Need some PC Help...

…preferably in layman’s terms that a simple dude like me can easily understand.

Okay, my CD Drive on my PC died. I try to open it using the open/close button, but it comes a tenth of the way out and goes right back in. I tried the manual open (the itty bitty hole under the tray), which got the tray open. Cool, right? Not so much. It won’t read the disk at all (it’s a music CD I was going to back up onto my external hard drive, like I do all my music). I tried rebooting my machine twice, going into safe mode, everything I knew to try, I tried. I even updated the drivers for the drive. All to no avail.

So, I say screw it. I’ll buy a new one. And I found one I like at Here’s my question. They sell two of the same drive, only one is SATA and one is IDE. What the heck is the difference, and how do I know which one to buy for my computer? I don’t want to buy one only to have to UPS it back to newegg for the other one. I’d rather get the right one the first time. So, what do I have to do to figure it out?

Need some PC Help…

Okay so you need to just match what you have in your computer now.

1st. Go to your start menu.

2nd. Right click on My Computer.

3rd. Click on Properties.

4th. Find the name of your Computer (ie: HP m8034n) Then google {name} Specs.

5th. Find what you have and get the same.

Need some PC Help…

Hybrid, you are King. It’s an IDE. Thanks!!!

Now, can you tell me the difference in the two. IDE vs. SATA. Is one better than the other?

Need some PC Help…

Hmm how to word this. Well your IDE is a basic Integrated Disk Electronic. This is just simply put, made the cost of making disc drives go down and proficiency go up. Now, mind you I’m only a teenager, and havn’t had the time to properly be able to work on an integrated system, only minor updates to my own PC and alot of research. By what I’m seeing though the SATA is thought to possibly overshadow the IDE, possibly replacing it. Unless I could physically see the connection I would say you might run in to needing a adapter for the wiring if an IDE is in currently and you want a SATA, unless you know what I’m talking about, or have a “computer guru” that can assist you I would stick to the IDE, chances are depending on your computer by the time SATA totally replaces IDE that your machine will more than likely need updating, or replacing itself. Hope this helped, and hope I explained it good enough.

Need some PC Help…

Enjoy. :slight_smile: