New site woes

I went to replay to a story I have been following where the author is slow to submit new chapters. It said as a new user I’m limited to 3 replies on a topic. This can be a very limiting setting in which could make it challenging for some of us to be active within a topic on a story.

I also can’t send a message to an author that asked me to message them. Was going to re-send what I had sent them before since pm’s did not get transferred. I am unable to see a message button when I look at the user’s info.

Hmmm, the reply limit shouldn’t be that low. Let me check something real quick.

For sending messages, just keep reading the forums and that limit should be lifted soon. You have to be trust level 1 (literally only takes a few minutes of reading) to send private messages. It’s an anti-spam feature.

Thanks. Just got the message I have been switched to trust level 1. I tried replying in another post as well to mention their chapters got a little messed up with the switch over and got the same message about 3 replies.

Easter Bedwetting (Complete) part of the story now is in a box with a white background and scroll bars. I love the look of the new site overall.

Growing pains

I just fixed the reply limit thing. That’s unrelated to your trust level. That is because you’re subject to the new user restrictions that all users are subject to on Discourse for their first 24 hours. :slight_smile:

For the story, I’ll get that fixed ASAP. There’s a lot of stories with that issue, but it’s easy to fix. It’s just a time consuming process even using the API to automate most of it :wink:

Understandable. It will not take long for the first 24 hours. I had noticed the e-mail mentioning the new site so figured I better log in and check it out! Thanks for checking into that and fixing it.

Not a problem. I actually did change the setting but forgot to save it originally. It is going to a be an issue for a lot of users that were migrated from the old site, so that’s why I increased the limits. It’s a bit of a trade off since spammers can still annoy the crap out of the @staff but once people reach TL1 their posts are no longer moderated.

I’m actually hoping to have a fix in place shortly to solve some of the issues for people logging in for the first time. :slight_smile:

Hi i was rereading a story called snuggles and tears and on ch 114 the first sections appears normally however the latter section appears in a smallish text box meaning scrolling left to right and up down not a major problem just seemed out of place? I was wondering if this is normal and if not if it could please be fixed? I get your probably inundated with problems so no hurry and sorry for the bother

I addressed this in the announcement when the forums were back up.

Literally the second bullet point in the announcement:

Some stories have very broken formatting right now. If you see one click the Flag button the post and choose Other… and let me know and I will do my best to fix it.

oh im sorry clearly did not paying close enough attention i did not read the right info my bad