New Badge Added

So, some of you probably have already seen this, but if you have a story posted in Stories or one of the subs you now have a shiny new Writer badge.

Now, a bit of a note here. There are in fact 3 of these badges. Only the bronze is currently enabled to keep Discourse from overly spamming you with notifications because the silver and gold versions have special requirements.

When you meet the requirements for the silver version it removes the bronze version and replaces it with the silver. The gold one does something similar in that it will revoke both the bronze and silver before replacing it with the gold.

So what happens if you meet the requirements for the gold one? Well, if you meet the requirements for the gold Writer badge once it is enabled it will also make the Author badge available that has some special additional requirements.

What are those requirements? I’ll be posting those later. :smiling_imp:

For the silver version of the Writer badge:

  • 5 posted stories
  • the first post must have at least 5 reactions/likes

Gold Version:

  • 5 posted stories with at least 5 reactions/likes OR 1 story with 150 reactions total AND
  • at least one of the reactions must be from a @staff account.