Natalie vs Kelly chapter 23

Natalie vs Her Parents Kelly

Chapter 23

“Natalie, what should we do to Kelly to annoy her?” Matthew asked me the next day.
“Put child things on her bed,” I said.
“We can do Home Alone,” said Matthew. “We used to play it all the time with the babysitters.”
Matthew, Kelly, and I used to play tricks on our babysitters by setting traps for them to fall into and one time we accidentally sent one of them to the hospital because she broke her leg. We were grounded for a month. I was eleven then and Matthew was four or five and Kelly was eight. We never did any traps Kevin did in the movie because lot of them are deadly so ours were never good and didn’t always work, only time it was ever successful was when Kathleen got hurt and had to go to the hospital because her leg hurt and she told us to call the doctor. We didn’t know how so she told us to ask one of our neighbors for help and they came over and checked her out and said she should go to ER. So she was taken there while Marla Harris watched us while her husband Lloyd took her to the hospital. She also called the number Mom and Dad left to tell them what was going on and they were mad at us they grounded us for a month and we were made to apologize to her when she got home. I didn’t think it was a big deal because she didn’t die, she wasn’t seriously hurt, just a broken bone she had so she had a cast.
We only did it to babysitters we didn’t like and we only liked certain ones like our brother or this girl named Bethany Limmer who babysat us until they moved.
“What traps shall we do this time?” I asked.
“We can put books on top of the doorway and play the music loud to get her attention so she would have to come in.”
“But I don’t want to upset the neighbors again,” I said.
“Not that loud,” said Matthew. “We can bake something and put something in it.”
“Maybe I can put something in it that will make her poop herself on accident but we don’t have such medicine,” I said.
We were in his room talking and we had breakfast already. I was in a fresh day time diaper but I still had my pajamas on.
“I want to see if this works, when Kelly is sleeping, I want to fill a kettle up with warm water and put her hand in it to see if it will make her wet the bed,” I said.
“Huh?” Matthew asked.
“I read it online,” I said. “I want to see if it’s real.”
“That’s weird,” said Matthew.
“I still want to try it,” I said.
“How about we put itching powder in all her clothes,” said Matthew.
“We don’t have any,” I said.
“We can put kitty litter in her food,” said Matthew.
“I can replace all her underwear with diapers,” I said.
“I can turn on the burner because she always hits her hand on the stove,” said Matthew.
“No that will really hurt her,” I said. “We want to do things that won’t seriously hurt her that will land her in a hospital.”
“Lot of things Kevin did would have landed you in the hospital,” said Matthew.
“Or killed,” I added.
“Damn, Kevin’s are awesome but we can’t do any of them.”
“Shame this is real life, not a movie,” I said.
“We can put a roller skate on the back deck in front of the stairs,” said Matthew.
“No, that can also kill you,” I said.
“Okay we’ll do it inside then.”
“No,” I said.
“How about when she is taking a shower, we turn on the water to make it hot or cold for her,” said Matthew.
“That sounds better,” I said.
“Or how about when one of her friends calls, we answer it and tell her Kelly doesn’t want to talk to her and she said she is mean and annoying and ugly and fat.”
“Cool,” I said.
“I can piss in a cup and put it in the fridge and say it’s juice so she can drink it,” said Matthew.
“Ew,” I said. “That won’t work, the smell would give it away and she would know it’s pee.”
Matthew and I kept on discussing it. Then he said he had to pee and left his room. He had to get the key from Mom to unlock the bathroom door to go. Then he came back and asked me “How does Dad go to the bathroom if Mom won’t let him use them?”
“Outside,” I guessed.
“Just like Skippy.”
Mom and Dad were also gone for a little bit this morning and I was left with the key so Matthew and Kelly would have to get it from me if they needed to use the bathroom until they got back. They came back with a couple bags but wouldn’t tell us what they got. Mom collected the key from me and they went in their room together.
“Our parents are acting different,” said Matthew.
“Is that good or bad?”
“I don’t know. I have never seen Mom like this.”
“I noticed the other night when she got off the phone, she says in a happy voice “Daddy’s been a very bad boy” and left after she had been unhappy while on the phone,” I said.
“Mom seems to be treating Dad like a kid now,” said Matthew.
“Well he was a bad boy,” I said. “I overheard her yelling he is so childish so he will be treated like one.”
“Kids don’t drink,” said Matthew.
“I know.”
"But drinking isn’t childish.’
“Drew Barrymore drank when she was a kid and she did drugs. Now she’s clean.”
“That was only her.”
“Kids can do that stuff too,” I said. “It’s stupid. All there needs to be is beer in the house for the kid to get to and no parent around to stop them.”
“How do they get drugs?”
“Maybe their parents have them too,” I guessed.
Then another idea popped in my head. Kelly has always hated when I would put doll clothes on her cat so I used to do it to make her upset because she was so strange and I could do it again. I decided to do that again.
“I can put doll clothes on her cat,” I said. “She hates that.”
“I can shake a pop can and hand it to her and it will explode when she opens it,” said Matthew. “I can also use the bike tools we have to loosen up the wheel on her bike so it will fall off when she rides it.”
“No I think that will hurt her too,” I said.
“It will just be a scraped knee,” said Matthew.
“But the wheel will be falling off and what if she was going fast when it happens? Then she could be very hurt and have to go to the hospital,” I said. “We don’t want to do anything that will land her in the hospital or could.”
“Maybe she will be in diapers too and you won’t be alone,” said Matthew.
“I wouldn’t wish that on anyone,” I said.
“Why not?”
“Because I’m lucky to be alive and car accidents are unpredictable, you don’t know how the person is going to be hurt or if they will die or if they will be in pain for the rest of their lives.”
“But we aren’t trying to make Kelly be in a car accident.”
“I don’t want to hurt her in any way and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone in any way they could get it,” I said. “It’s unpredictable how they will be hurt so it’s impossible to wish it on them.”
“Okay you can wish anything would happen that would make her have to wear diapers,” said Matthew.
“I feel that way all the time about anyone who makes fun of me for wearing them. Then maybe they will learn their lesson.”
Mom and Dad then came out of their room and Mom was carrying a trash bag. She came in Matthew’s room and emptied out his wastebasket and then she headed to the kid’s bathroom to empty the wastebasket in there too. Then I heard her go in our room and empty our wastebasket. Dad was walking slowly in the hallway. He still had on sweat pants and a longer t-shirt.
“Even Dad is wearing different clothes,” said Matthew.
He ran out in the hall and asked him “Why are you dressing weird?” Matthew asked.
“Things will be different around here for a while,” Dad said. “I may be coming home sooner and not working as much.”
Dad then came back in the bedroom with Matthew. “God look at this place, this is how your mother lets you have your room,” he said as he kicked some toys out of the way.
“It’s my room,” said Matthew.
“And it’s disgusting it’s hard to move around in here without stepping on anything,” said Dad. “You got upset the other night when you found your fort had been kicked over.”
Dad sat down on his bed. I just sat on the floor looking at his Spawn Alley set he’s had since kindergarten. I used to play with it with my Kelly dolls and Kelly has played with it with her Little Tikes dolls. Matthew has Spawn Alley action figures with it and a Spawn car.
“I don’t know what will happen around here,” said Dad. “Mum doesn’t trust me out of the house alone with a car so I am stuck here. I can still go to work for right now and she has no choice but to let me go alone or how else will I get to work? It will take me a lot longer to get to work by bus and I would have to get up even earlier and then get home later.”
“Why are the bathrooms locked now?” Matthew asked.
“It’s complicated I don’t understand it either,” said Dad.
“How do you go to the bathroom?”
“Where Skippy goes and the cats.”
“You use the litter box?” Matthew asked surprised.
“No I don’t”
“But that is where Princess and Mittens go,” said Matthew.
“They go outside too.”
“Why do you have to go outside?”
“Because she is mad at me. I drove her this crazy with my mistake and she wouldn’t stop screaming at me about it for two hours.”
“Why are you wearing different clothes?” I asked.
“Because I prefer to dress this way for a while,” said Dad.
Dad and Matthew talked about his mistake he did and Matthew also couldn’t understand how he could do something so stupid and betray us all.
“That’s why she is mad at me,” said Dad.
“When do you go to court?” Matthew asked.
“Next week,” said Dad. “November first.”
“What’s going to happen at court?”
“Probably give me a fine to pay, tell me what punishment I am going to get for breaking the law, give me charges.”
“Are you going to go to jail?”
“I hope not,” said Dad. “That is another reason why she was mad at me.”
I wasn’t sure what was going to happen to Dad like will he lose his license, will he go to jail, how will Mom do on her own with us, Dad has always lead her though life and things, will she get a job again to support us all if he went to jail, what if she can’t find a job. My god, how could he do this to all of us?
“Will you lose your license,” I asked.
“I certainly hope not, no one was killed nor hurt and it was only me that crashed,” said Dad.
“What if you do go to jail? Then what will happen to us?” I asked.
“We will worry about it if it happens,” said Dad.
“What building did you crash into?” Matthew asked.
“I crashed into a bank that was a block away from Christopher’s and one of the customer’s there witnessed it and called the police.”
“What damage did it do to the building?” I asked.
“Just a broken wall and broken window but no one was in the building but my car was totaled. The car is six years old and there is no way the insurance will fix it because I know the damage is worth more than the car and I just paid it off a couple of years ago.”
“What did they do with the car?” Matthew asked.
“They took it to a yard for the local shop to look at to inspect the damage to see how much it costs.”
“How did you crash?”
“I am not sure,” said Dad. “I remember I was on the road and then I took a turn and bam I was in a building and I heard a loud popping sound and glass shattering and me being cut. It was very embarrassing and I thought ‘Oh shit, how am I going to explain this to your mother? How am I going to hide this from her?’ But look on the bright side, at least I didn’t hit another car or person. At least the bank was closed so no one was in the office to get hit, and I heard other witnesses who saw me driving could tell I was drunk and driving under the influence just by how I was driving and people from the bar watched me leave and reported it. It was a mess downtown, police had to come, I had to stay put and wait for them, they had to get reports from everyone who witnessed the crash and people even had to pull over to tell the police what happened. I had never been so embarrassed in my life and also the fact I recognized some people. An ambulance even came and took me to the hospital. People who drove by would slow down and stare at the whole scene and some even stopped and got out to ask what happened or rolled down their window and asked. Then your mother arrived and boy she was fuming. People were telling her I had crashed into the building and people who were at Christopher’s were telling her what a dumb ass I am and how she is married to one and to a drunk and even the bar owner talked to her. He wanted to kick my ass and his wife had to talk him out of it because ‘think of the children.’”
I was very glad I did get kicked out of my school because who knows what kids would be telling me about my arrest and my dad getting busted for driving drunk. Could this get any worse?
“Kids, don’t ever drink and drive after you have had a beer,” said Dad.
“I’m too little to drink,” said Matthew.
“When you’re old enough,” said Dad.
“I already knew that,” I said. “I still can’t believe you did it. Didn’t you already learn not to do it after what happened to us?”
“I just made a mistake, I keep telling you that,” said Dad.
“But how could you be that stupid?” I asked. “You know drinking and driving is bad so how could you even think you would be okay?”
“What don’t you understand about what a mistake is?” Dad shouted.
“How can it be a mistake if you knew?” I cried.
“God damn it,” Dad yelled. “Even your own mother doesn’t understand. It was just a mistake, I didn’t think I had that many beers in me and I had awareness of what was going on and I remember the fight I did at the bar and I didn’t want your mother to worry and I couldn’t call to have her come get me or she would wonder why I was pulling her out of whatever she is doing to come and get me and would wear me down for a logical explanation so I drove home and I thought I was being careful and before I knew it, I was in a building with shattered glass and the front end being all crushed in and having blood on me and cuts.”
“But you still knew to not drive after you have had a beer and did it anyway,” I yelled back.
“I only had four beers,” Dad yelled.
“And you should have waited four hours,” I yelled. “It takes one hour for it to wear off so every bottle you have, add an hour.”
“Jesus Christ,” said Dad as he got up and left the room.
“Geez, even a social retard knows about how much beer affects you and how long it takes for it to get out of your system,” I heard Kelly say.
I heard a slap. “What did I tell you about that word in this house?” Dad yelled.
I stayed put in Matthew’s room.
Matthew got a chair and brought it to his door and he grabbed a couple books and set them on top of the doorway and left the door open a little bit. The books were sitting on top of the door and the door frame. He got down and moved the chair and then he pulled out his radio and turned it to a station and blasted it.
A Santana song was playing I had been hearing all year in school or in places on the radio since last year.
I listened to the song and Matthew turned it up even higher.
Then the door opened and book fell and Kelly yelled. “Guys!”
Matthew and I laughed.
“You little twerps,” said Kelly. “Turn that down.”
Matthew turned it down.
“Keep that music down,” she said and left.
When the song ended and the next song came on, Matthew turned it up again.
“She said keep it down,” I said.
“She said that song,” Matthew pointed out.
I put the books back on top of the door way again and waited for Kelly again.
She came in the room again and books fell on her again. I laughed.
“You rug rat,” she said.
“I said turn it down,” she shouted at Matthew.
“You said that song, not this song,” he said.
“Keep the radio turned down,” she said and left again.
I put the books back on top and Matthew turned the radio off and put in a tape instead and blasted it. “She said the radio, not tape,” he said.
Few seconds later, the door kicked open and books fell and Kelly was out in the hallway and she came in. She marched over to Matthew and grabbed the radio from him and took it and slammed the door.
“Okay, next thing on the list to annoy her,” said Matthew.
Matthew picked up a rubber mouse and told me to put it in my bedroom when Kelly isn’t there and put cheese next to it.
I took it from him and checked my bedroom to see if Kelly was in there. Books fell in front of me.
“We’re even now,” said Kelly who was on the computer.
I felt mad she got me. It was payback time.

Around eleven, Dad ordered us to get ready to go. I had my bag packed with my fresh diapers and Kelly had her little bag and Matthew had Brian’s old Game Boy with the old Zelda game in it. I found that game the easiest Zelda game ever. I have beaten it so many times. They also remade it a couple years ago and made it color this time. Upstairs I heard Kelly shrieking. “A mouse a mouse.”
“I guess we need to get some traps,” said Dad."
I was trying not to giggle.
Matthew was laughing.
“What’s so funny?” Mom asked.
Kelly came downstairs. “I think it’s dead,” she said.
I started laughing out loud.
“Guys,” she yelled.
“What is going on here?” Dad asked.
“Those two are bothering me all morning,” she said pointing at us.
“Enough of the sibling rivalry,” said Dad. “Let’s have happy time. No fighting and no bugging each other. Show me the mouse.”
“It was a fake,” said Kelly.
“Let me see it.”
Kelly took him upstairs.
Mom and us waited for them. Mom just headed out to the car. Then Dad came back down. “Just a fake rat is all,” said Dad. “That was some good prank they did.”
I had stuck the mouse in front of her dresser with a small piece of cheese while she went to the bathroom. I figured she would see it when she would be getting dressed.
We all headed out to the car and Mom was driving.
“You’re driving Anita?” Dad asked.
“I don’t trust you behind the wheel,” she said.
Everyone got in. We all put our seat belts on. Mom started the car and we left.
We always go to the same pumpkin patch every year so Mom knew how to get there. Sometimes we go somewhere else and I remember throwing a fit because we went somewhere new. I did not like the change and then I stopped once I started having fun and saw the place was better than the other one we went to.

When we arrived at the pumpkin patch, we all got out of the car. The pumpkin patch was located out in the country out of town about fifteen miles away. Hopefully no one here will recognize me. We were still ignoring Kelly. I decided on Kelly germs so I crossed my fingers. I made Matthew cross his too so he wouldn’t get Kelly germs. Kids used to do that to me all the time when I was little. They would cross their fingers and say “blackout forever, no Natalie germs.” They acted like I was contagious or something. Matthew thought the game was stupid because everyone has germs and none of them are bad.
“This is to piss her off,” I whispered. “Kids did it to me and it always annoyed me so let’s do it to her.”
“Oh,” and he crossed his fingers. “Kelly germs, blackout forever,” he said.
We both kept our fingers crossed. We kept our distance from her and whenever she got near us, we’d step away.
It was cloudy out and thank god it wasn’t rainy. We saw the petting zoo and the hay maze and the barn with a farmer’s market in it and another building that was the gift shop, food stand, and there was some activities like pumpkin painting or face painting, pumpkin splat, and they had hay bales for kids to play on and we saw the hay ride that takes people out to the field to get pumpkins but some were already being sold here.
We went to the hay maze that was free. We all ran in it. Matthew and I raced in the maze to find our way out. We ditched Kelly in it. She didn’t seem to be aware we were avoiding her but I still kept my fingers crossed.
When I got out of the maze, I waited for the rest of the family to get out. Then Matthew was out next and then Kelly. Mom and Dad weren’t out yet.
“Uh oh, Kelly germs,” I shouted to Matthew.
“Oh no, Kelly germs,” said Matthew and ran.
“Very funny guys,” said Kelly.
“Kelly germs Kelly germs,” I said.
“Go ahead, play that game, it doesn’t bother me,” said Kelly.
I decided to stick my hands down my pants pretending I had them in my diaper and I pulled them out and ran over to Kelly to touch her. “This hand was inside my diaper,” I said.
Kelly ran from me. “Don’t touch me,” she said.
I ran after her.
“Knock it off,” she yelled.
I kept running after her.
“Natalia,” she screamed.
“Aw being chased by your little sister eh?” I heard.
I turned to see who it was and it was one of Kelly’s school mates with her family. I saw the parents and her little brother and sister.
“She is my older sister,” said Kelly.
I saw the mother say something to her daughter and she said “She’s in my class and that is her big sister.”
“Quit it Natalie,” Kelly shouted.
“Is she the one who got arrested?” the girl asked.
I saw the mother nudge her hard.
“I’m just curious,” she said.
Kelly just gave her a look.
“I did it to embarrass Kelly,” I said.
“You got arrested on purpose just for her?” she asked.
“Yep,” I said.
“You did not,” said Kelly. “You did something stupid and got yourself arrested.”
“Just to make you mad,” I said. I then touched her with the hand I had in my pants.
“Ew gross,” she said and then she pushed me hard. I pushed her back. Then we were both grabbed each other.
The family walked away from us and went back to whatever they were doing.
Then Matthew came up and touched her and said he had that finger up his butt.
“You two leave me alone,” Kelly shouted.
“I’m a mean selfish sister,” I said.
“I’m your annoying brother,” said Matthew.
“God I wish you two go back to hating each other,” said Kelly.
Then Dad was out of the maze.
“Dad, Matthew and Natalie are bothering me again,” she complained.
“Kids, leave your sister alone or we’re going home and we will have no pumpkins,” he said firmly.
Matthew and I left her alone finally. We still did the blackout thing and stayed away from her. We were leaving her alone. Then Mom came out and we headed for the hayride but Kelly complained about her hands and she wanted to wash them. But they only had portable potties here. I have always hated them because they smell and they get hot in the summer, you have no way of washing your hands, it’s hard to change my diaper in there so it was always crowded with Mom and I in there and they have no trash can so you can only toss it in the toilet with the other pads and toilet paper and human waste. They’re always gross. Mom always threw the diaper aside in there instead of throwing it directly in where anyone can see it when they look inside. She said no one will know who the diaper belongs too. I also wonder how wheelchair people go to the bathroom if they are too big to go in them because of their wheelchair and they have no restrooms and only those.
Dad had me open my backpack and hand Kelly one of my wipes. I handed it to him and he gave it to Kelly to wipe her hands with. Mom decided to use one of the portable potties so we waited for her. When she came out, we headed to the hayride but Kelly said she was hungry.
“Okay, we’ll all get something to eat, anyone hungry?” Dad asked.
I didn’t feel hungry.
“Me me me,” said Matthew waving his hand in the air.
We walked to the food stand and waiting in line. I paced around in circles while I waited. Matthew was skipping and hopping around.
“Stop, you two are making me nervous” said Kelly.
I ignored her and so did Matthew.
He started to walk around her in circles.
“Quit it,” she said.
“Kelly, just ignore it,” said Dad. “He is just walking around. Matthew, don’t circle around your sister.”
Matthew walked all around us instead.
I did it too just to piss Kelly off. I wonder if Matthew was doing the same.
Kelly just sighed heavily. Matthew and I kept doing it until Dad told us to go over there and pace around so we are not driving our sister crazy.
I went to over there where he pointed and just walked around and so did Matthew.
Then when our turn came, Dad called our names. I headed over and looked at the menu. I decided on an elephant ear. Matthew decided on the same and Mom also wanted the same. Kelly decided on a chili dog and Dad picked an elephant ear too. He ordered and we picked what topping we wanted for our elephant ears and Kelly wanted cheese on her chili dog. The cashier told Dad the total and he paid and we all waited for our food. I watched them make Kelly chili dog and they set the plate on the counter for Kelly to take. “The napkins and silverware are right here,” the cashier pointed.
“Thanks,” said Dad.
Kelly grabbed her plate and started to eat. Then they put the elephant ear on the counter and I picked it up and the two packets she set with it telling me they were to clean my hands with. I thanked her and started to eat. After Mom, Dad, and Matthew got theirs, we all ate and headed for the hayride when we were done eating. We threw our plates and napkins away and I wiped my hands using the wipes and I also used my baby wipes to clean my hands with. They do come in handy. Mom asked to use some go I gave her a couple wipes. She cleaned her hands with them and threw them away and we waited in line for the hayride. I wet my diaper while we were waiting. I just felt warmth down there so I knew I just had an accident. I think it would be nice if they were avoided if I went to the bathroom every hour or so but that isn’t possible because I will still have accidents. I never know when I have to go because it’s always unpredictable. I’ve tried it before and it never worked. We tried everything and then I remember crying when I was informed by my doctor there was nothing they could do to fix it and I will be in them for the rest of my life. Mom and Dad told me how worse it could have been like I could have been in a wheelchair, I could have been dead, I could have been disabled and be limited due to the injury, I could have been unable to talk and not do anything because I wouldn’t have been able to move my arms or grip on anything, I could have had a missing arm or leg or hand, so at least diapers don’t limit my life and what I do maybe except for swimming and certain things because of the worries about how I will get my diaper changed and if there will be any bathrooms around or because I am too worried about being found out but that is only if I let them limit me. They acted like me wearing them was no big deal. Mom told me I can still wear underwear but it will be over my diaper and see it as me wearing a pad to keep my pants dry and not messy like she has to wear them when she gets her period. I can also remember her telling me she wore diapers to bed growing up until she was a young adult but it still wasn’t good enough for me because she didn’t even have to wear them anymore and she only had to wear at night. But I have still swam but without any diapers on. I have worn a diaper in the water and it exploded and it was so humiliating because it happened at a public place and there were people around. I wish they made swimming diapers for incontinent people. Kids always gave me a hard time for playing in the neighborhood creek with a diaper on or without because they didn’t want my poop and pee in there. But I always ignored them and played in there anyway. It washed down anyway so why were they even worried? But yet they didn’t mind if Matthew played in it when he was still in diapers or other toddlers still in them so how was it any different for me?

Soon the hayride came back and people got off and people got on and we had to wait again. I hate waiting so I pulled out my Game Boy and played again.
I am not sure how long we waited but our turn finally came after it took us them about five trips for us to get on finally. I refused to sit next to Kelly. Mom wasn’t playing the game we were playing so she didn’t say anything when Kelly was sitting next to her. I turned the game off and put the Game Boy back in my backpack. We rode the wagon out to the field where all the pumpkins are and then the wagon stopped and everyone got out. I hopped down as Dad held my hand. He helped Matthew down too and we all headed out to the field. Matthew and I walked together and looked at pumpkins. We ran ahead of Mom and Dad and Kelly. I looked at pumpkins and picked one up. Matthew found one but it was all rotted. It was nice and soft. He decided to get it anyway.
“Why are you getting it?” I asked. “It’s going to fall apart.”
“I am going to ask Kelly to hold it and maybe it will go splat and I will say it’s just an accident,” said Matthew.
“But then Dad will know because how would you not know the pumpkin was soft?” I asked.
“Oh,” said Matthew.
“You can have it “accidentally” fall on her,” I said.
“How would I do that?”
“When we get off the wagon again, “accidentally” drop the pumpkin and have it fall on Kelly after she gets down,” I said.
“Cool,” said Matthew.
I found a nice big pumpkin and picked it up. I could hold it and it wasn’t too heavy for me. I carried and I was now ready to head back. Matthew still kept a hold of his pumpkin. We waited until everyone else was done picking out a pumpkin. Dad was carrying two big ones and Kelly had found a medium sized one. Mom had none.
“Okay, everyone got a pumpkin?” Dad asked.
“Me,” I said.
“I got one,” said Matthew.
“Where’s Mom’s?” I asked.
“Right here,” Dad said looking at the pumpkin in his left arm.
“Why isn’t she carrying it?” I asked.
“Too heavy for her. Men are the stronger so I can carry both heavy ones.”
We headed back to where the wagon dropped us off.
“I hope you kids inspected your pumpkins,” said Dad. “I don’t want any rotten ones, they will decay before Halloween even comes and they will fall apart while we carve them.”
I saw the hayride coming and it stopped where it dropped us off and people got off and people who were waiting for it climbed on.
When we got back to it, Matthew put his pumpkin on the wagon and climbed up. I put mine on the ride and pushed it on there and climbed up too and moved my pumpkin to the middle. Matthew still had his in his arms when he sat on the hay bale.
Mom and Dad were already seated and they held their pumpkins. We waited for other people to come back. Few more people got on and then after a few minutes, we rode off again heading back.

When we got back, Mom and Dad got down and Dad grabbed the pumpkins. Kelly got off and Matthew and I were the last ones to get off. Dad helped me down but when he was about to help Matthew, he tripped over something and Dad caught him but the pumpkin flew out of his arms and landed on Kelly and splat went the pumpkin. It burst open and she had some pumpkin goo on her. It truly looked like an accident because Matthew sort of lost his balance and nearly fell and Dad caught him but the pumpkin flew out of his arms. He did a good job staging the whole thing and did a direct hit.
“Matthew!” Kelly yelled.
“It was just an accident, he tripped,” said Dad.
“No he did it on purpose,” Kelly cried.
She was looking at the mess on her shoulder and feeling her hair. There was also some on her back too.
“It was an accident,” said Matthew. “I almost lost my balance and Dad caught me.”
“Yeah right,” said Kelly.
Matthew then looked upset about not having a pumpkin anymore. “I want to go back and get a new pumpkin,” he cried.
“We are not riding this again and waiting in line, you can get one from over there,” Dad glanced at the barn. “We’ll get you a pumpkin.”
Dad looked at the mess on Kelly and prodded the pumpkin skin. “It’s all rotted inside. Matthew, didn’t I say to inspect your pumpkin?”
“I didn’t know it was rotted, I just wanted an easy pumpkin to carve,” Matthew cried.
“Ew did someone fart or did Natalie poop her diaper again?” Kelly said as she held her nose.
There were people nearby when she said it out loud. I didn’t look. It was too embarrassing.
“I don’t smell anything,” said Dad. “Don’t embarrass your sister. We will find something to clean you up with. We’re going home anyway after this so you can handle being messy can you?”
“I know he did this on purpose and he did such a good job faking the whole thing,” said Kelly.
“Kelly, you know your brother isn’t very coordinated and he is a klutz,” said Dad.
“That’s the thing Dad, he used that to get away with it.”
“You’re just being paranoid sweetheart,” Dad told her.
“No I’m not, I know he did it on purpose, they have been bugging me all morning with the music and having books fall on me and then the fake mouse and “Kelly germs” and now this.”
“Well I assure you it was just an accident.”
“I didn’t mean to make it fall on her,” said Matthew. “Now my pumpkin is ruined.”
“We’ll get you a new one,” Dad told him again.
“But it won’t be the same pumpkin,” he cried.
He really was crying. Wow he was doing a good job with all this, maybe he will be a great actor. Mom came over to him telling him it was okay, they will get him a pumpkin and she is sorry about the pumpkin. But Matthew kept on complaining. Mom just walked away telling him she can’t help him.
“Matthew what did you trip on?” Dad asked.
“I don’t know, it was on something,” Matthew cried.
Dad looked on the wagon and brushed some hay away and said, “Looks like you tripped on the rope. See Kelly, does this prove to you this was an accident?” he pointed to the rope.
Wow Matthew was very clever with all this. He saw the rope and decided to make himself pretend to trip and then have Dad look and see the rope and conclude he tripped on it. I don’t think I could be this smart. I wouldn’t be able to predict how people would react and what they will do and how they will respond.
Kelly saw the rope. “Oh, maybe it was an accident then,” she said. “But they have been annoying me all morning so I thought he would hit me with his pumpkin on purpose.”
“I think you owe him an apology,” said Dad.
Then we headed back with our pumpkins. Matthew just pouted and stomped his feet.
“Sorry Matthew for blaming you,” said Kelly.
“Okay,” Matthew mumbled looking at the ground.
“Do you feel better now?” Dad asked him.
Matthew nodded.
“Okay, we’re getting you another pumpkin.”
Dad was still carrying the two big pumpkins while Kelly carried hers and I carried mine.
We made it to the barn where the farmer’s market is. They sell fresh fruit and veggies in there. Matthew looked at all the pumpkins they were selling. They had them on hay bales and in boxes. They each were marked with a price. I don’t mean on the pumpkins, I mean on the sign.
“Make sure it’s not soft this time,” said Mom.
Matthew took one off the hay bale. Then we walked inside to pay for the pumpkin he took. After Dad paid, we went and paid for our other pumpkins. They had to weigh them and then they told us the total. Dad paid her and then we carried the pumpkins to our car.
“I want to play pumpkin splat,” said Matthew.
“We will take these out to the car first,” said Dad.
“I’m dirty,” said Kelly.
“Use Natalie’s wipes to clean off your jacket and hair.”
We got to our car and Mom opened her purse and took out the car keys and unlocked the back. Dad put the pumpkins in there and so did Kelly and me and Matthew. Then Mom closed the back again and we headed back.
“Natalie, hand Kelly some of your wipes,” said Dad.
I opened my backpack again and opened the tub of wipes and pulled a small stack out and handed them to Dad. He gave them to Kelly. She started to clean herself off. Dad helped her by wiping her back down. They did their best cleaning her up and then we went to a nearby trash can and they tossed the dirty wipes in there. Kelly’s coat was still a mess and so as her hair but at least they had to goo off. We checked out pumpkin splat and it cost five bucks to play.
“Is it per child or everyone?” Dad asked the person who was running it.
“Per bucket,” he said.
“How many are in there?”
The guy showed him one of the buckets. It was a tiny one.
“Too much, Matthew you can still play if you have any money,” said Dad.
Matthew took out his money and gave the person a five dollar bill. “You know how to play?” he asked.
“I just shoot the pumpkins,” he said.
“That’s right, you just put them in there and pull back and release and they will go in the air and you try and hit that sign over there,” he pointed.
I saw the target sign. Matthew was handed a bucket of mini pumpkins and he went over there and started to shoot them at the sign.
“I want to play,” said Kelly.
“You have money?” Dad asked.
Kelly looked in her bag and opened her wallet and counted her change. I had no money because I was still paying for the window. This sucked.
I felt a nudge and I turned and saw Mom was holding a few ones. I took it from her. “Don’t tell Dad,” she whispered.
I love Mom she is cool even if she is difficult to have as a parent sometimes.
Kelly went over to the person and paid and she was handed a bucket of pumpkins. She went over to the other catapult and started to shoot at the other target.
After Matthew was done, I paid and started to shoot. It wasn’t really a catapult, it was like a giant sling shot.
After I was through, we looked in the gift shop. I saw the Halloween stuff and pumpkin carving kits. They sold taffy and chocolates and kettle popcorn. They also sold some other gifts and even Christmas stuff. I didn’t buy anything but Matthew bought some piece of junk toy. Kelly got some homemade taffy and a pen that lit. I couldn’t get anything because all my money goes to the window but Mom recused me again by asking me quietly if I wanted anything. I looked around seeing what I wanted. I found something and grabbed it. “Where did you get the money?” I asked. “Did you save it or what?”
“You father gave it to me but I don’t mind sharing it with you,” she said. “But don’t tell him, I don’t know if he will approve.”
I took a ten dollar bill from her and paid. Mom told me to keep the change.
We left the gift shop and we looked at the petting zoo. I paid a quarter to feed the goats. Kelly was in there too petting the goats. I wasn’t paying any attention what was going around me when I heard Kelly yell. “Ugh.”
I looked and saw one of the goats was sniffing her in the crotch. I laughed.
Matthew started laughing too. “Maybe she has her period,” I said to him. “I just got done with mine.”
“Natalie,” said Kelly.
“I am afraid that was too much information Princess,” said Dad. “We didn’t need to hear that.”
One of the staff assistants pulled the goat away from her. Kelly just left the petting zoo. “She did that just to humiliate me,” she cried.
“She didn’t make the goat sniff you there,” said Dad.
“She said it to embarrass me,” said Kelly.
“I am sure she didn’t mean it, you know how your sister is. She doesn’t have a good social filter to know what is appropriate to say and we all try and help her with it.”
Why wouldn’t that be right to say? All females get their periods. Man how do people know what not to say? Is there some book out there that tells you what isn’t appropriate to say?
Kelly whined some more about me while I stayed and finished feeding the animals. After I was done, they had wipes that allowed people to wipe their hands with. I used theirs and wiped my hands and threw them away.
After Matthew was done, we looked at face painting and pumpkin painting. I paid two dollars to get my face painted. I got it painted on both sides. I love how it feels to get my face painted; I like the nice soft feeling of the wet brush I never want it to end. That is why I wanted both sides done.
Kelly and Matthew did some pumpkin painting. After the lady finished painting both sides, she showed me in the mirror. I thanked her and got out of the chair. I grabbed my backpack and walked away. I walked over to the pumpkin panting. I didn’t have enough money for it. It cost three bucks to do the pumpkins. I walked over to where kids were playing in the hay bales. There was also loose hay lying around and kids were jumping in it and throwing it all over. I walked in it and pushed the hay around with my feet. Kids were throwing hay at each other. I picked some up and tossed it at one of them. They looked at me and then they started throwing hay at me. I tossed it back at them. We kept throwing hay at each other and I was having so much fun they started to tell me to quit but I kept on doing it. I couldn’t stop for some reason. I was having so much fun. Then finally one of the kid’s parents yelled at me calling me a bully.
“We’re just playing,” I said.
“No, they told you to stop and you are tormenting them,” he yelled.
“They’re throwing it at me,” I said.
“You are throwing hay at them so what do you expect? Pick on someone your own size.”
Other Mom’s standing by were agreeing with him.
I was finally able to stop. I felt sad the game had ended and upset I was yelled at by a stranger and why was it okay for the kids to throw hey at each other but not me? Then a bunch of hay was thrown on top of me. I looked up and there was Mom. “Gotcha,” she said.
I picked some up and tossed it at her. She got off the hay bale and I was still tossing it at her. She tossed a few more at me and then she wasn’t throwing anymore. “Okay Natalie that is enough,” Mom told me.
I was still throwing it at her. “Natalie,” Mom said again.
I threw more hay at her.
Mom finally grabbed me and held my arms. “I said enough,” she said.
“Is that your daughter?” one of the mom’s asked.
“Yes,” said Mom.
“She was throwing hay at the kids.”
“Yes I know,” said Mom. “She has a hard time stopping when she gets into it and they were all having fun.”
“They told her to stop,” she said.
“And they were still throwing it at her,” said Mom.
“Because she was throwing it at them.”
“I saw them throwing it at each other,” said Mom. “So my daughter wanted to play along and you guys call her a bully for it?”
“They threw it back at her because she threw it at them and she continued doing it so they finally told her to stop.”
“So they were all throwing it at each other, what was wrong with her playing too?” Mom asked. “You’re the bullies. Picking on a child, pick on someone your own age or another adult.”
“How old is she?”
Nothing else was said by any of the parents.
I couldn’t understand why she would throw hay on me and then not want me throwing it at her anymore. Why would kids be throwing it at each other and at me and want me to stop?
“Hey let’s check out the farmer’s market,” Mom told me.
She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the area brushing the hay off me.
We walked over to the market together and went inside.
“Where is everyone else?” I asked.
“At the pumpkin painting last time I saw them,” said Mom.
We looked at what they had. It was like being in a grocery store except everything was fresh. It was packed.
“Are you sure about this Mom?” I asked.
“I think I will be fine,” said Mom.
I saw shopping carts and baby strollers and some dogs. At least it wasn’t crowded as Saturday Market. I kept an eye on Mom and she looked fine. She was only playing with her hair and looking around the whole room. I got distracted by all the chaos and what they had here, I didn’t even know I wasn’t paying attention to Mom anymore.
I saw what they had here and after I was done, I realized I forgot all about Mom. I looked for her and saw she wasn’t anywhere. I tried calling her name but why even bother, I wouldn’t be able to hear her, not over all this noise from people talking and shopping carts being pushed around and kids making noise, I doubt Mom would be able to hear me too. I looked outside and then in the front and sure enough there she was. “There you are,” I said. “I thought maybe you had a breakdown or something.”
“Nope, I got out of there when it got too much for me to handle and waited for you,” said Mom.
“At least you didn’t ruin it for me,” I said.
“I don’t mean to,” she said.
She got up and we both walked back to the pumpkin painting to see if Kelly and Matthew were done. They weren’t there so we walked around.
I wondered if I should change my diaper or not. I couldn’t remember the last time I had changed. It was as if Mom has read my mind because she asked me when did I last change.
“You mean my diaper?” I said quietly.
“Yes,” she said.
“I don’t remember,” I said.
“Was it after you got up?”
“You better do it, it’s already,” she looked at her watch. “Two thirty eight.”
We headed to the portable potties and I got in one of them and changed. It was a very small space and I hated changing in here. I didn’t want to stand against the door or it might pop open and everyone would see me in my diaper. That would be so embarrassing.
I had to keep the toilet seat closed so nothing would fall in and I had my bag on top and the floor below me was dirty from the mud and dirt. I had to figure out a way to change. I decided to take my shoes off and my pants and stand on my shoes as I change and keep my pants on top of my bag. Yeah I will do that. I removed one shoe and pulled my pants off my leg and put my foot back in the shoe and then I removed my other shoe and took the pants off the other leg and set them on top. I put my foot back in the other shoe. I opened my bag and took out a clean diaper and wipes. I pushed the bag and pants aside and took my diaper off and lifted the toilet seat cover and tossed it in there on the side. I wiped myself clean as I sat on the toilet. I tossed the wipe in there and unfolded the clean diaper and stood up again and put it on. I tried standing against the wall but the toilet paper holder was in the way. I held one side and I made the other side tight. Then I did the other side and then did the top tab on the other side again. I did it standing and did it with the obstacle in the way. I closed the toilet seat again and sat down. I turned my pants right side out and put them on again. I tied my shoes and put my coat back on and put my wipes back in the bag and zipped it and came out. “Changing in there is such a pain,” I told Mom.
Mom didn’t say anything.
“It’s a pain to change in there,” I said again.
“I heard you,” she said.
“You didn’t say anything,” I said.
“Was I supposed to?” she asked.
“I don’t know,” I said.
Right when we were walking back to the pumpkin painting, I messed my diaper.
Damn it, why did this have to happen. I just changed. Luckily there were small children around so people would think it was one of them that made a stinky.
Kelly and Matthew were holding their pumpkins they had painted and they had three of them. Matthew showed Mom what he did.
“Nice,” said Mom.
“I made this one a vampire,” he said. “I made this other one sad and gave him tears and blood.”
Kelly didn’t bother showing Mom what she did and she didn’t even ask her either what she did with her pumpkins.
“Ready to head back?” Mom asked Dad.
“Yep we’re ready,” said Dad. “Let’s go.”
We all headed back to the car.
When we got back to the car, Mom unlocked it and we climbed in and sat down.
Dad got in up front and so did Mom.
After we left, Kelly said again “Did Natalie poop her diaper again, it smells in here.”
Dad sniffed his nose looking towards us. “Natalie, when did you do it?”
“Right after I changed,” I said.
“When was that?”
“Right before Mom and I got back and then we left.”
“Have you been taking your pills for the smell?”
“Three times a day?”
“I keep forgetting,” I said.
“When did you last take it?”
“This morning,” I said.
“Okay, try and remember better, maybe you should start leaving notes all over like on the computer, on the kitchen cupboard, the fridge telling you to take it so you remember.”
“Great we now all have to suffer on the rest of the way home,” said Kelly holding her nose.
“You know she can’t help it,” said Dad.
“Why didn’t she just change after it happened?” Kelly asked.
Matthew also had his nose held closed. He finally reached over and popped open the window. Kelly opened hers too.
“Natalie, please change when we get home,” said Dad.
“Okay,” I said.