Natalie vs Her Parents chapter 26

I am going to aim for one last chapter after this and then it will be the end of Natalie vs Her Parents. This story has been a lot longer than my first one. This has close to 300 pages and the other one only had 113 and had over 70,000 words and this one has over 174,000 so far.

Natalie vs Her Parents Kelly

Chapter 26

I had to strip my bed and put clean sheets on my bed. I was thinking about what to put on Kelly’s bed when she isn’t around. I could pour jam all over or milk or crack a few eggs or pour my bowl of cereal on her bed. I didn’t complain to Mom and Dad about what Kelly did. I didn’t see the point if I was doing stuff to her.
After I was done making my bed, I crawled in and picked up a book I was reading. I felt warmth form in my diaper. I reached under the covers and rubbed it. It felt nice and I was all protected.

In the middle of the night, I woke up and saw Kelly was fast asleep in her bed. I went down to the kitchen and grabbed a kettle and poured warm water in it from the tab and brought back up to my room. I set it on the floor and turned on my lamp that is next to our bunk beds. I grabbed one of the kitchen chairs and brought it upstairs and put it next to our bunk beds. I grabbed the kettle and got on the chair and set it on Kelly’s bed. I lifted the covers and grabbed her hand and stuck it in the kettle. I covered it back up and I felt like I was giggling. I also grabbed all of her underwear from the drawer and got my shoes on and went outside in the backyard. I hung some of them on the swing set on top. I even climbed into the fort that is attached to the swing set that has a canopy cover and I threw the panties on top. I hung some over the fence facing Jolene’s house and facing the Lincolns’ who live behind us. I am not sure what to call those people because different people have lived there because the grandparents own the home and live there and their adult children have lived there off and on with them and that was where my former friends lived so they all have different last names and I don’t know the grandparents last names or the adult kids except for my former best friends. I know one of their moms have remarried and according to my mother, my friend and her sister both had different dads and they don’t even know who their father is. I am not sure if the other adult child was divorced or still married or remarried. But I never cared to ask because I don’t even care. But the grandparents are not nice people from what I hear from my parents. The grandfather always said the f word and I picked up on it and always said it until my mother slapped my mouth because I wouldn’t understand how bad that word really is. If Mom and Dad wouldn’t have lied to me about ‘stupid’ being a bad word or ‘idiot’ or ‘dumb’ or ‘shut up,’ I would have believed her the f word was a bad word than thinking she is wrong again and not believe her.
I went back inside and took my shoes off and headed back to my room. I checked to see if Kelly had wet the bed yet. She hadn’t. I kept on waiting and I was so tired I couldn’t wait any longer. I decided I will try and get up before she does to remove the kettle. I turned my lamp off and went back to sleep.

I woke up with a shriek. “Natalie,” said Kelly.
I just lied there. Kelly got down and turned on the lamp and started yelling at me about her bed being wet and her pajamas. The top of her pajamas were wet and the middle too so I wondered how that happened from wetting the bed. I looked at the time and saw it was five fourteen in the morning. Dad came in the bedroom and he was in his bathrobe and pajamas.
“What now?” he asked. “It’s five in the morning and you’re screaming.”
“Five fourteen,” I corrected.
“She put a kettle with water on my bed and it spilled and now I am all wet and so is my bed,” Kelly yelled.
The trick didn’t work.
“Go move to Brian’s room and we will take care of the bed later,” said Dad.
He left our bedroom. Kelly just stripped off her wet PJ’s and grabbed another pair and left our room. I went back to sleep.

I woke up again from Kelly asking me where I put her panties.
“I threw them out,” I said still half asleep.
“Diaper pail,” I said.
Kelly looked and then she said again. “Where are they Natalie?”
“The garage.”
Kelly left my bedroom.
I went back to sleep but Kelly came back up screaming at me again. “Where are they?”
“Nowhere,” I said.
“Are you even bored yet?” she said. “This is getting old.”
“You wrote the paper,” I said.
“So why not make changes to your behavior instead of acting this way,” said Kelly.
“Why not stop being a dumb blonde,” I said.
“Where are my panties?” she said.
“Outside,” I said finally.
“What?” said Kelly. “And it’s raining outside.”
I could hear the rain pouring outside. Luckily it wasn’t raining when I put them out there.
“Where did you put them outside?”
“Swing set and fence,” I said.
Kelly growled. “Arghhhhhh,” she yelled. “Now I have no panties to wear and now I have to wear my dirty ones. You know what, I think I will try and wear one of your old pairs rather you like it or not.”
Kelly went to my sock drawer and pulled out a pair of my panties I have worn over my diapers.
She finished getting dressed and then she left our bedroom.
I didn’t care if she was wearing one of my pairs of underwear. I couldn’t remember the last time I had worn them over my diaper. I used to all the time and then it was less and less and now I don’t much anymore. I am at home now so I don’t need to and kids at old school knew I wore them and me wearing underwear didn’t change a thing for them. They still made fun of me about wearing diapers.
I tried going back to sleep but couldn’t so I masturbated again enjoying my thick diapers. They were very wet. My sheets were still on the floor from last night. I grabbed them and took them downstairs when I was finished masturbating.
“Had a leak?” Mom asked.
“No,” I said.
“So why are you bringing them down?”
Then I realized I was caught. “I did have a leak,” I said.
“You just said you didn’t,” Mom pointed out.
“I meant to say yes,” I lied.
“Just throw them down in the laundry room and I will take care of it,” said Mom.
“No no that’s fine,” I said. “You work too hard around here so I will take care of it and you don’t have to worry.”
“I always do the laundry so I can do it,” said Mom.
“No, I will,” I said.
“No I will do it, it’s fine,” said Mom.
“Do you have anything do to right now?” I asked.
“Yes but when it’s time to do laundry, your sheets might be in the way.”
“Okay Mom, I will just set the sheets in the laundry room and you go back to whatever you are doing,” I said.
“Okay, thanks,” and Mom walked away.
It worked. I went in the laundry room and I decided to just dump off the pumpkin guts so I opened the door to the outside and shook it all off. I had to make sure it was all off before dumping the sheets on the floor. I closed the door and left them on the floor and had breakfast.
Mom is so stubborn she would rather do more work than less work and I didn’t want her to get mad if she couldn’t do the laundry because my sheets were being washed so I just dumped the guts off and left them there. It used to be hard with her having her routines but I got used to it and learned to live with it. I think Mom likes to clean and do laundry or else she would be happy she didn’t have to do it because I was doing it and not insist she will take care of it. She just has all these routines she must do and anything that disrupts it she gets upset and she is better off when she does them. At least we don’t have to do Groundhog Day like her family had to for Uncle John when she was a kid. Everyone had to do everything the exact same thing every day or he would get upset and if someone came to the door, it was hell for them. Mom hated being forced to live his way so she resented him growing up so she was mean to him because of it. At least we are free to do whatever we want just as long as we don’t bug Mom and if we don’t get into trouble and we follow the rules and do our duties of the household. I hear some parents restrict things for their kids like TV or video games or what rooms they could be in in their house. Okay so Mom and Dad do have some restrictions for us like no South Park, no cutting school, no doing drugs and alcohol, no smoking, no having sex, and I do get stuff taken away for a punishment but like I say just as long as we follow their rules and stay out of trouble, we can do whatever we want. They don’t really restrict what we can do compared to other parents. Dad grew up with lot of restrictions and he hated it, they were also very religious was why. Only restriction he sets for us is family time and when we have dinner. I think how my parents were raised made them be the kind of parents they are now.
After I finished my breakfast, I poured another bowl of cereal and took it upstairs.
“Clean up the mess Natalie,” said Mom.
“I will be back down,” I said.
I carried the bowl upstairs to my room and poured the cereal on her pillow and sheet. The bed was still wet from the kettle and the kettle and chair were still in here. I pulled the flat sheet and the blanket back over and took my bowl back downstairs. I wiped up my mess and put the cereal and milk away.
“Did you remember to take the pill?” Mom asked again as I was leaving.
I went back to the cupboard and opened the bottle and took a pill out and chewed it and put the bottle back and closed it and went back upstairs.
Matthew was in his room playing as always. I found Mittens sitting on Mom and Dad’s bed giving herself a bath so I picked her up and took her to the den and put my doll dress back on her and left her there.
I headed upstairs to change into a day time diaper. I saw I had pooped also and there was a lot of it. It was a different color this time instead of brown. I saw the kid’s bathroom was unlocked so I just went in and washed the poo off my butt and bottom. I put the clean diaper on and went back in my bedroom locking the door behind me. I threw my dirty diapers away. My roomed smelled good from the air freshener. I sniffed in the air to enjoy the smell. Then the phone rang. I heard Mom answering it. “Hello?”
Matthew came in my bedroom with some of his toys and he threw them on Kelly’s bed. He also climbed up and started sticking some of them under the covers. I helped him out.
“Hey you put food on her bed,” said Matthew.
“Yep,” I said.
“And it’s soaked,” he said.
“The warm water trick didn’t work,” I said.
“You can always pour some water on her crotch and around there to make her think she wet the bed,” Matthew suggested.
“I hope she won’t make up,” I said.
“You never know unless you try.”
Then Mom called me downstairs. “Natalie, come down here please.”
I came downstairs.
“Go outside and get all of your sister’s underwear, Jolene just called and she was not pleased to see them on her fence.”
I put my shoes on and went outside. I noticed Kelly’s underwear was no longer on the Lincolns’ fence. They must have taken them. I didn’t care. That is what she gets for writing that paper. I took all of her underwear off the fence facing Jolene’s yard. I also went on the swing set and grabbed her underwear off of there. After I was done, I brought them all inside.
“Okay Mom, I got them all,” I shouted.
“Leave them in the laundry room,” said Mom.
I took my shoes off and left her panties in the laundry basket and went back upstairs.

Kelly came home from church while I was watching GoldenEye again. But after the movie ended, someone had rang our doorbell. Kelly answered it and then she was calling my name.
I ignored her. I hate interruptions. I also heard Mom talking and then she was screaming at Kelly. “Go get them off the roof now,” she yelled.
“Yay you’re talking to me,” said Kelly.
“She may have hidden your underwear but putting diapers on the roof, what is the matter with you?”
I shot out of the den and ran outside in my stocking feet and looked up at the roof. Sure enough there were my used diapers lying on the roof in front of my bedroom window. They were all over. I was so humiliated. I wondered how many kids saw them.
I also wanted to get back at Kelly. Maybe I will look in the trash for her used pads and see if I can put them on the roof or out in the lawn. The person who came to our door was Joy who lives down the street from us right next to the neighborhood entrance.
“Go up there and get those off now or you’re grounded,” Mom yelled at Kelly after her excuse for putting them up there.
“I already am,” said Kelly.
“Thanks for stopping by and telling us,” Mom told Joy.
“No problem,” she said. “I didn’t think anyone would want to be looking at them so I had to tell you.”
Joy left and I went back inside taking off my wet socks. It had rained out so the ground was wet. Kelly was already back upstairs. I asked Mom for the key again for the bathroom. “It should be open,” she said. “Besides, what do you want to go in there for? Did you poop again?”
“I locked it and I want to brush my teeth,” I said.
Mom took the key out and gave it to me. “Leave it open, Dad is at work so they don’t need to be closed,” she said. “But give the key back to me when you are through.”
I went upstairs and unlocked the door and looked in the wastebasket for used pads. My diaper was still in there from last night. I found a few wrapped in toilet paper. I decided I was going to throw it all out in the front yard all unwrapped. I took the wastebasket out of the bathroom. I saw the screen was out of our bedroom window and Kelly was out there tossing my used diapers back in the diaper pail she had I front of the window inside our bedroom. She had on rubber gloves. I carried the wastebasket downstairs and took it out to the garage. The garage doors were closed so I went out through the laundry room after I put my shoes on. I carried Kelly’s used pads in my hands and I had them unwrapped and I tossed them on the front lawn. Kelly who was on the roof screamed at me.
“Natalie, pick those up now,” she shouted.
“We’re even now,” I said. “Besides all girls wear them so it shouldn’t be embarrassing and they might think they’re our mom’s anyway.”
“Mom wears long ones, I doubt they will think those small pads belong to her, especially after having four kids,” Kelly shouted.
She picked up one of my used diapers and threw it off the roof at me but it didn’t go far. It landed right in front of the front porch.
This was all humiliating and worst of all, I noticed two kids from my old school riding on their bikes with Jacob who goes to Kelly’s school. They all laughed and stopped and looked at the chaos we were doing.
“What are you doing?” Jason asked.
I couldn’t answer.
“Just revenge,” said Kelly.
“You guys are a weird family,” said Jacob.
“I heard you got arrested Natalie,” said Jason. “How was jail?”
Doh, I was being asked about it finally. I didn’t know how to answer. I had the memory in my head about how awful it was and how scary it was and my breakdown I had in the cell and being made to stay in my messy diaper and being made fun of there for my medical condition and Mom coming and getting me out and yelling at the officers for it and her changing me in the cell and when the girl name Casey was there and she got better treatment there than I did and I didn’t even do anything and she did. I didn’t know how to answer the question when I had all these images in my head it was hard to put in words. It was overwhelming.
“What crime did you do?” Jason asked again.
“I can’t believe you’re touching those,” Jacob yelled to Kelly. “Can’t handle the smell eh?”
Kelly was throwing my diapers off the roof.
“I didn’t do anything,” I said to Jason. “They thought I was drinking.”
“I heard you jaywalked,” said Andrew.
“I was looking for my brother,” I said.
“How was jail?” Jason asked again.
“I was in a cell,” I said.
“Duh. Were you handcuffed, finger printed?” Jason asked.
“Yes and yes,” I said.
“What was it like being arrested?”
“Scary,” I said.
“Of course, you shouldn’t have jaywalked. You do know about looking both ways right and waiting at the crosswalk and waiting for the red light?”
“Yes,” I said.
“So why’d you do it?”
“It was an accident,” I said.
“You can’t jaywalk on accident, you either do it or you don’t,” said Jason.
“Well I didn’t know it happened until it happened,” I said.
“Oh sure,” he said sarcastically.
I was at loss at words. I was looking for my brother and then a car slammed on its breaks; I didn’t know how to explain that to him. Jason was circling his bike around me. I felt harassed. I didn’t want anyone to know about my time in jail and he had to bring it up. He thinks I got arrested for jaywalking.
“Were you locked in a mental cell?” Jason asked.
“Leave me alone,” I said.
“C’mon I am just curious, did they put you in one or not?”
I just ran from him and ran back in the laundry room.
Jason shouted after me but I ignored him.
Kelly kept throwing my diapers off the roof. I just left her pads on the lawn and went back inside through the laundry room. I took my shoes off and took the wastebasket upstairs again. I heard Kelly shouting outside to the kids. I put it in the bathroom and gave the key back to Mom.
“Did you leave it open?” she asked.
“Yes,” I nodded.
I went back upstairs. Kelly was still on the roof and she was climbing back inside. I looked out the window and saw all the diapers were off and the kids were gone. I looked in the diaper pail and saw not all of them were in there.
“You want your diapers picked up, pick up my pads first,” said Kelly. “Mom is going to have to speak to me to get me to do it.”
Kelly put the screen back on and closed the window.
I just got on the computer and went on AOL. I still felt embarrassed about my diapers being out there even though everyone knows I wear them but that doesn’t mean I want the whole neighborhood seeing them. Maybe if everyone wore them then I wouldn’t care. I started to think of something else to get back at Kelly.
I am not sure how long my diapers stayed out there. I just stayed inside all day long and it took Mom all day to notice the diapers were never picked up and they were just thrown off the roof. She made lunch for Matthew and I and came upstairs asking us if we were hungry. I wasn’t really hungry but Mom told me to take my pill. I told her I would and I stayed on the computer reading but Mom came up to my room and handed me the pill and left. I chewed it and swallowed it. Then finally the doorbell rang again. I just stayed put. I heard Matthew running to the door and Kelly too. I barely heard talking and then I heard Mom screaming again at Kelly. “Why didn’t you pick them up and what is it with trash being in the front lawn?”
“Natalie put them there so I left her diapers out there,” said Kelly.
“Pick them up,” Mom yelled.
“Make Natalie pick my pads up,” said Kelly.
“Oh I will after you pick hers up!”
I wonder why Mom was making Kelly cleaning up the mess if she made me pick up my used diaper in her bedroom she left there when she dumped it from the wastebasket.
Kelly came upstairs and brought my diaper pail down and the rubber gloves and went outside and picked up my diapers. I was just in my bedroom playing video games. Soon Mom called me to pick up the mess I made in the yard after Kelly had brought my diaper pail back upstairs. I paused the game and went downstairs. I put my shoes on and grabbed a plastic bag and went outside. I picked up her pads and threw them away in the kitchen. I washed my hands and took my food out of the fridge, I picked up the pepper shaker and poured some on my sandwich again, I looked in other cupboards seeing what to put on my sandwich. I found a bottle of vinegar and poured a little on the sandwich using a spoon, I had to make sure first it was non toxic because I didn’t want to hurt Kelly. Duh of course it would be because you find it in the baking section and why would they sell it there if it were toxic? I know people use it for cleaning too. Mom was paying no attention to what I was doing despite being in the family room. I put the bread back on the sandwich and grabbed a few apple slices off my plate as I stuck the plate back in the fridge. It should be sanitary this time for Dad. I grabbed a piece of paper and pen and wrote Kelly’s name on it and stuck it on my plate and headed back upstairs eating my apples.
Matthew was standing in the hallway outside my bedroom.
“Kelly, want a pop?” Matthew asked.
“No,” said Kelly.
“Nuts,” said Matthew. “Natalie, want one?”
“Sure,” I said.
Matthew went downstairs and came back up with a can and gave it to me and he had one for himself. I opened it in my bedroom.
Kelly got up and left the room. I chugged down my root beer and I felt hot flashes. That always happens when I have pop. Then I heard Mom telling Kelly again to clean up the mess she made.
I wondered what the mess was she made. I went back to my game. Soon Kelly came up with a pop can and had a plate with two burritos.
“Okay which one of you shook this?” Kelly asked me holding the can.
I didn’t answer. I was still giving her the silent treatment.
“Very clever, you two are so smart you can fool our parents because they think you’re both innocent. I think you can do more than Mom and Dad realize and you play the card,” said Kelly.
I ignored her. I didn’t know what she meant by playing the card. What card?
Kelly kept sipping at her pop and she left the room again and I heard her telling Matthew, “Did you shake this? I will get you for it……you are so very clever like your sister. Playing the innocent card and pretending you don’t know and using your problem to trick them.”
I wondered where Mittens was. Was she still in the den with my doll dress?