New old story - Diapers, Sunshine, and the great state of Alabama (2017 version)

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Author’s Self Indulgent Foreword to revised 2017 edition.

I started writing Diapers, Sunshine and the Great State of Alabama in late 2003 and completed it during the summer of 2004 when it was published to various diaper centric websites - going on almost 15 years ago!

The stories reception was much better than I ever expected and far better than it deserved - to my delight and amazement I received many emails with kind words of encouragement and some good honest criticism (Which is like a drug to writers - or at least this one). At that time I had written some other diaper fiction, most of it pretty bad and Alabama was my first attempt at writing something serious, so I was floored that anyone found any merit in my goofy little diaper melodrama. To this day, this many years later, I still get a handful of emails every few months from folks asking about the story or its planned sequel.

I lost my originals of the story several years back and just through happenstance a user on another forum pointed me to the complete story as it was originally published. Feeling nostalgic I gave it a quick read through which showed where there was ample opportunity to fix a few continuity glitches, correct some grammar, tighten the story up and add some spit and polish. I haven’t changed anything substantive so past readers won’t miss anything if they choose not to reread it, and I have done my best to not fix what isn’t broke.

While I do get emails from fans who love this story, I do get some criticism that is less than glowing, which in all honesty is awesome - you don’t get better without screwing up first.

One of the most common complaints regarding Alabama is that it is in many ways somewhat derivative, and that it’s voice is not exactly ‘unique’. This is true to a point, although I prefer to think of this story as partaking in the grand traditions of diaper fiction! You perhaps might choose to think it is hackneyed and cliche’. I think to an extent both points of view are correct - after all this is yet another story of a boy who ends up in diapers and finds there are others his age who also end up in diapers (REALISM FTW). In my defense I feel that Alabama does have it’s own vibe to it, one that I think was especially rare when it was first released and that was its theme of self acceptance and self love. For those of you who grew up with the Internet and the assurance that there were other people in the world like you this will perhaps be a little difficult to relate too, but for many of us who were AB’s pre internet we generally had no idea anyone else was like us. I personally had a lot of guilt and shame. Post internet (ASFD in 1993 YAY!) I started to realize there were others like me. Years passed and I grew comfortable in my own skin, and then I began to set aside the guilt and shame. I came to accept my diaper desires, and I wanted to explore my new found sense of self acceptance. So I imagined what the best of my own childhood would have been like if I would have gotten to be ‘free’ to be a AB/DL. In many ways Alabama represents the life I would have wished for if I had found the genie in a bottle! Still at the end of the day it is still a fantasy and is not meant to reflect the real world or be hyper realistic.

A second criticism I have had is that Alabama is FAP fiction and this is true and false - I do go out of my way to engineer situations for my characters that might be a touch unrealistic in order to titillate and float my own boat, but I think there is some story in between the diaper scenes too. Ultimately fapishness is in the eye of the beholder and if at the end of the day this is too fappy for you then what can I say? Find something to read that is more to your taste. To quote Frank-n-Furter from Rocky Horror “I didn’t make him for you” :slight_smile:

A final warning for those sensitive to such things, there is the occasional mention of an erection in relation to being diapered, there are adults who diaper kids way too old to be diapered by anyone other than themselves, and there is a scene that mentions mutual masturbation between two similarly aged characters. If sexuality and sexual expression commingled with diapers skeeves you out, then this might not be the best story for you.

Re: New old story - Diapers, Sunshine, and the great state of Alabama (2017 version)

[h=2]Prologue[/h]Hi, what you have here is my story. I don’t really know why I wrote it all down, it’s not like anyone will find my life in this small town very exciting, but as my Grandpa Arlen would have said, “Everyone has a story to tell.” I do have a story, that much is true. But I’ll leave any judgment as to its worth up to you.

My Mom, Susan Rene Arlen raised me all alone in the rural community of Simonsville Alabama. It was just mom and me on account of the fact that my dad died when I was only two years old. I saw my paternal grandparents every other year around the holidays, but for the biggest part of my childhood it was just the two of us. While we weren’t ever rich I never wanted for much either, although in hindsight I imagine that Mom sacrificed a lot over the years on my behalf.

Now Mom didn’t have any family to speak of herself. Well she did have a sister, but she never talked about her and always dogged the subject when I asked. I remember one time looking through a photo album at picture of my dad, I was maybe five years old and asking my Mom who that was with them in this one photo taken at beach. “That’s your Aunt Sarah”

I giggled “She’s not an Ant” thinking my mom was being silly.

“No sweetheart, aunt means she’s my sister” Mom corrected me turning the page before saying “There you are with your little red wagon!”

Four years ago, just before I turned ten, Mom was contacted out of the blue by her sister and I learned that the last time they had spoken to each other was around the same time my father died. I don’t know what happened to drive them apart but Mom seemed happy and sad at the same time to hear from her.

Mom told me that my Aunt and Uncle were both lawyers in Minnesota and very successful in their trade. I think seeing her sister as a ‘professional’ awoke something in Mom. A month or so after her first contact with Aunt Sarah Mom told me that instead of a ‘job’ like she had always had at the diner or the shopette, she wanted a ‘career of her own’. I didn’t know what the difference between a job and a career was, but I could tell from context that career was the better option. One night a week or so later, over a dinner of hamburger helper taco skillet, she up and announces that since I was old enough to not need constant supervision that she had decided to go back to school to study geology of all things. Geology!

Now a little more than four years later she had graduated. She’s landed a great job, or career rather, with the state department of agriculture. She’s happier than I ever remember seeing her and I think she feels like she is moving up in the world like there might be something for her outside of our small town.

I think because life loves the unexpected so much, three months ago we were informed that my had Uncle inexplicably decided to pull a “Green Acres” and quit practicing law to run a farm right here in Simonsville. So like Jed Clampet he loaded up the truck and moved his family here. So it was that I met my Aunt and Uncle for the first time at Mom’s graduation, although Mom said I had met my Aunt before but I was only two and I don’t remember any of it.

My Aunt is determined to continue her practice here, I think mainly to finance her husband’s farm venture. Suddenly I have two cousins I barely know. Rob, the older of the two, was born within days of me and he can almost pass as my twin we share the same build the same brown hair and brown eyes. My other cousin Rick is twelve and he was adopted when he was still little. He knows he was adopted, but he is not like the people on TV who are obsessed with finding their biological parents.

The day I started this story I was on my way to my Uncle’s farm to go spend some after-school quality time with my cousins to “get acquainted”. Mom had a date tonight with some guy her coworker had introduced her to and this was going to be their fourth date. In all my years Mom has never made it to four dates, two usually being the average, and now Mom is talking like she wants me to meet this guy.

It’s funny how one day your life is one way and then unexpectedly it pivots and suddenly the course of the rest of your life turns in a new direction. This is a story about those new directions, it takes place in a sleepy little Alabama town called Simonsville and the cast is my friends and my family.

My name is Todd, and it’s nice to meet you.

Re: New old story - Diapers, Sunshine, and the great state of Alabama (2017 version)

[h=2]Chapter 1 – Eddie Albert Eat Your Heart Out[/h]
Sarah J. Leesum, Aunt Sarah to me, had been speaking into her I-Phone for the last several miles. I sat quietly in the seat behind her, listening to her voice as I watched the summer green trees and sturdy power poles as they streaked by my window, going from small to big to small again as we approached, passed, and left each behind. Despite only hearing one half of the conversation I think I was doing an okay job making sense of what was being said, I’m almost certain she was addressing my Mother and so I am equally sure that the ‘he’ she occasionally spoke of in reassuring tones was in fact me.

“Sure, Susan, it’s not a problem, not at all, so don’t you worry about it none, of course he can stay with us” Sarah says as we speed past an old filling station, long closed and longer overgrown with rust and weeds. I could make out from the discoloration of the concrete where the pumps had been, the neat almost white rectangles stood in stark contrast to the stained and dirty concrete pad that testified to years of spilled fuel and leaked oil.

I felt my stomach jump into my throat. I don’t do sleep overs and Mom knows it. This was bad, plain old rotten bad. How could she do this to me? I demanded of myself feeling betrayed.

“Uh huh, you, too.” Susan says as I pick back up her end of the conversation. A slight pause, enough to get a breath and she finishes in one spurt pushing the words out in one steady stream “We will, Ok, Now at least try and make the best of it, alright? …Love you too. Bye!”

“Was that Aunt Susan? Is Todd going to get to stay the whole weekend with us?” asked a voice from the seat beside me causing me to direct my attention back from my now angry musings to the present speaker. He sounded positively exuberant and so I tried my best to quell my fears. We will cross that particular bridge soon enough and no amount of worrying would help now I told myself…

“This is going to be awesome!” Rob leaned forward as he spoke, the shoulder strap of his seat-belt prevented him from leaning any further forward. I wondered why he was so excited I was staying over? I barely knew him and we might not have anything in common. I tried to tell myself to feel flattered, but try as I might I just couldn’t catch Rob’s enthusiasm.

Plus it was kind of disconcerting to see him sitting next me. Rob and I looked very much alike, both of us sharing the same build and facial features, light brown hair and unusual height. Until my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins had moved to town a few months ago I had been the tallest kid in the 8th grade at a full 6” tall. We were in fact so similar in appearance that one of the newer teachers at school actually mistook us for twins instead of cousins asking me one day how my twin brother had a different last name than me.

“It looks like it. Todd, your momma just got called out to Oregon for some work emergency, so I told her seeing as how you was family, we’d let you sleep in the barn.” Sarah announced in a cool deadpan. I was for a brief moment taken aback until I realized she was just probably pulling my leg, I laughed kind of nervously not quite sure.

Rob was obviously excited at the prospect of having company for the weekend as he shot a grin my way in what I took as anticipation of all the fun he assumed we would have. It is always uncanny to see someone smile at you with your own smile and it’s not just other people who see the resemblance, I get the oddest sense of looking in a mirror sometimes when I see Rob. Mom says I had met Rob once before when we were both small toddlers, but despite having pictures that prove it I don’t remember the event personally.

The vehicle lurched hard to the left and the ride became noticeably bumpier as we left the smooth blacktop and started down a dirt and gravel road. We were now officially on the outskirts of Simonsville Alabama, not that Simonsville has much ‘in skirts’ either, with only a population of 2000 people. Simonsville has everything a typical small town should have except maybe charm, so basically it is a small squat and shabby little berg filled with people who knew everything about everybody else. I loved it in a way, it was home, but it wasn’t ‘the waltons’ either.

While Aunt Sarah and Uncle Steve’s farm is east of the city Mom and me live in town proper just across the street from the Simonsville Second school, which serves as a middle and high school. Of course First School was only a block away and handled the k to 5’s. Living so close to school meant I got to walk to and from school without ever having to wait on a bus, which was nice. But I digress, my houses proximity to the school isn’t really important right now, is it?

The road we were on abruptly ended at a big white farmhouse, there was no real separation between road and driveway and no clear indication where the driveway would begin if there was one. The house itself was all southern grace and style, with a columned wraparound porch and low lying tin roof, my Aunt’s house was every bit the classic farm house right down to the out buildings.

“You two grab the groceries out the back please,” We were told as we freed ourselves from our seat belts and exited the vehicle.

“Well look who’s here, it’s my lovely wife, my wondrous son and my favorite nephew” called out my Uncle Steve as he came from around the back of the house. With the dirt of a day’s work on him, he looked more the farmer he aspired to be rather than the lawyer he had been prior to his decision to uproot his family to Alabama.

Rob and I had to make two trips to get all the groceries from the back of the van and on the second trip we we’re joined by my other cousin Rick who at 12 was 2 years younger than Rob and I. Rick, who was adopted when he was five, was stout and already looking more like a linebacker than a 12 year old.

Rick had stayed home from school today as he had been under the weather this morning, but he didn’t seem particularly sick to me now. I wondered if had faked it? I sometimes tried to fake it, but Mom somehow always knew and sent me off to school anyways.

When all the grocery bags were in the kitchen we were dispatched to the large playroom upstairs to complete our homework before dinner. Rob had brought some make up work home for Rick and we all did our best to get done quickly. Which for me was easier said than done. I was having trouble concentrating, seeing the clock tick by, the further into the evening it became the more nervous I was getting. Spending the night was not supposed to be part of the deal, Mom was supposed to be on a date tonight, not catching a plane to Oregon for work. She works for the state of Alabama, why would they send her to Oregon?!?

I know it seems like I’m put off by my cousins and new family. Please don’t get me wrong - For not having know them very long I love my cousins and aunt and uncle too. But in all honesty I barely know them, and spending the night, where I am concerned, is a rather complicated issue. Now here I am, without any of my own things, destined to spend not just the night but also the entire weekend here. What if the unthinkable happens? What’s gonna happen if I wet the bed? Both my cousins will hate me, and how about my Aunt and Uncle? They’re both big sophisticated lawyers, or least Uncle Steve used to be a lawyer before turning farmer. What’s he going to think of a 14 year old who still sometimes wets his bed? My relationship with these people could be in jeopardy here, so I think my panic is perfectly warranted.

The call to dinner saved me from my thoughts and I closed my math book, I had long since finished my problems anyways and I had been doing nothing but working myself up over something not under my control. We all went downstairs and my inner angst was replaced with outward angst, you know that awkward moment where you are at someone else’s house for dinner and you don’t know where to sit. You don’t want to take someone else’s regular spot, but they would be too polite to tell you that you had.

“Todd, sit there next to Rob.” Aunt Sarah instructed by pointing “Hope you like chicken and rice”

“Yes ma’am” I answered back, realizing how country I sounded – talk about country mouse and city mouse. Not a one of them had any south in their mouth.

Don’t think me too ungrateful for this next bit, but let me tell you the food was not Moms that’s for sure, but in all fairness I guess when you don’t get much practice or you’re used to eating out a lot that just makes cooking tough for some? Maybe it was because they had been living up north, maybe people in Minnesota liked bland food? It wasn’t bad, just not great or what I was used too, but it was plentiful and at 14 where you have a constant hole in your stomach it was plenty filling. It did dawn on me that I was being awfully judgy of my aunt’s cooking while being afraid of them judging me for my bed wetting. Sometime I hate being introspective, but for the life of me I can’t turn off my critical self.

“Todd will be staying with us for the weekend; Susan got called to Oregon and won’t be back until Monday.” Aunt Sarah told Uncle Steve.

“Fantastic. You boy’s will have a great time.” Steve said sounding genuinely pleased.

I still wasn’t entirely sure I liked mom working like this. All my life she had worked different ‘Single Mom’ job as a waitress, or cashier, or most recently at the Simonsville branch of Farmers Bank and Trust, ‘offering hospitality, service, and good rates to boot’ as their lead teller. I guess she felt me growing up and her fancy new degree would allow her a more ambitious career. I think mom figured she would work for the county extension office and help the local farmers with their soil tests, but instead she landed a job with the state department of agriculture.

I finished my dinner and taking a cue from Rob I rinsed my plate off in one of those old fashioned porcelain double well sinks and then put it in the dishwasher. Since our homework was completed we were free to play. My earlier concerns were still present and hanging in the back of my mind, but became less persistent while we played games on Rob’s XBox One.

I got to thinking, between turns on Forza 6, about one thing that struck me as odd. Uncle Steve and Aunt Sarah’s house already felt so lived in like they had been here for years instead of the just under three months. Everything was already in its place and things just felt homey, this seemed odd in contrast to my friend BB whose family had moved into a new trailer several years ago and they still had stuff in boxes like they had just moved in.

It was getting close to 10:30 when Susan came into the playroom announcing it was time to get ready for bed. The natural inclination to protest is inbred in all boys and so in unison we all reminded her of the early time on the clock. My own protests invigorated with a dread of bedtime in general.

“Now don’t argue, I didn’t say you had to go to bed I just want you boys to get ready so I can go to bed. I’ve got a busy day tomorrow.” Aunt Sarah extolled.

Rob and Rick both shot each other a nervous glance, the tension in the room was sudden and palpable making me wonder if Mom told Aunt Sarah about my accidents? Subsequently did Aunt Sarah tell Rob and Rick? That meant they probably didn’t want me sleeping with either one of them. Who could blame them? I was just surprised that neither have teased me about it before now. Maybe they won’t tease me for fear of getting in trouble? That doesn’t make any sense I told my inner insecure self, Rob was excited earlier that I was sleeping over. Insecure me pointed out that regardless of the reason or his actions earlier it was just about certain they both knew. Stupid voice of doubt was probably right, I wished I were anywhere else in the world but here.

“Rick, go brush your teeth in our bathroom tonight. Todd I put you out a new toothbrush in the bathroom off the hall so you and Rob can go brush.” Sarah said

We dutifully made our way to the bathroom and I opened the toothbrush and began brushing slowly trying to delay the inevitable. Aunt Sarah passing the bathroom told me I could wear some of Rob’s night clothes since we were the same size. When his mom left I noticed Rob kind of got a funny look on his face, or at least it seemed funny around his own brushing. I rinsed my mouth and I tried to get up the courage to tell him my secret so at least it would look like I was in control of my own situation that at least he would hear it from me. Instead I decided to pray to God and ask him to keep the bed dry or help me stay awake all weekend.

I put my loaned toothbrush in the little rack by the hand towel. I had decided that the chances of me staying dry three nights in a row was slim to none so maybe it was better to tell him now than for him to wake up in a wet bed later just in case God wasn’t listening or didn’t feel like helping.

“Umm Rob, I need to tell you something” I started just as he blurted out “wait I need to tell you something”

“You first” I told him.

“Naw, you’re company, you go first”

“Well you’ve got to promise not to laugh”

“I promise, but you can’t laugh at me either”

“Okay, I… Sometimes… Not often… But every now and then… I umm… Well I… Wet the bed.” I managed almost whispering at the end.

Rob got a funny look on his face and started to say something when Aunt Sarah, who I hadn’t heard approach, interjected.

“What do you do about that at home, Todd?” asked Aunt Sarah.

I turned fifty shades of red. “I have to change the sheets and try to go back to bed”

“Poor dear, it must be hard not getting a good night’s rest,” Aunt Sarah consoled me, which surprised me; she didn’t seem concerned in the least.

“You’ll be sleeping with Rob tonight” Aunt Sarah said walking us to Rob’s room.

Uncle Steve came out of his bedroom with a laughing Rick slung over his shoulder, which given the boys stature was no small feat. They disappeared into Rick’s bedroom with Uncle Steve threatening the boy with hogtying. Rick’s laughter at the attention elicited a momentary stab of jealousy, which I didn’t expect. I suddenly was aware of how bad I wanted to have a father too. I’ve always wanted to have a dad or at least a father figure but all my friend’s fathers seemed imposing, unapproachable, or mean. Not at all like Uncle Steve. What little I knew of Uncle Steve was enough to know he was at least outwardly kind, fair, forthright and probably a great Dad.

I had only walked past Rob’s room earlier on the way to the playroom. Robs room was huge compared to mine, he had a king size bed, a computer desk, an enormous closet, dresser and chest with mirror and even with all that there was still enough space for small futon style couch. Aunt Sarah went to Rob’s chest and opened a drawer and got out some PJ’s which instead of handing to me like I expected she set them down on the bed. She paused a moment and looked at her son, something unspoken went between them. With a small nod Rob lifted up his shirt and she quickly undid his belt buckle and opened his pants. She pulled his boxer briefs down with his jeans and he stepped out of both. She reached behind his headboard and pulled out a mat which was folded in half which she opened and placed on the bed. Rob was blushing furiously, but said nothing as he lay down on the mat naked except for his socks.

I stood open mouthed and awestruck as Aunt Sarah pulled open a drawer on his nightstand and produced a can of powder before going to another drawer where she pulled out a large disposable diaper, which in two blinks of an eye she had slid under Rob. I tried not to stare, but It was the first time I had seen my cousin naked, we had different PE classes, but he lacked any pubic hair what so ever which struck me as strange. I wondered if he got teased by other kids in the locker room for gym class? Aunt Sarah proceeded to powder him up quickly and without comment she wrapped the diaper around his waist and secured the tapes. She then took and slipped his pajama bottoms on over his ankles and pulled them as far as his knees. Rob stood up blushing even more than before as he pulled his PJ bottoms over his diaper.

“I’ve tried goodnights, but pull ups just don’t work well for me at night, I leak right through them” he said with a nervous stammer, his cheeks reddening and his voice trailing off almost to a whisper at the end.

I wanted to tell him we had tried goodnights too, but it did nothing to help me either. I wanted to tell him he was very brave, but my voice was just stuck in my throat.

Rob put on his top and I couldn’t help but notice the crinkle, which seemed to follow his every move. He turned around as he pulled off his socks and you could see the elastic lines that run up the seat of the diaper outlined through the thin fleece material of his pajamas. As he bent over to scoop up his clothes off the floor, you could see his diaper above the waistband of his pants. His shirt getting stuck on top of the diaper as he threw the bundle of laundry in the hamper near his closet. He looked equally tongue tied as he glanced plaintively at his mom.

“Rob wets too like you, but wearing protection lets him sleep through the night without having to get up and hassle with wet PJ’s and sheets.” Aunt Sarah explained rather matter of factly.

“That’s what I started to tell you, so you wouldn’t freak out or tease me” Rob said sounding more calm

“I wouldn’t tease anyone for wetting the bed. I know well enough you can’t control it,” I said amazed, I bet Rob had probably had some of the same fears that I did, but he also seemed so happy earlier that I was staying over.

Aunt Sarah smiled at me “Well that’s very mature of you Todd. Would you like to wear protection, too? You don’t have to, but even as company if you wet you will need to take care of the sheets. It’s your decision, but a diaper is a very responsible and grown up way to manage your problem.”

How was it that she could make wearing a diaper seem reasonable? I guess you could certainly count on a lawyer to have the skills to talk you into something like that.

I was nervous and hesitant. I wanted to be mature like she said, but it seemed so strange. I felt so on the spot, like there was a bright spotlight on me, it was a dream like moment where I seemed to be outside myself. I felt kind of light headed and out of nowhere I heard myself say “Sure”. I just kind of stood there, frozen in place until Aunt Sarah prompted me to take my shirt off. I was undoing the second button on my shirt when she undid my belt and let my fly down. As she pulled my pants down taking my boxers with them it caused me to become aware of the erection that was starting. No, don’t do that I prayed hoping it would go away. Shouldn’t I be too nervous to throw wood? I tried to cover my semi boner.

“Oh that happens all the time. It’s nothing to worry about” Aunt Sarah explained motioning for me to step out of my pants.

Naked, she had me lay back on the vinyl mat, which reminded me of a thinner version of a gym mat. While I lay there the cool air helped abate my erection some as Aunt Sarah grabbed another diaper from Rob’s drawer. She set the diaper beside my head and I impulsively looked at it in profile, time was crawling and it seemed like an eternity was passing as I examined in detail its folds and ridges where the leg elastic was folded on top near the wings and taping panel.

“You’ll want to groom your hair down there if you decide to wear protection at night as it will help avoid some unpleasant scents and help with rashes too” Sarah lectured as she picked up the diaper and unfolded it and spread out the wings holding it out until I finally got the hint and lifted my butt. She pulled the diaper up between my legs and taped it on. Then just as she had done with Rob she put my PJ bottoms on and brought them up to my knees. I stood and pulled them up over my diaper, which took me two tries as the first time it got stuck on the bulk of the diaper in the back. That bulk felt odd between my legs, but oddly comforting too. I put on my PJ shirt and took a tentative step forward. It sounded as if I had Rice Krispies in my pants, each step bringing a mini symphony of crackles and pops.

With a reassuring pat on the butt, which seemed appropriate Aunt Sarah sent us back to the playroom where the also obviously diapered Rick was already in front of the TV. Rick looked at us both and had to realize I was diapered too, but he didn’t comment, maybe this was so normal for him? So without much conversation the three of us settled down to watch some adult swim on Cartoon Network.

Re: New old story - Diapers, Sunshine, and the great state of Alabama (2017 version)

[h=2]Chapter 2 – The Lawyer the Witch and my Wardrobe[/h]I woke the next morning to a pleasantly dry bed. I didn’t really remember going to bed, I did remember beginning to nod off during a late night kung fu flick on cable. Aunt Sarah or Uncle Steve must have woke us up and sent us to bed. I threw the covers off and swinging my legs over the side of the bed I realized that not only was I in a diaper, but it was wet as well. I replayed the surreal events from last evening. I guess overall I felt glad to have worn the diaper, but a little embarrassed too. My diaper crinkled less this morning, but it still rustled as I moved.

Rob apparently roused by my stirring crawled out from his side of the bed as well. He looked at me and grinned “good morning cousin, sleep well” Rob asked this in an affected faux southern drawl, which I image would soon enough be replaced with a real accent given enough time.

“Yup,” I replied moving toward the door. My diaper felt heavy and seemed to pull at my PJ bottoms. I was weird, but even on nights when I wet I still wake up having to pee. In this case though, I wasn’t sure what to do about my diaper. “I gotta pee” I stated as much a question as a statement.

“Well then pee in your diaper, that’s why you’re wearing one isn’t it” Rob said.

He had a point and so I stood there and tried to pee. Abstractly I hoped my already heavy diaper would hold it all and not leak, my inexperience left me unsure as to how much of the diapers capacity I had already used. I tried to pee and nothing happened. I just stood there, trying to let go, but I just couldn’t seem to start. I stood there trying and feeling very self-conscious, my predicament must have been obvious because Rob poked me in the ribs causing me to jump in surprise.

Turning to let him have it right back I realized I had let go and was peeing freely. I felt a big grin spread on my face, followed by some shame, here I was at 14 willfully peeing my pants. It felt strange and wonderful at the same time. Rob watched with an appreciative smile of his own. “Come on, Mom will have breakfast on, let’s go get some.”

And with that we both raced downstairs to the kitchen. Uncle Steve was already seated at the table reading the paper, which he looked over the top at us as we came in. “’Bout time you boys woke up, thought you were going to sleep all day.” Rick was already seated with his back to us, he was hunched over the table and you could see the plastic of a diaper sticking above the waist of his PJ’s, too.

Rob and I sat at the two empty spaces across from Rick and I experienced an odd sensation when I sat down. I immediately became aware of my diapers wetness and it felt kind of nice.

Breakfast was good, great even when compared with last nights dinner, maybe eggs and bacon are easier? The conversation was lively as Uncle Steve in turn asked everyone what they wanted to do today. Aunt Sarah was going to go to town and shop some, Rick was going to be dropped of at a friend’s house and Uncle Steve was going to work one of the back plots with the tractor. That left Rob and I to our own devices and we determined that we were going to spend the day playing XBox games and maybe go back to the creek that cuts through a corner of their land and fish some.

Rick, who had finished his breakfast first, had run upstairs to take a shower, to return a few quick minutes later dressed and ready for the day.

“How many pull-ups did you put in your bag?” Aunt Sarah asked.

“Three” Rick said, sounding annoyed at being at asked

“Well I don’t want you running out like last time, that’s all. Remember how embarrassed you were?”

“Yes Mom” Rick said sheepishly.

Aunt Sarah turned her attention to Rob and myself. “Alright you two, plates in the dishwasher and go get your showers”

We were marched upstairs and Aunt Sarah directed me to the master bath where after I had removed my PJ’s she helped me out of my aging sodden diaper. “You are a heavy wetter. See these patches on the back of your pj pants? That’s where you leaked a bit there, champ, we’ll have to put a doubler in there next time, to help you go the distance.”

“This is what Rob uses to keep his pubic region free from hair.” Sarah told me handing me an electric trimmer and instructed me in its use before leaving me alone to groom and shower. Sadly the hot water didn’t last that long and I finished rather quickly. I stepped out of the shower and noticed in the mirror on the back of the door how much like Rob I looked like now. I had been proud of my pubic hair and was kind of sad to see it go, but Aunt Sarah’s mini lecture on diaper rash was enough to convince me. Monday might be a challenge at PE if anyone else noticed, but that seemed a long way away.

After making sure I was dry, I wrapped my towel around my waist and went in search of some clothes to wear. Rob got to his room at the same time as I, also wearing a towel wrapped about his waist. Aunt Sarah met us in the hall having apparently heard the water in both bathrooms shut off.

“Todd, Rob’ll show you his clothes and you can wear whatever you like. Rob what’s it gonna be honey? You want regular underwear today?”

Rob looked pleadingly at me and a bit hesitant before turning to his mom “Can I just stay in diapers today? We’re gonna go fishing and I don’t want to have to come back to the house every little bit”

I was shocked, night time was one thing, but why would you want to wear a diaper during the day? I almost wanted to remind him that we could just pee on the trees, that he was in the country after all and that was a gift given to all men. I would have said something save that I had a sudden suspicion and insight nsight that Rob just wanted to wear diapers and the whole not coming back to the house was a way to make it okay. I reluctantly admitted to myself that they do feel good so who was I to burst his bubble.

Sarah kind of gave a mock sigh of exasperation. “I swear you’d wear diapers all the time if I let you. I suppose you’re going to get Todd doing the same aren’t you?“

Caught of guard, I kind of nodded, still not really understanding why but knowing that if I didn’t keep this momentum going my self doubt might keep me from doing this again.

“It’s no wonder I have to buy so many diapers between you and your brother.” She chided Rob good naturedly as she pulled two diapers from a bag inside his closet. She laid the diapers down and then told us to hold on a second as she crossed the hall to Rick’s room and returned with several diaper stuffers which she put in Rob’s top drawer after setting a couple aside.

“Todd, come on, you can go first.” She called to me.

I lay down and she nodded approvingly at my hairlessness. Unfolding my disposable she stuck a liner inside and mumbled something about me having a faucet in my pants as she powdered my diaper area after applying a good coat of oil. Taping the diaper on me she shooed me from the bed with a quick pat on the butt as I moved out of the way for Rob. Rob was likewise diapered in a similar fashion.

Rather than leaving us to finish getting dressed Aunt Sarah opened Rob’s second drawer and pulled out plastic pants for both of us that she had us each step into. “Todd here was kind of leaky this morning, and since you boys will be going until after lunch time a little extra protection might help” She explained as she pulled the pants up over my diaper.

Aunt Sarah, still not leaving, then went to Rob’s closet and handed us each some clothes to wear. I pulled the t-shirt over my head; it was solid blue with a yellow collar and yellow bands at the end of the sleeves. I was kind of surprised when she handed me a pair of overalls, even living in the south I never wore them and very rarely saw anyone else wear them for that matter. I stepped into them and then had to step out since I had them backwards. I pulled them up and then tried to reach behind me for the shoulder strap and messed up.

“Here, this way.” Rob demonstrated, he hadn’t undone the bib portion and he just stepped into the overalls between the shoulder straps and then pulled the shoulders over his arms as he raised them.

I noticed then that they weren’t overalls at all, at least not like the kind I expected to see. These had short legs to them, ending above the knee. I stepped into mine this time getting it right. I felt like I was three and for reasons I can’t explain that really turned me on, which I guessed was probably not exactly normal.

Rob and I crinkled our way down the steps and out the back door, running as best we were able to the big barn, which wasn’t well with the extra bulk of a doubler and plastic pants. The front of the barn was being used as storage and despite looking old and disheveled the barn like the house was orderly and neat. Rob grabbed two fishing poles and the tackle box from their appointed place. Uncle Steve passed the door, as we were getting ready to leave and told us to check in by 1:30 or so.

We fished without much luck until a storm threatened overhead so we reverted to our original plan of video games and headed back to the house. The large green John Deere was parked next to the barn so it was of no surprise to find Uncle Steve inside at the table making a call to someone about what sounded to be a mechanical problem with the tractor.

We slipped upstairs and played games for what seemed like only minutes but might have been hours when Uncle Steve called us down for lunch.

“You fellas catch much? You didn’t fish very long” he asked us as we ate.

“No sir,” I replied ashamed to have done so poorly.

“I think the storm is scaring the fish off,” Rob chirped in. I didn’t correct him that storms usually make it easier to fish.

Rob had handled himself well with a rod. I had kind of imagined that being from the city and the north and all he wouldn’t be able to fish, but his skills had been admirable enough for a beginner (well, maybe not considering we didn’t catch a single fish).

“I see, well maybe tomorrow they’ll be more eager to be caught,” said Uncle Steve reassuringly.

With our sandwiches finished and the paper plates thrown away, Uncle Steve asked if either of us were wet. It took me a moment to realize the context of his question, as first I thought he was asking about the rain before the whole diaper thing came back to me. I answered to the negative and Rob offered a ‘not very’.

“Well you boys don’t push them too far, I don’t want that either of you should leak, okay? I know you probably won’t want to quit playing to get your diapers changed, but it only takes a minute.”

“Yes sir.” We both agreed, well I offered the sir as habit and Rob just offered a yes before we went back to the playroom.

It wasn’t but about twenty minutes before Uncle Steve interrupted us again “I’m going into town to McMurray’s feed. You boys want to tag along?”

“Sure” Rob said excitedly and I found myself chiming in to the affirmative as well.

“Okay why don’t you boys loose the play clothes then and we’ll go” Uncle Steve said as we headed to Robs room to change.

Changing was quick and in minutes we were both back in normal blue jeans. We headed out the door and before I knew it we were piled in the back of Uncle Steve’s old pickup truck and headed toward town.

The ride was short, about 15 minutes and we were parking at McMurray’s feed and grain. Roy McMurray was bent behind the counter where he looked up from a book to greet us as we entered. Roy, who at almost 50 years old probably didn’t need to be called “Morris McMurray’s oldest boy” anymore, was never the less thought of in exactly that fashion by just about everyone around town. Hell Roy probably thought of himself as “Morris McMurray’s Oldest”. Morris had 9 children, all of whom had moved away except Roy who had stayed in Simonsville to help run the family business and that continuity is why to many he is still Morris’s boy Roy.

“Afternoon Mr. Leesum, I got your order ready to go already stacked at the side door. If you want to pull the truck around I’ll meet you to help with the loading.” Roy offered as he came from behind the counter.

“Nope, Roy you just take it easy I brought these here two strapping young lads to help load, they might as well earn their keep.” Uncle Steve said as he pointed to use both.

Uncle Steve and Rob headed to the side door and in the quiet of the feed store I realized I could hear my diaper crinkle as I moved, it sounded loud to me and stopping I tried to hear Rob’s but I was unable. Still a bit self-conscious I tried to walk with as little rustle as possible.

Around the side we set to loading the feed bags and a box of tractor parts onto the truck. We made short work of things and got back on the road fairly quick, we drove down Central Street and pulled into a parking lot of the hardware store and parked remarkably enough next to Aunt Sarah’s van. I figured that Aunt Sarah must have been in the bank next door or the beauty parlor next to the bank. Uncle Steve led us through the hardware store where he bought all kinds of pipe and fittings for something. I myself hated plumbing work, having had to learn to do the simple handyman stuff for mom and I; I tried to avoid the plumbing side of life completely.

Back in the parking lot we met up with Aunt Sarah who was indeed coming out of the bank. She told Uncle Steve she wanted to borrow us boys to help her with some chores around town and that in exchange for our labor we could get a new game if we wanted too. So Uncle Steve left with the feed and parts and Aunt Sarah, Rob and I walked across the street to the Aunt Sarah’s ‘new office’

We learned that Sarah had been in the bank making arrangements to open an office downtown, and it just so happened to be across from the bank. Simonsville had a small enough downtown area – so everything was close to everything else. She thought the town could use a lawyer and even if it wasn’t much work, they hadn’t moved out here for her to work all the time anyways. Rob and I helped sift through some of the old junk left in the office and take it round back to be picked up by the garbage.

“Perfect! Come here guys, you just have to see this!” Aunt Sarah squealed as we came back in from our fifth trip to the back where we left the numerous boxes of moldy carbon paper we had found.

Aunt Sarah was gazing lovingly at some dilapidated desk. It was big, dark, and menacing if a desk could be called menacing. It was covered with dust and smelled faintly musty when we got close. “I’ll restore this old desk, that’s what I’ll do. Just you wait and see.” Aunt Sarah said to herself.

“Looks like crap mom, why would you want that old beat up thing?” Rob asked

“What? My desk. Crap? Nooooo way, mister. Would you rather carry it out back?”

“Sure, if we can break it into pieces first.”

“Well you can’t. Besides, it has character and charm; it will be a conversation piece when I am finished with it. It will just take some elbow grease that’s all”

Aunt Sarah locked her ‘new’ office and we headed back across the street to the hardware store where Aunt Sarah barreled down each aisle getting the things she would need to rescue the ailing desk. While waiting in line with a handcart filled with sandpaper, varnish, and stripper Aunt Sarah dipped a finger in the side of Rob’s pants and said in an almost hushed voice “were you just going to let ‘em fall off? Why didn’t you tell me you needed changed?”

Aunt Sarah paused only a moment before she pulled my pants out to the side and using a finger she checked my diaper, I blushed of course, I could have told her I was wet she didn’t have to check for herself.

“Well you’re not as bad as Rob, but you could stand some dry pants too.” She said her voice all business. I was embarrassed of course, but still there was something else there too. I was almost certain that these public displays were part of some game she played for Rob’s benefit.

Aunt Sarah turned when the clerk cleared his throat indicating it was her turn to check out. Sarah paid for her items and we left the store and carried the bags back across the street where we locked them back up in the new office. We boys climbed into the minivan while Aunt Sarah opened the back and rummaged through a bag.

“Well shoot, of course the only things back here are Rick’s and you two will float away anytime now. Whatever possessed your father to leave with you two and not bring the diaper bag? Well, let’s go get this taken care of.” Aunt Sarah said as she started the van.

We drove to the SaveMax Foods, Simonsville’s one and only supermarket although it was only half the size of a big city store. Given small town efficiency the Simonsville SaveMax was also a drug store and movie rental establishment, as most folks here still rent discs instead of netflix.

There wasn’t much to get because Aunt Sarah had gone shopping the day before but we got some more soda, some milk and a couple boxes of microwave popcorn. Being a child of the media age I couldn’t look at the box without the product’s sappy little jingle running through my head “Remember it’s perfectly seasoned every time if it’s ‘Perfect Pop’ brand popping corn”.

We wound our way down the few aisles until finally coming across the one just before produce. Bright and cheerful packages adorned with cartoon animals tried their best to hock breakfast cereal on the one side, while across the aisle toddlers smiled from atop the diaper packages on the baby needs aisle. We worked our way down passing the Frosted Flakes and the Huggies size 1 to 6 where we stopped at a noticeable empty spot opposite the Mini-Wheats.

“Well, there’s pull ups a plenty, but were fine on those, and we do need more diapers. Rob, would you be a lamb and go get the stock boy for me? I think he was over stocking soup?” Aunt Sarah asked while examining the hole as if she expected diapers to just magically appear there.

Rob left and returned with said stock-boy in little time. The stock boy was one of the older kids at the high school. I think he might have been a junior, but I wasn’t exactly sure who he was, even after reading his name tag and coming up with ‘Eric’

“Yes Ma’am, what can I help you with?” Eric asked.

“Do you have any of these in the back?” Aunt Sarah asked pointing at the empty space.

“These… These… These…” Eric said looking at a clipboard, which I can only assume, had a shelving layout on it. Eric fumbled a minute and finally located the right diagram.

“Oh, them big adult diapers. Let me go have a look in the back.” Eric said as he headed for the double doors between the produce and the meat case.

Eric returned a few minutes later with several packs under each arm. He handed a pack to Sarah who started to put them into the buggy when she saw the package.

“I’m sorry, but these are mediums and they’d only fit my youngest boy. Do you have any large back there? I should have said I needed those as well as these, I’m sorry”

Eric put the extra diapers on the shelf and headed back to the stock room only to return a few minutes later with two packages.

“Here you are. We only had the two packs back there until the next truck comes and I almost overlooked them,” Eric said handing one pack to Aunt Sarah.

“I’ll take them both, thank you,” She said putting the diapers in the cart.

I’m almost certain Eric was still in earshot when Aunt Sarah told us we would have to make the two packs plus the stock at home last until the next truck came in. Back at the front near the movie rental part of the store we all headed over to the checkout where Eric bagged the groceries as the cashier rang things up. SaveMax had yet to get scanners and still had manual cash registers, which were at least electronic if nothing else. The cashier, when she got to the diapers kept turning the package over until finally she gave up and asked Eric if he had any idea how much they cost.

Eric apologized and explained he had just gotten them out of the back and forgot to price them. Using a book she got from under the register She rang them up, and gave the package one last glance before handing them to Eric to be bagged. I guess it finally sank in what she was ringing up and she looked at me and then Rob probably wondering if they were ours. Boy was I feeling paranoid, she probably thought they were for someone’s grandma, unless of course she heard our pants crinkling and then she would know exactly who they were for.

Aunt Sarah paid, and Eric carried the groceries to the van. She tipped Eric and sent him on his way before grabbing a pack diapers and walking us around to the side of the van where she unlocked the door. Apparently knowing the routine Rob dropped his pants and lay down on his back in front of the two captains chairs.

“Lift up a bit honey” She asked so she could work his plastic pants down enough to get to his soaked diaper. Rob was changed quick enough and in moment he pulling up his plastic pants so they would once again cover his diaper. Aunt Sarah helped him to pull up his pants and then rolled up the wipes in his old diaper and taped it closed.

“Okay Todd, your turn” She called to me, “And don’t worry the lot is empty I don’t think anyone will see”. So I did like Rob had done and lay down in the floor of the van, I found myself unconsciously spreading my legs to make the change easier. She worked the plastic pants to just below my knees and then she untapped my diaper. I couldn’t open my legs real wide with the pants below my knees, but she managed to wipe me off well enough. She plucked a second diaper from the package and slipped it up under me and taped it securely on. I pulled the vinyl pants back up and she patted my butt when I got my jeans up over my diapers.

“Todd would you go chuck these in that wastebasket over there please?” She handed me the two spent diapers. I waddled over to the trashcan, the new diaper seeming less ‘broken in’ than the last one. As I was tossing the diapers I noticed Eric in the parking lot with a several shopping carts, which meant he most likely witnessed the whole thing, ‘no one out here’ indeed I thought as I felt my face get warm.

My pants crinkled loudly despite the plastic pants and I rustled my way back to the van where I jumped in my seat and fastened my seatbelt. Instead of driving toward the farm we headed in the opposite direction to swing by my house to get a few things to last until Monday evening when my mom was to return.

I opened the door with my key and we all filed into the house. After spending time at Rob’s house my house felt more humble than I ever remember it feeling. Rob and Aunt Sarah followed me down the hall to my room. I was always apprehensive when people came over afraid my room might smell of pee from my bed-wetting. I am always real punctual about washing wet sheets and PJ’s and never letting them stay longer than needed in my room, but I was worried all the same. I was relieved when I opened my door that there was no urine smell, I imagine after being away for over two days that I would smell it if it was there – but no, my room smelled like the rest of the house.

I opened my closet and pulled out an old gym bag tossing it on the bed. Rob sat next to the bag on my bed and I felt a quick moment of embarrassment over the waterproof sheet that I am certain he felt up under him, I tried to dismiss this especially considering that both him and his brother had one but it seemed different being my own bed.

“I didn’t know you liked to read so much” Rob said looking at the two bookshelves besides my desk. Both bookshelves were crammed full of books with more being stacked in my closet.

“Yeah, I read some every night before I go to bed” I explained as I grabbed some clothes from my closet and put them in the bag.

“What kind of books are they?” Rob asked

“Mainly science fiction and fantasy, but there are some mysteries and scary stuff in there too.” I told him while I opened my top drawer to get some socks and boxer shorts for school on Monday.

“I wish Rob would read more” Aunt Sarah interjected.

“Well if you want to borrow something feel free to grab it” I told them both.
I opened my third drawer to get gym clothes but just as old Mother Hubbard had found, my cupboard or drawer in this case, was bare. Bare with the exception of one lone t-shirt and it wasn’t even the right color for P.E.

“I gotta grab something from the laundry room be right back,” I explained as I headed out of my room.

Just on the other side of the living room and kitchen down a small hallway to the garage was our laundry room. I checked the dryer and fetched my weeks gym clothes along with several jocks, which mom always hung to dry so the elastic would last longer. I pulled a jock down from the small line Mom had run under the cabinet in the laundry room, she had put the line there especially for the purpose of drying my jockstraps as I had thrown a fit when she had wanted to dry them in the backyard.

You see, growing up without a father is rather awkward thing at times, there are some things that would come easy to a dad that seem so very much more complex when a mom is involved. Case in point: Each year on the first day of school we are given by every teacher a supply list which is supposed to note anything we might need beyond pencil and paper for that particular class. I never pay much attention to the lists as one expects the same ruler, compass, three-ring punch folder, etc each and every year. Listen to this and feel my pain.

So the Sunday evening before school starts Mom and I had made our way to the stores to fulfill the supply lists. We don’t normally wait until the last minute but mom had been extra busy with school. Anyways, I am surprised to find us back in men’s wear going up and down the underwear aisle. Now we had already done all my back to school clothes shopping before school started so I’m getting curious to our purpose. Normally when I get underwear for back to school I am sent over to get what I want and return to Mom who is usually picking out clothes for me to try on. So it felt odd to be here, pushing the cart looking high and low at each package. Just about the time I was ready to ask her just what we were doing, a clerk trying to be helpful asks if we need assistance. If you haven’t figured it out, I embarrass easily, and someone wanting to help mom with men’s underwear was enough to turn me red.

“I need an, well let me start over, my son here is the one that needs,” she said pointing to me for emphasis, “an athletic supporter. I have looked all over here and I just can’t seem to find them. Does this mean you don’t carry them or are you sold out?”

“No ma’am, you need to get those in sporting goods” The clerk explained, before taking good customer service to a level I wish didn’t exist. He asked “May I show you where?”

And with those five words we were escorted to sporting goods where the clerk dutifully pointed to the correct aisle and told us we could find them “Just down on the right hand side.”

Mom started looking at packages and at this point I was still clueless and had no idea what she was buying me. “Todd, do you think you need a large youth or a medium adult?”

“I don’t know; what is it? Some kind of glove thing?” My ignorance at the subject prevented me from associating having just been looking at other types of undergarments.

“No, Todd – its special underwear for Gym class,” Mom told me.

“Oh.” I boggled “I have to wear special underwear and take a shower both?”

“Yes, dear,” Mom said “Now lets see your waist is closer to an adult medium, I should probably get you a couple so I don’t have to do laundry every day”

She placed three of the boxes in the cart and I picked one up and looked at the picture on the package wondering exactly how you wear it. I might not have known, but I knew I wasn’t going to ask Mom.

“Do you need one of these with the plastic cup part?” Mom asked.

I wanted to ask her that if five minutes ago I had no idea what we were buying then why did she suddenly expect me to know if I needed one with a plastic cup or not (whatever that was!) Instead I just said, “I don’t know”

“Well it won’t hurt for you to have one,” She said with confidence as she put a fourth package in the cart.

That evening in the privacy of my room I figured out exactly how to put one on, and to be honest, I am glad I took the time. There were several of the kids who had trouble at P.E. the next day and they all got teased.

Well two days later I come home from school and as I am walking around to the back door (only company comes in the front door.) What should be hanging from the laundry line? You guessed it, right there on the clothesline were two of my new jockstraps. Let me remind you we live across the street from the school!

I, stealthily as I could, took them down and straight to my room. They had at least completely dried. I found Mom in the kitchen and tried to explain to her that hanging a jock on the clothesline just wasn’t cool. She explained that cool or not the label said no dryer and she always followed the labels. I then tried to explain that it wasn’t that – it’s just that those shouldn’t be dried out there. Exasperated and not understanding she said “You’ve never said anything when I dry your shorts outside. In fact I thought you liked when they dried outside.”

With Mom they were never ‘boxers’ or ‘boxer shorts’ they were always just plain ‘shorts’. In fact she used ‘shorts’ to describe my briefs too when I still wore those. Moms are just weird sometimes.

“This is different Mom” I said, I just couldn’t see why she didn’t understand this simple thing automatically.

Almost two years later and I still don’t think she understands, but with that little exchange, understanding or not, Mom started drying my jocks in the laundry room.

I took my gear back to my room and packed them into my gym bag. I grabbed some deodorant and other toiletries from the bathroom and headed back to my room to announce we were ready to go.

“Todd, I can’t pick anything out. What’s good?” Rob asked pointing to all my books with a sweeping gesture.

I thought about it for a moment before picking out my two favorite books. “These aren’t books like “Harry Potter”, which are good too, but these are more adult-ish.” I explained

He looked at each cover as if trying to gauge something from the covers. “Read that one first and then the other; it’s a sequel,” I said indicating the first book “Fear Nothing” as well as it successor “Seize the Night”

Aunt Sarah looked over Rob’s shoulder and said “Todd, I love Dean Koontz too! I will read those when Rob is done if you don’t mind”

“Of course not, Aunt Sarah,” I replied as I grabbed my bag and got ready to leave.

When we got back to Aunt Sarah’s house we found Rick had returned with a friend and they we’re shooting baskets at the side of the house. Rick had his shirt off and his pull up was riding a good inch above his waistband, his friend must be used to such things, as he offered no comment as they continued to play.

“Hello Matt,” Aunt Sarah told the other boy.

“Hello, Mrs. Leesum,” Matt replied. I then realized then that ‘Matt’ in this case was Matt Rosetick, little brother of Kevin Rosetick whom I have not gotten along well with in recent years. Kevin and I had been best friends, up until about two years ago when for no apparent reason he had chosen a new set of friends, friends that didn’t include me. To make matters worse he acted like it was somehow my fault and I did something wrong to him. Seeing Matt again made me realize it still stung.

Matt also greeted Rob and myself; Rick told him we were cousins and I was staying the weekend with them. I just kind of managed a weak ‘Hey matt’ hoping he didn’t notice my diapers.

Rob and I carried the groceries and diapers into the house. We took everything upstairs and put the large diapers in Rob’s closet. On the way to the playroom Rob opened Rick’s door to deposit his bag of diapers and I was kind of shocked to see an already open package at the foot of his bed out in the open. Rob just chucked the new pack onto his bed and shut the door.

We went back downstairs and joined in the basketball game. I only played half heartedly lest my shirt ride up and expose my secret. After a while Uncle Steve came up from the barn asking who wanted to help get the grill going. The four of us answered in unison and we followed along behind Uncle Steve.

Dinner was nice, with the four of us kids eating at the picnic table outside. The pork chops were tender and we had along with them fried corn and snap beans. While we ate and talked I found out from Matt that Kevin had been in a lot of trouble lately and that the Roseticks were nearing the end of their patience with him. In my unvoiced opinion it served him right for being an asshole.

The four of us played more basketball until finally the mosquitoes drove us inside. Upstairs in the playroom we played video games and watched a bit of tube. We mainly played MKX taking turns with the winner staying up. Rob was on a winning streak and it was my turn up, I took the controller from a freshly defeated Rick who sat beside me to watch.

“It’s almost 9:30,” Rick announced glancing at the clock.

“Is it really okay? I mean is she going to think I’m weird or tell my mom?” Matt asked Rick.

“Dude, don’t worry about it, I took care of it Okay?” Rick shot back.

I wondered what the exchange was about and the distraction led to me getting my ass kicked. Again.

“You suck! Who’s next to face the master?” Rob gloated as I handed the controller to Matt.

About midway into Matt’s battle uncle Steve told us to get our teeth brushed – The game was paused and we all went to take care of our oral hygiene. Rob and I went to the bathroom normally shared by the brothers and Rick and Matt went to the master bath. We both finished at about the same time and headed for Rob’s room, which was notably empty. Rob looked around expecting someone to help with getting ready for bed, but no one was to be found.

“Mom – Dad, you coming in here – we’re done.” Rob called out. I too had become distinctly aware of the diaper I had wet earlier and getting out of it would be rather nice.

“In here, champ” Uncle Steve called out from the playroom.

“Oh okay,” Rob said as we went back to the big den area.

Uncle Steve had placed a pad in the middle of the floor; possibly the same one used last night in Rob’s room I couldn’t quite tell. A pile of supplies and clothes lay piled beside him. Rob undid his belt and let his jeans down and stepped out of them as he crossed to the mat. Rob lay down and Uncle Steve removed his plastic pants and untaped his diaper but left it folded over his groin while he grabbed a wipe and a diaper from beside himself.

Rob was cleaned, powdered, oiled and re-diapered. Uncle Steve got out a pair of plastic pants and rather than just plain white ones we had worn earlier in the day these were covered in cars in trucks. These pants opened like a diaper and had snaps on either side, which he fastened about Rob. He then handed his son a plain white t-shirt and said “Too balmy so no PJ’s tonight.” Rob got up and waddled his way back to me as he pulled the shirt over his head.

I got nervous thinking about how strange all this had been this weekend. Wearing diapers to bed last night, then wearing them all day and being changed out in the open like that? Now I’m being changed in the middle of the playroom floor? Hell Rob didn’t even get anything over his frickin baby pants. I’m going to be wearing a diaper in front of my ex best friends little brother. I tried to undo my jeans, but I guess I was too nervous as I ended up getting help from Uncle Steve before I could lay down on the pad just as Rob had done. Like he did with Rob, Uncle Steve also untapped my diaper and left it lying closed while he got ready to clean me up. It was odd to feel the cool air running under the diaper. Before I knew what was happening I was peeing again – I am surprised the diaper managed to hold much more. Uncle Steve realized what was going on just waited me out and then slipped the now completely sodden diaper from under me. While he was putting the diaper beneath me I saw from my vantage place on the floor that Rick and Matt had come back from their tooth brushing and been witness to my change. Great, I’m sure Matt is going to tell his brother – who already dislikes me – all about my diaper change and then Kevin will tell everyone at school. Oh well nothing to be done about it now.

I got plastic pants as well, with fire trucks and police cars on them no less. Uncle Steve handed me a t-shirt and sent me on the way with an “okay squirt your all done.” I too waddled a bit, this was much thicker than anything else I had worn, I guess Uncle Steve had put in a doubler in for extra absorbency or added effect.

Rick had already removed his shorts and added them to the pile of other clothes as he approached his dad - Rick’s pull up was wet but not saggy – it was the kind with the lines on the front to look like a fly on real underwear but instead of looking like big boy underwear it ends up looking all the more babyish. Uncle Steve tore the sides and instead of a replacing with another pull up Rick got a diaper too along with plastic pants and a t-shirt.

Uncle Steve tied off the Wal-Mart bag he had filled with used diapers. He started to gather the supplies up when he got a confused look on his face. He looked down at a diaper still folded on the floor with a pair of plastic pants beside it and another t-shirt. He held up his hand and counted of four fingers while looking at the diapers – and then counted of boys in turn. “Okay – either someone didn’t get a diaper or I brought one too many out. It’s been a hectic day and I’m kind of ‘out of it’ so it is entirely possible I might have made a mistake. Would one of you boys like to fill me in, please? Did I skip someone or did I bring out too many diapers.”

“You got me,” Rob said looking down at his diaper with a smile.

“Me too.” Rick grinned big slapping his own butt to make a crinkle sound.

“Same here” I said – but I couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed admitting it and almost flaunting it, but my cousins enthusiasm was infectious, and I had a feeling I now knew what Matt was talking about earlier.

Uncle Steve nodded to each of us in turn and let his gaze settle on Matt. “Well that’s certainly a conundrum then – Matt would you care to help me out? You seem like a bright enough kid – the kind that would know the answer to this question. Now, please understand it makes no difference to me what the answer is – and I am certain the answer wouldn’t mean anything to anyone else in the room – so it’s all up to you? Just to be clear, it’s all up to you. Did I miscount or did I skip you?”

Matt just stood there for a moment; I could tell he was struggling with something, I could tell he wanted to say yes. After a moment though Matt sighed and looked at his feet. “Mr. Leesum, I think you miscounted” Matt said his voice already thick with regret. “I’m sorry”

“Well, you have nothing to apologize for young man. This kind of thing happens when you get to be my age. It can be hard to keep track of even simple things. Oh well, I’ll just put this back then.” Uncle Steve explained picking up the diaper, over-pants and t-shirt which he placed as a bundle on the changing matt to pick up like a folder along with the supplies and trash bag.

Before Uncle Steve could get two steps from the room Matt’s voice broke a bit and he took a step toward the door “umm Sir, I think I was wrong. I… Ah… I think you skipped me after all” the words stumbled awkwardly as if it took sheer will to get the words out of his mouth at all.

“I see. It’s a good thing you caught me; I hate making mistakes and appreciate your help in correcting my error. It would have been very inhospitable of me to ignore a guests needs now wouldn’t it? You don’t want to wake up in a wet bed do you?” Uncle Steve mused as he spread the pad back down on the floor.

Matt took a few steps toward the center of the room and just kind of stood there, looking unsure.

“Would you get your shirt, please?” Uncle Steve asked him.

Seeing Matt pull his shirt over his head Uncle Steve took the opportunity to undo the boy’s belt and drop his pants and underwear in one motion effectively rendering Matt naked. Matt lay down on the mat and Uncle Steve slipped a diaper underneath him before he applied oil and powder. Matt, obviously enjoying the experience, smiled from ear to ear as the tapes were fastened and the plastic pants slid beneath him and snapped on. Given a t-shirt just like the rest of us - he waddled over to us with an enormous grin on his face.

“Now you boys let keep it down in here – We’ll check back in on you before bed. Uncle Steve said as he left the room with the supplies and such.

Matt ran his hands over his diaper and I found myself doing the same – suddenly aware of how much I liked this feeling. I felt like I should be protesting this, that it wasn’t normal for a boy my age to be diapered much less enjoying it so much. I felt like a freak, but then again Rob and Rick and Matt too all seemed to enjoy it, so if I was a freak at least I wasn’t alone!

We all sat in the floor and watched one of the movies on demand. About half way through Matt asked for us pause the movie and then rescinded the request realizing there was no need to go anywhere after all. Still Rob left the movie paused and we all kind of watched Matt. You could tell he had to concentrate a bit – that the strangeness of it all prevented him from just going - but when the far away look in his eye took hold we knew he had been successful and with that we let the movie resume.

Matt’s over-pants, like Rick’s were solid colors and you couldn’t tell the boy had wet until much later when he got up and you could see a bit of sag as he walked. Aunt Sarah came in when we were watching SNL and she dipped a finger in the leg of everyone’s diaper and returned a moment later with a change for Rob and Matt who were both in need.

When she had finished she explained she was going to bed and that we shouldn’t stay up all night and if we did stay up to at least keep it down so she can sleep. So within an hour we spread some blankets on the floor and turning off the lights talked about the day’s events before finally drifting off to sleep.

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[h=2]Chapter 3 - Sunday Coming Down[/h]Morning came and none of us were too quick to get up. It wasn’t until Uncle Steve came in the room to rouse us that we actually got up. He explained breakfast was in the make – so we needed to get up and get our showers as we had a busy day ahead.

Showers went quick with two bathrooms – I made my way back to Rob’s room where Aunt Sarah was asking Rob what he was going to wear today.

“Now we might go into Jerson, so keep in mind you might be riding in the car for a bit,” Aunt Sarah explained.

Jerson was a neighboring town – with more shopping – but not by any means ‘big’. I usually looked forward to going to Jerson they had a movie theater and an arcade and lots of things Simonsville didn’t.

Rob opted for Pull-Ups, which just like Rick’s had the lines on the front to give them the appearance of ‘big boy’ underwear. Rob looked very juvenile in the printed pants but from the way he looked at himself it was apparent that was part of the fun. Rob tossed me a pair from the open bag and I stepped into them. I couldn’t help but sing the Pull-Up song from the commercials “I’m a big kid now!” We both put on the rest of our clothes and bounded downstairs for breakfast.
Rick and Matt were helping to set the last few items out on the table and had yet to sit down. So it was all together that we sat down and I was kind of surprised to see Aunt Sarah tie a large disposable pocketed bib on to each of the younger boys. I had failed to notice Uncle Steve who was preparing to do the same for Rob and Me.

“There, that way we can leave straight after breakfast and we won’t spend all day getting ready again” Uncle Steve explained as he tied my bib on. I don’t think the bibs were a usual affair; perhaps they were done for Matt’s or even my benefit – had they figured out how much I was enjoying the diapers? Still Rob and Rick didn’t seem surprised by the bibs. I was a little disheartened to see, after we had finished eating, that some food had indeed made its way to the pocket on my bib. I peeked at Rob’s and his bib had gotten a real workout too, so I didn’t feel too bad. Still I think I would have felt better if it had turned out that I hadn’t actually needed the bib, that thought bringing some embarrassment that made my stomach flutter like being diapered had the night before.

We all piled in the van and headed to Jerson and as usual I studied the landscape as we drove by. Watching telephone poles I let go and wet myself with little thought or effort, after the fact I was more than a little taken aback at this. I hadn’t even considered whether I was diapered or not, I just went because I had too, two days in diapers shouldn’t be doing that to me. I was going to have to be more careful or I could really embarrass myself at school.

We hit a Target store first and getting out of the van each of us were asked whether we needed a change or not. I reluctantly admitted I did, and as soon as we got into the store Aunt Sarah handed me a Pull-Up and sent me to the men’s room. I walked in by myself and was relieved to see the bathroom empty. Even having the restroom to myself I half hid the Pull-Up under my arm as I stepped into the only stall and locked the door. I had dropped my pants when I heard someone come into the bathroom, I thought about waiting for them to leave but decided that I was already committed and I think everyone was waiting on me. So cautiously I pulled at the sides of the Pull-Up and I was treated to the paper ripping sound as the side tore away. It was louder than I thought it should have been. Someone rattled the stall door a bit and seeing it occupied made a desperate kind of cry. It sounded like a little kid but I wasn’t sure as I was more than a bit nervous about changing in public by myself the first time.

Well there was nothing to do but continue so I tore the other side and pulled the Pull-Up from between my legs. I rolled it up and set it on the metal toilet paper holder. I used a wipe from the small packet Aunt Sarah had given me to clean myself up with. I then grabbed the fresh Pull-Up and went to put it on. It was only then that I realized I had to remove my pants altogether to pull the new Pull-Up on. I tried to kick my shoes off as best I could and step out of my blue jeans. I took the pull up and opened it and stepped in, the stall door rattling again as the kid outside was getting more anxious. I pulled the Pull-Up up and got it just over my knees when the realization sunk in that this was one of Rick’s Pull-Ups and therefore smaller than the ones Rob and I were wearing.
I took the Pull-Up back off and pulled my jeans back on – I would just have to go back out and get a new Pull-Up. So I flushed the wipe down the toilet and grabbed the undersized Pull-Up and the soiled one and started for the stall door. As I was preparing to slide the latch back I heard the main restroom door open and a new voice call out “Quentin, you okay son? What’s taking so long?”

I opened the door and stepped out of the stall as the older man came into the restroom.

“Someone was in the potty” Quentin told the man, whom I assumed was his father.

“I see that” Quentin’s dad said, looking quizzically at me as he saw me throw the Pull-Up in the trash.

“You can use the urinal like a big boy, can’t you? Do you remember how?” He asked his son as he pointed to the fixture on the wall. I could see the man flinch a little when he realized how the words ‘big boy’ might be interpreted. I smiled sheepishly to let him know I wasn’t offended.

I found Aunt Sarah just outside the bathroom door and asked her for the right sized Pull-Up. She looked in the bag a moment before looking back at me with a decided frown on her face.

“I thought I had checked for large ones before we left. I’m so sorry Todd, but you’ll have to make due with a regular diaper” She explained handing me one from the bag. “Do you think you can still manage by yourself?”

“Uh-huh. Thanks” I said opening the door to the bathroom.

Quentin was getting a lesson on urinal use when I reentered; Quentin’s father glanced at me as I went back in the stall with my diaper under my arm. This time I didn’t need to remove my jeans – just let them fall to my calves. I unfolded the diaper aware of each plastic sound it made as I pulled it snugly between my legs. I pressed into the stall wall to hold the back in place as I reached around to secure the tapes across the front.

I exited the stalls a few moments later, rustling loudly since I had no plastic pants to help deaden the sound. Quentin’s and his dad were both washing their hands and under the circumstances I felt the need to do the same. Quentin was talking his time, doing more playing than washing until finally his father had to scold him.
“This young man needs to wash his hands, too. Quentin. please hurry up.”

“Sorry,” Quentin told me as he pulled away from the sink and dried his hands.

“It’s okay,” I told him back as I rinsed my hands in the sink. Quentin’s dad held the door and we all exited at once.

The three of us walked out of the restrooms where I found Aunt Sarah was waiting for me still. Trying to be discreet Aunt Sarah lifted my shirt to poke a bit of the plastic side sheeting that was sticking out my shirt down into my waistband. We caught up with Uncle Steve and the boys and we shopped a bit. Rob and I went to sporting goods to look while Mat and Rick had gone to toys. We turned at the end of one aisle and almost bumped in to Quentin and his father.

“Sometimes even big boys have to wear diapers, too” the man explained to his child until he saw me there at which point it was his turn to redden obviously embarrassed for me having overheard. Rob and I passed him as if we hadn’t heard.

Within a few minutes Uncle Steve had rounded us up and we all waited at the checkout lines to leave. From there we made several other stops including one store which happened to be next to the arcade and movie theater where the four of us boys got to play games for a while so the adults could get some kid free shopping in.

Before getting back on the road we stopped for lunch and everyone but me was herded to the bathroom. Rick and Matt returned wearing new Pull-Ups, while Rob, like me, was now in a diaper. I was a bit surprised that Matt was wearing a new Pull-Up, as it was my understanding that from here he was going home. Had it have been me I would have been too nervous to brave a Pull-Up when I was going home to my parents and brother Kevin like Matt was.

We drove back toward home and stopped only long enough to drop Matt off at the Rosetick’s house. Matt’s folks met us at the Van and helped him out. “Sarah, Steve, Thanks for putting up with him. I hope he wasn’t any trouble?” Mrs. Rosetick asked patting her son on the back.

“He was no trouble at all I promise.” Aunt Sarah reported back handing matt his overnight bag.

“Well lookit Todd! I haven’t seen you in seems like years and I almost didn’t see you back there. How’s your momma?” The plump Mrs. Rosetick exclaimed when she spotted me.

“She’s great Mrs. Rosetick, thanks for asking” I told her

“Kevin’s not home, I’m sure he’ll be sorry he missed you”

I sighed to myself, Mrs. Rosetick was sweet as can be and completely clueless. It never dawned on her that she hadn’t seen me in a long time because Kevin had decided he liked his new friends better. Sometimes folks, especially in a small town, learn to ignore problems between people it’s a voluntary ignorance of sorts and Mrs. Rosetick was volunteering enough for everyone.

We sped back to town and settled in for the evening with Aunt Sarah and Uncle Steve making sure we had all done ALL of our homework. Turns out we had all done right and finished up on Friday night like we were told to. I wasn’t completely unsurprised to see the bibs back out for dinner, both Rob and Rick seemed to eat with deliberate abandon. After dinner I wondered if just knowing you were wearing a bib made you more prone to need one as I found that mine had caught crumbs and several bits of potato that shouldn’t be there.

We were changed again before going to bed getting night diapers and plastic pants like before along with the same PJ’s from Friday night. For some reason I went to sleep quicker than normal and slept clear through to morning when Rob woke me up telling me it was time to get ready for School.

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[h=2]Chapter 4 – Home is Where the Mom Is[/h]Rob had already showered and Rick was in his folk’s bathroom so I went to the hall bath and got showered and ready for school. I felt an odd sort or regret as I pulled on a pair of striped boxers, wearing normal underwear for the first time in nearly three days. I’m going to have to be careful I reminded myself thinking back to the ease I had grown accustomed to wetting my pants. How had it become so easy to wet myself over the course of one weekend? I pushed thoughts of my transition from teenager to overgrown toddler as I walked back to Rob’s room. I pulled on my jeans and a shirt then grabbed my backpack and gym bag and headed downstairs for breakfast.

The school day passed without incident and as much fun as I had at Aunt Sarah’s over the weekend I was actually looking forward to sleeping in my room and seeing my mom again.

I admired the beautiful afternoon as I walked across the street from school to my yard and then to the side door. Finding the door unlocked, which indicated that Mom was indeed home I found myself in the laundry room on the side of the house. I put my gym clothes in the mesh laundry bag which mom would wash at the end of the week and went into the house proper…

I found mom in the kitchen sitting across from Aunt Sarah talking over a cup of coffee. I hadn’t realized quite how much I missed her until I was hugging her and asking how her trip was.

“It was great and I got you something, too!” She said giving me a bag, which I opened and pulled out a T-Shirt with “Oregon Wilderness Patrol” on it.

“Thanks!” I said holding it up, the shirt would become one of my favorites and it established a long standing tradition of Mom bringing me a T-Shirt from each new place she went.

“Your Aunt said you were well behaved. Of course she’s lied all her life, that’s why she’s a lawyer”
“No lie, he WAS good, honest” She said before telling me “ Your mom has always been stubborn as a rock, that’s why she’s a geologist.”

They both laughed at their friendly jabs. Aunt Sarah drained her coffee cup and said “We’ll I’ve got to get, I was just getting away from the desk and that musty office to let the fumes dissipate on the stripper.” Sarah said jingling her keys for emphasis as she got up. My 14 year old mind went to an entirely different kind of stripper, and it took me a second to parse what my aunt had really meant.

“Ok hon, Love you and thanks again for watching Todd” Mom said hugging her sister.

I hugged Aunt Sarah briefly and then she was gone.

“Your Aunt tells me you had a good weekend.”

“Yes ma’am”

“She dropped a few things off for you, she said you accidentally left them behind. So I just put them in your room for you.”

Odd I don’t remember leaving anything there, oh well. I needed to put my books up anyways so I took my stuff to my room and set my backpack on my desk. I refilled my gym bag and that’s when I noticed at the foot of my bed was one of the brand new package of diapers we had gotten at SaveMax. I opened my underwear drawer and there next to my boxers and the couple pairs of briefs I still owned were about six pairs of plastic pants, some with snaps and some pull on.

I was dazed, almost sick to my stomach. MOM KNEW. Mom’s voice broke my confusions and startled I spun toward my door.

“Your Aunt explained how she deals with Rick’s and Rob’s wetting problem. She also said you were open to trying them while you were there. She said you probably liked waking up dry, but she thought you would be too embarrassed to ask me on your own. So if you want them I don’t mind at all, in fact I think it’s a great idea and will help save on laundry.”

“You don’t mind?”

“Oh Todd, how could I mind if it makes you comfortable, happy and lets you sleep through the night?” Mom sounded really really emotional.

I almost wanted to cry but managed to keep my composure. I never knew Mom had worried so much about my problem. I had always assumed selfishly that it was only bothering me.

“Well get your homework done because dinner will be ready soon.”

After we ate we watched a little TV together and talked about her trip and how much the extra money was going help. It was about 9:30 when mom told me I should think about getting ready for bed. So I didn’t think much of it when we both stood up at about the same time. I had assumed she was going for a coke or something but instead of the kitchen she followed me down the hall to my room.

“I will help you until we are sure your skin does okay with this. If you are comfortable with me helping you that is?” She said taking a changing matt just like Robs out and spreading it out on my bed.

I went ahead and kicked off my jeans and shirt and lay down on the pad. Mom opened the can of powder and peeled the foil off a tube of diaper rash cream. Mom picked up the package of diapers and opened them along their seam and pulled one out and set it beside me. Mom hooked her thumbs into the waistband of my boxers and pulled them off leaving me naked and exposed.

“Roll over onto your tummy” She told me and I complied feeling vulnerable with my butt exposed.

She rubbed the cold cream into my butt then had me roll back over onto the diaper she had unfolded. She rubbed more cream into my groin with a diaper wipe and then powdered me liberally before bringing the front up and taping it into place just over my navel.

I stood up then and stepped into the plastic pants she held out. These were fire truck print pants just like some of Rick’s that I had seen drying in their bathroom. I imagined Aunt Sarah raided Rob’s plastic pants stash or had some new ones in reserve, either way I hoped I wasn’t putting anyone out.

“I hope the juvenile print doesn’t bother you too much?” Mom asked “Your aunt said these were some extras they had that she had gotten for Rick but they turned out too big for him”

“No I guess they are okay, it’s not like anyone else will see them” I said concealing how much I really liked them.

Mom pulled them up over my diaper and then handed me a pair of PJ bottoms to put on. My PJ’s were sized to fit over underwear, not diapers, so they did little else but accentuate my diapered state. But before you know it I was sleeping good and waking up in a dry bed, and so a routine was established that I would pretty much follow for the rest of my life.

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[h=2]Chapter 5 – On the Unlikeliness of Chance Encounters in a Restroom[/h]
The week went quickly and Friday finally rolled around. Mom had been talking all week about her date this Friday. One of her co-workers has set her up with a recently widowed gentleman who lived in the area. They had gone out a few times the month before her Oregon trip and Mom seemed to have enjoyed herself each time immensely. They had each wanted the other to meet their children but Moms Oregon trip had forced them to push back their plans from last Friday to this Friday…

Mom had cooked a bunch of food the night before so she could have an easier time with dinner after work. Even with planning ahead we were both rushing to get things done before 6:30. I was helping to set the table when the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it!” Mom said almost sprinting for the front door.

A moment later I heard her say “Good evening Walt! Why those are lovely flowers, please come in, come in.”

The living room was out of sight but I heard the sounds of people coming in the door closing behind them.

“And this handsome young man must be Quentin!” Mom gushed in her best “I’m-talking-to-little-kid-but-pretending-they’re-a-grownup” voice.

A small jolt of recognition at the name caused me to fumble a bit. I dropped one of the glasses of water I was setting out, soaking a greater part of the table and myself in the process.

“Come on in here and meet my son Todd, he’s helping me set the table and get dinner ready,” Mom said as she ushered them into the dining room.

As my luck would have it, and my worst fears, it was THAT Quentin.

“Walt this is my son Todd, Todd this is Walt and this is his son Quentin.” Mom said making the introductions.

I turned around to shake hands and realized they were all staring at the wet spot on my khakis.

“I um spilled a glass of water, I need to clean it up.” I managed to say. I just knew they both thought I wet my pants and was just trying to cover it up by spilling water on the table. Why did my explanation sound so lame?

Mom was already assessing the situation and getting a handful of paper towels. Walt and Mom both helped to blot the water off the table and when we had gotten the place setting dry I shook hands with Walt and Quentin. I notice a look of recognition from them both which confirmed they remembered me as well as I remembered them.

“Dad, he wet his pants,” Quentin told Walt.

“No he just spilled some water on them, now hush.” Walt told Quentin with a hint of “drop it” in the edges of his voice.

“He did, too. He wears diapers, I saw…” Quentin continued.

“Quentin, Shush and drop it right now” Walt countered with enough strength that Quentin stopped mid sentence.

I just stood there dumbfounded, awkward and embarrassed.

“Well, why don’t you go put some dry pants on Todd” Mom instructed taking the situation in stride. I took the opportunity and bolted for my room. I changed into some dry clothes, first pulling on a fresh pair of boxer shorts and some blue jeans. I tossed my damp khakis and underwear in my hamper, all while I tried to work myself up enough to return to the kitchen.

“That must have been my sister and her boys” Mom was finishing as I walked back into the room. I knew then EXACTLY what the topic of conversation had been.

Quentin looked at me sheepishly and told me that he was“ sorry for saying stuff about your diapers.”

“It’s okay” I managed, feeling my embarrassment make a comeback at Quentin’s knowledge of my diapers.

Conversation about my diapers ended for a few hours at that point. Despite the awkward start we had a great dinner, Mom was an excellent cook and tonight’s pot roast was no exception. Turns out that Walt was a photographer, he made most of his money doing weddings and the like, however his passion was for coffee table books and he was working on one as a side project. His current assignment was taking photos of rural America for just such an anthology. Quentin was a voracious eater for a child his age; he stuffed everything down with an efficiency that was startling. Not a picky eater, that one. So it was between mouthfuls of roast and vegetables that he explained to us that he was going into the first grade this fall a fact to which he and his dad was both very proud. I guess this was Quentin’s way of saying he was no longer in kindergarten. I found myself smiling. I mean, I wanted to resent his knowledge about my diapers, I really did, but I found myself liking him despite my best efforts to the contrary. He really seemed like a great kid, who had a natural curiosity about him.

Once everyone was stuffed Mom cleared the table of the remaining pieces of roast and the nearly empty bowls that had held okra, potatoes and creamed corn. She went to the fridge and a moment later returned with a large covered dish. “Now I know you saved room for my banana pudding?” Mom asked sweetly as she lifted the lid off the dish.

I handed dessert bowls around the table along with spoons. “Momma’s Banana Pudding won state fair three different years,” I bragged.

“Now Todd, let’s not brag, it’s unseemly,” Mom said with a slight pause before continuing in the same lecture voice “it is damn good pudding, though.” And with that last quip she couldn’t quite hold her composure and started laughing.

After dinner I was told to take Quentin to the living room to watch some TV or play some video games so Mom and Walt could talk and drink coffee. Now our living room was not the fancy kind of living room, it was just the kind you lived in. I was small and cozy with enough room for our TV and a couch. Now this couch is worth describing because it was a study in contrast. It was quite possibly the most comfortable couch I had ever seen in all of my almost 15 years of life and as if to somehow compensate for its comfort it was also the ugliest. It was an unattractive floral print that was stylish never. I actually think I have seen this same couch on

Quentin wanted to watch Sponge Bob, which wouldn’t have been my first choice, but he was company and I didn’t mind all that much. Now don’t get me wrong, I did like some of the cartoons on Nick even though most kids my age didn’t, I am especially fond of Invader Zim, however Sponge Bob was just a bit too strange for my taste. For cartoons, I liked Cartoon Network even more, but for the really good stuff I had to stay up late.

“Where is the bathroom?” Quentin asked as soon as sponge bob went off.

I showed him where the bathroom was and after turning on the light for him I stopped off in my room. A few minutes later Quentin walked into my room and started looking around at all the books on my shelves, and the models I had on top of the shelves. He spotted my Tablet on my desk and asked if he could play with it. I said sure and after checking it’s charge I handed him the device.

Excited, he ran from my room back to the living room to play. I flicked off my light and headed back down the hall to the kitchen for a drink. Mom and Walt were still talking at the table. They were both laughing about something and I was very happy to see mom with someone and having such a good time.

“Hey kiddo, where’s Quentin?” Mom asked as I walked by

“He’s in there playing with my Tablet,” I said, pointing to the living room.
“Oh well, you’ve made a friend then if you have video games” Walt said back with a chuckle.

I went ahead and grabbed a soda for Quentin and one for me, too, and headed back to the living room. I gave Quentin the can of Coke which he took offering me a mumbled thanks, so intent was he on the game. I snatched the remote from the couch and started looking for something to watch.

I found some old scary movie from the 70’s, which was cornier and cheesy than scary, gawd, at the sound effects they used back then. The movie got real slow about halfway through and it was starting to get kind of boring and I needed to go to the bathroom anyways. I had already waited too long and had to walk all clinched up. For the life of me I wonder why I hold my pee so long sometimes, it’s not like I am particularly good at holding it anyways.

Once I was done and I got back to the living room I noticed Quentin had fallen asleep with Angry Birds still in one hand and the unopened coke still beside him on the table. I turned the TV off and then gingerly removed my tablet from the boys grip. I retrieved the coke to return it to the fridge.

As I put the Coke away I told mom and Walt about Quentin’s nap and then explained that I was going to go to my room to read for a bit, too.

“I can help you get ready for bed if you like” Mom offered.

I blushed knowing Walt must have guessed what she was offering to help with and my pride just wouldn’t let me agree “I’m not even sleepy – I’ll get ready for bed later. You two just talk and have fun”

Well, it wasn’t twenty minutes later until I myself had dozed off. I never went to sleep before eleven especially on a Friday night. I woke up to mom shaking my shoulder.

“Todd honey, wake up, you can’t go to sleep like that.” She said taking the book from me and setting it on my night table. I looked to the clock and it was 11:30.

“Walt?” I asked her.

“He told me to tell you good night and not to wake you, they left maybe five minutes ago”

“Ohh,” I mumbled sleepily.

Her hands found my belt and started to open my jeans, where just the beginning of a wet spot was forming.

“Well it looks like I got here in the nick of time or you’d be soaked through” She said as she pulled off my pants and underwear.

The cold air down there drove the last bit of sleepiness away and left me awake and embarrassed. I wasn’t embarrassed per se about being naked in front of my Mom, I should be probably, but wet enough and you get used to it. And it’s not that I’m overly sensitive about wetting my bed, at least not around Mom. I’ve wet for a couple of years now, so I’m used to it all. Yet it just seems so much worse when I wet and I am still wearing daytime clothes. I’m used to wet shorts or PJ’s but certainly not wet jeans and any of my nice boxers. I had been sleeping in PJ’s without underwear so what I wore to school wouldn’t be discolored, because even with bleach some of my underwear had started to get pee stains in them and I didn’t want anyone noticing that in the locker room.

I stood up for a moment and took off my shirt while mom put down the changing pad for me. Mom rubbed in oil and powder as normal and then pulled the diaper up like she might have done when I was two. She gave me some plastic pants and some PJ shorts to pull on. She offered a shirt but I elected to skip it, as it was a muggy night.

“Now you go brush your teeth,” She told me as she put the changing pad back between my bed and nightstand.

As I walked to the bathroom the house seemed terribly quiet and with each step I heard the rustle of my diaper. Crackle-crackle-crackle as I walked. Even while brushing my teeth I thought I could hear a small rustle from my diaper in response to my brushing. When I was done with my teeth, I snuck to the kitchen to see if I could grab a quick snack undetected. I’m not supposed to eat anything after I brush my teeth but I sometimes manage to get away with it if Mom has her attention elsewhere.

No such luck, Mom was in the kitchen cleaning up from this evening. I started to turn around and head back toward my room when mom called out “I hear Mr. Crinkle Pants”

I chuckled despite getting busted.

“You were going to get a snack, weren’t you?” she accused.

I am generally of the opinion that truthfulness was the best option and so with little hesitation I agreed that yes I was coming to pilfer a snack from the fridge.

“Now Todd, you know the rule about eating after you have brushed your teeth. Or at least a reasonable person would assume you ought to know after almost 15 years of living under this roof”

“Yes Ma’am.” I replied trying to sound sincere.

“Well I suppose I can make an exception, just this once,” Mom said as she opened the freezer and pulled down a half gallon of ice cream.

Within a few minutes I was sitting across the table from her each of us with a sundae and small side of her banana pudding.

“So what did you think of Walt?” Mom asked

I thought Walt was super nice, he didn’t appear outwardly bothered by my diapers and Quentin seemed like a happy enough kid. My instincts told me Walt was a good guy and would be good for Mom. However all I managed around mouthfuls of ice cream was to tell her “He seems nice to me.”

“Tomorrow he asked if we wanted to drive into Birmingham for the fair, he had been promising Quentin to take him for a while now and it reminded me of how quickly you’re growing up.” Mom paused to take a bite before finishing “and well how we just don’t get to do fun stuff together much anymore, especially since I took this new job”

The irony of her talking about how quickly I am growing up when juxtaposed with my diapers was not lost on me, but I think it was lost on her.

“Sounds like fun to me,” I admitted, I loved fairs and carnivals.

“We have to hold to these moments as long as we can, Todd. You’ll be driving in a year or so and then you’ll go off to college and then you will have a family of your own, move to the city and probably forget all about your mother back here in Simonsville.”

“I won’t forget about you, I promise, unless I become rich”

We both laughed at that, just enjoying the moment.

I had a feeling Mom wanted to talk about something else and in a few minutes when we both were just about done with our ice cream she asked “So you met Walt last weekend in Jerson?”

I knew this was really Mom’s subtle way of trying to allow me to explain why I was changing into a diaper during the day. I had thought about this a while ago before dozing off. I considered telling her the partial truth that Rob and Rick both wore pull-ups on car trips and I was wearing one, too, so they wouldn’t feel bad. But then I would have to explain why I wet my pull up and had to change. I also thought of telling her we had woken up late and went straight from bed to the car, but that was obviously not true. I had even considered the full truth, just flat out telling her that I liked diapers and felt like wearing one. However, I was having trouble even admitting that to myself much less someone else.

In the end though honesty won out, it must have been the sugar, because before I knew it I told her what I didn’t think I had the courage to even say to myself. I told her that I had just decided to wear diapers that day since we were traveling so much, that my cousins did it too and it sounded like FUN to me. “I hope it didn’t embarrass you to hear the story from Walt.” I finished.

“Oh honey, no, that doesn’t embarrass me. Now I don’t rightly care what you wear under your pants as long as it makes you happy. I just didn’t know if that was something you wanted or if you were just trying to fit in with your cousins.”

Honesty again, I was on a roll “Yeah I liked it, I know it’s weird and all but I just do”

“Well you just wear them whenever you want, a person should choose their own underpants after all.”

I put my bowl in the dishwasher and gave Mom a goodnight kiss and a strong hug before I went back to my room. I can’t believe she was being so cool about all of this.

“Night Mom”

“Night Sweetie”

Re: New old story - Diapers, Sunshine, and the great state of Alabama (2017 version)

[h=2]Chapter 6 – All’s Fair in Love and War[/h]Mom got me up and I went straight to the bathroom to shower. I ripped off my soggy diaper and rolled it up and tossed it in the trash. I showered pretty quick and then brushed my teeth. I peered in the mirror to see if I was getting any whiskers yet, but no such luck, disappointed at the lack of facial hair I wrapped a towel around me and headed back to my room. Admittedly it felt a bit strange to in the span of a few minutes go from removing a wet night time diaper and feeling good about feeling little, to feeling disappointed at a lack of growing up.

No sooner had I gotten to my room than Mom stuck her head in my door “Morning, kiddo! I put you out a new bag on your bed in case you wanted to take some supplies with you today. Your choice. Don’t forget to wear comfy shoes. You’ll be walking a lot, too.”

She was gone in a heartbeat as if the exchange was perfectly routine; like most mothers have to tell their teenage sons they gave them a new diaper bag (well I suppose the lucky ones do). I looked at the bag; it was a small travel backpack, similar to a miniature duffle or a very small gym bag. Mom must have gotten it for her new job and all the travel she anticipated. Well not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth I grabbed the remaining diapers from the pack and stuffed them into the bag. I would have to ask mom to stop at the store so we can get small travel size powder and wipes like the ones in Rob’s diaper bag. For something as simple as a diaper bag I sure was happy. I decided to put my last pair of clean plastic pants in the bag, too, I had decided to not wear plastic pants today as it was going to be hot but I guess having a pair in my bag would help me ‘be prepared’.

As much as I had enjoyed Mom diapering me, I came to two conclusions. The first being that I would have to learn to diaper myself, there wasn’t always going to be someone around to assist. The second was that Mom had made it clear she was helping during my trial period, I guess she didn’t feel it was terribly appropriate. So I pulled off my towel, which I was still wearing and spread it out on my bed, no sense in getting the changing pad out when this towel would work just the same. I got a diaper from my closet and unfolded it. I lay down on my back and pulling my knees to my chest I slipped the diaper under my butt. I taped it getting the tapes pretty tight. I ran a finger through the leg bands to make sure the gathers were in my crotch. It would do, although it was not as nice as having someone else change you.

I pulled on a pair of jeans and t-shirt and went so see what was for breakfast. After we ate (Pop Tarts - woohoo) we got in the car to drive into Jerson where we were going to meet Walt and Quentin. Mom had agreed to stop at the store so I could finish out my diaper bag. On the drive I had further time to ponder the consequences of my actions and as we neared Jerson I asked Mom “What does Walt think about my diapers?”

“I don’t know, he didn’t say much beyond the fact you were changing when he saw you. A boy your age in diapers is a very curious thing after all. But I think he assumes you need them and I think the fact that you handled yourself so casually only reinforced that opinion.“

“But if I only wear them sometimes won’t he wonder why?” I asked back

“I am sure of it Todd, but he doesn’t need to know anything you don’t want to tell him and Walt seems to much of a gentleman to pry into the private affairs an upstanding young man such as yourself. And besides, think of it this way, Walt and I might breakup or we might have a relationship that goes nowhere and in that case what he thinks or doesn’t think won’t matter at all. On the other hand if we do have a serious relationship and maybe someday get married, then he would certainly have to accept your choices as part of the deal.”

“Uh huh,” I said not entirely convinced but unable to find any immediate fault to her argument.

We made pleasant conversation the rest of the way into town, Mom talked some about the site in Oregon and how she was likely to have to go back soon for another trip. “It’s summer break soon and you can come with me on some of my trips if you like.”

“I’d love, too!” I had never been out of Alabama except once to Georgia to go to Six Flags and once to see some of my father’s relatives when I was still a baby.
We pulled up at an old fashioned drug store, the kind that had the counter for what must have been soda fountain way back in the old days. Mom and I got out of the car and made our way into the store. Just inside the door were greeting cards on one side and durable medical supplies on the other. The soda fountain now served as a cashier’s checkout and pharmacy pickup.

A pretty girl, probably college age, saw us come in and greeted us with a “Good morning, Can I help ya’ll find something?”

“I think we can find it just fine, but thank you,” Mom answered her as she steered me towards the durable medical supplies.

We found the incontinence section and Mom told me to go ahead and pick out some diapers that we might as well see what brands I like. So I picked out a package of Attends, a package of Prevail overnights, and a package of Dry24/7. The store had no pull ups, at least not like the ones my cousins had, so Mom promised that next time we were out and we saw some we would pick them up. Mom selected a pack of travel wipes, some diaper rash cream, and the smallest can of powder they had.

We walked the supplies to the checkout and while mom put the wipes, powder and cream up on the counter, I put the packages of diapers right beside them. The girl began ringing things up and in an attempt to make idle chatter she asked, “Someone’s gramma must be coming to visit right?”

This took me off guard and apparently Mom was too as the resulting silence was awkward creating a palpable tension in the air. I was suddenly overcome with a nervous fidgety feeling and I rocked back and forth from one foot to the other and only after transferring my weight back and forth a few times did I realize it was causing my diaper to crackle. In the stillness of that moment it seemed impossibly loud.

The cashier must have heard it, too; a look of understanding crossed her face. She tried to recover by pretending not to have heard saying that “My granny would come to see us each summer.” She really thought on her feet, but her offered explanation and opportunity at anonymity didn’t do much to lessen my anxiety.

I had at that moment an epiphany of sorts. I saw us coming back here from time to time in the future, or other similar places, where we would likely see the same faces with each visit. So there really was no sense in pretending. I mustered my courage up, took a deep breath and managed to make my vocal cords work.
“That’s okay, they’re mine and I don’t mind that you know” I told her.

I felt a squeeze of encouragement on my shoulder and realized Mom had put her arm across my shoulders in an unconscious move to comfort me.

The girl smiled to me “I won’t tell anyone”

Then she said to us in an almost conspirator tone. “My name is Cheryl” She pointed to her name badge which not so surprisingly said “Cheryl”

“My dad owns this store and I am studying to be a pharmacist” Cheryl continued, “If there is anything ya’ll need and we don’t have it, I have a big old catalog we can order things from. In fact I will put one in your bag for you to take home and you can just call us when you need something and we will order it for you right away”

“Well, thank you for your help, Cheryl” Mom told her as she paid for my supplies.
Mom gathered up the small bag and one pack of diapers from the counter, leaving the other two packs for me.

“Thank you,” I told Cheryl smiling and inexplicably happy. I picked up the other two packs of diapers and followed Mom back to the car.

We put the diapers in the trunk and the little shopping bag in the front of car so I could finish loading out my diaper bag. Everything fit in the bag neat enough and it didn’t look like a diaper bag at all.

“Now Todd I don’t know if you noticed how expensive this was. I’m not telling you so you will feel bad, and I’m not saying I won’t help you buy these. This last week has been the happiest I have seen you in ages. That said, if you are going to wear them simply for pleasure, that’s fine, but you are going to have to shoulder some of the expense. That means a job this summer, okay?” Mom told me as she pulled out of the parking lot.

“Yes ma’am”

As we got back on the road I found that I was getting increasingly excited about the fair, I had only been to Six Flags the one time, so even fair and carnival rides seemed like a big deal to me. We found Walt and Quentin were already waiting for us in the parking lot of Target. Walt drove a mini van similar to Aunt Sarah’s but this one had a DVD player in it which was nice. Walt opened the front door for Mom and she climbed into the passenger seat. Quentin had thrown open the sliding door for me and I stepped up and in. I put my bag down between our two seats.

“What’s in the bag?” Quentin asked

“Umm, stuff” Was all I could manage, somehow I could face a pretty college aged girl about my diapers but explaining that I had a diaper bag to six year old was just too much. So in an interest of knocking off conversation I reached for and closed the sliding door before sitting down in my seat and buckling my seat belt.
As I sat down Quentin had apparently heard my diaper, his eyes lit up and he leaned over to tell me all matter-of-factly, “Your wearing diapers!”

“Quentin! Remember what we talked about?” Walt reminded the boy having heard the boy from the front seat. It occurred to me Walt must have anticipated just such an exchange and been listening for it.

“I’m sorry” Quentin said back to his father.

“It’s not me who you owe the apology, too”

Quentin looked at me and with all the conviction of someone who is being forced to apologize for something they realize they did, but don’t quite see any fault to it, he told me “I’m Sorry”
“It’s okay,” I told him and with my acceptance he brightened back up “I brought my 3DS, see? He told me showing me his Gameboy before becoming lost in the game he was playing.

Quentin soon lost interest in his 3DS and asked Walt to put a DVD on for us to watch. Walt started Finding Nemo for us, which was awesome for me, I love Pixar movies and hope someday to work as an animator. Well, just about the time when Nemo’s dad is meeting the turtles we got close enough to see Birmingham off the distance.

“Almost there!” Walt called out since the fair was actually just outside of B-ham.

“And not a single ‘are we there yet?’, either,” Mom commented

“That’s because DVD players in cars are marvelous things,” Walt laughed.

“Are we there yet?” Quentin whined as if on cue causing both adults to laugh.

We pulled into a large field that served as the fairgrounds parking lot and followed the directions of the parking attendant. The field was already filled with cars and we had to walk a long distance to get to the fair grounds. I could see the Ferris wheel from the line at the gates and it was enormous.

We finally got to the ticket windows and Walt bought 3 adults and 1 child’s ticket along with rider passes for all four of us. The gate opened into a queue just to enter the fairgrounds. Large signs posted at either side of the entrance proclaiming the don’ts of the fair. No alcohol, must wear shoes, no firearms, no pets except animals being shown, standard crap like that.

We got to the front of the line where a security guard was looking through any bag, package or purse being brought into the fair. Quentin and Walt walked on through the turnstile while Mom handed the guard her purse and he flipped it open gave it a lethargic once over and waved mom through. Mom met up with Walt and Quentin on the other side and I walked through to join them.

“Sir. Your backpack, please” the guard said to me as I walked by.

Ouch – you mean he needs to look through my bag, too? I should have seen that coming. I suppose I looked a bit panicked as Mom stepped back over to the turnstile.

“My pack?” I asked stalling for time.

“Todd, let the man see your pack please,” she told me before telling the guard “Sir, please don’t open it all the way, he has personal medical items in there”

The guard just hrrrumphed at us both when I handed him my backpack. He unzipped it enough to see inside, didn’t bat an eye and with a bored motion zipped the pack back up and handed it to me.

“Thank you, sir,” I said when he handed my pack to me.

“Have a good day at the fair,” the guard replied and motioned me through the turnstile.

Just inside the gate a greeter was giving a newspaper-looking program for the fair and a map. We looked at the map and of course the thing, which drew my attention, was the midway area. Quentin was excited about the rides too, but I think he wanted to see some animals too.

“Before we get going do you need to go potty?” Walt asked Quentin pointing to the restroom here at the entrance.

“Yes sir,” Quentin replied and with that he and Walt were off to the restroom.

“You holding up there?” Mom asked nodding her head at me.

“Yup” I said knowing my diaper was sweatier than wet. It was going to be a hot one that was for sure.

Quentin and Walt came back out a few moments later and we headed for the midway. Quentin didn’t want to ride anything that looked scary, and Mom and Walt only rode things like the carousel and the Ferris wheel. I rode everything I could; if any of us got our money’s worth out of the riders pass it was me.

We had just finished a late snacky meal-type thing. It was later than lunch but not enough for dinner. We were getting up from the table and throwing our trash in the cans when Walt whispered to me “Looks like you either sat in something or you sprung a little leak.”

I looked down and the front of my pants seemed fine to me. I felt and they didn’t even seem damp.

“No the back near your thighs” Walt told me as I reached around and sure enough felt two wet patches at the back of each leg. My diaper didn’t seem terribly wet, but I had wet it a little here and there. Sheepishly I thanked Walt, and walked back to the table and looked at the bench where I had been setting and it didn’t look like there was anything there, so leak it was. I grabbed my backpack and headed to the restrooms.

The nice thing about the Birmingham fairgrounds is that they are permanent; the fair is here each year. That means they have real restrooms and while still dirty and not pleasant places they were light-years better than porta-johns. I waited for the handicap stall to become available as I figured I would need the extra room and I quickly as I could changed my diaper. Hot or not, I wasn’t entirely sure these store brand diapers Aunt Sarah bought were up to the task so I also pulled out my plastic pants now thank full to have packed them.

I’ve learned many a lesson, and that day was no exception. I made a strong mental not to forget that in the future I should pack snap on over-pants next time I decide to not wear them from the beginning. I had thrown pull on pants in my bag and now I had to remove my shoes and my jeans. Believe me I wasn’t happy about letting my socks touch the floor of the stall and I had to hang my jeans on the coat hook. I pulled on the pants and tucked them over my diaper before pulling back on my jeans. I really need to talk to Mom about getting some bigger jeans too when we bought summer clothes. I rolled up my old diaper and taped it up into a ball before throwing it away and leaving the restroom.

The evening was as much fun if not more. There is something magical about a fair at night when the midway lights up. We saw a couple of shows and of course we had to see the prize animals for Quentin. I wasted a week’s allowance trying to win something on the ball toss. Stupid game was probably rigged.

We left about 9:30 and walked back to the van all of us tired and exhausted. The drive home there was no need for a DVD as Quentin was out like a light, his snores oddly deep for such a little guy. I think I dozed off too, because before I knew it we were back at target and getting ready to leave. We decided to just let Quentin sleep rather than making him say goodnight so Walt walked mom to her car door where they hugged briefly.

“Thank you for taking us!” I told Walt as Mom clicked my door unlocked. I threw my diaper bag into the back seat and sat down.

“I had a great time tonight,” Mom said

“I did, too. That was a lot of fun, but I wish the fair were closer to home”

“Well I’m about to burst! I’ve got to pee and I need to stop for gas” Mom said driving across the target parking lot to the Texaco that shares the same lot.

I got out and pumped gas, which the sign said was illegal since I was under 16 but it’s not the kind of thing they lock a lot of kids up for so I felt pretty safe doing it.

“You need something to drink?” Mom offered before going inside to pay.

“A Coke please”

“Anything else?” she prompted.

“No thanks. I’m going to use the restroom too before we leave.”

“Okay, I’ll pull the car up to the door while you use the restroom if I get done first,” she said as she was walking into the store.

I finished pumping gas and replaced the gas cap. I grabbed my backpack from the backseat and headed inside. My diaper wasn’t terribly wet yet but I decided to change it anyways since I had to poop. I had no desire to poop my diaper especially not in the closed confines of a car and I just couldn’t imagine pulling back on a wet diaper. Of course pooping the diaper in a way seemed cleaner than pooping in a gas station bathroom.

Mom was waiting for me by the door and we were back on the road and headed home. We were both quiet on the ride home. I don’t know what had me in such an introspective mood but I sat there thinking about how much had changed over the last week. How in such a short period of time I had come to think of wearing diapers for the rest of my life. What was I thinking? It scared me a bit to be honest. I knew I couldn’t wear them to school but with only a week left in the school year and summer on the horizon it didn’t seem like that big of an issue.
I was still lost in thought when we got home.

“Penny for your thoughts,” Mom offered as she unlocked the door.

I sighed, it was nice to be home “nothing much just thinking.”

“Oh just thinking, are you?” Mom laughed “Thinking! In a 15 year old boy of all things!”

I loved it when Mom called me 15 even though my birthday was still 3 weeks off. She continued belting out in her southern belle in distress voice she uses for sarcasm “I swear Todd you are far too serious for your own good. Why when you were little you didn’t think about anything or anyone. A real firecracker you were, or filled with piss and vinegar, as your Grandpa Arlen would have said.”

Grandpa Arlen was my dad’s dad and I don’t remember him at all. He died soon after my dad did and that was all before I was two years old. Grandma Arlen, or Grand Arlen as she liked to be called, was still most defiantly alive. Now Ellen Arlen was a woman who was full of piss and vinegar. She smoked cigars, cursed like a sailor and loved to gamble. She wasn’t the apple pie and knitting booties kind of grandma, but Grand Arlen always had kind words for her grandson and she always had some of the most exciting stories to tell. She spends most of each year working for a senior tour company, which goes to a different city or destination each month. She takes off thanksgiving to see us just about every year but other than that Grand Arlen lives on the road.

After hanging my diaper bag on the back of the doorknob in my room I went back outside and got the rest of my diapers from the trunk. I returned to my room and stacked the diaper packs in my closet. I wasn’t sure which brand to try next and I was anxious to try another brand of diapers. I knew the store brand Aunt Sarah gave me was kind of weak, I just wish I had paid more attention to the diapers I wore that first night at their house. I settled on wearing the Dry24/7’s next so I grabbed them from my closet. I was going to put them in the footlocker at the end of my bed but then I remembered Rick’s diapers had been placed at the end of his bed and I decided to do the same. It’s not like I have friends over very often and I can put them up if someone is coming. I felt a small rush seeing the package at the end of my bed nestled into the corner between bed and footlocker.

“Todd, would you come here for a minute please?” Mom called to me.

“Be right there!” I called back as I looked for her finding her in my bathroom.

“You are probably out of plastic pants, aren’t you? “ Mom asked.

“Yup, I’m wearing my last pair right now. I put the others in my hamper.”

“It doesn’t work that way, sport” Mom said looking at me with her hands on her hips. “Just like your sheets, your plastic pants are your responsibility and they can’t be washed in the washer. Now go gather them up and bring them in here, please. I will show you how to clean them.”

I was headed back to my room when she added the afterthought “Might as well take those you are wearing off, too”

I dug in my hamper and pulled the pants out before removing my clothes and pulling down the plastic pants I was wearing. I threw my shirt and jeans in the hamper enjoying the moment of just standing in my diaper, the ac feeling nice against my skin. But I had things to do so I pulled on a pair of fleece shorts and made my way back to the bathroom.

Mom pulled back the shower curtain and told me to just drop the pants in the tub, which is what I did.

“First, make sure and wash them inside and out. Also when changing, try not to get oil or powder on your plastic pants or they will ruin. Then shake the excess water off and turn them inside out to dry.”

Mom then demonstrated. She started some warm water and proceeded to wash the pant under the spigot. She shook the excess water off and then turned it inside out before setting it on the tubs ledge to dry. Turned inside out the plastic pants, was puffed out like it was being worn.

“Now you can just hang your snap-ons here on the shower rod and let them dry,” she told me,

I washed the remaining pants out and set them all up to dry just like I had been show. Mom nodded her head approvingly “Very good, Todd, you should probably do this frequently throughout the week to make sure you have clean plastic pants and the better you take care of them the longer they will last. Let them sit with sweat and urine on them and they will become brittle and break down.”

“Yes ma’am, I understand,” And for the most part I did, I wasn’t crazy about having my plastic pants on display in the bathroom, but considering I had just gone out of my way to display my diaper package I had to ponder at what made this different.

Mom left and I went to follow her until I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My image caught me off guard. There I was with slightly bulged gym shorts with telltale diaper wings sticking from the top of the waistband. To think someone, my mother at that, had just been in the same room with me dressed like this! The image was so appropriate, so representative of how I felt about myself feeling little that it was powerfully erotic. My erection strained the inside of my diaper and I found myself almost running to my bedroom to relieve myself.

I closed my door and threw my changing pad onto the bed. I opened my nightstand and set my powder and oil on the nightstand. I went ahead and grabbed a fresh diaper from the new bag and set it down on my bed. My hands had already begun to shake and my hard on felt like it was going to tear through my diaper. I managed to push my shorts down to my knees as I lay back. I undid the tapes on one side of my diaper and I freed myself with the full intention of masturbating like there was no tomorrow. Within mere seconds of touching myself I erupted furiously with intensity I had never felt before. I used my loosened diaper to wipe myself clean before I finished undoing the other tapes and grabbing a wipe from the package.

In the moment I lay there catching my breath, my diaper undone but still covering my groin, I examined the new diaper. The Dry24/7’s were consdierably thicker than the MaxCare store brand diapers I had been wearing. The tapes were different too with it almost being two tapes, one blue and one clear. I waited a moment or two longer before cleaning off with the wipe. I then stood up then and poured oil into my hand and massaged it into my diaper area. I wiped the excess oil of my hand with yet another wipe, which I then tossed into the soiled diaper. I pulled the new diaper up into my crotch and tapped it on. The fit was fantastic and the thickness was noticeable and comforting. I balled the old diaper and put my changing stuff up. I yanked my gym shorts back up and made sure that I had little tufts of plastic sticking up on the sides like earlier.

I noticed my bedroom trash was getting full awfully quick and the culprit was diapers. So I pulled the can liner out tied the bag off. I took the bag to the garage where I tossed the whole thing into the big garbage can the trash people empty. I got a new trash can liner and went back to my room to replace it. I sat down at my desk and powered up my computer. While Windows was loading I noticed the catalog we had gotten at the pharmacy and I began to thumb through it until I came to the incontinence section. I was disappointed to say the least. They had no plastic pants to speak of, and certainly none as cool as mine with the fire trucks on them. They only a couple of kinds of diapers in there and they didn’t even look worth wearing. The catalog described them as cost saving, which even at my age I knew meant cheap. Come on! The store itself had better selection than this sorry thing. That led me to wonder exactly where Aunt Sarah got the plastic pants for my cousins and where she got their diapers too to boot. I know the MaxCares were an emergency purchase as they were definitely not what we wore Friday night. I made up my mind to call her tomorrow and ask. My poor old computer is rather slow and by the time Windows had finally loaded, I had already decided to just skip the internet and go to bed and read for a bit.

Re: New old story - Diapers, Sunshine, and the great state of Alabama (2017 version)

[h=2]Chapter 7 – He Ain’t heavy, He’s my Brother[/h]I rolled over and tried to focus on my alarm clock until I could finally make out the time to be 10:37. Wow, I really slept in, especially for a Sunday. I wondered why Mom didn’t get me up for church? I rolled off the bed with the intention of finding an answer along with some breakfast. I hitched my shorts up which in turn pulled my diaper back up since it was sagging under its own weight. It was cold and clammy and I know should have taken it off, but at the moment I wanted something to drink more than anything.

The kitchen, like the rest of the house, was quiet and still. I opened the fridge and grabbed the milk, I was tempted to just drink from the carton, but even if I was the last boy on earth I would still get caught, that’s just the way it works. It had been a few years since Mom had given me a spanking, and she hardly ever yells at me, but when I screw up she finds a million little ways to punish me. So I poured the milk into a glass and put the carton back in the fridge. When I closed the door I happened to see a note had been left for me, held up with a magnet shaped like an ice cream cone.

“Todd, decided to let you sleep in, I’ll pick you up at noon for Picnic of Praises. Love Mom.”

Oh joy. Once a month our church had a potluck picnic after services. When the weather permitted the picnic was held outdoors and when it was cold or rainy it was in the church’s banquet hall. I think the format is universal, someone brings fried chicken, someone brings a Jell-O mold which everyone pretends is something magical instead of gelatin with mayo and fruit, and someone else brings green beans. Why, I bet you could go to all 50 states and find the same thing going on in just about any small town you pick. The picnics had all the appeal of a family reunion, with people praising other people’s mediocre food and trying their best to be nice while probably wishing they were somewhere else.

I grabbed one of Mom’s cereal bars and ate it while walking back to my room. Eating out of the kitchen was another infraction, but I think with Mom gone I was probably pretty safe. I threw my gym shorts in the hamper and ripped the tapes of my diaper. I threw the cereal bar wrapper into the diaper before balling it up and lobbing it in my trashcan. HA HA! Take that nasty incriminating evidence.
Naked, I half ran to my bathroom with intention of taking a shower. I noticed my plastic pants on the edge of the bathtub and draped over the curtain rod and it brought back a memory of seeing something real similar when I was still very young. It took me a moment to stack the pants on the vanity, but having done so I started the water for my shower. Our house is old enough that it takes forever for the water to get hot, so I dashed to my room and put my plastic pants back in my top drawer. Once I returned to the bathroom a small amount of steam had begun to collect on the bottom of the mirror indicating the water had gotten hot enough so I jumped in the tub and pulled the curtain closed.

While washing I wondered if there was something wrong with me or if soap commercials just overstated the effects of their products. On TV in soap commercials people can merely sniff the bar of soap and become energized, invigorated and ready to climb mountains. Of course in those same commercials a mere swipe of the soap produces a swath of euphoric suds that stay put even as the invigorated, yet still unwashed, bather dances about in their shower. My soap didn’t do that.

I got out of the tub and toweled off, brushed my teeth and gargled, and despite its short length I even ran a comb through my hair. I slapped some deodorant under each arm and thus satisfied that I had performed the necessary hygiene tasks left the bathroom. Even knowing I was alone in the house, I still felt kind of odd walking down the hall naked. I found myself walking faster than normal just to get less out in the open and into the safe confines of ‘my space’.

I thought real long and hard about what to wear to church. I got my diaper bag out and unzipped it and peered inside. MY diaper bag, how cool is that? I opened my top drawer and put a pair of snap on pants in my bag. I had all but exhausted the diapers yesterday so I filled it back up with my new dry 24/7’s. I thought for a second about keeping a diaper out to put on now. I didn’t want to give up my diapers today and I knew I wouldn’t be wearing them to school tomorrow, but at the same time if someone noticed at church that would be just as bad as someone at school. In the end uncertainty won out and I found myself pulling on regular underwear. My slacks felt empty with just boxers underneath and I was keenly aware of the lack of padding. I got one of my church shirts out and buttoned it up and tucked it into my pants. I examined myself in the mirror and seeing nothing eminently wrong, I decided I looked presentable enough.
It was only 11:30 and I had a half hour till Mom got here to pick me up so I decided to check my email. Nothing interesting, mainly just a bunch of spam for things like pills to “enlarge your penis” or “enlarge your breasts.” I sighed at the junk mail, there was probably at least one mail for a pill that claimed it would do both. The only good thing about spam is getting to say “DELETED” like Strong Bad does from

After purging the spam I went to Google and did a search for Diapers and I must say the results exceeded my wildest expectations. There were hundreds upon hundreds of stores selling such a wide variety of diapers and accessories. I had only begun to scratch the surface when I heard Mom pull into the driveway. I shutdown the computer and just before leaving my room I grabbed my diaper bag thinking I could at least take it with me. Who knows, I might want it later?

I could have walked to church, and Mom and I often do when the weather is nice, but the days had been too hot for that for sometime now. I opened the passenger door and slid into my seat and smiled at Mom, who was wearing one of her favorite church dresses. Mom had us to the church by 10 after according to the clock on the dashboard, her parking space so recently vacated was still available and so we parked right where she had earlier. As we got out of the car and walked to the picnic mom asked “You leaving your bag in the car?”

“Yes ma’am, I don’t need it, I just brought it along just in case” I replied

“Okay. Well tie your shoes before you trip.” Mom told me pointing to my dress shoes.

How I hated dress shoes, those stiff laces that seem to come undone for no particular reason beyond trying to make you fall.

We made our way to the area perpendicular to the church building where a large buffet table was set up under a pavilion tent. Even from across the lawn as we walked toward the long tables I could spot at least one big platter of chicken and a Jell-O mold. I could also see several bowls but not their contents, but that wouldn’t have kept me from wagering one had green beans in it.

The line had already formed and people were beginning to get their food. At least I had missed the prayer. Please don’t misunderstand, I didn’t mind the praying itself, but doing the whole bow your head while someone else mumbles something for everyone has always seemed creepy to me and I always looked around to see if everyone else was looking around.

We took our place at the end of the line and waited to get to the food. Just about the time we made it to the plates and plastic silverware Mrs. Rosetick appeared with a full plate in her hand.

“Susan, Well lookit you, isn’t that a pretty dress! It’s just been ages since I’ve seen either of you” She said to Mom, her voice all bleaty like that of a sheep.

“Nice to see you too Anelda” Mom countered.

“Well Phillip and I are down on the end over yonder. Why don’t ya’ll join us when you get your plates fixed?” Anelda pointed a rotund ham sized arm indicating where they were sitting.

Mom was cornered, she and Anelda had been friends of a sort (or maybe it was more like acquaintances) for years, ever since Kevin and I had been little. However, friends or not, Anelda was a gossip of staggering proportions and Mom wasn’t much of one for gossip. At least I was now sure we weren’t going to stay for long after we ate or Mom’s patience might run out. The good thing about visiting with the Rosetick’s was the visits were always short.

We filled our plates, and I counted not just one but two bowls of green beans on the buffet, I would have won my wager and then some. We walked under the shade provided by the pavilion tent and took our place across from Phillip and Anelda. Since I was hungry, despite having just had a cereal bar, I dug in with more enthusiasm than the food itself might merit.

“So Susan, how is it having your sister live so close? She’s turned into such a dear, which you know how much of a surprise THAT is! Why I Imagine it must be absolutely wonderful. And lookit you, just exemplifying what the bible says about forgiving!” Anelda opened.

“Oh yes, it is very nice, especially for Todd to know his cousins. How are your two boys?” Mom said in a voice I recognized all too well. It was her “I am trying to say something without saying it voice”. Exactly what kind of hint she dropped I don’t know, and I don’t know if Mrs. Rosetick picked up on it or not. I just know I could feel Mom’s discomfort.

“Oh just fine. Kevin is off with some of his basketball friends and Matthew is over at your sister’s place this weekend AGAIN. I tried to tell Matthew that would be imposing, but your sister insisted that it isn’t. I don’t see how she keeps up with so many, why my two were always enough for me.”

“Well it’s great that Rick’s made friends so soon after moving here” Mom said.
I could tell something about this whole subject was making Mom uncomfortable but I again I was without a clue as to why. Normally I wouldn’t be too interested in a conversation like this, but given Mom’s overall discomfort at the subject I became more curious by the minute.

“Is your brother in law doing okay with the farm? It is awful late in the season to do much, but I hear he’s trying real hard.” Anelda said blushing a little bit when Phillip snorted at the question.

I think most of the folks around town saw Uncle Steve as a wannabe from the city trying to play farmer. Phillip Rosetick was obviously no exception, and knowing Mr. Rosetick he was probably the leader of that particular club. Phillip Rosetick was not only the Sheriff of Simonsville but also the self appointed expert on anything and everything, he was therefore a truly busy man. I don’t think Phillip had ever once pulled weeds in a flowerbed, much less worked a field, but his disparaging look said he was absolutely certain that Uncle Steve was doomed from the moment he signed the deed.

“Well as far as I know everything’s going well for him. I wonder who made this pie? It is superb isn’t it?.” Mom said becoming more obvious in her attempts to change the subject.

“I think it was Jeana-Ann, but then again Jeana-Ann could always cook. Have you heard about her husband? You know he up and left her for some other woman he had been seeing on the side. I always knew he was no good and poor Jeana-Ann with 2 children and baby. I’m sure you know how awful she must feel.”

“Poor Jeana-Ann, that’s just terrible.” Mom replied, her tone softening and a note of genuine compassion was detectable in her speech.

“Too bad she didn’t marry one like you sister. I mean it’s a good man who’ll take two kids that ain’t his to raise.”

I momentarily stopped pushing food around on my plate. Two kids not his? I knew Rick was adopted, but what was this about Rob?

“Yes he’s a good man and my sister is very lucky to have him” Mom said, her tone moving from dropping hints to a steely “let’s drop the subject.”

Apparently enough that Anelda finally took the hint and segued into something else. “Oh I swear it is too hot. Isn’t it just too hot for the end of May, well I guess it might as well be June now. But even so, it is far too hot isn’t it?”

I got up and threw my plate into the trash leaving the adults to their awkward pause in conversation. By the time I returned Mom was making her good byes.
I followed her cue and said, “Good Bye Mr. and a Mrs. Rosetick, it was nice seeing you.”

“It was nice seeing you Todd, I’ll tell Kevin he missed you again” Mrs. Rosetick told me and again Phillip snorted at least he wasn’t as clueless as his wife.

I tried to gauge Mom’s mood as we drove home. She had a sad look about her and I wasn’t sure why. Did hearing about Uncle Steve make Mom sad and miss dad?

“Mom, can I ask you something?”

“Sure honey, what’s that?”

“What did Mrs. Rosetick mean about Rob not being Uncle Steve’s son?”

“Your Uncle Steve is his father, the only father Rob has ever known. Just like Uncle Steve is Rick’s father. Fatherhood isn’t about who got who pregnant.”

“Well I understand that. I know Uncle Steve loves Rob and Rick and treats them like his own kids, but what happened to Rob’s natural father? That’s what Mrs. Rosetick said wasn’t it? Two kids not his own?”

We pulled into the driveway and just sat there with the engine idling. I don’t know why, but I knew Mom was about to say something important, and I knew that opening the door might break the spell of the moment. I could tell mom was having a hard time gathering her thoughts, and as my curiosity grew so did my fear, if it bothered Mom this much it must be pretty bad. When she finally did speak, two whole minutes had passed according to the clock, and there was a noticeable catch to her voice.

“I’ve told myself for a long time that I would tell you this someday, and I guess I can’t, or perhaps I mean I shouldn’t, put it off any longer. But Todd you must absolutely promise me that this stays between just you and I. No one else, and this means your cousins most of all, needs to hear this from you. They probably don’t know what I am about to tell you and it’s not your place to tell them. This is adult information and I need you to treat it like such. Promise?”

My curiosity had gone off the Richter scale at this point. “Yeah Mom, I won’t tell, I promise.”

“Your father and I got married too young, we had only just started going out. I was still in high school and pregnant and well there just wasn’t anything else we could do but get married. Just after we said our “I dos”, I lost the baby and I guess I wasn’t the easiest person to live with, I was just so torn up inside emotionally. Your daddy took to drinking and running around, he was seeing other women. I should have left him, but I was young and scared and didn’t know what I would do for money.” Mom looked to see if I was getting all of this.

“Okay, but what does this have to do with Aunt Sarah?” I asked.

“I’m getting to it, now hush and just listen. We had our problems but we had good times too. Every so often your father would announce he was turning over a new leaf, that he was done with the bars and cheating and like the foolish young girl that I was, each time I believed him, or at least I tried too. One day, after several years of ups and downs, I ended up pregnant again, and I was so excited I just couldn’t wait to tell your father the news. I was certain another baby would put things right between us for good. I was still young and very naive. Things had been pretty good between us for a few months and I was so full of happiness at having another shot at being a mom. I was afraid to tell him, that saying something out loud might jinx the situation, but I finally worked up the courage.”

“The night I was to tell your father the news, I made us a nice dinner to celebrate, I had made his favorites. I wanted so badly for everything to be perfect. Well six o’clock came and went, and still he wasn’t home, unusual but not unheard of for him to work late. But it kept getting later and later in the evening and I was getting more and more worried. I just knew something had happened to him, since he had promised to quite the drinking and such. I needed so badly to believe he was doing right. Well about midnight I get a call, and when I answered it I was almost positive it was someone calling to say Sean had been in a wreck, or in jail for DUI, or any of other mishaps I had been imagining.”

“Was he calling from jail?” I asked

“No it wasn’t your father, and he wasn’t in jail. It was my younger sister, Sarah. Back then she was a wild one, a real party girl, she was just off to college and on her own for the first time. Well Sarah’s drunker than a skunk and she proceeds to light into me on how I don’t deserve Sean and don’t treat him like I should and that if I wasn’t careful some other woman was just gonna up and steal him away from me.”

That didn’t sound like the Aunt Sarah I knew! Was Mom really saying what I thought she was saying? “You mean Dad and Aunt Sarah were… you know… it?”

With a sad bittersweet chuckle “Yes Todd, your father and Aunt Sarah had been having relations. Sean came back to me a few days later and if I hadn’t been pregnant it would have been over between us. But what could I do? No education, pregnant, and scared to death. Sean was excited about the pregnancy and I truly think he settled down after he heard the news. I didn’t speak to my sister for nearly two years after that, and when I did it was only because of the accident. She was the last person I expected to see at Seams funeral, and I certainly didn’t expect her to show up with an infant your age either. She tried to talk to me several times, but I avoided and ignored her. It was mean of me, but I was still so mad and hurt, mad at her for sleeping with my husband, and mad at your father for sleeping with MY sister and then for dying and leaving me alone. Sarah left after the funeral taking her son with her. She made some big public talk about going away and never coming back and I yelled out in front of everyone at the funeral home, and I am ashamed of what I said, but I said that she should make sure and take her little bastard with her.”

Mom’s candor was shocking, I just couldn’t see her saying that even if she was hurt.

“Sarah left that day, never to be heard from again, well until you were twelve years old when one day, just out of the blue she called. I wanted to still be mad, but after ten years my anger had all but died away. You were such a blessing in my life, and I was making things work for us, we were getting by and I had just started school. I just didn’t have room in my heart to hate her anymore. I think I also knew that Sarah had changed too.”

“So is Rob is like my brother then?” I asked confused, making sure I got what she was saying.

“Well half brother. But remember Todd, Rob doesn’t know any of this and he should hear it from his Mom when she’s ready to tell him, not before. This has to be our secret.”

“Yes ma’am”

Mom finally noticed the car was still running and she switched off the engine and we went back inside the house, which had gone from still this morning to ominously quiet in the afternoon. I took my bag to my room and decided to diaper myself, the shock of the news made me crave the security of a diaper.
I had a lot to think about and so I spent most of the afternoon just trying to absorb everything mom had dropped on me. I knew dad had been rowdy, but I just can’t imagine anyone acting like that, and I can’t imagine Mom and Aunt Sarah acting the way they did either.

I didn’t come out of my room until dinnertime and we made sandwiches and ate them in the kitchen over paper towels. As soon as I was done eating I went back to my room and got back on the Internet and did some diaper research to maybe take my mind off family. I printed some stuff off to ask Rob and Aunt Sarah about tomorrow afternoon. The printouts I put in my backpack along with gym clothes for the week. Even though I felt emotionally drained I was still a little excited since this was the final week of the school year and we only went through Thursday and that was only a half day,

Mom came in before bed with some laundry she had done. She set my underwear and socks on my bed and then handed me a cluster of freshly hung clothes to put in my closet. I had no idea how she managed to carry all that at once, it must have been some kind of mom skill.

“Don’t stay up too late or you’ll be hard to get up in the morning” Mom told me before kissing me on the forehead.

I reached up and hugged her tightly. “Thank you for telling me about Rob, and about Dad.”

“You deserved to know, and I’m certain Sarah will tell Rob, but it is probably going to be very hard for her to do so.”

“I can imagine it will be”

“You know it doesn’t change anything? From all I have seen Steve is a good father to both those boys, and Sarah turned out to be a wonderful mom herself. I just hope Rob understands that when she does tell him. Please keep that in mind tomorrow afternoon.”

“I will Mom. I promise I won’t say anything.”

“I know you won’t sweetie. Sleep tight”

“Thanks again Mom, I love you”

“Love you, too” and she hugged me. When she pulled away I felt a little moisture on my cheek and realized she had been crying.

I turned off my computer and got undressed. My diaper was only a little wet, but I knew it wouldn’t last the night so I changed it anyways. I pulled on some PJ shorts and crawled into bed. I thought of all the revelations of the day and it struck me that in some ways I was living the punch of an Alabama joke (the kind they tell in Georgia about Alabama – of course we tell the same jokes about Mississippi). I could hear the ready made punchline rolling around my head “It’s when your brothers your cousin too! HA HA”

I tried to sleep, but sleep was elusive that night and I lay awake for a long time just listening to the quiet and thinking. One thing I noticed that night, as I tried to sleep, was that since I started wearing diapers to bed I almost involuntarily keep putting my hands in my PJ’s and feeling the outside of my diaper? Whenever I became aware of holding my diaper I would move my hands, but as soon as I as no longer paying attention I would find them back down my pants. It wasn’t like I was playing with myself, there wasn’t anything sexual about this particular action, and it was more like I was getting comfort and reassurance from them. I wonder if anyone else does that? I guess I’m just weird eh?

Re: New old story - Diapers, Sunshine, and the great state of Alabama (2017 version)

Chapter 8 – His Picture on the Envelope

I didn’t really wake up good and proper until I was out the door and on my way to school. I could barely recall telling Mom good morning, or taking a shower, or even if my diaper had been wet or not. I imagine it was wet, since wearing diapers I had only had a couple of mornings where I woke up completely dry, however point being I just couldn’t remember much this morning.

Big school, that’s what everyone called the Simonsville Secondary campus, which housed our combined middle and high school. No one was sure weather big school meant school for big kids, or if big instead referred to its size since it housed 2 school buildings, a gym, and a facilities building on its campus. The west building was what housed classes for 6-8th graders and the east building held grades 9-12. I walked across the road and into the back lot of the school where our P.E. area was which included a football field and a baseball diamond. As I made my way to the west building, I realized I would have no call to come here again after this week, next year I would be going to the East building, which housed the high school portion of big school.

I walked into the west building passing all the kids talking in the hall. I hit my locker and got my books out for first period where I had American History. I turned the corner from my locker headed to my home room and I found Rick and Matt who were talking with a few other kids I didn’t know.

“Morning Rick” I interrupted when I got close to them “Your brother around here?”

Our brother, I thought to myself.

“He already went to homeroom I think” Rick said.

“Okay cool You guys have a good day.” I told them and headed down the hall to where the eighth grade homerooms were located.

Eighth grade was divided into two homerooms designated a and b, each with about 24 kids or so. Rob had homeroom A and I had homeroom B. Both homerooms were on opposite sides of the hall. I was anxious to see Rob and make sure we were still on for this afternoon but I didn’t see him when I stuck my head in the door for ‘A”. As I looked in the door I caught Mandy Starler’s attention.

She waved “Hi Todd”

I used to be able to talk to Mandy, we had sat beside each other in Algebra last year and had become good friends. She was the prettiest girl in the whole class and every bit as kind, even though her family was one of the richest in town. My friend Glen Reed’s family either tied or exceed the Starlers in wealth but not class, as the Starlers acted like big city rich folk, except Mandy, she wasn’t the least bit stuck up (which is more than can be said for her sister Elen who was in 11th grade and a real snob or so I hear). Rob confided in me at lunch one day, that Mandy had a crush on me and ever since then I’ve gotten all clenched up when she’s around.

I really wanted to tell her I liked her, too, that I thought she was pretty and that her smile made me happy. Instead all I ever managed was a mumbled “Hi Mandy”. Today was no different, I swing and I miss.

The 2 minute warning bell sent a bunch of people for the door forcing me to step out of the doorway. Kevin walked right past me without even a nod.
“Hi Kevin” I said forcing a cheerful tone into my voice. He didn’t answer, prick.
Well some days just start off bad I guess. I couldn’t find Rob, I couldn’t talk to Mandy, I could talk to Kevin but he wouldn’t talk back. Suck. I went back across the hall and into my own homeroom. I’d just have to wait to talk to Rob until this afternoon at lunch.

The last week of school was always kind of anticlimactic. The teachers wanted out as bad as the students did, and most had quit giving any work since finals were done last week. The only teacher I had still giving any real work was Mr. Lancaster, my Social Studies teacher. Most of my school day was spent doing the most minimal busy work we could get by with, or goofing off completely like in Math class we watched some goofy filmstrip on money management.

Lunch came and it was meatloaf Monday, which really wasn’t as bad as it could have been, the vegetables were peas and carrots and by some twisted federal regulation ‘ketchup’ was the second vegetable. Dessert was some kind of fruit cup where all the fruit looked different but tasted the same. I took my tray and went to look for Rob who usually got to lunch before me as his third period class was right next to the cafeteria and I had to walk from the other end of the building.

Our cafeteria tables sat four to five people each. William Robert Ports was seated next to Rob, no one called him Will or William, or Bill or Billy, or Billy Bob (well his family calls him that but he HATES it) nope everyone calls him BB even most of the teachers. BB was real smart at science and math and all the STEM stuff, probably the best student we got at the school in any grade. BB also played every sport our school offered, he played baseball, basketball, football and ran track, he wasn’t the best at any of them but he certainly put in the effort.
Across from BB was his best friend since second grade. Glen Reed looked like a young Alfred Hitchcock, at least in profile if not in features. Glen was our class clown, if there was ever mischief or scandal somewhere nearby Glen was to be found. Glen’s pranks were almost always a hit with his classmates, the problem was more often than adults failed to grasp the humor and so Glen was a constant participant and leader in his own after school sport ‘detention’.

I took my seat across from Rob and Next to Glen. “Sup ya’ll?”

“Nadda” Said BB.

“Damn man, you eat too fast,” I said looking at his tray which was already completely clean.

“Todd, it is not the speed with which he eats that is alarming, it’s the fact that he actually likes this crap that you should find scary” Glen said while poking his meatloaf with a fork as if he was checking to see if it was alive.

“Why Glen it’s so unlike you to criticize food, any food” BB shot back.

“HA! HA! Very funny, and the award for lunchroom appreciation goes to wait for it ah Billy Bob” Glen escalated.

“I kinda like it too, I guess” I tried to diffuse the situation before the insults got out of hand. That happens from time to time with those two, neither of them knows when to stop. They never stay mad at each other for more than a few minutes but it is still better if we can head them off at the pass.

“Sup cuz?” I asked Rob who hadn’t touched his food either “Not hungry”

Glen laughed “our boy Rob went and got himself sick this morning didn’t he”

“That’s just what you expect of a city boy though,” BB agreed

Laughing, Glen continued “I was with Scott Redmond by the gate this Morning when Rob got dropped off. Now you know how Scott always has to have a dip before homeroom?”

“Yeah” I said beginning to see where this was going.

“Well Scott offered his can around, like he always does, only duffus here actually says he’ll try some. So he reaches in and grabs a great big old pinch”

I knew where it was going “Rob, you swallowed it didn’t you?” I asked trying not to laugh

“Well yeah, but I didn’t mean too, and yes, I already knew not too. It was just Mr. Crosby came to see what we were doing by the gate. And I swallowed involuntarily.”

Glen cut in continuing the story “Scott had whispered to him to just hold it until Mr. Crosby left, but next thing you know Rob here is puking all over the ground, he just missed Mr. Crosby’s shoes by an inch or two”

“So how long did you get?” I asked Rob, normally tobacco infractions earned you a week of detention even if it went beyond the end of school.
“Nothing” Rob stated with a wan smile.

“Nothing?!?” I asked incredulously.

“Mr. Crosby was so amused at seeing Rob turn all greenish yellow that he figured that was lesson enough! Scott, however, was not so lucky” Glen explained with barely contained glee.

I looked to Rob and said, “I feel for you Rob I really do. Mom caught me with a can of Dip once a couple years ago and she made me put it all in my mouth at once and hold it there as long as I could. She wouldn’t let me spit, and so my mouth filled up until I had to swallow some. I was sick for almost two days.”

BB beamed “Oh god, she did and it was so funny, too!”

“It was your fault, damn it!” I said

“It was BB, hate to say it, but it was your fault.” Glen agreed

Rob quirked an eyebrow in silent pleading for me to continue.

“Here’s the kicker! BB had left the can at Todd’s house by mistake. But his mom wouldn’t hear it, she just knew it was Todd’s!” Glen and BB both laughed at this. Rob smiled and looked amused and queasy at the same time.

“She was pissed at me for a whole week,” I said.

“Language, Mr. Arlen,” came the stern voice of Mrs. Meriwether who was patrolling the cafeteria.

“Sorry ma’am,” I apologized but I doubt she heard me as she had already moved on to another table.

We had all finished except Rob who still hadn’t touched a bite of his food. The 10-minute bell rang and we all took our trays to the washing window.

“Had a great time this weekend, Rob, Tell your folks I said thanks again. You guys have an awesome place!” BB said as we walked to the entrance.

Of course any house was nice to BB as his unit of measure was his folk’s run down trailer. You may recall I mentioned that their trailer still didn’t feel homish even after being in it for a few years. Just to set the record set, it wasn’t a new or nice trailer then. Think Kenny on South Park, and that’s poor BB’s situation.

“Glad you guys had a good time. We will do it again when Todd can come,” Rob said

“Sounds like a plan to me!” Glen put in.

I wanted to ask Rob what they had done over the weekend, but we came up on the part of the hall where we went in different directions.

”See ya this afternoon?” I asked Rob

“Yeah, see ya then” Rob said as he headed to class.

I loved my schedule, I had P.E. right after lunch and that let me work off what I just ate. After changing clothes and lining up on the basketball court Coach explained he had no particular activity planned so we all got to vote on what to play. The majority of the guys ended up voting for flag football while the girls choose to stay inside and play volleyball.

I would have loved the chance to sit on the bleachers and watch Mandy play volleyball, the idea of her and her teammates bouncing around was certainly appealing, but I couldn’t think of any valid excuse I could use to stay inside.

I have a love-hate relationship with sports. I love the exercise, and I like making the occasional play. But I hate that despite being fairly well coordinated I just suck when it comes to most sports. The only thing sporting I do well is shoot, so I had no expectations of going out and performing well. I was right on the mark, after a half hour of running around not doing any good for my team I was glad when the coach called us in for our showers.

The locker room always smelled bad at the end of the year and the hotter it was outside the worse it smelled. I quickly stripped and threw my clothes in my gym bag before trotting off to the showers. I stepped under the running shower head and braced myself, you never knew what temperature the water was going to be, the school showers knew only three temperatures of water; freezing, scalding, and annoyingly tepid. Luckily, today it was only annoyingly tepid which was way better than the other two. After I had soaped up and then rinsed off I ducked from under the shower head and headed to the entrance of the showers to grab a towel off the stack. I stood there at the showers entrance and rubbed myself down with the towel before wrapping it around my waist and returning to my locker to get dressed. A couple classmates, Sam and Troy, caught me at the door as I was about to leave “Good game, Todd!”

“Oh, thanks, I didn’t do much” I really didn’t, I wasn’t being modest, I knew I sucked.

“Well it was fun, maybe next time you’ll get the ball” Sam said.

“I hope so too, Ya’ll take it easy,” I told them as we split up in different directions.

The last two periods were uneventful and went quickly enough and before I knew it I was in the van with Rick and Rob on our way back to Aunt Sarah’s. Since Rob and Rick had moved here it had been our custom that on Mondays and Fridays we would get together at one of the houses for a couple of hours to work on homework. It was one of those fridays a few weeks ago where I first started writing things down. More often than not we studied more than we played as from the time they moved in we were preparing for state proficiency tests and then finals. I learned more about my cousins in the last two weeks than I had in the almost the month and a half prior.

Once we got to the farm, Aunt Sarah said she’d make us a snack. So the three of us boys went and sat at the large kitchen table.

“How was school?” Aunt Sarah asked.

We all assured her it was fine.

“Have much homework?”

Rob and I both had none but poor Rick still had one teacher who insisted on giving homework.

“Well go get right on it as soon as you get done eating”

“Aunt Sarah, can I ask you something?” I asked pulling my papers from last night from my book bag.

“Sure Todd, go ahead.”

“I was um looking online for supplies and things and I was wondering where you buy for Rob and Rick?”


“Here, like these,” I said handing her the stack of papers I had printed off the Internet the night before.

“Oh those supplies.” She said thumbing through the stack of papers.

“We shop from a variety of places. What were you looking for in particular?” Aunt Sarah asked.

“I think I am going to need some more plastic pants and I am still not sure of what brand of diaper I like best.”

“Well I like Abena’s, they’re my favorite.” Rick chipped in.

“I do too, I also like the Dry 24/7’s,” Rob said.

“I have some of those, that’s what I have been wearing the last few nights” I told them.
“Well I get the boy’s plastic pants from ‘’ and I just shop around for the diapers.”

“How about the overalls you let me wear?”

“Oh well there are stores all over the net for things like that, but those overalls were made by a lady in Jerson who specializes in special clothes. I guess I will just have to make you a list, I can email it to you if you like?”

I pointed to the letters on the bottom of the printout ‘ab/dl aware’ and asked “Is that ab/dl an insurance program? I don’t think mom has that kind of insurance.”

My cousins and my aunt all turned to look at me with the strangest look on their faces. Once they figured out I was serious they all burst into laughter.

“What’d I say?” I said clueless, their laughter was contagious and I couldn’t help but start to laugh myself even though I was embarrassed without even knowing why.

“What’s the commotion?’ Uncle Steve said as he opened the back door onto the kitchen.

“Todd” was all Rob managed to get out before starting to laugh again.

“Oh poor Todd, must be wondering why we are laughing like loons!” Aunt Sarah said with mainly intact composure. “Seems Todd was searching on the Internet for diaper sites and he mistook ‘AB/DL Aware’ as a label for an insurance program”

“I could see how that could happen.” Uncle Steve came to my defense with just a little chuckle. “Don’t worry Todd, I could come out of retirement and sue them for harassment if you like. Take ‘em for everything they’ve got, every cent. Which is mine, isn’t it? So that means you’d take me for all I’ve got. No wait, never mind, bad idea.”

“That’s okay Uncle Steve, so now that I know AB/DL is not an insurance program, what the heck does it mean?”

Uncle Steve glanced questioningly at Aunt Sarah who kind of nodded.

“First, let me ask you this, Todd. When you spent the weekend here with us, and Rob wanted to wear diapers during the day, you went along with it too. Did you go along with his idea to wear just so he wouldn’t feel awkward? Or am I safe in assuming that you went along with it because you wanted to wear them? I seem to recall you even wet them a couple of times that day.” Uncle Steve said in the same manner he had spoken to Matt the night he diapered him.

“Objection Mom, Dad’s leading the witness,” Rick chimed in.

“Very Good Rick! Sustained, but allowable under the circumstances.” Aunt Sarah said patting Rick on the head.

“Yeah I suppose I did want to wear them.” I admitted.

“Well, what did you conclude? I think you must have enjoyed them if you were researching them on the Internet,” Uncle Steve prompted.

“I liked them. A lot, actually. I liked them enough that I’ve worn them other places too.” I didn’t admit to how much they turned me on, that seemed too personal to share, and who knows what they might think of me for that?

Both Rob and Rick were getting excited, their eyes had lit up and they were eager to see how the conversation unfolded.

“I see. And did you like the shortalls too? How about the bibs at breakfast and dinner?”

“The bib was okay, but I really think I want some overalls like Rob’s if I can find them.”

“Good Lad, they were sharp on you, too. Thank you for your honesty in answering” Aunt Sarah interjected.

“You see, Todd, there are other people in the world who, like you, enjoy wearing diapers, even though they might not really need them. Now you wear at night because you need them, but you wore them during the day because you wanted too. There are a lot of people who just simply like diapers, those people like that call themselves Diaper Lovers or DL’s for short.” Uncle Steve paused a moment to see if I was getting all this.

“Ok. I got that, DL is someone who loves diapers weather they need them or not.”

“Great. Now some people like to babied and do baby things while diapered, maybe they like to drink from a bottle, or suck their thumb, or sleep in a crib. Those people are called Adult Babies or AB’s for short. So if a store is AB/DL aware then they at least know about AB/DL people and might have special products available just to please them.”

“We’re TB’s” Rick said pointing to Rob and back to himself.

“TB’s? “ I asked

“Teen Babies.” Rob continued “I will show you lot’s of websites where you can meet friends and people just like us.”

”So how’d you guys find this stuff out, is it common in Chicago?” I asked

“No I don’t think it’s common anywhere.” Aunt Sarah said

“It was my fault” Rob said. “Rick started wetting the bed when he was seven. And I felt attracted to the pull-ups Mom and Dad bought him. In fact I got caught stealing them and it really freaked Mom and Dad out”

“Well we had never heard of such things, so our first impression was Rob needed help. So we talked to a friend of ours, a psychologist, who we used for expert testimony from time to time. We asked him what he thought.” Aunt Sarah said.
“He brought us a ream of research, including many websites to look at, and he made it very clear there was nothing wrong with these types of feelings as long as it didn’t interfere with living a normal life. He explained that Rob should not be made to feel guilty or ashamed of the way he felt, as his diaper desires were a deep placed component of who he is. The psychological term for this kind of association is Vestic Paraphellia, or Parphelliec Infantilism.” Uncle Steve continued before pausing to let his wife finish.

“We thought long and hard and finally concluded to take our colleagues advice and let Rob pursue this as he saw fit. After all, if we knew what Rob was doing we could monitor the situation and take control if things got out of hand, whereas if Rob was doing this behind our backs we would be powerless to do anything” Aunt Sarah ended with a smile for both of her boys.

“I suddenly didn’t mind my pull-ups, I had always liked them but I didn’t want anyone to know so I acted like I hated them. Once I knew I wasn’t weird, I wanted everything just like my big brother!” Rick said.

“So why did you guys think I was like that?” I asked looking at Rob and Aunt Sarah.

“We didn’t. Your Mom explained after we moved here that we couldn’t rush sleepovers because you wet and might be embarrassed. I had tried to explain to her that the boys here wet and we were used to dealing with it, but your mom figured you would be too embarrassed if you felt pushed into anything. Apparently you had a real bad time at a sleepover a few years ago.”

I nodded at this remembering the embarrassment of being the only wet boy out of the four of us. Kevin didn’t mind, we were still friends at that time, and BB and Glen never said a word beyond ‘it’s okay’. But it wasn’t okay for me. I can still remember Mr. Rosetick complaining loudly about the pissy smell in Kevin’s room.

“I took the boys aside that Friday night and explained to them that you might be nervous about wetting the bed and that we would offer you a diaper as a solution to deal with your wetting, but if you said no it meant no.” Aunt Sarah explained before adding “Honestly after the way your Mom had gone on, the last thing I expected was for you to agree.”

“So how’d you know to ask me on Saturday?” I asked Rob.

“Well the way you watched me get my diaper changed for one thing, you looked like you wanted one too. I’ve had friends see me get changed before and no one has ever had a look quite like yours. Then all night you kept looking at either mine or Rick’s diaper. When you went to sleep you were smiling and feeling your diaper. I do that too, so it wasn’t that hard to figure out.”

It was all beginning to make sense now. “So is that why you bought the extra diapers on Saturday, just so you could take them to my house for me?”

“Basically yes, I knew you would probably want to wear them at night for your wetting, and you Mom did seem real happy that you had found a solution to your problem. I don’t think she ever in a million years expected you to volunteer for diapers or I am certain she would have tried it when you first started wetting. That afternoon when I dropped the diapers off, I told her not to be surprised if you wanted to wear them sometimes during the day. I explained that many other boys with your problem, including my two, did the same.”

“So that’s why she went along with it so easily!” I said surprised and shocked at the how the whole thing had gone down. Everything I said must have dovetailed nicely into her expectations when we spoke about the Saturday Walt, Quentin and I met in the Target bathroom. “Did you tell her about AB and DL stuff?”

“No Todd, that might have been a little much all at once, don’t you think?” Aunt Sarah said soothingly

“I told her I liked them and wanted to wear sometimes, she said okay and acted happy for me.”

“I was certain she would be, she loves you very much and she was very worried that your wetting was keeping you from enjoying yourself around your friends. She thought you might have even pushed friends away in the past because of your wetting.”

“Well I don’t know if I am ready to have BB or Glen spend the night anytime soon” I said.

“Why not?” Rob asked “BB and Glen stayed over Saturday night and I know they couldn’t have missed my diapers.”

“Or mine!” Rick put out all puffed with pride.

“Or yours eh? You need to go do your homework before it gets any later. Now get.” Aunt Sarah mockingly scolded her youngest.

Rick went to the playroom to do his homework leaving Rob and I along with Uncle Steve and Aunt Sarah at the kitchen table.

“So handsome, how’s my desk?” Aunt Sarah asked Uncle Steve.

“It’s finally all stripped and I will sand it down tomorrow. If we are lucky it will be ready to be stained by week’s end” Uncle Steve explained while he worked a paring knife around the peel of an apple.

Uncle Steve cut the apple into eighths and we each had a couple of pieces. Conversation stayed on the light end, Rob was excited about his essay being entered to win governor’s honors, Aunt Sarah had spent part of the day cleaning the office and pulling down wallpaper, and I told everyone about Walt and Quentin and going to the fair.

“So that man at Target the other day, that’s your Mother’s new boyfriend?!? Small world.”

“Yes ma’am” Was what I told her, but an evil little voice wanted me to ask why she wanted to know. Was it so she could sleep with him too? I sometimes don’t know where things like that come from. I told my evil inner voice to STFU.

The phone rang and Aunt Sarah lifted the handset. “Hello?”

“Yes, oh hi Matt, yes, just a moment.”

She set the phone down and stepped over to the stairs. “Rick, telephone! It’s Matt.”

“Coming!” Ricks’ distant voice called out from upstairs.

Aunt Sarah picked back up the phone “He’ll be here in just a moment. Matt, is something wrong?”

Rick appeared and held his hand out for the phone.

Covering the receiver with one hand Aunt Sarah told him “I think something’s wrong so you can talk longer than 10 minutes if you need to” before handing him the handset.

“Hey Matt… Uh huh… No way… He didn’t… No… So are you in trouble?” Rick said sounding more worried by the moment. “No… It’s okay… No… We can talk about it at school tomorrow… Will you… No… Dude… It’s gonna be okay… okay… Call back when you can. Bye”

When Rick hung the phone up he looked almost sick to his stomach.

“What’s wrong?” Aunt Sarah asked.

“Kevin, Matt’s older brother, was going through Matt’s room and found his Goodnites he had got from me. Kevin showed his parents and now they are all freaked out. Matt’s dad already spanked him once.”

“Oh dear. The poor thing he must be devastated” Aunt Sarah said with her voice filled with compassion and sympathy.

She picked up the phone and after dialing said “Hello Kevin, Is your Momma in?.. Thank You… Anelda? I just heard about a little problem with our boys and I wanted to see what I could do to fix it before things got out of hand. Rick just came to me, upset as can be about poor Matt getting in trouble all on account of him. Yeah, well Rick has this bad habit of thinking if he gives his diapers away he won’t have to wear them. It’s happened more than once that he has hidden some of his diapers in his friend’s backpacks thinking that if we run out then he won’t have any more to wear. It’s gotten so bad we keep an extra pack in the trunk of the car. No No. Anelda, not at all. No. I’m sure if your boy did anything wrong it was only in trying to help his friend, and that’s not anything you want to punish too harshly, now is it? Well I’m certain the spanking is punishment enough for the boy. I’m sure he was just covering for his friend, however misguided that might be” Suddenly Aunt Sarah got the most wicked grin on her face. “Of course at that age it’s hard to know if any lesson sinks in, maybe if ha actually had to wear them for a while he would think twice before “helping” Rick next time. Oh yes, I absolutely think that would work. Of course… I will. Uhh-huh. Bye bye.”

After Aunt Sarah hung up the handset Rick was smiling at ear to ear “Thanks Mom! That was the greatest! “

“It was pretty good, but Rick, I should not have been put in that position to begin with! I told you no when you asked about lending him some of your goodnights, and I had told you no for this very reason. I said he could wear here, and if anything ever came of it we could say he was wearing so you wouldn’t feel bad. But letting him take some home, that’s just irresponsible!”

“You’re right, and I’m sorry. But how else was he supposed to get them? It’s not fair.”

“Lot’s of things aren’t fair, Rick. Not everyone has parents that can or will understand this, and this certainly isn’t the best way to approach them”

“I know, it’s just, he wanted them that’s all”

“Yes Rick, but no is still no. Now go finish your homework and when you are done write an apology to Matt for disobeying us and getting both of you in trouble.”

“Both of us in trouble?”

“Yes, you’re grounded for the remainder of the week. Now get!”

“Yes Mom” Rick said before heading back upstairs, tail between his legs.

Mom got to Aunt Sarah’s about fifteen minutes later to take me home.

“You guys sure you can’t stay for dinner? Steve is cooking tonight so it should be edible at least” Aunt Sarah asked Mom

“I wish we could, but I got laundry to finish tonight and some samples to set up in the lab”

“Well call me when you get home, if you get a chance. I have some stuff to ask you” Aunt Sarah said. The sisters hugged and Mom herded me toward the door “Don’t forget your books Todd” She reminded me.

I hugged Aunt Sarah extra hard before leaving, grateful for what she had done for me and even for what she had just done for Matt.

“Night everyone! Thanks Aunt Sarah and Uncle Steve. Night Rob see you tomorrow at school. Tell Rick I said goodnight,” I said before stepping out the back door where Mom had the car idling.

Re: New old story - Diapers, Sunshine, and the great state of Alabama (2017 version)

This is a real slice of life piece, and sometimes it’s nice to read something that doesn’t pretend to be anything other than just that. I’m enjoying it.

A couple of word-replacement errors:

“Why Glen it’s so unlike you to citizen food, any food” BB shot back.
“We thought long and hard and finally concluded to take our colleagues advice and let Rob peruse this as he saw fit."

There are other grammar/punctuation things, but I’m not proofing. I just thought you’d want to know about those.

Re: New old story - Diapers, Sunshine, and the great state of Alabama (2017 version)

Yeah, spelling (well typing really) is my Achilles heel. I’m completely dependent on the stupid red squiggly to fix my hamfisted typing and I have terrible proofing skills - so if auto-correct unmangles to the wrong word I will miss it 90% of the time. I’m a software developer too! So you would think my keyboarding would be part of my A Game. Sadly it is not.
Lol Thanks Kerry!

Re: New old story - Diapers, Sunshine, and the great state of Alabama (2017 version)

[QUOTE=dprtodd;69326]Yeah, spelling (well typing really) is my Achilles heel. I’m completely dependent on the stupid red squiggly to fix my hamfisted typing and I have terrible proofing skills - so if auto-correct unmangles to the wrong word I will miss it 90% of the time. I’m a software developer too! So you would think my keyboarding would be part of my A Game. Sadly it is not.
Lol Thanks Kerry![/QUOTE]

I know the feeling. Four decades of teaching English and writing, and I’m still a lousy typist. :slight_smile:

Re: New old story - Diapers, Sunshine, and the great state of Alabama (2017 version)

[h=2]Chapter 9 – Ruby Tuesday, Sleepy Jean, and Alice. Who the Hell is Alice?[/h]
Tuesday morning and it was rainy and wet outside, of course it was wet inside my diaper too. Mom was at the kitchen table reading over some paper for work.

“Morning, mom,” I yawned

“Morning, honey, sleep good?”

“Uh-huh,” I said, pouring a bowl of cereal.

“I’m going to be working late tonight, think you can find something around here for dinner?”

“Yeah, probably so.”

“Well, try not to burn the house down.”

“HA HA, a guy burns down the house a few times and no one will ever let him forget it.”

Mom laughed, we had been running this joke for years, ever since I had burnt her breakfast so bad on Mother’s Day when I was 11.

The rain kept the mood at school somber and the day seemed to just drag on and on. My fifth period class was English and our teacher had us go to the library to each pick out a book to read over the summer.

Our library kind of sucked book-wise and since we could read anything we like, and I would read many books over the summer. I virtually had the whole period to myself.

I saw Kevin sitting alone at one the big round tables that were in each of the four corners of the library. All last night before going to sleep I had thought about Kevin and why he had changed so much over the last three years. I thought about what he had done to Matt, why was he being so mean? He and Matt had always gotten along real well. Sure, we picked on Matt a bunch when he wanted to tag along with us, but that’s normal, right? I remember all of us making sure our fun never got too far out of hand, Phillip’s punishments were legendary. so I just couldn’t imagine Kevin deliberately getting his little brother in trouble.

I pulled up a chair and sat beside him. Kevin didn’t even look at me or say a word.

“Kevin?” I asked and he ignored me.

“Come on, Kevin,” I said, getting mad.

“What?” he said, his voice flat and emotionless.

“What you did to Matt was uncool.”

“You have no idea what I did or didn’t do to Matt.”

“True enough, but you’ve changed, Kevin. I know we haven’t been friends now for a couple of years. You just all of a sudden decided you didn’t like me. Why did you stop being my friend?”

“You don’t want to have this conversation here and now, Todd.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I mean, you don’t want to have this conversation here. Drop it”

“Okay, dropped, but when then, Kevin? We were best friends, since I can remember, and man I miss our friendship.”

“Damn it, Todd, Just drop it. We’ll talk after school.”

And sure enough, after school Kevin was waiting for me just on the other side of the bleachers on my way home.

We stood there for a minute in the drizzle and neither one of us spoke; we just started at each other. After a few minutes I just shrugged and started walking to my house.

“That’s why,” Kevin said causing me to stop.

“What’s why?”

“Todd, I never stopped being your friend, you stopped being mine.”

“What does that mean? I never stopped being your friend”

“Bullshit. When was the last time we did anything like we used to? Just one day all of a sudden you don’t want me coming over to your house, you wouldn’t come spend the night, and if we weren’t in school then you didn’t have any use for me. You even quit scouts; you made it pretty clear how you felt,” Kevin said, his face getting red his voice becoming hot with temper.

“I had reasons, Kevin, it wasn’t you. And besides, I’m still friends with BB and Glen, they don’t think I stopped liking them because they don’t come over.”

Suddenly his anger was gone, replaced instead with a sadness that cut into me like a knife “That may be true, but I didn’t know BB or Glen either one was supposed to be your best friend”

“Damn, dude, what do you want?”

“You’re the one who asked me ‘why’ Todd. Now I’m telling you why. It was you who let our friendship drop, not me. You want to know what I want, okay, I’ll tell you what I want. I want to know why you shunned me, tell me now and without hesitation. No bullshit, just the truth. I think I know why, I just dont know if you have the courage to admit it.”

I sucked in my breath and tried to pull on some of the courage I had gained over the past week. “I’ll do better than that, I’ll show you”

Christ on a crutch, what the hell was I doing? Once I showed Kevin then my life was truly going to be over. Finished. I can’t begin to explain how confused all this makes me feel. I mean, half the time I wanted everyone to see and hear my diapers; the other half the time it’s a big dark secret.

“Follow me,” I said and headed for the road, which separated the school from my house.

I unlocked the back door and led him into the kitchen and down the hall to my room. I thought my heart was about to explode in my chest. “Here that’s why” I said

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Sit down on my bed”

Kevin sat down “Okay, now why?”

“Can’t you even tell what your sitting on?!?”

“Your bed, so what?”

“It’s a plastic sheet, Kevin. That’s why I didn’t want you coming over and seeing me with a plastic sheet, or seeing my bed without sheets each day because I had wet them the night before.”

Kevin pushed his hand into the mattress and made it crinkle a bit “So? I grew up with one of these, remember; it’s no big deal. I didn’t even notice, but even if I had, why do you think I would have cared? How many times did you see me pee my pants and get in trouble?”

“Yeah you were like 6 then, and there’s a big difference when you’re almost 13.”

“Not to me there isn’t. I remember our last sleepover; all four of us were there, and it was Glen’s birthday I think, you wet the bed that night?”

“Yeah, and that was the last time I had a sleepover, either, your dad gave me as much shit as he used to give you. And c’mon I was about to be 13 that is way to old to be wetting the bed, much less wetting it more often.”

“I told you then that I didn’t care if you wet the bed, AND IT WAS MY BED YOU WET. My dad is an asshole you know that. So your birthday rolls around and you didn’t even invite anyone to sleep over. That was tradition! I could forgive the once, but then my birthday came and you wouldn’t come over. What was I supposed to think?”

“I didn’t even think about that, I just didn’t want you to find out that I was wetting my bed almost all the time”

“I wouldn’t have cared. Honest. I don’t care now. Why couldn’t you just get those bedwetter pants anyways? My dad wouldn’t have known about that.”

“I didn’t even know they existed. And speaking of bedwetter pants, if you supposedly don’t care about these things then why in the hell did you get Matt in so much trouble yesterday?’

“Wha? I meant to ask how you know about that. I didn’t get him in any trouble he didn’t ask for. It was his damn idea, he hid them where he thought mom would find them and she didn’t. So he wanted me to go tell Mom he was hiding diapers in his room, he thought Mom was going to make him wear them I think, but instead she freaked out and dad gave him a whipping.”

“I guess he’s was too young to remember the whippings you used to get for wetting your pants,” I laughed for the first time since we started this talk. Not that Kevin getting his ass beat was funny.

“No, and I tried to tell him. I told him he would be better off keeping them hidden than mom and dad finding out. He’s a stubborn little prick sometimes. Still after he got whipped he got what he wanted, he has to wear them for the next three nights.”

“Man, I am so sorry; I didn’t mean to accuse you of anything, and I didn’t mean to push you away. I was just scared, I didn’t want to lose your friendship, but I guess that’s what I did.”

“No you didn’t, it has just been on hold, but damn it, Todd, did you think that little of me that you thought I would stop being your friend and throw away our friendship just because you wet the bed?”

“I felt so bad for getting you in trouble with your dad, and i just felt so much like i was making problems. I’m sorry that was stupid of me.”

“Damn straight it was. Hold on a sec I better call Mom real quick and tell her where I’m at.”

I sat at my desk stunned while Kevin called his mom. When he hung up he looked at me like he expected me to go on.

“Um Kevin there’s something else, too.” I thought to myself ‘In for a penny in for a pound eh’ before letting the bomb drop “Look next to my trunk.”

“Whoa, those yours?” Kevin asked picking up the open bag of Dry 24/7’s.

“No I’m hiding diapers in my room for your brother. Of course they’re mine,” I said, falling into the sarcasm as an old pattern of our friendship.

“Those the same as your cousins wear?”

It was my turn to be surprised. “How’d you know about that?”

“Well I made Matt tell me where he had gotten the Goodnites at. He was supposed to try and get me one of Rob’s diapers next time he was over, for me to try on. I figured there was no chance of me getting an invite because, well you know, because we weren’t speaking and I figured your cousin hated me as much as you did.”

“I can get you that invite now, I bet!” I said

“Do your aunt and uncle really change them?”

“Yeah, they do”

“Wow! Does your mom change you, too?”

“Nope. She did the first few days and then she made it pretty clear I could wear diapers if I wanted, but it was my job to take care of them”

“Have you ever worn them during the day?” Kevin asked, getting more excited.

“Yeah, I wore to the fair the other day, and some on the weekends, too.”

“God that is so cool. Your cousins, too?”

“I think so, but I’m not sure.” I didn’t think it was my place to say anything about Rob and Rick

“So, what do you like them or something?”

“Honestly, yes. I’d wear them all the time if I could.” There it is, the big one, if diapers didn’t shock him, that will. He’ll be running out the door any second now.

“In all my life I never expected to meet another TB in all of Alabama, much less one in my own town who just so happens to be my best friend!” By the time he had it out of his mouth he looked like he regretted his choice of words.

At first TB didn’t even phase me, that Kevin should know the term much less use it in conversation. For the moment I was just happy he called me his best friend, even after a little over two years that we could patch things up was amazing. “It’s okay, I know what you mean, I am just beginning to learn how much I love diapers, so I guess I am a TB too, although I think I just like the diapers more than being a baby.”

He picked back up my bag of diapers and stared at the package. “Can I?” He asked.

“Knock yourself out,” I told him.

He picked a diaper from the package and set it down on the bed. I had halfway expected him to run to the bathroom or something, but instead he took off his shoes sitting right there on the edge of my bed.

I went ahead and pulled the changing mat out. “Here ya go, this way you don’t get powder or anything on my bed.”

He stood up and put the pad out on my bed before lying back down on top of it. He just lay there for a minute before looking at me expectantly. “Come on now, hook me up.”


“Dude, come on. Put the diaper on me, I’ll put one on you, too”

This was absolutely fucking surreal. It would seem that anything I think I know is probably wrong. A half hour ago I thought Kevin hated me, and in the space of an afternoon he is not only my friend again but all but begging me to diaper him. Earth is probably back to being flat again, too, and the moon is made of Swiss cheese. I think I must have fallen down some rabbit hole and ended up in Oz or something.

I pushed his t-shirt up on his chest giving me a bit of room to work with. I fumbled for a minute before I got his pants unbuttoned and his fly down. His jeans came off his hips easy enough and I just went ahead and pulled them off altogether. Kevin’s penis was obviously erect and straining at the front of his jockey shorts. I heard his breath catch as I pulled his underwear down, which caused his penis to flop back and forth a few times before finally resting at attention.

“Excited, aren’t you?” I asked as I unfolded the diaper.

“Dude, more than you know, man I’ve wanted this all my life. All those times as a kid, when I wet, I wanted so badly for mamma to put me in one of Matt’s diapers, he was still wearing them to bed and I wanted them so badly. I’ve dreamed about this, even when my dad spanked me for wetting my bed, I thought it would be worth it if I got diapered.” He lifted his butt in the air so I could slide the diaper under him.

I got my oil and powder out and started to oil his diaper area, his breathing accelerated and he seemed to grow even stiffer. “Truth is, I had planned to wet the bed if you had kept wetting yours, so we could be the same, and if one of us got diapers well then we both would. Then all of a sudden you didn’t want to be around me and I didn’t know what to do, I figured you had somehow figured out what I wanted and thought I was a freak. And Todd, a few minutes ago I lied to you. I noticed your plastic sheet as soon as I sat down, do you know how I wish I still had one on my bed?”

After I had powdered his crotch I pulled the diaper up between his legs. The front of the diaper wouldn’t lay flat because of his erection and that made it a bit more difficult to tape on, but I finally got it.

Kevin stood back up and his t-shirt fell back into place. He looked at himself in the mirror just grinning at his reflection. Is that the way I looked at myself the other night at Aunt Sarah’s? No wonder Rob knew! Kevin’s diaper was tented out severely in the front still; I wondered how the tapes were managing to hold. I opened my top drawer and on a whim got out my snap on fire truck pants, which I handed to him. “Here you go, big fella, my favorite pants.”

“God, Todd, you got baby pants too?”

Kevin snapped the pants together and then stepped into them before again turning to gaze in my mirror. He rubbed the outside of his diaper the same way I had done. I laughed.

“You should have seen your little brother; he did the exact same thing. So did I for that matter.”

“Okay a deal’s a deal. Let’s get you changed.”

I had already kicked my shoes off, so I went ahead and lay down on my bed. Kevin pushed my shirt all the way up into my armpits. I started to undo my belt for him, but he told me “I’ve got it” and he brushed my hands away. He opened my belt and with more ease than I had with his, Kevin undid my pants. He took my jeans and boxers down at one time, my own erection mimicking his as he slid a diaper up under me.

Kevin took the baby oil and began rubbing it in, and when he got to my penis he kept rubbing and rubbing until I had to tell him to stop or I was going to come. “Sokay, I don’t mind.” His tempo got quicker and within another couple of minutes I was spent. Kevin used a baby wipe to clean me off before he sprinkled powder onto my diaper area. My penis had gone soft and Kevin took no hesitation in arranging it so my dick hung over my balls before pulling the diaper between my legs and taping it down.

Kevin opened my top drawer and rummaged about in my pants before finding a pair of pull-ons for me. They were probably my second favorite pair of pants; they were light blue and decorated with cartoon zoo animals. He slipped the pants over my ankles and had me stand so he could pull them up over my diaper.
Kevin went to his school things and got his gym shorts out and pulled them on over his diaper. I got out some shorts too and pulled them on at which point we both headed to the kitchen.

“Mom won’t be back for a bit, so I’m on my own for dinner. Wanna stay?”

“Sure, lemme call Mom again and let her know,”

I went and pulled the freezer open and got us a couple of pot pies out and threw them in the oven.

We played games on my old the PS3 for an hour or so until the timer went off and we went into the kitchen to eat dinner. I was putting our silverware in the dishwasher when Mom pulled up into the driveway.

“Mom’s home if you want to go change,” I told Kevin.

“It’s all right, you said she knows about your cousins, right? She’ll know about me, too, I guess,” Kevin said

The idea made me uneasy, but it was too late for me to do anything. The car door closed and mom was headed for the door when I hissed to Kevin “Dude, what if she tells your mom?”

It was obvious that Kevin hadn’t thought about that as he suddenly had a frenzied panic look in his eyes.

“Too late now,” was all I could say before mom stepped through the door.

“I’m home!” Mom called out stepping through the door with a white plastic bag on her arm.

“Hi mom!” I said.

“Hi, Ms. Arlen” Kevin said as calm and cool as could be, showing none of the panic from a moment ago.

“Kevin! It’s so nice to see you!” Mom saw the pot pie boxes sitting on the counter

“Did you boys just get done eating?”

“Yes ma’am, just got done loading the dishwasher,” I said.

“Well, I stopped at the store on the way home. Since you boys are done eating, would you two please give me a hand with the groceries, please?”

I think Kevin had thought to not move around too much with mom around, but what could he do now? He knew he was busted. Reluctantly, he followed me out to the driveway and grabbed several of the plastic bags to take in.

We put the groceries on the counter and Mom asked me to give her a hand carrying a box to her lab. Mom had converted the garage into a lab so she could do some work from home. She had all of her equipment set up and it was not unusual for her to get rocks and dirt mailed to her several times a week.
“Be right back, man” I told Kevin before going to help Mom.

I grabbed the box from her trunk and carried it into the garage where mom was waiting.

“So I take it you and Kevin patched things up?” She asked.

“Yes ma’am” and then I told her the abbreviated version of our conversation leading up to the point where he asked to try a diaper.

“I am so glad you two have reconciled” Mom said genuinely happy.

“I guess I did push him away, didn’t I?”

“A little, but he was a true friend, waiting for you. You should be grateful”

“Mom I know it’s a school night, but do you think Kevin could stay over?” I asked.
Mom didn’t answer right away so I chipped in. “I can even lend him some of my clothes in the morning”

“I see you’ve already done that,” Mom said dryly.

“Oh, that. You noticed. Umm”

“Don’t explain. I don’t think I want to know. What is it with boys and diapers these days? Let’s just not talk about it, unless there is something about it that makes you uncomfortable.”

I felt the need to at least explain a little.

“He just wanted to see what they’re like. I think he felt sorry for me, and wanted to show me they weren’t a big deal to him. Don’t tell his mom okay, Mrs. Rosetick just wouldn’t understand.” Score one for Aunt Sarah’s reasoning, I thought

“Now Todd, I won’t lie to Anelda, but I won’t go out of my way to tell her, either. That’s the best you’re going to get. Now as far as sleeping over, it is a school night, but as long as you two don’t stay up too late and his parents say it’s okay then I don’t see why not.”

“Thanks, Mom!” I said as I hugged her before running back to the kitchen.

“Hey man, stay the night? Mom said it was okay.”

“For real? I don’t know if mom will let me but I can ask!”

Kevin got the okay to stay, but only after telling his mom that I would loan him clean clothes in the morning.

Later that night just before we got ready for bed Kevin asked me “Did your mom say anything about my diaper?”

“Nah, she noticed, but she’s cool. She said she wouldn’t tell your mom unless she was flat out asked and then she said she wouldn’t lie.”

“Todd, your Mom is so cool.”

And I smiled to myself, yeah she is, at that. I had wet my diaper several times so just after I got undressed I got my stuff out to change.

“Need a hand?” Kevin asked.

“Sure, why not?” I replied letting him change my diaper.

I reciprocated and gave him his PJ’s to put on. I was still pulling on my t-shirt when mom knocked on my door.

“Come on in, we’re decent,” I said.
Mom opened the door. “There’s pudding and milk in the kitchen, but after that you need to brush your teeth and then off to bed.”

“Yes ma’am” We both managed in unison.

Re: New old story - Diapers, Sunshine, and the great state of Alabama (2017 version)

As slice-of-life stories go, maybe I’m spoiled by Freswith over at DD and his ongoing Phone Conversations, but to be honest, there just doesn’t seem to be anything emotionally engaging to me about this story. I tried to care about the protagonist, but he has literally done nothing to give me a reason to care. He went to his cousin’s house for a weekend and came home a diaper lover. He hasn’t experienced any significant conflict as a result of that choice. Not at home, not at school, not anywhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bagging on slice-of-life stories, just that this one, I’m sitting here thinking that, knowing what I know about stories back in the bad old days of BBS, it was probably a jewel by comparison. But with how sophisticated ABDL writers have become since then, it hasn’t aged all that well. Kudos to the author for updating his story and attempting to bring it to a potentially new audience, but it’s just not very fun for me to read.

Re: New old story - Diapers, Sunshine, and the great state of Alabama (2017 version)

I’m certainly not going to disagree with you on most of your points. There are parts of this story that push my buttons as it were - so it was ‘fun’ to write and to an extent to revisit. I’ve always thought the build up to the conflict with Kevin was anti-climatic and kinda awkward, an almost non event with a resolution much too quick. I would completely handle it differently today were I writing this from scratch.

Not to equivocate or justify, but more just to speak to context, I tried very much at the time I wrote this to make it ‘gentle’, there was no spanking, no forcing anyone into diapers (well no forcing anyone into anything), In a way I had just really come to accept my abdl leanings after many years of binge/purge, and I saw the heavy handed forced into diaper stories that were most common at the time as an affectation of ‘shame and guilt’. At that time I found characters who were forced into diapers, as opposed to choosing them, almost offensive to my newfound sensibilities. It never dawned on me that there was subtext to that for a lot of folks who are into power exchange, bdsm, etc. I was freshly converted to self acceptance, and by god that was the one true way. So that’s what I wrote, kinda reinforcing my own world view, which can make it skew toward saccharine at times.

Re: New old story - Diapers, Sunshine, and the great state of Alabama (2017 version)

By all means, I’m not advocating you turn it into some sort of forced diapering story or something like that, but this kid’s life just seems completely devoid of any conflict, whether related to his decision or not. It’s very difficult for me to stay interested when there’s no tension, no drama.

Re: New old story - Diapers, Sunshine, and the great state of Alabama (2017 version)

Long time lurker, so yay for my first post here.

I read this story somewhere else before, and I am glad to be rereading it here. Personally, this is one of my favorite types of ABDL related stories where the main character sort of “discovers” diapers. It is a bit fantastical, we all would be lucky to have an aunt or an accepting parent like Todd’s, but is otherwise plausible. It is that plausability I like as I used to always fantasize about how I could end up in diapers back when I didn’t have a means of obtaining then. Although it is a bit “cliche”, I enjoy the stories about people who became incontinent through some accident or illness and their struggle with coming to terms with their new dependence. Unfortunately, good stories of that type are hard to come by, especially when the majority appear to find ABDL sexual in some way.

As for the lack of conflict, I feel that most of it is under the surface. . .in day to day life, diapers are really no big deal as most mature people do not care unless you are being offensive or unhygenic. There is the potential for teasing and larger incidents, especially among school age children, but most will be quickly resolved with adult intervention. However, the real struggle is within. . .you have to get over that feeling that everyone is watching you, fear of being embarrassed, and- for ABDLs -coming to terms with your interests and understanding them. As such, I feel you could easily add this sort of conflict by expanding on Todd’s internal monologue, especially in that first weekend.

My only other problem with some stories is how everyone is an ABDL. . .In the story, we now have five people who like diapers within a small Alabama town- Rick, Rob, Todd, Kevin, Matt -and although I wouldn’t say it is impossible, it is very improbable​. There may be hundreds in a town of thousands, but unlikely they are related or will ever share this with the others.

Anyway, I cannot wait for another update.

Re: New old story - Diapers, Sunshine, and the great state of Alabama (2017 version)

Thanks LittleAaron. I agree it is fantastical and a bit cliche - there isn’t a lot of new grounds here that hadn’t been run thousands of times before (and that was when the story was new!) Personally I’ve never cared much for the accident or illness device in stories - it’s always seemed like an ‘excuse’ for diapers (although arguably bedwetting is probably the biggest of all excuses not sure why it seems different to me - maybe because in the grand scheme of life it is innocuous and kinda ‘normal’? Need to ruminate on that ). If someone gets hit with a car and then ends up in diapers - that’s a tragedy, same thing if they are seriously sick and boom diapers - it seems to take agency away from the characters. Then you have someone making lemonade from lemons as opposed to ‘fuck it, I like diapers.’ Maybe it feels different to me due to the fact that I don’t really see bedwetting in the same negative light that say an auto accident, or gunshot, or disease. That’s an interesting line of thought,

As for the everyone in diapers thing. So guilty in this story :slight_smile: I’ve never wrote it - but I kinda suspect that Steve is wearing diapers some too when the kids aren’t around, so yeah there’s that. I kinda poke fun at that trope in the Kyle Shay story when the sudden bedroom transformation work crew tells Toby to wait a chapter or two and he will be in diapers too.

Thanks much again for the kind words. Will have a new update later this week!

Re: New old story - Diapers, Sunshine, and the great state of Alabama (2017 version)

[h=2]Chapter 10 – Proud Mary, Big Wheels and Hash Browns on the Side[/h]
I woke up a few minutes before my alarm and turned it off before it could make any loud and annoying sounds. I swung my feet out of bed and with a stretch; I stood up with that early morning awkwardness. Some people bolt out of bed ready for the day; I ain’t one of them.

Mom and Kevin were sitting at the kitchen table talking, but low enough that I couldn’t hear what they were saying. When I passed by them, they stopped their conversation.

“Good Morning! Sleep well?” Mom asked.

“Great! I think,” I replied while washing my hands at the sink. I sat down and grabbed a biscuit from the plate in the center of the table.

“Next to the last day of school for you both, eh? Have you got summer plans, Kevin?” Mom asked.

“Well scout camp, but that’s not until August. Other than that, I can’t much think of anything. Just gonna hang out I guess. Specially now that I can hang with my best friend again.”

“Well, you boys hurry and eat so you can get ready for school. Todd, why don’t you take a shower in my room so Kevin can use your bathroom?”

“Sure thing, Mom,” I told her and she got up from the table.

“See you tonight. Be good and have fun today!” With that, Mom headed out the door to work.

“Dude! Go ahead and use your own bathroom. I’m not gonna take a shower, I have P.E. first period, so it seems a waste,” Kevin told me.

“Well, your call. Is your diaper wet?” I asked, and the fact that I was asking my best friend if he had peed his diaper was not lost on me.

“Yeah, a bunch. See?” Kevin said standing up. Even with the plastic pants and through his PJ’s you could see the diaper was sagging.

“Well don’t you at least want to take a shower to get the pee off?”

“Oh, I guess you’re right.”

So, I ended up using Mom’s shower after all. Kevin was already back in my room when I got there.

“I know I’ve already imposed, but can I take a diaper home today for after school?”

“Sure, I don’t mind. In fact, here!” I grabbed my diaper bag off my door and pulled out the two Savemax diapers, which I had been avoiding since opening the Dry 24/7. I handed them to Kevin.

“Thanks man, I really appreciate it!”

“Not a problem!” I picked up my pre-shower plastic pants, “What did you do with your plastic pants?”

“I washed them out and hung them in your bathroom, didn’t know what you did with them but figured that would be okay.”

Surprised by his answer, I said, “That’s exactly what I do with them, thanks!”

I came back a second later after having washed my pants out, too. I opened my top drawer and tossed him some underwear. “Grab what you want out of the closet.”

Kevin looked at the boxers I threw him and frowned “Todd, you got anything less boxery?”

“Umm, I think so,” I said tossing him a pair of briefs instead.

“Cool, I know beggars can’t be choosers, but I hate boxers.” Kevin explained. “But they’re okay on you, I mean; I just don’t like to wear them.”

“Whatever!” I said stepping into some jeans, and feeling a twinge of regret at not being diapered. I feel that way most days now.

Kevin and I left for school and what was going to turn out to be another unremarkable day. At lunch, Kevin sat with us and if this surprised anyone, they certainly didn’t act like it. In fact, the only thing said out of the ordinary, aside from introducing Rob to Kevin, was when BB said to Glen “See, I told ya they’d kiss and make up someday.”

“Shut up BB, the only one I kissed lately was your mom!” Kevin said.

Which prompted Glen to say “Did you now, Kevin? I’ve been wondering about what it’s like, kissing his mom, without having to do the deed myself. Could you tell me, did her mustache tickle?”

This caused all of us, including BB to start laughing.

“So Rob your Birthday is right around the corner isn’t it?” Glen asked Rob.

“Yeah, weekend after next; then Todd’s is three days after mine!” Rob said.

Glen got this excited look about him, “Hey Kevin, now that you two are back on good terms, think we ought to revive our old birthday tradition?”

“Defiantly, and we can induct Rob here into them, too.”

“What’s that?” Rob asked curiously.

I was a bit apprehensive about the whole thing. Sure, Glen and BB knew about Rob’s diapers but if we did this, they’d damn sure would know about mine too.

Well probably, know about Kevin’s too, because I had this sinking suspicion that Kevin won’t pass up any opportunity to get diapered. It almost seemed like it was just letting too much cat out of the bag, more revelations than our group might be able to handle and it might crumble like a house of cards. Yet how much had I lost from being afraid these last two years and how much had I gained in the last two weeks? It seems like just about everyone has found out about my diapers and so far nothing bad has happened. What did I have to lose anyway?

“Since we were all in kindergarten we have got together on our birthdays and had a party and a sleepover,” I explained.

“That definitely sounds cool. We could get together at my place! I’m sure my folks wouldn’t mind, and we could always head out to the woods and camp if the weather looks good!” Rob offered.

That settled it; everyone thought the idea was great. Well, I was warming up to the idea, but under the circumstances what could I do? Besides, it would be great to have the old gang reunited. We agreed to have our party, not this Saturday, but the next. Pending approval from everyone’s parents, of course.
The rest of the school day passed without incident and I was in a great mood when I finally got home that afternoon. Mom’s car was in the driveway; I guess she had gotten off work early.

“Hi Mom, I’m home!” I called out when I stepped through the back door.

“Weird, no reply, mom must be busy somewhere,” I thought to myself. So, I took my school bags to my room and emptied my gym bag into my hamper. I knew I wouldn’t need them since I wouldn’t be having P.E. tomorrow because of the half-day. My book bag was lighter than normal, too, having turned in most of my books today. School was almost over!

I walked down the hall and found mom’s door closed. I could faintly hear running water and figured she must be taking a shower. I decided to go ahead and put a diaper on, but in doing so, I noticed that I was down to only a few Dry 24/7’s left. I was going to have to open another bag soon.

I figured I had a few minutes to surf the web while Mom was in the shower; so I booted up my computer and after checking out my normal gaming sites, I checked my email. Kevin had emailed me and boy did he ever send me a list of sites to visit.

I had only just begun to go through the sites when Mom came out of her room.
“Hey there, kiddo!” She hailed, “How was school?”

“Okay, I guess. Boring mainly. We turned in all our books and stuff, so I guess we’re not gonna do much tomorrow, either.”

“Poor guy-all bored at school!” mom teased, “It’s too bad you won’t remember this by the time you get to working. Kids just don’t ever really know exactly how good they have it until it’s gone and you are a slave to the rat race.”

“Ha-ha! Yeah, you’re probably right,” I laughed back.

“Going to go shopping tonight, I’m out of town on Friday and will be gone until the middle of next week,” Mom said.

“Am I going to stay with Rob then?” I asked.

“Sure are! Talked with Sarah about it Monday night when we got home.”

“Cool! I was going to ask about staying over there next weekend too. Kevin, Glenn and BB are going to come over and we’re going to get together for a birthday sleepover just like the old days!”

“That’s wonderful news! Are you nervous about having Billy and Glenn find out about your…”

“My diapers? A little, I suppose,” I said, “But Rob said they spent the night at his house last weekend. So they had to know about Rob, probably Rick too and they didn’t seem to treat Rob any different at school today.”

So we locked up the house and headed out so we could shop. Although mom hadn’t specified, I figured we were driving out to Jerson when we turned away from town. I mean, we don’t have much in the way of shops here in Simonsville beyond one grocery and one hardware store. It was just about 10 minutes ‘til 5:00 when we pulled up to Tucker Family Pharmacy where Mom and I had stopped last weekend. I really didn’t know why we were stopping, I still had two unopened bags of diapers at the house, but if Mom wanted to buy me more, I certainly wasn’t going to argue with her.

We walked to the back of the store where the old soda bar had been turned into the pharmacist’s counter and checkout. Cheryl was nowhere to be seen; instead, a small short man with silvery-white hair was behind the counter.

“Can I help you?” The man asked, and I noticed right away that he had a trace of a delta accent in his voice, as if he was from Louisiana or Mississippi.

“We’re here to pick up an order for Arlen, please.” Mom explained.

“Oh you must be the folks Cheryl done told me ‘bout. I’m John Tucker, nice to meet ya!”

“Nice to meet you, too!” Mom said and I followed with, “Nice to meet you, too Mr. Tucker.”

He reached across the counter and shook Mom’s hand and then mine. “It’s nice to meet you both! You must be Todd?” he asked.

”Yes, sir,” I said back.

“Well Todd, let’s see what we have,” he said as he bent down to fetch some items from beneath the counter.

He placed two small sacks on the counter, each with a sheet of paper stapled to the bag with ‘Arlen’ written across it. He reached in the first bag and pulled out several small individually wrapped items.

“We have 4 pair waterproof pants in plain white. We have 4 waterproof pants, assorted prints.” He said checking each item before putting it back in the bag. “In this bag we have Stay-Tucked undershirts, three no-legs, and two with legs.”
I wondered to myself what he meant by Stay-Tucked? While I was examining the contents of the bags, trying to see what kind of print I had gotten on my plastic pants Mr. Tucker went through the big swinging door at the back of the pharmacy.

“Thanks Mom!” I said to Mom while Mr. Tucker was gone.

“You’re welcome, but thank your Aunt Sarah, too! She and I talked when we got home Monday night and she gave me some advice on some things you would need.” She told me before continuing, “I was surprised the turn around on the order was this quick though. I only placed the order yesterday morning.”

“Oh our supplier is in Birmingham and I was up that ways anyways yesterday afternoon! So I picked up your order personally rather than make you wait.” Mr. Tucker said returning with a large cardboard box.

“Well thank you very much Mr. Tucker! That was very kind of you to do that.”

“It wasn’t any trouble at all, promise!” He told mom as he studied a green piece of paper. It looked to be a second or third copy of something and I guessed it was an invoice of some kind.

The big box was a case of ABU diapers. I read the side of the box and did the math in my head, 8 bags of 10 were, uh, 80 diapers. “That ought to last a bit.” I thought to myself. Mom paid for the items and we were about to take everything to the car when Mr. Tucker asked. “Todd, you look about what; 15 to me, that right?”

“15 in a week and a half,” I told him.

“That right? You know, you can work at 15 don’t you? You have a job lined up for the summer?”

“No sir, Mom told me I should find a job for the summer.”

“We’ll how’d you like a job?”

“I’d love too, but we live in Simonsville and I have no way to get anywhere.”

“See Cheryl mentioned you at dinner Sunday night, about how you were so upfront about your needs. Other young people your age would be embarrassed about needing protective garments such as these, yet Cheryl said you seemed absolutely fearless to her. Well there are a lot of kids who find themselves needing dia…; um protection and they sometimes need someone to talk to who might understand.” He said, pausing as if he didn’t know how to continue.
“It’s okay, Mr. Tucker, I call them diapers, too,” I said, surprised at how bold I could be with a stranger; and to think at lunch I was worried about what Glen or BB would think, and now here I am batting the word diaper around as if it were the stuff of casual conversation.

“See that’s exactly what Cheryl meant. You see, besides running the pharmacy, each summer I also work as administrator for camp Ontonko. It’s a regional camp for kids with disabilities and continence problems. I found out about the camp when looking for a camp for my own son to attended when he was just a boy.” Mr. Tucker continued, “The camp did wonders for John! The biggest benefit for him came when he served as a Junior and then a Senior Counselor. Seeing how those experiences helped John so much, I found myself becoming more involved with the camp each year. Even after John had quit working at the camp I stayed on helping in different positions until finally one year the Regents Board approached me to see if I would be interested in becoming Administrator of the camp when the current Administrator retired.”

Mr. Tucker paused only for a moment before going on, “The camp runs from the last week of June to the third week of July. As a Junior counselor, if you are interested, you would be responsible for helping the campers with their daily activities, enforcing the rules and in general doing any of a thousand things to keep everything running smoothly. You’ll also be training for a senior counselor’s position. The pay would be a small per diem, paid out at the end of the season. You would work a basic five weeks and earn $500, with a matching $500 in scholarship money, for when you go to college.”

Mr. Tucker gave me a second or two to absorb all he had just said before asking, “What do you say?”

I was excited, five hundred bucks was a big deal to me and that would definitely help with me saving for a car! A camp for diapered kids? As if I would mind! As long as Mom liked the idea, I was more then set to take his offer. “Mom! You think it would be okay?”

“Well Todd, taking a job is a big commitment and responsibility. The scholarship money does sound nice, but I think we should discuss this some more before making a decision.” Mom said before asking him, “Would that be all right, Mr. Tucker?”

“Why, sure! We won’t be sending counselors up until 3 days before camp starts. If you could call me soon and let me know, that would be just fine. While we don’t require it, we do prefer our counselors to have an understanding of what our campers have to deal with on a daily basis. My John, he learned so much through his summers at Ontonko! Why don’t you go to our camp’s website and fill out the counselor’s application and return it to me here next time you come into town?” Mr. Tucker added handing us a card for the camp.

“Will do Mr. Tucker! Oh, and thanks again for the quick turnaround on our order!” Mom added as she picked up our two bags leaving me to get the case of diapers.
We left the store, and I was surprised to see it was almost 5:30 already. It didn’t seem like we were in there a half hour, but I guess time flies. I barely noticed where we were going as I was so wrapped up in the idea of $500. I was brought out my wool gathering when we pulled up outside the Target store.

“You’re awfully quiet,” Mom said as we got out of the car.

“Just thinking about Mr. Tucker’s offer,” I admitted and then added, “I’d be a great way to make some money and a good way to help some other kids, too.” I added the “helping other kids” part with hopes that it would help sweeten the deal for Mom.

“Five weeks is a huge commitment, Todd! Your scout camps have always been only a week and during that time, you were camping - not working.” She paused for a moment and then said, “I truly think this is a great idea and a wonderful opportunity for you. I just want you to make sure you think this through.”

Mom had obviously never been a boy scout, nor been to scout camp. “Not working” indeed! On the other hand, she did have a point, which did need some consideration. “I’ll think about it, but weren’t you the one telling me I needed to work to understand how good I had things and that I should chip in on my supplies if I wanted to wear more than just at night?”

“Oh, so now you’re going to use my own words against me? You know for each time you do this, your kids will do it twice,” Mom chided as we walked through the front door.

I left mom and went over to electronics where I looked at the new release games and DVD’s. I stopped at the games kiosk, where they had a PS4, Xbox and a Switch out running demos and I played there a little bit. Sadly, they didn’t have much of anything good out to play so the kiosk didn’t hold my attention for too long. There just wasn’t much of anything I wanted, game wise, right now and there weren’t any good movies released to DVD lately. So bored with their selection, I went looking for mom.

I walked each aisle slowly looking down its length trying to see Mom. I finally found her in Ladies Clothes, where it looked like she was getting some things for her trip.

“You like this blouse?” Mom asked holding it up.

“Yeah it’s nice, I guess,” I said hoping this was the right answer and that it wasn’t some trick question. I think mom sometimes asks me about ugly clothes just to see if I am being honest with her.

“Okay I’ll get it then,” she said, putting the shirt in the front of the buggy that she was pushing. “Why don’t you go see if you can find some summer clothes? I’ll be over in just a few minutes,” Mom said, shooing me towards Boy’s and Men’s wear. “Maybe you should get a new pair of swim trunks, too, if you are going to camp.”

”For real?” I stopped and asked.

“Yes, for real! But I still want you to think long and hard before you make your final decision.”

I headed for Men’s Wear and picked out some swim trunks. I had just started to look at other clothes when mom came over. I showed her the trunks I picked out and she nodded her approval.

“Todd, do you like these?” Mom said holding up a pair of camouflage cargo shorts.

“Uhuh!” I said, nodding my head.

Mom rummaged on the rack and found a pair for me.

“Um, wrong size!” I said when she put it in the basket.

“It’s a size larger than you normally wear so it will fit better over your diapers,” Mom said, holding them up, “See, it has a drawstring with elastic in the waist, so it will still fit snugly, but will give you some diaper room, too.”

“Oh. Cool!” I said, I wouldn’t have thought about that.

We picked out several other pairs of shorts, all but one pair in a larger waist size. Mom also got me a couple new pairs of jeans in a larger waist size as well. We had started to head toward the front, just getting to the edge of Men’s Wear when Mom turned the cart around and steered back toward the back.

“Here, I noticed too many of your socks had holes in them. I can’t let you go to your aunt’s for a week with holey socks,” she said as she picked up a new pack of socks for me. “While we are here, do you need any shorts?” She said pointing at the packs of boxer shorts hanging on the rack.

“I think I’m fine there. Thanks, anyways,” I said and we wheeled our way back to the front.

Mom paid for our stuff and we loaded our purchases in the backseat of the car. We pulled across the parking lot to the Waffle House, which shared the corner along with the gas station.

The chilly air of the Waffle House was in sharp contrast to the heat outside, and it felt good walking through the door. We took our seats at the bar, something I had always liked to do ever since I was little, so much so that it had just become habitual when we ate at a Waffle House. The waitress set down two waters and got our drink order as we grabbed the menus from the little holder. For those of you who don’t know, a Waffle House is a small, squat, ugly, little yellow restaurant, which serves breakfast food 24-hours a day. Waffle House’s dot the interstates of the south and are usually referred to as the Awful Waffle or some other less than flattering and wholly undeserved nicknames.

“What ya have, hon?” The waitress asked Mom.

“Chicken and eggs, eggs scrambled, scattered smothered covered,” Mom said.

The waitress then asked me, “And what you gonna have?”

“I want pork chop and eggs, over medium.”
“You want anything in your hash browns?” she asked.

I thought for half a second before saying, “Scattered, smothered covered and chunked please.”

“Okay, be right up in just a minute.” The waitress said and then walked about two paces down from us and called the order to the cook who repeated it right back as he started to cook our food. The bar offers the best view of the grill and watching a cook at the waffle house is entertainment enough on its own. The eggs were cooking, the pork chops were under their little silver dome and Mom’s chicken breast was on the grill sizzling away. For those unfortunate souls who haven’t had the pleasure of Waffle House food, you should understand that Waffle House hash browns are a science unto themselves. Every now and then, you can tell someone from up north or out west is in town as they have this perplexed look when it comes time to order, especially if they heard some one regular order first.

The language of Waffle House hash browns is not that terribly complicated once you get the hang of it. Scattered denotes that the potatoes will be cooked loose rather than in a ring, Smothered, meaning that they will be served with grilled onions. Covered means covered in cheese. Ask for Diced, and they add diced tomatoes and Chucked means they will add diced ham. Topped will get you Bert’s chili and Peppered means you will get jalapeño peppers. Each variation is, of course optional, and it seems everyone has an opinion of exactly what combination is the best, but from my years of observation I would say “Scattered, Smothered, and Covered” was the most common by far.

Mom and I talked a bit about me taking the job. I think she was worried that I might take the job as Junior Counselor, hate it, and then be stuck away from home for five whole weeks. I assured her that even if I did hate it that I would grin and bear. I told her that if I could endure an entire year of school then I could endure five weeks as a camp counselor.

I had just finished wetting my diaper good and proper when the waitress brought our food to us. Our conversation ended at that point as we both were so wrapped up in eating that we said very little until we’d both nearly cleared our plates. After I had finished almost all my food, I didn’t eat my grits (I know being a Southern-Boy, I’m supposed to like them and all, but yuck I’ve never had a taste for them!), I just sat there and squished my diaper into the stool enjoying the sensation.

Mom was just about finished with her meal when she leaned over and said, “Todd, go take care of that diaper or quit fidgeting one.”

“Sorry” I quietly said. I didn’t realize she had noticed what I had been doing. I might have actually gone to the bathroom to change but I hadn’t brought my diaper bag in with me.

We headed home and mom had me leave the packages from the pharmacy in the car. After putting my other new clothes away, I went straight to my computer and pulled up Camp Ontonko’s web page. The web page explained their mission to help kids with continence issues and went into detail about their activities and programs. I saw that there were two sessions each, both two weeks long, as opposed to a single four-week program, like I had assumed. I printed the application and filled it out as best I could on my own.

I got to the bottom section of the second page, which said, “Camp Ontonko is dedicated to providing an environment where campers build confidence and self esteem while learning to overcome the unique challenges presented to those with incontinence issues.” It went on to say, “While incontinence is not a requirement for employment, we believe that campers will have a stronger response and learning opportunity when working with staff and counselors facing similar issues.” And then in bold letters it said, “Please check as many of the following boxes as apply; Enuresis, Encopresis, Incontinence bladder, Incontinence bowel, wear protection night only, wear protection full time.
I checked incontinence and wear full time. In the space for notes I wrote, “Mainly bedwetter, but have occasional day accidents so I use protection full time.” I took the application out to Mom and asked her to look it over.

She read over it, nodding her approval until she turned it over to the second page. “Accidents? What’s accidental about deliberately peeing your pants? That’s not entirely honest, is it, Todd? ” Mom asked.

“No ma’am, not exactly.” I admitted. I knew it wasn’t perfectly truthful, but I hadn’t really thought of it as too dishonest.

“Well since Mr. Tucker admired you for your honesty and your forthright nature.” she gave me a look, “Don’t you think it would be all the more unfair to lie to him?”

“I guess I didn’t want to write down I just like wearing diapers during the day, too.”

“Well, you don’t have to put it so flippant, Todd. There are ways of saying that you just like them that doesn’t sound so glib! Couldn’t you have said that you have nighttime problems but wore them during the day for additional security? On the other hand, you could have just simply put bedwetter, wear full time. That way you are honest, no one will really question that, and if they do, at least they will know where you stand. Besides, Mr. Tucker might not see your enthusiasm for diapers as a bad thing; he might be hoping your enthusiasm will wear off on the other campers and make their situation a little more bearable for them. It might be important for those children to know an older kid who not only wears diapers but also sees something positive in wearing them.” Mom paused but only briefly, “Some of those kids probably see diapers as a curse and you might help them to see otherwise, or at least show them it’s no big deal!”

Boy, did I feel about an inch tall when Mom was done with me. I took the application back from her, went back to my room and printed another copy, which I then redid, putting that I was a bed wetter who chose to wear all the time. It wasn’t that I was trying to lie the first time; I think I was just afraid he might not want me if he thought I was a ‘diaper boy’, if he even knew what one was.

I gave Mom the application with the revised changes and she said she would drop the application off on her way to work tomorrow.

It took me forever to fall asleep that night, between the excitement at being a camp counselor, school ending for the summer and Kevin and I having patched our friendship up, I was just a bundle of nerves