Napped By Exel Transformations

Prolog- I was a 15 year old boy living with his parents and 4 siblings when my life was change forever.

I started off in diapers like a lot AB’s or DL’s do, by looking on the internet. I saw that thousands of people from all over the world had similar thoughts and feeling as I had, and that made me feel less alone, and less of a freak. I saw all the different styles of infantilism, I saw all the different products available, but most of all I saw the adult sized baby diapers. From the first time I laid eyes on these I knew I had to have them. All the experience I had with diapers came from my infancy, my mind, or from the occasional training diaper I stole from my little sister. Stealing her diapers was a thrill each time and it also introduced me to a side of me I had not yet recognized, my feminine side. You see, her diapers had “girly” prints on them and I soon realized I liked that. Also, whilst stealing her diapers I had to go through her underwear door. (I may or may not have tried them on as well) But as she grew older her bed wetting ceased and so did my late nights rubbing my padded crotch to no end. it meant that I no longer had a way to access diapers.
Fortunately for me, my mother had purchased me a computer two months after my diaper supply ran dry. So, I now had unrestricted access to the ABDL world, as well as the world of other “fetish’s”. I spent long nights combing through web pages, reading stories, looking at pictures, and watching videos. Not only was I observing this world I was now beginning to take part in it. I began chatting with other ABDL’s. They introduced me to my little space. This was a mile stone in my life. After realizing that I could set a time and place to store these feelings and emotions I began to slowly accumulate materials for my little space. I stole a bottle from my baby brother as well as paci and a blanket. I kept them in a locked crate stored in my room. Only to be taken out when I was for sure alone. Just having them there was a secure enough state, but something was still missing, and it was very hard to get.
I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t wear my baby brothers diapers, they were to small. I tried taping the straps to my sides, but it still felt… vacant. Then I tried stuffing a baby diaper in my underwear, it worked! But the bulk that I endlessly read and dreamed about was missing. The solution was rather simple, just put on every pair of underwear I own. It actually worked quit well. All the extra padding helped with the inevitable leakage from the pint sixed diaper. I kept this going for months.
Websites like tumblr took over my social life. Anything where I could share thoughts and read other people’s thoughts. It led me to more deviant thoughts, and more deviant actions. I kept a journal on my computer containing list of what I wanted, thoughts of how to obtain them, and all the sexual things that would never leave my own head. I had perverted thoughts about my own mother, thoughts of what I wanted her to do to me, or what to do with me. I wanted her to make me her baby again. I wanted her to treat me like a girl. I wanted her to put me in chastity, breast feed me, put me on hormone therapy, make me wet the diapers she MADE me wear, make me mess them, make me wear a but plug, give me enemas, put me in dresses, do my hair, do my make up, make me ride in car seat, push me in a stroller through the park. These feelings became stronger. It led me to masturbate several times in a night, every night!
With all this fantasy brewing in my mind I thought the least I could do was get some REAL diapers. I felt as if bringing some of this into reality would ease my mind. So I spent several days looking online for what I thought was the right diaper. I decided on disposable, and figured out the size. I asked around tumblr and found the brand that suits my desires. I loaded a pack of 36 large Tena SUPER diapers into my Amazon cart. I then figured that if I’m going to do this I might as well do it right. So I counted my money and priced everything accordingly. By the end I had the diapers, a onesie, a cow pattern footsie pajamas, an adult sized paci, and a butt plug. But here’s the tricky thing, I don’t have a credit card. I’ve always used my mother’s. It was the only option. I figured that since my Amazon account was through my private email that my mother would never see what I had ordered.
I went through with it. I gave my mom every cent I had and typed in her credit card info. I was on edge the whole time, and I knew I would stay that way until I knew it was all locked away safely in my little space. A week went by. I watched the UPS tracking page seemingly the whole time. The day finally came where the package was meant to be delivered. I took off from school and sat watching the front door in anticipation, trying to act as casual as possible as my siblings and parents walked about…. a knock came from the door. I nearly sprinted as I nervously approached the door. As it was opened this beautiful object came into sight. It took some heft to bring it into my room. But as it finally lay on my carpet with my door locked I could feel stress abandon me, and anticipation take hold. I grabbed a knife and opened my new treasures. Although I really wanted to immediately implement all of them,but it was the middle of the day and everybody was home. So they were stowed in my crate.
Finally, I felt safe enough to unlock my little space. Both in my mind and in my crate. I stripped of all clothing and carefully opened the package of Tena’s. First the smell hit me. it was a soothing softness to my nostrils. Then I pulled one of them out. Rubbing it with my hands and all over my face it was euphoric. I opened the diaper and felt small as I laid down slipping this enormous baby accessory under my bottom. I became grateful with my actions as I pulled out the baby powder I stole just after the others went to bed. It complimented the Tena very well. The cool, soft sprinklings of powder added an extra layer to this little space event. I pulled the front of the diaper over my flaccid pee pee, (I masturbated several times just before this to make sure of it) and pulled the straps nice and snug. Feeling accomplished, little, and kind of scared I pulled the onsie over my head whilst sitting on my padded bottom. After some struggle I got the buttons buttoned, and just basked in the feeing of snugness over my whole torso, and of coarse the tight feeling over my diaper bulge. Lastly I pulled out my footsie pajamas, uncovering the butt plug. Seeing it I thought it best to save it for another time. In my little space I stumbled standing up almost like a baby might. I slipped into the pajamas, zipped them up, and put the newly discovered hood over my head. I giggled a bit at the cow head shaped hood. Now standing in my room feeling 2 years old, I plopped down unto my bed and watched cartoons for hours into the night. About two hours in I felt the many ounces of water I drank earlier that day build on my bladder. I was lying on my stomach wiggling my feat in the air when I finally let go. The warmness traveled across my crotch making my diaper expand. I turned over when I was finished and rubbed my crotch through my many layers until my pee pee made my diaper a bit more moist. The night got away from me and I slept like a good baby should. When I awoke I cleaned myself up and went about my day.
Nine days went by, I entered my little space every other day and I was happy with that.
One night I entered my little space and fell asleep, but when I awoke I was no longer in my room. I couldn’t tell where I was. I was in a daze, and could not move. I felt as though I was wearing my little clothing still. I felt the warmness of my pajamas, and I could feel the cool dampness of my wet diaper. Moving my body proved impossible but I was able to turn my head just enough to remove my eyes from the bright lights and ceiling tiles. I now noticed the two charts on the wall depicting the human body, so I could only assume I was in a doctors office. But that worried me. What if my mother had discovered me in this state and called an ambulance? What if…? I just had no clue to why I would be in a doctors office. But since I was here, chances are that my mother knows im here, and she probably knows what I’m wearing. that worried me, its all I could think about.
The next thing I know a heavy door opened and I heard two women conversing. they approached either side of me and started undoing my pajamas. I turned my head up to see their heads as they undid my little attire. they unbuttoned my onsie and undid my diaper. they each grabbed one of my ankle’s and held my legs up. as they did that the door opened again and a man greeted the woman and he seemed to pull a chair up to where my legs where being held up. He took some sort of rag and began to dry my crotchal region. he then removed my soaked diaper. But then to my surprise he began to rub oil all over my previously diapered area, he applied powder and then slid a fresh diaper under me. After he taped it up the nurses completely removed my clothing. They began shaving my whole body leaving only my head hair, they then rubbed some sort of oil over me. (I was never able to grow hair again) An IV was put into my wrist…
Once again I awoke unaware of my surroundings. But I could now move my body. Immediately I noticed my new attire. A bright pink onsie, knee socks, locking mittens, a cuff around where the IV is attached to, and of corse a diaper. I was in a very large crib. Thick wooden bars and a top made escaping improbable. But after admiring my crib I noticed where I was. The crib was oddly in the center of a hallway, a dimly lit hallway seemingly in the same hospital. A woman began approaching me from far down the hallway. She was a petite long haired brunet, similar to my mother. As she became near I called out to her “hello!” “what’s going on, where am I?” She ignored me. She came close and began pushing my crib down the hallway. “HELLO!” “PLEASE” I pleaded with no response. I became very upset. Confused, humiliated, and scared I began to weep. Oddly this DID get her attention she stopped pushing the crib and kneeled down to my eye level, she opened her red lips and said, “Ahhh, baby don’t cry” “were almost there” she stuck her hand through the bars and rubbed my cheek “are you hungry? we’ll get you a bottle in just a second, hun” She once again pushed my crib we veered left and went through some double doors.
I didn’t look at my surroundings at first but when I did…
We went passed room after room, in each one was a crib with someone like me in it. They were doing different things, some being fed bottles, some plying with toys, and some sleeping. But then I noticed some of the rooms didn’t contain cribs, they contained kennels, with women on all fours. Some rooms contained women acting like cats, and some had enormous breast hooked up to milking machines. Some I wasn’t sure what was going on, but my fear became more apparent. I always assumed a place like this existed. A place where true fetish toys were made. A place where people could purchase a brainwashed human toy to satisfy their needs, and I was one of those toys. I began to cry more profusely. The nurse turned once more, but this time we entered our final destination, my room. She opened my crib and forcefully laid me down and put a bottle in my mittens. With my tears and confusion I let her guide the nipple into my mouth, and I began to suckle on it. I suppose it was my panicked state that led to my acceptance. It tasted odd, but I was both hungry and thirsty. The nurse rubbed my tummy and held her hand on my forehead, it felt great. She then put a pair of earphones on my head very gently. It was playing a lullaby. I just laid there thinking about this bottle and that sweet soft lullaby. The fact that I was to be sold as a fetish slave didn’t even cross my mind.
It seems like weeks went by. Time seemed to just be null at this point. The nurses would check on me occasionally and change me. I would often enough alert them by my own sobbing. I get toys now which for some reason excites me to no end. They are just plastic blocks with animals on them, but I love them, and I love every stuffed animal that I receive. They bring me endless joy as well. Even though what my life now consist of is nothing but this, I love it. I’ve never been so content with my surroundings. Maybe it was the lullaby’s, maybe it was the bottles, or maybe it was the IV. I don’t care, in fact I don’t have a care in the world. My pink Wardrobe onsie becomes different every day. Sometimes they put me in pajamas, there all pink even my socks. The only thing they put me in that isn’t pink is these denim overalls, but they still have a big pink heart on them.
These nurses have been taking me out of my crib and we’ve been going on walks. well, they walk and I get to ride in this big stroller. We go through this wooded pathway and I get to see some of the animals on my blocks. It’s very exiting, I laugh and giggle a lot. I don’t speak words anymore, they’re to hard and I don’t need to in the first place. One of the nurses even changed me on this grass field, I had a mess and I cried. I yelled “Surry” a midst my tears the nurse turned me around and beat my full behind telling me in a stern voice that I should NEVER speak. It was probably for the best my words were becoming all but lost to me. I never spoke again. It was tears, giggles, and babbling for this baby. I was still receiving bottles regularly even though I was sometimes put in a high chair and fed baby food. I liked most of it, except for the peas, I spit them out and got swats for it. But then suddenly they stopped giving me bottles and food. this made me cry a lot. But finally I was brought a bottle, a very small one. I drank it whilst riding atop a changing table, and then I fell a sleep.
When I woke up my crotch hurt very much. The nurses didn’t change me for a long time. But I heard them say that I had “butt tubes” so it was ok. When they finally did put me back in a diaper I noticed immediately that when they rubbed the oil that I couldn’t feel my pee pee. It was smooth down there.
I spent a lot more time in my crib playing, and doing all my other fun stuff up until they started washing me. I was taken into a room all made of metal and the nurses washed my skin, my long hair, my new pee pee, and everywhere else. they even squirted water up my butt, then I got to poo that water out all by myself. After they got me all clean they started dressing me. The nurses put me in those fun overalls I like and some frilly knee socks. My diaper was also SUPER big this time. one of them painted my nails pink with pretty little white flowers on them, and another nurse did the same to my toes. they combed my hair out and put acute little flower in it. I was put back in my crib for a little while, and then they came in and pushed me and my crib to the outside. There was a white car that had sign on it that said “Exel Transformations” it was a pretty sign. I was taken out of the crib and put into a car seat that had the name “Jaclyn” written in sparkles on the top of it. My extra thick diaper provided a lot of cushioning for me. After the nurses finished strapping me into this sparkly car seat they also entered the car. One in the passenger seat and one in the back seat. Lastly, and lastly a man who looked like a doctor entered the drivers seat and we began moving.
We drove for what seemed like hours. The doctor man drove and the nurses looked like they were doing paper work. I began to fuss a bit and the nurse seated next to me reached in a bag and handed me a zebra stuffy. I hugged on it and chewed on it for a good while. Then she handed me a bottle. I suckled that bottle dry, became noticeably sleepy and dozed off. I was woken up by one of the nurses unbuckling me from my car seat. We were at a rest stop. Before I was taken out of the car both of the nurses put me in a full body harness. It went over my shoulders, around my torso, and hugged my padded butt as it went through my crotch. It was a dull pink color, and it had sparkles lining the leather stitches. When they finished fitting the harness they put me on a leash. One nurse held the leash as the other helped me into a stroller that the doctor man had taken from the trunk of the car. I was pushed into the rest stop bathrooms with the other nurse holding the leash. I couldn’t understand what the leash was for, I could only assume it was an insurance thing. I couldn’t run, I can barely crawl. But the thoughts of that left my mind when the nurses began to undo my labyrinth of straps, buttons, and zippers leading to my wet diaper. I had made quit the mess in my sleep. But they soon cleaned me up, replaced my diaper, and redid all of my fastenings.
When we reentered the car and got back on the road one of the nurses started cleaning my face off and touching up my hair. I had been slightly naughty during the drive and smeared my make up and messed up may hair. She took care of that of that in a jiffy. That nurse put some sweet tasting lipgloss on me that kept me entertained as she ran a comb through my hair and applied blush to my face. As we drove I continued to play with my zebra. But eventually I just stared out the window. Fields of crops soon turned to suburbs which turned to a city. It seemed like we were nearing our destination as we exited the highway and turned into neighborhoods. The nurses conversed with the doctor and began fumbling with papers as we pulled into a driveway.
The house looked familiar, but I could not connect it with anything I knew. The nurses and the doctor exited the car and started to remove things from the trunk including my stroller. When they were finished I was unbuckled and put into my stroller in the same fashion as before, with one nurse pushing and one holding my leash. The doctor, carrying my car seat and a large duffle bag (again with the name Jaclyn on it)sat them near the front door of this house and rang the doorbell. The nurses along with me stood behind him. A woman answered the door. She looked a lot like the nurses. All three of my party greeted the woman and we were led inside, all the while my presence was being ignored.
The doctor and this new woman sat at a table and exchanged papers. She signed some and he accepted them in a file case. I was pushed near them while the nurses brought different things from outside and sat them near me. When they were finished doing that they sat at the table with this woman and the doctor, and they talked for a good while. The nurses showed this woman bottles, powder, different diapers, lotions, creams, and they talked about each one. Finally all attention was put on me. I was removed from the stroller and laid on a matt on the carpeted floor. I was looked over by the woman and the nurses undid my harness. They discussed my clothing as they nurses undressed me, talking to the woman the whole time. When they reached my diaper the woman was instructed to change it. The nurses held my legs up as she undid the tapes and opened my wet diaper. She was handed wipes and the woman cleaned my smooth diaper area dry. Then she was handed a fresh diaper, powder, and oil. The woman rubbed the oil deep and liberally applied powder. She was left alone by the nurses to tape me up and redress me. She then carried me into a nursery. It was decorated with frilly flowers, pink walls, and pictures of cute animals all over the walls. There was a large play pin, a changing table, a large shelf stuffed with diapers, and a crib that I was placed into. They all stood there by my crib side looking at me and smiling. The nurses and the doctor conversed for a second and left. It was now just the woman staring at me smiling. She bent over closer to me, put her hand on gently on my cheek and said “Isn’t this what you wanted sweetie?” “You were always a great baby, and I’m glad that even you wanted it to go back to that”. I began to tear up, “But I did miss my son Jake, but now I have you, my sweet Jaclyn!”. My fetal mind was now so shaken with emotion that I started sobbing uncontrollably. She grinned at me, placing a paci in my mouth and rubbing my head she said “Oh honey, don’t be upset. You’re safe now, mommy’s never going to let anything bad happen to her baby again”

Post- I had been gone for two years. Kidnapped by “Exel Transformations” after I gave them my real info online. I thought they were a fellow ABDl friend, but as it turned out they wanted to turn me into aa baby girl. I was the right age, at the right state in puberty, and had the right body type. The gave me hormones that stopped me from maturing (permanently) they removed my genitals, they removed most of my memories, they removed my basic motor skills, and they gradually molded my mind into that of a baby. I now only do that of a baby. But I’m happy this way, they made sure of that.
When I was kidnapped, my parents noticed immediately. they phoned the police but they found nothing and they had nothing to go off of, or so they thought. Then my parents turned to a private investigator. He found my box of little stuff and discovered my internet activity. Thankfully he told my mother first because when she realized this about me and read about the things I desired, she realized that she wanted that too, and she made sure that nobody found out. She hid the evidence from everybody, but before she finished the PI found out where I was and what they were doing to me. When she heard this news she fired the PI and went to Exel Transformations herself. When she arrived she informed the staff that she knew that they had me. But, she didn’t want to press charges. She told them that if they tailor made her son to her taste and gave me back that no harm would come to Exel. They agreed. I was already being made into something similar so they just tweaked me a bit. It took almost two years for my mind and body to be in my current state, and in that time my mother had some transformations of her own. My parents marriage fell apart after I was kidnapped, and they ended up in a very bitter divorce. My father got permanent custody of the other children because my mother grew very cold towards them. She remarried, this time to a very wealthy man, divorced him and got half of his money. This all took place while I was being made into a baby girl. So when I was brought home my mother had enough money to sustain a herself for the rest of her life, and she had the chance to be a mother once more.