New user groups, new badges, and some new sections

So I have a bunch of stuff to update you on today.

New Groups and Badges

There are 3 new groups. Each group grants a badge that also enables you to select the badge’s name as a title in your account preferences. All 3 groups have group messages enabled just an FYI :slight_smile:

The new groups are as follows;

  • Adult Babies. This grants the Adult Baby badge and enables the user of the Adult Baby title (see @clawdeen’s profile to see what this one looks like)
  • Diaper Lovers. Grants the Diaper Love badge and option to use the Diaper Lover title. (See @Howleen’s profile)
  • Caregivers - Yes, you guessed it, enables the Caregiver badge and title. (See @Draculaura’s profile)

New Roleplaying and Collaborative Storytelling sections

Check out the pinned topics in each section for more information Short version is these sections are available, but to prevent abuse of them you must agree to additional rules that apply to them by requesting access to the related groups to get posting access.

Oh, and you might want to check the #contests section. There’s something worth reading in there :wink:

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How do you get said group badges

Nevermind figured it out

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