New Web Interface For The Chat

So, the old interface completely died as part of the upgrade process on the chat’s VPS back on the 15th.

There is a new web interface, but before it goes live I need to finish documenting how to use it because it has some extra fields that Kiwi didn’t display and it needs proper documenting.

Also, the new interface has two versions. There’s the “public” version that works much how Kiwi did. The other version is a “private” version that due to the additional time and effort required to set it up is restricted to monthly donors whether via PayPal or Patreon.

When it is ready to go live, more information on how to get access to it will be provided along with additional information about it.

If you would like access to the public version, you can contact me directly and I’ll share the link with you, but I do not want that link shared publicly until the documentation is ready. :slight_smile:

Will this two-tier system make any difference for those of us who use other IRC clients (like mIRC or its like)?

No. It only applies to the web client because when running private mode the initial setup of the user account and properly configuring it takes more time and requires some hand holding.

the reason for that is because in private mode, it enables a bunch of extra features that aren’t available in public mode.

In private mode it sort of acts like a web based version of Quassel’s split client. It has a server component that is responsible for maintaining the IRC connection and chat buffers, and the “client” (in this case, the website) connects via web sockets to the server.

You know how I was using the nickname batgirl yesterday and made a comment about switching from Chrome to Safari but you never saw me disconnect? That was me using the private version of the new client. :slight_smile:

And for the record, I didn’t just change browsers, but I actually changed computers the “Chrome” connection was actually Chromium running on my Raspberry Pi 4 which I rebooted then switched to my MacBook :stuck_out_tongue:

You can do the same with a regular client and ZNC, although that requires getting permission from myself, and that’s mostly because people have a nasty habit of not configuring ZNC properly and cause it to put extra load on the server that isn’t necessary. :slight_smile:

And here’s a hint regarding ZNC: If I catch you connecting on 6697 with it, that is an instant ban. There’s a dedicated port for ZNC connections because ZNC connections actually need some things done differently than the standard port :slight_smile:

Closing this as it no longer applies, because the IRC server will be shutdown on 1/1/2022. SEE THIS THREAD IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE IRC CHAT

I am also looking into new hosting options for the forums. Unfortunately, do the nature of the content find a new host may be… problematic. But worse comes to worst, we can deal with that, but I will not ever allow the chat AND forums to be held hostage by a fucking falsified DMCA notice ever again.

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