New Story Contest?

This was brought up on IRC a few days. It partially came about because I was discussing my Camp NaNo project, and one chapter i wrote more as a joke than anything.

@BrownOwl suggested that we should have story contest, but before I go through the trouble of making the necessary changes to the Discourse settings for this I’d like to know this: Is there any actual interest in doing these from the general population?

Would you be interested in a story contest?
  • Yes - As a writer
  • Yes - As a reader only
  • No

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Feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

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I said yes as a writer, and I would definitely start a story for the contest, but I am almost incapable of finishing a story so take my yes with a pinch of salt. If a competition started I would definitely start a new story and do my best to get it submitted.

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I’m the same way. I’m thinking if I’m forced to commit to a contest I can break out of my writers block. I really do want to go back to “Magic”. I don’t want to be a “dead” or “unfinished” story writer.

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Traditionally, contests have usually had two base requirements:

  1. Be a short story
  2. Be a new and complete story on submission with reasonable accommodations for edits if necessary. From stories I was told by @Leah and @Penguin apparently @Cute-Kitten can tell you of the dangers of drunk editing and why that editing accommodation exists :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, haven’t our contests usually had some kind of theme that you had to incorporate in the story somehow?

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From what I’ve seen, generally speaking, beyond some holiday based ones, no. Apparently the themed contests were more of a Claudia thing, and she certainly had soe uh… odd themes.

I mean teaching cats to sing. What the fuck was up with that?!


I set the poll to close on May 1st, but I’d say there’s enough interest to go ahead and start making the settings changes required. :slight_smile:

Let’s do it!