Nightmare (Chapter 5)

I’m not that good of a writer and I’m young(TB). This is my second story in the ABDL nature. My other one I gave up on because it just sucked. I rushed it, so it turned rotten. This one I’ll try my best not to rush and keep with the present details. Tell me if you want me to keep on writing or not for the story.


I ran. I ran hard, pounding my feet into the ground as fast as I could. I didn’t want to look back, it’d only scare me more. Every second my breath got heavier and heavier. I knew I could run longer and faster, but for some reason my legs gave up on me and I fell into the darkness. I knew he was there, in front of me or behind me. This was a nightmare. A truly revolting nightmare that never ends.

I hit something hard with my hand and whimpered a little. I was drenched in sweat from head to toe, like usual. Some nights my bladder gives out and I have to change my bed sheets, this is one of those nights.

The nightmare, again. Again. The agonizing torture of it. Ever since I turned 13 I’ve had them. The same sadistic man, dressed up in a cape, with a metal mask covering his face. They don’t come every night, but the same sadistic nightmare comes every week or month. One time I had it a whole week in a row. A little wave someone gave me, I flinched. I’ve been growing stronger though. I keep a rough shell but I’m a real coward inside. Mostly saying I’m an ass unless you know me. No one knows me. Except for the man, which I’ve called Salve since the nightmares started.

The nightmares started when I was 13 and now I’m 15. It might seem like it’s not that long, but trust me, if its torment it feels close to 10 years. I’m not a girl you catch around the average crowd. In fact I loathe my age group. Most of them waste their time smoking and doing drugs, when they could stop using money for booze and start saving money for a car or an apartment. I guess I shouldn’t be the one talking. My godfather sends me money every month for food and my apartment rent. The usual story, parents died, aunts and uncles mistreat, but I end up having a god father that ends up being rich. He travels a hell of a lot, and I’m too lazy to pack up every week for a new pad. I’m independent for my age, and can fend for myself. I could live without his money if I wanted to. I must admit to that it is a nice bonus so I don’t have to get a job.

I was always clever before the nightmares began. I became a mastermind when they started. If almost every week you have fucking torment episodes you’d be too. I don’t sit around and cower about them. I endure the misery, then that one day Salve will be in the flesh and blood and I’ll be ready.

I’m small, but fearless. I look death in the face all the time: In the flesh and in the mist of blur. I hate being called small or amounting to nothing. I have shoulder length brunette hair, accompanied with my green eyes. I’ve seen too much to be innocent, but in the face of jail I can act out innocence.

I’m always looking around at details of rooms, items, and people. If you ever find me staring directly into someone’s eyes I’m lying. I always lie. It comes naturally as the words slip off my tongue. I have a fake license saying I’m 18, so every time I move or go to another apartment I lie to the land lord. I live alone and rather keep it that way.

I never really understood when I read books they said getting slapped on the wrist or whipped was torture. To me that’s the total opposite of my version. Pain always fades no matter what form it is. Cutting. Bruising. Burning. It doesn’t threaten my flesh. I’ve had it all, none of it potentially hurts me forever and leaves a mark on my heart. Torture is humiliation. It can leave a mark. It scars you on the inside and you never forget it. I hate it. Salve knows this and unearths fresh ways to torment me.

I started gathering up my sheets, upbeat that I woke up in time. I started heading down to the basement, lightly hitting the stairs so no one would wake up. The door creaked slightly as I hesitated, looking down into the darkness. It seems as if I was just there. Then I realized, I was just there in my nightmare. I could wait until morning to clean the sheets, no sweat. I began closing the creaking wooden door, looking down into the darkness. That’s when I saw a glimpse light reflection off of metal, realizing that it was still misty. Unfortunately, the nightmare had just begun.

Nightmare-Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I finally woke up from the nightmare for real. I pinched and slapped myself just to make sure. I shivered a little then got up from bed, remembering the dreadful dream.

[i]I started gathering up my sheets, upbeat that I woke up in time. I started heading down to the basement, lightly hitting the stairs so no one would wake up. The door creaked slightly as I hesitated, looking down into the darkness. It seems as if I was just there. Then I realized, I was just there in my nightmare. I could wait until morning to clean the sheets, no sweat. I began closing the creaking wooden door, looking down into the darkness. That’s when I saw a glimpse light reflection off of metal, realizing that it was still misty. Unfortunately, the nightmare had just begun.

I slammed the door to the basement. I dropped my sheets and ran upstairs to my room. Swinging open the door, and then slamming and locking it. Maybe I could just lengthen me hiding so I wake up in time. I would have to run, hide, and fight. I sprinted to the kitchen, which was right in front of the door. I went to the knives and took two. The blades sling off of the rack gave me a feeling of edge in this fight. I went behind the counter island and sat down, hiding and waiting to dart a knife at him.

I listened carefully. Silently, I heard a slow clanking noise going up the stairs. Bum.Bumm.Bummm. My heart pounded as each step echoed in my ears. I could hear him finally at my level, slowly turning to my apartment. The deep steps of his, came louder and louder as he approached the door.
Everything went silent.

Ching. The lock clicked. Oh god. I was rapidly breathing and couldn’t calm down. No noise of the door creaking open. I couldn’t tell if he was in or not. I slowly scrambled over to the right edge of the island. I looked around and found my dampened sheets on the ground, the door still closed.
I whimpered for the second time. I didn’t want to look behind me.

I turned my head to find him standing over me. I took the knife and jammed it into his boot. The knife jiggled. I touched it and felt rubber. Fuck. I heard a deep roar of chuckling from Salve. I looked up at the dark metal mask, as he looked at the now pathetic, blushing me.

How did the knife turn into rubber? I heard the sharp sound of a blade when I picked it up. This was another way for Salve to make a fool out of me.

Salve firmly took my right arm with the knife, ripping the knife out of my hand and swinging me around so my back was up against his chest. He never roughly took me into his strong arms, he was always as gentle as possible. It’s part of him teasing me, it makes me feel small or amounting to nothing. Of course he knows that, he knows everything about me.

The knife went back to a blade instead of rubber. I felt the back of my pajama bottoms tear along with my underwear. I didn’t even realize that they were still wet from my fake wake up. I squealed, as usual Salve roared again with laughter. He always did whenever I whimpered, squealed, whined, or cried.
Salve lifted up my shirt. He lifted me up by my under pits into the sink. It was awful, I was right actually on the sink. My butt fit right into it. He ran the water over my crotch and tears started running down my cheeks. Salve took the dish soap and squirted it on me. He rolled up his sleeves.

Salve had a incredibly deep voice, that I always thought was disguising his real one. Salve picked up a sponge and said, “Time to wash the dirty dishes.” If I saw his face he’d have the most twisted smile at the moment. He roared with laughter as he started scrubbing my stomach. It was soft light tickling scrubbing. I squirmed, crying a little harder each moment, trying to get out of his grip. He moved the scrubbing down farther. It tickled me like crazy and it was one of the most akward moments. I felt like I was going to die . He kept adding more soap and starting rubbing right between my legs. I squirmed and began wailing loud. It was giving me weird feelings and I started to try and bawl up. He put a hand firmly on my stomach which held me from bawling. I started pleading for him to stop, but Salve just chuckled.

My throat was aching after what seemed like 5 hours, only amounting to 5 minutes. Salve stopped and sprayed water on me. I sobbed a little calming down. Salve picked me up again, this time his hand was on my bare butt, to support me. He took a towel from the drawer and wiped my private parts. Once I was dry Salve set me on the couch.

I started coughing from my extremely dry throat. Salve sighed and shook his head. I watched him, as I sniffed and coughed. He glided to my fridge brought out a juice of some sort. I started covering myself. I finally bawled up and started rocking. I heard him doing things in my kitchen. I realized that it could be another thing. That’s when I ran to my bedroom and closed the door. I heard pounds on the door. I started putting on pants.

In dreams you always do your first plan, no matter how stupid. That’s exactly what I did. I jumped over my bed and ran over to the window. I heard a crack and looked at the door. I saw Salve’s arm smashing a hole into the door. My insides were screaming. I hit the latch as fast as possible, my hands shaking like crazy. A rush of cool air entered the room as I jammed up the window. There was a screen so I tore It. I got one leg out and then the other. My head was going under as Salve was just entering the bedroom. He started gliding over to me. I freaked and started on the window sill, jumping to the other window sill. Salve’s head poked out my bedroom window.

I started climbing the windows of the hotel. It wasn’t a big one. Probably only thirteen rooms altogether. I had the best idea, to jump down and try to die. You usually wake up when you die in a dream anyway. I jumped, as I plummeted to my fake death, I felt a jolt from my right arm. My arm was aching as I looked up to find Salve grasping my under pits once again. The way he was touching me just said he was pretty furious .I started wailing. [/i]

When I woke up I was wailing too. The nightmare ended before he got to me again. It was a dreadful dream. Salve is getting better at them. It might be ignorant to say but Salve controls my dreams sometimes.

It was 5 in the morning and I’d have to wait until 7 to check out of there. I packed up the last of my items. I looked at the window it seems I’ve just jumped out of. They weren’t ripped and everything was in its place. I went in the kitchen to clean up around the sink. I shivered a little when I scrubbed by the sink.

I packed all my shit into the back of my car. I didn’t have much stuff anyway. The land lord finally was behind the counter of the entrance. I returned the keys to my pad, and said bye to him.
Every place I’ve been to I’ve had nightmares of it, so I end up moving because sometimes I can’t separate the dreams from reality.

My new place was nice. It was a rented house. The outside was beige, and it was a one story building. The plus of it was it had no basement, taking off a notch of horror for Salve. I liked it a lot and hoped to not move anytime in the next year. It had about six rooms. I’d only be using half of them, though.

Re: Nightmare Chapter 2

Chapter 2

High school is starting today. It’s mostly just a waste of my time, but I want to go to college, so I have to. I skipped two grades, so instead of being a freshman I’m a junior. I don’t really talk to anyone in my grade, heck, I don’t talk to anyone at all.

I haven’t had a nightmare in a whole month, ever since I’ve moved out of my apartment into a house. I’m more confident because of it. I still hit the gym and research about weapons and drugs, though. Nothing’s really different about me, besides the fact that I can do more without hesitation.
I woke up, sluggishly putting on clothes and turning off my phone alarm. I put on some eyeliner, and brushed my wavy hair. I made my way out the door. I don’t eat breakfast and usually I don’t eat lunch either.

I started up the car, and drove to my new high school. When I got there, like usual people looked at me, and I just didn’t care.

The day was really sluggish, and boring. One of my teachers, Mrs. Embers, wore a wig. I laughed a little during her class, because of that fact. She eyed me suspiciously, and other teens just stared at me. I felt some guys’ eyes staring at me. Trust me, by the end of the day I’d confront them. Like I said, I have a lot of confidence built up.

I strolled down to the cafeteria for lunch B. There were 3 separate lunches because of all the teens. I was late, because I bent my locker. Earlier I kicked my locker and it bent. You might not believe me, but it happened. I was kicking back and forth until it looked straight enough. It took about ten minutes for fixing.

I came in and saw no seats. I finally spotted a table full of guys all the way in the corner. I sat down and most of them went quiet. One of them with grey eyes, and dark brown hair stared at me. He was kind of tough looking and was handsome. The first guy that spoke had dirty blonde hair, and dark brown eyes, very scrawny. He said, “Hey I’m Eric. You’re the new girl?”

I looked down at my lunch, “Yeah.”

Eric asked, “And your name?”


Eric told me everyone’s names. The grey eyed teen was Saul. This chubby almost bald dude’s name that sat to my right was Frank, but they call him F.T. Tim had long light brown hair and brown eyes that sat in front of me, but two seats to the right. I was at the end left corner. Eric sat straight in front of me and Saul sat onto the right of him. They all went back into their conversations.

Eric was talking to F.T. Saul kept smiling at me when I looked up at him. He’s one of the guys in Mrs. Embers class that was looking at me. I think he was trying to say something to me. I started getting up to dump my tray and leave, then F.T. said, “Woah, you’re not going to eat that?” The guys all laughed.

I sighed and said, “Take it.” He took my tray and put it over his. I just started walking out, then Saul spoke up, “Hey, we have about seven more minutes until the lunch bell rings.”
I said, “I know.” I looked at him then made my way out. My composure was weird when I said it, I had a firm face, but an unsure voice.

When I walked away, it sounded as if Saul said, “That’s her.” I was confused then, I wish it’d stay that way the rest of my life. That moment should’ve been a nightmare, but it wasn’t. It was real.

Re: Nightmare (Chapters 1 and 2)

Interesting Story.

I did notice that there are a large amount of fragmented sentences and it still feels a bit rushed. Take your time to flesh out you characters more and let us get to know them better.

As we write more it gets easier to see our errors and correct them. I suggest you get someone to edit and proof your chapters as that will help with some of the easy to make rookie errors.

Please keep it up as Nightmare has great potential.

Re: Nightmare (Chapters 3)

I’ll try my best to slow down and give more detail on the people. Thanks Jayme, and I’ll try to look for the fragmented sentences, and read over my writings more than once.

Chapter 3

The last 3 hours of school drowned by really slowly. I kept thinking of what Saul said. I had to confront him about it no matter what. When something’s on my mind it stays on my mind for a long time.

Saul was in most of my after lunch classes. This time though, we kept looking at each other. I kept catching him staring and he kept catching me staring at him.

My last class was Pre Calculus with him and I couldn’t stop moving. I tapped my pencil the whole time, and kept fidgeting in my chair. I looked to my right, and Saul grinned at me. I turned back to the teacher and sighed.

The bell rang as the class swarmed out into the hallways. I waited until Saul got up and walked beside him. Saul said, “Hello.”

I blushed and said softly, “Hey.”

Saul cleared his throat, looking concerned, “What’s up?”

I hugged my binder; his voice was kind of deep. I felt it was familiar somehow. “Uhmm…” I couldn’t say what was on my mind for some reason. I searched for the right words, but couldn’t find a sentence. I shifted my eyes, blushing. Why was it so hard to talk to him? I felt like an idiot. I could talk to anyone and be an ass without caring, but Saul was somehow different.

Saul chuckled, “You okay?”

I shifted my eyes more, searching for words and said, “Y-Yeah.”

“You can hang with me and my friends after school, if you want.”

I was caught off guard. Hang out, when we just met? “Huh?”

Saul chuckled some more, he smiled, “Do… You…Want to come and hang with me?”

I blushed; he was talking to me like I was stupid. I got a little frustrated, but I had this weird feeling that I wanted to. “Uhm… Yeah, I do.”

“Cool. I’ll walk you to your locker.”

I had some trouble with my combination, because I was shaking. I was shaking since this was a little bit awkward. I don’t handle awkward moments well. I usually shake or cry. I gave up and just rigged my locker. Saul chuckled as he watched me.

Saul asked, “How did that get there?” He pointed to the small dent.

I looked up at him and then down and the dent, “Oh, I have locker problems.”

Saul burst into laughing. I started laughing too. It was surprising. I don’t laugh much at all, but for some reason I wasn’t so serious anymore.

I shoved my stuff in my locker. I went into my backpack and pulled out my phone and wallet. I put them in my pockets. I slammed my locker, and then smiled at him.

Saul said, “Shall we go to my locker?”

I giggled and said, “We shall.” Saul lightly chuckled as we headed to his locker. He easily maneuvered opening the locker and got his backpack.

We walked outside into the parking lot, meeting up with his friends. Saul said that we’re all going to hop into F.T.'s car and go to Oaklyn Park. I sat on a bench at there and Saul leaned on it. I looked up at him and blushed for the third time that day. I was so small compared to him. I stood up so I wouldn’t be looking up as much. I still had to tilt my head to look into his eyes.

He chuckled when nothing was humorous, unless he knew the reason that I stood up. Heck, ever since I met Saul all he does is chuckle when I do something, so I guess it’s not that important.

We all sat by a tree in a circle talking about random shit. Tim said, “Yeah Mr. Blaine sucks ass. He’s already talking about projects on the first day.”

After 5 minutes I finally spoke up, “Did anyone realize Mrs. Embers wears a wig?”

Everyone began bursting into laughter. Saul replied, “Haha. That’s hilarious. How did you find out? Is that why you randomly started laughing during class?”

I shook my head, “Yea, when she looked at me she shifted her weight and then her hair moved. I couldn’t stop smiling.”

After a while the one conversation shifted into 2 different ones. Saul and I had our own as we started walking around the park. Saul asked me, “So what about your family, any sister or brothers?”

I looked him directly in the eye, “Well, I have no brothers or sisters, but my mom works all the time as a lawyer, and my dad works as a carpenter and is never home during the day.”

He looked a little disappointed for some reason, once again confusing me. Right then I just had the courage to ask him, “Today you were staring at me a lot. I mean, I know being the new girl, some guys would stare, but you kept looking at me. I’m just a little spooked, because of something that you said.” I let out a breath and looked at him. Saul squinted and changed composure. He changed from surprised to confused, and then was staring at the ground searching for words to explain.

Saul asked, “What did you hear that spooked you?”

“You said, ‘That’s her’. What does that mean?”

Saul immediately changed the subject, “So you listen to Avenged Sevenfold.” Pointing to my band t-shirt.

I went along with it; I’d interrogate him about it later, “Yeah, there pretty sweet.”

“There new song Nightmare’s amazing.”

My mouth dropped open. It wasn’t because of the song, it was the pieces. The puzzle was fixed. The pieces fit. He didn’t change the subject at all. It might have been a coincidence; on the other hand it could have been pure genius.

Saul looked at me and smiled. I stopped walking and eyed him suspiciously. He stared at me, giving a twisted smile. His eyes had something in them. It was like he was saying cruel things to me without speaking.

I stared at him, challenging my fate. Standing before me was Salve, my sadistic enemy of the night.

Re: Nightmare (Chapter 4)

Well, heres chapter 4, if you like it tell me and encourage me. I run off of my audience’s encouragement, :slight_smile:

Chapter 4

I kicked Saul in his man parts, and punched his nose. He grunted, as he fell to the ground protecting him from me attacking again. Saul deserved more, but I just left, before I did more.

Leaving him with a bloody nose, I walked back to the school alone. I was so pissed off. He was playing around with me the whole time. How could I be so stupid? Saul and Salve almost sound alike. He had a deep voice, and disguised it during the nightmares. How can he be real and in my dreams though? I was so confused with all of this.

I couldn’t sleep that night, knowing who he was. I kept tossing and turning in bed, remembering the last nightmare. It was the longest night ever, I just couldn’t fall asleep. At around 4 o’clock I got so frustrated that I started crying. After that I fell into a lovely slumber, ending with an uneasy awakening 3 hours later.

The whole day at school I ignored Saul and all his friends. Saul’s eyes were red around the rims when I sneaked a glance at him for the first time that day. He was really pale and looked like a walking dead guy. I probably didn’t look that different from him anyway.

I skipped lunch and walked around the town, coming back to school just in time. 7th period finally came and I was once again, tapping my pencil, impatient to get out of class. From my peripheral vision I could see Saul staring at me longingly to talk to me. I was planning on just ignoring him when he’d try.
I put my binder on my lap, right when the bell rang. I was the first person to glide out the door. I was surprised when Saul didn’t even attempt to follow me. I set my locker the passing period before, so I just put in the last number and opened it. I kept my backpack in the locker and headed out of the school. I was in a hurry, trying not to have any social activity with Saul or anyone of his friends.

Once I was in my car I sighed, happy I got away from them all in time. I went into my pocket and pulled out my keys. Someone walked up to my car and opened the door. It was Saul. He sat down and shut the door.

I opened my mouth to yell at him, but he took my keys and beat me to it, “I’m sorry about the other day. I deserved being kicked in the balls, but I have to explain some things to you.” He paused and looked at me sadly, “I’m not the same as I am in the dreams. I thought the dreams were normal teenage guy ones. Seeing a beautiful girl…” Saul trailed off, because that was nasty and he knew it. He continued, “If I knew they affected someone else of the other side, I would have stopped. You probably don’t want to discuss it, but… Just take this.” He gave me a note that his number on it. I took it as he handed back my keys.
While Saul got out he glanced at me saying with a lot of feeling, “I’m really sorry, Heather. Call me if you feel the need.”

He shut the door and I just sat there looking forward, at the other cars pulling out. Instantly, I wasn’t as mad at him or as scared anymore. The nightmares were over, finally. I sighed happily. I smiled, looking down at his number, on the back it read:

Call me if you want to talk. I’m so sorry.

I had this urge that I actually did want to call him; after all he did to me. In the nightmares Saul was an ass, but in real life he was actually understanding and nice. Before I wanted to kill him, but now I want to be with him. There must be something wrong with me.

I drove home, left in my own little world. Once I got there, I plopped on my bed, went under the covers, and called Saul. I thought he was going to ignore me, it rang 3 times until he picked it up, “Hello?”
I let out a deep breath and asked, “Saul?”

I could hear a smile in his voice, “Heather?”

I said, “Yeah, you better start spilling your guts to me, before I hang up. Give me a reason to forgive you.” I was playing my games straight to him. I thought he was kind, but that didn’t give me a reason to forgive him.

Saul paused for a moment on the other line, “The dreams started when I was 15, I didn’t really understand then. I just took on this role of a freak that had to lesson a girl. It all just, well, came at me. It felt right, and every night I couldn’t wait until the next dream to happen. I thought it was every teen boy’s dream, I didn’t know at all, Heather, that it affected the real life you.
I want to start again with you. You’re a beautiful, honest to god, great girl that I’d like to hang with. I sware I didn’t know. Will you forgive me?”

I blushed bright red when he said I was beautiful. He’s seen me naked more than my own parents. This is easy to say, because they died when I was born. Still, it was kind of embarrassing. I wanted to talk to him more, even though we’ve went through a lot. He was the closest I’ve ever gotten to a friend. It was very sad , but true. I wasn’t going to slip away from him either.

Saul broke me out of my thoughts, “Heather? Are you alright? I’m sorry.”

I spoke up, “Yeah, I’m fine. It’s all cool, I forgive you. Thanks.”

He sounded confused, “For what, exactly?”

“For calling me beautiful.”

“Well… It’s true.”

I was hot, red by then; if he saw me at that moment, he’d chuckle. Saul paused a little and then asked, “Do you want to hang out tonight? Maybe watch a movie at my house?” Its funny how right after me and him make up, he asks to hang out.

I answered right away, “Yea, sounds good. Where do you live?” He gave me his address, and then hung up. I sighed happily again. I went to the bathroom, and put some perfume on.

On the way to his house, I never considered his parents being home. I haven’t had any form of parents my whole life, so it’s not something that comes to my mind. I’m horrible with adults. I end up disrespecting them in some way.

When I got up to his door, it opened. Saul was smiling at me as I came in. I smiled back and took off my shoes. I looked around, no sign of his parents. I couldn’t hear anyone either. Saul knew what I was looking for, “Yea, my parents are on a trip.” I was guessing he didn’t have brothers or sisters either.

I looked around. Saul’s house was nice. The living room was on the right and the kitchen was on the left when you came in. The living room was painted a dark brown and light green. The couches were brown leather. It had a soothing feel to it.

I said, “What movie are we watching?”

“Uhm… Kick Ass.”

"Sweet, I was hoping to see it sometime soon."I was in a really good mood, and I love movies. This day started out horribly, but after school it just turned into an incredibly great day. I just didn’t know it was going to fall down again.

Re: Nightmare (Chapter 5)

Here’s the 5th chapter. Encouragement is my fuel to writing these. Criticism is always welcome. :slight_smile:

Chapter 5

Saul said, “I’m going to make some popcorn, what do you want to drink? Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Tea, milk, or water?”

I replied, “Pepsi sounds great.” I walked over to the couch and sat down. I looked at the screen, feeling stupid to ask what the movie was. The screen was on the movie subtitle already. I heard pop cans open, and popcorn popping. Three of my favorite things: popcorn, Pepsi, and movies. I was in my comfort zone. I think Saul did it to make up for the nightmares.

I guess it was stupid. I shouldn’t have gotten mad at him. He didn’t even know it was my dreams too. Heck, I wouldn’t know either if it were the other way around.

I was so relaxed. Saul came back with the food and announced, “Here’s your Pepsi and popcorn.” He smiled at me as he sat down. He kept the popcorn in his lap.

I said, “Thanks.” I had to scoot over by him to eat the popcorn. Saul pressed play on the movie. After a while my head ended up on his chest as his arm was on my side. The movie was hilarious. We both laughed the whole time. I had to leave to go to the restroom ten minutes in.

My stomach was a bit weird but I kept watching. I was really comfortable, until I had to get up about fifteen minutes after to use the restroom again. What was wrong with me? My bladder felt like it was going to give out at any second, so I had to run to the bathroom. Saul didn’t realize though, which was a good thing.

A half an hour later we were laughing so hard. I felt a warm feeling on my pants and looked down. Out of all things, this was one of those times you wish it was your period. Then I would have a decent excuse, but this was a two year old thing you would’ve learned early on.

I gasped, looking down at my pants. I got up, tripped a little, and ran to the bathroom. Tears fell down my face as I pulled down my pants. I wished it was my period, but I wasn’t so lucky. From rushing to stand up, there now was a dark streak down my jeans.

Saul knocked on the door, “You alright in there?”

I sniffed, “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“You don’t sound like it.”

I tried being as silent as possible with my crying, but I failed to keep it from Saul. I just sat there, staring at the tub. I was thinking hard about what I could do. I didn’t have spare clothes. I didn’t really have anything with me besides my phone. I gave up after a while. I wiped my tears off my cheeks, knowing I’d have to face Saul sooner or later.

“What’s going on Heather?”

“I… well…I-I kind of…uhm…” I trailed off, I couldn’t find a right way to say that I went in my pants. I looked down and found that I was still letting out some pee into the toilet. I couldn’t even feel it. There was something wrong with me, this never happens.

“Hey, whatever you did isn’t that bad now, is it?”
“Yeah… it-it’s really bad.”
Saul cleared his throat, “Well, you can’t stay in the bathroom all day, it’s either you come out of I come in.”

My eyes shot up. He’s a teen guy. Sure, he might be 2 years older than me, but Saul-to me-is the same age as me. Saul was being so firm, I had a feeling he wasn’t going to let me stay there.

I pulled up my wet jeans, and wiped off the tears. I washed my hands, splashing water on my face. I walked up to the door. I sighed, turning the nob, seeing Saul right in front of the door. He looked furious. What did I do that he knew of? His composure wasn’t helping me at all. The tears started rolling down my face, I looked down in shame. Saul grabbed my hand, leading me back to the toilet. He began unbuttoning my jeans. What was he doing?!

“What?… Na-No-”
"Look!"Saul pointed to my ankle as more urine rolled onto the white rug. He started pulling down my pants.
“Hey!” I whimpered, as he started gentaly pulling down my underwear. Saul pushed me onto the toilet, taking some toilet paper to put my feet on. I was lost for words.
“Shhh… Don’t worry, I’ll clean you up.” What?! No! I wanted to scream, but the only thing that came out was a loud cry.

Saul rolled down and took off my pants and underwear. I was left naked from the waist down. He didn’t look like it was a big deal, but to me it was. I just had my arms to the side in defeat. I looked at the rug. It wasn’t stained too bad. Saul took a rag and rubbed the rug. After he scrubbed it until it looked about its original color, he rolled it up and threw it by the door with my clothes.

Saul looked up and smiled, “Everything’s going to be alright.” Saul stood up and rinsed the rag. He walked back to me and kneeled down. I squirmed a little, covering my parts. The rag hit my foot.

Saul said softly, “Here, let’s get you on the tub, it’ll be easier.”

Saul picked me up by my underpits. Out of all that was happening I was surprised that Saul was actually pretty strong. In the nightmares he’s strong but I thought that would differ from the real world.

I was broken out of my thoughts as the rag moved up to my special parts. He was cleaning thoroughly, which wasn’t a good thing on my side. He got up more and more. It got more akward by the second.
I shivered a little as he pushed my hand away from covering my crotch. Saul asked, “You don’t want to smell like urine now do you?”

“I-I c-can clean mu-myself.” He looked at me like I was crazy. Saul put the rag in my hand and stared at me.

I dropped it, as he sighed. Saul picked the rag up. He moved back to the sink and rinsed it again. He turned around, looking at me up and down. I was so embarrassed. My face was so hot, and my throat was dry. I just wanted to drink something.

Saul took a step and leaned down, washing my crotch. I shifted a little, out of all this, I never realized that I shaved down there. I wanted to just splash water on my face, it was burning red. I touched it feeling how hot it was. I kept shifting my weight onto both legs. He put his hand in between my legs so he can wash by my butt. My head was swimming. How I handled it was I mostly blanked out.

He wiped around my stomach, then it was over. Or so I thought it was. Saul took my hand and had me step out of the tub. He said quietly, “I have something you can wear while I clean your clothes.” He scratched his head.

I looked at him, I don’t think I could even speak if I tried. His eyes were sympathetic. My mouth was ajar. He turned around and searched for something. I watched him, wondering what I’d be wearing.

Saul found the item on a bottom cabinet, “Aha, these should fit. You’re pretty small,I’m sure you’ll fit. These are my little cousin’s.”

I looked at the package in his hand. A brand new package of diapers was in his hands. He was serious about it too. I just gazed at the package examining what it said. They had baby Elmo prints on them.

Saul took my hand, pulling me down onto the ground. I had no actions or thoughts at all. I kept looking at him for direction. I didn’t know what to do anymore. It was out of my hands, I’d given up.

He tore the light plastic off the top, taking one white diaper out. Saul pushed me down softly, getting me to lay down. Once I was in position, he unfolded it. Saul grabbed my ankles in one hand and slid the diaper under my butt.

Through the process I couldn’t stop looking at him. I didn’t know what to do. I was lost, and he was in control. He pulled it up, as I felt the soft guards between my legs. Saul taped one side, then the other. He smiled at me, as I blinked back.

Saul picked me up, setting me on my feet. He took my hand and led me to the front room. When I began walking, I could feel the diaper every step I took. I sat Indian style on the couch, a little drowsy from the night before. Saul went to start cleaning my clothes. I watched him leave. I looked down at the ground, confused on my actions. Did I just go through the diaper change without protesting? I squinted, realizing how tired I was. I looked at the T.V. seeing the paused picture. I wanted to play it, but I didn’t really feel like moving to get the remote.

I looked around, taking in the nice furniture that I was sitting on. I never realized how much I liked the room. It was so nice and cozy. It felt like my own home. I got sad, I never had the statement of feeling lonely until now. I wanted a home full of a family. I didn’t want to make my own home full of family I wanted to join one, or be raised in one like Saul.

Saul. Where is he? I franticly turned my head to search for him. I wanted him more than ever at the moment. I don’t know why. I wanted a lot at the moment. I had nothing, I wanted something. I wanted a drink, and a blanket. I spotted a blanket; I stared at it, hoping that I’d gain telekinesis powers right at the moment and move the blanket to me. I squinted, knowing I’d have to get up. I didn’t though. I just kept looking at it.

I heard a noise from the basement. The washing machine started up. It was Saul. Footsteps became louder as I heard him climb the steps. My head turned to the hallway. I saw Saul come in the front room. Saul grinned at me, I smiled and giggled back. Ever since I went in my pants, I’ve gotten this new attachment to Saul. It’s like he was essential to my life all of a sudden.

Saul chuckled, “Are you cold?” How’d he know? I shook my head, then looked down seeing I was shivering a little crossing my arms over my chest. Saul grabbed a blanket, unfolding it and drafting it over my body. I cuddled into it, getting comfortable. The lights went off, as Saul sat to the left of me. I immediately scooted over to him, falling into his chest. He chuckled some more, as I smiled up at him. He stretched over to grab the remote from the table and played the movie. I nuzzled my head into him some more. I didn’t know anymore, my heart was leading all my actions.

Re: Nightmare (Chapter 5)

I just wanted to say that I am really enjoying this story and I hope you continue to write it. However I noticed a bit of an error you called the diapers goodnights and proceded to discribe or refer to them like baby diapers.