New Stories and Avoiding Cliches


I have noticed a lack of new stories on here for a while. I would love to write and contribute and I believe my writing skills are improving so that I wouldn’t be “harming” the community.

At the same time, I am having trouble coming up with ideas for new stories that don’t run into cliches. For example, my most recent story idea was about a girl who runs away from home and finds a cult where people wear diapers. I was going to turn it into a murder mystery later in the story, but the story just ended up being a cliche.

What advice do people have for coming up with stories on this forum that are actually creative? Thanks!

Re: New Stories and Avoiding Cliches

Cliche elements and a cliche story are two very different things, however both are equally acceptable if you put enough effort into putting maybe a new spin on it, trying to keep it fresh.

A diapered cult isn’t cliche, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a story like that written. It might have cliche elements to it, but overall, the concept is fairly original. I say go for it.

Re: New Stories and Avoiding Cliches

There are certain “diaper story” tropes that are acceptable in every story; that is why people of this community enjoy reading them. I think people just get tired of seeing the exact same situations over and over again, with essentially just the names swapped out.

Re: New Stories and Avoiding Cliches

Your grammar here alone suggests that you’ll probably be a fairly capable author, but if you really want to know what to avoid, peruse the daily diapers story section.

Holy fuckballs is that a lot of terrible stuff.

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It is important to have the following cliches in a diaper story:

1.) Character wets the bed and pants one time and is instantly regressed to babyhood.
2.) The parent always remodels the characters bedroom to a nursery in one afternoon, usually the character doesn’t know anything about it until they see the changes.
3.) Once reduced to diapers, there is always an outing to the mall while the character is in full baby getup. No one else notices that the character is really a teenager.
4.) There is always a store hidden somewhere in the mall where AB furniture is sold, yet the character never noticed it even though shopping in that mall.
5.) If a baby sitter is needed, the character’s worst enemy in school is hired. This character humiliates the main character in front of all their friends.
6.) An outing to a park or beach in full baby getup always happens. It is perfectly normal to everyone else.
7.) An old lady is always approving of any diaper punishment.
8.) If the character goes to school, the school nurse is always willing to diaper the character and think it is perfectly all right for them to be treated such.
9.) The character is stuck in diapers at the end of the story and doesn’t mind being babied.
10.) The character must be described in detail with all measurements in both metric and imperial the height, weight, bra size if a female, butt size, and waist size. Bonus points if the character has DD breasts but still fits into toddler sized clothing.

Actually, please avoid those cliches. But feel free to borrow some from other genres. Please write about your diapered cult that is a murder mystery. That would be a lot better than the many stories I described above.

Re: New Stories and Avoiding Cliches

I resemble that remark. There are quite a few good stories in the daily diaper story board. Some of them, I have written. While there are generally many stories that are dreck, there are a few gems in there. So don’t paint all of daily diapers with the same brush.

I’ll admit that the bar is set pretty low, so anything with decent spelling and grammar will work just fine. You can make even a fap story good with decent spelling and grammar.

Re: New Stories and Avoiding Cliches

Awesome typo, “resemble.”

Anyway, I said a lot, I didn’t say all.

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Vampires are totally cliche, yet people write vampire stories all the time - and some of them are actually pretty good…

The easiest way to make sure your diaper story doesn’t become cliche is don’t allow the diapers to become the focal point of the story. If your story is “about diapers”, it’s probably going to suck. If your story has elements of DD, an AB/TB/DL protagonist, etc, but the core plot has nothing to do with diapers, then you’ve got a fighting chance at making something good, while using the diaper stuff as a sub-plot against the main story.