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This leads into what I said earlier about reduction of the story’s plot. To put it bluntly, “I do what I do cause I can and I will”. I enjoy the creative process, be it with practically any form of medium, and as such I write this for my own enjoyment. I do however, receive great pride from sharing my creative work with other and receiving feedback from people who find the time to partake in something that I created. To be honest it’s a great motivation to me knowing that I am making progress with my creation and sharing it with others. I can’t keep what I’m working on to myself until I have a final or near final product to offer. Don’t mistake me, I will provided proof read content, but it’s the direction of the content that I will be molding overtime into something I can be proud to call a final product.

Writing stories online can be difficult, especially if you post sections of the story at a time. I don’t want to run into the issue of locking myself into a particular plot direction that I thought would make a good story last night as I wrote that plot twist, but then upon careful reconsidering decide otherwise the next day. Therefore I make this statement now for all to know, If I find myself not enjoying writing about any aspect of the story I will not hesitate to rewrite it to better reflect something that I believe to be more enjoyable.

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“I was, for all intensive purposes, asked to accomplish the daunting task of breaking her. Looking back now, the one who sought me out provided me with more than sufficient resources to carry out my task; along with the means to infiltrate the group. The offered payment should I succeed, impressive as it was, wasn’t at all necessary to get me to accept the job. For quite a while I had been trying to achieve a similar goal with little to no success. Maybe they were aware of my alternative motives, and perhaps that’s the reason why I was approached. Regardless, I felt confident in my ability to recognize the signs. I was well aware of the risks that would be involve. Surely what I had to gain was well worth those risks. I knew in the back of my mind there was always a possibility though; no matter how meticulous I was in my task. I regret only my indecision to act.” – Zack

Ashley sat at her desk in the middle of biology class and doodled in her notebook. The lecture dragged on and her backside was beginning to ache from sitting still for so long. She always disliked the building’s older wings. It has been over a decade since these classrooms were last renovated, and there was no real comfortable way to sit in the old hard backed wooden chairs for extended periods of time. Ashley shifted in her seat and tried, without much success, to get in a more comfortable position. Her slight movement was accompanied by a soft crinkle as she settled back down in her chair. She held her breath, worried that someone would eventually notice the strange noises from her direction whenever she moved too much. She sat rigid with her shoulders tense for some time before at last she exhaled and relaxed.

What am I worrying for? I’ve done this in public before, and it won’t be any different this time. She tried to reassure herself, but for some reason the idea of someone who knew watching made her a bit apprehensive. Sure, she had only done it a few of time in public before, but when she had done it people had looked at her. The issues was that the people watching her before were not aware of what she was really doing. She tried to shove her anxiety aside and continued to doodle in her notebook. As she did so she listened halfheartedly to the drab biology lecture by Professor Kossel. The old balding professor spoke in his ragged monotone voice with a slight German accent. He stood at the front of the classroom on a raised platform hunched over the tall wooden podium that held his notes for the day’s lecture. He spent most of the time with his head bowed reading from the notes and only on occasion would glance up to check on the class. His eyes enlarged slightly by the bifocals he wore whenever he looked up at the class.

Ashley let out a quite yawn, eyes tearing up, as she used the back of her hand to cover her mouth. There was still some time left before class would end and she was already bored out of her mind. She stopped doodling in her notebook and put down her pencil on the desk. Using her hand she tucked a lock of her long dark hair, having slipped in front of her face during her involuntary gesture, back behind her ear as she took a moment to look around the classroom. The room was set up in the traditional manner with a single chalk board spanning the front wall along with desks set up in uniform rows and columns. Her desk was located near the back of the classroom against the building’s interior wall.

She was grateful of her spot in the classroom because if gave her the ability to discreetly watch her classmates should the lecture become too unbearable. She looked around the room and noticed her friend Megan texting under her desk. Ashley sighed inwardly as she watched Megan inconspicuously slip her phone back into her skirt pocket. Gosh, it hasn’t even been two weeks since the last one and I bet that girl’s already texting another guy. She tried not to judge Megan too harshly for her lifestyle. Not everyone had the same priorities as she did and Megan was obviously someone who saw school as a place to socialize. Ashley did not blame her either. She was exceptionally beautiful with wavy light brown hair, dark green eyes, and full lips. This, accompanied by a stunning figure, easily made Megan one of the more beautiful girls in their grade. It was no wonder that she had an almost continuous supply of guys asking her out. Ashley was a bit jealous of Megan however. Relationships seemed to come so easily for her and she had so much more experience with guys than Ashley did. Strictly speaking, she had never been in a serious relationship with anyone. Sure, she had numerous crushes over the years, but she had never managed to get up the courage to approach any of them. Ashley sighed again before she shifted her attentions over to her best friend Lindsey.

Lindsey sat slouched in the chair with her elbows on the desk and her face in her palms. Equally as attractive as Megan she was shorter than most with long red hair that extends well past her shoulders, vivid blue eyes, and a fair complexion. Her height and small build made her appear much younger than her actual age and the way she acted most of the time did not help this misconception either. Naturally she was just as popular among the boys in school as Megan, but had never been in a relationship that Ashley knew of. Ashley thought in the beginning that eventually they would stop perusing her, but it seemed as though Lindsey’s constant rejections somehow increased their desire to be with her. She suspected Lindsey’s almost childlike personality had something to do with it as well. She continued to watch her for a time and eventually Lindsey turned to look in her direction and noticed Ashley watching. Lindsey smiled at her with an understanding expression before turning back to face the front of the class again. Most likely she had correctly guessed that Ashley found the lecture boring.

Ashley turned back to her notebook and as she did so her phone vibrated in her skirt pocket signaling she had received a text. She quickly look up at the professor to make sure he wasn’t watching the class before pulling out her phone and reading the message on the screen. The text simply read, “Now”. Instantly her heart sank to her stomach as she stared at the message on her phone. She knew it would eventually come and there was nothing she could do to stop it, but it still made her uneasy. After a few moments Ashley carefully slipped the phone back into her pocket with trembling hands. She slowly turning her head to once again face in Lindsey’s direction, but instead of looking at Lindsey she looked past her towards the back corner of the classroom where a dark haired boy lounged lazily.

Zack sat resting his back against the wall with his chair balanced on two legs. His feet hung a few inches off the ground and his head was bowed slightly as he read the small black book he held. With his dishevel look and messy brown hair he was a perfect representation of a rebellious teenager, and being the son of the school’s dean he was able to get away with most things. He eventually look up from his book in her direction and she caught his eyes. As he watched her, his face expressionless, she stared into his dark eyes and felt a chill run down her spin. It was as though she could feel a ferocious intensity emanating from his gaze piercing right threw her. This was the gaze of someone who would have what he desired one way or another, and right now he wanted her to obey. He nodded slightly a mischievous grin splitting his lips and she quickly averted her eyes turning back towards her desk.

A little over a week ago Zack had approached her during lunch and handed her a note as she sat with her friends Lindsey and Megan. Shocked she gingerly grabbed the note from his outstretched hand and he politely excused himself before turning to leave. After he was out of sight she carefully unfolded the note and read its content. As she read butterflies began to form in her stomach. The note asked for her to meet after classes and provided a room number at the bottom. She sat there and stared at the note before eventually Megan snatched the note from her hands and read it aloud so Lindsey could hear. The three of them had spent the remainder of lunch speculating on what Zack wanted to talk about and as a result she was unable to concentrate on any of her classes. Unfortunately all of their speculations had been wrong, and when she finally met with him after school he threatened to expose her secret.

As soon at the words left his mouth Ashley’s legs gave out and she collapsed to the cold dusty floor. Her head started to spin and tears began to form in her eyes as she realized her worst nightmare had finally came true. Someone had found out her secret and she was going to be exposed. Her life would be ruined. She would be looked at with disgust by her classmates and laughed at behind her back. In the end he had given her only two options: to either do whatever he told her to or be exposed to the rest of the school. She had obviously chosen to do whatever it took to keep his silence, and up until now all his demands had be rather reasonable. He wanted them to spend time together in public to give the appearance that they were going out. They achieved this by eating with each other during lunch and spending time after school studying together over the past week. They had meaningful conversations whenever they were together and if it had not been blackmailing part she honestly believed she would have enjoyed the time they spent together.

However, yesterday evening as he walked her back to the dorms he told her to come to school today wearing them and to make sure to pack extras in her bag. When she asked what he had planned he simply smiled and said it was going to be a surprise, but that she should be able to figure it out herself. This morning before classes started he handed her a small clear vial of cloudy blue liquid and told her to drink it when he said to, and apparently he wanted her to drink it now. Ashley leaned over in the chair to reach her bag on the floor next to her desk and rummaged in one of the side pockets. Her fingers managed to locate the small glass vial and she closed her hand around it to obscure it from view as she lifted it in to her lap. She opened her hand slightly and peered down at the vial in it.

She just stared at the vial for a time, the cloudy solution settling to the bottom as she held it in her hand. Her heart began to pound in her chest and the strong rhythmic beats filled her ears drowning out the professors words. Ashley exhaled deeply before she quietly shook the vial to stir up its content and then unscrewed the top. She counted to three in her head and then quickly raised the vial to her lips draining the liquid into her mouth with one smooth motion. Her hand returned to her lap as she allowed the liquid flowed over her tong and down her throat. She suppressed a gag as she swallowed. The disgusting concoction had a chalky texture to it and the bitter aftertaste caused her face to scrunch up distastefully. She half expected to feel something unpleasant right away, but while she sat there all she noticed was a moderate warming sensation in her stomach.

Ashley leaned back over in her chair and returned the vial to her bag. She checked the clock hung on the wall above the chalkboard. Class would end in a few minutes and next period was lunch which she would reluctantly spend alone with Zack at his request. She tried to relax and pay attention to the lecture for the remainder of class, but found her mind constantly making its way back to worries about what she just drunk. A short time later the bell chimed to signal the end of the period and she began to pack up her things along with the rest of the class. While she packed up the buzz of idle conversations filled the room. Finished packing she stood up to push in her chair as she slung her bag onto her shoulder. She then turn to head over to Zack when she heard her name called out above the growing chatter.

She looked in the direction of the voice and saw Megan making her way through the crowd of people leaving the classroom. She waited at her desk for Megan to reach her before responding.

“Hey Meg, what’s up?” Ashley asked hoping she sounded genuinely interested.

“Alright, so I was thinking, what do you say we all go and try out that new pizza place just outside of campus?”, she paused, but before Ashley could reply she continued. “We could catch a bus, eat, and be back well before classes start back up. The place opened up just last week and it has good reviews, so it’s got to be worth trying out at least.”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to join you Meg. I promised Zack we could have lunch together today. Maybe we could go check it out another day.” she replied with an apologetic expression as Lindsey made her way over to stand with them.

“Well obviously Zack’s invited to come too. Plus I’m suppose to meet a guy there. He’s an upper classman, and I want you and Lindsey to meet him so you can tell me what you think.” Megan turn to Lindsey. “What do you say Lindsey, do you want to go to the new pizza place for lunch?”

“Pizza sounds alright with me.” Lindsey said as she hopped up to sit atop Ashley’s desk her short legs swinging back and forth unable to reach the floor. “I’m tired of eating cafeteria food all the time anyways.”
Megan smiled with excitement clasping her hands together as she turned to Ashley. “Come one Ashley, I’m sure Zack wouldn’t mind if we all had lunch together today. The more the merrier they always say.”

“I’m really sorry guys, I need to start on that paper due next week.” Megan’s smile slowly vanished as Ashley spoke and out of the corner of her eye she noticed Zack making his way over to them. “I’ve been putting it off to long, so I plan to spend the lunch break brainstorming ideas. Zack’s already finished writing his paper and offered to help me out. We are just going to grab some food from the cafeteria and find a quite place to spend lunch.” Zack reached her and placed his arm around her waist squeezing slightly. Ashley’s body wanted to cringe away from the gentle embrace, but she endured his touch like she always had. After a brief moment he released her and entered the conversation.

“Don’t be too harsh on Ashley guys.” Megan huffed as she folded her arms. Zack noticed her unhappy posture and chuckled softly.“Alright alright” he said, holding up his hands towards her. “I know I should share her a bit more than I do, so I’ll take the blame this time. I convinced her not to procrastinate on the paper until the weekend before”.

Ashley rolled her eyes. Convinced me? That’s an interesting way to look at it, considering I wasn’t given any other options. She felt a nagging urge to point out this tiny inconsistency, but decided otherwise and allowed Zack to continue uninterrupted.

“So we could go to the mall this weekend.” He paused eyeing Megan, but she just stared at him her expression unchanged. “Alrighty then, how about I make it up to you two by inviting you to join Ashley and myself this weekend?” Megan visibly perked up at the offer unfolding her arms. Lindsey just continued to sit atop the desk with her legs still swinging back and forth now staring up at the ceiling. Her neck was bent back slightly and she leaned back using her hands to support her weight.

Megan spoke up. “Well Zack, I graciously accept your humble offer and happily relinquish Ashley to your care for the duration of the lunch period.” She bowed to Zack putting on a show by flamboyantly waving an arm as she did so. By now the room was empty of everyone except their group, so she could afford to mess around without drawing stares. Megan rose and glanced towards Lindsey. “Will you be joining us this weekend Lindsey?”

“I don’t have any plans, so why not.” By now she was lying flat on her back with her legs still swinging in even wider arches her skirt flapping dangerously.

“Lindsey!” Ashley said upset as she peered towards Zack, “Someone might see.”

Lindsey’s legs came to a halt and she placed her hands over her stomach. “It won’t matter to me if your boyfriend catches a peek. If you clowns don’t stop fooling around soon, so I can get some food in me, I’m going to starve to death anyways.” Ashley blushed at the indecent comment feeling her face heat up. Megan, on the other hand, raised an eye brow.

“It would appear that the princess over there is in need of sustenance. I guess we’ll have to discuss the details of this weekend at a later date.” Megan said maintaining the charade as she inched closer to an unsuspecting Lindsey. “You two should go ahead and make your way to the cafeteria. As for us”, she paused closing the remaining distance, “we have a bus to catch!”

With incredible speed Megan grabbed the hem of Lindsey’s skirt and flipped it up onto her hands. Lindsey squeaked loudly as she bolted up right frantically fixing her skirt, but not before the damage was done exposing a stark pair of pristine white cotton panties with what appeared to be a printed teddy bear on the front. Lindsey hopped down off the desk obviously preparing to chastise Megan, but she had already made her hastily retreat through the classroom door during the commotion. Lindsey instead turn towards Ashley and Zack with a hostile express. Her face even redder that Ashley’s had been moments ago. Choosing not to experience firsthand the ferocity of a girl recently embarrassed Zack turned his head averting his eyes from Lindsey’s glare. However he was unable to hide the noticeable grin on his face.

“You. Didn’t. See. Anything.” Lindsey hissed through clenched teeth before grabbing her bag and hurriedly exiting the classroom.

Zack whistled in awe. “You sure do have a rather interesting group of friends and isn’t high school a bit old for printed panties?” Zack asked as he turned to Ashley.
She sighed audibly. “You can drop the charade Zack. No one else is here, and honestly I’m not in the mood for idle banter.”

Zack shrugged. “If you insist. I was only trying to lighten the mood a bit. Go ahead and give me the vial back if you please.” He said as he held up a hand towards her. She put a hand in her bag and rummaged through it. Finally locating the glass vial she withdrew it and handed it to him. “Good, now I want you to stay quiet and follow me to the cafeteria.” Ashley just stared up into his eyes in defiance without saying a word. “That’s a good girl. You’re doing wonderfully so far.” He turned and headed out the door Ashley trailing closely behind.

The two of them walked along the path to the cafeteria in solitude. Most students who had decided to remain on campus probably had already made their way to wherever they would spend lunch. Ashley was determined to not be treated like some obedient hound on a leash, so she matches Zack’s pace and stared straight ahead pointedly ignoring his presence. Zack glanced over noticing her defiant stride. He just smiled to himself in amusement as he looked back towards the hallway deciding not to play her little game right now.

As they approached cafeteria they encountered more people in the hallways gather in small groups chatting. They eventually passed through two large wooden doors into the large open room that was the school’s cafeteria. Zack slowly made his way through the countless chairs and tables, some occupied by students finishing up their lunches, towards the line to order food. Ashley followed behind and got in line with Zack to wait their turn to order. Luckily the line was short, the initial lunch rush having died down some time ago. While they waited in line together Ashley simmered with a growing annoyance.

She hated how well Zack got along with her friends all the time and was frustrated at not being able to figure out his end game. She wished Megan and Lindsey could see Zack for what his truly was, but they only saw him for the gentlemanly facade he put on in their presence. What kind of monstrosity would blackmail a girl into a fake relationship? He’s going to have a rude awaking if he believes I’m going to fall in love with him or something. Ashley clenched her fist as the line advanced irritation getting the better of her. Not to mention he decided to force me to come to school today wearing a diaper under my skirt. Doesn’t he realize how difficult it is to keep prying eyes from noticing? Even now her hands remained firmly at her sides overly paranoid that some malevolent breeze will appear out of nowhere to expose her.

Ashley shifted her weight from one leg to the other as she continued to stand in line. She noticed the gap between her legs caused by the diaper’s padding. It’s absorbent material soft against her thighs, but not very good for ventilation. The hot and stuffy diaper was slowly growing damp from sweat and she wished she could just remove it. Beads of sweat would occasionally form to roll down the crack of her butt and between her legs. She wince, holding back her hand’s reflexive movement to her backside as yet another bead of sweat made its way between her legs. Her own sweat felt foreign against her body as it rolled over her skin. It was as though a small insect was slowly crawling down her backside and all she could do was endure the creepy sensation until the bead made its way far enough to be absorbed.

The line advanced quickly and before she realized it they were standing in front of the plump dark skin cafeteria lady who took orders and worked the cash register.

Re: Night Class | 7-29-1

This chapter is a bit short and leaves me wanting more. Good hook. I can’t wait to find out what is in the bottle, what her secret is, and what is happening.

Re: Night Class | 7-29-1-1

Please continue!

Re: Night Class | 8-13-1-1

I was reading it, wondering why it was different but then I read your update. I really love this version you have going. It brings on the good vibes of intimidation. I can’t wait to find out about Zack’s true motives on blackmailing Ashley and how far he will go to humiliate her. It’s quite a lovely story and hopefully you’ll keep us updated again soon. Even though I know you’re taking your time, I must admit, I’ve been checking every day to see updates on my favorite stories, and yours is one I’ve been waiting to see the next chapter to. Keep up the intriguing story. :smiley: