National Coming Out Day

So I see a lot of other people doing this for national coming out day, and so I’ll do it for myself too. I’ll come out of the closet (again) for the world-

~My name is Jaclyn Mae, otherwise known as Jackie or Mouse.
~I am transgender and pretty much identify completely as a woman.
~I’m pansexual with a heavy emphasis on femininity.
~I’m polyamorous and my fiancee, Miranda Sparks, is my primary and my goddess.
~I’m totally kinky, there’s not a lot I won’t do.
~I’m a submissive
~I’m an ageplayer and a little
~I’m a social introvert (and I prefer it that way)
~I’m a cutter (and I DON’T prefer it that way)

And finally, one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to admit to myself but…

~I’m…actually kind of a fan of the pod-racing scene in Star Wars Episode 1. Shields myself from flying debris and boo’s

Re: National Coming Out Day

Why not?

I won’t use my real name for security and professional reasons. It’s not a “closet” thing. Just being pragmatic.

I don’t go by labels. My sexuality is very fluid.

I’m single, but it would be nice to not me.

I’m kinky, but I have my limits.

On the AB/DL scale, I’m mostly a DL.