Never Have I Ever - Ch. 5

Never Have I Ever
The Tale of Samantha Wynn

Chapter 1 – Drinking Games


“Hey Shawn, instead of just sitting here drinking tonight, let’s play a game!” I squealed and patted his arm in excitement.

“Alright babe. Remember I’m kinda fried. It was a long week. I don’t have a lot of brain cells left. Nothing hard. Yeah?” Shawn Billings warned me with a smile on his face.

“K. I wanna play a drinking game. So it’ll be perfect!” I told him squeezing his arm and tugging on him excitedly.

“Let’s watch a movie we’ve seen a million times so we don’t have to concentrate on it!” I jumped up from the couch, and padded over to our DVD collection swaying my ruffled ass seductively.

I looked over our book shelves turned DVD library. We didn’t really own any books between the two of us, but I had a couple of old bookshelves when he’d asked me to move in.

We ended up keeping them and filling them with our DVD collections. We have a great stock of movies, Shawn had the complete Spawn series of comic books, and I had all three The Walking Dead compendiums. That was the extent of our printed media.

I have a ton of Disney and other cartoons. I love the old movies The Flight of Dragons, The Last Unicorn, and The Secret of NIMH. I looked over all of our DVDs trying to decide what we needed to watch. My eyes landed on The Flight of Dragons and the old title brought a smile to my face, but I was looking for something more on the adult side of things that night.

We have everything separated by genre, so most of my stuff was in one bookshelf and his stuff in the other. A twenty-six year old girl and a twenty-nine year old guy don’t need a section of kid’s movies or vintage cult cartoon classics section, but we had an impressive one!

I shook my head looking over the DVDs, like I often did. It was stupid to stand there. It was like someone staring at a McDonald’s menu. If you have to read the menu, you’re in the wrong spot.

I remembered when I moved in and Shawn insisted on putting his Dragon Ball Z collection on the cartoon shelves, but I’d insisted on the drama or action sections. He got kind of instant, so I had backed off and told him it was ok because it was animated.

I justified it to myself so I didn’t have to concede to his will. I’m a strong independent twenty-first century woman and all that, and I don’t need no man telling me what to do! But I sure do hate conflict. So I practiced my favorite conflict resolution technique. Avoidance. Makes the world go round!

But there wasn’t any conflict tonight. Nope we were totally on the same page this time. There’d be nothing this weekend, but sleeping-in-bliss ahead of us. We had groceries, I had our laundry done, and it was cold enough to keep us inside most of this weekend.

I had visions of epic lounging, binge watching TV, and deepening my relationship with the man of my dreams. It was going to be epic!

“Uh, Wild Things, The Princess Bride, or The Never Ending Story?” I asked stacking the deck. Like there was any choice!

“Well, that’s a no brainer baby.” Shawn chuckled.

I didn’t bother asking. I mean Neve Campbell kissing a chick. Hell, that even gets me going! It was perfect! We’ve seen it so many times that the plot was meaningless and it was just softcore porn.

“Movie time!” I sang skipping into the room smiling at my own cleverness.

“Listen Hon, if I asked really nice. Like batted my eyes and everything, would you fix us some popcorn to go with the booze?” Shawn begged me.

“Anything is possible. We’ll just have to see. Lay some beggin on me!” I teased him.

Shawn lit on a full-fledged Roger Rabbit pweeze spitting all over the place. I just smiled at him and got up and went to the kitchen. I tossed him the hand towel from the sink and started some popcorn.

“Use that new Carmike popcorn salt baby!” He bellowed at me.

“Ooo! I forget about that. Great idea. I love the internet!” I sang out the last line.

I grabbed some Dr. Pepper, water, and Smirnoff. I wanted a good buzz, but I didn’t want to be so drunk I pissed myself, or blew the night by hurling everywhere! To do that I had to stay hydrated. I knew that meant a ton of bathroom trips, but we all make sacrifices…lol

It took a few trips to the living room to get everything settled. Shawn thanked me profusely. To the point his gratitude was making me a little uncomfortable.

Geez, it’s just a few snacks. You’d think I brought him a million bucks er somethin.’ I blushed humbly.

“It’s nothing honey.” I told him pawing at his arm in dismissal. I started the movie and skittered off to our bedroom to change into something both more comfortable and more revealing. I was practically giddy with excitement.

I changed into a pink lacey teddy. My tiny chest and luminously pale skin were only just visible through the lingerie. I giggled at the excessive side-boob in my full length mirror. I pulled the matching pair of sexy shorts up my legs to my size eight waist. I turned my lacey ruffled butt toward the mirror striking the pose from the little girl on the old Coppertone suntan lotion bottles minus the puppy and the partial moon.

I felt cute, bubbly, and sexy. In short, I felt terrific. I raced back to the living room and pounced on my end of the couch smiling like a lunatic. I guess I was gone longer than I thought cause Shawn had paused the movie at the opening scene already.

My energy was infectious and brought a sexy lopsided smile to my tired man’s face. He’d put in like sixty hours again this week. The bank was working my honey buns to the bone. He hadn’t been to the gym in like a month.

I’ll give him all the exercise he needs this weekend.’ I thought devilishly.

“Alright. Angle you’re smile has got me. We’ve been dating almost two years and living together for what like four months? And, still you seem so excited to see me. I tell you it just makes me excited to get home to you too.” He told me melting my heart.

We had our first kiss of the night with me on all fours on the couch and him sitting in his well-worn spot. It was a fun sporty kiss and I loved it like I loved him. If I had a tail, I swear to God it’d have been wagging I was so damn happy.

God, I wish he’d just ask me to marry him. I’d agree with my very next breath.’ I smiled at our future and turned to face him on the couch.

My shorts were loose around the crotch and I was flashing him my hair free personal places. I was going for seductive and happy not slutty, so I went with occasional shows instead of just full on frontal nudity. Besides, my clothes had a point too.

I was having a blast and so was Shawn. I’m not a super skinny girl, but I wasn’t too self-conscious. Shawn did a fantastic job of making me feel terrific about myself. My lacy top helped me sit around showing off, but giving me some cover on my slightly insecure places.

“Ok! So. We are going to play my version of Never Have I Ever.” I told him.

“Alright.” He said patiently prompting me to continue with his goofy lopsided smile.

“Ok, Never Have I Ever is more fun in a large group, Right? Right.” I continued after answering my rhetorical question.

“So we are going to play it a little differently. You know spice it up a bit. If you ‘Have Ever’, you have to drink like normal. The twist is, if they ‘Have Ever’ you get to ask a question about their ‘Have Ever’ and they have to answer truthfully.” I told him.

“I’m going to call this Never Have I Ever Truth or Dare.” He laughed.

“Ok, so it’s not super clever, but it drags it out a little and we might learn some new stuff about each other.” I told him smiling.

“Oh wait. There’s more. You can refuse to answer up to three times, but every time you refuse, you lose some clothes. Gotta be totally naked at three though! First one naked looses!” I tugged my top, bottom, and socks.

“Never Have I Ever Truth or Strip?” He tested the long name smiling.

“I like it! I’ll go first.” He said staring at me.

“Never Have I Ever – Been Arrested.” He asked getting into the spirit.

Shawn knew I had a clean record, but I’d never told him I’d been picked up when I was underage. I’m sure someone had, probably mom. I was only twelve, and it was taken off at eighteen. Still, I was honest about the fact that I was picked up and took my drink.

It was embarrassing, and he’s been pestering me about it for years. Who wants to tell their hopeful future husband that she was arrested for stealing from a convenience store? Even more embarrassing, I got arrested for stealing a package of diapers!

Re: Never Have I Ever - Ch. 1

I liked it, I’m not usually a fan of a-couple-sitting-in-a-room stories but this one’s gone over well enough.

A lot of typos but I didn’t feel any grammar issues.

Re: Never Have I Ever - Ch. 1

I feel like I’ve read this before… This exact story. The girlfriend has some past that he uses the truth or dare game to get her to expose or something of that nature. The girl is either a former bedwetter or is already an ABDL.

If I’m wrong and this is just a structure I’ve seen before, then I apologize.

Re: Never Have I Ever - Ch. 1

I have posted this story on other sites before. I only just recently finished it and thought I’d share it here.

Never Have I Ever - Ch. 2

[SIZE=5][B]Never Have I Ever

Chapter 2 – Ha concentrate now mister.

I took my drink from my shot glass like a big girl. I did it slowly trying to buy time. I needed to think. I had to give a diverting answer, or I’d just have to lose my socks in the first round. After all, I had my lacey top, bottoms, and socks that’s not a lot of options!

I licked my lips like I was in a porn flick trying to distract him. As an added seduction, I also inhaled letting my girls give their best performance behind the lace.

I wish I could admit to having been in a gang or something. It’d be fucking easier than telling him the truth. Diapers aren’t sexy to everyone. Hell, it’s been a little over two years and I still haven’t told him.’ I did everything I could to appear sexy, but inwardly I sighed resigning myself to defeat.

In the end, he just raised an eyebrow. Yeah I’m sure he was turned on, but he knew I would put out regardless so my flirty diversion hadn’t really succeeded. I decided on losing the socks, and leaned down seductively slipping out of them without even telling him I wasn’t going to answer his question.

“One dodge down, two to go baby. One day I will find out what happened between you and the cops.” He chuckled.

“Huff, probably so. Till then, I deny all knowledge of the event. How about temporary amnesia or insanity???” I giggled at him lightening the mood with the tinkle of my laughter.

Temporary insanity was pretty close to the truth actually.’ I thought smiling.

“Bah, my turn.” I threw my hands in the air. Two could play at this game. Shawn had hinted around at some weird childhood games he used to play with his cousins. He went for the jugular instead of keeping it light and merry. I could play that game too! I just smiled.

“Never Have I Ever – showed my intimate places to an immediate relative intentionally.” I sniggered at my precise wording.

Shawn gasped and then joined me in my totally inappropriate awkward laughter. He took a slow drink from his shot glass. “How’d you know? Did Alice tell you?” He stuttered around the strong alcohol.

We don’t drink very often, so this weekend was a treat for both of us.

“No. I guessed. You always ‘almost’ tell that story when she’s around, or one of you will act super awkward. There are only a handful of reasons a girl will turn that particular shade of red when a guy is around Shawn.” I laughed.

“Ok. You’re a clever girl. Years we’ve kept that secret.” He sighed.

I just waited to see if he’d tell the story. He didn’t. I smiled and asked my question since he didn’t just remove any clothes. Clearly he was ready to talk, but wasn’t going to start without me actually asking about it.

“Why were you intentionally naked in front of Alice?” I asked patiently. I wasn’t judging yet, weird shit happens when your young and your hormones start firing.

Says the girl who got picked up shoplifting a package of Luvs. I can do open minded.

“We were both fourteen. We were swimming at Grandpa’s little lake cabin. We were talking about stuff, and ended up showing each other our uh… assets. Alice’s mom sort of caught us. It was super fucking awkward.” He took a voluntary shot for courage.

Weee! I got my answer and dodged his question. I’m pretty sure I’d have lost clothes over that one though.’ I thought.

“Well, I’d have done about anything to have seen you naked at that age too.” I told him in full honesty.

“Though it would have been super creepy, since I was like ten or eleven.” We laughed as I diffused the slightly tense situation.

“Ok, my turn.” Shawn smiles.

“Never Have I Ever – Looked at weird porn on the internet.” Shawn said laughing.

  • And then everyone in the whole damn world took a shot…lol –

“I mean seriously Shawn…lol.”

We both paused and looked each other in the eye. Slowly a smile spread across both our faces. Then we both slowly drank. I waited for Shawn’s questions like he had on his turn.

“What is the weirdest porn you’ve ever looked at on purpose on the internet?” He asked me.

Nicely played sir. Mental Note – don’t start with the heavy hitters if you want this to last very long.’ I thought at Shawn’s precise wording.

I started to stutter and pause, but I impulsively went for broke.

“I like to watch pretty girls fuck their bed posts. I’m not gay or anything, but I like to watch women in porn more than guys. For some reason that really gets me going. Oh and when they fuck the gear shifts in their cars.” I paused and he just stared. “I don’t know. It gets me going. Also, I’ve never been in a position to do either of those things. Nor have I ever had a real life desire to be with a girl.” I shrugged.

I tried to be truthful and specific hoping it would be enough, but in the spirit of the future I felt compelled to at least say my other fetish out loud. After all depending on your stance, the car thing might be weirder than the diaper thing… Right? Seriously… Right?

I also like to look at big girls wearing diapers.” I whispered trying not to die from embarrassment.

Dammit, he went straight for nuclear bombs! Oh Shit. I didn’t want to tell him about that. Any of it really. Still, it is bringing us closer.’ I thought remembering my original goal.

“What was that last one baby?” He asked for clarification wearing a curious shit-eating grin.

Awesome, he hadn’t heard me!’ I cheered internally. ‘Denial time!

I took off my bottom’s leaving me in just the lacey top. I wasn’t going to fully answer his question because it would lead to the biggest skeleton in my closet. I didn’t think I was ready for that. It left me losing some clothes if I wanted to stay true to the game. Not to mention, giving him my two other big kinks!

Shawn played fair and motioned that it was my turn to ask him the inevitable question.

“What’s the most socially unacceptable thing you’ve ever watched?” I asked both dreading and giddy with anticipation of his answer.

“I… Fuck it. I am taking off my pants, socks, shoes, and shirt. I’m counting that as two unanswered questions. I feel like I owe you more than one penalty.” He teased.

Damn, I’m going to have to circle around to that one again. At least I partially answered!’ I thought.

“Potty break. And, you only owe me one!” I told him chugging some water. After all, I didn’t want the game to end too soon.

When I got back I smiled at him, “Never Have I Ever – Had sex in public.”

I didn’t drink, but Shawn did.

“We aren’t even going to pretend to watch the movie are we?” He laughed.

“Yeah probably not, let it run though. Question time!” I clapped.

“Where did you have public sex?” I asked.

“Have you ever been so young and horney that you did something you’d regret forever?” He asked me while not quite answering my question.

“I have.” I didn’t elaborate, but I tossed him a mercy smile sympathizing with him.

Church Camp.” Came his whispered answer.

“Oh Shawn.” I busted out laughing. I put my hand on his thigh. “How could you do that?” I couldn’t help the giggles they just wouldn’t subside.

“I know it’s wrong and all, but the irony is friggin hilarious. I bet you signed one of those abstinence pledges at the same church camp didn’t you?” I pegged him with a serious look.

I was a shark with blood in the water! Shawn looked like he wanted to crawl back into his own skin and disappear. I needed to redirect this whole thing because this wasn’t going where I wanted it to. I didn’t want him embarrassed. I wanted us open, happy, horney, and closer to each other.

“Look babe, I’m not mad or upset or even all that put out. It’s just, that was like Saturday Night Live skit level funny.” I giggle.

His face softened. “Go ahead and make fun of the promiscuous church boy you felon!” He teased lightly trying to shift momentum back to his side.

“Hey, I’ll have you know that I’m not a felon. I have no convictions or even charges on my record. Thank you very much! Hell, it wouldn’t have been a felony anyway. It wasn’t worth that much mister sex demon!” I defended smiling at him.

“Wait! It wasn’t worth that much? What in the hell? You freaking stole something didn’t you!” He gasped.

I crawled onto his lap and laid my bare wantonness against his legs. He promptly forgot his question! I was bare from the waist down and Shawn only had boxers on. So vagina on thigh did the trick!

I leaned in and kissed his worries away. We rocked and petted and played, but didn’t make any effort to remove each other’s clothes. We each had one remaining dodge.

Shawn was kissing around my neck being careful not to leave any hickies that I’d have to explain as “owies” to a classroom full of first graders on Monday. Then he whispered in my ear.

Sam, I love you so much. You’re the only one for me. My little thief. One of these days you’re going to tell me. I promise you that.” Those sweet somethings trickled into my hyped up brain while his tongue worked magic on my ear. I almost willfully didn’t hear the threat part and focused on the sexy things.

We made out for half the movie before we could settle down enough to continue the Never Have I Ever – Sam Edition game. Shawn sat me down beside him and spread my legs open like a butterflies wings. He wanted to be able to see the prize while we played, but maybe the finish line was the more correct term?

“You know Sam. It’s my turn. You know that, right?” He asked.

“Yes, sir!” I mock saluted. We passed the dominate personality pants around all the time. I liked it balanced and so did Shawn.

“Never Have I Ev…”

“Wait!” I interrupted. I came off the couch leaping into a dead sprint for the bathroom. Can’t take any chances when you’re sitting bare-ass on the couch!

I took my time and retouched my makeup before leaving. I cleaned my half naked dripping wet body. Then, I padded back into the living room after stopping by our bedroom for the pink lace collar I was now wearing.

It was an impulse and I went with it. I padded back to the couch on my tip toes. I turned around with my ass to Shawn and bent over straight legged on my tip toes to pick up the water bottle from the table.

Ha concentrate now mister.’ I chuckled at my own deviousness.

I took a drink and then sat back on the couch the way I’d left. Only I sat the clear water bottle between my legs sort of covering myself. I smiled at the fun house affect that it gave my butterfly.

“Never Have I Ever – Peed myself since age five.” Shawn rattled off like he’d had no brain cells to think with and the most recent thing that had happened was my bathroom break. He just got lucky that it was a dangerous line of questions for me.

“Sorry, I just thought I’d tease you a bit. You’ve been to the bathroom half a million times since we met. The chances were pretty good.” He apologized primitively.

I just laughed. It was true. I was always in the bathroom. I decided to answer this one. I took a quick shot of the vodka, but didn’t volunteer any information. I just smiled demurely at him waiting for his question. I wasn’t giving any freebees. I was only going to answer whatever he asked.

“When was the most recent time you wet yourself after the age of five?” He asked regaining some of his composure. No wonder he managed his branch of the bank! Talk about cool under pressure.

Damn it! Can’t dodge that. Naked or not. That’s what it all boils down to. I’m not going to lose, and I wanna play longer!’ I decided.

Last week.” I whispered.

“I didn’t catch that baby.” Shawn leaned in taking my breast in his hand and nibbling on my neck.

He slid his head down the vee of my cleavage, “Tell me again sweety, I couldn’t hear you.”

“Last week Shawn.” I told him as clear and assertively as possible. Which, as it turns out, was very soft and unsure.

“Baby, why did you wet yourself last week?” He asked kissing around my collar bone.

“Nope.” I said, my actual assertive playful personality returning. Didn’t have to answer that one boy-o!

“Never Have I Ever – Had sex with my cousin.” I shifted the conversation again. This game had turned out to be all offense. This was kind of dangerous fun just like I hopped it would be. It was nerve wracking but fun. Like a roller coaster.

Shawn fidgeted a little bit and took a drink.

OMFG! Ok bright-side, not as bad as immediate family, but damn. That’s kind of fucking gross! Said the girl that would like to be wearing a diaper fucking her car…lol’ I fought to keep my inner dialogue off my face.

We both paused, and gave a nervous laugh reaching for our alcohol. I laughed at the synchronized discomfort. Shawn tried to, but coughed around his shot.

As long as he’s not still fucking her, I guess I have to let that shit go. But ewey…

I decided to get things back on track. I took a drink of my water and then started rubbing myself with the thin crinkly mostly empty bottle. I was really attracted to the noise the plastic was making.

Never noticed how much that sounds like a diaper before.’ I thought.

Shawn smiled and cleared his throat, “Listen Sam, I’ll be honest. We were sixteen and Alice and I ended up at the same senior party after prom. Our dates ditched us since we were so young, I guess. Anyway, I ended up taking her home.

She’d had quite a bit to drink and was dancing in the truck to the radio. Anything can turn on a sixteen year old guy. I mean anything. Shit, sometimes it happens without a stimulus. They just go off all by their selves!

She was super-hot in her prom dress and drunk enough to bring up the incident at the lake a few years earlier. By the time I took her home she’d swallowed my load and I’d fingered her to a couple orgasms.

We don’t talk about it. It’s definitely the elephant in the room. In fact, we don’t talk much at all anymore which is a shame. She was one of the only extended members of my family that I got along with.”

I hadn’t stopped rubbing myself with the water bottle. It had creased and folded a few times and had some aggressive edges. I licked my lips and kissed Shawn. Despite being way off my moral compass, that story got me hot. I’d never do anything even remotely like that, but that didn’t mean it didn’t sound sexy.

“Answer this one babe, and we’ll have no worries.” I nodded at him and continued to stroke myself.

“Never Have I Ever – Cheated in this relationship.” I laid it all bare. This is the big one. Every girl wants it answered, but the potential is always terrifying. Plus, you have to trust the other person’s answer completely.

I was pretty sure he wouldn’t lie to me after admitting to some inappropriate cousin-lovin.

Re: Never Have I Ever - Ch. 2

It gets a little confusing in Chapter 2 between which lines are Samantha’s internal thoughts, and what she’s saying out loud. Maybe italics for internal monologue, or check and make sure you’re consistently using single-quotes for one and double-quotes for the other?

Re: Never Have I Ever - Ch. 2

Actually, internal is single quote and italicized in the original. Didnt catch the format drop. I’ll clean it up.

Re: Never Have I Ever - Ch. 2

To be honest, the visual difference in this font and size between one and two marks is pretty minimal. It’s enough for the functional grammatical meanings to be conveyed where needed, but I’m in agreement with PeterRabbit: it would be far better to us italics for thought…or nothing at all…than single quote marks.

Re: Never Have I Ever - Ch. 2

Thoughts are now Single Quoted AND Italicized!

Re: Never Have I Ever - Ch. 2

Never Have I Ever

Chapter 3 – Last Round

We both stared at each other in breathless anticipation. If one of us took a drink, this would go south in a hurry. If neither of us drinks, this game was likely over. Naked gymnastics would follow immediately. All restraint on my end would be out the fucking window, and I was positive that he’d be putty in my hands.

“Sixteen year old stupidity I can forgive.” I committed. Hell, he didn’t know why the police picked me up. I’m sure he can imagine worse shit than fingering his hot willing cousin, but damn that’s high up on my ‘Not-So-Much’ list.

“I have never, and would never, risk you on some other girl, or anything for that matter.” Shawn told me earnestly.

I probably didn’t have to say anything, but I wanted too.

“I’d never step outside of this relationship on you Shawn. NEVER EVER.” I added with honest fervor in a sing-song voice.

We stared at each other for a tender moment absorbing the certainty in our eyes. I felt my last walls crumble as I opened myself fully to the relationship. All the corners of my hear were now his.

And just like that, my switch flipped.

I went from kitten to wildcat. I was all over him. Every time my pussy touched him, my hips bucked involuntarily. My nails scratched his chest and back while I devoured his mouth. Shawn’s hands were all over me too. They were in my hair, up my top, nearly bruising my tender chest. My ass and my pussy never stood a chance.

I turned my back to him and ground my ass onto his dick through his boxers. I like anal. I know, weird right?

I don’t get off from it, but for me it’s every bit as arousing as playing with my nipples. Shawn knew that. Turns out, we were both really into it especially teasing me back there. I love it when he rubs and touches my ass with his dick. I even like the partial entry tease. That’s even more fun for me than full penetration. Well, it’s more fun most of the time. I kept myself hair free and super clean for times like this!

Shawn’s hands drifted up my sides sliding under my top and cupping both my chest again. He kissed my neck like a vampire starving for a meal, devouring me. I think he may have even bitten me!

It all felt delicious I assume I tasted pretty good too if his hips were any indicator bucking between my cheeks. If he’d have sprouted a third arm, a single touch to my damp core would have set me off.

Shawn violently nibbled and applied arousing pressure my breasts. I responded by driving my ass hard onto his clothed member. If he’d have been naked, I’d have taken him balls deep in my ass challenging my own assertion that I couldn’t get off form anal!

I was crazy turned on. Wanton.

My new liberated heart trusted him completely allow my lust to drive uninhibited. My side of our relationship grew two sizes that day! Our resistance burned away in faith, lust, and love. It was sort of beautiful. We panted and giggled and kissed while we made love to each other.

I kept him just inside my ass as I leaned up and pored us both another shot. I passed one back to him.

“Last round Shawn. We win or we win, either way two more questions and all the clothes come off. I need you in my ass honey.” I said pushing down into him.

“Keep that up and I will be, clothes be damned.” He laughed.

God I love this man.

“Whose turn was it? Mine I think. I never want to talk about Alice again. You good with that?” He asked.

“Yeah, babe. I ohh… I get it. Hey, turns don’t matter anymore. One question each then nakedie time!” I told him while he tweaked one of my nipples.

“Was that your deepest darkest most closely guarded skeleton?” I asked him grinding again.

“If something ever happens to me, format my pc without looking at anything in there. There’s stuff that turns me on to look at or read, but that I’d never ever follow through with. It’s probably best you never know… Other than that yeah, that’s it babe. There’s nothing left to hold back, you have all of me. No more secrets.” He told me.

“Anyway, Never Have I Ever –“ He started.

Here’s where it really started to get kinky.

The movie quit playing and a commercial rolled onscreen while I ground my bare ass onto his boxers covered dick. Worse yet, it was a Pampers Cruisers commercial. Those commercials are practically mental wonderlands for those of the ABDL community.

It was like watching a snow globe of pure happiness being swirled up and handed to me.

The little girl on the screen toddled around squealing in happiness chasing a puppy around the kitchen island. The mother and father held hands over cups of coffee watching their little dog and little girl run around. His floppy ears looked hilarious in slow-mo and her fully wet diaper held on like a champ with cute little toddler designs. It was like visual chocolate, mental crack.

OMG! I wish that was me!’ I screamed internally.

I started rocking harder and harder against Shawn. ‘I swear to all that’s holy! If this commercial doesn’t end, I’m going to have a fucking orgasm with Shawn’s clothed member barely up my ass!

My violent thrusting and heavy breathing distracted Shawn from his original question. I screamed and bucked against him until I did actually have him in my ass an inch or so clothes were in-fact damned… Ha!

He didn’t make it in very far because there was too much friction. I shuttered impaled on my boyfriend watching a diaper commercial.

Now who’s fucked up Judgey McJudgey Pants.’ I chastised myself instantly forgiving him completely for finger banging his cousin.

Never Have I Ever – Worn a diaper after I was potty trained.” He whispered in my ear while I tried to recover from post orgasm semi-consciousness.

Oh God, he’s so clever.’ Turns out that’s a turn-on for me too!

I didn’t even hesitate. I drank. After all, it was a diaper I’d wet last week. It was a package of diapers I was detained for. It was diapers I wanted. It was diapers that were the last skeleton in my closet. It was diapers I’d just anally abused myself to. It was diapers on my mind, and maybe his too.

I just continued to give him his million dollar lap dance, but it wasn’t enough anymore. I stood tugging off my top off and pulling his dick out of his boxers. I sat back down lubing him thoroughly with my natural wetness before trying the rear entry again. But, he asked his follow up anyway using his super focused mental powers. What a question it was too.

“Oh shit, baby that feels so good.” He told me.

“Will you wear a diaper for me baby?” He asked with the head of his dick in my very happy ass.

Fuck! He didn’t ask me when, or why, or how long, or any of the questions I’d have asked. He just went with it.’ I ground onto him feverishly.

“Every time you want me to Shawn! I’d fucking love to.” I told him still full of lust and working up to a second orgasm.

“Never Have I Ever – Been turned on that my girlfriend likes diapers.” I said standing up and reaching behind me to pull his underwear off entirely. Since he drank quickly I asked my last follow up of the night.

“Would you find it hot if I ran around the house like one of those kids in those commercials? All topless and in a crinkly diaper meant for a ‘Girl On the Go’?” I asked as I took him in my dripping wet pussy.

I thrust against him a few times before pulling back and easing him all the way in my back entrance. I found a good footing between his legs with my spread a bit too. We thrust against each other our timing in snyc. He fondled my left breast and pussy with his hands. I was heating up to a second orgasm quickly.

“Yeah, I think I would. I mean I wouldn’t know for sure till you did, but it sounds fucking hot my little Samantha. Wee Sam. Tiny Sammy.” He told me biting down on my neck again and working me over with his right hand. I thrust hard against him and played with my own right breast running my other hand over his hand that was taking care of the left one.

I came a second time yelling “Sammy!” It sounded like desert in my ears. It wasn’t long until we got off together again, and our tensed muscles relaxed. My several to his one, that’d keep me coming back for years! Randomly one of us would grind against the other keeping Shawn from fully deflating allowing me to enjoy the full feeling.

“I think I made a mess on the couch honey. That was the best!” I told him swiveling my hips on his manhood.

“I could probably use a diaper tonight. All this has to come back out sometime.” I giggled squeezing my muscles against him.

“I think I’d like that Sammy. Let’s go get you settled, and we’ll come back and watch that Dragon movie you love so much before we call it a night. Drink lots of water baby. I don’t want your head hurting tomorrow. You don’t drink often.” He reminded me.

I could almost feel his sly smile. That wasn’t the only result of a lot of water.

I don’t know what’s on his hard drive, but whatever it is makes my diapers acceptable to him, so I’ll just let that curiosity die. Shit, does he want me to pee my diaper too?

“You know Shawn, I don’t care what you look at or read as long as nothing could end up putting you in jail. You know what I mean. Age stuff or what not. I can’t lose you! Ever!” I told him in complete confidence of my decision.

“I promise baby. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. I don’t talk to girls online either. I read or watch stuff, but that’s it. I promise.” He told me as I eased up off his softening cock.

I ran to our bedroom on my tip toes squeezing my ass cheeks together trying to keep his deposit in the bank as it were. I pretty much giggled the entire way! Shawn pulled up his underwear following me into the bedroom with a manly ‘I’ve Just Been Fucked’ swagger.

“Babe, would you mind grabbing the pink hat box under the bed for me?” I asked him.

“What’s a hat box?” He asked.

“Ha, just look. It’s the only pink circular box under there.” I told him.

“Hurry honey. I can’t hold this forever. I’m going to make a mess here. They never film this part for porno’s and the home movie stuff always cuts off after they get off…lol. Nobody wants to see the aftermath. Haha.” I giggled.

“Never thought about it, but if it’s not specifically part of the movie they do skip over the cleanup. Speaking of cleanup, I didn’t think I’d be changing diapers until we had kids Sammy.” He chuffed out a laugh.

I kid you not, I froze board straight and I almost cried. ‘He wants to have kids with me. He’s already thought about having kids with me! OMG! HE FUCKING SAID HE’D CHANGE MY DIAPER!!!

I’d long ago lost all hope that I’d have a supportive partner like that. I’d fuck him again for that if he wasn’t about to diaper me! Everybody knows that’s how you really tell a man you love him…haha! But, there was no way in hell I was derailing this train on purpose.

“Help me get it unfolded and under me. I’ll take care of the rest. I’m flexing like a bitch here. If I let up, I’ll be making a wet spot on the bed.” I smiled.

Shawn took a Luvs out of my hat box. I hadn’t gotten to wear much since we moved in together, and I’d had a shipment delivered just before I boxed all my stuff up. I’d used all my premium diapers already, and these were the last of diapers in my stash. They weren’t the best fit, but they were so damn cute!

I had been prepared to give it ALL up for Shawn.

He smacked my hands, “You know Lana is younger than I am. I changed her diapers when I was a kid. Plus, she already gave me a niece. We’ve sat her before. I have so got this!” Shawn told me with no hint of the week’s weariness in his voice.

I wasn’t really in a little space so I didn’t have a little girl answer, “Sir, Yes Sir.” I saluted.

“Silly girl.” He told me taking my hands and folding them on my stomach below my chest.

He slid the diaper under me and I rested my tense ass on the fluffy piece of heaven. I released some of his mess into my diaper. It was a new and truly awesome experience. I couldn’t believe how accepted I felt sitting there in a cummy diaper that my one true love was taping on me!

He had me secured in no time. I’m a small girl. That’s why I taught first grade. Teens would have eaten me alive! I’d have been horrified to have been bullied as an adult… lol

Huh, I usually have to wiggle around more than that to secure these little things.’ I thought deciding it must just be a ton easier to have someone do it for me. ‘I haven’t been diapered by anyone else since I was four.

It was amazing. I’d underestimated how much this night would mean to us, how much it was going to mean to me. Shawn was great with his niece, and I couldn’t wait to be on the receiving end of some of that attention.

Shawn ran a finger along the leg gathers between my thighs. Turned out he really did know how to take care of a baby girl. I was thrilled.

“Don’t look so surprised. You and Lana practically sent me to diaper boot camp before you two took off for groceries at Thanksgiving. I’m pretty sure I should have a printed certificate from the school of ‘That’s How You Do It Right’. Speaking of, where’s your powder and oil baby?” He asked.

Re: Never Have I Ever - Ch. 2

That shouldn’t happen if you’re using the default posting interface. It should keep all your formatting intact with the exception of changes to the font face. Out of curiosity what browser are you using?

Re: Never Have I Ever - Ch. 3

Chrome. But the basic formatting worked today when I posted ch3. I don’t know… Gremlins?

Re: Never Have I Ever - Ch. 3

I suspected as much. It’s probably related to this issue.

Re: Never Have I Ever - Ch. 3

Good story so far not my usual taste but this is well written so i kinda wanna see where it goes. Tangent time Why is it always chrome that messes up things seriously why? I’ve had the same sorts of issues on sites i manage, does google insist on giving us all migraines. End tangent

Re: Never Have I Ever - Ch. 3

I’m in a similar place as BrownOwl, in that this isn’t my usual taste, but well enough written, and with an interesting enough premise that I want to see where this goes for now.

Oh, I found “sense I was four”. Only typo I spotted.

Re: Never Have I Ever - Ch. 3

This short was originally written to be a single scene rather than a full on story. However, I was asked to continue the story and thankfully supplied with a goal for the newer portions. I’m working up the framework for several more chapters. In the mean time, here is the original ending as it is currently written.

Never Have I Ever

Original Ending

“I don’t really use the powder anymore. The news keeps scaring me about ovarian cancer, but I do still use the oil.” I took a breath. “I hadn’t intended to tell you about this skeleton Shawn. I was using them up sparingly. These were to be the last. I was going to give up my diapers up for you.” I told him pulling a pillow from the bed over my face trying to hide behind it.

“Don’t worry about me Sammy. I’m a bit drunk and well fucked, but you look fuckablely adorable in your little diaper.” He told me patting my crotch. “I’m gonna crash soon, like super hard. Wake me up if you need a change babe.” Shawn said crawling into our bed.

“Shawn, that’s not even a word!” I laughed.

“It should be! You are every bit fuckabely adorable. Seems like you need a bigger diaper though… Those are sure cute though huh?” He asked me earnestly trying to break me free of my embarrassment.

“Yeah…” I said blushing as I stood. I dragged my toes across each other like a nervous girl wringing her hands.

He pulled the covers back moving my pillow up next to his. Shawn patted the bed next to him battling a mighty yawn. His eyes close with a smile on his face falling asleep instantly. I dutifully took up my role as ‘little spoon’ curling up next to him in bed. I wrapped his lower arm under my neck and pulled it across my chest to cuddle with. I shoved the pillow between my legs so my back wouldn’t hurt in the morning preparing for my first diapered night with my love.

I sighed in comfort when Shawn’s hard sleeping breathes against my hair picked up. I reached back and smoothed my hair out so it wouldn’t tickle his face. I took a moment and just listened to him. He doesn’t snore exactly, just breathes really loudly. Me, oh I snore! His loud breathing relaxed me so much I was suddenly yawning despite being ridiculously happy. Just moments before I’d have sworn I couldn’t fall asleep for ages, but I was wrong.

I feel asleep in my man’s arms diapered for the first time with a partner. Hopefully, he’d be my last partner too!

Never have I ever – Dreamed I could be this happy and whole.

Yeah, I’ll drink to that.

Re: Never Have I Ever - Original Ending

For what could be written off as a sexy scene, you certainly wove in a nice element of suspense. The ‘trading of blows’ could have lead this almost anywhere, and thus, kept it interesting.

As the others said, well written. My personal preference is to use non-quoted italics for internal thoughts. I had to re-read a couple bits, but it isn’t a deal-breaker.

Re: Never Have I Ever - Original Ending

I think it might even be fun to see Sam get Shawn to experience being diapered at least once.

It will take some time to get to this request, but there’s been more than one convert to padding introduced by a lover!

[SIZE=6][B]Never Have I Ever

Chapter 4 – The Morning After

“I don’t really use the powder anymore. The news keeps scaring me about ovarian cancer, but I do still use the oil.” I took a breath. “I hadn’t intended to tell you about this skeleton Shawn. I was using them up sparingly. These were to be the last. I was going to give up my diapers up for you.” I told him pulling a pillow from the bed over my face trying to hide behind it.

“Don’t worry about me Sammy. I’m a bit drunk and well fucked, but you look fuckablely adorable in your little diaper.” He told me patting my crotch. “I’m gonna crash soon, like super hard. Wake me up if you need a change babe.” Shawn said crawling into our bed.

“Shawn, that’s not even a word!” I laughed.

“It should be! You are every bit fuckabely adorable. Seems like you need a bigger diaper though… Those are sure cute though huh?” He asked me earnestly trying to break me free of my embarrassment.

“Yeah…” I said blushing as I stood. I dragged my toes across each other like a nervous girl wringing her hands.

He pulled the covers back moving my pillow up next to his. Shawn patted the bed next to him battling a mighty yawn. His eyes close with a smile on his face falling asleep instantly. I dutifully took up my role as ‘little spoon’ curling up next to him in bed. I wrapped his lower arm under my neck and pulled it across my chest to cuddle with. I shoved the pillow between my legs so my back wouldn’t hurt in the morning preparing for my first diapered night with my love.

I sighed in comfort when Shawn’s hard sleeping breathes against my hair picked up. I reached back and smoothed my hair out so it wouldn’t tickle his face. I took a moment and just listened to him. He doesn’t snore exactly, just breathes really loudly. Me, oh I snore! His loud breathing relaxed me so much I was suddenly yawning despite being ridiculously happy. Just moments before I’d have sworn I couldn’t fall asleep for ages, but I was wrong.

I feel asleep in my man’s arms diapered for the first time with a partner. Hopefully, he’d be my last partner too!

I woke the next morning stiff from staying in the same position for hours. You know, it was those nights where the sleep is really fulfilling, but you pass out and come to hours later in the same spot. I was sore all over.

I cracked my eyes open ignoring the sticky feeling my allergies caused. The sun immediately caught my attention and hurt my damn head. Hangovers suck!

“Arghhh!!!” I grumbled at the audacity of the sun to shine in my face. How dare the world continue to rotate while I had a splitting headache!

I drug a throw pillow across my face and moaned again. I wasn’t ready to face the world and I hadn’t been lucky enough to weather last night’s fun without a blistering headache. I wanted coffee, water, my headache to go away, and to pee all at the same time. I think each item may have had the same priority. I pressed my palms into my eyes threw the little pillow.

Shawn grumbled into my hair, “Mhhhm, Morning babe. That bad eh?”

“It hurts Shawn!” I mumbled into the throw pillow doing my damnedest to block out that piercing sunlight and hold my brains in my head.

“Those fucking birds are using megaphones!” I growled.

“No they aren’t Sammy.” Shawn chuckles.

“You sure? Sounds like they are shouting and riding freaking jackhammers!” I whined submitting fully to my mood.

“This is why I don’t like to drink. When I feel better, it’ll have been worth it. Till then ‘I’ll never drink again’ cause this is fucking retarded.” I vowed.

“Of course you will, but probably not until you forget this morning. Last night was amazing.” He told me leaning in to kiss me.

“It was amazing. God, my ass is sore.” I giggled wiggling my mood shifting with the memories.

“Morning after never makes the pornos either.” Shawn belly laughs.

“Pfft, I know it. No way those skinny chicks walk around normal after the pounding you gave me last night. I’ll be a bow legged cow girl all day. Not to mention bitchy cause of the hangover.” I laughed softly.

In some respects, it was cool with me that we didn’t address the padded ass in the room with our first breathes of the day. In fact, I didn’t really think about it until I noticed the ache in my ass. I wiggled to see how intense the pain was going to be today, and heard the crinkle and felt the padding drawing my attention to my diaper.

I started rolling toward the far end of the bed so I could get up and go to the bathroom to change. Shawn’s hand interrupted my plans. He palmed my diaper covered butt pinching at the material. I smacked at his hand and rolled to sit up.

“Where are you going baby?” He asked me.

“Well, pee first. Then I need some Excedrin. There’s a marching band doing a warmup in my head. I’ll chase the aspirin based pill with some Ibuprofen in a few hours and stager them until this shit clears. That ought to keep the headache at bay. Well, the meds and all the curtains in the house need to be closed before I woke up!” I huffed.

“Well, I can get the curtains, but why are you going to the bathroom? You do use them right?” He asked me confused.

“Uh… Yeah?” I asked still working through the fog of my headache and waking up.

“Baby, you’re wearing a diaper. I told you that I’d change you. Just go. I mean can you? Are you too big of a little girl to use that one? It is sort of tiny…” He laughed.

“No, I mean yes. Er… no. I… Uh… if I go slow, it’ll will be fine. If I let it rip, I’ll make a mess.” I sagged back onto the bed.

“Then do your business so we can get breakfast going! I’ll close the blinds and get you some medicine and water Sammy. I’ll be right back.” Shawn told me letting his hand trail down my back before standing.

He is an incorrigible morning person… Bleh! Shawn followed through with his offers of hangover mercy closing the blinds and leaving the room. I was left lying on the edge of my side of our bed. It hadn’t been ‘our’ bed for very long at all, just a short four months. The shock of his insistence wore off after Shawn closed our big double window in our bedroom and then sauntered off toward the kitchen.

Still, I couldn’t decide how to wet which added to the dream like feel of my situation. Should I stand up, stay lying down, sit back up, squat, toddle off to the bathroom and just let it all go, or what?

There were so many different options! I have worn diapers at every opportunity that I could all my life. Sometimes, it was years between tapping myself in padded bliss. Sometimes, it was only moments before I was blissfully re-padded. I have diaper trained myself in the same way I have potty trained myself.

I like to think of my potty training as fluid (pun intended). When I’m in panties, it’s a “letting go” situation which is only natural on the potty. If I’m wearing diapers, I have to concentrate to hold it in, especially if I have been wearing for a while in a row.

If I’m wearing panties, I’m in full control, but in the bathroom all the time. It wasn’t an awesome trade off! Nothing’s wrong medically, I’ve had that checked. I just don’t have a lot of capacity.

He said he’d change me! Oh Muh Gwad! Shit, I’m getting cold. I need socks. My mind continued to flitter from thought to thought. Focus has never been one of my strongest abilities!

I got up smiling. I relaxed while I was getting up and a little urine escaped to the freedom of my diaper. I felt the urine puddle and then quickly wick away into the padding. I love that. The thirsty diaper felt dry again swiftly. I did a dorky super happy dance to celebrate the situation.

Then I immediately put my hand on the dresser to steady myself. My eyeballs swam around in my head causing my equilibrium to swim with them. When my head cleared, I reached down to the second drawer pulling out a black pair of knee socks with goofy little kitties on them.

I wet a bit more as I bent over. I resisted the urge to do another happy diaper dance. I was elated to switch off the controls so to speak. I was still holding back a bit so I didn’t flood the whole diaper, but not much.

I fished around in my top drawer selecting an animated kitty shirt. I slid it over my head on the way to the bathroom. It was one of my “night shirts” since it came down to mid-thigh. I let myself pee on the way spurts escaping as I walked.

By the time I made it to my bathroom sink, I’d emptied my morning bladder into my diaper. I brushed my teeth and rinsed out my cottonmouth. I pulled my brown hair into a bouncy ponytail and flicked my bangs into shape.

Looking in the mirror, I decided that I looked presentable enough. My bikini sized diaper was sagging a silly length down my hips, but hidden by the top. I tried on a few cute looking faces staring at the mirror and then headed back to the bedroom. I know, I’m like friggin four!

I toddled back to the bed thinking, Bet I gave myself long enough to safely sit on this thing.

I sat down gingerly relishing the feeling of my squishy diaper. I pressed it into my ass and my crotch smiling in bliss. I reached down cupping my flower. I was happy, but had a growing sense of “the other shoe hasn’t dropped.”

I don’t win stuff, raffles to freaking hopscotch. Meeting Shawn, staying with him for so long, and moving in with him had been pushing my luck outside its comfort zone. Revealing diapers to him, and him not posting something nasty on Facebook and kicking me out didn’t seem possible. He simply accepted me. It was so huge!

I couldn’t get my head around it.

I lay back in our bed my head landing on my pillow with a bouncy giggle. I tugged Shawn’s pillow in front of me and smelling it. His pillow smelled like a slightly sweaty Shawn. I loved it, but there is a fine line between yummy slightly sweaty and ewe! I giggled again his smell making a mental note to do the sheets soon.

I couldn’t help but imagine what all the little rug-rats in my class would think of Ms. Winn laying here in her childish clothes and infantile underwear. I couldn’t stop myself. I imagined myself in diapers fulltime and how I might accomplish it.

Would I want too if I could? Yes, Yes I would! I pondered.

My imagination ran down pathways that were entirely unlikely, but completely desired. One path, I was getting married in a diaper under my wedding gown. While staring at Shawn, he would whisper to me asking me if I was wet. I’d nod and we’d laugh.

In another, we’d get a puppy. I’d truly emulate the commercial with my man leaning against the table in our kitchenette. He’d smile at us. Zeus would be a chocolate lab who would be all paws and no coordination. He’d slip and slide around our hardwood floors looking for traction. I’d chase him in sock feet laughing my ass off. Shawn would just sit there and smile at our antics.

I put my thumb in my mouth and rolled onto my side pulling my covers back up. I closed my eyes against my future dreams and that horrible sunlight. My mind drifted over the past, present, and future thoughts slipping through my brain like phantoms in the wind.

“Sammy, Hey Baby. Wake up honey. I wasn’t gone that long!” Shawn laughed.

I rolled back over onto my back looking up at the man I loved.

“Did I fall asleep?” I asked in disbelief.

“Guess so. I wasn’t gone that long though. Hey, I brought you some orange juice! Oh and a couple brown sugar poptarts!” He told me excitedly pulling a TV tray from behind his back.

“Tone it down there Lassie. Timmy will be fine for a while, but poptarts and OJ sound amazing.” I reached for the plate with gimme hands.

“Not so fast. I got something for you. Did you make something for me?” He asked in a teasing voice.

“I brushed my teeth for you!” I giggled lightly.

“That’s not what I meant. God, are you oblivious or just having fun dragging it out of me?” He asked with a casual look of seriousness on his face.

“No.” I said puzzled.

“Fine, guess I’ll just have to check for myself.” Shawn said putting my breakfast-in-bed down on the nightstand.

He jumped up onto the bed landing on his hands and knees catapulting me up in the air a good six inches. I flipped over onto my hands and knees too, but the covers didn’t fall off me. Shawn had to pull the covers back in order to check my diaper.

“Hold still you wiggly thing.” He laughed while I waggled my ass around.

Shawn pulled the hem of my nightgown up over my diapered ass poking and pinching the saturated garment. Satisfied with his discoveries, he grabbed both of my ankles and flipped me over onto my back. He’d sat everything up beside me while I was still asleep, but our roughhousing had knocked my baby oil onto the floor.

Shawn laughed again reaching over the edge of the bed for the baby oil. I had a flash of him leaning over the edge of the bed in boxers or shorts with a large diaper underneath. I would be able to see it from his leg holes and peeking over the back of his waistband. The image caused me to giggle.

“Soggy butts are funny to you huh Sammy?” Shawn pretended at indignation.

“No but a dry one sounds amazing! And, I want my poptarts!” I said flopping onto my back crossing my arms over my chest totally pouting and loving every moment of it.

Shawn smacked at my leg getting my attention and pulled me close to the edge of the bed. He made a good effort at changing my diaper. I got cleaned me up and secured in a dry diaper quick enough. I wriggled back up the bed lying against the headboard as Shawn hands me the TV tray. He’d brought my OJ in a metallic sports cup with the pop up lid.

“You know these are just really adult sippy cups right?” Shawn teased.

“Give that a lot of thought did you oh wise one?” I barbed.

“Of course, besides, I’m the adult around here. You better watch yourself missy.” Shawn tried at the authority figure role with only a little success.

It was cute and endearing. I appreciated the effort. I wasn’t sure I wanted that from him, but he didn’t push it too far. I don’t think Shawn was that comfortable in the daddy role. Frankly, we both had stressful jobs. We looked forward to getting home and still acting like the twenty somethings we are.

“Well, I’m dry and eating breakfast in bed after my ‘Adult’ changed my diaper like a good boy. Fine, if that’s what it means to be the kid around here… sign me up! You can be my ‘Adult’ all you want honey.” I laughed stuffing half a poptart in my mouth sounding like The Cookie Monster.

“Long as we both know our roles, I suppose we are good. Throw on a skirt or something and I’ll meet you downstairs after my shower. We’re going out to get you some Sammy sized diapers. Those are all fuckabley adorable and all, but I don’t want to clean up puddles!” He laughed grabbing a pillow.

Shawn stood up grabbed a pair of fresh boxers and turn to launch the pillow at me mischievously. He knocked my plat off the TV tray scattering crumbs of poptart on the bed and in my lap.

“Shit, sorry Babe. I’ll clean that up later!” He laughed.

I must have looked hilarious because I could hear him mutter “Worth it” as he walked away.

Re: Never Have I Ever - Ch. 4

Never Have I Ever
Chapter 5 – To the Store

I ended up cleaning the crumbs off the bed anyway. I wanted to wash the sheets and pillow cases, so it was six to one half a dozen to the other! Dumping everything in the washer, I left the laundry room skipping to our living room.

I plopped down on the couch puffing air into my cheeks. My bangs fluttered against my forehead while I exhaled loudly. I’d left my nightgown/t-shirt on and simply added a mid-length denim skirt. My outfit consisted of two kitty related items, a denim skirt that just peaked out below my top, and my long-ish shirt that only left a few inches of the denim visible. I felt pretty fucking cute.

I looked like a twenty-one year old sensible woman who was trying to look like a fourteen year old girl. One who was holding on to her childhood a little too tightly! I suppose in some ways I was. I giggled behind my hand and reached over to the arm of the couch for the remote. I could hear a faint crinkle from my diaper as I shifted my weight from one hip to the other. The sound made my soul smile.

I surfed around o the TV running the channels until I found the new Spiderman cartoon on one of the Cartoon Network channels. I crossed my legs sitting Indian style waiting on Shawn. I was completely totally comfortable. I put my thumb in my mouth and let a little urine loose in my diaper.

“Damn Girl. Earth to Sammy!” Shawn said waving his hand in front of my face.

“Huh?” I looked at him confused, but not pulling my thumb from my mouth.

“Babe, I’ve been calling your name for a few minutes. Space out on me did ya?” He asked rhetorically.

“Sorry hon. Did you know they made a new Sipderman? It’s The Ultimate Spiderman er something like that. It’s pretty cool.” I told him keeping my eyes on the TV slurring my words around my thumb.

“Well, I’ve been trying to get you to leave for like five minutes Sammy. Are you ready to go?” He asked me.

“I mean… Yeah… I guess…” I hedged.

“Shit. Sam how much time is left on your show?” Shawn sighed figuring out my reluctance instantly.

I paused the TV, “Uh… Says five minutes, but we can go now. I don’t even know what season this is.”

Shawn threw a hand to me and helped me up. I heard the crinkle of the diaper as I stood.

It still sounds amazing! Wonder if he could hear it. I thought standing up and peeing a bit more. Forgot how leaky I get after wearing these things for a while straight.

I laughed at that. Shawn just looked at me like I was crazy for laughing at myself.

“Did you hear me getup?” I asked.

“You’re not that old Sammy.” He barbed thinking I was talking about creaking joints.

“I know! GAH! I meant, did you hear my diaper when I got up?” I asked him slapping at his arm.

“Nope. TVs on, but it’s not too loud. Get up and down a few times. Let me see if I can hear you when I’m trying too.” He instructed.

I sat down and got back up three times clearing hearing myself each time. The TV was only on like setting twenty-two of fifty. It wasn’t very loud. It didn’t really do anything to drown out the diaper crinkle, at least for me.

“Nope, I was focusing and didn’t hear it. Guess you just have ‘tuned in’ ears.” He lauged.

“Guess so. Where are we going? Want me to drive?” I asked getting my purse.

“No! You know I hate you driving that thing! Gets like negative gas mileage.” Shawn laughs.

“Hey be nice to Big Red. He can kick your car’s ass!” I defended my 2002 F150. “He gets every bit of fourteen miles to the gallon on the highway and eleven in the city!”

“IT”S NOT A CAR!” Shawn whined at the top of his lungs falling back on his old argument.

I ticked off points on my fingers, “All right little boy… Four Doors, Hatchback, No truck bed, Seats 24.3 clowns… TOTALLY a car!” I teased falling back on my own old argument.

“Well, my manly car gets twenty-three miles to the gallon!” He laughed taking my arm and dragging me toward his parking spot.

“Your grocery wagon can get us around town like a dollar cheaper, but I have a bigger gas tank! Less stopping! I win. Trucks rule!” I giggle as he opens the passenger side of his car for me.

“What?” I turned and kissed his cheek, “I don’t get to drive?” Then I busted up cackling while he walked around and got in the C.A.R.

In a long suffering voice Shawn replied, “Hell no you don’t get to drive my truck. I like my fender dent free!”

I changed his radio to the pop hits channel in retaliation.

“Low blow man.” I said in a deep voice, “Who’d Al call when he bought that sofa?” “Who?”

“Me. Well, me and asked me to drive your truck. You’re about as useful as paper in a pool for moving.” Shawn threw back.

“Lord, on fire today aren’t you. You stay up all night getting this conversation prepped?” I asked him teasing. I was used to the upper hand in our verbal sparring.

“You just sit quiet, look pretty, and don’t worry about anything! Even the potty.” He told me with a sexy growl in his voice.

“OK.” I shuddered flushed with the excitement rolling through my body.

Shawn reached over and ran his hand up the inside of my leg. I grabbed his arm and tugged his hand toward my diapered lady bits. Spreading my legs, Shawn traced the gathers on the baby diaper and then pinched around my exposed undergarment. He looked over and smiled.

“Sammy, you’re already wet!” He said in fake exasperation.

“Shaaawwwnnn!” I whined. “I just sort of just go when I’m wearing. It’s like I’m potty trained to use em.” I nodded.

“Potty trained to use diapers? That’s a new one, but it’s ok Sammy. I told you I’d change you if you needed it and I meant it.” He said adjusting his crotch and headed toward town.

“Shit!” I said suddenly a few blocks down the road.

“What babe?”

“I don’t have any more.” I said softly.

“It’s ok Sam. Our first stop will take care of that.” He said.

“Where are we going?” I asked for the millionth time.

“Wal-mart first. Then maybe breakfast or lunch or something. After that, I don’t know. I kinda wanted to buy my little Sammy something special today. Maybe a movie later if there is anything playing that we give a shit about. Hell, we may even swing by my sister’s place. We never really go anywhere anymore. I’m usually so tired.” He admitted. “I miss my niece.”

“You’re not tired today?” I asked my thumb slipping into my mouth.

Shit. I don’t think I want to be every-fucking-where today. This diaper sure won’t last. Lana will freak if she catches me.

“Somebody rode me hard and put me up wet last night. I slept like a baby.” He laughed at his pun.

“One of us did.” I countered laughing at my own.

“So, is it ok if I ask questions? Or, are we just playing this thing by ear?” He asked seeming to be afraid of hurting my feelings.

“I don’t know. I have never really talked about this with anyone. I mean in my head, sure, but not out loud with other living breathing people. I guess it’s OK, but it will feel uncomfortable no matter what.” I told him.

“Ok then. I don’t guess I really need to ask anything right now. You just be a good girl for me. K?” He prompted.

“Sure hon.” I replied.

We hit the Wal-Mart parking lot. Shawn dropped me off at the door like he always does cause he’s all sweet and stuff. Today though, he parked his car and met me inside.

“Can you stay awake in here?” I teased him.

“Meh, I’ll crawl into the cart if I get too drowsy.” He laughed taking my hand and driving the cart one handed.

“Thought the diapered one got to ride the cart mister?” I giggled.

He looked at me cocking his head sideways, “You might fit… leg holes would hurt though. Those sexy legs are larger than a two year olds! Let’s go.”

I dropped my purse in the cart and tagged along closely as Shawn moved on whatever mission he was on. He is a stay in the car kind of guy. He usually drops me off at the door and naps or reads in the car until I’m ready to go. Then he picks me up a little way from the door and helps me load the car before running the cart back for me. He’s a sweety!

He looks up at the signage and reads each one like it’s the first time he’s been in here. He sees whatever he’s looking for and heads off in that direction.

Probably is his first time in here four or five months that’s for sure!

We are standing in the housewares area looking at the thirteen gallon trashcans. He’s sat three of them up. Each had a foot levered full lid. Shawn closed and opened them all repeatedly. I bit at my pinky nail watching him do whatever the hell he was doing unable to pin point the final goal. I felt a little more pee turn to gel in my diaper. I started nibbling on my pinky nail more than a little concerned with leaking.

“We adopting one of these, or you just petting them all?” I finally asked.

“Funny Sammy. Just be a good girl and don’t wander off. Here.” He said handing me my phone from my purse.

I crossed my toes in my sneakers praying that these diapers held more than I thought they would and watched him set one trashcan back getting a new one down. He finally made a decision and took my hand again. We wandered off down the fragrance aisle. My eyes watered and I kept sniffling back a sneeze. My nose is sensitive!

Shawn grabs some talc Fabreeze and a few stick-on time release discs. We circle back around to the bathroom stuff and Shawn looks around for some new bath towels or something. I sort of quit paying attention cause… Candy Crush!

Ever notice how much easier it is to pee standing up? Huh guys? Well, it is for me too, and I wet a little again. I crossed my feet back and forth fidgeting and secretly checking my diaper with my thighs. I was getting pretty soggy in those low capacity baby diapers.

That OJ is running straight through me! I thought.

“Those are pretty!” I said as he threw four rose colored large full-body bath towels and a whole wad of wash cloths into our cart.

Shawn just smiled at me while steering across the pathway toward the food section. We were low on a few things, or so I thought.

Instead, he threw some poptarts (my morning favorite!) into the cart along with some fruit smiles, goldfish crackers, and the mixed box of name brand chip bags. He was grabbing all my favorite snack foods. He topped it off with a huge box of movie butter popcorn!


Driving through the beverages, Shawn grabbed some green tea for me and a package of the blue coolaid squeeze bottles with the twist off tops. He smiled at me and crossed behind the housewares into the baby stuff.

Ah! My man remembers everything!

“Uh… I need some baby oil Shawn.” I stuttered.

“I know Sammy. I got this. You just do your phone shit.” He patted my arm.

There was a mother in the aisle that scowled at Shawn, but she didn’t have her kids with her. He threw a couple things of baby oil in the cart. I laughed.

Guess she’s one of those who don’t cuss even when the kids are at home. God, that much oil will last forever.

The lady left us alone in the aisle and Shawn moved the cart down in front of all the diapers. He was reading the packages and comparing the prices like a coupon cutting price conscious shopper, he certainly wasn’t.

Yeah, that was more my role. Shawn just marches into a store straight to what he’s looking for, finds the right size or manufacturer, and then marches right out to pay for it. Well, when he doesn’t just order it online anyway!

“Interesting reading there?” I asked trying to move this along.

“Phone.” He grunted at me bending down sort of dismissing me.

I stopped playing my game as a mix of emotional buzzing flittered into my head while watching him shop for MY diapers. I could pull off the Goodnites and Size 7 Cruisers, but that was it. I wasn’t a small girl. If my hips weren’t still pretty narrow, I wouldn’t be able to get into those either. Not that they fit wonderfully. I had ass cheek acreage chilling in the air conditioning as it was.

Uh… These aren’t what I normally wear.” I whispered.

He picked up a box (A BOX!) of the sevens, “This is what you’re wearing now.” He said that same voice level causing me to die of shame in the middle of the aisle in Wal-Mart. He was totally certain he was right.

Yeah, but. I don’t wear them cept at the house and they don’t hold anything, and they are horribly unflattering.” I pointed out whispering again.

“Bull. You look amazing Sammy. Don’t worry about that. I love you just the way you are.” He answered perfectly then blew it all to hell. “Those diapers look amazing on you too.” Again with the room temperature voice.

I’m just going to crawl into a hole and die. I thought dramatically.

“I usually buy the ones I like online.” I told him at the same level finding a little tiny bit of my backbone.

“Well, an internet order isn’t going to do you any good today is it Sammy?” He asked me reasonably.

“No.” Was all I got out before he cut me off.

“Then, these will do for this weekend right?” He asked throwing the box into the cart.

Shawn took my empty hand. The other had found my mouth again for me to chew on my fingernails. I don’t do it often, but had several times already that day. Shawn likes long fingernails. It’s a turn on for him, and it was a good excuse for me to kick my bad habit.

I took my hand out of my mouth and scooted closer to Shawn holding his hand with both of mine forcing myself to stop nibbling. We circled the aisle and made our way back toward the main path. I sort of lingered a second or two in front of the pacifiers.

“You want one of these Sammy? Good, chewing on your nails is a nasty habit.” He asked me in clear range of three carts of people.

I just nodded.

Again, Shawn stood there reading all the packages. He flipped several over reading the back and checking sizes until the found a 24 month nuk. It was yellow with a giraffe on it. They aren’t my favorite, but it was the one he picked out for me.

A conscientious shopper, my Shawn.

My mouth watered looking at it in the cart. I’d never had one before preferring to just suck on my thumb. But, there couldn’t be a cuter image in my head than me sitting on the couch in tall socks watching TV diapered and sucking on a pacifier. My heart warmed along with my diaper covered area.

“This will do. Bet I can get you a bigger one online. You can get anything online.” He said walking off.

Yep. Anything. I thought and had to jump to catch up to him.

I did everything in my power to avoid eye contact with people on the way out of the store. We’d been lucky for a Saturday at Wal-Mart. Normally, I see everyone I know in here. Shawn had waved at a few people, but didn’t stop to talk which was fine with me!

We checked out in the self-checkout and headed toward his car together. We loaded the car and Shawn popped open the box of diapers freeing a few from one of the sleeves. Palming four diapers, he walked me to my side of his car and opened my door. I got in and he threw the diapers on my lap and walked around to his side.

“Take one, and put the others in the console Sammy. We need an ‘emergency’ stash.” He told me poking his head in from his door.

“K. Uh… Where am I going to change?” I asked.

“Good question.” He replied starting his car and pulling out of the parking spot. “Well, I’m supposed to do that right?”


“Right, so… Don’t laugh, but I think I know the perfect spot.” He said driving off.

I played with my phone and looked at the diaper in my lap. I was sort of in my own world again and not paying attention daydreaming about the crazy turns my life was taking. When the car stopped and Shawn put it in park, I finally looked up to see where we were.

“How am I not supposed to laugh!” I giggled.

“Well, no one is usually here on a Saturday.” Shawn chuckled.

He was right though. The church parking lot was totally empty!

I had a good hearty laugh. It felt wrong and right at the same time to get my diaper changed in the church parking lot. I’ve seen countless wet butts swapped out for dry ones coming and going from my truck.

“Fine but you sooo have to hurry! Like REALLY freaking fast.” I made him promise with huge puppy dog eyes.

“I promise baby, now hop out and come around to my side.” He told me getting out and opening the back door of the car over on his side.

I opted to four wheel drive over the console and stayed in the car for my trip to the second row bench seat.

“Lay down baby.” I did. “There’s my good girl.”

One ‘Good Girl’ and bingo my thumb was back in my mouth. I sighed while he wiped me off and changed my diaper. He took one of our spare Wal-Mart bags and tied up my really critically wet diaper. Come on, it’s not like you don’t have a side door pocket full of Wal-Mart bags!

“So I was thinking. Why don’t we crash Lana’s and grab Stacey to go eat with us. She’s old enough to love McDonald’s isn’t she?” He asked.

“Your three year old niece will flip her shit if you swing in and take her to McDonald’s.” I told him smiling while I scuttled up to the front passenger seat again.

“Let’s do it.” He laughed.

“Need me to drive old man?” I teased him.

“Don’t worry about me. Sass me too much and it’s the back seat for you missy!”

“Fat chance of that! I’ll diaper your ass, put you in the back, and drive your car to get your niece. Then you can pay for lunch while we ladies play in the ball pit! What do you think about dem apples?!”

“Well, I’m driving regardless.” He laughed.

“Wait, you’d let me diaper you?” I asked.

“Don’t know. Let me think about it alright?”

“Sure.” I told him with lovely visions of sitting diapered on the couch together holding each other watching a scary movie.

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