t feel as bad about it if your mom let you change yourself. I mean, you can obviously do it, you managed to diaper me. What’s her problem?”

“What? Oh, no, no, no, you’ve got it all wrong Mars Bars.” Amy was back. “I can change myself if I want to, I just prefer her to do it, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The only issue I really have is with those hideous, childish, baby diapers.” Maria was going to point out the hypocrisy in Amy’s complaint, but decided to let it go. “Anyways, I’m surprised you’re taking the news so well. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want you to take it ‘not well,’ but you don’t seem fazed at all. It’s kinda weird, well, not as weird as a 16 year old wearing diapers, but, you know…”

Maria didn’t quite know how to express her feelings to Amy. After a bit of contemplation, she decided the best thing to do was explain her thought process bit by bit. “Well, it did take me back a little, at first. I mean, a teenage girl wearing diapers isn’t exactly normal. But every time I look at you, I see an amazing, sweet, caring person; someone I’m proud to call my friend. After you told me that you wear diapers, that image of you didn’t change, at all. So, even though it’s kinda weird, I came to the realization that…I don’t care. Diapers or not, you’re still an amazing, sweet, and caring person. That’s why I like you, Amy. That’s why you’re the best friend I’ve ever had, despite only knowing you for a few days. You’re wonderful, and some stupid diapers aren’t going to change that.”

Maria barely had any time to react before her body was crushed in a bear hug. “N-nobody’s ever said something so nice to me before.” Amy was crying loudly, and Maria comforted her by patting her gently on the back.

“S-sorry. “ Amy pulled away from Maria, tears still in her eyes “I know you don’t like being touched.”

“Nah.” Maria smiled at her friend, “I didn’t mind that at all. In fact, it was kind of nice. Not to mention, it finally makes us even.”


“On how many times we’ve comforted each other after a breakdown, we’ve each got two now. I made you feel better after you wet the bed on the camping trip, you took care of me after my meltdown in the bathroom, you comforted me again after I was having a rough day at school, and now I’ve comforted you after…whatever that just was. So we’re even.” Maria playfully stuck her tongue out.

“Oh my gosh. We’ve known each other for what, three or four days, and we’ve already unloaded our life problems on each other? We must be some pretty desperate people, huh?”

“You can say that again. I’ve never talked to anyone about my family before, but then I suddenly drop the bomb and start spewing all of my problems out on to a girl I originally hated and was insistent on getting revenge on. I don’t think a more desperate person on the entire planet exists.”

“What did you say?” Amy stopped laughing.

“What? The revenge thing? Ok, ok, get this, because of your ‘heinous’ crime of distracting me in class, I originally planned to gain your trust and make you start acting like a baby. All because you committed the egregious atrocity of crying after somebody yelled at you. Isn’t that the most petty thing you’ve ever heard in your life?”

Amy still wasn’t laughing. Maria bit her lip. She screwed up. She screwed up hard. She should have never told Amy that, especially not in a joking way. What was she thinking? She ruined it. She ruined everything. Just like she always did.

“Amy, I-”


Maria was taken back at the loud chortle that escaped Amy’s mouth. Her surprise soon turned to relief as Amy started to full on laugh.

“No way! Really? I don’t know about petty, but it’s definitely the corniest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. It sounds like a plan that an awful cartoon villain would come up with.”

“I know right. I even wrote down the steps on how I was going to do it in a journal! I should have gone all the way and labeled it ‘Secret Plan to Destroy Amy Once and For All!’”

“And then bring it with you and put it in somewhere I can obviously see it!”

“Yeah!” Maria put on her best evil scientist voice “Blast it all! My plan was foolproof! How could the likes of you defeat meeeeeeeeeeee!!!”

“And then I look directly at the audience and give some rushed, last minute moral.” Amy gave a thumbs up and put on a cheesy smile. “Remember kids, you should always put things that are important to you in a safe place, or else you could end like that villain over there! Even though not keeping her things safe is what saved the day in the end! Don’t think about it too hard!”

“And don’t forget to eat your vegetables!”

“Quiet villain!” Amy tackled Maria to the bed and the two wrestled for a bit until Amy pinned her friend down.

“Damn, girl. How are you so strong?”

“Push-ups, sit-ups, and plenty of juice.”


Amy released Maria from her hold and sat on the edge of the bed, breathing somewhat heavily. “It’s a reference. Shame you didn’t get it.”

“Well, to be fair, I don’t really watch a lot of modern stuff. It’s not my cup of tea.”

“What?!” Maria could hardly react before she was violently shaken back and forth by the shoulders. “Define ‘stuff’ I need to know how much help you need!”

“W-well, I don’t really watch too many modern cartoons. I really like the ones from the 1920s and 30s though.”

“What. About. Anime?!”

“That’s the same thing as japanimation, right?”

“Oh my gosh! Mars Bars, how did this happen to you? How can you not know what anime is?!”

“Can you s-stop shaking me, please?”

“S-sorry!” Amy let go the second she was asked. She looked a little embarrassed, probably because she didn’t notice she’d been shaking Maria for so long.

“I don’t see what the big deal is. I like what I like, and you like what you like, can’t we just leave it at that?”

“But the way you talk leads me to believe that you’ve probably never even seen an anime before! How do you know you won’t like it if you don’t give it a chance?”

Maria rolled her eyes “If it’ll get you to drop it, I’ll watch one episode of a show with you. But don’t expect me to like it! Like I said, I’m not a fan of modern cartoons.”

“Anime AREN’T cartoons, they’re from their own unique region of the world…”

Amy made sure to lecture Maria on this point for a good five minutes. Offering to call it ‘japanimation’ in the hopes of finding a happy medium only succeeded in increasing Maria’s suffering, as according to Amy, that word was ‘taboo.’ In the end, Maria still had no idea why it was called anime.

“Now that we’ve gotten THAT taken care of,” Amy glared sternly at Maria with a stare that could melt ice “let’s go watch some anime!”

Maria followed Amy out of her room, into the living room. Once they got there, Maria was horrified to see a middle-aged, balding man sitting on the couch, eating potato chips. The sudden shock caused her to jump back a bit. She never heard anyone else enter the house, was she really that distracted?

“Daddy!” Maria’s concerns about the man being a potential predator were dismissed almost immediately when Amy ran up to him at full speed and jumped into his arms.

“Hey there goofball, I was wondering when you’d finally notice. I’ve had the TV all to myself for nearly half an hour. It’d be a shame if someone tried to take it from me.” The older man held the TV remote, dangling it above his head. It was the kind of thing a schoolyard bully would do, but unlike them, Maria knew the man held no malicious intent by the playful look on his face.

“Gimme!” Amy snatched the remote from her father’s hands quickly and held it tight, pressed up against her chest. “Me and Mars Bars are going to watch My Hero.”

“I see.” Maria tried to avoid eye contact with the man now that his attention had been drawn to her. No Matter how successful she was in not meeting his eyes, she still felt uneasy, knowing that he was looking at her. “Can you hold off on that for one minute Amester? I would like to talk to your friend for a quick moment, alone, if that’s ok.”

“Ugh. Fine, but be quick about it, I want to spend all the time I can with her before she has to leave.” Maria appreciated the sentiment, but as soon as Amy turned off the TV and left the room, her whole body tensed up. Maybe Amy was ok leaving Maria alone with her dad, but Maria was not. She would be left alone in a quiet room with a man she didn’t know, worse yet, she was wearing a skirt.

“Come take a seat over here, sweetheart.” Maria slowly moved one leg after the other towards the couch. It didn’t help that there was an audible crinkle every time she took a step, making her the noisiest thing in the vicinity.

After taking a seat next to the man, Maria immediately crossed her legs and placed her hands over her crotch region. She tried to not look as nervous as she felt, but knew she was probably failing miserably.

“It’s ok, kiddo, there’s no need to be nervous, I know everything.” Those words sent Maria into a state of panic. She desperately slid her body down to the other end of the couch as fast as she could, tugging on the ends of her skirt to keep it down. “Hey. Hey. Hey.” The man pleaded. “No need for that, your secret’s safe with me. Nobody’s gonna know what’s going on under there.” Tears started to fall from Maria’s eyes as she folded herself into a fetal position. Shivering and hoping that it would be over soon. “Geez, Amy wasn’t kidding when she said you were really sensitive about it. I’m sorry, kiddo, it’s really horrible that you have to go through something like this. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, promise; I just wanted to say thank you for talking to my daughter and hanging out with her. You’re the first one to visit since we’ve moved here and it really means a lot to both Amy and me. That’s all. I’ll stop taking up your time. There’s no need to worry anymore.”

Maria peeked her head up and watched the man leave the room. Even though she knew that it had been a misunderstanding, Maria still felt incredibly uneasy. She wondered why she didn’t just leave.

“Anime time!”

Amy’s animated entrance into the room brought Maria back down to Earth.

That’s right. For her.

Wonderful as always. Their relationship is getting better by the chapter.

I get the impression Maria has had a bad history with adult men in her life. I suspected it last chapter, but this confirms it for me.

Another fun chapter. I like that some of the tension seems to be lifted by her omission of her original plan. I curious why Amy took it so easily. It doesn’t seem to of fazed her at all. I’m also curious how this story will progress and what needs conflict will arise now that they appear to be friends. You’ve got me hooked.

Thankies for posting!!! :slight_smile: