Nano's Enchantment

A/N: A quick thing about this story. It’s about a girl by the name of Nano Amasaki. It takes place somewhere in Japan, which is why you’ll hear last names versus the common first name basis. But those who are close to each other will usually call each other by first names. Another quick thing is this story is like a different reality kind of thing. Well, you’ll see if you read it.

Nano’s Enchantment

Chapter 1

It was a bright and sunny day in the downtown market strip. This area’s always bustling with different sets of crowds. You have your jocks who run through with high socks, average friends hanging out, and older woman who come for their afternoon shop. These types of things Nano could always notice. She could even figure out whether or not how someone’s day could have been going just from gestures alone.

She wore a white blazer from her all girl’s high school and a blue skirt. Jet black hair that ran down past her shoulders. And a pair of gentle blue eyes. Despite being alone, she would always catch some eyes. But she would reply to all with a lovely smile.

This street was always on her way home from school, and so she decided to check it out.

“Amasaki, come here, come here,” spoke an elder shop keeper. Nano looked over at the man with a gentle smile and walked on over. “Ah, you just came in time.”

“Ah, Outsuki, how do you do,” Nano said with a kind expression that belonged on a get well card.

“I keep saying this, but you don’t have to be so formal.” The old man named Outsuki ran a food shop that was on the edge line. This would always catch most customer’s eyes, as well as the reoccurring Nano. Nano and Outsuki became quick acquaintances, especially when it came to the daily special.

“Ah, I apologize. So why I came at the right time?” Nano remembering vaguely how he said that.

“Yes, the All-Year antiques store is having a sale today.” This caught Nano’s ears as fast as a moth to a light source. “I believe the one item you we’re wanting is now on sale.”

He didn’t even need to say another word, as Nano was already bought. “Thank you very much,” Nano bowed slightly and walked off with a smile. She could also catch a slight glimpse of the old man Outsuki smiling back.

The All-Year antiques was only a few blocks in, but it only felt a single to Nano. She had charged in with excitement like a puppy getting its first treat. Once she entered the view of the store, she saw the desired item peering out to her. Almost as if it was calling to her, “come get me.” Nano knew, this was meant to be.

Amasaki Nano, was a girl who was in her second year of high school. Despite having beautiful hair that is on par with swans, she also has a kindred heart. She cares deeply for others more than herself. But she also looks forward with a bright smile. As well as having a taste in antiques.

Most anyone can get along her, but those who have dreary lives despise her. This is where Nano experienced some bullying in her life. Her shoes were taken, and her desk was left a mess. Nano tried to not let this get to her, but it bugged her. Before the group could do anything further, a girl named Nishigi Miki walked in. Miki stepped was watching the girls from the sidelines after her kendo practice. Once she saw them take the shoes and dirty the desk, she couldn’t wait any longer. She stepped in and the trio scattered instantly like ants before the girl titled “Titan”. And despite Miki being almost a polar opposite of Nano, they became best friends.

The item Nano wanted was on sale for half off. She was very pleased with this deal. And after she paid for the item, she turned to the right. To her right was many antiques hanging on a wall, and boxes that had tags with writing on them. She got closer and noticed these were all plain wishes. One was for world peace, another for money. Despite there being money in a box for a wish to gain money, they were all generic. Nano knew no matter how hard one could wish, they’d never be granted them. Not only that, but she noticed that no cheap change was put in each box. She’d have thought most people would just drop a 100 yen coin in and call it a day, but she saw 1000 yen or more each.

She reached her hand above the wish for a miracle cure, as there was a tag that was just hanging there. It read, wishes for the world. “No kidding,” Nano thought. But she reached over and felt nothing behind the red curtain behind each box. This must have meant there was something else here than just a wall. Not wanting to get caught for her curiosity, she looked at the cashier and noticed they were busy with another customer. So she peeked under the curtain and found a white box versus the others being a blue color. There was also some red lights on the wall around as well. It almost seemed like an exhibit someone made to showcase something. But like the other blue boxes, this white box also had a tag on it. Though unlike the generic wishes, Nano could not believe the wish on this one. It read, “I wish to never need the ladies restroom.” Nano thought this had to be a joke, but checked to see if any coins had been added. She quickly scanned no coins, but thought that was probably because either they couldn’t believe this wish, or see it from under the curtain.

“Well, this is certainly different,” Nano thought as she decided to pull out a coin anyways. She always thought to be different than the others, so why not put something in here even though it’s so bizarre. And so she pulled out a 100 yen coin which was not used in any of the other boxes. Nano put the coin above the box, and she grew somewhat nervous about placing it in there. Then she began to think, “Well not like it will happen like the other wishes. And even if it did, I wouldn’t mind not needing to use the restroom.” Then she dropped the coin into the box. It swirled around 3 times before dropping. Now feeling satisfied, she backed away from the curtain and walked out with her purchased item.

She continued to walk off out of the shopping street and gave another thanks and bow to Outsuki for his information. He gave her a snack as well just for being herself and a joy for him to talk with each day. So she continued to walk away and more towards her house, but with a bizarre thought about the one coin she dropped into the one wishing box.

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This is an interesting start! Please continue

Re: Nano’s Enchantment

Edit: Whoops, there shouldn’t be an extra zero on those numbers. 100 and 1000 yen are a little too much. I meant for it to be 10 yen instead of 100, and 100 for 1000. So for future references, it’ll be a zero less from now on.

Chapter 2

Just as Nano was about to walk off from the shopping street, she heard a familiar voice. “Nano,” the voice sounded like her best friend Miki. Nano turned around to see her short hair friend Miki. Seeing her brought a smile to Nano’s face.

Miki had shorter hair than Nano as it only went over her ears. She also didn’t have as much of a bust as Nano. But despite being a flat chest, she was quite taller. With a body tone fit to take on a brick wall and green eyes that pierces her opponent, Miki had gained the title “Titan.”

Nano was quite pleased to have ran into Miki. “Hey Miki, you just finish practice?” Miki’s kendo practice was for an extensive amount of time, even longer than the school allows for its students to stay. So seeing the determined Miki at this time was surprising.

A/N: For those who don’t know what Kendo is, it’s basically a Japanese version of fencing. But uses wooden swords and a different form of uniform.

“Yup, I decided to head out early today,” Miki said with a dexterous grin.

“You didn’t get hit did you?” Nano always worries that her skilled friend may get worked up too much if she took a hit. As the titan Miki usually goes unhittable at practice.

“Of course I didn’t. How could someone at my caliber take a single blow during practice, ha ha ha.” Miki laughed gloatingly. Nano worried when they first met whether she gloated too much or not. But soon realized she put hard effort behind her and determination for each and every match—even if they were practice. And she showed sportsmanship to those who faced her by giving them a hand when they fell.

“Then what brings you out from practice then?” If it wasn’t for taking a hit, then something else must be the case to bring Miki out of a dojo.

“My mother asked for me to help around the house,” Miki replied quickly almost as if to dodge the possibility of her taking a hit. But Nano knew better to believe in what her friend said.

“Ah, I see. Want to walk with me then?” Nano amiably asked.
“Sure I’ll walk ya home,” Miki said with a large smile. This in turn, made Nano laugh with delight. The two of them spend time on the weekends together, but rarely do they walk home from school. This type of rare event always brought Nano joy.

As they took their first step, Miki noticed the shopping bag Nano held. “Oh, what did you get today?” asked the curious Miki.

Nano stood there with a belated grin, almost as if to say “never thought you’d ask.” She began to pull the glass antique out from the bag. “They had that one antique I’ve been really wanting on sale today, so I couldn’t resist,” Nano said displaying the antique next to her smile.

Miki wasn’t surprised to see a new antique in Nano’s hands, but was quite happy for her friend to get the one she wanted. “That’s awesome. Can I hold it?” She held her hand out, but Nano pulled the antique away.

“No, remember the last time I let you see one of my antiques?” Nano said with a pouty face.

“Hmm, I don’t seem to remember,” Miki spoke with a confused expression. Then she grew a despairing look of remembrance. She remembered how she broke one of her antiques just from holding it. “Now I remember, I’m sorry about that.”

“I said it was fine before, you just need to have a gentle touch,” Nano exclaimed to the confused Miki. “Though, I think you can’t ever touch something gently other than with a tight grip.”

“I can touch things gently,” Miki attempted to be redeemed.

“Like what?”

“Like…” Miki didn’t have a response. She then lowered her head in defeat.

Nano began to pat on her shoulder. “There, there. At least you don’t lose in kendo.” The statement appeared to be very effective. Miki sprang back up and almost appeared to be at the top of the world.

“Now that is a great statement,” Miki said with a slight laugh. And the both of them felt their spirits lifted. “Well, these roads won’t be walking themselves.” She pointed out that they should probably start their walk in which they haven’t. They even brought attention towards those entering and leaving the shopping district.

“Yeah, that would probably be a wise idea,” Nano agreed and they proceeded to walk off.

They walked through a few neighborhoods before reaching the residence of Amasaki. This was Nano’s destination as Miki stopped to watch her walk towards the front door. They waved to each other goodbye, as Nano opened the front door.

Nano walked in and closed the door behind her. She took off her shoes on the hard tile floor and stepped up onto the wooden floor. A few feet to her right led to the kitchen/diner, to the left was the living room, and a bit back was the stairs. But now that she got home, she had to announce it. “I’m home.” After, she heard pitter-patter rushing down the stairs. The small steps in between belonged to the young girl who was her sister.

“Welcome home, sis,” said the ever smiling young sister.

“How’s your day been Yui?” asked the pleased Nano.

“I had fun today!” Yui shouted with excitement.

“Oh, with what?” Nano continued the conversation. And Yui continued to explain the different things that happened at school. She continued to talk while Nano listened and walked up to her room. After walking in her room, Yui began to quiet down.

Yui, the younger sister of Nano was the only sibling Nano had. At the age of seven years old, stood barely above Nano’s waist line. Like Nano, she had black hair and blue eyes. She always looked up to her sixteen year old sister for help on the many things she needed help with. Either that being cooking or homework, Nano would be delighted to help.

Nano then pulled out her antique to place on her dresser to the right. The dresser was covered by many other antiques like the other storage areas in her room. A bookshelf to the corner on the right, the table on the left and even the window shelf. But there was one spot remaining on the dresser. And when Nano placed it on that spot, she knew it truly was a great purchase.

“Oh, it’s so pretty sis,” Yui said with delight. She kept a bright smile while looking at the multicolored glass rabbit. Even though she’d like to hold it, she knew better. Otherwise she would be scolded by her older sister.

It was during the evening when Nano began to break out her homework. Yui and Nano just ate a mild spice curry that Nano prepared. She received a text from her mother saying that she’ll be late with work again, as usual. Nano always wished that they could at least spend more time together. Even if their father was busy, she’d still like the three girls to at least be able to do family related things. She envied all the different family talk overheard during class. But now Nano could think of only how X was solved.

Around the same time Nano works on her homework, Yui does hers. Though unlike the clever Nano, Yui will generally ask her older sister for help on her homework when needed. Nano will also receive texts regularly from Miki on their homework. Despite the responsibility, Nano appreciates those who look up to her for support.

Just as Nano was beginning to think of her sister Yui, Yui walked into her room with a book. The cover being a Japanese book, was usually the case for Yui’s need.

“Sis, I need your help,” Yui cried for help as she handed Nano the open book.

Nano took it from Yui, and began to skim what she may be struggling with. Then she found the likely culprit. “Ah, this can be a tricky one.” Nano began to teach Yui about the different symbols and placements for them in each sentence. When Yui began to smile, Nano knew she came to a realization of understanding it.

“Thanks, older sis.” Yui ran off with a skip and a smile. Just like how Nano would always like to see her younger sister be.

Before Nano would go to bed, she’d be the first to take a bath. After she’d finish, Yui would take a bath. Nano always liked her nightly warm baths. She almost felt like she could sit in the warm waters all night. But despite her wishes for relaxation, she knew she can’t stay in there for too long.

After changing into her pink pajama pants and button up shirt, she was ready for bed. Just as she crawled into the yellow blanket, she heard the front door opening. “Oh, that must be my parents,” Nano thought. But no call for announcing their entry, so Nano paid it no heed to go welcome them back. Other than telling her sister goodnight, and drifting off to sleep.

The next thing she saw was a sign for the ladies room with an open doorway into the restroom. She walked in and immediately felt herself needing to use the restroom. So Nano opened a stall, and saw a plain white toilet. But the next thing she couldn’t believe was how the toilet started to disappear and glitter away. The yellow sparkles went flying past her as she turned around to see where they went. But they disappeared into thin air.
She still felt the need to go, so she opened up another stall to see this toilet undergo the same process. Not only that, but yellow glitter floated from underneath all the stalls. This told Nano she wouldn’t be going to the restroom anytime soon, despite her needing it desperately.

Right after all the glitter vanished, the stalls tumbled to the right of her almost like dominos. But before each one fell completely over, they bent completely in half. Now each appeared as if they were tables. Though with the sudden change in shape, Nano felt she no longer needed the restroom. Fearing she may have had an accident, she bent over to see any spill. But there was nothing to be seen. She no longer needed the restroom, and so she walked out.

From one odd site to another, her younger sister Yui stood before her with a green pacifier in her mouth. Nano couldn’t believe her eyes that her sister was sucking on a pacifier like a baby would. A quick turn to her right, and she saw her mother, short black hair and tall as miki standing with a baby bottle in hand. Her mother had a big smile on her face as she placed the bottle into Nano’s mouth. The cloudy white milk began to enter into her mouth and down her throat.
While drinking the delectable milk from the baby bottle, she felt the need to pee desperately again. But with all her might, she couldn’t move from drinking the bottle. She looked over at her mother who had a warm and pleasant motherly smile.

Nano felt odd with what her mother said, “Everything will be alright. You no longer will need, the ladies room. Just let it all go, like you’re sister.” She looked over at Yui, and noticed the seven year old girl wearing a diaper and a white shirt squatting. Nano felt that she was just about to do the same, when the sound of an alarm went off.

Squinting her eyes with the sunlight coming through the blinds, Nano reached her hand over to shut her alarm off. She felt the dream she encountered was both very odd, but lifelike.

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This is looking good so far. Thanks for posting.

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Chapter 3

Sitting up, her room didn’t’ appear any different. Fearing from the life-like dream, she scanned to find any differences. But soon heard a knock on her door.

“Big sis, I need your help like usual,” Yui asked from the other side of the door. Nano wondered what her younger sister could need during the morning. Especially if it was something regularly. She thought onto the past to see if Yui did ever ask for help on anything, but could only think of homework. And Nano was sure Yui completed hers the night before. So that really led to a question, “What could it be?”

“Okay, I’m awake,” Nano answered.

“Thank you,” Yui replied opening the door. Yui was wearing the same blue nightgown she was the night before. But didn’t have anything big and clunky like a book in her hand.

“What could my sister be needing?” Nano began to wonder. Then a stench hit her nose like food cooked in the morning. However, this was no salivating scent, but a putrid smell of poop. It almost smelt like someone took one right in her room. Then she realized, it came from Yui. Nano was in disbelief that her sister had crapped her pants, as she was a seven year old girl and fully toilet trained. She also couldn’t believe her sister wasn’t in tears, but actually smiling. It was like Yui was happy about Nano cleaning up her mess. That’s when the realization happened, this must be what she’s after.

“Yui, did you go?” Nano reluctantly asked.

“Yup big sis, I went in my sleep again,” Yui answered quickly. And Nano couldn’t believe to hear the word “again.” It was only a couple years ago when Yui wet the bed, but she no longer did so. And this was clearly a big accident that has never happened before. Nano still got up out of bed to help her sister get cleaned up. That was when she saw her sister hopping up on her bed and laying backwards. Then an object from Yui’s tiny hands came into view. Nano’s jaw dropped as what she saw was a white diaper with a bunch of cat patterns on it. It almost seemed like that one dream was becoming a reality. Despite the odd finding, she took her sisters diaper and thought Yui was wanting a change.

She lifted the young girls skirt to find the same type diaper in her hand around the waist of Yui. The only difference was the one Yui wore, appeared soggy and had a large bulge. Nano knew now that Yui did go in her pants, but apparently in her sleep. But just before she was about to change the young girls dirty diaper, she knew she needed the right utensils.

Nano thought that something is really strange with the day, but if this was reality then she should have useful tools in her middle drawer of her dresser. And just as she suspected, there was a pink changing mat, baby wipes as well as powder. She took all the tools back over to Yui who continued to lay on her bed. Placed out the changing mat underneath her bottom. Lifting up the skirt again, Nano began to un-tape her sister’s dirty diaper. Yui had a slight giggle from the changing process.

As she pulled the diaper down, a worse stench and sight appeared before Nano. The sight of Yui’s dark brown poop just sitting there made her cringe. But she didn’t want to make her sister feel bad in any way, so she pulled some wipes and began to clean up the mess around Yui’s bottom. After she got her bottom cleaned, she rolled up the dirty diaper and it was now ready to be tossed. But before she could toss away the dirty diaper, she needed to get her sister changed into a new one. So she took the new diaper and opened it up. Placing it under her sister and clicking open the top of the baby powder, she began to sprinkle the powder on her sister. After several sprinkles, she then pulled up the diaper and tapped it up. Yui was now in a clean diaper.

Before she was about to take the dirty diaper to toss, her sister grabbed it. “Don’t worry about that big sis, I have it. And thanks for changing me.” The smile on her sister made it worthwhile. Even though Nano was confused, she was going to continue on with her day as usual. Before she could take another forward towards her doorway, she felt a tug on the back part of her pajama pants. She turned around to see her sister hunched over, revealing herself of the culprit. “Your dry this morning sis,” Yui said as she jumped off the bed. Nano couldn’t believe the words towards her. She now knew why there was an odd feeling in her pants, and that was because she too was wearing a diaper.

Nano looked down at her pajama pants and could instantly see a bulge from the padding she wore under. As her sister waddled past her, she pulled her pants down to reveal what she was wearing. She couldn’t believe her eyes for a third time in the day. Her jaw dropped even more as she found herself in a pink tinted diaper with several anime girls on the front as well as white outlined hearts around the entire pad. She couldn’t believe that she, a sixteen year old girl, who’s fully toilet trained since age one was now succumbed to a diaper. Not only that, but she couldn’t help but touch the front of her diaper. Even if it was weird, she still thought it felt decent enough.

Pulling her pants back up, she walked over to her dresser to see if she may have some big girl undies to put on instead for her day. Nano couldn’t walk through the entire day in a diaper. “What would people say if they found out?” Nano began to think. “What would Miki think?” She began to panic once she opened the top drawer, only to find more diapers like the one she wore. There was no big girl undies for her to put on, which meant she was stuck wearing a diaper all day. But Nano could only imagine what would happen if people found out. She’d probably be perpetually branded baby, and be made fun of all day long. Miki would probably break their friendship, and she’d be all alone. So Nano hoped, that she would not get caught at all for the day. Even though she may not need the diaper, she didn’t want to wear nothing.

Just as she was getting her school outfit out to change into, Nano felt an immediate pressure on her bladder. Despite not needing to go a second ago, she felt a desperate need to pee. She quickly ran towards the door and immediately could see the bathroom door to the right. But before she could take another step, she felt her bladder beginning to release. She quickly put her hands on top of her diaper to try and stop herself from going, but she only could feel a warm sensation wrapping around in her diaper. She couldn’t believe that not only was she wearing a diaper, but she was also using it.

After a large stream entered into her diaper, she felt a huge relief. Despite having just gone in her pants, it still was soothing to Nano. She felt the soaked diaper and found it to be quite squishy. Though the weight of it increased causing the diaper to droop, Nano continued to go into the bathroom.

Her mouth dropped instantly from what she saw. Instead of a toilet, there was a large low laying table. Nano now knew even if she made it to the bathroom, there was no toilet for her to use. The table in front of her was clearly made for changing diapers, which reminded her of the one drooping down between her legs. She also noticed bins that would be common for trash, but instead had rolled up diapers in them. One bin had diapers with the same pattern as Yui’s diaper, and the other bin had the same pattern Nano wore. But seeing the same pattern in this bin made Nano fear for the worst—she was expected to use her diaper.

After changing into her school uniform, she now began to think about her diapered status. “What should I do?” Nano began to question. “My regular underwear isn’t in the drawer. And if I’m not able to use the toilet, then I would be forced to wear…a diaper.” She began to panic as she had nothing else to change into. “Well, it’s better than wearing nothing I suppose.” After reasoning with herself, she took a new diaper and changing supplies from her drawer and went into the bathroom.

Nano knew she better change out of the wet diaper soon, so she quickly laid up on the table. Leaning up, she lifted her skirt to get a perfect view of her very swollen diaper. Without resisting, she put her hand on her diaper and gave her diaper a squeeze. After a few strokes, she began to take the tapes of her diaper off. She then removed the diaper from under her and rolled it up like she did with Yui’s diaper.
She began to apply powder on herself with the new diaper under her. That’s when she realized, she was perfectly shaved. Before this day, she clearly remembered having hair down below. But now she had a perfect shave, almost as if no hair was there to begin with. After taking this in, she pulled her diaper up and applied the tapes. She was now in a clean diaper.

After tossing the wet diaper into her bin, she left the bathroom and grabbed her blue school bag. Walking down the stairs quickly to make herself toast. It didn’t take long for the pieces of bread to pop-up for her to scarf down. Now that she had eaten something, she was ready to depart for school. Putting her shoes on by the front door, she leapt outside.

Each step outside reminded her of what was beneath her skirt. The anime pattern diaper was one thing Nano wish she didn’t have to wear. But somehow, she now did. She began to question if the one dream had an effect, but feared more about what the others will say when they find out her secret. And what would Miki say if she found out. Nano didn’t want to know, so she hoped that no one will find out.

Re: Nano’s Enchantment

Well, well, well… Seems Nano got a bit more than she bargained for, and has gotten her wish for more than just herself. Judging by the changing room, maybe seeing other people won’t be quite the issue Nano fears.

I look forward to seeing this one continue.

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Chapter 4

On her walk to school, she continued her thoughts for how reality came this way. What could have made this even possible? Nano wondered more and more, but couldn’t figure it out. She only remembers the dream showing both Yui and her being forced into this altered reality. So even the thought of possibly Miki being forced into this, was insane. Nano couldn’t even picture what Miki would be like forced to wear baby’s clothing.

She arrived just on time as she walked in to the school. Her school building was a two story building that spanned at least six households across. Quickly climbing up the stairs and ignoring the fact of what she was wearing, she arrived in class 1-B and took her seat as the morning bell rang. Each of the other students began to scramble away from their friends and to their seats. Every one of these students were female, as it was an all-girls school. Hair colors varying from black, blonde, red and even blue. Most of the girls here talked the common gossip that was happening around them. Though Nano never particularly liked talking gossip about someone else.

The thought began to recycle into her brain. What if everyone was talking about her secret? Maybe they all could tell just from her walking into the room. Nano quickly checked her skirt just to make sure it wasn’t undone, and to her fortune she found it secured in place. But the grim thoughts were not as secure. She couldn’t help but blush from the nervousness.

A clang sound formed from the door to the front right of the room. This was due to the homeroom teacher who entered the room. She had a tall slender build with black hair as black as a raven’s feather. With dark square glasses, she was the home room teacher called Suichi. “How is everyone doing?” The general almost every day question she asks, and the reply is always “fine!” from everyone. Though one student wasn’t quite fine. Nano was too nervous to say anything, so she stayed quiet.

The day proceeded as it usually did, first period was English who was taught by Suichi, then they had someone else come in to teach math. Nano was thankful that they didn’t have P.E. that day, as she didn’t know if she could live with her diaper on display.

While during class, Nano began to concentrate more on her class work then what was underneath her skirt. This helped calm her down. She even felt like she almost forgot the problem she was having. Until a noise vibrated under her. “Rrrpptt,” Nano loudly farted. Her problem became even larger, causing her to open her eyes wide and turn red as an apple. Everyone in that room should have heard that. But despite her fears, no one looked at her. In fact nobody even reacted to it. Nano let a sigh go as she felt a little less worried now. But one thing she didn’t get, was how she didn’t even feel the need to fart before she actually did it. It was almost like earlier that morning how she felt the need to pee but went almost instantly after.

Nano realized another piece to her dismay. If her sister Yui was completely toilet trained and yet had such an accident earlier that morning, then would that make Nano have the same? “Oh no,” Nano began thinking to herself. “That would mean I may end up pooping myself.” She then turned red with fear for the worst.

It was soon close to lunch when Nano felt an immediate need to pee. Almost as an immediate reaction, Nano put her right hand to hold her front to try and hold it but did not succeed. The urge quickly poured out into her diaper, turning poor Nano into a red embarrassed state. She could feel the warmth spread instantly down and around her legs. It didn’t take long before she could feel herself being soothed from the relief despite being embarrassed about what she had done.

It wasn’t long till the lunch break began. Nano was dreading this moment, as it meant she would meet up with Miki and eat at their usual spot outside. But unlike all the other times, Nano was wearing a diaper as well as being wet. Despite her fears, she proceeded to take her lunch out that she had made the previous day and walked outside the classroom. Even though she was afraid for Miki to somehow find out, she didn’t want to worry her either.

As she walked out the front door, she looked towards the back door, which was towards the right, and could instantly see Miki walking with her usual scowl.

“Hiya Nano,” Miki said with a wave as she walked up. Nano instantly felt her nerves soaring to the peaks with the wet diaper being under her skirt.

Nano began to think back in her head on her situation, “It’s not like Miki will just peek under my skirt, I know her not to do such a thing. The only time she’s seen my underwear is when it was really windy and a large stroke hit us while she was behind me. I was able to cover the front of my skirt, but my back was completely showing. But she was a really good friend for having my back and blocking it from view. Though, she did compliment me for my pink underwear being cute too.” This thought made Nano begin to turn red.

Miki, being the one watching her friend, could only guess what she could be thinking. “How are you feeling today?” It was a common conversation starter for Miki who didn’t do well for starting conversations, but she mostly felt concerned for Nano.

Racing through her thoughts about her diaper and how not to have it show made Nano begin to touch the front of her skirt feeling the diaper’s soggy padding without even realizing. With a large blush almost turning her skin into a tomato as she looked at her friends distant stare into her eyes. This was Miki’s common waiting for reply stance, but it gave Nano a startle given her circumstance. “I uh, no, no, I’m alright.” Nano composed herself to at least give this response.

“Alright, I on the other hand feel great,” Miki stood with a proud pose. Nano looked to the side with a remark almost like “I wonder what it is this time?” Miki took a quick breath and continued, “I feel like I could take the entire kendo team and win!” With a quick fist in the air, the determination could easily be felt. But such determination is what always brings Nano joy when she converses with Miki. So with a slight giggle, and both were smiling.

“Did you remember your lunch this time?” Nano questioned Miki as they began to walk down the hall.

“Nope,” Miki said with a slight pound to her head almost acting dumb. Forgetting her lunch was one thing, but for Miki, it was a common occurrence.

“I kind of figured, which is why I packed an extra lunch for you,” Nano said with a laugh. The way it commonly occurred almost seemed more planned then actually forgetting. But Nano decided her lunches were much healthier for the young athletic Miki than what she’d always bring. “Plus, I enjoy trying different things,” Nano said in her head.

All these happy thoughts made Nano forget about the wet diaper under her as they continued to walk through the halls. She knew they’d eventually head out to their usual spot outside to eat lunch. But as they neared the next corner that lead to the stairs to go down, the only bathroom being a woman’s was to the left. Even though Nano hated the thought, she felt it may be best to change out of her wet diaper soon. Though did she even have more diapers let alone underwear to change into? This put her to slow down a bit as they walked.

Miki slowed down a bit as well and turned to face Nano. “We should probably use the washroom first eh?” Now Nano turned beat red as Miki would now be going in as well.

“She could probably hear me taking my diaper off,” Nano began to dread the thought. “How would I throw it away without anyone knowing?” The sudden through made her want to refuse going. But seeing the awaiting Miki only made her want to say yes. So she gave a quick nod before realizing what she did.

“Alright, let’s make this quick then!” Miki sounding determined at almost everything quickly entered with Nano slowly tailing behind.

“Oh gosh, what have I gotten into, and how did this happen to begin with?” Nano’s biggest worry about everyone and her friend finding out was a few steps closer. She could only close her eyes with a huge blush of embarrassment as she entered.

Re: Nano’s Enchantment

Nice to see this one continuing.

I believe the way this is constructed demands a colon after “dismay”. What is currently the first sentence also feels a bit awkward, but I’m not sure how best to fix it.

Nits aside, this is well written, fun, and believable on the assumption that the magic works in the first place. Thanks for writing.

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Nice job at writing this story I’m liking it so please continue

Nano’s Enchantment (update 1/24/2016)

Sorry for the long delay, things got hectic but now I can finally write more.

Chapter 5

The bathroom appeared like any ordinary ladies room. It had all the stalls and the sinks to wash their hands. All Nano could do is keep staring at the stalls and watching a few other students walking in or out. She continued to feel her blush of embarrassment as she knew she wasn’t going to need the toilet. But she then gained a new idea. “Maybe if I go in and pretend, then Miki will never know right?” As she pondered this thought, Miki had entered a stall already. Following behind Miki she’d need to wait her turn as all the other stalls were closed.
“Can you wait a sec,” Miki blurted behind the stall.
“Um, ok,” Nano couldn’t help but answer back. She had no clue what Miki was meaning.
“I’ll be out soon so you can use this stall after.” Nano was now even more confused. Shouldn’t she just wait for another stall to open up? Just as she thought this, a girl exited one of the stalls to the left. But what made things more strange was how another girl blushing behind her exited out as well.
“Wait, that’s not right,” Nano questioned in her mind. She knew that being female they sometimes would enter the bathroom together, but rarely the same stall.
After looking at the two girls who left her view, the stall in front of her opened up. Miki came out, and rather quickly. This stumped Nano even more. Just how did Miki finish up so quickly, and not only that but no flush sound was audible. Heck, this made Nano begin to wonder even more, as there wasn’t a single flush sound the second she entered.
She obtained her answer as Miki moved closer to her. The stall that Miki entered contained no toilet, but a low laying table like at her home. If this was the case, then that would mean there was no toilets in this facility. Nano soon came to a realization, but couldn’t believe it.
Her deep thoughts ended as she felt her best friend Miki sticking her fingers down Nano’s skirt and into her diaper. Whether she liked it or not, Miki would now know she was indeed wearing a diaper and that it was wet.
As Nano blushed and looked the other way, Miki felt she was being a bit too modest for what she was doing. “Just doing a check-up.” And the way Miki sounded was almost like this was a normal occurrence for the two of them. If this was the case, Nano realized that Miki already knew she was in a diaper to begin with. “Well, looks like you are a bit wet,” Miki said with a smirk. “Here let me change you.”
Nano couldn’t believe that Miki knew of her diapers, not only that but was leading her into the stall. All she could do was follow along and blush. As both girls entered the stall, Miki closed the door behind them. Miki took Nano’s bag from her hand and set it on the floor. After that she was led to sit down on the table. As soon as she felt her padded bottom hit the table she was being led to lay back.
The table was able hold Nano’s height perfectly. It appeared to be designed for girls her height, which meant all the high school girls. She now finally realized the impossible was possible. Why Miki knew she was wearing a diaper, why there wasn’t any toilets and why two students entered one stall at once. It all came down to one possibility, everyone was just like Yui and herself. This meant that the two students were both wearing a diaper, all the students in her class are diapered, and her best friend Miki was also wearing a diaper. Everyone in that school was wearing a diaper and could not use the toilet.
Nano felt a little relieved now knowing that she didn’t have to worry about keeping her secret. But even if she didn’t need to worry about that, Miki raised her skirt showing her two anime character designs and a large wet stain on her diaper.
Before she could do anything else, Miki was undoing her diaper completely revealing her privates. Despite everyone being in the same situation, Nano still wanted to hold some modesty at least.
Miki reached into her bag and pulled out the same two character designed diaper as well as wipes and powder. Nano noticed something interesting with the baby powder though. Unlike at home where the baby powder was a plain bottle, this one had the text “diaper powder.”
Nano began to blush again as Miki started to wipe her front with the wipes and put the diaper under her. She now was being like Yui earlier that day, getting her own diaper changed by someone else. Nano couldn’t help but feel somewhat babyish. However, the babyish feeling wasn’t disregarded as weird, but somewhat pleasant. After the powder had been applied, Miki quickly tapped up her new diaper. She then took Nano’s old diaper and wrapped it up and gave it to Nano.
As Nano held her used diaper, she finally could identify something else that was different about this bathroom she couldn’t notice when they entered due to being confused with her own dilemma–and that was the smell. She now could identify a smell that was coming and going, but smelt bad each time. Nano had only one thought how to identify this, “Wait, maybe the bad scent is from when someone enters. That would mean the girl who enters must have pooped themselves and was leaving with a clean diaper.”
After standing up and putting the diaper in her bag, Miki flipped Nano’s skirt to look at her diaper. “You always have liked those two characters, huh?” Miki commented on her diaper design with a smirk.
Nano brushed her hand away and blushed before replying, “Well they are my favorite characters from the anime series.” She soon felt somewhat relieved now that the trouble she faced could no longer trouble her. But she did still fear one more thing, and that was the cause of the bad scent—poop. She knew she had no choice but was going to end up going in her pants, but didn’t know what to expect. All she kept thinking of was how disgusting it could be.
Her thoughts were decimated again when Miki responded, “Well I have some things to say from the previous episode.” Nano felt excited to talk about something she quite enjoyed, which was her favorite anime series.
So the two of them left the building and went outside. The two of them always would have eaten their lunch on the same bench since the time they started hanging out.

Nano quite enjoyed this small conversation she was having with Miki. It let her know that this Miki was still the same Miki she loved. Not only that, but the lunch choices were quite the same as well.
“You’re mother sure likes to give you some good food,” Miki commented on their food. This had Nano in complete disbelief, as her mother never once has cooked her lunch before.
“Well, I hope you are enjoying your portion I gave you,” Nano pointed to the mountainous size of meat that Miki had. Nano never remembered packing so much meat ever.
“Hey, the protein is good to get stronger,” Miki said while giving a thumbs up.
“Hehe,” Nano began to chuckle. Whenever a comment that comes up that’s totally Miki, Nano can’t help but laugh. But it was always her laughter that caused the two girls to grow closer and smile together despite all the differences.

It wasn’t long before the two of them had finished devouring their lunch. “Ah, that was good,” Miki commented.
“Yeah,” Nano replied. She returned to the thought about how her mother made the food. As the food she ate did indeed taste different than the way she cooks. In fact it was better than what she usually makes. It only makes her in disbelief that her super busy mother would in fact cook her something super delectable. She can only imagine her mother pulling a cigarette and smoking on the backyard, even though their mother doesn’t smoke. That image just seemed to fit her.
“Well, we should probably head back now,” Nano said. And Miki replied with an okay.

The two of them had walked up to their floor for where the classroom was and continued ascending down the hallway. They were only about a few feet away from the classroom when Miki stopped. Soon after a stench was present. She didn’t want to say what she was thinking of, but nothing else would fit. “Did Miki poop?” Nano couldn’t believe this question. All she could do was stand there and see no expression change on her friends face.
Miki then faced Nano perpendicularly, “Well, looks like I need another change.” Nano nodded and followed her friend towards the restrooms again. “You don’t have to worry, I didn’t forget my wipes this time.” At this comment, Nano wondered what that meant. If she had forgotten her wipes in the past, does that mean Miki would have used hers? If that’s the case, then it was also likely that Nano was going to end up changing Miki.
“Me, change Miki?” Nano questioned in her head. She did change Yui that morning, but Miki was different. But at the same time, Miki did need a change so if she was expected of then she might as well comply.
Once they reached the door to the restroom, which Nano thought changing room would probably fit the title better, she smelt as if there were multiple parties who had fallen victim just like Miki had. This only made her continue to think, was she going to fall victim soon too?
Just as she was about to open the door, she got her answer. Nano felt her stomach starting to get a tightening feeling. She also felt a familiar pressure on her butt. At this moment, Nano knew what was about to happen—she was about to poop herself. She tried to move forward but couldn’t at all. It was like as if her legs were frozen there on the spot. She started to turn red with embarrassment as she knew that soon she was going to be smelling her own stench mixed with the fears she had before. Just how did it feel to go? And Nano was very much about to find out.
As soon as she felt her pressure growing quickly, she started to feel the initial wave of bowels ready to go. She felt herself begin to spread her legs apart without her control. It was unbelievable to Nano that she was no longer able to control her own body as she was preparing to poop in her diaper. She could only feel the slight pressure beginning to push out and the bowels began to expand out into her diaper. The feelings of releasing mixed with different emotions. She had a sensation of disbelief, a sensation of relief, and strangely a sense of freedom. But most of all, it felt strange to her. It only lasted several seconds and she was done. A whole new stench filled the air, and Nano knew that was because of her. The weight caused a bulge that reached beneath her skirt, at that moment Nano had just pooped herself for the first time since she was a baby, as far as she remembers
Nano started to touch the bottom of her diaper, feeling the bulge that had formed. Despite how gross it had seemed, Nano didn’t feel too different about how it was with wetting her diaper. All it was, was just a warm sensation.
Now that she had finished experiencing pooping her pants, she thought she probably should get changed as well. With that thought, she walked into the “changing room.”

As soon as she walked in, she saw Miki turned around waiting for her.
“I take it you need a change as well?” Miki asked. Nano could only blush and nod. “Alright, well you change me and I’ll change you.” Nano now knew her earlier thought was correct that she was going to end up changing Miki, but adding her own waste into the mix had them trade off in a way.
There was a stall open for the two girls to use and Miki instantly laid back on the table. Nano thought if Miki used her supplies when she changed her, then she probably should use Miki’s supplies. So she reached into Miki’s bag and grabbed a black and white diaper with black dots on it as well as powder and wipes. Flipping Miki’s skirt she could see her friend diapered for the first time. Not only that, but with a large bulge indicating some usage. This reminded Nano of her own bulge in her diaper, but she began to un-tape the diaper.
When she first changed Yui, she thought it was somewhat gross, but now that she’s experienced more in this day she’s changed her mind. The poop that lays in her friend’s diaper didn’t bother her. All she did was start wiping Miki clean and finally put the new diaper on with powder. It was a nice and snug fit.
“Thanks, now your turn,” Miki got up and Nano sat down on the table. As she sat down, she could feel the mess starting to squish giving her a strange experience. She didn’t dislike it, but at the same time wasn’t completely enjoying it.
After her diaper finished squishing down on the table, Nano laid back for Miki to begin changing her. The process was almost the same as when she had her diaper changed earlier, but she couldn’t help but feel embarrassed about how she was getting cleaned up almost as if she was like a baby.
It didn’t take long before Nano was in a clean diaper with the same two characters again. Nano started fearing that they may be late, and so she rushed out of the stall. Miki stopped and turned to the left of the exit door to a metal chute. After watching her friend toss their dirty diaper down the chute, Nano followed suit. Nano didn’t notice the first time they entered so she took the earlier wet diaper from her bag and tossed it down as well.

Once they returned to the classroom, only half of the students had returned. This baffled Nano as this was way longer than any usual lunch hour. Then she thought, what if it was to give students a chance to get changed? That seemed to make the most sense to her at least.

It was only several minutes later when class resumed. Nano, no longer feeling totally embarrassed by her situation anymore, could relax and get back to learning the X’s, Y’s and Z’s.

It was only about an hour before school was about to get out, when Nano’s concentration got disrupted. She grew the need to pee again. But instead of being embarrassed about it, Nano just continued on the class and payed her potty needs no attention. She knew it was about to expend out into her diaper anyways. And she was right, almost immediately after that initial feeling she was wetting herself during class. “Hmm, this is actually pretty convenient,” Nano began to think. “Not having to worry about using the toilet especially during important lectures, I guess this is a plus.”
After her thoughts filled her mind, something else filled the room. It was the smell of someone who had gone number two in their diaper. Nano wondered if they would just leave it till the end of class or would they be allowed to go out to the changing room to change—like how you’d normally ask to go to the restroom. She was quickly rewarded with the answer as one of the girls raised their hands.
This girl had light brown hair that reached beneath her shoulders, but Nano instantly recognized this girl. “Hey, that’s the most popular girl, Chiaki,” Nano thought. “Wait, is she the one who pooped?” Things kept getting stranger as the day kept going. Now she’s seeing the school’s most popular person with a full diaper.
The teacher only pointed to them and nodded almost as if it was no big deal, when in fact someone had just crapped their pants. Lecturing continued as usual and Chiaki stood up and walked towards the back of the room. Nano was extremely curious as to why the girl who sits a few rows over didn’t go out the door. Then she saw another girl rise. This girl had short blonde hair and was recognizable to Nano as well. “Wait, did Ran poop as well? I know her and Chiaki are close, but I didn’t know they could be that close.” Before her mind could race any further, she caught glimpse of a table in the back with an awkward curtain placement in front.
Chiaki laid down on the table and Ran closed the curtain that only covered Chiaki’s legs to her neck but nothing above Ran’s stomach. Nano could easily see the eyes of Chiaki staring at the teachers lectures, almost as if pooping herself wasn’t going to affect anything to her studies.
Then Nano realized, Ran is currently changing Chiaki’s diaper. The curtain must have given some privacy to the two doing the changing. And there was another chute for dirty diapers in the back. “So, if one really needs a diaper change, they get one during class without any interruptions,” Nano began to think in her head. “Now that’s somewhat strange, but somehow convenient as well.”
The curtain opened up again and Chiaki stood up carrying what looked like a mixture of pinks pattern dirty diaper. Chiaki threw the diaper down the chute and returned to her seat.
Now that Nano had seen this scene, she wondered if at some point she may end up on that changing table getting a dirty diaper changed during class. Despite how strange it all seemed, Nano was slowly growing some sort of interest of wanting to learn more about the mystery that has happened.
One thing remained a mystery to her, and that was why was Ran changing Chiaki? Even though they were close friends that seemed like it would be a school system of who changes who. Then she took a look down at a notebook that everyone else seemed to have. “Must be a school issued notebook,” Nano thought. Now she noticed something that would answer her question, she saw that she was partnered with Miki. This must have meant if one had an issue, the school could trust that at least they are not alone. And that must have included diaper changes. “No wonder there’s walls in the stalls and a curtain here in the classroom, nobody else needs to see anyone else’s diaper change except for a trusted person whom would be your partner. And changing one’s self all the time could take time and be a pain, no wonder we have partners for changing. Though that makes me wonder, what about those without partners or odd people out or even transfer students? Well, maybe I’ll find out more as time goes on here.”

After class, Miki and Nano did the usual walk out about half way out of school before Miki had to return for some Kendo training. After waving off to each other, Nano walked out into town mixed with the emotions that she had felt for that day. Feeling the wet diaper beneath her as she walks into town, not having to fear if she was identified by anyone. As well as having the added convenience to browse the shops and not need to stop at a restroom.

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Yet another good chapter I’m loosing this story more and more and I think it was worth the long wait so please continue I would love!to read more

Re: Nano’s Enchantment

Just was looking at stories that haven’t been added to for a while and found this dropped back in the list. This is one I would enjoy seeing continue here. The quality of writing is excellent, and the story is right along the line of what I like.

Re: Nano’s Enchantment

The author of this was one of the first I reached out to recently regarding their stories. Haven’t heard back yet.

EDIT: I did hear back and they are planning to update this

Re: Nano’s Enchantment

Oh, good. Thanks to the rightfully removed posts I had found the other location, but it will be nice to have it right here. :slight_smile:

Re: Nano’s Enchantment

Yes, I do plan to post sometime in all eventuality. Kind of troublesome with writing two stories at once and can’t really focus my mind well at the time being. I suppose I have a sort of writers block dilemma as I have pulled the story up to write more, only to get about 1 sentence down whereas it usually just flows out. Hoping I can overcome this in not too long.

Re: Nano’s Enchantment

Alright, I have somehow managed to figure out how to keep my stories updated by writing them out in parts (thanks to another story that is completely taken in parts). I hate writing short chapters that just wouldn’t feel complete and I would write each chapter in one complete sitting. This way I can actually keep things updated on a more timely manner. So here’s the chapter that should’ve been posted but I was eternally lazy to post (alongside the part of the next chapter). Please note I have changed things here using some Japanese words such as how Yui refers to Nano as nee-chan. This is basically Onee-(end part usually chan in this case) meaning older sister.

Chapter 6

Once Nano returned home, she instantly realized something was different. She noticed that her mother’s shoes were present, which must have meant that their mother was home. This Nano could not believe, their super busy mom who hardly payed any attention to them was actually home. Before she could dwell on it anymore, Nano decided to announce her entry.

Yui came out to see her like usual, though the direction was from to the right which led to the living room and kitchen area. Nano wondered if their mother was where Yui came from, so she laid her bag down and walked out into the living room.

Once in the living room, she could tell someone was in the kitchen. Sure enough, her mother was in the kitchen. The mother who almost never came home on a decent time. And yet, she was standing there in front of Nano during the day. It didn’t take long for her mother to turn towards her with a smile.

“Hi sweetie,” Her mother pleasantly said. “How was your day at school?” This stunned Nano, as her mother was smiling at her with a question that would be commonly asked.

“I had a good day,” Nano replied. She wasn’t quite sure what else to talk to her mother about, as this appeared to her as a rare occurrence.

“That’s good, do you need a change?” Her sudden question caused Nano to blush. She was quite aware now that things would never be the same as they were before, but wasn’t thinking her mother would just blatantly ask.

“Yeah,” Nano knew her diaper was wet. She could feel it weighing down a bit between her legs. It wasn’t long ago she went in it while shopping and it was already wet.

“Okay, let’s go get you a change then,” Her mother proposed. “Yui, you can wait here while I give your sister a change.”

“Okay,” Yui gave a nod.

With that being said, Nano followed her mother out and up the stairs. Once they entered the changing room, Nano’s mother had her lay down on the table. This made Nano feel a bit reminiscent of when Miki changed her. She was a little nervous with her mother changing her, but was feeling a little comfortable with her mother changing her.

She raised her legs while her mother placed a new diaper under her. It didn’t take her mother long before she was fitted into the new and clean diaper. Her mother then tossed the used diaper in her specific bin, which had Nano notice something—a third bin. This had her wonder if the third one belonged to her mother. If everyone in this world was diapered, that would also include her mother. It had her somewhat curious to try and look up her mother’s short skirt.

“Nano, would you be kind to give your mother a change?” Her mother asked. This answered her question, but she guessed her mother must have been wet like her before. Otherwise she’d most likely be able to smell if her mother wasn’t just wet.

“Sure,” Nano nodded. It was then her mother who laid down on the table raising her legs. Nano could instantly see her mother’s pink cherry blossom patterned diaper. Not only did it look cute, but it was also quite soaked. Seeing her mother in this state put a smile on Nano’s face. Just seeing her mother blushing with a swollen pink diaper was priceless. It then came to her attention that there were three other bins holding clean diapers. She took one of the diapers and began changing her mother. She wasn’t as fast as her mother, but she got her mother in a clean diaper.

“Thanks sweetie, why don’t we go join your sister for some milk,” Her mother suggested. She nodded in reply. This seemed a little odd to her, but Nano felt somewhat happy to hear her mother say that.

As they were walking down, Nano started to think about how there was many different diaper designs, as in her regular world she knew didn’t have many but plain. Well, I guess it makes sense in a way. If there’s no regular underwear, this must be the way to style diapers for everyone.

Once they reached the kitchen, Nano noticed her sister smiling as their mother grabbed a milk carton out of the fridge. The next thing her mother did surprised Nano. She saw her mother pulling two baby looking bottles out of the cupboard. There was a baby blue and a pink bottle. The blue one had happy looking clouds and the pink bottle had flowers, but both of them had nipples like a baby bottle would. But unlike a regular baby bottle, these two bottles were sized larger, being geared towards their size. Once she poured milk into the two bottles, she handed them to both Yui and Nano. Nano received the pink bottle while Yui got the light blue one.

She didn’t know how to feel in this situation. Should she be happy or be weirded out for drinking like a baby. But at the same time she didn’t feel dissatisfied. In fact, she felt fairly happy. This started to confuse her even more.

Her confusion was disrupted by the sight of her sister beginning to drink the milk as if it was candy. Nano put her thoughts to the back of her mind as she put the bottle to her mouth. Once she began to suckle some milk into her mouth, she began to feel even happier. The flavor of the milk was quite different, it had a sort of sweet tinge to it. It was like they added a bit of honey into it which made it taste very good. She realized she just couldn’t put the bottle down now as she continued to guzzle more milk. Despite how babyish it seemed, she couldn’t deny that it didn’t make her happy.

Once she finished drinking her milk, her mother took the bottle and gave her a different item. This time it was an even more babyish object—a pacifier. The pacifier was pink and was quickly put into her mouth. Once in, Nano couldn’t help but feel like she should in fact be humiliated. Instead she felt somewhat satisfied. She wasn’t alone as she noticed her sister with a light blue pacifier in her mouth. The sight of their mothers smile just made Nano feel like she’s missed this kind of bonding that they have always lacked.

Nano returned to her room and got out her homework to do. Even though it may have been a different world, the school work didn’t change, unlike the diapers they wore. But she couldn’t help but dwell on why she isn’t freaked out about this. At first it was quite scary. Especially not wanting others to find out I wore diapers, but now it’s quite different than that. But that just seems a little too fast to be okay with the idea of wetting and messing my pants. Heck, I’m starting to enjoy it as well. It just doesn’t make any sense why I am. She then shook her thoughts out as she didn’t quite understand what in the world happened to begin with. Maybe she’d learn why as she learned more of what was happening in the world.

It was after dinner when Nano went back to finishing her homework. She knew she probably will need a change soon as her diaper was wet, but not too soaked. While doing her homework, she heard a knock on the door. It was her sister Yui who entered.

“Nee-chan, I need your help,” Yui asked with a smile. She brought her school book with her, which must have meant she needed help with homework. At least this didn’t change.

“Alright, which part?” Nano asked Yui. Once she asked, Yui opened the book and started pointing to the areas she needed help with.

After a few questions, Nano grew an immediate pressure on her bladder. She knew she was most likely about to wet herself then. And sure enough, she felt a slight trickle slowly waterfall out into her already wet diaper. It only grew warmer as it surrounded her bottom. Once she finished, she felt relieved.

“Nee-chan,” Yui said. She turned her head towards Yui. “I need a change.”

Nano couldn’t help think that she also did as well. “Alright, we’ll continue after we get you changed.” With that, they walked over to the changing room.

Yui quickly laid down on the table with her diaper flashing out of her skirt. Nano took a fresh diaper and cleaned her younger sister the best she could. After finishing putting her sister in a new diaper, she tossed the old diaper into the bin. As she was tossing the diaper away she felt a hand touch her bottom. She noticed her sister was looking up her skirt to see her diaper.

“You need a change too nee-chan,” Yui smirked. This caused Nano to blush. “I’ll get you changed right up!” Nano wasn’t expecting her sister to be changing her, but decided to comply.

She laid down on the table and could feel her younger sister fiddling with her diaper under her skirt. Getting changed like this caused her to blush a bit. She then thought as long as the person is one you could trust, you’d let them change you. It wasn’t long before she was in a clean diaper with the old one being tossed away.

“There, all clean!” Her sister smiled. This caused her to smile as the two girls had just finished changing each other. Now they could continue on their school work without any worry.

Nano was wondering if Miki would send her a message for help, and sure enough one came in almost immediately after she finished helping Yui. The text read, “Help needed,” and then listed the algebraic equations that were in their homework. She couldn’t help but chuckle thinking that some things never change.

After catching up on the recent episodes that were added to the different anime series she was watching, she headed off to bed. She got changed into a pair of pink pajamas and found herself snuggling warmly under her blankets. It was an odd day that she wondered if she’d wake up from it as if it was all a dream. I’m so confused why this happened to begin with. Why I’m wearing a diaper, and why everyone I know is wearing a diaper. Is everyone wearing diapers, or is it just some of us? I guess I’ll really have to look into what has caused us to wear diapers in the first place. That and why does it seem that only I know of the real world? Not a lot of things make much sense. But I guess that means a lot for me to figure out! Once she smiled with this thought, she drifted off to sleep. All feeling content with the few strange events that has occurred.

Chapter 7 part A

Groggily opening her eyes, she realized her sister barged in again. Unlike the previous day however, there was no noticeable stench. This told Nano her sister Yui wasn’t messy.

Nano stood up and felt something different about the diaper between her legs–it was soaked. Ignoring the fact she must’ve wet during her sleep, she turned her attention towards her sister, “Do you need another change Yui?”

Yui nodded, “Yeah.” Her sister waltzed in with a smiling face carrying a spare diaper in her hand. Nano knew where she kept her changing supply and began the procedure. Once finished, Yui smiled patting Nano’s bottom causing her to blush. “You need a change too nee-chan.”

Looking at how adorable of a smile her sister gave made Nano not even care how embarrassing this was. “I do need a change,” Nano adorably smiled back. The two young girls smiled all the way into the restroom for Nano to lay down on the changing table. Yui began to pull her pajama bottoms down and Nano raised her legs after her pants were off. Slightly embarrassed by the position she was in, Nano blushed. It may have been the second time getting changed by her younger sister, but it was still somewhat uncomfortable. At the same time it also made her happy to be able to smile along with her sister.

“There, all finished,” Yui said as she finished tossing Nano’s old diaper away. “Is something wrong nee-chan?” Looking at Yui’s concerned look offset Nano.

“Yeah, everything’s fine,” Nano tried to discern her sisters concerns. “Does something seem off?” I should be asking myself that one to be honest. Just getting myself changed by my sister is a little “off.”

“Well, you haven’t gotten up when you usually do is all,” Yui stated.

Nano wondered if somehow she used to get up at an earlier time, at least maybe before what she can remember on this world. “Oh, what time do I usually get up at?”

“I’m not sure,” Yui replied. “Usually you come to change me every morning. And I sort of miss it.”

This made Nano feel a little bad about what she may have put her younger sister through, “Well, what time do you usually get up?”

“I get up around 6:30,” Yui tilted her head.

“Alright, maybe things might be different tomorrow then,” Nano says with a smile. She stands up and Yui smiles back at her.

“Really nee-chan?” Yui looked ecstatic.

“I mean it,” Nano smiled back.

“Yay!” Yui hugged her.

They walked out of the bathroom and Nano couldn’t help but think about her adorable little sister. I guess I’ll have to set my alarm a little earlier then. Yui sure does get spoiled doesn’t she? But I guess she does deserve it, the youngster likes to help out around the house and is quite more mature than many others I know. Even if she has her childish moments, it always makes me smile to see her smile. After confirming her affection for her younger sister, she changed into her school uniform with a smile. Flattening out her skirt over her diaper, she was now ready for the day. Grabbing her navy blue bag, she ate a quick breakfast and took off outside. “I’m going now,” she shouted as the door closed behind her.

Re: Nano’s Enchantment

I just now finished reading this completely from beginning to where it was left off and I find it completely adorable; Nano probably hasn’t made the connection yet but why should she? Many people in the real world tend to frown on this sort of thing, so they’d never know how convenient a diaper is while at work, school, shopping, etc.; to each is own I guess. MORE PLEASE!

Re: Nano’s Enchantment

Decided to try out with increasing the size, hopefully it’ll maybe a bit easier on the eyes.

Chapter 7 part B

While going into town before reaching the school, Nano noticed there was a sale going. She couldn’t help but think to herself about the contents on the sale. I wonder if there’s anything neat going on in the sales? Maybe the antiques has a sale going on that I should check out. Well this’ll be something I should check out after school. Crinkling with each step and smiling, Nano continued to trot off to her school.

With having the day before take all her worries out, Nano feels almost like a door of happiness opened. She wasn’t quite sure what was causing her to have a spurt of happiness, but she wasn’t going to over think it.

The day continued on almost like how it usually goes. Everyone arrives to class on time and they take roll for who’s here and not. They proceed into their classes with either having the homeroom teacher or another teacher on the subject. In Nano’s case they had their homeroom teacher Suichi teach English. That was when Nano realized they were going to have P.E. that day. Something she was reluctantly not wanting to go to the previous day, but now was very willing to go through with it.

A process for P.E. was simply having the students change into their gym clothes in the locker room. Nano was a little embarrassed to change in front of her fellow students, putting her anime designed diaper on display. At the same time, she wasn’t ashamed now for having to wear that said diaper. Beginning with unbuttoning her shirt, she noticed her surroundings–all the fellow students diapers to be precise. Each one had a different and unique design. Some even had a little yellow stain indicating some use, but she was more concentrating on the fact that her fellow students were all wearing diapers just like the one she had on display. Even though it may have caused her to blush a little, she proceeded to put her gym shirt and shorts on. A plain white shirt with a black collar and a pair of red shorts with a noticeable bulge. The other students also having a similar bulge gave Nano the confidence she needed to run miles.

Wait, run miles? How are we going to do that while wearing something so bulky? Nano shocked at the realization that there was no way they could participate in too much physical exorcise without the diapers getting in the way. Despite her worries, she continued to walk on to her P.E. class.

P.E. didn’t start much differently than how it ever did before; start with stretching, then a quick jog. Nano wasn’t always too keen on participating in physical exorcise, but she didn’t mind giving her all. She noticed their instructor Makiguchi, who was wearing mid-length black hair in a pony tail, a pair of soft dark blue eyes, and a black jersey over her white and black shorts, was also having a bulge on her shorts.

After stretching they began their jog. Nano wasn’t too sure how her diaper was going to hold out, but once she started to move her body she instantly figured things out. My diaper just somehow is not getting in the way. It’s almost like it’s not even there when I run! How is that possible? She continued to ponder on the mystery while she ran around the track.

Passing and being passed around by other students. Even getting passed by Miki who would always give her cheerful expressions to keep her going. Nano would have always liked to keep up with her best friend, but she never found herself able to. Miki at one point would slow down to stay with her, but it made Nano feel bad about holding her back. So she let Miki run at her own pace just like she would. Afterwards Miki would stop and run alongside her for some morale support if needed, but today wasn’t one of those days.

Just about when Nano was about to finish her laps, she began to think about the world she was in. How bathrooms seem non-existent, and everyone wears diapers with full intention of it needing to do it’s job. If everyone has had to wear diapers since the beginning of time, it’s very possible we had a huge research developed just for making the “perfect” diaper. So what we are wearing is that research itself. Theoretically speaking, I would have to presume this type of diaper is far more advanced than any I have known before. Having both a comfortable bulk, and the capability to move around with ease is something that wouldn’t have existed in the world I know of. So it just must be a higher designed diaper that allows for full movement, which makes sense. After crossing the line and feeling the urge to push non-existent glasses up about her theory that seemed plausible, Nano came to a complete stop. Wait, that leaves one thing remaining, why does everyone have a different design? A new question appeared into her head. This time, she couldn’t quite come up with a theory and so she proceeded to go get a drink after a hard works worth on her jog.

While taking a drink of water at the fountain, Nano felt her own fountain at work. Why should I even think twice about it, time to just relax and let it all out! Once her thought crossed her mind, she instantly relaxed herself as her pee began to stream out into her diaper. An audible “ssshhh” sound coming from below her as she began to feel relief. Gaining a slight blush, she finished wetting and took another sip. She figured she shouldn’t have to worry about it until a little later for a change. You know, this actually isn’t too bad at all. I can do other things and not have to worry about the restroom at all. With that thought, she jolted back to class for their next exorcise.

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Please don’t do that. It makes the text render ungodly huge on some devices. If it’s hard to read for you adjust your browser settings.

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I agree with Renko in the fact that when modifying the text, some will be able to read it just fine, others won’t; best to keep it as is.

With that out of the way: it seems Nano doesn’t care how it happened anymore and that’s good; there’s no need to overthink the situation. As for the different styles being available, it might’ve been explained in a past installment; only time will tell if that’s confirmed. I’m very much enjoying this and hope it continues; I wonder how the men in this world take it though. MORE PLEASE!