Nappy confessions

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My nappy confessions

I get very aroused when I wear nappies. I fantasise about it a lot. When I do have a chance to wear them my imagination runs wild.

My feelings are complicated- a mix of shame, guilt sexual excitement, a need to be humiliated and a need to be totally powerless.

My biggest fantasy is to be nurtured like a baby by and have every part of my life managed by a loving mommy and then be daily punished and sexually used and humiliated by a strong and dominating matron.

He stopped typing and reread what he wrote. He looked down at his frilly pink babydoll dress and full nappy wishing again his fantasy would come true. He sighed, hit the submit button before he stood up, took one last look in the mirror and went to the bathroom to get changed back into his normal clothes.

Matt was in his late forties, and had led a thoroughly normal life. He was married and had children. He was family man and coached his kids teams helped on the school trips and did everything that was expected of him as a father and a husband. He went to work each day and was a respected and liked by his coworkers. His only outward vice was his penchant for drinking and even that was within what society accepted as normal. He barely stood out from the pack.

The family arrived in the usual after school hubbub. Matt had, by now, changed and had carefully secreted away his fantasy stash of nappies, pacifiers and frilly pink dresses and was preparing afternoon snacks for the kids and organising their after school activities. Today was ballet class for Lulu and baseball practice for Max. He would drop Max first and then take Lulu to her class and stay with her. Sandy, Matt’s wife, would pick Max up on her way home from work.

Matt sat with the other Ballet moms waiting for Lulu to finish. The chat was the usual mix of false praise of other children while fishing for high praise for their own, or malicious gossip about mothers who were not present. It was all quite venomous but Matt was used to it and had long ago chosen to sit quietly off to the side and use his time to flick through his social media in a semi catatonic state. Today though he was snapped out of that state very quickly when someone sat down next to him and unexpectedly addressed him.

“I’m new here.” She said. “We’ve just moved into the area and heard that this was a great ballet school. Is it?”

She didn’t wait for Matt to answer and continued.

“My daughter needs some discipline, I think ballet dancing will definitely help. It certainly helped me. I’m Jennifer, what’s your name?”

Again she didn’t wait for Matt to answer.

“It’s a bit unusual to see a dad here with all these moms. Does your wife wear the pants in your household or what!” She chuckled at her own jibe as Matt blushed.

“I’m sorry, that was rude of me, she continued, “I’m not usually like this, but, like I said, I’m new in town and sometimes I get a bit over share-ie when I’m a bit out of my depth. Let’s start again, I’m Jennifer, nice to meet you…sorry what did you say your name was?”

“It’s Matt and no need to apologise, I hadn’t introduced myself yet.”

Jennifer and Matt continued to chat for the remainder of the lesson. It’s was refreshing to talk to someone new. And as they chatted, Matt couldn’t help but notice how attractive Jennifer was. Confident, tall, with dark flowing hair and emerald green eyes. She looked like she could have stepped out of a beauty magazine. Matt also couldn’t help but notice how easily the conversation flowed. It was like they were the only two people in the room.

It wasn’t until Lulu came in and jumped on Matt’s lap that he realised it was time to go. As he drove home he started to imagine Jennifer as his Matron.

The next day he was up early and making the lunches for the day when his phone buzzed in his pocket. He checked it and saw that there was an alert from his secret email account. He opened it and saw that someone had replied to his confession. He pushed down his excitement and continued with his morning routine. Once the family was out the door he would take a moment to check the message while he was in the car heading to work.

“You haven’t confessed everything.” It read. Matt didn’t know what to make of it. It was true, he hadn’t even scratched the surface of all he wanted to say, but how could this person know that? Did they know that? Was it just a fishing exercise to see how much more he would say? Matt’s mind was racing at a million miles a minute with the possibilities. Some made him panic some made him blush but by the time he arrived at work he had settled on curious and had decided to take the bait and respond as soon as he got a chance.

His chance came a few days later. The rest of the family was out staying at the grandparents a few towns over. As soon as they left Matt opened his secret stash and began his transformation. He started with a shower, washing himself in scented baby soap. Next he pampered his body with talcum powder. He then selected a thick and crinkly nappy and booster which he secured firmly with extra tape. The pink rumba panties came next, followed by the pink babydoll dress, pink satin bonnet, white knee high socks and pink Mary Jane shoes tied with pink bows.

He waddled over to the mirror and admired himself. The transformation was almost complete. He chose his favourite pacifier and sucked on it soothingly as he waddled over to cue the hypnosis track that would finish his regression to his baby form in both body and mind. He waddled to his bed laid down, closed his eyes and let his adult self go completely as the calm and hypnotic voice caressed his mind and the soothing rhythmic sucking of his pacifier calmed his heart.

Thirty minutes later and the transformation was complete. He no longer waddled around like an awkward adult, he crawled with his paddled bottom wiggling in the air. The next soundtrack after the hypnosis kicked in - disney childrens songs. He crawled to his laptop and opened the message again. “You haven’t confessed everything.”

Although he was now his alter ego, he enjoyed splitting his mind and having his adult self loon down on his baby self. It was as close to his humiliation fantasy as he ever could imagine he could get. However today he was using it to respond to the message.

Matt started to type: My confession continues. I started wearing nappies after an accident in which I broke my leg and was put in a cast that meant I had no mobility. I was forced to wear them for both modesty and practicality. I was in my early twenties and the nurse who nappied me daily was beautiful, caring and I feel in love. I would rub myself through the nappy thinking about her and the feeling was awesome. Best of all no one could see the shameful product or the emissions that the rubbing created. Being bed bound and having to surrender my independence to the nurse was a baby boot camp of sorts and by the end of it, every time I saw a nappy I would find myself blushing and hiding my erection.

Matt stopped to read what he had written. He then started to reminisce about those first early awakenings. He was excited thinking about it and found himself unconsciously rubbing the outside of his nappy. There was a sharp rap at the door which brought him back to reality. And panic.

He wasn’t expecting anyone and there was no way he was going to answer the door dressed as he was. He decided to crawl to the cupboard, curl up with his blanket and wait for them to go away. The knocking started again. He closed his eyes and sucked louder and faster on his pacifier. It stopped. Maybe they had gone? He crawled out to check, peeking through a gap in the blind by the window.

A car was parked in the driveway but he couldn’t see anyone. He quietly crawled back to the closet. Whoever it was had not left. Suddenly the back door sounded. They had moved to that door and had started knocking on that. He froze. The back door was usually left unlocked when someone was home. It was unlocked now.

Surely whoever it was wouldn’t let themselves in would they? Surely. His conviction that they wouldn’t open the door was shattered in a squeaky instant as heard the door open and voice call out. It was one he recognised immediately. It was Jennifer.

What a situation to be in. Dressed in pink, wearing nappies and hiding in a closet. Matt was about to be humiliated beyond anything he’d experienced before and yet he was also completely aroused at both the thought of finally being found out and that the person finding him was the woman he had fantasised over literally a few days before.

Jennifer called out, “Hello? Anyone home?” Matt racked his brain as to how she knew it was his house. Maybe she didn’t? Maybe this was a coincidence? Seemed unlikely but he couldn’t find a logical reason in the moment. While one stream of thought was wrestling with that issue, another part of his brain was trying to decide if he should stay hidden or come out of the closet and confront Jennifer. It was ridiculous to do so logically, but he could feel that maybe this was his time. Before his logical brain caught up, he had noticed that he had stepped out of the closet and was waddling towards the back room, where the back door was and where Jennifer would be standing.

He stood in the doorway in silence. Jennifer too stood in silence. She looked him up and down. Starting at his bonnet, his dress, his panties, his shoes and his thick, crinkly nappies. The only sound that could be heard was the sucking sound of Matt and his pacifier. She started a smirk.

“I knew it when I meet you the other day, I knew your wife was in charge!” She exclaimed. “But I had no idea she held you like this! A sissy little baby girl! Oh this is just too funny for words!”

It started to dawn on Matt how stupid he was for stepping out of the closet. His ears burned red with humiliation. His chest heaved with shame. He had no idea what to do and simply crumpled to his knees and began to sob.

Jennifer raised her finger and beckoned for Matt to come to her. He stood to do so. “Crawl,” she demanded. Matt obliged. As he got close to her Jennifer bent down and whispered, “I am going to make sure that I take full advantage of this. If you want your perfect life ruined by me mentioning this, you will do exactly as I say from now on. Do you understand?”

Matt nodded. His humiliation complete he sat down on his padded bottom and looked up at his new matron. He wasn’t to know at the time but todays ordeal was nothing compared to what was to come and what he would have to do to keep his secret sissy baby life hidden from everyone else.

Jennifer stepped past Matt and she sauntered into the next room. Her eyes fell onto the screen of the laptop and she started to read. She looked up after a time and stared at Matt thoughtfully. He remained where he sat head bowed.

“Crawl!” She commanded. Matt obeyed and joined her by her side. “I see you have been confessing your fetish thoughts to someone. It seems that you wanted to be found. You were begging for it.”
Matt remained motionless, head bowed in shame but his nappy was starting to bulge. Her commanding presence and voice, his humiliation - this was a wild fantasy coming true.

“From now own you confess only to me. I expect a new confession every day. If they are not emailed to me by 8am each morning, you can expect your secret to be all over town by the end of the day.” Matt nodded his agreement. He still had no idea why she had come to his house in the first place and even less idea how or why she was acting this way, but he was now nursing a very large and increasingly uncomfortable erection in his nappy and he was no longer thinking logically and only obeying the intoxicating Jennifer.

Jennifer tapped a few keys on the keyboard and Matt watched as his confessions were copied over to his email and sent to an address that Jennifer had typed in. She stood up from the computer and without a word, left the way she came in.

Matt remained seated for quite a while after she left reflecting on the whole mad, confusing, arousing experience. Shortly after she left, he took care of his erection, leaving a thick and creamy mess inside his nappy. Shortly after that he wet himself, filling his nappy and leaving him sitting in a soggy mess. He was exhausted - fear and adrenaline had a big part to play. He crawled to his bedroom and fell almost instantly into a fitful sleep.


That’s quite a start, getting right down to the meat & potatoes of sissification and humiliation. Looking forward to reading more from you soon.

Not much to go on yet a bit too fast paced for my liking but intrigued to see where it goes could be quite interesting

Here are the next few chapters of the story. The final part of the story is almost done and will hopefully be ready to post in a few more days.

Chapter 4

He awoke a few hours later. It was dark but he still managed to startle himself. Normally he would never have allowed himself to fall asleep dressed as he was, It was too risky and he was very careful. He moved to get up and felt the weight of his soggy nappy pulling down between his legs. He decided that he needed to clean himself up and hide his stash in case the family came home early and discovered him. He waddled to the bathroom. He past the room with the laptop in it and paused. He remembered what Jennifer’s instructions were and glanced over at the clock - 4am. A few hours to produce a confession or have the whole town know his secret and for his beautifully mundane and normal life to come crashing down around him.

Matt no longer was in control of this situation. Jennifer, the beauty that appeared to have stepped off a fashion runway and into his town had all the power. Matt had no choice but to submit to her will. He sat down at the laptop and began to confess.

I first bought nappies, a pair of plastic pants and a pacifier from a store not long after I was released from hospital. The store owner held up the plastic pants and joked that they looked a bit small for me. I flushed red with embarrassment and mumbled that I was on an errand for my sister and the pants were for her niece. I left the store quickly, embarrassed and aroused at so nearly being found out on my first purchase.

Once I got home I hurried to try them on. Of course they were too tight but they felt amazing anyway. I wore them for the rest of the day. I tested their watertightness thoroughly and learned that waiting to pee until you could barely hold it in anymore heightened my sexual pleasure.

It was not the only thing that I learned over the next few days. I learnt that I loved the feel of a fresh, thick, snuggly fastened nappy. The smell of baby lotion and talcum powder. The satisfaction of sucking on a pacifier and as I learned these things I became more excited and intoxicated by it all.

Matt paused before he hit send. He thought through his options once again - submit, confess let Jennifer hold the power. It was an easy choice, it was his fantasy after all. He pressed send and waddled off to the shower.

By that evening the family we’re home and Matt had managed to compartmentalise the whole experience and return to being the doting dad and loving husband that his family were so familiar with. In the back of his mind he wondered what Jennifer did with his confession. He still wondered why she’d come to his house but most of all he wondered about what would happen next.

A few days passed. Matt remained faithful to Jennifer and submitted a daily confession about his life in nappies. He kept the confession’s small, picking key moments of his fetish awakening over the 20 or so years since he was first padded. The discovery of a place wear he could buy adult nappies, his first experience wearing in public. Near misses, urges, excitement. It started to became a daily ritual humiliation and he was savouring the experience.

It was time for ballet class and Matt was anxious and excited. It was the first time he would see Jennifer again since she walked in on him. He didn’t know what to expect, but he knew something was going to happen. He went to his stash and got a new nappy and put it on under his clothes. Upon arrival he set himself up in the usual corner and waited.

The other moms walked in and continued their conversations, barely acknowledging Matt. Jennifer was no where to be seen. 5 minutes passed. Then ten. Matt started to feel the heat and redness of humiliation set in from the back of his neck. She wasn’t coming and there he was sitting in the corner wearing a nappy and waiting anxiously like a little baby waiting for his mommy to lavish some attention on him. He struggled to maintain composure as the situation dawned on him but just before he could get a full handle on the swirl of emotions. Jennifer arrived.

Chapter 5

Jennifer was a goddess. She walked tall and with purpose and confidence. She looked entirely out of place in her outfit, causing the cackling circle of ballet moms to halt their conversation to stare, and judge before turning inward once again to pass on their scorn and faux outrage to whichever mom was pretending to listen next. From the black leather boots to the black leather miniskirt to the maroon red crushed velvet top that revealed her midriff and accentuated her cleavage. She looked like a backup singer from an 1980s rock band and Matt felt the immediate tug of tautness as his cock grew hard his nappy.

Jennifer sat down next to him. “What a day!” She exclaimed as she sat. “I didn’t think I’d make it. I was held up at work.” Matt couldn’t help but wonder what kind of work had that kind of dress code but he let it pass. Jennifer leaned in a bit closer and whispered, “now my sissy little baby girl, you have been doing your homework but you are leaving something out. This week I want to hear you confess your sissy secrets.”

She leaned back and looked around the room. The moms across from her occasionally shot a disapproving glance in her direction not wanting to show they were staring. Matt was now going to be guilty by association and no doubt one of them would text his wife. He would have to deal with that when he got home. Meanwhile Jennifer seemed nonplussed with the attention.

“I brought you a little something to thank you for your welcome last week.” She had chosen her words carefully veiled enough to leave no doubt in Matt’s mind that she was not referring to their meeting at the ballet school. She withdrew a little box from her handbag and handed it to Matt. You should open it now.

Matt took the box, unwrapped the ribbon and lifted the lid. Inside he could see it was purple and silicone. about 4 inches long and cylindrical in shape. Matt immediately recognised it and quickly shut the lid. It was a butt plug and it caused Matt to visibly blush. Jennifer smirked.

“I think that will look great in you!” She said loudly, increasing Matt’s shame level even further. Somehow his nappy grew even tighter as his cock grew even more erect.

At that moment the waiting area filled signaling the end of class and everyone filed out. Matt was able to stuff his ‘gift‘ into his pocket before anyone noticed and he left for home. It was a day later that he was able to open it and look it over more carefully. It was his day off and the household was out at school and work.

Matt retrieved the gift, and since everyone was out for the day, he decided that he would take the opportunity to retreat fully into his sissy baby self. He showered, pampered, nappied and dressed himself in his pretty pink outfit and sat down at the table with Jennifer’s gift in front of him. He opened it and took out the plug. He could see it was a vibrating plug with a remote and when he turned it on he noticed that it could pick up cell signals. He’s never seen one as high tech as that before. There was also a piece of paper in the bottom of the box with writing on it.

Once you turn this butt plug on I will know. I can control it. You must wear it always. I will know if you don’t. - Jennifer.

Matt had toyed with butt plugs in the past, but had difficulty holding them in. He concluded he needed a slightly different shape and had never got around to finding out exactly what his shape was. However it seemed like this plug might fit and so he slid down his nappy and panties, laid on his bed, applied plenty of lubrication and slid the plug into place. He took his time, teasing his hole with the tip edging it in a bit and sliding it back, eventually he let it slide all the way in. The fullness of the plug filling him and pressing on his prostrate causing an instant erection and a feeling of immense and building pleasure. He found to his surprise that the fit was snug and easy to hold. He slid his nappy back into position and re fastened the tabs, applying some extra tape for a secure fit. He remained on the bed and experimented with the remote settings. The vibrations were deep rhythmic and powerful. Matt could barely hold on and it didn’t take long for him to mess the inside of his nappy with cum.

For the rest of the day Matt remained at home and obeyed Jennifer’s orders. Just before the family was due home he undressed himself, hesitating at the plug. He decided to risk keeping it in. His sense of adventure was strengthening. During dinner the plug came alive. Matt did his level best to hide it by excusing himself for the bathroom. He awkwardly sidled in and sat down. He relaxed his sphincter and let the plug fall out. It was still buzzing and Matt had to quickly turn it off. Unfortunately the only way he could was to use the remote which he had hid with his nappies and dresses. In panic he wrapped the plug in a towel and stuffed the towel deep into the laundry basket. With any luck the battery would run flat soon enough and he could recover it before bed and hide it with the rest of his stash.

This is exactly what happened and Matt found himself up early creeping around the house to retrieve the offending item. However instead of hiding it he found himself washing it and recharging it. Before once again sitting at his computer and typing out his confession.

Chapter 6

I am a sissy baby girl. I wear nappies and wear pretty dresses. I like it and I need to do it. I don’t know why, and after years of trying to explain or justify it, I have decided that it is just part of who I am and the best thing I can do is live with it as a secret and, when circumstances allow, let myself indulge and be happy.

Matt paused. This was the truest confession of all. He did like dressing up and he did need it and he couldn’t explain why he was so turned on by it all. The last few days of confessions had allowed him to fully reflect on all his decisions and he had plenty of opportunity to turn away and yet he hadn’t. It felt good to share his secrets and own this part of his life. He finished by hitting send and hiding the plug in his stash and heading to bed.

The next morning he found himself sneaking into his stash and retrieving the plug and a fresh nappy. He went to the bathroom, showered, put in his plug and put on his nappy before putting on his work clothes over the top. He set off to work.

The first vibrations started around 10:30. They lasted only for a minute or so but it would have been very obvious to anyone that happened by Matt’s office at the time. Matt had no way of controlling his reactions and the intensity of the vibration hit just the right spot in just the right way to unleash waves of pleasure for him. He sat down hard on the plug riding and grinding until the inevitable moment of orgasim came. He blushed deep red as he realised he had just pleasured himself at work.

The second vibration lasted much longer and hit on his way home. He pulled the car over and hummed along with the vibe releasing another load of creamy shame into his nappy. He arrived home and immediately went to have a shower and to change. This time he decided to remove the plug before dinner and hid it away in a vent for retrieval later.

He returned to his family and sat down for dinner. It was just after dinner that he noticed a notification on his phone. He checked it. Jennifer had left instructions for him to visit the next day. The message detailed all that he should wear and how he should behave. It was very thorough and Matt felt for the first time that things with Jennifer were finally coming to a head. He felt he was close to answering all his questions about her and close to finding out how long she intended to play with him for. He found it very difficult to sleep as a result.

Chapter 7

Matt arose early. He was going to meet Jennifer today and wanted everything to be perfect. He retrieved his stash and took it with him to the bathroom. He showered with baby soap, shaved, remembering to attend to his groin as per Jennifer’s instructions. He hadn’t often shaved there and found the feeling strange but somehow freeing. Next he applied talcum powder from head to toe. He chose the thickest, crinkliest nappy he could find and doubled it with a booster. He added extra tape for the most secure and snuggest of fits. Matt had a lot of baby clothes he had collected over the years today he chose a red gingham pinafore bibbed skirt from his stash and a white short sleeved blouse. He also wanted to accentuate the sound of plastic and added a pair of plastic panties over his already thick nappy. he then put on knee high white socks and black mary jane shoes before finally taking out a pacifier and clipping it to the bib of the skirt. Matt checked himself out in the mirror. His plastic panty covered nappy poked out under the hem of the skirt and he was smiled.

Matt packed up the rest of his sissy baby things into the duffel bag he kept them in and put on a long overcoat. He crept through the house not wanting to disturb anyone and wearing the overcoat was a piece of insurance against being seen dressed as a sissy baby in case someone stirred. Matt got in his car and set off to the location Jennifer had said in her message. An area of town he hadn’t really frequented before. It was famous for the old Edwardian style orphanage that had been abandoned long ago. Matt had to admire Jennifer’s poetic flair in choosing the location.

Once Matt arrived he could see that even though the orphanage was clearly abandoned, the cottage near the entrance was not. It was well maintained with a manicured lawn, a children’s playground, sandpit and all fenced in by a white picket fence that was curiously at an odd height. Matt could have said the same about the size of the playground or the toys in the sandpit. They were all oversized. However, Matt didn’t notice and instead walked to the front door and rang the bell.

Jennifer opened the door. Once again her choice of dress seemed out of place in the setting. She was wearing a red silk robe with a golden dragon pattern on the back. She looked him up and down, saying nothing before gesturing for him to come in. She pointed at a peg by the door. Matt removed his coat and put down his bag. Jennifer could now see him in all his sissy attire. She remained silent and moved towards the door to another room. Matt followed. She turned back and pointed playfully towards the floor. Matt understood and got down on all fours and crawled after her. They entered the next room and Matt noticed someone sitting in the chair at the far end. She was dressed as an Edwardian style nursery maid. She had a long white lace apron covering her black full length dress. He hair was tied back into a high bun and she had somehow perfected a kind yet stern gaze. “This is your nursery maid,” Jennifer said, “You may call her mommy. When I am not here, she is in charge. Welcome to my playhouse and nursery.”

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Chapter 8
With Jennifer’s welcome complete she turned on her heels and left. The nursery maid looked at Matt and said, “Good morning sweety, what’s your name?”
“Sarah” Matt replied. He was surprised at how quickly he answered and how quickly he had adopted his pseudonym. But he had been pretending to be Sarah for more than twenty years and there was something about the nurse maid that compelled him to respond so quickly.
“Well, Sarah it’s time for a tour. Up you hop.”
Matt noticed for the first time the large adult sized stroller. He climbed in and the nursery maid clipped and tightened the straps.
“The first and only rule you need to know here is that Mommy knows best.”
She was firm with her words but there was a kindness in there as well. Matt was feeling a very surreal mix of emotions. On the one hand, he was immensely and immediately aroused by the physical realisation that a place like this actually exists, on the other hand, he felt a increasing feeling of security and warmth and a gradual releasing of his adulthood. It was an intoxicating mix.

The first room on the tour was the play room. In one corner there was an adult sized harness attached to the ceiling - a bouncy jumper. The floor was covered in padded plastic matting printed with pictures of unicorns and rainbows. In another corner was a toy shelf with oversized dolls, teddy bears and wooden blocks. Matt also noticed a large chest filled with what looked like dress up clothes as well as a ball pit and slide. It was the perfect spot to lose oneself.

Matt had barely taken the sight in before his new mommy whisked him away to the next stop on the tour. This time it was the changing area, complete with an adult sized changing station with powder, wipes a mobile hanging form the curling to soothe you while being changed and a small, hand-held shower head to clean up little accidents. There was of course a huge supply of nappies. From there, he was shown the bedroom with full sized adult baby cot a musical mobile, a night light that played nursery rhymes and played a scene of stars and oceans across the room. Then it was the dining area, equipped with an adult sized high chair. Everywhere he looked he could see that there was immense attention to detail. This place was indeed as Jennifer had said - a nursery for an adult sissy baby. Matt felt like he had arrived in Nirvana.

After the tour, Mommy returned Matt to the playroom and let him out to play with the toys. She left the room being careful to ensure the adult sized baby gate was locked form the outside to prevent him from escaping. Matt allowed himself to be lost in his fantasy. It was magical, he drifted further and further and further away from reality as he played with his dolls and teddys. The increasingly smaller adult voice in his head had been pummelling with questions since they arrived - how, what, why, but Sarah had kept ignoring them and now they were simply echos of his adult cynicism, lost to his sissy little self for the time.

She had no idea how long he had been playing before mommy came back. She was also so lost in the moment that he hadn’t noticed she had also wet himself. Mommy noticed though when she returned and without a word, lead her to the changing area. Sarah hadn’t been changed by someone since those hospital days some twenty years earlier and she felt something grow in her naughty area as mommy slid down his plastic panties and unfastened her nappy. The nurse maid didn’t say anything about the erection instead she opened a small drawer near the changing table and produced a small pink plastic device. The nursery maid, grabbed the erect cock and used a firm and expert grip to make it erection quickly disappear. She hadn’t made Sarah’s urge disappear, nor did she allow her to orgasm, she simply held it in such a way that it shrank back down.

The nurse maid then took some baby oil and applied it to Sarah’s groin before taking the ring of the chastity cage and encircling the testicles and penis before clamping the cover on and padlocking it shut. She then slid a fresh nappy under Sarah’s butt, applied baby powder liberally before fastening her snuggly. She pulled up her plastic panties before sitting Sarah up and giving her a hug. Mommy then left the room leaving Sarah sitting on the changing table alone.

Chapter 9
“Crawl!” Commanded Jennifer as she entered the room. Sarah obeyed instantly and climbed off the changing table and crawled to her matron. Jennifer turned and exited the room beckoning Sarah to follow. She lead her to a door that she had not yet entered. Pulling out a key, she unlocked the door revealing a dark, red room smelling heavily of leather and alcohol- whisky to be precise. Sarah crawled in and took in the scene that surrounded her. On one wall was a bank of monitors and a large leather embossed swivel chair, on the opposite wall was a display of gags, ropes, straps, dildos and plugs. Sarah also noticed some sort of medical bed with stirrups, a wooden cage and a cross shaped rack. Jennifer’s dungeon was just as well appointed as the rest of the house.

“Sit.” Jennifer commanded.
Sarah did so at once, unconsciously putting her pacifier in her mouth. Sarah observed for the first time another figure in the room, seated on a matching leather embossed sofa near the monitors. Their face was obscured in the dimly lit room but Sarah could tell it was a woman.

“I see everything from these monitors here. Every nook and cranny of this place is covered. I can see when you misbehave and my nursery maid will also tell me when you are naughty. When you misbehave you need to be punished. The punishing is my…”Jennifer paused for a moment as if she was searching for a word. The effect on the sissy Sarah sitting in front of her was that his forbidden manhood strained against the cage and throbbed. He stopped sucking on his pacifier and shifted his weight a bit wincing with discomfort.
“The punishing of sissies,” Jennifer continued, “is something I take great pleasure and pride in.”
Jennifer leaned closer to Sarah. “We begin with confession.” She whispered. “Where do you wish to confess? The cage or the bed?”
The voice from the figure on the sofa answered for Sarah, “The bed.”
Jennifer smirked. “As you wish.”
Sarah stiffened. She recognised the voice but couldn’t place it. Jennifer attached a leash and collar to Sarah and led her to the bed. She strapped her arms by her side and hooked her feet into the stirrups. Jennifer pulled down her plastic pants to her knees and undid her nappy. She undid Sarah’s straps and bib to her skirt and unbuttoned her blouse. Sarah was as vulnerable as it was as possible to be.

“Confess.” Jennifer commanded. “All your misbehaving since you woke up today.”
Sarah, vulnerable, exposed and ready to share, began her confession. She remembered that she forgot to put in the plug that Jennifer made her wear. Jennifer selected a new plug for Sarah and inserted it roughly so that she would never forget to wear it again. Sarah’s tiny and caged manhood quivered. Jennifer noticed and it earned Sarah a sharp slap. The confessions continued and so did the punishments. Sarah had no idea how long the session lasted but by the time it ended, she was exhausted and ready to sleep.

Sarah’s nursery maid arrived and helped her into her stroller. She pushed her to the bedroom and changed her nappy and suited her in a pretty onesie. Mommy then unsnapped her apron and unclasped her dress, offering a breast to Sarah. She latched on and began to suckle. Sarah fell asleep quickly.

Chapter 10
When Matt awoke it took him some time to recount in his mind the details of the day. He was in the adult crib and he noticed that it had a special feature - an overhead cage. He was locked in. He looked down and saw his onesie. He also felt his nappy between his legs. Squishy. Full. He shifted and felt the plug sharply pull inside him. He also felt the cage holding his cock. The questions he had before he fell into Sarah started to bombard his brain again, along with many new ones. What time was it? How long had he been there? How could he get out of this crib?

He didn’t have to wait long before the nursery maid arrived. She was not alone, Jennifer was with her and so was someone else. Matt immediately recognised her and blushed red. He scrambled for the blanket in a futile attempt to cover his face. It was pointless, the woman knew exactly who he was and Matt knew exactly who she was. The secrets were over.

Matt’s wife stepped forward and pulled the blanket away from him. He turned his head down and tried to speak. Nothing intelligible came.
“Did Sarah enjoy herself?” Matt’s wife said, using an overblown sarcastic baby voice. “Is my sissy baby husband satisfied?” She continued. “Does my naughty little girl need a special spanking?”

Matt was confused, ashamed, humiliated and defeated. His wife was standing in front of him dressed in a onesie, wearing a full nappy, plugged and caged, locked in an adult sized crib. His secret life exposed for her to see. There was nothing he could do except succumb to his shame.

His wife turned to Jennifer and smiled. “Thanks babe - it was perfect!”
“Anytime Honey! It was great to get the old gang back together again.”
Matt wasn’t sure what was going on but it was clear his wife, his matron and his mommy knew each other. He desperately wanted an explanation but was too stunned to ask for one.
“So, shall we tell him?” Jennifer asked.
“Sure, it’s time for our confessions, I guess.”