Natalie vs Her Parents chapter 22

I got this done so quick.

Chapter 22

I don’t know what happened. Mom wouldn’t even tell me when I asked. She told me Dad would not be coming home tonight. I asked her if they were getting a divorce finally.
“No,” Mom shouted. “I need you and Kelly to watch Matthew and tell her I am gone for a little bit.”
Mom grabbed her purse and grabbed a road map of the area from the drawer and left.
I sat there wondering what had just happened. What did daddy do?
No way was I going to tell Kelly Mom was gone for a little bit. I wondered where she went. Here I was babysitting again. I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing. She didn’t give me any instructions. She just left in a hurry.
I just watched some TV and then I played some music loud. No grown up was here and I decided to be a teenager. I played Boz Scaggs my parents had in the player. It was just the album of the guy sitting on a green park bench facing the water. I turned the music up and played the music very loud and went in the living room and wore some ear plugs. Matthew came running downstairs holding his ears.
“Why is the music so loud?” he shouted.
“Because it’s fun to have it loud,” I shouted back. “Mom and Dad aren’t here to tell us to turn it down.”
“It’s hurting my ears,” he yelled.
“Wear ear plugs,” I shouted.
“I don’t have any.”
I went to the kitchen and grabbed some and gave them to Matthew. He put them in. I gave him fresh ones to uses since he won’t wear any that have been worn in other people’s ears.
Then Kelly came downstairs yelling at me to turn the music down. I ignored her.
She went in the family room and I heard the music fade. I went back in the family room and turned it up after she left the room.
“Natalie,” Kelly yelled.
She tried turning it down but I stopped her. I kept a hold of her and she tried pushing me off. Then she gave up and left.
Then the first song ended and the next song started. I was dancing around to the music.
“…Georgia, we will be together, dear. If they ever let me out of here. They will say that it’s not true, but I did it all for you ….” the song went.
It’s one of my favorite songs on the album.
“…Oh, oh, oh, but how were we to know. That wasn’t moonlight, they were searchlights, oh no. Georgia we will be together dear…”

Soon the song ended and the next song came on. While we were listening to it, I heard the doorbell. I ignored it and Matthew didn’t seem to hear it. I pretended I didn’t hear it.
“…And I’m gone, stone gone, said you can forget about me…” the song went.
Then I heard hard pounding on the window. Matthew grabbed my arm and pointed. I saw it was Jolene, our next door neighbor. She lives on the right side of our house. She looks after us sometimes and is our godmother. She was pounding madly on the back door on our back deck. I walked over and opened it.
She started to yell at me and I couldn’t make out what she was saying because of the music and ear plugs.
“What?” I shouted a couple times at her.
Jolene took her shoes off and marched in our home and over to the stereo and turned it down.
“That music is too loud, we could hear it next door,” she yelled.
I could tell she was mad because it sounded like it.
“Where are your parents?” she yelled.
“Out,” I said.
“Where is your sister?”
“So you’re babysitting?”
“Yes,” I said.
“If you keep that music up loud again, I will tell your parents and I am sure they won’t let you babysit again if this is what you are going to be doing,” Jolene said angrily. “We could hear it on the block and it’s seven thirty at night and you’re playing loud music. If you want to play loud music, don’t play it so loud where people next door can hear it. You have already upset some of the neighbors. What were you doing playing it so loud?”
“I was just being a teen,” I said.
“Teen?” Jolene said.
“Some of them play the music loud,” I said.
“That’s not being a teen, that’s being a disrespectful and rude. Those teens are very rude children and they’re not being teenagers, they’re being rude and breaking the law if they play it in the middle of the night.”
“It’s not the middle of the night yet,” I said.
“It’s also against neighborhood rules to play the music that loud if it can be heard across the street or next door. It’s called noise pollution. Someone can call the police and they can write up a police report and then the Homeowners Association will charge your parents a fine for it and the police report will be proof you were playing it too loud so they couldn’t say you weren’t.”
Jolene went back to the door and put her shoes on and left. I kept the music turned down.
I took the ear plugs out. I felt upset about being yelled at like she was my own mother. I tried not to cry. I hate crying in front of anyone so I try and hide it and not let myself cry. Matthew looked at me and didn’t say anything. “At least Mom and Dad won’t know,” was all he said. He took out his ear plugs and threw them away.

I showered at eight and put on my last Molicare. The other one could hold more but I don’t like putting on used diapers. They don’t feel as good and right. I prefer a fresh diaper. I threw the other one away and put my pajamas on. Matthew and I played Virtual Bart in his room, a game he bought at Game Crazy this summer. Mom and dad were still gone. Matthew bounced around in the factory trying to free the other pigs. Bart Simpson was a pig in the game. When he died, I played next. I played it very carefully but I ran out of time and it was Game Over we got. It was back to Bart being on the virtual machine spinning and then he landed on another game for us to play. It was Bart Simpsons as a baby this time and he swings from tree to tree trying to make it across the yard to the clothes line.
Then Kelly came in the bedroom and she walked right over to the TV and turned it down.
“Hey you’re in the way?” Matthew shouted.
Kelly ignored him and then she walked out of the room. We could barely hear the game now. Matthew paused the game and turned it up again but not as loud.
I was still upset about the paper Kelly wrote. Matthew asked me if she wrote anything bad about him and I said “yes.” He then asked me what she wrote about him and I told him I wasn’t allowed to tell him.
“Did she say I was stupid?” he asked.
“I can’t tell you,” I said.
“Did she say I was retarded?”
“I can’t tell you.”
“Did she say I annoy her?”
“I can’t tell you.”
“Darn you are good, I can’t even manipulate you.”
We played a few seconds more and then he asked me, “Did she say anything good about me?”
“No,” I said.
“Oh so she did say all those things about me,” said Matthew.
“No she didn’t,” I said.
“Yes she did, you answered my question so the rest you refused to answer means she did. Gotcha.”
Shit, he had tricked me. I need to try harder at not answering if someone is trying to get the truth out of me. Matthew is a pest sometimes. He is all the time actually and I used to enjoy annoying him because he is so stubborn and gets upset for no reason and he is slow at coming and quitting doing other things when called and things he does is annoying like tongue clicking or bouncing on the chair or swinging his legs in the air and when you tell him to stop, he does it again a few minutes later. Some days are better like now and he gets angry easily. Now I have decided to try and be nice to him since I don’t like being picked on. Kelly has told me I am just as annoying as my brother because of how I act and behave and things I do and I do similar things as him I find annoying so I annoy myself then. But I am nothing like him.
“Can I ignore Kelly too like you and Mom and are?” Matthew asked.
“sure,” I said.
“Cool,” said Matthew.
Now everyone was ignoring Kelly now except Dad.

Soon Mom came home. I noticed Dad still didn’t come home. She came upstairs and checked on us.
“Where’s Dad?” I asked.
“He won’t be coming home tonight,” Mom replied.
She was sad.
“How come?” Matthew asked.
“Dad did something very foolish and he is paying for it now. He won’t get out until morning and I will have to pay the bond to get him out.”
“He’s in jail?” I asked.
“Why? What did he do?” I asked.
I was shocked, Dad in jail? He has never gone to jail.
“Remember when I told him to not drink for a week and he promised?”
“Yes,” I said.
“Yes,” said Matthew. “Do I still get the Nintendo?”
He died and then it was my turn to play. He handed me the controller.
“He broke it and he went to the bar again and drank and got himself drunk, drunk enough he got in a fight with a few customers and broke some things and got banned from the place and he thought he could drive home intoxicated and crashed. He went to the hospital for slight injuries but he is okay and now he is in jail. But don’t worry, he will get out and I am very furious with him.”
“Are you going to divorce him?” I asked.
“No,” said Mom.
“So where’s his car now?” Matthew asked.
“Totaled,” said Mom.
“We have one car now,” I said.
“We’ll have to get a new one. Matthew, you better get to bed, you have school tomorrow.”
“I’m not tired,” he said.
“Matthew, you had a hard time getting out of bed this morning and I had to nag you and drag you down the stairs and you couldn’t finish your cereal so you are going to bed now. I will not go through this again I did this morning.”
“You were a Pokey Little Puppy,” I said.
“Natalie, butt out,” said Mom.
I kept on playing.
“Matthew, to bed,” Mom said again.
She started to get him ready for bed and Matthew threw a fit about it.
“Stop being so difficult,” Mom yelled. “I had to go and talk to the bar owner and then to the police and then I saw your Dad and I don’t need this now.”
I listened to the fight and then Mom told me to turn the game off and go to my room.
“What did I do?” I asked.
“He is going to bed so you can’t play in here anymore,” Mom replied.
“So why do I have to go to my room for that?” I asked.
“Fine, you can watch TV downstairs or whatever, you just can’t be in here when he is trying to sleep.”
I turned the game off and Mom was suggesting to Matthew he can read a book. “You can read Harry Potter, I don’t think you have read that yet.”
I have never read the books either, we got them last year for Christmas and I wasn’t interested in any of the books. There were three of them written. Matthew wasn’t interested in them either. But Kelly read them and said they were good. They seem to be popular books because I kept hearing about it and seeing kids reading them, even grownups read them despite them being children books. Even my parents read them too and called them good.
I left his bedroom and went downstairs. I used the computer in the kitchen and read diaper stories on there.

The next day, Mom was gone again. Kelly and Matthew were in school and I was in my old diapers again. It felt good not being in school but the only thing that worried me was falling behind and having to repeat the grade and then being the oldest in there. How long will it be before I am in my new school?
I played music again on the stereo and didn’t have it blasting loud this time. Just a week ago I was kicked out of school this day. At least I didn’t have to worry about mean kids anymore or Ms. Penny. I didn’t even like her because she didn’t care about me and thought it was all my fault how kids were treating me. I bet she didn’t like me ether.

Around noon, Mom came home with Dad. Mom was screaming at him and she had him go upstairs with her. Dad kept on apologizing but Mom wouldn’t accept it. They headed upstairs and there was more screaming in their bedroom. I was in the kitchen on the computer hearing the fight. I don’t think I have ever seen Mom this mad before at my dad. I overheard her saying he broke some glasses, beer bottles, and tossed some chairs and flipped over a few tables and then getting kicked out.
“You will wear these for a week,” Mom screamed. “Take your pants off now and your boxers.”
I heard Dad talking and then Mom yelled “To hell what she hears, you were a full time drunk and then you really did it this time and you are such a child, you will be treated like one. I will be expecting you to use these for their intended purposes-”
I heard Dad saying something and then Mom said again, “and beer wasn’t that expensive? If you could afford to drink every single damn day, I am sure you can afford to wear these every day.”
“Can you think of something better to do?” Dad said.
“You said you would do anything to help me feel better and giving me a reason why I should stay in this marriage so I want you to help me feel better about my problem by wearing them too with me. It’s what I’ve always enjoy. Keep bellyaching about it, I will make you wear them until I am through.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I wasn’t sure if I was hearing it right. The screaming went on by Mom for the next half hour. “You just proved to me Glen you can’t even handle your own beer, even Christopher the bar owner told me so when someone called me and then I find out you did a DUI and wrecked your vehicle? Jesus Glen, even our own special needs daughter is smarter than that. You have a Master’s degree in science and make over six figures a year and you do something that only a low level headed person would do. What the hell were you thinking?”
“I’m sorry Anita,” Dad shouted. “I wasn’t that drunk and I thought I could drive home carefully.”
“And me being hit by a drunk driver and our daughter ending up in the hospital nearly losing her life wasn’t enough to tell you you should never do it?” Mom yelled. “But you did it anyway, how selfish. You’re very lucky you only crashed into a building and only got slight injures you only needed stiches and no one was hurt but you and there were no other collisions. Now we have damage we have to pay for and then we have a court date we gotta wait for.”
Dad had a cast on his arm but he could move it fine and perfectly. It just looked like bandage wrapped around his arm and he had a cut on his forehead.
I was shocked at what Dad did. How could he have driven drunk? I was very upset with him. How could he be that stupid? I had a stupid father and a bad one. Why does Mom want to stay with him?

Soon Mom and Dad were done fighting and everything was silent. I couldn’t even look at my father or be in the same room with him. When he tried speaking to me, I just frowned at him and left the room.
“Natalie, I’m sorry,” he said. “I know you’re upset with me. You probably overheard what I did.”
I just nodded as I headed up the stairs.
I just went in my room and closed the door and got on the computer in there.

Soon Kelly and Matthew were home. Kelly was shocked to see Dad was home. Mom refused to answer her and I refused to answer her and so did Matthew. Dad said he was called in sick by Mom because she didn’t want him to lose his job. I noticed something different about Dad. He had on sweat pants (he always wears jeans) and Mom kept all the bathroom doors locked and told me and Matthew if we need to go to the bathroom, ask her for the key. When Kelly complained about all the bathrooms being locked, Mom unlocked the door for her and opened the door and walked away not saying a word. Kelly complained to Dad about Mom’s silent treatment but Dad told her, “She will get over it. That’s Mum.”
“Natalie and Matthew are doing the same thing too,” Kelly complained.
“What do you expect? You wrote a mean letter. Now you are going to have to wait until they get over it or go apologize to them.”
Then Dad came in my room and asked me if I told Matthew what Kelly wrote.
I just shook my head without looking at him.
“Still mad?”
I nodded.
“I know how much you hate drunk drivers and you are probably hurt your own father did it, isn’t that right?”
I nodded.
“You mother did tell me I was a very selfish guy for doing it, after all one of them sent you and your mother and brother and sister to the hospital and it changed your life I know. It changed all of ours and I got myself drunk and decided to drive home carefully but I crashed. I can’t imagine how that must feel for you.”
“How could you be so stupid?” I said. “Now you’re bad.”
“No I just made a mistake,” said Dad.
“Drunk drivers are bad,” I said.
“I know, I feel bad for what I did. I have never seen your mother so furious in her life. I am very lucky she didn’t run to the courthouse asking for the divorce papers. She was also very hurt and couldn’t stop yelling at me in the car about it and then when we got home. I could have lost all of you guys to that drunk driver so I can fully understand why she would be so furious and hurt. I am not sure how long it will take for her to cool off. She is hoping this is the last straw for my drinking. What can I do to make you feel better about all this?”
“Stop drinking,” I said.
“I can cut back again, I just snapped and went out drinking because I went so long without it and I couldn’t take it so I went to the bar and drank a few beers but I guess I had more than I should. Now I am in this terrible mess and we only have one car now and it will be hard for a few weeks until we get a new one. When I go to work, your mother will have no way of getting to school for in case of emergencies or to even bring some paperwork to your new school to get you there. She would have to borrow a neighbor’s car or something and pay for the gas and thank goodness none of you are still doing sports. Kelly gets a ride home anyway and a ride there and you would have to get a ride home or something.”
“Go back to drinking once or twice a week,” I said.
“Then will you stop being mad at me if I cut back on my drinking?” Dad asked.
“Maybe,” I said.
There was no way I could control how I feel. I felt betrayed what he did. How could he do this to all of us? How could he do what that other idiot did sending us to the hospital and landing me in diapers? He and Mom were also mad at the guy about it and sued him and got money for it. Sued him for damage he did to me and for the effect he did to the family and then after the New Years, he did it again and lost his own life and no one else was hurt nor were there anyone else involved.
“Maybe?” Dad asked.
I didn’t know what to tell him. It was hard to describe my thoughts about all this so I just shrugged.
Dad just got up and left my bedroom.

During dinner time, we were all eating in silence. We were all in our assigned seats and I noticed Dad was squirming around in his chair and holding his crotch. Mom whispered something in his ear.
“No,” said Dad.
Mom was saying something to him again.
“You wouldn’t dare, you’re just like your mother,” said Dad.
He got out of his seat and left the room.
We ate some more and then Dad called from the staircase, “Anita, I need your help with something.”
“Excuse me kids,” said Mom sweetly.
She put her napkin down and left the table.
“Mom and Dad are sure acting weird,” said Kelly. “I have never seen Mom like this.”
I noticed Mom seemed better because she was calmer and she seemed more cheerful despite the whole incident. Maybe she got over it so quickly. How could she have gotten over it so fast?
“When are you guys going to stop this retardedness?” Kelly asked us.
Matthew and I didn’t answer.
Kelly rolled her eyes and sighed.
“Do I need to get you guys to talk to me like I have to do to our mother?” she asked.
We still didn’t answer her.
“You are being just like Mom,” said Kelly. “You’re all lot alike. All selfish, all want things your way, you’re controlling, all talk about the same things, all say mean things, so hard to talk to, none of you have empathy nor care about anyone…”
Kelly said every mean thing she could think of. “You get away with everything Natalie.”
I felt so tempted to tell her why do I get video games or computer taken away or had to do chores for a week when I got suspended from school and having to pay off a window I broke so how could she say I get away with everything but I kept my mouth shut. I knew she was just trying to get me to talk so I had to be strong and not let her win.
Soon Mom and Dad came back down and Mom brought Dad back to the table like he was some child. They went back to eating and I noticed Dad wasn’t holding his crotch anymore nor squirming.

The next day Dad went to work and I just did my day as normal, reading diaper stories online and posting on the Diaper Story’s forum. Mom had to borrow a car from one of our neighbors so she could take my school records and my medical records to the school she and Dad were putting me in. Jolene loaned her hers and luckily she works at home off and on and she wasn’t going anywhere that day so she let Mom use hers. Then I was home alone again. I wasn’t sure if the pills I was taking were working because my poop still smelled. I was remembering to take it after dinner but I kept of forgetting to take it still. I may have to leave notes all over to remind me to take them if I keep forgetting. I was also trying hard to stick to my changing schedule but kept on forgetting so my diaper leaked. Luckily my parents were not home so I didn’t get yelled at about it. I cleaned up the mess and put on a fresh diaper and a clean pair of pants. I watched GoldenEye again in the family room. I pooped in my diaper again and scooted my butt around on Kelly’s bed trying to make it smell because I was being a mean sister. Kelly was over at Veronica’s babysitting Ellie and James again after school while Matthew was home. Mom did come home. Dad came home too around six just before dinner. His boss must have let him off early.

During dinner, Dad told us he wanted to take us all to the pumpkin patch tomorrow to take his mind off this whole thing. He said it will be great family time and to make up for what he did, especially to our mother and us kids. He also told us we can pick out our Halloween costumes or just use the ones we have.
“Are you done drinking for good?” Kelly asked.
“I don’t know,” said Dad. “Your mom is still mad at me about it and screamed at me for two hours straight. She has never been that angry.”
“It took you until this to get you to realize you have a problem,” said Mom as she got out of her chair clearing her spot.
“I know I screwed up,” said Dad. “Things will be tight around here and different for a while. I still have to wait for a court date and I was an idiot and drove intoxicated when I should have waited in my car or ask for a ride home but I didn’t want your mother to know I went out drinking again so I didn’t even call her for a ride or else she would know. So I drove home and crashed. I couldn’t even wait three more days to have a beer and I snapped and drank more than I did and got drunk and then banned from the place.”
“What about your car?” Kelly asked.
“It’s gone, it’s history, I would have to get a new car but I have to wait with the insurance first and it will either be higher or they will drop me and I would have to go get covered by another insurance company. But since this was my first time offense, I am sure it will just be higher. You were all right, I do have a problem with alcohol and it always kept me calm and helped me cope. But none of this wouldn’t have happened if your mother didn’t ban me from it for a week.”
Anita sighed. “Oh god, I did it for you Glen,” she said. “You wouldn’t even admit you have a problem so I wanted you to prove to me you had one and you did. I knew you would fail so I had my kids spying on you this week making sure there was no hidden beer or nothing and I promised Matthew a Nintendo 64 if he helps out.”
“Our kids,” said Glen. “I was even having Natalie help hide my problem and promised her a Nintendo 64 also if she could keep it a secret how it was affecting me without it and if she can cover for me.”
“You bribed her to lie?” Mom asked not sounding happy.
“Well it looks like we both have to get our kids one now since we’ve promised them,” said Dad. “Both minds think alike.”
“Goody,” said Kelly. “Now she will be in Brian’s room playing that dumb game all the time and I won’t have to live around her petty routines.”
“Hey,” Dad barked.
“I can’t believe you tried involving her in this,” said Mom.
“I was desperate to show you I wasn’t addicted,” said Dad.
“That was cheating,” said Mom.
“Doesn’t matter, I failed,” said Dad.
“Well that explains your rages you have had this past week,” said Mom. “You can’t handle going without beer.”
“I was doing fine with it,” said Dad. “Then you took it from me and this happened.”
“And I bet it still would have if you didn’t have any money for booze and you probably would have done something else stupid like steal beer or make your own and then drink and still do something like this because you went so long without it. Plus you had hard time sleeping at night so I knew you were struggling and I didn’t say anything. Then you were gone all day and I was hoping you weren’t out drinking and then I get a phone call being told about how you were at the bar and you got in a fight and did some damage there and drove off.”
“Who called you?”
“One of the customers did of course. They somehow knew our number and called me and the bar owner talked to me. You were a problem there all that time. When you drink, you start saying dumb shit and I am embarrassed what you have told them.”
“What did I tell them?”
“I am not going to say in front of the kids and I am too embarrassed. Now the whole village knows about our private life and my personal problem.”
“Not everyone goes to the bar,” said Dad.
“People gossip. Now their kids might know too and then spread it in school and then our kids may know about it, what have you done Glen? Now people are probably going to think I am crazy after hearing how I have been hospitalized a few times and they might twist it assuming I am crazy or something or think I am some sort of mental nutcase when I’m not. I just hope to god they all thought you were bullshitting and not repeat it and they assume you were bullshitting and not believe it. After all you were drunk. But now everyone is going to know I am married to a drunk.”
“You don’t care what people think,” said Dad. “So why do you even care?”
“I care about our kids, it’s about them Glen, not me. It’s about how it will affect them in school. Natalie is very damn lucky she is not going to her school anymore and she is going somewhere else. She wouldn’t have to worry about this.”
Mom and Dad kept on fighting about the whole thing. Dad was out of his seat arguing with her about this whole thing.
“Look, if it really gets that bad, we can always move okay,” said Dad. “It’s what you’ve always wanted anyway. I just hope we can sell this place.”
“We’re moving?” Matthew asked.
“We’re just talking,” said Dad. “It’s a what if. That will be the last thing on our list if you and your sister were having problems in school about this whole thing. There are so many schools in the area, we could live anywhere and I can still work at my current job. We could even move to the sales tax free state if we wanted to and still live out in the country. But then Natalie might not be able to go to her school anymore so we may stick with Washington.”
“Or since your job is so stressful, you can find a job somewhere else and we’ll move,” said Mom.
“Then where shall we move to?”
“Where ever the job takes you,” said Mom.
“I mean where shall we live so I can see if they have any job openings there?” said Dad.
Mom shrugged.
“Are we moving?” I asked.
“No,” said Dad. “We’re just talking.”
Mom and Dad were then cleaning up. I was already done eating and just had dessert. The ice cream was gone already because I ate it all already.
Mom is funny with words sometimes. A village. I pictured a village instead of a town. I found their conversation so hard to follow. They were talking about moving and getting a new job but weren’t planning on doing it.

I went upstairs and Kelly yelled at me about her bed smelling like poop.
“I’m a mean sister,” I said and walked away.
Kelly ran downstairs and complained to our Dad again about me.
Dad came upstairs to the master bedroom where I was. “Natalie, were you on Kelly’s bed?”
I nodded.
“I wanted it to smell like poo because I am a mean sister so I am being one,” I said.
“I want you to go to your bedroom and strip her bed and remake it again using clean sheets and give her a fresh pillow case. You know you are not allowed on your sister’s bed, it’s her private property. She doesn’t sit on your bed.”
“Okay,” I said.
“Is this going to be sisters at war now?” Dad asked when he left the bedroom.
“Maybe,” I said.
“Well stop it.”
After I was done watching TV, I got the clean sheets out of the closet and stripped Kelly’s bed. I used the childish sheets I could find. Dad never told me what sheets I needed to use so I picked whatever twin set I could find. I picked Brian’s old sheets from when he was little, they were pictures of some superhero. I also picked out Matthew’s old pillowcase Barney and it also had Baby Bop on it and the name Barney and Friends and some yellow and pink dots and green. I brought them to our room and stripped Kelly’s bed. Kelly wasn’t even in the room so I got to make it in peace without her stopping me. I put the sheets on it and then put the pillow case on. I was unsure about the blanket because he never said anything about it so I left it on the bed. I tossed the dirty sheets with the dirty clothes and played some video games before my shower.

During my shower, Kelly came in the bathroom and yelled “Why the fuck did you put juvenile bed sheets on my bed?”
“Because I’m selfish,” I said.
“Grow up,” said Kelly. “I spoke the truth and the way you are acting is really proving my point anyway. Hey at least you’re talking to me.”
Kelly slammed the door and I heard her complaining to Dad again.
Darn she got me, I had answered her.
After I got out of the shower and was already dressed for bed and in my fresh diaper, Dad made me remake Kelly’s bed using appropriate bed sheets and putting on another blanket and told me to put the sheets in the washing machine and start it. He said it was his bad for not being clear with his words and Kelly said I was playing him but he didn’t believe her. Dad also told her there will be no swearing in the household, not from a young lady’s mouth. Then he told me “Natalie, I know you still like kid stuff, but you have to understand not everyone does, can you keep remembering that and I know you don’t understand but you have to accept not everyone likes kid things and respect it.”
“Yes,” I said.
After he left, I gave Kelly the evil grin. She just glared at me.
I didn’t care about remaking the bed, I enjoyed annoying her. I was thinking of other things to do that would annoy her. I think this is Natalie vs Kelly now.