Anyone doing Nanowrimo? I am writing a non-ABDL story for it. However an ABDL scene slipped in, My main character is being too prudish to get measured for the plumbing connection on her spacesuit and the spacesuit tailor threatens to just leave it out and she can just wear an absorbent garment and rubber baby pants. This convinces her to cooperate and be fitted for a proper spacesuit.

Oops, how did I miss this thread? I’m doing Nano this year, and so far I haven’t started THAT many fires in the forums, despite posting a lot more than in previous years and mods only had to move a few of my posts. I figured, new forum- “I think this post would go here. Oh well, YOLO! Let’s post and see what happens!” :slight_smile:

I’ve been keeping up with the word count, but I keep forgetting to update said word count. I’m hoping to get more writing done over Thanksgiving break.

But I still really want to write a story with Wendigos in it. :frowning: Maybe that’ll be next year’s project.

The new forums have definitely made things interesting.

And I would know having done some development work for them. Mostly theme fixes for visual issues and some scripting work. It’s still weird that they ran the one script under Clawdia’s old user account instead of one of the staff accounts though…

That sounds like a big goof on their side of things.

I actually found out what happened finally. Jezra was in a hurry and didn’t read all the documentation for the script. They only replaced Clawdia’s API key with the site master key and didn’t change the username parameter. Admittedly, I’m partially to blame for not changing the relevant line to $username = “”; so they had to set that line before running the script. I did it partially for the API key as i deliberately left out one character in the key so it would fail.

See Discourse has this lovely feature where you can use the site’s master key to run API commands as any user by providing the master key and the username in the API call. So, for example, if I knew your username and had the master key I could make the script post “I LIKEZ DIAPERZ AND ARE HOT CHICK!” and only someone with access to the full admin panel would be able to tell you didn’t make the post.

I wondered what happened.