Nightmare (Part 2)

Alright, sorry I haven’t posted a new chapter or anything in about 3 months. I’ve had a lot of bad things that happened in the time gone, but now I’m back. Also I had a HUGE writers block with this because of the way I set it up. The block is gone and now I have some way better ideas on where I’m taking this. I’m growing as a writer, and I’ve been improving lately. Criticism is welcome. Encouragement is my friend :smiley:

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Part 2: The Nightmare Unfolds

Nighmare: Chapter 6

He knew me. He used me. He regressed me into a little baby. All the things that happened last night are all making sense now.

He slipped something into my drink. This was not Saul or Salve. This was both of them mixed, creating an evil genius.

I know you think I’m crazy or insane, but I have proof. Why would Saul have a not even used package of diapers that were exactly my size? They fit perfectly. I’m never even that happy, or even flirty. I don’t do flirty, I do wild. My mind was fogged up, and not the sick love puppy way, more like the drunk friend way.

It’s him that’s the enemy, and he has a thousand more lies coming my way. I caught it early on, it’s my turn to weave my games into his.

I kept looking up at the ceiling, dazed at the little details on the wall, trying to decide what I had to do. This isn’t little games. This is my body, and he could rape me, or torture me at any given time. I have to become his best friend and learn everything about him so were around the same level. I need to get him to love me and that’s when I have to strike.

His eyes shift around like mine, trying to memorize the details of everything. He chuckles when someone gets hurt or embarrasses themselves. His smile reflects off of you. He’s better than lying than me. He’s twice the size of me. Worst of all, he dominates me no matter what I do to get out of a horrible situation.

I rolled off of my bed and hit the carpet with a groan. At least the ground wasn’t wood. I stretched on the ground, slowly getting up like a statue breaking out into an actual person. My feet tucked themselves under the blanket as my legs curled up to my chest. I let out a sign of frustration. I repeat the question that everyone goes through once in their life in my mind, “How could I have been so stupid?” Oh yeah, I guess this is what happens when you’re dealing with a sadistic genius that knows every little aspect of your life…

Today was extremely boring, all I did was eat, piss, and think. Saul called three times throughout the day. I just shrugged it off every single time. After a while of sitting the whole day, I stretched and took one of those Tylenol Pm’s to put me to sleep.

[i]I looked straight to my teacher as he wrote the assignment down on the board. It was one of the biggest assignments I’ve ever had in my life. I took the notes as fast as I could, but I couldn’t get all of them done in time. I missed two pages of notes, and I got so frustrated that I began crying. Everyone turned around and looked at me like I was a…a-a baby? I covered my face so no one could see me.

I felt a cold fabric gently caress my skin… I opened my eyes in shock, I was still in the school room but instead of the assignment on the chalk board, it said Parenting 101. Why am I laying down and what was going on in my private areas? I felt a new wipe caress my special parts. I squirmed as I heard someone chuckle. . . It sounded familiar.[/i]

I shot straight out of my bed squirming and kicking. I unplugged my ringing alarm clock, sniffling a little from a bit of crying. I sat for a bit, calming down. Once I was calm enough I changed into skinny jeans and my favorite band tee shirt of My Chemical Romance. I slid on a purple and black tie-dyed sweatshirt. I applied some eyeliner and a bit of black eye shadow. I took my little purple bow on my dresser and took some of my hair and pinned my bangs down with it. I stared into the dark but cute person before me. It was sad on how much I put into looking sexy or even ugly yet it only makes me look cute… Maybe I could take off the bow… No I want to give Saul a little present to show he hasn’t won. Not even close.

I pulled into the school parking lot, coming to a halt and sliding out of the car. Once I got down my hallway I spotted Saul leaning against my locker. Clever. He just wants a reason for me to talk to him. If he says sorry for what he did to me last night then I have all the rights to scream my ass off at him. I want to right now, but let’s hope we both go by and pass it. I’ll be fine with it if he is.

I stopped and shifted weight onto one leg. He crossed his arms and tilted his head, “So did something happen with your phone?”
I sighed and made a motion for him to move so I could open my locker, he didn’t budge, “Yea, I broke it.”
"Let me see it."I got my phone out and, since it was a flip phone, I took both ends and snapped it until it cracked off, then I put it in Saul’s awaiting hand. Then I motioned for the second time for him to move out of the way.
I think I pissed him off and now I regret it…a lot. I didn’t know what came over me; I planned the whole day yesterday to be nice to him, but I just blew it.

He gave a small laugh mixed with a sigh, shaking his head while turning my now broken phone in his hands. He still didn’t move while staring down at the phone. I wanted to see his expression, but his face was staring down. I hope I pissed him off, but at the same time I hope he’ll forgive me. Then I realize that I’m scared about what he’s going to do.

I looked at his hands and then looked up into his eyes. I could see a little girl with fear washed over her face staring back at me in his pupil. His head was inclined down, but not to just look at me because I was small, but so he could give me a glare tinted with, what is that? There was something in his eyes… Love. He was grinning a bit not in a twisted way but in a grateful way. His eyes were trained on me. Not on the phone, but on me. I wish he was still looking at that damn phone. He can see my fear and I can see his love.

Saul moved to the side of my locker. I kicked my locker to get my anger out. I was pissed off that he didn’t go mad and walk away. Why would he not? He knows that I obviously had my phone with me the whole day yesterday. Wouldn’t it piss him off more after I broke the phone right in front of him? I guess not, because now he’s smiling like he’s happy I did it.

I swung my backpack around to put it in my locker. Saul took my bag and stuffed the phone into the open zipper. I’m still scared because it’s just pure silence besides a few teens moving around behind us in the halls. I sigh and grab my binder. I slam my locker and stride the opposite way of Saul. I glanced at the clock in the hallway telling me I still had fifteen minutes until the first bell. I thought Saul wasn’t following me, but when I looked to my right I saw Saul walking along with me. I rolled my eyes.

I set my binder by the door of my first period class and glanced up finding Saul’s eyes. I blinked away as fast as I could, and began walking away again. I went outside, as Saul followed. Once I turned the corner in the back of the school Saul took my wrist and pinned it against the wall. That love of his was gone, replaced with the fuel of rage.

Saul looked me right in the eye, I looked away. He tilted up my chin to look straight into his eyes with the arm that wasn’t pinning me down. Saul said with a husky voice, “Look, you can have your little tantrums all day long, but at the end of the day when you go to sleep, guess what’s going to happen?” He paused and studied my response. My lip quivered and I let out a tiny squeal. He continues, “Exactly, now it’s either you be a good little girl to me during the day, and do what I say, or well…” He took the little strand of hair by my eye and pushed it behind my ear, “we can do both day and night. Hmm?” By the end of the sentence his voice was calm again. A tear rolled down my cheek. I was terrified.

I have no choice. No matter what I’m going to be his little item. I’m his and I have no control over this. I’ll just have to be good. How does he control when the dreams happen though? Or is it just all in my mind? The only answer I can get right now is that I’m screwed over no matter how I look at this.

I’m in first period and I have no idea what the teachers talking about, all I know is I’m staring off, thinking of a way to get out of my situation… He’s twice my size, if I try anything to get away he’ll scoop me up without effort. If I try to run, well, I don’t know how fast he is. I should test it, because it’s my only strong point right now. Honestly, I am terrified. I can wet my pants right now like that first night. I really hope I don’t because then I’ll be giving Saul a reason to mock me more.

What really gets to me is Saul’s personality. I can’t tell if he’s insane or just knew what he was doing from the very beginning. He might be bipolar, I don’t really know. It’s crazy how many people are in him. At one second he’s loving, at the next he’s demanding, then he goes back to loving and switches to pure hatred. Is it just because I’m so unpredictable that he has to react like this? Do I really deserve this? What have I ever done to him? Nothing, I don’t even know him. I’m practically an orphan! I don’t deserve this shit!

Then I realize that everyone was looking at me and the teacher was asking, “Would you like to step out to the hallway and calm down a bit, and then come back in?” I touched my cheek that was wet. I was crying in class without even knowing it? This isn’t a nightmare anymore, this is actual life.

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Glad to see this continued it’s good

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Superhj you are doing incredibly well for your second time writing. You have talent and I can’t wait to see what you have come up with next.

Jayme Ann

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Thanks for those of you reading, its great to know I have an audience that likes this story. I’m really enjoying writing this. Here’s the next chapter. :smiley:

Chapter 7

I slowly took in deep breaths. I focused on my breathing like it was the only thing that would keep me alive. After a while I was calm enough to go back in. Five minutes after I came in the bell rang. The morning classes went by so fast, I was hoping that they went the opposite, but nothing is going my way today.

Once I got to my locker, I took my time putting my stuff back and just staring into my locker for as long as time would allow. The bell rang for all the people who didn’t have lunch B, leaving me staring still into my locker alone in the hallway. I think I’ll go to the bathroom while I’m here, anyway. Then I felt my butt stinging and I hear a hard smack. I turn around finding Saul looking annoyed.

Saul closed my locker and took my hand, “I seriously have to hold your hand everywhere now, don’t I?” I put my hand lightly on my butt, realizing he spanked me and now he’s guiding me around like a toddler. This was completely embarrassing. I hope no one saw this.

“Yes, I spanked you, trust me, there will be more coming if you’re going to be naughty like this all day.”
I looked up at him, making a little sad noise that I didn’t mean to make. Saul looked extremely irritated, bringing fear back to my surface. I just hope I don’t cry or then he’ll have more reasons to baby me.

Once we came by the lunch room he didn’t even acknowledge he was still holding my hand. He loosened his grip but it was still firm. I was going to take my hand away but then I remembered that I must be a “good little girl” or else I’ll have a sleepless night.

We came into the cafeteria and, since we were the last people to lunch, everyone’s eyes saw that Saul and I were holding hands. Oh joy, now everyone’s thinking were the new couple of the school, but in actuality I’m Saul’s little toy he gets to play around with. Then again some girls get treated like that by asshole boyfriends anyway. In my case it was way different than that usual asshole boyfriend thing.

We sat down at our usual seats as the guys looked at us. All of them went silent right as we came. They think we’re a couple, too. It was a bit awkward and for a few seconds we all just sat there. I just stared down at the table, thinking of what’s going to happen later tonight. It’s obvious Saul puts on an act when others are around, and when no one’s around his eyes will be drained of love and his body will tense up. That fear I have will grow rapidly in only seconds. I’ll be terrified on what he’s going to do. The nightmares show he’s extremely creative with what he does. There’s no question that I’ll be sweating and crying from being a coward.

Eric broke my thoughts and said what was on everyones mind, “So, are you guys like a thing now?”

“Yeah, we are, actually.” My eyes widened and I looked away from them. Saul just lied again. I guess now I am officially Saul’s piece in his game of two. The two opponents are Saul, being the host of the game, and me as I coward like a little puppy begging for mercy.

They just talked about their random pointless shit like usual. I just sat there and blanked out as I ate my food. After a while I began listening into their conversation. They were talking about some video game and Saul interrupted them. I didn’t realize who he was talking to until he looked straight at me.

“Are you alright there, Heather? You look a bit sad… Something wrong?”

I sighed and replied, “It’s just I was having a hard time in World History class, I think I missed some notes.” Sounds familiar.

Eric got up and said, “Switch seats with me, I’m having this vibe that’s saying I’m interfering with your love communications.” Eric cracked a smile at me and Saul.Saul chuckled a little. They both switched seats so now Saul was in front of me. Now Saul can catch my glance easier than usual. That just sounds great, just great.

Saul gave me that crooked smile that he hasn’t given me in a long while and said, “Well, tonight you can copy my notes and we can study or something around there…” He trailed off leaving a weird message. Eric laughed a little trying to hide that he just heard that, and I blushed. It sounds like Saul is going to have sex with me or something, but we’re the only two that know that that’s not going to happen.

I coughed a little and said sharply, “Sounds fine with me.” I didn’t mean to say it so harsh, but it kind of just came out that way. I saw something flicker in his eye before he looked away and jumped into the other conversation with the guys.

“Why would you get Black Ops for Wii when you have an Xbox? The graphics are so much better on the Xbox…” I stopped listening, surprised on what I just saw. What was that in his eye? It looked like fear. It was like he was depressed that something didn’t go right. It’s confusing because I’m his it’s not the other way around. What? Is his game not going the way he planned or something? Is this his weak spot or am I reading his expression wrong? There’s something mysterious and weird about him. Then again he’s Salve, too, and I’m not supposed to know much about him, yet he gets to know every detail on me. My life is very cruel and unfair like that.

The day went on until last period. My last period, I have decided, is my most hated period of the day. This is the period where Saul is one seat away from me and he doesn’t stop glancing over at me. I also can’t stop locking in the glance that lasts for a few seconds. I can’t stop fidgeting because my hearts racing faster and faster every moment that ticks by. I keep tapping on the desk with my bitten finger nails, or I’m moving sitting positions every one to five minutes. The teacher, Mr. Stewart, is one of the most boring teachers. He keeps lecturing until the whole class hour is over every single day. When he lectures, it’s usually over one little paragraph at a time. It takes us three days to finish one five page chapter.

I was watching the clock. Only five more minutes until my doom. That’s when I had an idea… I raised my hand.

“Yes Heather?”

“Can I use the restroom?”

“There’s only five minutes left in class, I’m sure you can hold it.”

This is the humiliating part, “No I seriously can’t.” I could hear someone cough, and then someone laugh silently. I felt my face go into a deeper red.

He looked a bit irritated with me but said, “Go, bring your stuff with you.”

I ignored Saul’s stare and grabbed my stuff, striding out the door to my locker. I put in my combination, and with no luck it failed to open. Oh shit, I only have about 4 minutes. I need as much time as possible to get out of the school. I tried the combination again. It failed for the second time! What the fuck?! I rigged my own locker for the second time this year out of frustration.

I began stuffing my binder into my bag and then the worst thing happened. I was so rushed I tore my bag out of my locker and a piece of fabric was attached to a hanging out piece of metal in my locker. I heard a huge rip and blinked at the damage. I opened the zipper holding my car keys and pushed the now split bag back into my locker.

The most piercing sound hit my ears shattering my heart. Teens began flooding out into the hallway as I began running, no sprinting, out to get to the exit. Everyone is parting for me to get through, if not parting getting hit by me and complaining. Saul is probably rushing through people to get to me right now, knowing what I’m doing at this exact moment.

I am screwed, totally screwed, if he finds me. He’ll stop me in my tracks. I don’t have a chance. My luck is horrible today and if he sees me no question he’ll get me. I have to just make it to the exit and I’ll be fine. No matter what I’m moving when I get home. I’m going to take only my important things and leave. I don’t have enough rent money at the moment for an apartment; I still have four more days before I should get more money put into my account. I guess I’ll just call my grandfather and ask him, but with what phone? Fuck. Well, I mean, Saul doesn’t know where I live because I know I never gave him my address. He can’t find it in the next day unless he already knows that and is planning to use my new home in a nightmare tonight. I just have to get to my car and everything will be sorted out. I can live in my car, can’t I? I just need to get to the exit. . .

I finally reach the exit changing my sprint into a walk because I made it out with no sign of him. I look back finding no one following me. I look back to in front of me and keep walking. Slowly my car is coming into my view with a figure leaning against it with eyes piercing right into me.

“Fuck, no.”

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Compared to what I usually write, this is really long. If you like this story please tell me and encouragement would be nice. :slight_smile: I really do run on encouragement. That’s why I take so long on these chapters.

Chapter 8

I want to run but where will I go? The answer is nowhere. He can easily follow me if I’m going by foot. I’m just going to lie and say I really needed to take a piss. I mean why not? It’s my only excuse, my only way out of my grave fate. I slowly approach him, our eyes lock. His hands are stuffed into his pockets and he looks awfully irritated. There’s a glimmer of rage in his eyes that panics me. My punishment that he has planned is probably tripled.

I’m an arm’s length away from him so I stop. I search for any love in his eyes but all there is is annoyance and rage. I look down at my feet like I did something wrong. I figure looking up at him he’d be able to see what I’m thinking, but looking down just says that I know I’m in trouble. Well, I’ll just look to the side at my car and make it look like I’m ignoring him. Now I realize that it’s been about a minute and nothings been said as I just think of where to stare.

I squint a little at the gleam on my car like I’m thinking hard, but in truth I’m not. I see cars are moving out of the parking lot slowly. The silence is greeted with honks of cars and chatting between friends.
Saul breaks the silence, “When you said you needed to use the restroom badly I kind of took in that that was the actual reason, then I thought… Or she might just be trying to get away from me before school lets out. . .” He trails off a bit as some of the wind brushes hair onto my face and I push it back behind my ear. He tilts my chin up gently to look into his grey eyes, “I couldn’t exactly accuse you of anything until I saw you running through the halls. . .” He laughs lightly and shakes his head, “My question is why? Why do you keep trying so hard to get away?”

This is a question that’s directed at me that I doubt I can answer myself, but I do anyway, "Because, " I shift my eyes searching for the words and when I find them I look straight into his eyes, “I’m the girl that doesn’t give up when there’s no hope. I’m Heather.” He gives me a crooked grin and chuckles.

“Of course you are. That’s why I haven’t stopped.” Huh? What’s that supposed to mean? I look down and shift my eyes some more and blink. Did I hear that right?

Saul shakes his head and takes my hand. He pulls me by my car some more and takes the key out of my other hand. The car next to mine pulls out and leaves.

"Come on."He sighs and guides me to his car. He opens the door and I get in. He has my key and I’m guessing I’m not going anywhere on my own anytime soon. He slams the door and walks around to his side. The slam of the door says he’s pissed off still. I thought he changed his mind a bit when he laughed five minutes before, I guess I’m wrong.

I kind of zone out on the way to his house, and I’ve decided that I’m just going to have to take what he’s going to give me. I’m more fidgety now than at the last period of school. I actually do have to use the restroom and I should have instead of lying. Damnit I’m stupid. It’s like those horror movies where they just make their own deaths by going to the cause. The closer they get the music goes up louder and louder. This isn’t my scene though… My scene was when I went to Saul’s house. Once he entered that kitchen to get the popcorn and drinks the music began.

“Don’t move.” The next thing I know Is Saul’s opening my door. I get out and the car door shuts with a hand guiding me to the front door of his house.

I take in a deep breath as I step inside. Saul shuts the door and says calmly, “Take your shoes off and make yourself comfy on the couch.” Why isn’t he already on his plan? I thought he’d swipe me off my feet and start my punishment. This just rises up my anxiety.

I take off my shoes and slowly move to the couch while my eyes followed where Saul was going. He went into the bathroom as I sat down. I fix my glance on my feet. My breathing stops and my heart skips a beat. I just realized that I can’t hear anything. I look around and see Saul nowhere. I trace my glance to the hallway which leads to the rooms and the bathroom I’m thinking Saul’s in. I stare into the hallway seeing no bathroom light on anymore. Where’d he go?

I take another deep breath going back to looking at my feet. I’m scared, very scared. Does this mean I have to go search for him? Or do I just sit here and wait? What should I do? Maybe if I just sit here long enough he’ll come, right?

I sit here hoping Saul will come back, but the problem is when he does he’ll torture me. I just want the suspense to end. This is enough torture just waiting. I can taste blood from biting my lip so hard. My knuckles are white, and thank god I bite my nails or I would have bloody hands by now.

“I thought I said get comfy-” I jumped and looked up at him as he was talking, “not make yourself bleed in every way possible.” He chuckled softly and sat down next to me. I look down at the floor where he put some items. All I see is three towels. Why towels? Is this his master plan to use towels this time?

I look back at him showing the confusion in my eyes. We stare at each other for a few seconds reading each others thoughts. Well, at least Saul is reading mine. He pulls his legs up so he’s sitting Indian position. Then he pats his lap. More confusion spreads across my face and I blush. I feel more stupid than after seeing Saul leaning against my car.

Saul takes my arm gently and pulls me closer to him. He places one hand on my butt and brings me into his lap. Oh god, all he wanted me to do is go in his lap and I could’ve not been picked up like a baby. I’m so petrified that I can’t even think. I keep sucking the blood off my lip and biting some more. It hurts but I’m so anxious I can’t stop.

Saul looks down at me with a twisted smile. His eyes saying that I’m his and I have no choice; he can do whatever he wants to me and I have no action at all in this. I can only gaze into his eyes biting my lip nonstop.

Saul brushes my wet half bleeding lips with his fingertips, “Stop biting your lips, it doesn’t look cute.” I stop and lick my lips a little. He stares into my eyes searching for something. I can feel his hand slowly going down my back to my butt. He pushes me back gently until my heads on the couch. He’s unbuttoning my pants and lightly tugging them off. One foot is up and then the other until I’m just wearing underwear. The sad part is I’m wearing those cotton kids type of underwear, but they’re just a light purple. I blush deeper when hear Saul chuckling lightly.

“I knew your favorite color was purple, but…” He trails off shaking his head while chuckling. I hold back the tears because I know this isn’t even close to the worse he’s got in store for me.

He slides off my underwear leaving me naked waste down. I go back to biting my lip as I feel him bending down a bit, grabbing the towels. I can’t really see what he’s doing so I tilt my head to look at him. He’s folding two of them and grabbing my ankles and placing the two beneath my bottom. I’m way more confused than two minutes ago.

Saul takes my arms and pulls me back up into a sitting position on his lap. He stretches an arm behind him and I see him grab two safety pins. He pulls up the front and back part of the towels and connects them. He pins my right and left side of the meeting towels.

Wow, I’m stupid. Why am I so ignorant?! Damnit, I can’t connect anything today! It’s a make shift diaper. I guess I’m just a baby like Saul’s been treating me. I probably could’ve fallen on my face two times today if it weren’t for Saul leading me around. I feel so. . .well. . . small. I hate using that word, it makes a little hole open up in me that keeps multiplying by the second. The word just increases the feeling.

Saul takes the last towel and spreads it under me and across his lap. He says softly into my ear, caressing my arm, “On a scale from 1 to 10 how badly do you need to go pee pee.” I blush and that word fills my mind again and the little throat clenching tickling sensation in my stomach comes back. That tickling sensation triggers how I need to use the bathroom.

I look down at my hands, I did need to go badly, “Uh,” I let out a quivering breath, “eh-eight-ish.” Tears were stinging my eyes but I held them back.

Saul sighed and sat back looking annoyed, “Well…” I bit my lip again, “Stop biting your lip.” He said it so sternly I jumped a bit. I think I might have let out some pee into the makeshift diaper. He shakes his head and asks with irritation plainly in his voice, “Why can’t you do anything without my help, yet when I ask you something, you lie? You’d think you’d return the favor and actually tell me the truth for once…” He trails off looking away, pissed off. Why was he so upset about that? I didn’t lie, I don’t think. I guess I could be on a nine but what’s so bad about me lying about a number?

I watch Saul as an idea is forming in his head. One edge of his mouth moving up and then he slowly turn his head to me; A sparks glowing in his eyes while I’m thinking that he must be bipolar.

The next thing I know I’m on my back laughing and now crying while he’s tickling me. I can’t stop laughing and crying at the same time. His fingers have a electric touch that send more tickling sensations through me. I can’t stop laughing so I start screaming for him to stop. He doesn’t though, he has me pinned down on the couch and I’m pissing myself. Saul is chuckling while I’m crying. He’s done and I can’t stop crying. I wipe my cheeks off with my arms.

I look up to him while his face is only a hand stretch away from mine. I try to calm down but I can’t. The thought of how small I feel shrinks me more by the moment. He chuckles with a wicked smile on his face. His elbow props him up over me while his other hand moves down to my very wet makeshift diaper. He touches it and takes the free towel and puts it on his hand. Saul gets off the couch and cradles me up bringing me to the bathroom.

I can see better now because I’m done crying. I look and see Saul has all the materials he needs layed out on the ground in the bathroom. He lays the extra clean towel down, and then me onto it. He unpins the diaper and takes some wipes. I hate this part when he directly, but gently, wipes my diaper area with the cool wipe. I squirm a little as it touches my skin. Saul is cooing me to calm down. I can’t though, because it’s not as easy as the first time I was changed by him, because that time I was under drugs.

I try not to look into his eyes. I really do, because Sauls eyes aren’t the normal teen eyes. His are way too serious and sharp. When he sees me its like he has x-ray vision and I have to look away or else the x-ray will have enough time to snap a picture of the person inside. I don’t like people knowing me, and Id rather keep it that way.

A smile breaks across my face and I try to keep the laugh from escaping my mouth. I’m biting my lip so he doesn’t know it tickles or else he’ll do it more. He’s gently rubbing powder on my bottom and it tickles so much. Unfortunately, I giggle a little. It’s not the teen girly giggle, its worse. The giggles so soft it sounds like a baby’s, and even I know that. I let a tear escape onto my cheek. He’s won this small battle between my exposure and his x-ray vision.

I just want to cuddle up in my blankets at home and sleep, but then what happens? Do the Nightmares go on and on? Do I have a choice? Will I always be stuck with them? This is no life for me, I hate it. Can’t I go back to when I was 14 stuck as a loner doing nothing but sleep? No, I guess this is my life now.

I felt the diaper close around my waist, all snug, and the tapes secure it. I just wipe my cheeks innocently, waiting for the next thing. Saul smiles, but not twisted. No, definitely not twisted. There’s that sparkle in his eyes, I kind of remember it, but I only saw it once from him. That was earlier, though.

He puts everything o the side and picks me up effortlessly. Saul brings me to his room. He lays me on his bed and gives a crooked smile, “I want you to stay here, while I clean up what you went potty on.” I blush as he uses the word potty.

I nod my head a little and let my hands and back slide down on his bed and then I go into the fetal position. I know going into the fetal position doesn’t help me at the moment, but there’s no way to lay so It’s not awkward besides Indian style. Then again, Indian style would show the little cartoons on the diaper.

This is really sad how I’m now worrying about how to lay to not seem awkward when my worry should be on whats going to happen next.

He cleaned the towel faster than I thought, and came back in just two minutes. Saul tickled me a little and said with a smile planted on his face, “Are you sleepy?” I look at him, and the truth is I am kind of sleepy. I’m pretty sure I’m not on drugs by him, so it must be from all the crying I did today. My eyes are a little down as I look up at him and I truly don’t have the power to walk or anything.

Saul keeps that glow on his face and the twinkle in his eyes, which scares me, and says, “Well, I’ll warm up some milk and you can take a little nappy, Hmmmm?” He traced the edge of my diaper and played with it. Then he got up and went to the kitchen. I just cuddled into the bare bed with nothing on me. My eyes closed and I just reflected on all the things that happened today that brought me to this.

My eyes opened, and I was still tired. I guess I fell asleep while he was getting the milk. Saul just looks down at me and smiles. My sleepy gaze tracks to his hand that’s guiding a baby bottle full of milk into my mouth. I realize that I’m in his lap already being cradled. I was just that tired that I didn’t wake up until he actually shook me.

I can say this is a new and awkward experience. It’s a little soothing, but I can’t say I like it. The milk is really addicting because it’s the perfect warmth and it took a little until I got into a sucking rhythm. The blanket wrapped around me is really soft and I feel cozy. I don’t think Saul is going to let me fall asleep until I drink it all. I finally finish the bottle and he takes it away and sets it on his bedside table. My eyes slowly doze off until I’m sleeping soundly, so soundly and nice that I know I am.

When I wake up I’m nuzzling my head into something soft and firm. It’s just the blanket over Saul’s chest. I can’t lie on how comfortable I am right now. I was so drowsy and nervous before, but now I’m relaxed and comfy. I slowly open my eyes seeing Saul put down his book and is smiling down at me. I try to cover up my smile, but I fail. He probably will get up and bring out his next lesson for me now.

The confusing part is he knows that I’m comfortable and warm, but it’s not the usual way he does things. Usually he’ll try to make sure I’m in the most awkward position possible, but not now. It’s like he wants me to feel good. I’m confused because this isn’t the usual Saul. At least I’m not totally off guard.

“You really needed that nappy from all that crying you did earlier didn’t you?” He tickled my stomach and I squirmed a little. I gave a little innocent grin and nodded. His face glowed and his eyes twinkled again as he chuckled at my response. I blushed and looked at the soft white blanket gathered around me. Only if I had this soft of blankets at home, I’d fall asleep in one second. Then again, I doubt I’ll have some actually good sleep anytime soon. I acted up today already and I’m pretty sure that’s what Saul’s going to do. I’ll just pull an all-nighter tonight if I have to.

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every time i “get it” you throw me a curve ball please continue

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I’m kind of coming to boring parts in this. I really like giving twists as much as I can(now you know my secrets) but I have none coming yet. Critisism and encouragement would help :smiley:

Chapter 9

He didn’t do anything to me for a long while. Saul turned on the television in his room and he had me cradled against him as we watched. After two shows I jumped on his lap when I felt his hand going to my diaper. He took two fingers and checked my dry diaper. I just watched him nervously because I didn’t know what he was doing at first.

After we watched one more show he took me to the kitchen and sat me on a chair. I just watched him as he got out a pan and filled it with water and set it to a boil. He got out a coloring book and some crayons and had me color. I don’t really understand why he’s having me color. I really just want to go home and curl up into a ball.

“Baby, put the coloring things away in the closet, dinners ready.” I obediently walk over, awkwardly in only a diaper and a shirt to the closet and put the items away. I close the door and walk back to my chair and sit down with a squish, while Saul was grinning across the kitchen at me the whole time. I blush because he was watching me as I mostly waddled in a diaper for the first time in his house. It was so embarrassing.

Saul placed two bowls filled with macaroni and cheese in front of me. Then he fills two drinks with water, gets the silver ware and brings it to the table. I just sat there watching as he smiled down at me, “Eat, little one, it’s not like I put poison in your food.” That’s a possibility.

We both eat in silence until he says, “Well, I think you should know that my parents are coming home in two days.” I nod off and look into my half filled bowl that I’m not going to eat because I’m so full. I just move around the noodles in the bowl, thinking of what this means and trying to hide my thoughts in the bowl.

Saul’s parents coming means that Saul is restricted from having me over, which means hardly any Saul. Then again, he could always use my house. That could end up really bad. Still, adults are very nosey when It comes to teens because they always suspect there children of drugs, sex, and whatever else. If his parents ever find the diapers used will they think he did it? Or will he say I did it? There must be some way to get out of this…

Saul’s voice clears my thoughts, “This means that we have two full days, and my parents can possibly come home early. Now, that would be a horrible situation for my parents to come home to seeing their son diapering a little teenage girl. I already called them while you were taking a nap and they should arrive on Wednesday.” I nodded a little still playing with my noodles. He reached over and took our bowl and set them over in the sink.

Saul kept talking, “I know you’re thinking that it’s all going to stop once they’re here but I’ll find a way. In the meantime you better be a good girl…” He trailed off and looked me in the eye. The next thing he said surprised me, “I’ve decided that to make up for trying to run you’re just going to sleep here tonight.”

“Huh? Wait… What?” I was mad because I don’t want to spend the night here! It’s bad enough looking like a little baby for 3 hours, now I have to go for twelve more. That sounds just swell…

Saul sighed, “Look, you can take the best idea I’m giving you or we can go back to you trying to escape sleep…” He gave me an annoyed look, “Sometimes you should just listen to me and do what I say because you are just digging your hole deeper and deeper.”

“Alright, I’ll stay at your house tonight. Sorry.” I looked down at the table. It was obvious he wanted me here, but for what? His own loneliness? His own need for a fake girlfriend? I’m still confused on why he does all of these things.

After dinner everything drowned on. I mostly was just in his lap and then out of his lap over and over again. I kept snuggling into him after a while. I fell asleep again in his lap and he had to wake me up again at 8. Then his finger went in my diaper again.
I blushed after the realization hit me: I went in my diaper while napping. He just chuckled as a tear went down my face. I hid my face into his chest as he picked me up and set me on the ground. I sat there while he got some supplies. He came back and set them down. I just shifted a little and scrunched my nose when I felt the warm squishy feeling on my bottom. Saul chuckled again, and I decided that I’d stop making faces because it doesn’t help my situation.

Saul pushed me down on my back and took my ankles. He put me in this really spread out position. It was extremely akward. He untapped the diaper and pulled it down. I just looked up at his wall, tracing the engraved wall patterns with my eyes. I squirmed as the wet wipe hit my diaper area. It was so cold and it tickled a little. He was very gentle, too. I just squirmed more when he got another wipe. I thought he was wiping gently on purpose to make me squirm. Next he tookmy ankles and lifted my butt up to slide a fresh diaper under me. Then he took some powder and sprinkled it onto my diaper area, and took my ankles and sprinkled some on my bottom. He began rubbing it gently in and I couldn’t help but giggle because it tickled way more badly than the wipes. He chuckled along with me. After I was done giggling he pulled the front up and taped it. He slid his fingers along the guards.

I slowly moved up and then Saul said, “I think some ones had a long day and needs to go to sleep soon.”

I shook my head, “But, I just took like two naps…” Saul smiled down at me as my eyes twinkled innocence to him.

He chuckled and said. “Don’t worry baby, milkies always puts you right out.” I felt a little shiver go down my spine as he said “milkies”. Seriously, every single time he calls me a baby or says something to me like that its either a shiver goes down my spine or the fuzzy hole in my stomach gets bigger. I can’t distinguish if I like it or hate it yet.

I guess he’s right though, every time he gives me milk I do go to sleep. It scares me when he knows me so well. I hate how I wasted my day away lying down, but I’m letting him put me down again to rest.

“Come here little one.” He places the bottle down on the table and stands by it. I’m just 5 feet away from him. Should I get up and walk to him or crawl. He kneels and claps his hands. The answer is obviously to crawl. I crawl over to him, looking down from embarrassment. Once I can see his feet I stop and he picks me up while rising to a standing position. It still amazes me how strong he is. He places one hand on my padded butt and takes the bottle in his free hand. He walks down the hall to his room.

I wonder what his mom and dad would say if he found out about this. Were his parents equally weird and did this? Would his parents make him move? Are his parents scared of him? Who are his parents anyways?

I was comfily on his lab as he situated our little area. He got the blanket snugly around me and was once again guiding a bottle to my mouth. I started tasting the weird but sweet milk. It was nice and warm so I didn’t complain. I kept gulping it down as my eyes trailed from the bottle to Saul’s eyes. He sure had some pretty eyes. They could be terrifying at times, but when his face starts glowing and a spark fills his eyes its very comforting and gentle to look up at. My eyes slowly drifted off onto the ceiling as my mind went into total rest.

I opened squirmed around uncomfortably as I felt an unsettling clammy diaper. I opened my eyes to find a pitch black room. I squirmed some more and butted into someone. It was Saul. Then I realized that I wasn’t at home and that I was still with him. I could here him slowly stir and wake up. I went as silent as I possibly could. I closed my eyes and hoped he wouldn’t realize I was up.

I felt Saul’s hand make it over to my diaper and squish it, I shivered. He chuckled, “You’re the worst fake sleeper I’ve ever met. Stay here.” He grunted as he got up and the light switched on. I pulled the blankets up over my eyes.

The blankets were pulled off of me making me shiver from how cold it was. Saul changed me out of my cold and wet diaper, into a nice and warm clean diaper. Then he through the supplies on the ground and turned off the lights. He got back onto the bed and he hugged me. I turned around and nuzzled my head into him because I was still so cold. He brought the blanket over me and caressed my face, “Go to sleep baby.”

I woke up to a light blue light shining in on me and a cold wipe cleaning my butt. I squirmed and moaned. Saul chuckled. I opened my eyes and saw Saul ready for school and changing me. He finished tickling me with powder and taped the diaper shut.

“I thought I’d change you before you got up so you wouldn’t cry about going in your sleep again. Sorry about waking you up with a wipe.” I blushed and stretched. I looked down to the side to see my pants washed with one of what looked like Saul’s shirts.

I said, "Uh, I’m sorry but I rather not wear one of your shirts, because then it’ll look like we had sex last night. " He laughed out loud.

“No, that’s my old shirt from seventh grade. I haven’t worn it since then and I doubt anyone will remember it. Anyway, girls wear guys shirts all the time, and I don’t see any other of your shirts here, so you’re stuck with it. I’d change and go in the bathroom and freshen up. You look like a baby wooky.” He smiled and added, “Also I got some of my mom’s makeup out for you to look cuter, it’s on the counter.” Well, I doubt the makeup would be on the floor or something.

I took the clothes and went into the bathroom. I put on the shirt that fit snugly and put on my pants over the diaper. It was a little tighter, but I was happy that I wore the baggiest of all my skinny jeans yesterday. The skinny jeans weren’t that baggy though. I looked in the mirror and you couldn’t even tell I was wearing a diaper. I just had a little puffier of a butt.

I washed my face and put on some mascara and eyeliner. I brushed out my hair and pinned my bangs to the side with the bow. I looked in the mirror and was happy I didn’t look like a baby anymore.

I walked out and went into Saul’s room. I looked around and couldn’t find him. I went into the kitchen and saw him making eggs and toast. I watched him flip and egg.

He looked back and grinned at me, “Hungry little one?” I nodded my head and sat down at the table. He finished and placed two plates down. I bet he doesn’t usually make this much food every morning.

I said quietly, “Thanks.” He nodded and smiled some more.

I took my toast and dipped it into my one egg yoke. I looked at him as he cut up his and ate it without dipping. He chuckled, “You’re not normal, are you?”

“Doesn’t everyone dip their yoke?”

“No, not everyone. Then again, a bunch of little kids do.” He chuckled some more. He just uses anything I do to associate me with babies doesn’t he?

I finished as he cleaned up the area. I sat there and watched him. Saul said, “Wanna watch some T.V. until it’s time to go?” I nodded my head. He stretched his hand towards me, and I took it. I was lead to the couch and I sat down. He sat right by me and turned on the television with the remote. I sat there awkwardly looking at my feet.

His arm went behind my back and he looked down at me. I kept looking down at my feet. Saul kissed my head and tilted my chin to look at him. His face was glowing more than ever and his eyes were twinkling. He kissed my forehead and I tried looking down but he tilted my head up at him again. I was frozen because I didn’t understand what he was doing. His head turned and it went closer to mine. Then our lips touched and he caressed a little part on my back. He pulled away and smiled. I stared up at him with an unbelievable look on my face. He looked so glowing and content and then his face slowly reflected mine. Saul’s face spelled out mistake, he knew he did the wrong move. I can’t say much myself.

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Interesting twist, has Saul fallen for her or is it a gamble?

Keep up the fantastic work

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write more dear god

Re: Nightmare (Part 2)

I know this story hasn’t had anything new for a long time but I just want to say I wish it would continue!! This is really good!!

Re: Nightmare (Part 2)

I know this story hasn’t had anything new for a long time but I just want to say I wish it would continue!! This is really good!!

Lol. Is it weird this is the first time I’ve logged on in almost a year and I read this comment? But anyways. I honestly forgot I could write. I don’t write much but I miss writing this story so I think I’ll continue. I must not lie, this story might take months to bring out at least one chapter since I’m so busy. Since Octobers next month, I guess I’ll try to make a few chapters in the next two months since this is, not really scary, but its title lies in that genre.