New Mobile Skin

For those who use it, whether by choice or because it’s forced on you by the board’s builtin mobile detection, you’ll notice a few changes. The most important ones are:

Timestamps on posts - No more people claiming the mobile skin as an excuse for necro bumping posts because you can call their asses out on it now as 100% of the skins now definitely show a time stamp :smiley:

PMs are more accessible

The Unread Topics/Unread replies pages from the full site are now fully available in the mobile skin

New posts are more more obvious. Not all mobile browsers (notably some LG feature phones) would show the red text indicating something was new.

If your mobile browser supports it, files can be uploaded if they’re a supported file type.

And finally, totally not important in any way, but the Who’s Online now shows in the mobile skin.

Re: New Mobile Skin

Oh! I almost forgot. One very important difference: If the board sends you to the mobile view automatically and you know the full site is perfectly usable on your device you can easily switch to the full version :slight_smile:

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I’ll have to try the mobile site. I was using Tapatalk, but their latest update has made it a pain in the ass to get anywhere.

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Between the recent updates fucking up the UI and the 3 security issues I found they refuse to acknowledge or fix officially I’m ready to kill off Tapatalk support. The fact people actively use it is the only thing keeping me from killing it actually.

And before anyone panics: I patched the security issues on all the boards on the server myself, so they’re not vulnerable. It was literally a single improperly quoted value being sent to the database allowing an SQL injection that allowed accounts to be made and bypass moderated posting.

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I’m still on Tapatalk classic - they posted the apk the first time they made drastic changes to the UI. I recently thought that the new one couldn’t be that bad, but I was wrong. It’s bad, and its only useable with the classic version.

Re: New Mobile Skin

Ah, so you’re the source of one of the random errors :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I have the misfortune of having to have both the free and paid versions of Classic + the current one installed in order to provide support (and don’t get me started on iOS and Windows Phone versions, no, really, don’t)

Re: New Mobile Skin

So an update on the new mobile skin: I had a few reports of issues with the login form not working. Of the 29 people who reported issues, only 3 replied when I asked for additional information making troubleshooting the real issue difficult. As a result I have implemented a workaround instead.

The one thing all the people who responded had in common was they were seeing the issue on Samsung devices running the official Touchwiz based ROMs.

I am going to continue to look into this issue so if you were having issues with the login form, please let me know as I am going to be setting up a separate test board to try and track down and fix this issue along with a few others.

Re: New Mobile Skin

How do I use the mobile skin? Or how do I know when I am?
Taptalk is horrendously slow and my phone isn’t even that old. (Moto x 2013)

The font is just too tiny to read with the default site on a phone screen. I’d love to give Tapatalk the finger.

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Smart phones don’t get the mobile site by default. You can force it one of two ways.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page the Wap2 link will switch to it. Easier way is to type

The mobile site has almost no images and is mostly white so it’s pretty obvious, but the mobile site will also always have wap2 in the URL except on some very specific devices where it’ll say imode instead :slight_smile:

Re: New Mobile Skin

Okay, thanks.