Natalie vs Kelly chapter 24

This is a short chapter here and I am thinking two or three more will be the end of this since this is no longer vs Her Parents. I just have to figure out a way to end it.

Natalie vs Her Parents Kelly

Chapter 24

When we got home, we all brought our pumpkins inside. Dad told me to take my pill and then go change my diaper. I took my pill and headed upstairs. I grabbed a clean diaper and wipes from my bag and headed to the bathroom but I had to ask my mother for the key but their bedroom door was closed again. I knocked and Mom told me she will be right out. “I gotta change and I need the key,” I said.
“Hold on,” she said behind the door.
She walked over and opened it a crack and stuck her arm out and handed me the key. “Give it back to me when I am out,” she said.
I took the key and headed to the bathroom. I wonder what they were doing in there.
I didn’t want to know. I unlocked the door and closed it. I took my pants and coat off and took my diaper off. It wasn’t even bad and the mess was small. It felt like a waste of diaper because I peed in it a little and could hold more but my dad wanted me to change because I smelled. I cleaned myself up using baby wipes. I didn’t shower this time because the mess wasn’t bad. I put the clean diaper on and put my pants back on and threw the diaper away and set the key on our dresser while Kelly used the bathroom. I met up with Matthew who was playing outside in the backyard with Skippy.
“That was so cool what you did with the pumpkin,” I said. “You made it look all real when you had it fall on her.”
“It really was an accident,” said Matthew.
“But you planned to have it fall on her,” I said.
“I did bit I tripped and the pumpkin fell out of my arms and landed on her. I didn’t plan that.”
“So it really was an accident,” I said. “But you were crying and all upset,” I said.
“Yeah I didn’t like it when Kelly wouldn’t believe me so it upset me and I cried about wanting a new pumpkin, that was the acting part.”
“What was the acting part?”
“My pumpkin breaking and not wanting a new one.”
“That was so clever what you did with your crying,” I told him.
“What shall we do next to annoy her?” I asked.
“Maybe when she is having a pop or a drink, I can squirt some soap in there when she isn’t in the room,” said Matthew.
Skippy walked over to the tree and held his leg up and peed.
“I wonder if that is how Dad goes to the bathroom now?” Matthew asked.
“I think he just stands in front of it and goes like he would at a urinal,” I said.
“Do you think this will be the end of Mom and Dad fighting?” Matthew asked.
“I hope so,” I said.
I got tired of being outside and went back inside. I kicked my shoes off and put them aside and took some of Kelly’s dirty clothes and threw them on top of the litter box. I took all of Kelly’s shoes and brought them to the garage and hid them. Even though I am not good at setting traps, I could still do pranks like hide her stuff. I picked up Mittens and took her to the den and opened one of the drawers and pulled out one of my doll clothes. I put the dress on her making her look like a cute pussy. I even grabbed the hat and put it on her. She looked like an English cat. She fussed of course as I held her and put the outfit on her. I could hear Kelly was taking a shower. I left the den and carried her upstairs. She was moaning. She really hated wearing clothes. I waited for Kelly to come out.
I heard the shower turn off and I had to wait for her to come out. I stood right there with her cat waiting. I could hear the bathroom fan going. I wonder what was taking her so long. I wasn’t sure where Mom and Dad were. Their bedroom door was open. I stood against the wall waiting for Kelly to come out. Mittens was not purring and she moaned and meowed. Then the bathroom door opened and Kelly came out with a towel wrapped on her head and another towel wrapped around her body. I stood in front of her holding her cat.
“Natalie, take those off my cat now,” Kelly ordered.
I shook my head.
Kelly locked the door and slammed it.
She grabbed her cat from me. “Put them on your own cat,” she yelled.
She pulled the dress off her cat and threw it on the floor. I was laughing.
Mom and Dad never intervened. I think they were just ignoring us.
I decided I will just keep putting clothes on her cat.
I went in my bedroom and I saw Kelly was using the computer but she wasn’t on it for now. I noticed she was talking to one of her friends online. I sat down and decided to type “I am wearing one of my sister’s diapers. It feels so good I don’t have to get up to use the bathroom.”
The response I got back was “WTF”
I didn’t know what WTF meant. “I am peeing in it right now, boy it’s warm and nice. I may do it again,” I typed.
Kelly came back in.
“Natalie, I am on it,” she said. “Get off.”
I clicked out of the chat window and got up.
I grabbed the bathroom key and walked out of the room as Kelly started to get dressed.
“What? You’re not going to throw a fit?” she asked. “That’s new.”
I waited for her reaction from her friend but she never yelled after me. I wonder why.
I noticed Mom was making some snacks. She made sandwiches. Matthew was already inside. She had two plates made.
“Natalie, I made one for you too, are you hungry?” she asked.
“No,” I said.
“Okay, it will be in the fridge then for anyone to have,” she said.
Mom set Matthew’s plate on the table in front of him. I handed her the key and she took it from me and stuck it inside her shirt.
After Mom left the kitchen, I decided to put Kelly’s name on the plate. I brought it to the laundry room and poured some kitty litter inside the sandwich. I was giggling. Then I made sure the sandwich looked perfect and the litter wasn’t showing. I took the plate back to the kitchen and put it in the fridge. I set her name on the plate and closed it. I overheard Mom and Dad talking again but this time they were not fighting.
“I didn’t like how those parents treated Natalie,” Mom said. “They were just playing throwing hay at each other and the parents got mad at her for playing and called her a bully.”
“Maybe they thought she was older and they didn’t want her playing with their children. People always think she is out of high school,” said Dad.
People always think I am older I sometimes think I have some form of aging disorder but no Mom told me it’s tough to tell with teens if they are young adults or kids because of their adult sized bodies and I have a woman’s body and boobs.
“I wanted to get her out of there so we looked at what they had in the farmer’s market” said Mom. “I never had a problem with a grown up or someone out of high school playing with our kids, those parents were just weird. The kids were telling her to stop but they continued throwing it. I didn’t like the parents so I told them they were the bullies.”
“Maybe she was getting obsessed and going overboard so the kids were telling her to stop and trying to do it back at her and she took it as them playing and that is when the parents got mad. She looks like everyone else so people are going to assume she is typical and not know she has a problem. I wasn’t there to see so I can’t accurately judge. Were the kids yelling at her getting all upset?”
“They were yelling at her to stop and she kept on doing it but they were still throwing it at her,” said Mom. “I stopped when I wanted her to stop, they didn’t.”
I came in the room and asked “When are we carving pumpkins?” I asked.
Mom and Dad stopped talking. “Today or tomorrow. We have to go grocery shopping too,” said Dad
“We always do it on Saturday and it’s today,” said Mom.
Dad sighed. “I know. We just got back.”
Kelly came in the room wearing another one of her coats. The other one was dirty so she threw it in the laundry room for it to be washed. Her hair was still wet from the shower and it was all brushed. “I am going over to the Robertas’ to watch their kids again while they go visit their daughter in the hospital,” she said.
“Okay, have fun,” said Dad.
“Fun? I am just going to work,” said Kelly.
Dad laughed. “Watching them isn’t fun?” he grinned.
“They make me play video games all day long with them, thank god they don’t make me play that dumb James Bond game. They don’t even have it thank god.”
I didn’t know why she was calling GoldenEye007 a dumb game if she has played it before.
“But I think it’s worth it,” said Kelly. “Worth the money they are paying me.”
“When will you be home?” Dad asked.
“Six or seven, whenever the parents get home and they didn’t say, they said around that time.”
“What hospital are they going to to see her?” Dad asked.
“In Vancouver. I don’t know the name of it.”
Then Kelly left the room. Few seconds later she yelled, “Hey where are my shoes, Natalie!”
Dad looked at me. I just looked at him. “Did you do something with her shoes?”
“No,” I lied.
Kelly came back in the room. “I can’t find them anywhere, what did you do with them Natalie?”
“Where did you last seem them?” Dad asked.
“In the laundry room. I can’t find my other pairs either.”
“Did you look in the closet?”
Kelly went to the closet and looked while Dad went to the laundry room.
“None of mine are in here either, Natalie!” Kelly yelled.
I was trying hard not to laugh.
“What did you do?” Mom asked me quietly.
“Hid them,” I said.
“Because she is a bad sister and she hates me,” I said.
“Go get them, I can’t stand hearing her voice,” said Mom.
I went to the garage and grabbed her shoes.
Dad came out too and saw me getting them out of one of the container storage bins where we keep Brian’s old toy trucks and other sandbox toys. “Did you put those there?” Dad asked.
“Yes,” I said,
“You big tease,” he said. Then he called “Kelly, they’re out here.”
Kelly came out to the garage and grabbed the shoes from me while Dad was holding her other shoes he took out.
“I am going to get you for this,” Kelly whispered to me angrily. “Just wait.”
She put her shoes on and left.
Then it was Mom, Dad, Matthew, and me again.
Kelly still didn’t say anything about what I told her friend. Maybe she didn’t notice, maybe her friend never said anything to her about it.
“I know you are upset with your sister,” Mom told me quietly, “but go easy on her.”
“Why?” I asked.
“I remember my own sister feud with Aunt Bridgett and I wouldn’t stop playing tricks on her and teasing her and she did the same to me. Now you’re reminding me of that with what you guys are doing to Kelly,” and Mom laughed. “It drove our mother bonkers because she had to listen to me scream and have breakdowns and tantrums and had to listen to my sister scream at me and yell and always complain to her for her to referee. My mother could never stand to hear her kids scream and make loud sounds and if we were too hyper and chaotic, it was the wooden spoon for us or the hand if we didn’t stop.”
“I thought you said your siblings were nice to you?” I asked.
“We still had our sibling rivalry and none of them made fun of me about my condition,” said Mom.
I have never been hit with a wooden spoon, why do some parents do it anyway? That never makes sense. I have had my pants pulled down and got spanked on my bare butt. It hurts a lot and it stings. I was maybe five when I last got it because I decided to throw a beer bottle and it broke so my dad grabbed me and yanked my pants down and hit me right there in front of everyone. Everyone was yelling at me about it and my mother didn’t say anything or do anything when Dad spanked me. I don’t know why I threw the bottle, the thought came to me so I did it and everyone yelled at me and dad yanked me and pulled my pants down and spanked me right there and no one said a word about it. I did cry because it hurt.

Dad was in the kitchen looking in the fridge and cupboards. “Okay, we need some more cereal, ice cream, bread, jeez we’re almost out of all of the basic stuff we eat. I did only buy one week of groceries instead of two weeks. I’ll just go now and shop and come right back.”
“No,” said Mom. “You drank and drove, I don’t trust you.”
“Then you do it,” said Dad. “Up to you when you wanna do it but I have to go to work tomorrow.”
“You keep all the money,” said Mom.
Dad pulled his wallet out of his pants pocket and opened it and took out a card. “Here, don’t blow it on anything else, only on food. You know the pin.”
“You know I only buy food,” said Mom. “I’m not in my twenties.”
“I know that.”
“You still act like I am sometimes.”
I went back upstairs and got on the computer. Kelly had turned it off so I had to turn it back on.