Nikki and Sarah - index thread

Seeing as most of my stories (both the ones about Nikki and Sarah and the ones about Maggie) take place in the same setting / universe and on one occasion even share characters, I thought it might be helpful to have an index thread to make it easier to find them all. I’ve also included a quick one- or two-sentence summary to make it easier to find a specific story.

Nikki and Sarah - First story arc (Takes place in 2015)
Nikki and Sarah - Full disclosure
Sarah wakes up in Nikki’s flat wearing a diaper after a drunken night out and they both learn something new about each other.

Nikki and Sarah 2 - Pet supplies
Nikki and Sarah goes shopping for a collar for Sarah.

Nikki and Sarah 3 - Breaking the habit
Sarah finds that not wetting yourself is a bit of a hard habit to break.

Nikki and Sarah 4 - Not-so-lazy Sunday
Buying diapers can be a nerve-wracking experience.

Nikki and Sarah 5 - Dreams & Reality
Sarah keeps having naughty dreams, and Nikki helps her work through a writer’s block.

Nikki and Sarah 6 - Hidden truths in plain sight
You can get away with wearing ANYTHING on Halloween

Nikki and Sarah 7 - New beginnings
It’s New year’s eve and Sarah has an important question for Nikki.

Maggie (Takes place sometime between 2016 and 2018)
These stories are not directly connected to the ones about Nikki and Sarah, but take place in the same setting / universe, and one character has also appeared in one of the stories about Nikki and Sarah.

Maggie 1 - Just one more day of summer
Maggie has the weirdest dream.

Maggie 2 - The inheritance
Maggie gets an unexpected inheritance and learns something new about her friends.

Maggie 3 - Call, raise or fold
When you’re playing poker, don’t bet more than you’re willing to lose. Also, Maggie finds a way to bypass toilet training using technology

Maggie 4 - The voices in my head

Story arc 2 (Takes place in 2019)

Nikki and Sarah 8 - Mary-Sue
Sarah writes stories and Nikki helps her make them more real

Nikki and Sarah 9 - Road trip
Starting a week’s vacation with a road trip can be fun.

Nikki and Sarah 9b - A very different week - Day one.
Bonus smut from Nikki and Sarah’s first day of the vacation. Originally just for the donors, but posted for Valentine’s day 2020

Nikki and Sarah 9c - Day four
More vacation smut from the girls. Only available in the donors’ Lounge.

Nikki and Sarah 10 - A bit like summer camp, kind of (incomplete)
Nikki and Sarah go to a fetish convention

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