New to the adult diaper scene

I am brand new to the adult diaper scene. I am mid-40’s and single. I just got my first diapers today, and just wet it for the first time. I only saw the topic last week, but immediately felt I would really enjoy it…and I am. Just ordered 2 more packages, along with a pacifier and bottle, as I feel I would love to sleep as a baby/ABDL. I hope it continues, though I am not sure for how long, given my roommate, also my brother, will likely only be away for a couple to a few more months. I may need to hide some things, but that’s ok. Wish me luck!

Hey, welcome to the forums, and to the interest I suppose.
Sounds like you’re moving along pretty quickly with trying new things. I will definitely recommend pacing yourself a bit.

Also saw you popped into the chat earlier. We’re not always super active, but if you stick around for a bit, you may end up taking part in some rather silly conversations.

Right now, I’m just doing the peeing in diapers and wanting to try the bottle and pacifier this weekend when they come. I wouldn’t be ready to share this with anyone anytime soon. I don’t see myself moving into other aspects anytime soon, either.

Having time and a safe space to explore really helps. I didn’t get to really try diapers that fit until I was an adult. It was even a while later that I got to try more of the premium ones. I identify more as a caregiver bit find diapers to be a comfort, especially with a onesie shirt. At first they were sexual for me but over time while it still can be, there is a lot of comfort and just a natural feeling when wearing.

Be careful as well… There are cases where after trying things out, the desire to wear becomes stro get the longer you put it off even if circumstances do not allow. I am not saying that will happen to you, just something to be aware of.

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