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Hey guys! I am pretty new here. I have been a long time lurker this is my first post. My wife and I actually do a lot of DS play, but on occasion we engage in ageplay.

I love some of the stories here and have been lurking for about 5 years.

Well, the main reason I quit lurking if I am totally honest is that I am looking for someone to commission to write a story. But I could not disipher where to place a message like that or if it was even within the rules.

If it isn’t, mods feel free to delete this.


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What kind of story, how long, and is it fan fiction?

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I am willing to take a commission. I want semi-pro rates.

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No fan fiction. I have a very loose outline and that is it. No sex scenes with children (in fact all the characters in the story are adults).

What are “pro rates”? My wife buys spanking e-books for $5 each, is that considered a “pro rate”?

At any rate, let me check out some of your work and I will get back to you guys!

Thanks so much for the responses!!!

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Pro rates are 5 - 8 cents a word. I don’t charge that much.
Semi-pro is 3-5 cents a word. I will take 3 cents. This includes editing. Samples provided on this site in the story section are just written and thrown up as is. We can also negotiate on a rate but that might have a minimum wordcount.

I have the same rules as Kita. I also don’t write “sissy” stories. Not good at them and have no idea how to get my head into that type of character.

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While I have no idea what kind of writing style Write and Left has, I can tell you that if you’re looking for a competently done sissy/LG story, Kita is the best choice for that.

I tend to write epic narratives where diapers are more of a side focus.

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Yeah, not looking for a sissy/lg thing either. Just a husband/wife that decide to age play one day. Although of course there would be some embarrassment for him, but nothing overtly sissy/lg.

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Then depending on your preferred style, I think any one of us would do fine.

@Write and Left-

3 cents a word is pretty steep. I don’t know if it’s standard for semi-pro rates or anything but considering the average page has about a thousand words, that’s like 30 bucks a page, and for a modest 10 or even 5 page short story, that’s ridiculously expensive for a diaper story.

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I made about 30 bucks for an 1100 word short story, so I guess that is about right.

@ original poster

I said we could work something out. I am reluctant to charge a fee per page, because we all played that trick in school with font sizes to get our essay to fit into a certain page count. I charge a steep price because I am the one providing the service. I can set a ceiling and a floor on the price for the story, but I really want to charge enough to make it worth putting my other projects on the back burner, because if I write the story I will give it my undivided attention. Also, since it is a commission, I am giving world-wide exclusive perpetual rights to the entire story and the characters, meaning the buyer has the copyright and can sell the story to as many people as he or she wants. Those rights costs.

Read some of my stories on the story board. There are some short stories in there including one from a short story contest we had here one year. For short fiction look at A Visitor to Triton is my only story with a male main character,3970.0.html (Keep in mind that it is science fiction.) and My Successful Date in Diapers,3982.0.html (That is not science fiction and has a female main character.) I can do romance, which is what it sounds like you are looking for.

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Yeah, I remember when everyone caught on to that stuff. The amount of time it took to write a paper went way up.

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I use standard manuscript format. That is one inch margins and double space, Courier New font, size 12. My pages average 250 words. I like it that way because I can get a word count by counting pages. If it needs to be presented in any other format, I can always make it that format. Besides publishers like that format.

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Thanks guys, I think I will give Kita first chance. I sent you a reply Kita, but I am not sure if it sent, I can’t tell.

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It is really hard to tell if it sent. lol

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I thought you would pick her. If you read my samples, then she is probably a bit more than what you wanted. I hope you read my samples.

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I did read them. Very nice work. It was just a decision. Nothing personal. You are a brilliant author.

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From a more practical standpoint the price is equally ridiculous.

Two very capable authors, both equally capable of the particular subject in question. One would charge $300 for 10 pages, the other would charge $5.

I think Kita might be selling her talents a little short and could easily get away with two or three bucks a page instead of just 50 cents, but still, $300 versus $5 for two authors who are equally competent at what they do.

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I would pay $1 per page. $2 might be pushing it. $3 would be too much. Also, if I planned on selling it (and had a market for it) then I might even pay more, but for my private collection that would be a bit much. I know professional authors that get paid by the word (most of them in text book and newspaper writing, but some in fiction) and $.05 a word is VERY good pay, I don’t know of any who get more than $.08 (although the fiction writers get a cut of sales sometimes, and usually an advance, signing bonus type thing).

In addition I am giving Kita the rights to the story in perpetuity so she can change the names/a few details and post it on for sale type sites.

Plus, I tend to be a generous tipper with good service. :wink:

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No worries. I am not upset about not getting the commission. Kita does good work. In fact, what I write isn’t like what you said you wanted. Kita writes that kind of stuff.

I quoted the semi-pro rates by SFWA standards. I know that a diaper story really shouldn’t make as much money as a short story in Azimovs or the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, which pay 5 to 8 cents, so I just set it lower than that. It was a guess anyway. I was offering perpetual world rights in all media as well, which a magazine only takes first world serial rights.

Besides, this was Kita’s idea, so I thought it would be fair for her to get first dibs on any commissions. Setting the price as high as I do ensures that there is competition, but still let’s Kita do her thing.