Natalie vs her Parents chapter 13

Ugh this was one of the toughest chapters I wrote so that why there was a delay.

Chapter 13

I woke up and felt my diaper again. There were no leaks. The diaper felt nice and full from the pee. I had wet it more in my sleep. The double diapering had worked. I looked at the time and saw it was past nine. Matthew would have already been in school and Kelly too so it was just Mom and I home alone with our pets.

I rubbed the outside of my diaper. It felt squishy from the pee. I stuck my hands in my pants and felt the squishyness of the diaper. No way was I sticking my fingers in there to pleasure myself like I was told to do in my dream. I decided to masturbate again. I smelled pee when I had my head under the covers so I kept my head out so I wouldn’t have to smell it. The wet diaper felt very good and I just rubbed and rubbed. But I couldn’t enjoy it as much because it would sting if I pressed the diaper to my skin too hard. I decided to just ignore the pain and do it. It didn’t feel bad. At the same time I felt ashamed for liking this but at the same time I also liked it and didn’t see anything wrong with it. Is it wrong to take pleasure in your medical condition? I wonder if anyone likes being in a wheelchair or likes wearing glasses or likes using crutches or using an inhaler? I have a love/hate relationship with my diapers. I would rather not wear them and not have this problem but at the same time I like wearing them because they keep my pants dry and keep the mess from getting all over. I also like peeing in them and messing in them I don’t care about but I hate the clean up. At home I can just jump in the shower and it’s no big deal. But I hate it when it happens when I am not at home. It would be nice if restrooms had a thing where you can wash your butt.

I stopped masturbating and got out of bed. The stinging made it hard for me to enjoy it. I felt more pee come out when I stood up and a little more dripped out as I walked to the closet. I had no control to stop it. It’s just like how blood drips out of you when you are on your period or mucus for vaginal discharge. You can’t stop it. I got out a clean diaper, grabbed the rash cream and wipes. I changed out of my two diapers and wiped myself clean. I saw I was getting my period because I found some blood on the wipe. I put rash cream all over my bottom and wiped the cream off my finger using a wipe. I put on the clean diaper. A day time diaper. I noticed I was almost out of them. I didn’t even have a pack left so I had eight left, I counted. I had plenty of night time diapers left but I probably should get more since I wear two at night now. Mom and Dad get them from the medical supply store in town. They also do special orders too on products, including diapers. They ship them to our address so Mom and Dad wouldn’t have to go there and get more every time. We get them every two weeks. If I run out sooner somehow or run low on them, Mom and Dad buy them at Hi School Pharmacy or at the grocery store until another case comes or I just wear my night time diapers to tie me over. They buy the wipes, rash cream, and baby powder there too. I use baby powder to help hide the smell but then I smell like baby powder instead. Better than smelling like pee. But I don’t always use it. I was home anyway so it didn’t matter. But they do make the diapers feel softer.

I crawled into bed and masturbated more but it wasn’t the same. The diaper wasn’t as thick so I didn’t enjoy it as much. I got out of bed again and took the whole bag of dirty diapers out of the trash can and carried it downstairs. The bag was heavy even though it wasn’t full but I don’t let it fill up all the way or else it would be too heavy to carry even if it meant wasting trash bags. I took it out to the garage and tossed it in the big trash can and put the lid back on top. I went inside and got breakfast. Mom was watching something on TV.

“Mom, I am almost out of diapers,” I said.
“How many you have left?” she asked.
“Eight day time diapers and one opened pack of night time diapers and one un opened pack.”
“Okay, you can wear night time ones if you run out of the others,” said Mom.
“Mom,” I said.
“Come on, what is so different about wearing them during the day?”
“Nothing,” I said. “I wore two at night and it kept my bed dry. So I am going to be running out sooner now since I will be double diapering every night.”
“Well if those diapers don’t even hold you at night anymore, we should try and find a better brand or limit the fluids you drink every night past six just like I do,” said Mom. “And if they are still leaking, then we will try and find a better brand so you are not waking up in a wet bed. But don’t put two on, that’s wasting them.”
“How is it any different if I change at night? It will still be two at night,” I said.
“You’re right Natalie, what was I thinking? I guess it doesn’t matter. At least you came up with a solution.”
“Actually I got it from online,” I said. “Other incontinent people say on there they double diaper at night to keep their beds dry or do it when they go out somewhere to avoid diaper changes because it’s so embarrassing to have to change in a public restroom or at peoples houses fearing they might get caught. Or they want them to hold more so they absorb more.”
“Are you going to do that at school now?” Mom asked.
I shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe. Kids know I wear them anyway but at least it will save me from the diaper change unless I poop. I am still going to have to change anyway but not as soon.”
I wasn’t embarrassed to change at school. I was used to it.
“When are we going to get more? The store is closed on Sunday and they are only open tomorrow for three hours,” I said.
“If you run out when they are closed, there is always the grocery store or Hi-School Pharmacy.”
“I hope more come before I run out,” I said. “Or else I would be pestering you and Dad to go and get me some when I run down to my last diaper.”
I sat down at the table and had a bowl of cereal. After I was done I put the bowl in the dishwasher and asked Mom what she was watching.
“Benny & Joon,” she said.
“What’s it about?” I asked.
“Uh, hold on,” she picked up the controller and looked up the movie description and read it to me. It was about a brother taking care of his mentally ill sister and they bring home an eccentric guy.
“What’s eccentric?” I asked.
“The dictionary is on the shelf, you know where to find it,” said Mom.
“But what does it mean?” I asked again.
“Look it up, you know where the dictionary is.”
“Why can’t you tell me?”
“I can but I’d rather have you look words up,” she said.
“But it’s quicker if you tell me,” I said.
“Just look it up, you’re a big girl.”
First SKKoolia tells me to use the dictionary, now Mom is too.

I went in the living room and grabbed the dictionary off the shelf and opened it. I looked it up. I read the definition. It was just another word for odd or unusual or weird. I put the dictionary away and went back in the family room.

I watched the rest of the movie with Mom. I wondered what illness Joon had so I asked her. She said she wasn’t sure and it could be schizophrenia because her brother mentioned she hears voices in her head. Sam was an interesting character. He was very obsessive and memorized lines from movies and acted them out. He also dressed funny and cleaned the house in a funny way and cooked in a funny way. He even did silent acts in the park and was non verbal during it even though he could talk. He even got kicked out of school for it just like I got kicked out for acting out James Bond.
“What is he supposed to have?” I asked.
“I have no idea,” said Mom. “I think he has dyslexia because it showed his horrible spelling when he was writing a letter to his mom.”

I found the movie interesting, mentally ill sister, brother taking care of her, eccentric guy, and they both fall in love and now they are living together. I always like movies that are about mental illnesses or disabilities or about anyone that is different. After the movie ended, I watched Goldeneye while Mom was doing her normal things. Cleaning the kitchen and drawing. Drawing is one of her hobbies she does all the time, she is a good artist. I suck at it and I was never interested anyway.

When the movie got to the scene where Xenia was squeezing her legs around Chuck’s tummy, Mom pointed out “See Natalie what she is doing? She is having an orgasm and shrieking ‘yes.’”
“Why?” I asked.
“Like I told you yesterday, she gets sexually stimulated from it. It arouses her when someone is in pain. She likes killing people because it turns her on.”

When the movie got to the part where she is killing people at the the Space Weapon Control Centre, Mom told me “See Natalie, the look on her face. She is getting off killing all those people.”
Then when she shot at the air vent, Mom told me she just got sexually aroused because she thought Natalya was up there.
Mom kept pointing out the other sexual scenes of Xenia and her getting turned on. Now I knew why she liked yelling ‘yes’ and why James told her no more foreplay (I thought it as “foul play” but Mom told me it was foreplay). Even he knew she got turned on killing people and that was what she was trying to do to him and she got turned on by his suffering until he put her on the sauna to get her off him. Then she yells “biatch” because he ruined her sex. Why didn’t I see this before? Mom also told me some people yell yes during sex and that is what Xenia does when she kills people and is seeing they are suffering. That is how she has sex because she get’s off on it. I told her that sounds sick and she told me “it is sick, it’s very twisted. She is a sick woman.”
“But I enjoy killing people in the game,” I said.
“That’s different, those are not real people. Just computer animated men. Perhaps she should be playing shooting games instead of killing real people.”
I pictured Xenia playing Goldeneye and she is shrieking ‘yes’ as she is killing all those bad guys and having an orgasm. I bet if she did that in a store or at someone’s house, she would get in trouble with the law.

After the movie ended, Mom yelled at me again for having my diaper leaking on the couch.It was just a small spot.
“Natalia, how many times do we have to tell you to change your diaper? You got a wet spot on the couch.”
“But I changed when I got up,” I said.
“And how long ago was that Natalie? What time is it? You woke up when and now it’s what time now?” Mom yelled.
I looked at the time, it was two twenty one. 'Two twenty one," I said.
“What time did you get up?”
“Nine twenty seven,” I said.
“Okay so you have not changed in five hours. If you don’t start doing it on your own, I will start changing them for you again and make it really humiliating this time,” Mom kept yelling. “Go change now.”

I marched upstairs to my room. I grabbed another diaper out of the closet. I counted how many night time diapers I had left, twenty-one. I now had seven day time diapers left. I took my pants off and my diaper. I wiped myself up and put more rash cream on and wiped my finger off. Then I put the fresh diaper on and just stood there. I wasn’t sure how I was going to spend the rest of my day. I would normally be out of school already and be at soccer practice. Then Mom came upstairs to my room.
“Okay, we need to talk about your leaking,” she said.
She didn’t sound mad anymore. She sounded calm now.
I was still standing there in my pajama top and diaper with socks on.
“You have been leaking for too long now,” said Mom. “We need to either get you different diapers that will hold more and be more absorbent or put you on a timer for when to change like I did with my bathroom breaks. I had to clean up that spot on the couch and I wasn’t happy about it.”
“Sorry,” I said.
“But it’s going to happen again because it always does, I had just flipped out on you downstairs and then realized after you went upstairs I was turning into my mother.”
I assume Mom meant by flipping out on me that she yelled at me because she didn’t literally flip on me. But I still pictured her doing a flip and landing on me.
“What are you smiling about?,” Mom asked.
“I must be smiling at the thought in my head of you doing a flip and landing on me,” I said.
“Okay, well I don’t want to be humiliating you with your diapers like my mother did. From now on, you will change your diaper on schedule like I do with my potty breaks.”
“What did Grandma do?” I asked.
“I had the same sort of problem you have now. Even at your age. I would wait too long to go so my bladder would give out and I would wet myself. It never occurred to me to go because I never felt I had to go until the last minute and I would be rushing for the bathroom or have it running down my legs before I realized I had to go. For some reason I don’t ever know when I need to go until it’s too late and there is nothing wrong with my bladder. I have been to doctors about it. So in high school when I was a little older than you, I came up with a solution. I decided to make myself a potty schedule and go at a certain time to avoid accidents and it helped.”
“But what did Grandma do?” I asked again.
“She would put diapers on me and make me wear them for a few days and I had to stay dry or she would keep me in them until they stayed dry. Fortunately she didn’t make me wear them to school. So that meant my sisters’ friends saw me in them, my brothers’ friends and she would wash my diapers and hang them outside to dry on the clothes line. So all our neighbors who lived around us saw them and thank god she hung them in the backyard or else more neighbors would have seen them and people that drove by. She would also make me wash them sometimes too because she figured I would be so grossed out touching my own pee I would quit doing it.”
“Didn’t you wear anything over them?” I asked.
“Mom wouldn’t let me,” said Mom. “She wanted to embarrass me so I would not want to wet my pants anymore and when that wasn’t working, she got more extreme with it so she started making me go outside in a diaper and t shirt and that was how your dad found out because my mother let him come in the backyard to see me like that. Plus I would wet myself on purpose to get my way so we would leave places that were too overwhelming and Mom would always punish me with diapers. So when your father saw me in diapers for the first time, he thought it was out of line what my mother was doing and we both said we would never do that to our future children. So when I told you downstairs I would start humiliating you with them, I then realized ‘Oh my god, I am becoming just like my mother. What am I doing?’ and instead of her trying to help me with the problem, she had to humiliate me about it and all it did was it made me end up hating diapers and not wanting to wear them so it’s been wet beds off and on. I don’t want you to end up hating them too and end up with having wet and messy pants. So I am trying to help you with your leaking problem and I think changing breaks would be a good idea, what do you say?”
“Okay,” I said.
“Okay, how about you change every four hours during the day and if you are still leaking, we will have to get you better diapers. I am sure you wouldn’t want cloth because those are bulky and are very noticeable and they are hard to put on. Plus they are a pain to wash and they smell so you have to strip them to get everything out of them so they won’t smell. If you lose track of time, we will have to get you a timer like get you a watch or something with a timer on it. I used to set myself a timer when I was in high school and now I go to the bathroom at the exact time every day or before I go somewhere and on the road, we would stop at a rest area whenever we saw a sign so I could empty my bladder. I also limit my fluids before bed after six, perhaps you can do the same so you aren’t peeing a lot at night and leaking and you wouldn’t have to wear two. Like right now you had just changed so change again at six thirty.”

But I liked wearing two diapers, now I was going to have to go back to wear one again and limiting my fluids. What if I was thirsty? I would hate to go thirsty.

I was very surprised about what Grandma did. What she did sounded like abuse and I never thought Grandma was that kind of person. She always seemed nice and normal, not someone who would abuse her children and she had never abused. us. Mom had scared me when she told me she was going to humiliate me with my diapers. I remember Dad telling me Mom was still in them when they met so of course I could still find a man who would want to marry me and could look past the diapers. Plus I have seen some incontinent people online say they are married and have children. If they can do it, so can I. But who would want someone different like me? I have never even had a boyfriend. Dad always told me diapers are just like underwear but they absorb is all and protect your clothes and the furniture and keep the mess inside. That’s why he didn’t care what Mom had on but he was very surprised when he found out. I wonder why Mom didn’t fight Grandma when she forced her to wear them? I am sure she was strong as an adult then and could fight her off. But if Mom threatened to humiliate me with my diapers and I could also fight her off and not let her do it to me and she wouldn’t be able to hold me down, she could then threaten to take away the computer or video games or James Bond and I would be weak. Maybe that is what Grandma did, threatened to take away her stuff if she doesn’t do as she says. People can still have power over you even if you are strong enough to fight back. I couldn’t imagine losing the computer or video games or James Bond. I’m surprised Mom still sees Grandma and lets her come see us.

“What did Grandpa think of it?” I asked.
“He was working and Mom was just a stay at home mom,” said Mom. “He had no say in it.”
“What did your siblings think of it?” I asked.
“I don’t know.”
“Did they do anything about it?”
“Why not?”
“Because they were kids, what could they do about it? To them it was normal. I wasn’t the only sibling in them and she hung all my little sisters’ diapers outside too to dry along with the bigger diapers. She even hung John’s out there too and Robert’s until he stopped wetting the bed. I wasn’t out of diapers until age five and then I only wore them at night. But I still wore them during the day sometimes because Mom would put them on me if I had an accident. Do you see why it would be all normal to them? Also the fact I went to a school for handicapped children so they saw it as something I needed due to my problems. Plus you don’t do anything when I punish Matthew or Kelly or give them a consequence so why would they do anything about Mom making me wear diapers or having me go outside in them? It was all normal.”

Mom wasn’t a normal child because her development was abnormal and she had problems with eating. Lot of foods she eat, she throw up and she had the worst terrible twos and it was very hard moving her to a real bed or getting her out of diapers or getting her to eat at the table instead of in her high chair. She just hated change and didn’t like any change in her environment. She didn’t play with other kids and didn’t use imagination with toys and she repeated phrases or said words but didn’t really start talking until age seven. Her tantrums were real bad and she would smear poo on walls or throw food on walls and hit her head on walls or on the floor and she would grab people and pull their hair, she sounded like a wild child. Doctors even thought she was retarded or brain damaged so Grandma was told to put her in an institution and she refused. She was told to do the same with Uncle John and she also refused. No one ever guessed Mom would grow up and get married, have kids, and drive a car and or help take care of her little siblings and be standing up for her little brother from neighborhood bullies or going around watching younger kids as her job as a teen or help Aunt Elizabeth take care of her kids while she worked. Mom and her were pretty close and still are but they live three or four hours away from each other. Mom still went to school with normal kids of course but that was when she was older. She just went to a special school when she was little and then Grandma decided she wanted her to be with normal kids and stuck her in mainstream class. But Uncle John never got to be normal like my mom and he never went to school with normal kids. He lives in a home now for developmentally disabled adults and Grandma and Grandpa see him often. Mom still has problems of course. It feels so weird imagining what my mother was like when she was little and seeing now what she is like.She has never even had a real job either and hasn’t worked since 1989 and getting a job had always been hard for her. Her family had always supported her and now Dad does and he expects us to take care of her too. She can take care of herself. She isn’t retarded. It seems like whenever someone is different, people treat them like they are retarded or treat them different. Even I have gotten it too. It’s annoying. What’s worse is when someone talks to you in a cutsie voice or treats you like you are a child just by how they say things and how they treat you. Condescending is maybe the right word to use. I hope I won’t get that at my new school or they will be having some real fun with me.

“Didn’t they tease you about it?” I asked.
“None of my siblings ever teased me about having to wear diapers,” said Mom.
“What about other kids?”
“Sometimes and when I was older they did a lot. They just thought the diapers they saw outside belonged to John but when they would find out some of them were mine, I got teased and Mom would use that against me too.”
“Why do you still see her?” I asked. “She abused you.”
“I wouldn’t say she did, times were different then so things parents did to their kids may be considered abuse today or be seen as bad parenting. Plus she had a difficult childhood so it’s pretty insulting to say she abused me when she was truly abused herself and to all the other kids out there who truly were. She didn’t do any of the things she did to me her mother did to her and all the work Mom did with me so I can be where I am now. I was a very difficult child and she could have just thrown me in an institution so she can focus on her normal kids and live the luxurious life everyone else was living instead of using all her time to work with me so I could go to mainstream school, grow up and be independent and live a normal life. She did used to threaten to throw me in one but never did. I think it was just an empty threat so I would straighten up. She did put me in a hospital once when I was thirteen because I almost killed John and I remember being evaluated by a psychiatrist and he thought I had schizophrenia. I think me taking the question literal about hearing voices and me trying to convince my whole family my brother is evil and he is out to make our lives miserable and had everyone fooled did it. I was just an angry teen back then so I was mean to my brother and Mom kept him in his room most of the time. It is overwhelming caring for a special needs child and she had ten other kids to raise and an autistic child and me and there was me tormenting him giving him a hard time and I am sure that made it even harder for her because she then had to deal with his tantrums. Sometimes I wonder if I stunted his skill development because I kept on tormenting him so Mom didn’t get to spend as much time with him working with him like she did with me. I would even mimic his behavior thinking I would get the same treatment as him and I bet that made it harder for her so of course she would do diaper punishments on me and humiliate me instead of trying to help me with my problem. She had ten children and a house to keep clean and she had all that cooking to do and then there was me and John. Then thank goodness she got her tubes tied after she had Aunt Celeste. It took her that long to get smart. Then in 1981, she gets even smarter because she finally put Uncle John in a group home. Why didn’t she do that when we lived in California? She would do tough love with me because she would get so frustrated, so the diaper humiliation part was part of it. Especially when she was potty training me, she would leave me in my wet pants thinking I would potty train because wet pants would feel so uncomfortable and that didn’t work. I never did that with you kids but I felt like doing it at times. Matthew was very hard to potty train remember?”
“He was in them until he was almost four.”

I remembered that. I just didn’t know he was hard to toilet train. Even when I was ten, he was still in them.

“But you and Kelly and Brian were fine but you were a little harder but you still potty trained at two and half,” said Mom. “But Matthew, he was very resistant. He would use the pull ups as his diaper so I tried having him go without and just put him in underpants and I hoped if he peed in them, he would use the potty but it didn’t work and I refused to leave him in wet pants. I even let him scream and cry for a diaper when he had to pee or poop and I hoped he would eventually go in it but that also didn’t work because he just have an accident and get constipated. I even tried quit buying them but that didn’t work either so back in diapers it was. I just gave up because it was too much and then he gave it up all of a sudden on his own right before he turned four. Then all of a sudden it was so easy to potty train him.”
“Why was he so resisitant?” I asked.
“I think because you were wearing them so it confused him and he didn’t understand you had a medical problem and he didn’t. But your dad was still trying to potty train him after I had given up so I always put diapers on him when Dad go to work. He was never happy about it but he just left it be and didn’t argue, he did once and that was it. But I am sure that confused your brother even more. I figured just have him wear them and he will find out other kids his age don’t wear them and he will get teased about it and then decide to quit and he did. I had to do tough love with him and that was him learning on his own and he did and quit wearing them. Also the fact he couldn’t go to preschool unless he was potty trained so he didn’t go for the first year. Sometimes you have to do things the hard way when other things fail. Oh now I remember what got him to quit. You got that really bad diaper rash from being in a wet diaper for too long and you were complaining and crying about it. Matthew saw the owie and I told him it’s a diaper rash and it’s caused by being in a wet diaper for too long because it irritates your skin. We even had to take you to the doctor because it was bleeding and you had blisters and it was the worst diaper rash ever you had. Then all of a sudden Matthew quit wearing them the next day. He didn’t want to wear them anymore so he finally potty trained. I don’t know if I would say that was tough love there I did. All he did was saw the rash and I told him what it is and why you had it and he quits the next day.”

I didn’t even remember having that bad of diaper rash. I can’t believe I was the cause of him staying in diapers and making potty training hard for my parents and then my bad rash made him quit wearing them. I could remember him saying “Natty wears them.” Nat and Natty were my nicknames when I was little. I remember being called Talie for a while too Now it’s Natalie. I have seen Brian and Dad calling me Talia in the videos from when I was a baby. I wonder if I was ever confused about what my name was? Being called different nick names, I am sure that is confusing for the child.

My mother was called Nita or Neats or Neat and still is sometimes and Kelly was called Kel but she hates that nickname so we don’t call her that. Matthew has been called Matt and now we just call him by his real name. Brian and Dad never had nicknames. I think I had the most nicknames in our family because you could think of lot of nicknames for Natalia. Maybe not a lot. Just more nicknames for it than other names.

It was homecoming night. Kelly wanted to go to the parade and then to the football game that will be playing at Saltwater High School. She wanted to be there with friends. I would have been in the parade with my soccer team if I didn’t get kicked out of school but oh well. Kicked out of school, I was kicked off the team too for real. I wonder if my new school does sports or choir or Spanish or Drama or any other activities normal high schools have?

Dad still wasn’t home and Mom didn’t want to leave the house. She was too nervous about how many people be there so she told Kelly to call one of her friends to see if they can come and pick her up. Mom is very sensitive to crowds and the more people there are, the worse it gets for her. It gets so frustrating because then we always end up leaving places unless Dad is with and he just sends her out to the car and has her wait there or lets her leave and go in areas with less people, even at our games she just wanders off and comes back. I also wish she get used to it. Mom won’t get on elevators either if there are other people in them and Mom’s personal space is five feet. Stand closer to her than that, you are in her space. Sometimes being in the same room as her is being in her personal space so she locks herself in her room. I have a weird Mom I know and I don’t mean that in a bad way.

“Mom, can you just take me downtown instead and drop me off with my friends and then you can go home?” Kelly asked.
“I don’t know,” she said.
“Why do you always say that? It’s either yes or no.”
“I don’t know.”
“Ughhhhh,” said Kelly.
I was in the family room watching TV with Matthew. Skippy was on the floor chewing on a bone. Our cats were somewhere outside.
“I want to go to the parade,”: said Matthew.
“Me too,” I said. “Candy.”
“No,” said Kelly.
“Kelly, let them go to the parade with you and to the game,” Mom said.
“I can’t go to the game,” I said. “I only want to see the parade.”
“I don’t want to go to the game either,” said Matthew.
“Why not just take them downtown and drop them off? Natalie is old enough to watch him,” said Kelly.
“I don’t know,” Mom said again.
“Why do you keep saying I don’t know?”
“I don’t know.”
“I can’t even talk to you like all the other kids can with their moms,” Kelly cried.
“You can talk to me.”
“I do but you never carry on a conversation unless it’s something you care about or if it’s your interest and you can’t seem to even respond normally when we ask you something.”
“Sorry,” said Mom. “Hey, do you need any money for the game?”
“Yes,” said Kelly. “For food and they do charge you to see the game right?”
“Let me see if we have any cash,” said Mom.
She left the kitchen.
Kelly picked up the phone and called one of her friends. “Candy, do you think you guys are able to come here and pick me up?…Okay I’ll ask her, but she is getting me some money right now.” they talked some more on the phone and then Mom came back with her purse.
“I don’t have much cash but I can write you a check and you can cash it or I can just pay them back,” Mom said.
“How much money do I need?” Kelly asked on the phone. “My mom says she will pay you guys back if you buy my ticket and food….Okay. I guess she will pay you guys back and I can bring the money to you on Monday and you can give it to your parents….Oh cool. Mom can I stay at night at my friend’s tonight?” Kelly asked.
“It’s Friday night and no school tomorrow so I suppose so,” said Mom.
“She said yes,” said Kelly. “Yeah I know, they’re retarded about time. I was only ten minutes late and Mom flipped out on me. Late is late for her. Even Dad didn’t care and he told me come home like I’m supposed to and Mom is just strict. It’s not easy having them as my parents.” Then she asked Mom, “Mom, can you take me over to Candy’s so her mom can take us downtown?”
“When?” Mom asked.
Kelly asked her friend on the phone. “When are you guys leaving?…Around four thirty?….Okay” then she looked at Mom again. “They are leaving around four thirty so I have to be there before that time. Can you please do it?”
“I think so. But Natalie and Kelly have to come too.”
“Mom wants me to bring my brother and sister with, is it alright I bring them?” Kelly asked her friend again.
There was silence. “You have room? Great. Okay. Thanks. Bye.” Kelly hung up.
“Why do I have to bring them?” Kelly asked.
“Because they want to go see the parade,” said Mom.
“But we are going to the game. Why can’t you just bring them downtown and drop them off and then wait in the car until they come back after the parade ends?”
“Okay I will bring them downtown and I will wait in the car for them,” said Mom.
“Good, you can just drop me off at Candy’s and then bring them downtown and wait.”
Kelly came in the family room. “Okay you two, you better not embarrass me in front of my friends. No talking about James Bond or that Goldeneye game, no talking about Zelda. Matthew no talking about Jurassic Park or Star Wars or bums, or dinosaurs. Just be normal.”
“How do we be normal?” Matthew asked.
“Be like everyone else, don’t act retarded.”
“Hey,” Mom shouted.
“Everyone else uses that word at school,” said Kelly.
“I don’t care what words they are using at school, you will not call anyone that in this house,” Mom scolded. “You may have already called Dad and I that but you will not call your brother and sister that.”
“I didn’t call them that, I told them don’t act like one. There is a difference.”
“I don’t care, you will not call them that or their behavior. They are not retarded and neither are we.”
“It’s a figure of speech,” said Kelly. “Everyone uses it at school.”
“I don’t care if they are using it at school but in this house you will not. If they all jumped off a bridge, would you?”
“Whatever,” said Kelly.
Matthew and I watched TV some more until it was time to go. Mom let Skippy out so he could go potty. She just left him out there because we were leaving. Skippy has a doghouse out there for shelter and under the deck. Our cats have a cat door to get in the laundry room.
“Natalie, you better change your diaper since we don’t know long long we will be gone for,” said Mom.
“I can change down there,” I said.
“What if you can’t find a restroom?”
“Okay fine,” I said.
I went upstairs to change. I put on a clean diaper and grabbed three of my other diapers and put them in my spare backpack and put the wipes in there too. I also grabbed my Game Boy and James Bond trivia cards and headed downstairs. We went out to the car and got in.

Mom drove Kelly over to Candy’s house. She lives on the way to town in no neighborhood, it’s just off the road. There are other houses around too. When Mom dropped her off, she took us downtown.

Once we got there, Mom found a place to park. There were lot of people. Cars were parked all over and people were walking finding spots to watch the parade.
“Okay kids, go out and have fun with the parade. I will wait right here,” Mom told us. “Natalie, watch your brother and you are in charge. You know the rules right? Watch for traffic, don’t get separated. Matthew, stay with your sister and don’t go too far. Hold hands if you have to so you won’t get lost.”
“Yes,” I said.
I grabbed my backpack and Matthew and I got out of the car. I closed the sliding door and we headed to Main Street where the parade is going to be. There were lot of cars and people. Lot of them were parked on the side of the street and people were standing right by them waiting for the parade to start. Some even had camping chairs or lawn chairs for them to sit. I found a spot for us to stand.
“We didn’t even bring anything to put our candy in,” said Matthew.
I notice some children had pillow cases and plastic bags.
“We can use mine,” I said pointing to my backpack.
I looked for Kelly to see if she was anywhere with her friends. I didn’t see her. I guess it would be Matthew and I alone.
“Hey look it’s the Natalie.”
I turned and look to see who it was. It was Scott Taven with his buddies, Nick Fleck, Erin Neville, Kurtis Morgan, and Mikey Wolf.
“You weren’t in school today,” said Scott.
I didn’t know what to say. “Uh yeah,” I said.
“Is it true that you were having sex with your Game Boy and humping yourself in class?” Scott asked.
“I was acting out James Bond,” I said. “You know that girl in Goldeneye, Xenia, she likes crushing people with her legs and she squeezes the air out of you and she shrieks’ yes yes’ because she gets off killing people and I always liked how she screamed ‘yes.’ I didn’t know that was how she had sex. I just thought it was something she did. The guy she kills, Chuck tells her “Xenia, I can’t breath” and he is going “arghhh” and she is going “yes yes” and takes his ID card out of his pocket while she is killing him. At the part where she kills everyone at the Servenya Space Weapon Control Centre, she takes out her gun and starts shooting everyone and she has this look on her face and then she goes “mmmmm” like she just had something delicious, then when she goes to the kitchen-”
“See ya,” said Scott and he and his friends took off fast.
They must have been in a hurry to get somewhere.
“Kids do that to you too?” Matthew asked me.
“Do what?”
“Run off.”
“I guess,” I said. “They must had to be somewhere so they took off.”
I wondered why he stopped to talk to me anyway instead of picking on me?
“Kids always ask me a math problem or a question and then they walk away as I answer,” said Matthew.
“Why?” I asked.
“I don’t know. Maybe they have a short attention span and they want to ask me a question and then decided they didn’t want to know after all so they walk away. They must have ADHD.”

Matthew and I talked about the game Goldeneye and the movie. He also talked about Dinosaurs. I ignored what he was saying and just kept talking about Goldeneye. Matthew and I were having two different conversations with each other. He was discussing dinosaurs, I was talking about Goldeneye. Soon I saw the parade was starting. I saw police cars coming and there was the parade behind them. I looked at it and watched it come. When the floats got closer, candy started to be thrown. Matthew and I grabbed the candy off the ground. Matthew used his coat pockets to hold his candy in. I used the flap side of my backpack to put the candy in.

I saw the high school band performing on their float, I saw the class of 2001 float go by and the students on it also threw candy. Matthew and I picked some up. The cross country team came by in a decorated pick up truck and some of them also threw candy. I also saw the cheerleaders perform and then the class of 2002 float came by and the students on it tossed candy too. Matthew was sweet to let the little girl next to us get the lollipop that was thrown because she was crying about not getting any candy. She looked to be about two or three years old. The gymnastics team walked by and some of them were doing cartwheels and then the girls swimming team came by on their float and some of them also threw candy. Then I saw our class of 2003 float go by. I should say my old class of 2003. They rode by and they also threw candy. Then I saw my old soccer team coming by. Few of them were throwing candy. Then the football team came by and some were also throwing candy. I even saw some decorated cars including the homecoming queen and king. The side flap on my bag got full so I started putting the candy in my bag where my diapers and Game Boy are and the trivia cards and the wipes. Shame Mom was missing all the fun. I am so glad crowds don’t bother me. I do hate it when places are crowded but I deal with it. I wonder why Mom can’t?

After the parade ended Matthew and I walked back. It was close to being dark. I wonder what time it was. I over heard someone talking about the game. “What time does it start?” “It starts at seven.”

Matthew was eating his candy. I had some of mine too. I kept walking back and I had to navigate around people and there were a bunch of cars leaving because everyone was getting in their cars and leaving. Leaving the parade is worse than going to it because it’s all crowded and it’s hard to leave and people are in your way. It just takes patience. I kept saying sorry as I bumped into people. Mom doesn’t like to be touched so maybe that is why she hates crowds so much. She won’t even let Dad touch her either. But yet she let us kids hug her when we were little and she always held us. But at times she would pull away or push us away.

When I looked behind me, I noticed Matthew wasn’t with me. He was nowhere to be seen. I looked for him. I saw some other kids from my high school but they didn’t seem to notice me. Good. At least they didn’t bother me. I saw lot of them in the parade too and not one of them bothered me for some reason. Good they didn’t see me. I still hadn’t seen Kelly or her friends. I didn’t see Matthew anywhere. I called his name. I kept looking around. I started to feel tense inside. Mom was going to be mad at me I bet because I didn’t watch Matthew close enough. What if I never find him? What if I am down here for a long time looking for him? I wanted to get home and now I will be stuck down here looking for him. I kept walking calling his name. I was feeling panic. I was so focused on looking for him and thinking about what Mom was going to say and me not going home like we were supposed to when I noticed a car slamming right on their breaks. I had walked right in front of it. I felt so embarrassed and stupid. I had walked out in the street without evening looking. The young man got out of the car. “Are you retarded?” he yelled.
“Sorry, I was looking for my brother,” I quickly said and took off.

I sensed other people were looking at me but I didn’t look. I was afraid of being right. I also thought I heard someone say asshole. Then I was stopped by a police officer who was standing on the other side of the street.
“Whoa there miss, hold it,” he said as he walked in front of me.
I stopped.
“How old are you?” he asked.
“Fifteen,” I said.
“Have you been drinking?” he asked.
“No,” I said.
“Walk in a straight line for me, over here.,” he pointed at the sidewalk.
“Why?” I asked.
“Young lady, do as I say or I will have you arrested,” he yelled.
I jumped, I wasn’t expecting him to snap at me.
I went over to where he was pointing and did as he was told. I walked in a straight line. I did stumble a little bit because I am not that coordinated.
"Miss, come with me,: he said.
I followed him and I saw there was a police car parked down the block. Another officer was standing by it.
The officer who stopped me then asked for my student ID.
“I left it at home,” I said.
“What is your name?”
“Natalie,” I said.
“Last name?”
“Where were you?”
“Here,” I said.
“Young lady, it’s very important you cooperate with us,” the officer told me sharply.
“I am,” I said.
I started to feel upset inside. I didn’t know why he was stopping me and why did he think I wasn’t cooperating?
“Now what were you doing?”
I thought what they were trying to ask. I was here in town watching the parade, I was here in town looking for my brother, I was here in town being stopped by them. What was the answer? I decided to answer all three.
“Watching the parade, looking for my brother, and being stopped by you,” I said.
“Lady,” the officer yelled. “I will tell you again, either you cooperate or we will have you arrested.”
I then got scared. I knew I couldn’t run or else they would think I was a suspect. Only suspects run, innocent people do not. I wonder how James Bond would have handled this? Maybe let himself get captured. He always lets himself get captured and then he escapes. I would pretend to be James Bond to get through this situation.
“What, answering your questions isn’t cooperating?” I said. I think that is what he would have asked.
The officer grabbed me. I screamed. It was very painful how he was grabbing me. The other officer grabbed me too. They pushed me on the police car and they pulled my bag off my back and they put my arms behind me and I felt handcuffs get put on. I kept on screaming. I felt very frightened too. “Natalie Evans, you are under arrest for under age drinking and for failure to cooperate with authority. You have the right to remain silent. Anything that you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney.If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you free of charge.”
“I wasn’t drinking,” I cried. I tried to blow my breath in their faces to show them there was no booze. But they kept a tight grip on me.
“Miss, if you keep on talking, anything you say will be used against you,” the officer said again. “So if I were you, I would keep your mouth shut.”
They put me in the back of the police car. I noticed people looking as they were walking by and some even watched. The officers got in the front seats. They talked and just sat there. I felt like I was getting kidnapped. I pulled the door handle and it wouldn’t open. I tried the other side and same thing. Duh, of course they would have child safety locks on them because they wouldn’t want any criminals escaping. I rocked back and forth to stay calm. I even kept my head down so no one would see me. This was all humiliating. They would all think I was a criminal. I wanted my mom and my brother. Why did he have to take off? I even soiled myself in the backseat. Oh great.

I hoped this was some practical joke they were playing. I bet the officers would turn around and open the back door and start laughing and say “Gotcha, you should have seen the look on your face, did you actually think you were getting arrested?” and then tell me how someone from my school (I should say my old school) set it up and how they knew them personally so they decided to do the prank. But I had realized this was a real thing because they didn’t get out of their seats.

Mom was going to worry about me and what was she going to say when she finds out I lost Matthew and I got myself arrested? I didn’t know how long I was here for but the officer finally pulled out of the spot and they took me to the police station. I kept thinking of the movie Goldeneye and the game to keep calm. I wondered what was going to happen? Would I ever go home? Was I going to go to jail and then juvenile hall? I was going to be an innocent person going to jail just for looking for my brother. The cuffs were hurting my wrists. The metal dug into my skin if I moved my arms too much. I lied down in the back seat so no one could see me.

The officers parked their car and one of them let me out. I didn’t run because what was I going to do with the cuffs? They had the key so how would I even get them off? Plus who knows what they would have done to me if I ran. They had guns so they could shoot me thinking I was a bad guy.
“Did you shit your pants?” the other officer asked.
“I’m incontinent,” I said.
“What’s that?”
“Isn’t it involuntary leakage or urine and feces?” the officer asked who arrested me.
“Oh gross,” said the other officer.
“Sucks to be you, shitting yourself, pathetic,” said the officer who arrested me.
“Poor thing,” said the other officer and they both laughed and snickered.
“I was in a car accident,” I said.
“Ma’am,” the arresting officer yelled. “Keep your mouth shut or anything you say can be and will be used against you in court.”

They took me into the police station. It hurt as they kept their grip around me. I walked along with them so they wouldn’t have to pull me. I felt like Natalya being captured by Ourumov and I was being taken to Trevlyn’s train after he got me out of the car. The way they were grabbing me reminded me of when I was in kindergarten when I had this mean teacher. She didn’t like me so she was mean to me in class. One day in class, I pulled the beard off the fake Santa to prove to everyone he wasn’t real because they wouldn’t believe me he wasn’t. The teacher got mad at me so she pulled me and took me to the office with her tight grip around my arms and I cried and screamed trying to get away saying she is hurting me. But she kept her firm grip on me and even carried me and I tried biting her and kicking her but she was strong, she even pulled me by my hair and shirt when she took me out of the classroom. I was only five years old and the teacher was way bigger than me. But Mom and Dad got me out of that class and had me put in another class at the same school and the teacher was suspended. So I was no longer in the same class with Veronica but I did have a better time in school because I got along with the new teacher.

The officers took me into a room and met with another officer there. He was sitting at his desk with the computer. “This is Natalie Evans here and we have arrested her for underage drinking and failure to cooperate with authority,:” said the officer who arrested me.
“I did cooperate and I wasn’t even drinking,” I said.
The officer squeezed my upper arm.
“Owww,” I said.
“She didn’t have any ID on her either,” the officer said again.
“Natalie, I am going to ask you a few questions,” the new officer said. “Look at me.”
I looked at him and looked away.
“Look at me miss,” he said again.
“I did,” I said.
The grip tightened on me again.
I cried in pain. I was very frightened what was going on here. What did I do wrong?
“You need to cooperate and he will ask you a few questions and you can get out of here,” the arresting officer told me.
Oh goody, so if I answer their questions, they will set me free.
“Now what is your name?” the new officer asked me.
“You already know my name,” I said.
The officer slammed his fist on the desk. “Are you going to make this harder for us?” he yelled.
“No,” I cried.
“Now tell me your real name?” he said in a angry voice.
“Natalia Evans,” I said.
The officer started typing on the computer. “Is it Natalie or Natalia?” he said in a normal voice finally.
“Natalia,” I said.
“I thought your name was Natalie?”
“It is. It’s my nickname.”
“So Natalia is your real name?”
“Yes,” I said.
“How do you spell it?”
“N-A-T-A-L-I-A,” I said slowly.
He typed on his computer.
“Date of birth?”
“February twenty-second nineteen eighty-five,” I said.
The officer typed again.
“Oh, you’re a juvenile,” he said as he typed. “What is your home address?”
“Two zero one nine, Northeast Twenty Fifth Street, Saltwater, Washington, nine eight six nine eight.”
“Phone number?”
“Five five five eight eight nine four,” I said.
The officer kept on typing. He asked me some more questions and I answered them all the best I could.
“Hold your hands up,” the other officer told me.
I held them up but he pulled them down to his chest. “Not that high, are you slow?”
“You told me to hold them up,” I said. “You didn’t say how high.”
He took out a key and took the cuffs off me. They then took my coat off and they looked through my backpack and coat pockets as they prodded me. They took stuff out of my backpack. I saw my diapers and wipes, Game Boy, James Bond trivia cards, candy, and the wipes. The officers all laughed as they were looking at my stuff. I also felt very nervous and I didn’t know what they were going to do with my stuff. I felt tense about them touching my cards and messing up the order I had them in. I had worked on on it. Now I was going to have to do it again. They even unfolded one of my diapers and they laughed some more. “I thought all kids were out of these by age three?” the officer said.
“I guess she is too drunk to even use the bathroom,” said the arresting officer.
“No, she’s too slow to even know how to go to the bathroom,” the other officer said.
Didn’t they understand incontinence?
Then they finally put everything back in my bag and I was taken to another room. They took my thumb print and had me stand against the wall and they took my mugshot. Then I was taken to a cell in another room. “I thought I was going home?” I said.
They didn’t answer.
“I thought you guys said I can get out of here if I answer your questions,” I said again.
“Your parents have to come and bail you out and then you have to wait for court date,” one of them told me.
But you said I could get out of here," I said again.
The officers both laughed. “Kids, they always think if they cooperate, they can go home. It doesn’t work like that. You break the law, you get into serious trouble, this isn’t like at home where you break a rule and confess and then bam, you’re off the hook. Well Natalia, that is not how it works with the law. If you kill someone and they tell you if you cooperate, you are free to go, do you think they will actually release you and things are okay? Nope. Doesn’t work that way. You drink under the age, you get in trouble and you have to wait for your parents to come and bail you out or they could just leave you here and you will be transferred to another jail where juveniles are held, in Vancouver.”
They’ve lied to me.
“You liar, I wasn’t drinking,” I yelled. “I don’t even drink. I hate alcohol. It tastes bad. Why do you think I drank?”
“Just by how you are acting and failure to walk in a straight line.”
“My coordination isn’t very good,” I said.
“Right because that is what happens when you consume alcohol. Now stay in here.”
“I suck at warm ups too at soccer practice and in PE,” I shouted. “Because my coordination isn’t very good.”
But the officers didn’t let me out. “Miranda rights, remember?” one of them asked. “You think talking is going to get you out? But no, it will and can be used against you in court or is the amount of booze you consumed keeping you from comprehending this?”
“I didn’t drink,” I yelled again.
But the officers just shut the cell door and locked it.

“Uh can I have my stuff so I can clean myself up?” I asked looking down at the floor.

The officers just ignored me and left me in here. I heard them talking about how nasty it was to smell the mess I made in my clothes and how gross it was as they left the room. Luckily there was no one else in the cell. The cell didn’t look like what I saw on TV. It was just some benches and a toilet and sink in the corner with a wall next to it. There was even a huge water jug with cups on one of the benches. The cell walls were just like a cage but not metal bars and the door also looked like the cell wall except it opened and it had a key hole on it. It just looked like a regular room. I saw there was a little bit of graffiti; on the walls, benches, mirror, floor. It was all engraved. I then got scared again and I started walking around in the cell and walking into the walls and the cell wall. I flapped my hands and kept on walking around in circles. My arms still felt sore from where I was grabbed and my wrists still felt sore from the cuffs. I didn’t know how long I was here for. Wasn’t I supposed to call home? I guess not and it’s only on TV. This was real life, not a TV show or a movie. None of this was like what I see on TV. How will my parents know I am even here? Maybe if they can’t find me, they will call the police and then find out this is where I am and how long will that be? My tummy even rumbled because I was hungry and I didn’t even have dinner. I wonder if they will serve me food here? Or were they just going to let me starve?

I walked around some more. I was bored and had nothing to do. At least I was the only one here so having a messy diaper wasn’t too embarrassing. I felt scared and very anxious. I didn’t know what was going to happen. When will I ever get a new diaper? What if I leak? How will I still get more diapers if I run out? I missed James Bond and all my video games and my bed and my whole house and my bedroom and computer. Worst of all, James Bond was going to be on tonight and I was going to miss his shows I was afraid. That is what upset me the most. I got more tense inside. I wanted to go home and be with my stuff and what I always do there. Now here I was in this cell and I couldn’t do any of that stuff. I felt shaky inside and sick to my stomach. Everything was starting to get dark. I tried to see but I think I was going blind. I rubbed my eyes and the room was still dark. I kept walking and I held my hands out and the room was getting darker and darker. Then I felt I collapsed on the floor. Maybe this was all a dream and I will wake up.

Oh what a funny coincidence, look what chapter this is.

Re: Natalie vs her Parents chapter 13

Unfortunately, there are bad ass officers out there. Ever seen those horror stories from people online about bad encounters with the cops and in the media? I have been arrested myself and there was no proof I had stolen something. They cuffed me, took me to the station, impounded the car, and my parents were mad about the whole thing. It also happened on homecoming night. They didn’t even ask to search my car. It was still very scary and I was still humiliated and I hid in the basement all weekend long and didn’t want to go to school on Monday. But Mom made me go and I thought I was going to have to transfer schools which worried me even more because I hate change. New kids, new teachers, new environment and wondering what is going to happen and what things be like at the new school. But things turned out good instead and all the kids said the officers and the store owner were dumb. I got teased about it for about three weeks and then it died down. But it wasn’t anything bad. I just ignored it. Verbal teasing isn’t going to bother me just as long as there is no harassment and no insults. I don’t even consider it as bullying like some people would. It’s just harmless words. But the arrest thing wasn’t as bad as Natalie’s fortunately. I just did it for the drama and I thought it can be plausible because there are bad officers out there and false arrests do happen when they don’t have any real proof and they can make fun of someone. I have seen bad officer stories in the autism forums about how bad they are to people with it and I have seen stories by incontinent folks at Dailydiapers about how they just laughed when they saw a diaper and I recall one of them saying they were left in their diaper and they didn’t even bring them one to change into when they needed it. Then there were some that had good experience with the cops while arrested. So I stole ideas I read online and put them in my story. I know I probably went overboard but I wanted a little drama and it was a very tough chapter I wrote. The arrest and jail part and Anita’s history and her family were the hardest.

Not all officers are bullies or abuse their authority. Some are more helpful and understanding. Especially when they arrest you or stop you when they see something suspicious. But it’s always important you remain calm and answer their questions when they do stop and question you because you never know. Natalie wasn’t calm and she asked “why” instead of answering so that is what got the officer angry and it just made the situation worse for her because she got even more stressed out. If it was confusing for you what they did, I have done a good job then. It was supposed to be confusing because it’s told from her view and how she sees things. But the police were still out of line. Natalie just needs to read more police stories to learn how to act in a situation when it comes to cops. But at least she knew not to run. If she did, they may have tackled her and tasered her. She also knew to do as they say by answering them. So she had some knowledge about the police or her situation would have been more brutal. But maybe James Bond made her handle it better because she was thinking about how he would have handled it. :wink:

My husband used to get harassed by an officer and he already knew he worked late and was coming home late and he had already questioned him once and he answered him. That should have been the end of it. but nope he kept stopping him and questioning him so finally he told him if he stops him again, he will report him to the head department or whatever he said and the officer never bothered him again.

The whole situation made me feel sad. Why doesn’t anything nice ever happen to Natalie? And why were all the cops mean to Natalie? It makes me feel bad for this her. Even though she is (most likely) fictional.

Natalie sees things in black and white so everything is always bad. She focus on the bad instead of on the good. If something goes wrong, oh no it’s all bad, nothing can ever be good. Why can’t good stuff happen to her? It’s always her vs something else. Reason for the titles. I felt the same way as a kid, bad things always happen to me. Why can’t anything nice ever happen to me? So my shrink and speech therapist worked on my negative thinking. that is what they called it then. Negative thinking and made me look at the positives. Now I think I am too positive lol. There is never a between for me, it’s either this or that so I go extreme with something or under extreme. Even my husband has noticed it.Actually I don’t mean that literally when I say there is never a between for me because I can see shades of gray.

And I thought I did have nice things happen to her, winning 20 bucks in the first story and kids are shocked, Mrs. Cleaville standing up for her when kids were mean to her on the team, her having a great time at the arty finally after Allie’s mother talked to her about her behavior and finally her parents decided to not bother putting her back in her school because of how mean kids are there. They are just mean kids, lot of kids are mean. the teachers can’t always referee what students do because they have so many other things they need to do. Sure they can give them ISS or detention or send them to the office and kids will still pick on her. But I guess I did put too much negative in the stories so it made it look like nothing good ever happens to her. But where they live sucks and I bet if they lived in a Montana town, things would be better like they were for me. Instead of my parents putting me in a special school or deciding to home school me, we moved instead but her parents handled it differently. They decided instead of fighting the school board and her principal, lets put her in a school for kids with disabilities because it will be better for her and the school she is going to now isn’t making her any normal or happier and she thinks she is retarded and stupid. She knows deep down she isn’t but she goes back and forth feeling that way.
I thought that was something nice and Natalie is too focused on the word normal. What’s normal anyway?

The cops thought she was drinking because she ran in front of a car and the way her body language looked. She looked suspicious. So they stopped her and they thought she wasn’t cooperating because of the way she was answering their questions and no eye contact. When they asked her where was she, they meant where was she coming from or what was she doing and she took it literal and answered ‘here’ meaning she is in town and that’s where she is. So the police thought she was being a smart ass. So when they asked her what she was doing, she was under stress already; losing her brother, worrying about not coming home like she was expecting, and what her mother would say, and then being yelled at by him and being accused of not cooperating, she over thinks the question and doesn’t understand it so she decides to answer it in detail and the police thought she was being a smart ass so they got mad. Then when she said “Answering your questions isn’t cooperating?” that got them mad so they arrested her because they thought she was being a smart ass. But Natalie doesn’t understand why she was really arrested except for the fact they thought she was drinking and she is confused about the whole thing.

Plus they are jerks anyway. She told them she was incontinent, she told them about her coordination issues and they didn’t care. They were too focused on her being under the influence and were too arrogant to have her take the breathalyzer test. They think just because she was “drinking” and showing them “disrespect” they shouldn’t respect her so they mock her and leave her in her messy diaper.

But she already did get arrested for something she didn’t do.

Re: Natalie vs her Parents chapter 13

Currently working on the next chapter. Another tough one so I dunno how long it would be before I post it. Don’t worry she will get out and the officers get it. Maybe not in the next chapter but they will eventually. The parents don’t take crap unless they are given hush money and something is resolved. Then they move on. If you like spoilers, feel free to click for content.

Re: Natalie vs her Parents chapter 13

Another good chapter. Being a Police Officer I know that there are actually very few out there who would have acted as these two did. It is not uncommon to come into contact with someone with special needs. It is obvious very early on in the contact that the person has special needs and is handled differently. If they are committing a crime they still have to be dealt with but never in a humiliating way. I have arrested individuals who have been in diapers and once in the jail they are seen by medical staff and provided with whatever they need. In this particular story Natalie was acting as though she were intoxicated. The first thing the Officers would have noticed was her breath. No odor of alcohol should have been more than enough to let them know she hadn’t been drinking. It still wouldn’t eliminate her being under the influence. Drugs are much harder to detect but there are still very obvious sings of drug use as well. Natalie being well dressed and clean would have been more thnt the officers would need to know she had special needs. Additionally her backpack would have been search there. She would have also been searched there and the officers would have known she was incontinent. That plus what she was telling the officers about looking for her brother would have had them contact her parents and initiate a search for her brother. They would have never taken her in under those circumstances. They will surly loose their jobs for having done so. Still it is a good story and I will be looking forward to more.

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How can you tell someone is special needs if they look like a normal person?

The ones you arrested in diapers, were they special needs too or just normal people with incontinence?

Your feedback just gave me some ideas for my next chapter.

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When you are dealing with someone who is acting in a manner as you described in your story. Where their actions would indicate intoxication. Like falling into the street in front of a vehicle and then when questioned they believe they are honestly answering the questions being asked but the answers seem to be mocking the officers. Yet there is no odor of alcohol and there is no indication of drug use it becomes apparent that the individual is special needs. Like I had said earlier that drug use can be a little harder to detect, but when a person is using they often have some indicators of use. Eyes dilated and most times they will have drugs or paraphernalia on them. That is why a search is important. Actually for Officer safety, a search in conducted almost immediately after contact to ensure that both the individual and the officer are safe. Drugs users also have teeth and skin problems that indicate drug use. If none of those things are apparent then it becomes more apparent that the individual is special needs. Questioning them with more specific questions will normally confirm that they have special needs.

I have arrested both persons who were just incontinent and those who were special needs in diapers. I once arrested a man who was in an electric wheelchair who was very upset with a woman and he repeatedly attempted to run her over. He actually knocked her over causing her to break her arm. I have also arrested a man who didn’t need diapers but was wearing them. He was arrested because he was actually shooting at a neighbor who he was having a dispute with.

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When I was arrested, the officer actually asked me if I had some sort of learning disability after he took me in and he searched me there. My parents were also upset how it was all handled. When I was told to hold my hands up so he can take the cuffs off, I did the same thing Natalie did and he pulls them down to his chest and says “Not that high.” Didn’t ask me if I was slow. I was also told to look at them and I didn’t. I wasn’t locked up or anything like Natalie was and I wasn’t mugshot or fingerprinted like she was. My parents came in after they called them and I was expecting them to be mad but they were not. They were calm and didn’t yell or insult them like Natalie’s mother does in my next chapter. But she says things to them lot of parents would have probably wanted to say if it happened to their child. Instead they would go behind their backs and say it to their friends or family, their own child without the officers around. but her mother says it to their faces because it’s the way she is. Not afraid to speak her mind and she always seems to love to fight to win. But my parents were still mad about the whole thing and they said they are so lucky they don’t sue them and the store owner is lucky too because they could sue him but they didn’t. They didn’t file a complaint either. I was also hoping it was some sort of practical joke someone was playing on me and they had those officers go along with it because they personally knew them. But then I realized it was a real thing. Stuff I put in there happened to me but I wasn’t mocked and I wasn’t grabbed the way Natalie was. They grabbed me by my jacket, not arm and they didn’t yell. She had worse officers than I did. But the ones I had were volunteer cops.

Do they take the person in to question and search them and then let them go?

The man who was wearing a diaper and not incontinent? Was he another AB/DL? What did you guys do with him about the diapers? What do you do with people who wear them and don’t need them? I am assuming he confessed or else you wouldn’t have known.

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First the reason the officer asked you to lower your hands when taking the cuffs off was because of the way the key fits into them. it is harder to unlock them if they are up to high. The angle needed to get the key in is off when the arms are up to high.

The guy who didn’t need the diapers we allowed him to take them off before we transported him. He remained in cuffs but we pulled down his pants a little and let him pull the diaper off. He told us he didn’t need them and we didn’t question him about them. He could have been a AB/DL but we didn’t ask. He went to jail commando.

There are times an individual is taken into custody and taken to detectives for questioning who are later released but not for something like an intoxicated person. So something like what happened in your story wouldn’t be taken in for questioning. Like I said for Officer safety and for the safety of the person being questioned almost everyone we contact who is suspected of committing a crime is searched as soon as contact is made.

It sounds like in your case you were accused of shoplifting and were arrested for it. When something like that happens, it is actually the store who is pressing charges. The Officer do have discretion on making an arrest but most often go with what the store personnel say. There have been cases where I have let a person go when I doubted what the store people were telling me. Today something like that is a very clear case because most stores have video cameras that record the crime being committed.

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So the search is made out in public where you find them? Like Natalie should have been searched right there on the sidewalk?

The store I was in did have the camera and they watched it but my parents don’t know what I did that made me look suspicious. They wouldn’t show them the video. I did not go to that store for a year. But I noticed the person was always staring at me when I go in there but at least I wouldn’t get accused of stealing again so I didn’t take it personal. I have had other cashiers watch me like a hawk when I go in some places and look around and I always assume it’s something they do to all customers rather than taking it all personal.

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Yes, we search people out in public. Those searches are called pat down searches. We are mainly looking for anything that could hurt us or anyone around us like guns, knives, needles, and razors are the most common things found in these searches. We also find drugs and alcohol on people we search. There are times when we are called to a store and we find store merchandise on the person we search. Once a person is arrested and taken to jail, there is a much more extensive search conducted.

The store wouldn’t let your parents see the video of your actions because they want to limit their liability. Apparently the store was mistaken when they stopped you. Here in this state merchants can stop people when the store has “reasonable cause” to stop them. That is very vague and because it is so vague it can lead to lawsuits for the stores. Police officers operate on probable cause, which is much more specific. Probable cause is a reasonable belief by a prudent person that a crime has been committed and that the evidence is where they plan to look. As an example, a store employee sees you pick up some merchandise and watch you put it in your pocket but then they loose sight of you and during that time you take the item out of your pocket. The store has reasonable cause to stop you but because you took it out they subject themselves to a lawsuit. They would have a very hard time in court proving that you had committed a crime. When the Police are called, the officers are acting on the statements provided by the stores employees and on what they observed. That is most times enough to meet the requirements of probable cause for the Officer. There have been times I have released persons because I didn’t feel as though the store provided enough probable cause information for me to act.

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Never put stuff in your pocket when you are shopping. A store employer may think you’re trying to steal. Plus you may forget the item is in there and you walk right out with it without paying for it.

I assume limited liability means trying to avoid a lawsuit so they were trying to have my parents have very minimum proof. They also didn’t even stop me when I left and they went to the police instead. I would have rather be stopped and have them search me than getting arrested and they didn’t even ask to search my car or nothing or me.